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Awesome / Phineas and Ferb

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Yo' diggin' my ride from outta' space...

A show about two brothers being able to create amazing contraptions that are large in scale by putting their imagination to it is sure to have many of these moments.






  • Anytime a celebrity guest appears on the show is awesome, even if it's for only a few lines. Ben Stiller and his wife, Kevin Smith, Seth MacFarlane, Jane Lynch, and Love Handel, to name a few.
    • Slash asked them if he could do a song for the movie. That's right. THE Slash.
  • Candace's determination to bust her brothers can lead to one of those.
  • Anything Perry does when in agent mode, really.
  • Phineas and Ferb in general are made of this trope. Some people dream of coming up with a genius invention even once. These boys do it every day.

Alternative Title(s): Phineas And Ferb Christmas Vacation, Phineas And Ferb Mission Marvel, Phineas And Ferb Star Wars