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Fridge Logic in Phineas and Ferb.

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    Fridge Brilliance 


  • Why is Danville (and most of the rest of the world, from what we've seen) such a Cloud Cuckoo Land? Well, there are, presumably, plenty of other Gadgeteer Geniuses running around, and they would have a great influence on the world. And considering how eccentric most of the characters are...
  • 104 days of summer vacation. Assuming (inaccurately, but still) that one segment equals one day, that gives us 52 episodes - the golden number for syndication.
    • According to the creators this is the exact reason why the theme song says there's 104 days. That's exactly how long they expected the series to last and the fact that it lasted longer than that was really just a bonus.
  • Why is Doofenshmirtz so desperate to be a good father? He had an awful childhood, and children of Abusive Parents often become abusers themselves. He's afraid he'll become like his parents. Overlaps with Fridge Horror.
    • He doesn't abuse Vanessa. Instead, he treats Norm that way.
    • Extreme conditions breed extreme responses. Doofenshmirtz is clearly going to both extremes.
    • Here is a bit of an extension to the fridge: Doof's parents were very nice to one of their children and awful to another. Doof is very nice with Vanessa and awful with Norm. Hmmm?
    • It is worth noting that Doof considers Norm an invention, not a child. Vanessa is his daughter. He wants badly to be a better parent to her than his own parents were. It's just that he has no idea or examples of how to not do what was done to him.
  • Phineas, Ferb, and Candace all seem to be well versed in multiple musical instruments. Three guesses who taught them to play. (Does the name 'Lindana' ring a bell?)
    • Also, dialogue in the Lake Nose episode indicates that Lawrence at least knew John Lennon. Therefore, some of Ferb's talent could also be taught by Lawrence, if he picked up anything from John.
  • The name and nature of Ferb; He's the one that does most if not all the heavy lifting, a man of action. And a verb is something that describes an action!
  • Candace constantly uses her Blessed with Suck to protect her brothers. Her inability to bust them, protects against the dystopian alternative realities we've seen.
  • The episode "Monster From the Id" reveals that Baljeet has a phobia of contraction words, explaining why he hardly ever uses them. The only times he has is in the episode "The Baljeatles", during his rant against the Summer Rocks camp, and "Unfair Science Fair", when he's waiting for the judges. So why did he pluck up the courage then? Because both of those times, he was feeling severely angry/excited, respectively. Both anger and excitement are capable of overruling fears when present in a sufficient amount.
    • Him using one during 'Phineas and Ferb Get Busted' (you're to be exact) is Five-Second Foreshadowing that it's a Dream Within a Dream.
    • He uses contractions again in the season 4 episode "Primal Perry", twice, again in a high emotional state (due to his fear of making decisions and when all his replicas decide to get revenge on Buford).
  • At the end of the title sequence, Candace yells out to her mother, presumably not too far offscreen, and tells her that Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence. What happens immediately afterward? The title sequence disappears.
  • Nerdy Albert is voiced by Diedrich Bader, and Albert is the brother of a Looney Fan. Remember the other time he dealt with a crazy fan?
  • Though it could be argued that Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is able to cobble together his various -inators and still get them to work just because of the Rule of Funny alone, "Out to Launch" and "Thaddeus and Thor" both imply that Doof is incredibly skilled with his hands. Perhaps the same dexterity that lets Dr. D perform great shadow puppets and get the cup-stacking world record also comes in handy when building his outlandish devices!
  • Doofenshmirtz claims that he won't simply build a giant weapon and destroy the Tri-State Area because if he did, he would have nothing to rule. Of course, the bigger reason is probably that his own daughter lives there and he would never risk hurting her.
    • He also once told an inquisitive pupil (who ended up betraying him) that conquering the world is just way too ambitious to be a realistic goal, so he settled for the Tri-State Area.
  • At first, it seems just Rule of Funny that fighting someone as incompetent and non-threatening as Doofenshmirtz is apparently the best use of highly trained animal supersoldiers. However, as noted on Fridge Horror below, many of Doofenshmirtz's inventions are potentially very dangerous, even if he uses them for petty reasons. He also rarely thinks anything through, so he could very easily have accidentally killed himself if Perry didn't constantly foil him.
    • He actually managed to take over the Tri-state area when Perry was put in a cast in the erased timeline.
  • Why is Irving so obsessed with Phineas and Ferb? Because they are two extremely close brothers who do awesome stuff together, while his own older brother bullies him. He's probably subconsciously drawn to their relationship.
  • The lack of screentime of Django makes more sense when you realizes that the only reason to the apparitions of Isabella, the Fireside Girls, Baljeet and Buford in near all the episodes is because they visit Phineas and Ferb near all the days, and they visit Phineas and Ferb in near all the days because of the Big Ideas(or use it as excuse, in the case of Isabella) and, despite his interest in build big things in his first (and, by far, sole) focus episode, said interest was solely motivated by his wish of show his artistic skills to his father.
  • Why don't Phineas and Ferb ever use their inventions to benefit humanity? Because they know it will only last for about 10 minutes.
    • Actually, it's implied in a few instances that the boys have Offscreen Moment of Awesome inventions that do aid the populace, such as the tub for washing the house being used as a reservoir.
  • Why do the rest of the Fireside girls keep on going along with Isabella's plan to hang out with the boys all day? Because it's fun and thanks to their improbable patch rewards the girls probably would average close to one patch an invention, not including the umpteenth help your neighbor patch.
  • Phineas's inability to recognize Isabella's feelings becomes a lot less inexplicable after seeing episodes like "That Sinking Feeling" and "Cheer Up Candace". It's not that he doesn't notice Isabella in particular, it's that he simply doesn't understand girls in general.
  • Note that whenever Doofenshmirtz teams up with another villain, he always ends up turning on the other bad guy. This is because, as Vanessa points out in the finale, Doofenshmirtz isn't actually evil: he just thinks he is. When faced with real evil, he quickly realizes he doesn't want anything to do with it.
  • Candace's 'immature' character design makes sense when you realize that a large portion of the show is from her perspective; she's highly insecure and is struggling to come to terms with growing up. Basically, that's how she sees herself.
  • At first, Isabella's protectiveness of her Catchphrase seems like just a running gag. Then you realize: "Whatchya Doin'" is her way of telling Phineas "I love you."
  • Linda is oblivious to Phineas and Ferb's inventions even though Candace repeatedly tries to show her they're real. Phineas is oblivious to the fact that Candace is trying to bust them even though she's made it very obvious, he doesn't notice Isabella's not-at-all-subtle crush on him, and he doesn't realize his pet platypus is a secret agent. Like mother like son. Candace even gets in on this too, considering how often she fails to notice Jeremy just likes her the way she is and doesn't realize that Phineas and Ferb actually deal with the safety issues of their inventions.
    • Additionally, both Linda and Candace, while oblivious, have perfectly valid issues with each other. While Phineas and Ferb are indeed responsible with their inventions, Candace does have a right to alert their mother since they're making seemingly dangerous inventions right under her nose, and Doof's schemes have unintentionally put them in harm's way at numerous points. On the other hand, while she fails to notice her own son's antics on a constant daily basis, Linda is right to have issues with Candace's obsession with the boys, as many episodes and specials show she's much happier and better off when she lets go of trying to bust them and just has fun or focuses on something she enjoys. Phineas fits into this too, as he and Ferb often set up something for Candace in their inventions so she could join them too, something she's been shown to enjoy sometimes.
  • How do Phineas and Ferb afford all this stuff? Sometimes, when Doof or Perry don't make their inventions disappear, they sell them off. They planned on selling their X-ray glasses, they sold Chez Platypus, they made stuff for a waterpark, etc.
  • Mixed with Fridge Heartwarming, Phineas and Ferb's projects are often shown to the public, so anyone can get involved. If you look at their track-record, just about everyone of the main characters have gotten in on the fun at some point. Candace has joined in on occasion, such as Skidley Whiffers; Jeremy and Stacy have joined on even more occasions; Lawrence has no issue with their inventions, and even Linda has joined in, seeing as they did inexplicable things for her birthday, she saw their Love Handel concert, and she enlisted them to work on a block party; Doofenshmirtz enjoyed their Love Handel concert and became the unwitting final boss to their video game once; Perry has been the centerpiece of their projects, such as Chez Platypus; Vanessa enlisted the boys to set up a Halloween party, which Monty also went to; Norm got into Ferb Latin, became the minotaur in their chariot race, and also went to the block party; Monogram got in on Cheesetopia; Carl joined in on their anti-gravity experiment; to name a few examples. In other words, they gave just about everyone in Danville their best day (or night if you want to get specific) ever.
  • Why is Lawrence so unphased by Phineas and Ferb's inventions? His father was a daredevil who did crazy stunts as well. He probably figured Phineas and Ferb weren't much different.
  • The fact that Candace keeps seeing a talking zebra from another dimension makes sense when we learn that their world is shared with Marvel. In the Marvel Universe, dreams are said to be a look into alternate lives in other universes. Candace is seeing him through the eyes of her counterpart from his dimension, Kevin.
  • Phineas was originally intended to be a meaner Annoying Younger Sibling to Candace. Naturally, this didn't stick. But the show does get an Annoying Younger Sibling worked into episodes in the form of Roger.
  • The show made sure to eventually include everything shown and listed in the theme song:
    • Building a rocket ("Out to Launch")
    • Fighting a mummy ("Are You My Mummy?")note 
    • Climbing up the Eiffel Tower ("Summer Belongs to You!")note 
    • "Discovering something that doesn't exist" actually happened more than once:
      • Candace actually finding the unicorn-turtle shown in the theme song ("Fireside Girl Jamboree")
      • The kids discovering Atlantis ("Atlantis")
      • Klimpaloon, The Magical Old-Timey Bathing Suit That Lives In The Himalayas ("Summer Belongs to You!", "The Klimpaloon Ultimatum")
      • Looking for the Chupacabra ("La-Candace-Cabra")
    • Giving a monkey a shower ("Swiss Family Phineas")note 
    • Surfing tidal waves ("Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation!")
    • Creating nanobots ("Norm Unleashed")
    • Locating Frankenstein's brain ("The Monster of Phineas N Ferbenstein")note 
    • Finding a dodo bird ("Last Train to Bustville")
    • Painting a continent ("Oil on Candace")note 
    • Driving our sister insane (Once per Episode)
    • Even the stuff that's shown in the montage without their own dedicated lyrics:
      • Directing a movie ("Lights, Candace, Action!")
      • Building a robot dog ("Canderemy")
      • Tricking out Linda's car ("The Fast and the Phineas")
      • Falling from space in a rollercoaster ("Rollercoaster")
    • Some lyrics from the extended version of the song also get covered:
      • Crossing the tundra
      • building a roller coaster
      • skiing down a mountain of beans
      • Devising a system for remembering everything
      • synchronizing submarines
      • Racing chariots,
      • Taming tiger sharks
      • Constructing a portal to Mars
      • Building a time machine
      • stretching a rubber tree
      • wailing away on guitars
    • In short, the theme song didn't lie: we stuck with them and Phineas and Ferb did do it all.

Season 1

Jerk De Soleil

  • Linda being part of a band making their first album may have something to do with her being Lindana. Keep in mind that she had one hit song, only to ruin it all with a big freakout. It's possible she was hoping to make a new, albiet smaller musical career.

