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  • Awesome Music: The opening really plays great.
  • While the lack of continuity (especially in relation to DuckTales (1987)) is an aspect of this series for which it has earned much criticism, there is this one Continuity Nod of epic proportions, going even far beyond the scope of DuckTales (1987): In the episode wherein Donald ages in reverse, Teenage!Donald is looking like how he appeared in his screen debut, way back in the 1934 Silly Symphony The Wise Little Hen!
  • While trying to figure out why Huey is so afraid of cats, Louie and Dewey figure out Andre Demouche has been brainwashing and training his animals to commit crimes for him. The two proceed to expose him to Daisy and Donald, while Huey overcomes his fear to help Andre's cats get their long overdue revenge on Andre.
    • Before that, there was Louie and Dewey's outraged disgust at the cruel way Andre treats Raven the cat simply because Raven disobeyed him.

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