Raging Bully

  • Doof's plot has to do with his birthday and birthday cake. Near the end of the episode, when his plan is foiled, he goes out of his way to save the cake before trying to make a getaway— he even said "I still have my cake!" when it seemed like he was going to get away for a change. Moments later, a group of Dunkelberry bats starts to swarm him, destroying the cake in the process. Doof literally could not have his cake and eat it, too.
  • Doofenshmirtz claims 'neither of his parents showed up for his birth', implying he was born from Hammerspace... however, there's another possible explanation: she gave birth to him, and in the short amount of time where the doctor went to clean up any possible obstructions to the baby's mouth/nose, his father picked her up and carried her out. The result is when the doctor came back with baby Doof, they were gone. His parents ditched him and that's probably why he remembered it that way. If so, why would they come back after running away at his birth? They most likely didn't and the parents in his childhood are his adopted parents.
    • It's likely just a Noodle Incident, it's possible Heinz found his way back home after his parents tried getting rid of him, especially considering the reason he's in America is because his parents tricked him into leaving. They very likely are his blood parents, considering they, and many of his family members resemble him, some like Jose being dead ringers for Heinz.

Run Away Runway

  • "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" establishes that Candace is 5'8". The way she's drawn, her neck makes up 8% of her height. So, if we take her absurdly stylized anatomy seriously, her neck is about 5½" long. In this episode there's a scene where the French fashion designer's assistant holds a tape measure up to Candace's neck. If you pause it, you can see that her neck does indeed measure 5½". That's right, the creators actually went to the trouble of calculating the length of Candace's neck for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sight gag! Incidentally, since the guy with the tape measure is French, it should probably have been marked in centimeters instead of inches.

Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!

  • When Perry uses the secret entrance, it is full of spider webs and Monogram remarks that it hasn't been used in years. Later, Doofenshmirtz reveals that his vacation home really is for vacations and he has no evil plans to foil. The Agency probably hadn't used that entrance because Doofenshmirtz never did anything evil in the area.

Journey To the Center of Candace

  • At the end, Doof actually had control over an OWCA agent and never realized it, just to add insult to injury.

Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together

  • Phineas and Ferb were rounding up the members of Love Handel to reform for their parent's anniversary. Danny was lured back by Phineas simply asking (after Danny's musical number). Bobbi was a bit more difficult, he needed to be reminded that we was fabulous, the musical number was mostly for show. Sherman, however, took the whole musical number before he was willing to join. The point of this entry? Each member was more difficult than the next.: It was a difficulty curve.
  • Vanessa's birthday is June 15, making her a Gemini. One of the core traits associated with the sign is indecision, and much of Vanessa's plot concerns her moral ambiguity.

Voyage to the Bottom of Buford

  • Quite possibly one of the best examples of Fridge Brilliance: throughout the episode, Buford is absolutely heartbroken and begs Phineas and Ferb to help him locate his pet goldfish. Think about it: the only friend this bully seems to have is a fish; after this episode, the other kids are more accepting of Buford as part of their group, meaning they figured out how truly lonely this kid is.

One Good Scare Ought to Do It!

  • The haunted house the boys designed for the express purpose of scaring away Isabella's hiccups failed to do so. At first it seems to be just a lead up to the part where the fear of Phineas getting hurt from falling scares it away for her. Then you realize that for the entire musical number of the episode Isabella is with Phineas as they tour the house trying to scare her. Phineas is someone she trusts no matter what, as long as he's at her side there was no way she'd be frightened.
    • Not to mention he was also holding her hand for just about the entire number.

Oil on Candace

  • A little bit with Perry pretending to be a regular platypus when Doof is trying to impress his Professor. Doofenshmirtz tells Perry to thwart his plans and Perry does nothing. In fact, Perry was doing exactly as Doof asked, as doing nothing did indeed thwart Doof's plan to impress his Professor through showing her his nemesis.

Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!

  • During the montage of Candace’s calls, "building giant tree house robots" was included, which was ironically one of the few instances where Candace did not call to bust them. It seems like an inconsistency in canon until you realize that it was all Perry's dream and he probably just assumed she would have called her mom over it.
    • Not so. If we assume that this episode takes place after "Jerk de Soleil", then Candace did tell her mom about the tree house robots. She sings about it (among other things) in the song EVIL BOYS.
  • Some Wild Mass Guessing here. Say that this took place before summer started. Perry's nightmare of Phineas and Ferb being busted leading to his cover being blown would convince him to make Phineas and Ferb's creations disappear while fighting with Doof. Unfortunately, references to past episodes make this impossible.
    • Not jossed. It's possible that by Contrived Coincidence (and we have plenty of those in the show already so it's not much of a stretch), he actually managed to predict some future inventions in advance. Which would convince him even more to keep the boys from getting busted; after all, if those otherwise insufficient little details are coming true, what about the main picture?
  • Of course it was Perry's Dream Within a Dream. If it really WAS Candace's dream, she would've learned a lesson from it and stopped trying to bust them. Status Quo Is God really covered all the bases here.
  • A VERY subtle hint that it's all a dream: Phineas and Ferb are seen actually driving the flying car of the future today. Other episodes, like "The Secret of Success", establish that the boys know perfectly well they're not allowed to actually drive real cars, so they use work-arounds like remote controls.
  • Baljeet seems to love the camp and agree wholeheartedly with its goal of erasing creativity. This is at odds with his characterization in future episodes, where he admires Phineas and Ferb's mechanical ability and asks for their help. The Doylist explanation is that his character is not well established yet, but to a Watsonian, the Baljeet we see is how Perry imagines that Candace imagines him, so he would only be superficially similar to the real one.
  • During the scene where the boys are Forced to Watch an anti-creativity video, Baljeet complains that the book was better. The scene itself is a Shout-Out to A Clockwork Orange, which ended up being disowned by the author of the original book for various reasons (one of which was the omission of the final chapter).

Unfair Science Fair

  • How did Dr. Doofenshmirtz get back from Mars, when the portal to Mars was sucked into itself? Easy, Perry's been scanning all of Phineas and Ferb's inventions, to be replicated later.
    • Alternatively, Dr. Doofenshmirtz returned by himself considering that he is a Mad Scientist and in the moment a science fair is happening on Mars.

Season 2

Don't Even Blink
  • Phineas says that he has no idea why their projects keep disappearing, but that "you should never look a gift horse in the teeth". The origin of this saying is that it was common back in the old days to a) look at a horse's gums to determine its age and to b) give old horses away to unsuspecting farmers, and the saying basically means that you should never question something good because you might not like the reason it happened. The reason the inventions keep disappearing was because of Perry and Doof fighting, and in the movie Phineas seemed pretty upset that Perry was an agent.
    • And after seeing the movie, you realize WHY Perry keeps making Phineas and Ferb's inventions disappear...
      • Actually, there have been some exceptions to this, such as in "Ain't No Kiddie Ride" or "Thaddeus and Thor" or "De Plane! De Plane!" and some others where it disappears by some other means...

Chez Platypus

  • Why was Buford refusing to let Candace and Jeremey into the restaurant even though (as Candace points out) she is the sister of the owners? Buford has a crush on Candace and was likely trying to ruin the date out of jealousy.

Perry Lays an Egg

  • At first, it seemed rather odd that Phineas and Ferb accepted that a male Perry could lay an egg. However, it's possible that Phineas just isn't mature enough to understand where babies come from.
    • Candace also took it for granted that it was Perry's egg, so that doesn't really work. Also Phineas and Ferb have got to be at least 9, which is pretty old not to know the facts of life.
      • Maybe determining the sex of a platypus is difficult?
      • No, it's not. Male platypuses are pretty easy to tell apart from females. It's more likely she was just so shaken-up by the nature show she watched that she didn't really care where the egg came from as long as it was kept alive.
  • Candace probably got that platypus costume from her old job at the toy store back in "Toy To the World". Once the boy's inaction figure went out of style, they had no use for the costume and probably just dumped it on her. Why she kept it is anyone's guess.

The Chronicles of Meap

  • Much more obvious than the other examples here, but it can still be difficult to catch without a rewatch of the episode. We see that Meap takes a liking to Candace early on, specifically after she proclaims herself as being responsible for busting people doing what they are supposed to do. Naturally, as an Intergalactic Security Agent, that's a concept Meap finds relatable (and he essentially repeats it word for word after he gets the universal translator).
  • In "Meapless in Seattle", Mitch reveals that he is a member of Meap's species inside a mechanical suit, and can also shoot a death ray from his mouth. The death ray of the Meapians appears to be strong enough to block one another if fired directly at each other, which explains why Meap did not use his death ray on Mitch in this episode even though he did so on Mitch's robots, instead using physical forcenote , whereas during the climax of "Meapless in Seattle" it might have been too risky to directly engage with the cute-ified Mitch, but even then Meap only used his death ray to block Mitch's attack.
  • Mitch's nickname "Big Mitch" makes sense considering that "Meapless in Seattle" showed that other, regular Meapians appear to be much smaller than him. That episode also revealed that he was actually inside a mechanical suit the whole time, but not even Meap knew about that so presumably the other Meapians wouldn't have either.
  • Phineas says that he detects a cute interference. Since he calibrated the tracker to avoid Isabella the interferences were real, so what could be causing the interference in Mitch's ship? Mitch himself. Because he is of the same species as Meap.
  • Why does Meap destroy Senior Frowg? His culture values cuteness above all else, so of course he would find a grotesque thing like that to be an abomination.
  • The reason he blasts the two security guards still makes sense considering his job. Those two guards could've just left him in Candace's hands and let it be, but decided to be idiotic assholes and look at a teenage girl that was just having fun and, for all they knew, just dropped her dollo on accident. And they give her the riot act going on about how she could've killed them. So they were pretty much abusing their jobs and ragging on someone for what appeared to be an honest mistake. Being a security agent, Meap blasted them because he didn't appreciate them abusing their positions.

At the Car Wash

  • Major Monogram has to tell Carl twice about his burning spaghetti. Carl doesn't have nostrils, so the first time he couldn't have smelt it. Smell is a key ingredient in emotional responses, the second time he forgot because he couldn't smell it and his mind didn't make it a priority.

Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo

  • If the time machine really did go to the original rollercoaster, and not the one in the musical, then maybe Ferb originally had a crush on Isabella at the start of the series, but he developed feelings for Vanessa instead during "I Scream, You Scream".
  • Why did people overreact if their attitude towards the boys' inventions is generally so mellow? Well, the Rollercoaster is one of the few inventions of the boys that is intentionally dangerous-looking.
    • Also, if it really was the first rollercoaster, it was their first project and authorities would be more exceptical. But after a while they saw that the inventions were actually safe and cool, so they mellowed.
  • Most of the time, Candace's plans to bust the boys get messed up because of Doofenshmirtz failing in his latest scheme to take over the Tri-State area. But this time, the whole dynamic got reversed: Candace succeeded and consequently, so did Doofenshmirtz. The main plot and the B-plot influence each other way more than we ever realized. Nice one, writers.
  • The first thing Candace said in the episode was that she generally tries bust the boys too early. Looking to the episode, it applies to two things in her busting; first, she busted them in the first day of the summer, in the day of the rollercoaster. Second, she busted them less than 30 seconds after the disappearance of the pamphlet. Why it is important? First, because despite this, the helicopter changed their position only 5 seconds earlier than in the original timeline. Second, because Linda only called the authorities because the busting was during or shortly before the ride, not after. In other words, two of the determining factors to the Bad Future.
  • Xavier and Fred assume because it's the future, everything has already been done. Being related to Phineas and Ferb, and thus probably knowing about everything they did in greater detail than most people, they probably didn't even want to try to live up to that legacy. On the other hand, Amanda might be especially impressed with what her uncles have done, and expect her own brothers to be that amazing, especially since she probably heard most of it from Candace- hence why she always gets upset about them doing nothing.

Isabella and the Temple of Sap

  • Except for Isabella and Milly, most of the Fireside Girls are drawn with only two patches on their sashes while Isabella and Milly are drawn with three patches on their sashes. Isabella is understandable since she's their troop leader, but Milly is a mystery. But then you learn that Milly has an extra Help Thy Neighbor patch (thus explaining where that extra patch on her sash came from).
    • Izzy's sash actually is a secondary one. She has one covered in patches. Pinky ate it once.

Finding Mary McGuffin

  • Why did Doof have to search for years for a secondhand Mary McGuffin doll for Vanessa? The doll is an Artifact of Attraction, meaning almost no one lets one go voluntarily.
  • The way Doofenshmirtz was driving in "The Doonkelberry Imperative", it's no wonder what happened when he took Vanessa out for her driving lesson.
  • The Mary McGuffin doll was a MacGuffin!

Suddenly Suzy

  • When Candace had to babysit Suzy and so she rid the house of every possible weapon, why did she throw out her teddy bear too? Because if Suzy learned Candace slept with a teddy bear she could use that info to blackmail her.

The Lemonade Stand

  • At first it seems like a continuity error that Candace has only four contacts in this episode, when she had a lot more in "Unfair Science Fair". Then after rewatching "Candace Disconnected", it reveals that Candace has a habit of losing phones. Candace most likely lost the phone she had in "Unfair Science Fair", and hadn't put all of her old contacts in her new phone by the time of "The Lemonade Stand".
  • When the Fireside Girls start selling Phineas and Ferb's lemonade, Katie is the only Fireside Girl that isn't present. It seems like the producers just didn't include her, but rewatch "At the Car Wash", and you'll see that Katie somehow got badly hurt while doing a lemonade stand. So she likely decided not to participate in the lemonade stand.
  • The male actor in Doofenshmirtz's dramatization looks suspiciously like Doof himself, the same nose and hair. Maybe he got a relative to help him out.

Wizard of Odd

  • Candace states her belief that "Phineas and Ferb are behind all this" when the two boys pull down the backdrop. They are literally behind it.
  • Why does Candace dream about Linda being tolerant of the fun created by the boys if she generally acts as if she guesses that she does be really angry? Well, Candace is the member of the family that interacts most often with Linda's tolerant side.
  • How can Candace dream about Perry and Doof if she doesn't know about Perry's secret identity? Because she does know about it! Remember, she saw them fight in "The Ballad of Badbeard" when she was tripping out; she assumed it was part of the hallucination, but she still remembers it, at least subconsciously.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!

  • Candace and other women sing backup for Lindana, but the backup vocals sound male (and actually sound a lot like the Cars). This seems like a mistake until you realize that, since Linda was lip-synching to a pre-recorded vocal track, all the backup singers probably were too. Candace was blissfully unaware that her actual singing wasn't heard by the audience.

Nerds of a Feather

  • Candace’s attachment to Ducky Momo makes a lot of sense when you consider where she was in life when she first saw the show. Judging from the song “Ducky Momo (Is My Friend)”, Candace was four or five when she saw The Ducky Momo Show for the first time. That would’ve been around the time that Linda married Lawrence and moved into their current house; since Phineas was barely a toddler when Linda married Lawrence, it’s very likely that Candace’s father had only recently left her life. Thus, the world was “such a strange place” because everything she knew was in upheaval.

Split Personality

  • Why is Jeremy-Obsessed!Candace such a flake? Because Bust-Obsessed!Candace got all the focus, determination, and attention to detail. She said it split them in half, but it was more like a 60/40 split.

Rollercoaster: The Musical!

  • In The "Chronicles of Meap", Ferb suggests that perhaps not all of the modifications he made to Meap's ship were technically street legal. This seems to be borne out by the fact that the next time we see Meap's ship in this episode, it's back to its original design.
  • Phineas says he wants to "build a rollercoaster but this time with songs and dancing." Phineas seems to have noticed that "Rollercoaster" was the only episode where there was no song, as Disney had not asked the creators to put a song in every episode yet. Hence, it is their only adventure that was an unmusical and thus can have a musical version.
    • Except "Lights, Candace, Action!" didn't have a song either.
    • "Rollercoaster" DID have a song. The Perry the Platypus theme song. Of course, it wasn't sung by any of the characters or during a montage, so it still counts.

Make Play

  • Some etymological Fridge Brilliance: Princess Baldegunde defines doppelgänger as a "double who walks [the] earth." Doppelgänger is literally German for "double-walker."

Candace Gets Busted

  • The ending of the episode seems too harsh, since Candace really didn't mean to throw a party. But on second viewing you realize that all the guests initially assumed that Phineas and Ferb had thrown the party. Candace, as always, couldn't help trying to one-up the boys by insisting that it was her intimate get-together. If she hadn't kept trying to take credit, the boys would have been blamed instead.

Season 3

Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!
  • Why does one of the clips present an image of the second travel of Phineas and Ferb to the future if the first travel was erased from the existence and Candace only traveled to the past after see P&F and push Linda to the museum? Well, in "It's About Time!", Lawrence noted the Candace marking in the T-Rex footprint and called Linda. It was not erased from the timeline after the mark was covered by bicycle marks in the past. In other words, following the time travel rules of the first episode, Candace's travel to the past was not erased - and by extension, P&F second travel to the future.
    • Other possible conclusion: considering the vision of the time stream in the clip, the camera traveled to the non-erased timeline with the time machine.
  • Why does Irving's video show images of the aglet concert if it was erased from all the digital media in the Tri-State Area? Because there do exist non-digital cameras.

Candace Disconnected

  • When Perry and Doof dance to the exercise show, Perry is uncharacteristically smiling throughout. Why? Perry's just copying the smiling exercise instructor. At the end of the video, Perry stops smiling and puts on a neutral expression when the exercise instructor's partner arrives with a similar neutral expression, copying her instead. And when Doof ties him up, he obviously gets annoyed at being tricked.

Ask a Foolish Question

  • Doof's newest invention is the 'All-purpose-inator' which does everything his other inators do. This episode also lampshades Made of Explodium, with Doof outright asking 'Why does everything explode so easily?' or something of the sort, when his plan literally blows up in his face. The Fridge Brilliance comes in when you realize that, two episodes earlier in 'Phineas' Birthday Clip-o-rama' we were treated to several short montages of all the running gags in the show, usually with one or two Noodle Incident worthy clips thrown in for fun. In the case of Doof's inators, this was the Blow-itself-up-inator. Just guess why the All-purpose-inator exploded.
  • The supercomputers scans Danville, and in seconds, knows exactly how things are gonna go, including his own destruction. We know he could have easily scanned P&F's history, Perry&Doof's history, as well as several other factors. Still, the knowledge seems to be too complete... until you realize that the scanning beam hit the fourth wall. Several times.

Misperceived Monotreme

  • Why is hitting on Isabella one of the "least likely" things that Irving would do, even though we've seen him hit on Candace and Stacy? Because he's a fan, and, like every member of the fanbase, he ships Isabella with Phineas and/or Ferb.
    • Or else he only likes older girls.

Meatloaf Surprise

  • If anyone's ever wondered why the Eastern European-born Heinz Doofenshmirtz has such a good command of Spanish? Look no further than the mention of his grandfather, José Doofenshmirtz.

A Real Boy

  • Candace couldn't remember buying that poster about hypnosis, or understand why she ever would have bought it. It must be because the person selling them used hypnosis to make her buy it.

Mommy Can You Hear Me?

  • Doofenshmirtz thinks Perry has switched places with a regular platypus when he takes his hat off. But even he's not that stupid, right? Rewatching "Oil on Candace," where Perry fools Doof's professor into thinking he's a regular platypus, when Doof insists that it's Perry, he says he fell for this trick a couple of times before he got wise. "Mommy" must be intended to take place near the beginning of summer, before "Oil on Candace." That also explains why Jeremy is nowhere to be seen (he and Candace weren't a couple yet) and how she could be laid up for weeks and not go insane like she almost did in "The Best Lazy Day Ever" (because she hadn't failed to bust her brothers many times yet so her commitment to the goal hadn't yet escalated to the point where it dominates her life).

Perry the Actorpus

  • It may seem odd that Phineas and Ferb would make a device to help Candace overcome her busting obsession, considering how blase they usually are about her habits, but there may have been a few reasons.
    • Candace's drive to bust them has actually been self-destructive to her sometimes. She left her bed on two occasions when she really shouldn't have. (She once left while she was so sick she could barely even walk, and she crawled through the house with a broken ankle)
    • They probably noticed that Candace constantly bothers their mom over their inventions, even trying to drag her away from something important just to bust them.
    • Candace's many failed attempts to bust them have continuously humiliated her, made her look crazy to people, and it's generally just caused her a lot of unwarranted stress. Considering how often Phineas and Ferb just want people to have fun...
    • Phineas and Ferb have continuously wanted Candace to join in on their projects, leaving spare vehicles and such for her to join in on them. But she doesn't because she's too busy trying to bust them, something that never works. Plus, Candace has been trying the same thing all Summer with little to no proper results. Phineas and Ferb are Allergic to Routine.

That's the Spirit

  • Why did Cow!Dr. Doofenshmirtz have udders? He used the Mind-Transfer-inator with a female cow.
    • All cows are female. A male is a bull.
  • The part where Isabella says, "How can I panic when I'm holding your hand?" seemed a bit odd at first, since she's never that overtly affectionate with Phineas. Since this takes place after summer ends, maybe Isabella and Phineas are now more open about their feelings for each other. That or she's taken the flirtation up a notch in her efforts to break through his obliviousness.

The Curse Of Candace

  • How was Candace not turned into dust when hit by the solar light at the start of the episode if she was really a vampire? Because she was turned into a vampire by the Drusselstein- inator, not by the bat in the cinema. She was hit by this and was not hit by the wave that reverted everything to the normal.

Escape from Phineas Tower

  • It seems out-of-character for Isabella to let Phineas enter a death contraption without attempting to come with him or stop him, especially since her biggest fear is him getting hurt. But then she, Baljeet and Buford spend the whole episode kind of bored, hanging out in the backyard and attempting to sleep-prank Candace, and you realize that they know Phineas and Ferb will be fine. They are, after all, Phineas and Ferb. So while Buford, Baljeet and Isabella are nervous about stepping into the device themselves, they're so confident in Phineas and Ferb's bizarre, physics-defying power that they've ceased to even care. (As Phineas tries to impress them with the dangerousness of the thing, Isabella dryly comments, "Wow, he's really selling it hard.")


  • When Phineas and Ferbalot are experimenting with their potions, Phineas, at one point, turns himself into a monster called a manticore. He then proceeds to say "A manticore! With a lion's head!" That last sentence may seem unnecessary at first, since most of his entire body was also that of a lion's, but if you learn a thing or two about mythology, you would discover that classical Greek manticores had human heads. So Phineas was actually pointing out this genuine difference from the norm of manticores.
  • Why does the book Carl reads to Monogram have a lot of the Phineas and Ferb cast in it? Remember in the episode where Candace has a broken leg, they had written a Genre-Busting book series? This could actually be one of the books, and Doofenshmirtz escaping at the end is setting up their next book.
  • The Lady of the Puddle (Vanessa) comes from the rain that Malifishmertz (Doof) created. Therefore, Doof and Vanessa are still technically father and daughter in this universe.

The Remains of the Platypus

  • We get an ordinary day (By the show's standards, anyway), but with every segment of the day given to us in reverse order. This leads to an outrageous It Makes Sense in Context slash In Medias Res opening and a hysterical How We Got Here plot. After watching the episode a few times, however, one might notice: Many other episodes of this show actually result in equally bizarre endings, and this one only seemed absurd because we received it out of context.

Meapless in Seattle

  • The worst punishment on Meap's planet being "time outs" explains why it appears that Meap needs to defeat and arrest Mitch over and over again.
  • "Meap" not means " Red alert! Red alert! Mitch has the Cutonium and he's on his way there. You must rally the troops and head him off at the evil fortress, this is war." but yes "war".
  • Why do we never see "Meap Me in St. Louis"? Simple: it takes place during the school year.

Cranius Maximus

  • Why is Isabella so looking forward to junior high school? Well, most kids are around 13-14 by then... Isabella would be considerably through puberty by then, while Phineas would have just begun (by comparison). So really, she's looking forward to Phineas finally noticing her that way.

Sleepwalk Surprise

  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz thought that Perry was sneaking in at night and building inators even though it was really him who was making them all night. Those inators that Heinz Doofenshmirtz built in his sleep do good things, and Perry's the good guy, so it might not be too surprising that Heinz thought Perry was making those!
    • But the way he talks about testing them out implies he doesn't actually know what they do at that point, that can't possibly be it.

Sci-Fi Pie Fly

  • Buford refuses to believe that aliens created the crop circles around Danville. Phineas, Ferb and Candace have encountered aliens multiple times, Isabella met Meap and Mitch, Baljeet built a portal to Mars, but Buford is the only member of the group who hasn't interacted with an alien before now.
    • Isabella would beg to differ. "You've been IN a flying saucer!"
    • Actually, in one episode, Buford said he saw aliens (or "Whalemingos") and refused to let anyone believe that there were no aliens.
    • Perhaps his quarrel is not that aliens don't exist, but that they wouldn't do anything so pedestrian. After all, all the aliens they've met were either gentle and benevolent, or tyrants and hardcore criminals. Petty intergalactic vandalism would be far beneath a villain of, say, Mitch's caliber.

Minor Monogram

  • Buford makes everyone a gourd helmet that, he claims, captures each person's essence in gourd form. Isabella demands to know how hers is supposed to capture her essence, which everyone else says is obvious. The tip of her gourd is pointing at Phineas.

Ferb TV

  • When we finally see a sample of Candace's favorite childhood show Ducky Momo, the show mostly consists of kids' voices trying to get the title character to turn around and see something, but he never does...kinda like Candace's mom. No wonder she identified with the show so much.
  • Fridge Heartwarming, when you consider that Phineas and Ferb made Ferb TV, which means they likely added Ducky Momo in for Candace.
  • When you remember that Phineas and Ferb made these shows, it explains why Agent P or Doofenshmirtz are completely absent. However, Professor Nibbles in "Katt Karr" looks a lot like Heinz, if they really did get Roger to star in this show, it's likely he had some input and had a knock-off of his brother thrown in.
    • Norm being a part of this doesn't contradict this. Phineas and Ferb met Norm before on two occasions, but neither time did they ever learn where he came from. Hence why he's made to be an alien robot invader in "That's the Norm".

Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets

  • At the end of the episode, it's revealed that most of the episode was just a movie made by the boys, that they entered into a film festival and won. Now, according to Doofenshmirtz early in the episode, the age limit to entering the contest is "less than fifteen". Now, fans, can anybody tell me what Phineas and Ferb's actual canon age is? Less than fifteen.

Where's Perry? (Part Two)

  • Phineas mentions that Ferb loves haggis. The episode "Elementary, my Dear Stacy" strongly implies that both Ferb's father and his grandfather also do. It Runs in the Family.

The Doonkelberry Imperative

  • When Vanessa tells Candace her last name, she responds, "Doofenshmirtz? What is that, like Chinese?" Although Vanessa corrects her, saying that it's Drusselsteinian, when you think about it, it actually is Chinese- remember Doofus Khan?

Season 4

Happy New Year!
  • Doof states that change is frowned upon in Drusselstein. Well, take a guess why said country is such a Ruritania.

Primal Perry

  • When the Baljeet mob gangs up on Buford, Phineas comments “So that’s what comeuppance looks like.” Of course Phineas wouldn’t know about comeuppance. He’s been building potentially dangerous inventions all summer with no repercussions!

Bee Day

  • In the movie Doof states that he's been doomed by a puppet twice now. In this episode, Heinz points out to Charlene that they broke up because she hated Mr. Tomato, the hand-puppet. Marriage doomed by a puppet, perhaps?

Where's Pinky?

  • The password to the City Hall security override is "reindeer flotilla". While this is clearly a shout-out to TRON, it's possible that in-universe, whoever designed the override and set the password was a big TRON fan.

Thank's But No Thanks

  • Carl not remembering the rest of the K I S S I N G taunt may count as subtle foreshadowing; the rest of the song goes; "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.", however "Act Your Age" reveals that Vanessa ultimately ends up with Ferb, not Monty (or at least is wit Ferb during the events of the episode) meaning that marriage and children does not come with Monty and Vanessa's love.

Troy Story

  • Having a trojan T. rex that is extremely anatomically inaccurate make sense when you realise that the rest of The Iliad ended up ignoring historical accuracy.

It's No Picnic

  • Candace's skeptical and unenthusiastic attitude towards Isabella's crush on Phineas could be explained as a result of her feeling protective over her brother. Previous episodes have demonstrated that Candace is that way with her brothers, so it's possible that she feels like that Isabella pushing this on Phineas could result in something bad happening, like ruining their friendship since they're still very young and inexperienced with these sort of feelings.

Operation Crumb Cake

  • Doofenshmirtz's horoscope says that someone is speaking secretly on his behalf, but he can't think who it could be. In fact, the horoscope is correct, someone is secretly speaking on his behalf; his daughter! Remember, in "Sipping With the Enemy" she was defending him to Monty Monogram, even going so far as to call him a "misunderstood genius."


  • Doofenshmirtz briefly gets transformed into a dinosaur that he calls a Velociraptor, but aside from its shape and size it bears no resemblance to Velociraptor being scaly instead of feathery and lacking the hook-like claw on its feet. At first this may seem like another Raptor Attack example but considering that this is a guy who didn't know what a dodo looked like (among other things), chances are that he doesn't know what a Velociraptor actually looks like either.
    • Either that or he thought "Velociraptor" just sounded cooler.
    • It was a Jurassic Park style Velociraptor and thus a perfectly acceptable use of the name.

Lost in Danville

  • This episode reveals Peter the Panda’s nemesis, Professor Mystery, who makes it a point to never explain his backstory or what his Inators do. The events of this episode are set in an alternate universe, but if we assume Mystery still exists in the main universe, it explains why Peter dismantled Doof’s Freeze-Inator while he was singing, instead of waiting until he was done like Perry would. His usual nemesis doesn’t monologue, so they always cut to the chase.

Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension

  • In some shots in this episode and the movie, you may notice that Candace-2 looks more... feminine than her 1st dimension counterpart. If it isn't just an animation error, then you could argue that it is a way of symbolising how Candace-2 is more mature and grown up than our Candace.

Act Your Age

  • "Phineas and Ferb's Quantam Boogaloo" seems to depict Doof and Perry as goofy chess rivals in their old age, though they seem on much better terms here. It may be a case of Early-Installment Weirdness, as Perry and Doof became friendlier as the series went on. But consider that, even if "Quantam Boogaloo" was undone by Isabella, Doof still screwed with the time-space continuum in "She's the Mayor", to the point where it undid Candace becoming Mayor for the day. It's possible, it may have impacted their future a bit too.
  • The exchange immediately preceding the kiss ("What are you doing?" "This") becomes even more heartwarming when you realize that that's exactly the answer she's been wanting to hear this whole time.

Specials and Miscellaneous

Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!
  • How did Santa sneak that "Sal Tuscany" CD into the presents for that OWCA party? It's implied that at least one of his reindeer (who was present at the party) is a secret agent... (As for the implications of Santa knowing the secret agent status of his reindeer, it's shown in other episodes that Santa is already familiar with the OWCA, so Santa, being Santa, probably has special privileges in that respect.)
  • 'Sal Tuscany' anagrams to 'Santy Claus', which Santa is sometimes called. Doofenshmirtz added the 'A' that is the first word of 'A Sal Tuscany Christmas'. There is no 'embarrassing leftover 'Y''.

Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!

  • In "Swiss Family Phineas" Candace talks about how the boys could slingshot them back home. Phineas asks her if he can use that one later. In this episode they do just that and are able to make it home on time.
  • In this episode, we witnessed Phineas's out-of-character yell "GET ON THE TRIKE!". Come "Bully Bromance Breakup" however, and we see Phineas/Ferb have issues with not being able to do their projects. With Candace being unreasonable, she was prohibiting them from completing their Big Idea (around the world in one day)... so Phineas briefly snapped as a result, then when they continued onward a second later, he was completely fine.
    • Another way to look at it: By being unreasonable, Candace was making their Big Idea impossible to accomplish. Phineas and Ferb defy impossible on a regular basis.

One Good Turn

  • A recurring joke in earlier episodes was that Candace said, "Stacy, you're a genius!" and Stacy replies with "Could you call my mom and tell her that?" Now we know why, she's constantly overshadowed by her little sister and wants to impress her mother.

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

  • While discussing the situation on the helicarrier just after losing their powers, Spider-Man is surprised to find that Nick Fury has been standing there the whole time. Of course he's a little disoriented: he's just lost his spider-sense.

Night of the Living Pharmacists

  • Considering her obsession with Phineas, of course Isabella would be an expert on methods involving triangles.
  • Phineas freaking out about Isabella as much as he did makes even more sense when you look at what happened in "The Beak", when he let her down there for not showing up to help her (to the point where he now says he would never forgive himself if he lost Isabella).
  • When a helicopter crashes into Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc., why aren't there any casualties among the Doof-clones, what with spinning helicopter blades and flying debris? BECAUSE they're Doof-clones, and Doofenshmirtz is canonically Made of Iron.
  • The ending where it's revealed that while Danville was cured, the Pharmacist plague has spread beyond its walls, and the main protagonists are pretty quick to accept that the rest of the world is screwed. Except this Inferred Holocaust will be avoided, since water is the cure, and it's incredibly abundant on Earth. It can even be argued that in the worst-case scenario, the plague won't spread beyond the Americas. Since the Pharmacists don't seem to be the type to be able to fly planes or operate boats, they'll eventually be forced to walk into the ocean, where the first touch of the tide will be enough to cure them.

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars

  • When Phineas tells Candace they have a stepbrother, she figures out her mother remarried and asks what happened to her birth father. If she doesn't know what happened to her birth father, how did she figure out her stepbrother comes from her mother's remarriage?
  • When Phineas destroys the Sithinator by dropping his broken lightsaber down the self-destruct port, Doofenshmirtz remarks "I knew I should have ray shielded that!" Knowing now that he was the designer of the Death Star, we must remember that the exhaust port/self-destruct was ray shielded, which proves useless against a physical object going into it. No matter the project, Door guarantees that his creations will self destruct.
  • Stormtrooper!Candace, Buford, and Baljeet's task of finding socks for Darth Vader becomes all the more hilarious when you remember what happened on Mustafar. Darth Vader literally doesn't have feet.
  • Darthensmirtz has trained the tentacle monster in the trash compactor to fetch him things connected to Darth Vader. The monster grabs Luke.
  • In "In the Empire", one of the exotic worlds shown is Earth, represented by Burbank. Candace the Stormtrooper is from Tatooine, for her Earth is an exotic world, and, according to certain non-canon material, is literally on the other side of the galaxy (Earth being in the Fath sector on the galactic "north" while Tatooine and the Arkanis sector are in the galactic "south").
  • Why does the Sith-inator turn Ferb into a Darth Maul Expy rather than the typical Darth Vader Expy? If you harness the power of the Dark Side to become the Sith-est Sith out there, Maul is a better choice. Palpatine is physically frail, fragile, and tends to lose the loyalty of his subjects (Maul himself, Vader, and Kylo) while Darth Vader still has love for his son, which by Dark Side standards, is a weakness. By contrast, Maul practically exudes hatred and anger, and he betrays Palpatine's side long before Anakin did. This is why Phineas can't properly get through to Ferb, because he was turned into a copy of someone more angry and hateful than even Vader. Ferb is also established to be a force sensitive, as he senses Perry twice and he and Ben seem to sense each other. Doof meanwhile doesn't seem to have the force in him, if his midichlorian joke is to be believed.

Last Day of Summer

  • Fridge Heartwarming: The last episode of the series premiered in mid June - around the time summer vacation begins in real life. It's as if the show was telling the audience, "It's your turn to make the most of your summer now."
  • What saved the day in the end? The fact that Doofenshmirtz puts a self-destruct button on everything he makes.
  • Candace's story arc here is essentially the same as in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted;" the story of what happens when her efforts to bust the boys almost result in her losing them forever.

The O.W.C.A. Files

  • Fridge Irony: Being on the lockdown for fleas allowed a flea to almost take over O.W.C.A.


  • The main Phineas and Ferb page being split. The caption underneath the picture is supposedly Candace attempting to bust her brothers for making a TV Tropes page, so of course the tropes would be split in two & moved on to separate pages!
    • Excuse me while my brain returns from lobotomy.

    Fridge Horror 


  • Doof's childhood is also horrible to contemplate, once you get past how absurd it is. Can you imagine how it would feel to be forced to stand perfectly still for hours at a time? Or how heartbreaking it would be to not only be The Unfavorite to your brother, but to a dog? Or how humiliating it would be for a boy to be being forced to wear dresses in public? It's amazing Doofenshmirtz isn't in an asylum, foaming at the mouth.
    • Well, when you consider how bizarre this whole show is, that might be a logical explanation.
    • Doofenshmirtz's parents neglected and emotionally abused him, often for trivial offenses or just for existing. Now, imagine what it must have been like for Roger, growing up in a house like that, watching his brother suffer, knowing that that could just as easily have been's a wonder both of them aren't foaming at the mouth in an asylum.
    • He does not care about his brother's sanity. After all, he's the mayor - does he need to care?
    • Speaking of Doof’s crazy childhood, if you look back at the flashbacks, you’ll notice Doof is considerably thinner and more sickly looking than his brother and mother. They might have starved him/ gave his portion of food to his brother, which would explain why he’s so gaunt.
  • An in-universe example: "Where did the giant floating baby head come from?"
    • Especially weird, since the answer is definitely not the giant baby from "Oil on Candace".
    • Finally revealed to be a floating baby head dimension several dimensions clockwise from ours.
      • Wow, that just opens up even more fridge horror. If the baby heads are coming from a dimension several clockwise turns from ours, that could mean there's a hole in their reality. That's slightly uncomfortable enough until you remember that the dimension directly next to theirs was formerly a terrible, terrible place run by an evil dictator, until Phineas and Ferb saved it. You have to wonder what could happen if Doof-2 loses Choo-Choo again...or worse, breaks it.
      • Not sure how canon Mission Marvel is, but there's a bit toward the end (on Linda's tour of the city) about a daycare built on an Indian burial ground. If the floating baby head comes from another dimension instead of this daycare... what comes from this daycare?
      • Maybe the daycare is how they get here from said other dimension.
  • Gee, after the natural disasters in Japan I sure hope Stacy's cousins are okay, considering they were never mentioned after "Summer Belongs to You!"...
    • They were never mentioned before "Summer Belongs to You!" either. Besides, there's no indication that the recent events in Japan also happened in the Pn F-verse. We don't even know which summer the show takes place during.
    • They appeared in the Continuity Cavalcade at the end of "Rollercoaster: The Musical".
  • Ever consider what it would really be like to be Candace? And be so sure that your brothers built all these bizarre, out-of-this-world inventions, but have them constantly erased by completely improbable circumstances just in time for your mom not to see? ( "You just jumped up and started eating their funhouse so your mom wouldn't be able to see it, even though you were the one who had wanted to show it to her.") Wouldn't you question your sanity? Your life? Everything that you knew? (Granted, Stacy and Jeremy know, too, and Candace deals with it sort of well. But still. That inexplicable talking zebra makes you realize that there's some serious Through the Eyes of Madness going on.)
  • Platypodes live for an average of 10 years. Perry should be dead by now.
    • Real ones anyway. The future episode showed him still alive (though very old) 20 years into the future.
  • And speaking of Artistic License applied to platypi, according to Word of God, the reason why they made Perry a platypus was because they wanted a pet that was very bizarre and the network didn't have to worry about kids begging their parents for one. Welp one reason as to why is that male platypi are venomous and it's pretty painful and even lethal to humans! No wonder they got him from an OWCA-backed pet store because you have to have a lot of suspension of disbelief to accept that anyone would let such an animal around children.
    • We see other platypi and animals that clearely aren't agents in the show, and they are clearly not capable of the feats the agents can, is it all training or are the OWCA agents a type of Super-Soldier?
  • And to add to the Fridge Horror: the venom spurs of a male platypus are in its hind legs. Perry's most common fighting maneuver is a roundhouse kick. The amount of pain Doof must be suffering every day...
    • In connection with the above, It's likely that, particularly given that Perry was to be placed in the home of an unknowing family isn't it probable that OWCA surgically removed the spurs when Perry was young.
      • As it turns out, no, no they did not. In the episode Primal Perry not only is it mentioned that platypi have poisonous ankle spurs, but Perry is even seen using them.
  • The inventions of Doofenshmirtz regularly hit Phineas and Ferb inventions with rather... destructive results. Really, it is a good thing that the kids generally are out of the inventions when the "mysterious force" acts.
  • Doof's parents were highly abusive, and while it mostly seems to have been neglect and emotional abuse, it's not a stretch to say that there may have been physical abuse as well. If that resulted in head injuries, suddenly his ditziness is a lot less amusing...
    • I'll take it one step further. The Doofenshmirtz from the Second Dimension successfully takes over the Tri-State Area. His backstory was the loss of Choo-Choo...and that's it. Doof didn't succeed in the Second Dimension because his backstory was more painful. He succeeded because it was LESS painful. In the second dimension, there was no parental abuse to mentally stunt him, and he was able to realize his potential. From a Utilitarian moral perspective, Doof's abusive parents are the GOOD GUYS.
    • This also explains why someone as ditzy as Doofenshmirtz manages to make these outlandish inators, he's thinking about the time he'll be spending with Perry one of the only character he enjoys hanging out with, and his daughter is occasionally there helping so his mind is more clear and less affected by the tragic backstories. In "Act your age" it is revealed he stopped being evil after he became Vanessa's teacher which allowed him to spend a lot of time with her and Perry was still his friend. Additionally Doof 2 doesn't care about Perry and that's why he managed to actually win.
    • Another interpretation is that Doof subconsciously sets himself up for failure, and never expects to win. He knows what it is to have pain and suffering, and while some part of him tries to lash out, he can't consciously inflict that suffering on others, so he became, in Vanessa's words, "Basically a nice guy who pretends to be evil out of obligation to his backstory." His other universe self never knew true pain and suffering, so he had no issue inflicting it.
  • You know all those Bad Future episodes where Candace actually busting the boys becomes a nightmare? Keep that in mind every time their mom almost sees whatever they're doing.
  • Some of Phineas and Ferb's inventions like their lemonade machine or their fortress are built into the backyard, and they once had a whole gorge built into it. They ran into one of Perry's entrances once by accident and Lawrence did the same. One has to wonder what would've happened if, while working on a project, they ran into one of Perry's many entrances, and saw Perry or Pinky. Of course, Amnesia-inator, but still.
  • The amount of Inators that seem to directly hit the Flynn-Fletcher's backyard implies that Doofenshmirtz's balcony is aimed directly at it. It really makes you appreciate how many of Doof's Inators just do things like make someone want peach cobbler. The issue is that some of the more dangerous Inators have hit that backyard, but it's only through luck that nobody was killed. There's a new inator aimed at a backyard full of kids everyday.
  • Considering how often Doofenshmirtz sees the Flynn-Fletchers,note  Perry better thank his lucky stars Doofenshmirtz never said "Hey, you should meet my nemesis, Perry the Platypus." or "Hey, aren't you that girl Perry the Platypus swapped bodies with?" Or his cover would be blown.
  • What manner of training does the OWCA employ to turn mindless animals into highly intelligent operatives? Most, if not all, of them could once have been ordinary animals minding their own business and just living their life before they were plucked from their natural habitats by the agency and...

Season 1

Lights, Candace, Action
  • All the teenagers in the theater were turned into elderly people by Doofenshmirtz, and we never see if they're ever changed back. How many of their lives were cut short because of this?
    • Though, two of the people zapped were Fireside Girls. Phineas and Ferb probably made a youth ray for their next project. They probably would even if their friends weren't affected.
    • Alternatively, the Age Accelerator-inator's effects were only temporary.

Raging Bully

  • The announcer says this about Buford: "He's from a bad home. His hobby is breaking bones." Think about the implications of the first sentence.
    • The version this troper saw on YouTube says "He's missing a chromosome" instead of "His hobby is breaking bones." So I guess they changed it so as not to imply Buford was mentally disabled.
    • Actually a main star of the show, Candace, does not live with her birth father, for reasons that have not been explained.
      • Not really that shocking. If Linda and Phineas and Candace's father are in fact divorced, mothers tend to get custody more often than fathers anyways.
    • Think about the implications of the second sentence. Just how many bones has he broken?
    • (Original poster) Broken home means that a family has some problems, not necessarily divorce. I put this under fridge horror because coming from a broken home could be part of the reason Buford is a bully.
    • Not exactly. We learned why he's a bully in a previous episode: he beat up the local bully to get his fish back, and therefore had to take his place (because all shows need a bully of some kind, y'know).
    • Buford having a bad home might be the reason why he spent most of his pre-bully days with Biff the Goldfish.
    • He has other lines in the show, like "My mom says if I bring another broken bone home, she's gonna break all my others!" or "I carried a lot of wriggling bags in my life, but this is the first time I knew what was in it." Make of that what you will.
  • The announcer could just be assuming things based on Buford's appearance, or Buford himself chose to be described that way since he cares about maintaining a tough guy image. And isn't the problem having an extra chromosome, anyway?
    • That's Down Syndrome. There are other chromosomal disorders that involve missing (or partially missing) chromosomes.

It's About Time!

  • When the Flynn-Fletchers first get to the museum, we see skeletons of one of their old pets, and the guy that took him in to live on their farm.
    • That's not even fridge horror. That's regular horror.
      • Not to mention it was played for laughs

One Good Scare Ought to Do it!

  • It is shown that Isabella's biggest fear is losing Phineas. So what would happen if she failed to catch him falling?

Traffic Cam Caper

  • In "Traffic Cam Caper", Candace took an awfully long time in trying to decide whether to save evidence to bust Phineas and Ferb, or save Phineas's life.
    • Not to mention, she only made that decision once the disc fell off the ledge. Of course, she could have saved them both if she hadn't been holding that ball.
      • To be fair, it wasn't that long a drop. Injury? Yes. Candace getting locked up? Maybe. But death? Not likely.
      • It was a drop from a bridge into a running river. Do you know how many people have died from getting swept away by rapid flood waters? If she hadn't made that decision soon enough, Phineas would have drowned, no matter how short a drop it was. The Fridge Horror comes into play when you can clearly see that she almost didn't.
    • I always assumed the abnormally long time was due to perceptual time dilation on Candace's part. And that she wasn't actually looking back and forth because she was trying to decide, but because (although she knew she was going to save Phineas) she was still hoping the disc would settle down and not fall.

Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?

  • Candace was sweating milk while in a platypus body. Seeing as male platypi do not lactate, this means she became a female platypus bearing Perry's resemblance and Perry could very well have become a male human bearing Candace's resemblance.
    • Rule of Funny, perhaps?
    • ... A case of Pet Owner Gender Confusion? Not Fridge Horror, true, but very frustrating for Perry nonetheless...
      • It's definitely not pet gender confusion as Perry has poisonous ankle spurs, which only male platypi have.
    • ...Trandace?
    • ...Considering Candace's...less-then feminine figure, there's no proof she wasn't.

Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!

  • Platypode are the only mammals that don't dream... Which means that the ending can't be Perry's dream, and thus must be canon!
    • They aren't blue and don't fight evil either
  • Speaking of which, in Perry's dream, Phineas, Ferb, and their family got taken away by OWCA agents. But where exactly did they take them away to...?

Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)

  • Candace steps through a portal to Mars, which immediately breaks. This being a show for children, she was perfectly fine. Now imagine that this show was a little more realistic and she couldn't breathe...

Season 2

Attack of the 50 Foot Sister
  • Candace not only gets enlarged to 50 feet tall, but she also climbs the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. building, which (at least in this episode) is even taller than her. Now remember that Candace stated that she had a fear of heights in "Bowl-R-Ama Drama".

Don't Even Blink

  • Doof builds an Invisible Ray which he intends to use on the Fireside Girls who knock on his door, trying to sell him cookies, so he won't have to look at them looking in at him through his window. When he's fighting Perry later, he reveals that the Invisible Ray has a disintegration setting, which annihilates Phineas and Ferb's latest invention. Let's go over that again: he installed a disintegration ray into the invisibility ray he meant to use on the Fireside girls. Woah.
    • It gets worse: The invisible one would make the girls invisible... but hide them from their parents, their friends.... that is a Fate Worse than Death. Granted given how little thought Doof usually gives his plans he probably didn't think of that, but that arguably makes it worse. It is lessened a bit by the fact that The Fireside Girls are close friends of our heroes, who would no doubt make turning someone visible their project for the day, but imagine if another troop who doesn't have a pair of geniuses they work with on a regular basis got caught in it. "shivers"
    • Actually, it probably wouldn't be all THAT horrible, since being invisible doesn't disable your voicebox.
    • If made invisible The Fireside Girls would also be blind considering their corneas would be made invisible.
      • That's not how vision works. Light comes into the eyes, not some 'eyes scan the environment and create some random nonsense' junk. Though if the invisibility ray works by repelling light away from whatever gets hit, that'd be a different story.
      • No, the first guy got it right. Light needs to reflect off your corneas in order to see. If you're invisible, light is passing through all of you, including your corneas. You'd be blind.
      • Then again Perry and Doof were able to cope fine in one episode when they were turned temporarily invisible. Cartoon physics.
    • No, an invisibility ray just makes you no longer visible to others. Its right there in the name, you're still solid
    • Also, there are people living under Doof's apartment. What happens to them when his inventions blow up? Sure, they probably wouldn't be hurt, due to the aforementioned cartoon physics, but it would still damage their home and would be extremely stressful.

Perry Lays an Egg

  • The strange bird that hatches from the egg is said to be "the natural enemy of the platypus". Presumably one had built a nest in Phineas and Ferb's yard because it knew there was a food source (i.e.: platypus) nearby. As a secret agent, Perry would probably have been able to defend himself from threats had the newly-hatched bird not flown off, but imagine if he'd been a regular pet platypus (and we know there are a good number of platypuses in Danville)...
    • Natural enemy doesn't necessarily mean predator, they could be more or so fighting for territory or food. Not to mention the bird looks too small to kill a platypus.
      • The bird was newly hatched, of course it would be too small to kill a platypus at that age.

Gaming the System

  • When Phineas and Ferb died in videogame, Candace freaked out, but they respawned, because they have four more lives, why did they say that they had four more lives? Why didn't Phineas say "Don't be silly, Candace, it's just a videogame, you can't die in videogame"? Does losing last lives kill the player? As the game is a Platform Hell of a sort and you can't just leave, it's their second deadliest invention (right after racecourse from "The Beak").
    • Hmm, well, Phineas is a kid, he may not have realized Candace actually thought he was dead, and may have assumed she was just upset they "lost". As smart as Phineas is, he can be a trifle naïve.

The Chronicles of Meap

  • A minor case occurs when Candace claims to have learned not to judge a book by its cover, then sees a huge zillion-eyed blob monster and runs away. Meap says, "Uh, actually, that's my mother-in-law, so... yeah, she's correct. Let's get out of here!" What kind of creature did Meap marry?
    • He married the adopted daughter of that creature?
    • Stop judging a book by its cover, guys.
    • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism?
      • No, not that. Meapless in Seattle has provided proof that the thing that is his mother-in-law is not one of his kind.

  • If you look closely at the scene in which Doof is eating a carcass with his ocelot family, you can see that at the top of the carcass, there is a helmet that looks suspiciously like Doof's dad's helmet. Combined with the fact that he wasn't at the Doofenshmirtz Family Reunion, did Doof just cannibalize his own father?
    • Jossed: We see him (just older) in "Father's Day", in a non-flashback finally. But that's not to say it wasn't anyone else from the town...
    • In Across the 2nd Dimension we see a skeleton of an animal with those same horns. It was probably one of those Doof was eating.

Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo

  • The People Jars - death by exploding because you grew too big for your jar!
    • We also don't know if the children are awake or not! And imagine what it would be like for them if they were...
    • Picture close your eyes and imagine Phineas and Ferb themselves having to go through that. Because, during the entire time that alternate timeline existed, they did. For twenty years. Just thinking about it....*Shudder*....
      • At the time she returned back to the future, Candace's own children would be in those jars. If they still existed, that is.
      • Hopefully, they're in some kind of Lotus Eater Machine while they're there... not that that makes it any better...
      • If that's the case, what's to say the entire series hasn't just been a hallucination provided by the machines?
      • The fact that the only reason they were made was because of the Rollercoaster.

The Bully Code

  • Phineas and Ferb build a contraption to put Baljeet in mortal danger so Buford can save his life, the machine is literally designed to kill people. Unlike most of their inventions, it never disappears, and we see how easily Candace accidentally stepped into it...
    • Phineas and Ferb aren't against getting rid of their own inventions. They considered destroying the Molecular Seperator after one of the Candace[s it made scares them, and Fireside Girl Jamboree stars with them disposing of yesterday's invention since it never disappeared. Considering the contraption here is an actual Death Trap, it's very unlikely they let that thing stand for more than a day.

Picture This

  • Doofenshmirtz builds a mime-inator, a device that traps people into invisible boxes and uses it to trap all mimes over the tri-state-area, but nobody notices because when the mimes try to call for help and get out of the invisible box, it looks like just one of their own acts. Eventually, Perry destroys the Mime-Inator and the invisible box Doofenshmirtz used on him, but we never see agent P freeing the trapped mimes.

Just Passing Through

  • So let's say the molecule scrambler WASN'T there when the steamroller came by...
    • Or let's say the rollercoaster hadn't snagged on a plane that happened to be passing by. Or let's say the girls hadn't managed to cross the chasm in the maze using shoelaces. These are just a couple of examples. It's only through sheer luck that Phineas and Ferb haven't killed themselves and everyone they love.
      • To be fair, those kind of situations tend to be started by Contrived Coincidence at least as often as they are resolved by them, so Phineas and Ferb can't exactly be blamed for them.
      • True, but some of the inventions, like the maze and the tower, could have been lethal even without Contrived Coincidences.
      • It's entirely possible that Phineas and Ferb put some sort of safe padding at the bottom of the chasm.
      • Phineas and Ferb Effect

Not Phineas and Ferb

  • Early on, we know that Irving is obsessed with two boys, for no real reason. Then come this episode, we learn he is bullied by his older brother. Do the math...
    • I'm not sure what you're implying.
    • I think they're implying that Irving is obsessed with them because he's jealous of the good relationship that they have with each other, which is something he doesn't have.

The Lizard Whisperer

  • Why haven't we seen Steve the chameleon again...? Well, he did swallow a mushroom-shaped speaker device. Even if it did shrink down with him, a chuck of metal and plastic can't be all that good for a lizard's digestive system....

The Doof Side of the Moon

  • One of the floors of the tallest building in the world was sub-letted by Phineas and Ferb. Just what happened to those people when the entire building was taken into space...
    • The same that happened to Doof.

Split Personality

  • Remember how the look-away-inator made those brain surgeons look away during the procedure? One can only hope she didn't get permanent damage from that.

Season 3

  • Although it's played for laughs, the Combininator in "Canderemy" is some serious, Cronenbergesque Nightmare Fuel if you stop to think about it.
    • What would've happened to Jeremy if Candace wasn't on that couch with him? Would he have woken up to find himself fused with the couch?
    • For that matter, not that what happened was a better option, what would've happened to Phineas if Ferb wasn't next to him? Isabella was the closest person, so she might've wound up closer to Phineas than she would've wanted.

Ask a Foolish Question

  • Just where did all those helmets and weapons come from? Thats right, Danville was the site of a rather large battle...
    • They're the helmets Phineas, Ferb and their friends wore during the chariot race in "Greece Lightning".
    • Then again, Phineas and Ferb did want to reenact some war in Danville in "The Curse of Candace"...
    • This one could also be an in-universe example for Doofenshmirtz.
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz: "Why are there so many helmets buried in the Tri-State Area?"
  • The supercomputer was built to answer any question and to predict future events with 100% accuracy. The result? It was created with the knowledge of its own destruction. Indeed, the computer spends the episode carefully crafting the events that will lead to its "death." Viewers are reminded of this by the supercomputer’s final line, "I knew this would happen."
    • Actually, while it made no attempt to stop it, the computer did not contribute to the events that led to its own destruction; it was snagged by the Inator and drawn to DEI, where it exploded, as the computer only interacted with the Phineas and Ferb subplot and the Candace subplot, it was not responsible for the Doof and Perry subplot.

Meatloaf Surprise

  • Doofenshmirtz created a rotten-inator. Anything blasted by it will rot. He initially plans using it on the competitions' meatloaf. However, he later tries blasting Perry with it. If Perry or any other living thing was affected by the rotten-inator...
    • It's entirely possible it could just turn Perry into a rotten (as in, jerky) person. After all, it hit a book (which is made of paper and is fully capable of rotting) and all it did was make the ending rotten.

A Real Boy

  • Why does Doofenshmirtz consider Perry family, despite the fact that Perry constantly beats him up and ruins his plans? Because his own family was so awful that this behavior looks caring in comparison - at least Perry acknowledges Doof's existence and even helps him with his non-evil activities.
    • It goes beyond that. He's estranged from his whole family, except his daughter, and even her he only sees occasionally. He doesn't seem to have any close friends. Perry's daily thwartings are, often, the only form of attention or validation Doof receives in a day - even getting beaten up means he must be a real threat, which means he must matter. It's no wonder Perry is so important to him.

Skiddley Whiffers

  • Why is Linda washing a human skull in the sink?
    • And what happened to her first husband...oh.
    • And why was Candace completely indifferent to the situation?
    • Maybe because she didn't notice. When she's busting, details tend to slip her mind, among other things.
    • There's a perfectly innocent explanation for the skull: Her husband runs an antique store, and the skull is a recently acquired carving.
      • Or a real (antique) human skull, perhaps from a medical school or a collection of oddities.

Escape from Phineas Tower

  • The evil AI traps Phineas and Ferb in a giant shield, announcing its intention to cut off their air supply. Okay, no problem! They'll trick the shield into expanding until it surrounds the entire solar system! Wait a second, can't it still cut off the air?
    • I don't think it can suck away planet's individual atmospheres. And most of the Milky Way doesn't have air anyway.
    • They said that they programmed it to get more intelligent every time Phineas and Ferb escapes. What's stopping the Tower from realizing that they escaped him through logic, and going back to get them? Fridge Horror indeed.
    • Plus, it could set up traps all over the galaxy.

Monster from the Id

  • The ending. Just imagine what would happen if Baljeet didn't shut the machine off in time!
    • Speaking of that... in the end, Buford is seen still inside Candace's mind, flirting with her Id. (Yes, you heard me right.) Now, that's all fine and dandy, until you realize: Candace is no longer hooked up to the machine. So, even though the details of how the machine works are kind of vague, it's safe to assume that, until she jacks into it again, Buford could be trapped inside her subconscious forever.
  • Candace's Id is seen using Ducky Momo as a club. So does that mean it was Ducky Momo that led to her wanting to bust her brothers so much?
    • I would interpret this as using Ducky Momo to fight horrors of the reality.
  • We see Candace's Id whacking through trees in her attempt to smash the children. The trees are more or less concentrations of Candace's memory. So... unless it was a creation of her mind the Id smashed through, Candace's Id just wiped out a few sections of her memory.
  • All the depictions of Phineas and Ferb in Candace's mind are meant to either be destroyed (statues that a particularly murderous looking inner-Candace smashes with a sledgehammer) or killed (antelope with their faces that the Id monster preys on).


  • When you take into account the science of Candace being a literal queen ant, this opens up a ton of Squick. We first need to take into account what the queen ant does; lays thousands of eggs. It gets worse when you find out what the workers do to their queen; suffocate the queen and then dispose of the body.

Let's Bounce

  • Candace accidently gets hit with an anti-gravity ray (intended for something else). If she hadn't grabbed the tree when she had, how far would she have floated up? (There seems to be a limit to it, as the intended targets only float about 20 feet above and stop). And also, how far would she have fallen...?

Meapless in Seattle

  • We learn that, on Meap's planet, the most severe judicial punishment you can inflict on a criminal is a time out. As in, the timer-set, go-stand-in-the-corner kind of time outs you give small children. Considering how cute-based the society of that planet is, you would think that the crime rate was so low that this wouldn't be a problem, but Mitch and Prof. Yore provide evidence of otherwise. Add the fact that the place clearly has had wars in the past, since they're ready for it at a second's notice, and you start to wonder how the heck this place hasn't turned itself into the exact opposite of what it is. Crosses with Fridge Logic.


  • As much as it it Played for Laughs, Candace being liquified is a gold mine of Fridge Horror. What if she had been exposed to the sun too long and evaporated? Or sunk into the ground, like most liquids do on pourus surfaces like soil? Or drank by one of the characters by mistake? And lets say Buford didn't have that mold of her to shape her with...
    • Well, would she evaporate, it would probably turn her into dust, like powdered milk or something.

Norm Unleashed

  • Not only is Norm scarily competent at evil, he has no regard whatsoever for human life. Many tropers have noted that Doof's treatment of Norm parallels how his own parents treated him, and in Doof's case this treatment directly led to his turn to evil. It's not a stretch to say that Norm may be affected the same way. So, we have a powerful robot with motivation to destroy the world and the competence to do so...
    • Well, he only attacked the town that one time because he thought that's what Doof wanted. And despite the constant unnerving smile (which is literally fixed in place), he's given no other indication that he enjoys causing destruction.

Where's Perry?

  • One of the -inators aimed at Perry that goes off is the disintegrator-inator. He's VERY lucky the Go-Home-inator is the one that landed.

What'd I Miss

  • Buford talks about getting a rabies shot a lot. Yes, rabies shot. It makes you wonder what the hell goes on in his house.


  • Buford, although unbeknownst to the Phineas because only his eyes are visible, comes in and mimics Isabella by asking Phineas, "What'cha doin'?" Phineas replies, "Isabella, your voice sounds horrible!", to which Buford quips, "My voice isn't horrible, it's raspy. You gotta spend hours screaming in a closet to get it like this." Paired with the "from a bad home" comments above and the fact that statistically, most bullies are children with abusive parents, the implications here are, in fact, horrible.
    • Not really, as he later said: "Closet time is paying off." Implying he does it on purpose.

Agent Doof

  • So Candace tries to prove to her mom that Phineas and Ferb were de-aged to babies, but Linda just thinks it's an old baby photo of the boys. But Phineas and Ferb are stepbrothers and met long after their baby days— Candace's flashback in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" shows Ferb and Lawrence coming home for what is presumably the first time, and Ferb looked maybe a few years younger at most. Did Linda just forget Phineas and Ferb wouldn't have baby pictures together?
    • I mean, that was a dream within a dream, and that dream was Perry's. Who knows if that's actually when they met or not.
    • Bold to assume the lady who has spent a whole summer not notice the amount of crazy inventions from both her sons and her ex-boyfriend constantly going off, blowing up, flying away, etc. would notice an error like that in baby pictures without looking closer.

Season 4

Bee Day

  • Doofenshmirtz vacuums up some bees and almost pushes the self-destruct button. Not too bad until the following episode, "Bee Story", where it's revealed that some of the bees he captured with his vacuum were the Fireside Girls.

Knot My Problem

  • Candace ate a giant ball of liquorice, which is a laxative. One can only imagine the state of the bathroom after.

Mind Share

  • The whole premise is rife with horrible implications. A gang of incarcerated felons switches minds with a group of ten-year-old children to escape? Even the situation of Morg and his gang is pretty horrible - they're obviously smaller than the rest of the prisoners, and one of them is a FLY in a prison of fly-eaters. If they hadn't cemented their Jerkass status by taunting Phin and the gang over the web connection, they'd qualify as woobies.

Love at First Byte

  • Before the grand finale, Isabella and the Fireside girls have to go around and hand out shades to everyone. One can only imagine what kind of ocular damages could have occurred if they missed someone.

Primal Perry

  • How many platypi did Liam kill or at least hurt before meeting Perry? Also, it should be noted that unlike the other serious/competent villains, Liam was never arrested, only banned from the botanical garden, meaning he's still free to hunt Perry and other platypi.

Troy Story

  • Isabella thinking that the Iliad is romantic couldn't be farther from the truth, seeing as how Paris kidnapped Helen, and the fact that the Trojan War lasted for ten years and ended in the complete destruction of Troy, the slaughter of all of the adult males, and the Greeks suffering from heavy losses. Seeing as how the kids have read the entire story, and having to censor it for the younger audience aside, Isabella's idea of the Iliad being a romance seems pretty disturbing when you take that into account with her crush on Phineas.
    • Or could be she glossed over these facts; that's not uncommon in romance.
    • Some versions of the Iliad also have Helen willingly fall in love with Paris.

The Klimpaloon Ultimatum

  • In the scene where Candace is luring the guards and Mr Random away from Klimpaloon, you can notice in one part a bin that actually has the bodies of dead Klimpaloon knockoffs. That then begs the question - did Mr Random actually have them killed and dumped there unlike the knockoffs in the tanks, or did he just deem them as failures and leave them there to die?

Act Your Age

  • In this Distant Finale episode, Candace shows her chops as a lawyer with a dissertation on techniques that allow one to bust someone without evidence. Now imagine how many innocent defendants will inevitably be wrongly-incarcerated because the prosecutors opposing them have mastered those techniques...
    • It's only "With or Without Physical Evidence." This isn't so bad on the basis there have been cases in the real world where people have been (correctly) convicted of murder despite the absence of a body.


  • In "Summer Belongs to You", Phineas' despair when he realizes they are trapped on the island may have had reasons other than his inventing skills having failed him. Think about it: they're trapped in the middle of the ocean, no food, no drinkable water, and no way to contact anyone. He probably though they were going to die, and that it would be his fault. And in fact, if they hadn't eventually figured it out, they probably would have died there.
  • In "Mission Marvel", Buford mentions that he told Candace to never mess with Phineas when he gets angry. Just what happened for him to know this?
    • The fact that Phineas and Ferb exist in a universe with Marvel characters is this, when one recalls that Marvel Universes are not pleasant places to live. The reasons include, but not limited to, Sentinels; Galactus; Super Villains like the Red Skull (who Phineas and Ferb met), Doctor Doom, Apocalypse, Thanos, and the Skrulls; great levels of cynicism and of course; the fact that any one of the main characters could end up being mutants later on, bar maybe Candace or Vanessa. Then Magneto, Sentinels and the X-Men will end up in a huge slug fest over them as most of their loved ones turn on them for pure Fantastic Racism.
      • Hell, even if they don't turn out to be mutants, there could be problems as they could turn out to be bigots towards mutants themselves.
      • Them being part of the Marvel Multiverse means they could very well have all been killed in an Incursion. And brought back to life when everything was restored, but that's still terrifying.
  • In "Save Summer", the fact that when the world starts to cool, everyone starts to lose it and become desperate, to the point where some people even start chasing down Roger for his sweater. To make things even more unsettling, Monogram being fired sends the OWCA nuts, with all of the agents acting like... wild animals. It's just disturbing to see that such seemingly small things have such a huge impact on Danville, which makes you wonder how fragile society in the Tri-State Area really is.
  • When the Death Star blows up in "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars", it is revealed that the Firestar Girls saved everyone on board the station. If that is the case, then what is the possibility that Grand Moff Tarkin, aka the guy who ordered the destruction of an entire planet, survived as well?
    • Thankfully, Tarkin loves his Death Star too much. He'd never leave it if a bunch of rebels tried to make him.
    • And if he did, he'd be tried and executed as a war criminal. Just like the rest of the joint chiefs.
  • The sheer efficiency of the zombie spread in "Night of the Living Pharmacists" makes you wonder if they really did end up getting everyone in Danville, like Isabella suggested (except Stacy, as well as Doofenshmirtz since he isn't affected, though she didn't know about them surviving even if she was temporarily with the latter). That means any characters that didn't appear in the episode may very well have become zombies, and then you have to consider how the end of the episode implied that everyone in the entire world had been turned into Doof-zombies. Just imagine - every character that lives on Earth in the series as a part of a horde of mindless zombies. Try imagining what a Klimpaloon Doof-zombie would look like, for example!
    • The creator of the idea for the special, Joshua Pruett, also implied that since the infection is passed electrically, robots could be infected as well. It makes you wonder what happened to Norm during the whole ordeal...
    • Although the fact that water is able to successfully reverse the zombification may ensure that it will be kept in check, at least in the rainiest parts of the world. Besides, Phineas & Ferb may also decide at some point that what they're going to do today is cause rain on the whole planet at once, or at the very least warn everyone on how to get rid of it.
    • If Danville is a walled city, as revealed at the end of the episode, it is unlikely that they got out.
    • Also consider that since all of the human pharmacists are essentially clones, one must wonder if any times a character that got infected actually came from someone they knew or was close to them. Imagine if that pharmacist that got Isabella at the end was actually Phineas, for example!
    • There's also the fact that there are many instances of characters attacking the pharmacists in some way, which means they could be potentially harming zombified loved ones. The fact that we can't be certain about some of these is what makes it scarier!
    • Phineas freaked out a lot over the mere idea of losing Isabella. Just imagine how heartbroken he would be if he really did?
    • You have to consider Ferb's sacrifice for a second, everyone else's Heroic Sacrifice in the episode mostly involves throwing themselves to the zombies, allowing themselves to be infected in order to buy time for the others to escape; given that they know Phineas and Ferb it's a reasonable assumption that they'll find a way to cure everyone. Ferb throws several zombies over the side of a water tower and ends up hanging off the railings himself, with several zombies hanging off him, if he'd not managed to keep his grip when weighed down by the weight of several grown men...

    Fridge Logic 


  • Apparently Doofenshmirtz is depicted to be a victim of this, with his over-the-top schemes. Subverted once when he brought the matter up himself.
    Doofenshmirtz: Behold, the Voiceinator! It bio-mechanically turns normal air into Doofilium, which will make everyone else's voice high, therefore making my voice deeper by comparison. I was going to lower my own voice, but then it seemed like too much trouble.
    • If he's evil why does he have to change? Instead everyone else should change to meet his standards.
  • How does Doofenshmirtz know Perry's real name?
    • I always assumed it was in a letter from OWCA. "Dear Doofenshmirtz, you have been upgraded from a minor threat to a major threat. We have assigned Agent Perry the Platypus as your nemesis. Have a nice day."
    • He's heard his theme song.
    • To say nothing of the fact that Perry is literate and intelligent. The fact that he can't talk is in no way an obstacle to him communicating.
  • Candace has been trying to make Jeremy her boyfriend since at least 5th grade. Have you ever stopped to think about how weird that is? At the beginning of summer (after 9th grade, based on her age) her and Jeremy are hardly even friends. They've never gone out or hung out together. In "One Good Scare..." she needs an excuse to call him, and in a couple early episodes she's ecstatic that he so much as comes up and talks to her. So she's spent a large portion of her life obsessing (and it really is obsessing) over one boy, yet she has done so little to cultivate a relationship with him that, after 4 years, he still sees her as little more than an acquaintance from school. Suddenly Suzy's quip about Candace's deep-seated emotional problems seems apt.
    • It seems like he's liked her for a while and she's just shy or afraid of embarrassing herself so she wants an excuse to call him. And she makes such a big deal out of him taking to her because of how much she likes him.
    • How about, she's just a teenager? That is NORMAL behavior for the young. It only becomes stalker-creepy when people don't grow out of it.
    • Speaking of "One Good Scare...", the excuse Candace practices to call Jeremy is that she had a question about their algebra assignment. All good and well until you remember that it's summer! What algebra assignment? They're not currently in school. It would have been blatantly transparent.
      • Math assignments for summer vacation are very common, especially at Candace's age.
  • How come Phineas and Ferb can make massive and complex creations that look professionally-built down to the smallest detail, yet the signs they make are hand-painted and look terrible? Actually, this might be incongruous on purpose.
    • People that are science-geniuses are often not that good at art and vice versa.
  • Danville sits directly on the junction of three states. Can you imagine how fiendishly difficult it would be to prosecute wide-scale criminal activity in Danville? When you really think about it, it’s probably the reason why Phineas and Ferb never face any legal retribution for their shenanigans, and most certainly the reason why Doofenshmirtz chose the town as the headquarters for his evil operations. The only thing that keeps this from crossing over into Fridge Horror territory for me is that Danville seems to have a rather low crime rate otherwise, and no one ever really dies there. "I’m/we’re okaaaaaaay!"
  • So the major problem facing Phineas and Ferb is figuring out what to do during the summer before school comes along and ends it (to the point where it's the first two lines of the theme song). This is the major problem of two boys who, to them, building rocket ships is second-hand nature. They should be able to simply test out of school and enjoy a few years before going off to college.
    • Their problem is finding stuff to do so they won't get bored, this is why Phineas is so ecstatic when they decide on the daily project. Skipping school would force them to come up with even more activities to pass the time.
      • Plus they'd miss their friends. That's probably why Baljeet hasn't tested out yet either.
    • Given the evidence concerning which universe they live in, perhaps they go to a special school, you know, somewhere in upstate New York. Which is definitely not boring.
  • In both the alternate dimension and the bad future Doof takes over the Tri-State area. The show gives reasons as to why this happens which make sense until you consider that the Tri-State area is in America. So why is the U.S.A letting a evil dictator secede from the country?
    • Well, it is another dimension. American laws could be way different.
      • That still wouldn't explain the Bad Future.
      • Considering the sort of weaponry he can make in less than a day (most of it hundreds of years ahead of anything we have at the moment) its not that unreasonable that he could threaten them into not interfering in exchange for him not destroying the rest of America.
      • Doof doesn't seem to like using weaponry so much, as seen in "Norm Unleashed". He just took advantage of the panic and disorder that resulted from Phineas and Ferb being busted and people freaking out about kids hurting themselves.
  • Why would Phineas regularly lose his smile when Candace is in "busting" mode if he did not realize that "to be busted" means "to be in trouble"?
    • Because when Candace is in "busting" mode, she's more inclined to hurt herself and Phineas is very fond of his sister.
    • Even if he doesn't realize it, she's still coming out and yelling at him for what he perceives as no reason.
  • A lot of the stuff Phineas and Ferb make isn't particularly dangerous, or even against the rules. If Linda did see their molecular scrambler, or the teleporters, etc. she'd be more likely to applaud them for building such incredible things then bust them.
    • First of all, those are pretty dangerous, especially since they don't do much testing. Secondly, if she can prove that they do all this crazy stuff, it will prove that Candace has been telling the truth, which means all the earlier stuff is also true.
  • Does Doofenshmirtz actually own his building or is he simply a resident?
    • In "That Sinking Feeling", Doofenshmirtz says "I can still remember the day I bought it...". He owns the building.
O.W.C.A. now a world where SHIELD also exists. How?! Seriously; I would be distinctly more afraid of the Hulk than a platypus or chihuahua in a fedora.
  • Well the Hulk is a lot harder to keep secret than a platypus or chihuahua in a fedora.
  • OWCA has a building with a big sign in front. They're hiding in plain sight. People driving past would assume it's just another office building. Or a vet's office if they saw animals coming and going.
  • The Fireside Girls are never seen with a den-mother or equivalent chaperone. Granted, their founder apparently lives in the Danville chapter house but one would think they'd at least keep an eye on them.
  • It's mentioned in Fridge Horror that Perry seems to have lived at least trice a normal platypus' lifespan. OWCA has been fighting evil geniuses for years and has been reverse engineering their technology. Is it possible that Perry and his fellow agents are a breed of Super-Soldier?

Season 1

  • Doofenshmirtzes plan in both this episode and the Musical, is to use a big magnet to "pull the east in a westernly direction, thereby reversing the rotation of the earth." There's only one problem with this, to do this he covers the entire eastern seaboard in tinfoil (somehow). Ignoring the fact that you'd think people would notice entire cities covered with tinfoil, tinfoil is not magnetic. There is no way for a magnet, even a strong one, to attract even a small amount of tinfoil, let alone a two ton ball of it.
I Scream, You Scream
  • The Space-Laser-inator disappears just as Linda comes home. Phineas and Ferb then remark upon the discovery of the true use of the machine and are glad they didn't built in the laser, which is shown standing around in the garden. When their mom comes looking, there should still be a gun-looking laser standing around.
    • This is the source of considerable discussion on the Headscratchers page (sad as that may be). This troper's take is that, since we don't see where the laser is in relation to the characters, it could just be out of Linda's view.

Journey to the Center of Candace

  • Candace is lactose intolerant. This isn't even a one-off joke, there are at least 3 episodes that mention it. So she shouldn't have been able to eat the grilled cheese sandwich without experiencing vomiting or diarrhea (which would have made things easier for Phineas and Ferb). And before somebody says it must have been made from soy cheese I'd like to point out that it was a random sandwich she found lying around in the garage. Its origin and purpose were a total mystery to Candace, yet she ate it without hesitation.
    • Two possible reasons for that: it's possible that, because of Candace's lactose intolerance, the only cheese in the house is dairy-free, and Candace assumed that the sandwich had been made at the house. Another reason could be she's taken lactase supplements recently.
    • She's not lactose intolerant, she's allergic to dairy. Which could make it either slightly better (if it's only as severe as her wild parsnip allergy), or much, much worse.
    • Speaking from experience, some dairy products such as yogurt or processed cheese can have a lesser effect than straight up milk or butter. If the cheese in question was single-wrapped American slices, there's a chance she could eat it without (much) effect.
    • A girl actually asked Dan and Swampy this in an interview. Their response? Dan simply said that it just happened to be soy, though I'm not sure if he meant it as a joke or not. Swampy even felt like an idiot after realizing this!
  • If Isabella's pet is a secret agent, then why did Pinky - someone with human level intelligence - eat her sash?
    • Pinky also tries to eat the shrunken kids in "Hide and Seek," and doesn't understand the concept of television in "Interview with a Platypus." So it's entirely possible he really is that dumb, and Perry just happens to be humanly-intelligent. He is considered the best in the field by his boss, after all.
    • Obfuscating Stupidity, as in the case of Perry. Both want to keep up the illusion that they're mindless house pets.

It's About Time!

  • The inator-of-the-week froze Major Monogram and later a Tyrannosaurus rex. When it was destroyed, the T. rex stayed frozen. So shouldn't Monogram also be permanently frozen?
    • No one wanted to de-freeze the T-Rex. They found a way to return him to normal.
    • I suspect the next time the T-Rex shows up, he'll be wearing a hat.
    • But they don't have a hat that big.
  • In a flashback appears a clip of the fight of Perry against Doofenshmirtz in "Candace Loses Her Head". Their past time travels are mentioned in "Summer Belongs To You". The problem? "Candace Loses Her Head" is in July, "Summer Belongs To You" is in June.
    • The Christmas Vacation episode comes between these two. It's possible that a new summer began after that one.

Traffic Cam Caper

  • Perry's Ferb disguise is spot-on. So why do his other disguises all suck?
    • Most of the other disguises are used on Doof.

Got Game?

  • Doofenshmirtz skips telling Perry a Backstory he's already told him, which would make sense if not for the fact that he thinks Perry's a dog.
    • Doofenshmirtz would explain his schemes to anyone, Jeremy ("The Lizard Whisperer") and Vanessa ("Hail Doofania!") for example.
      • It seems like it was a error, but then when you think about it, Doof was talking to us, not Perry.
      • Alternate explanation: subconsciously, he knew it was Perry, but the information hadn't yet filtered through to his conscious brain.

Season 2

Oh, There You Are, Perry
  • Doofenshmirtz briefly meets a hillbilly-looking desk clerk on his way into The Regurgitator's lair. At the end of the episode, the lair gets blown up, including the possibly fake motel at the top. So, did the desk clerk die or what? (The dude's scene was so short that the censors had probably forgotten about him by this point.)
    • He didn't have any spoken lines and moved in a very robotic manner when Doof mentioned the Regurgitator - I, for one, assumed that it was a robot installed to cover the Regurgitator's lab. No way a (non-sentient) robot can sell him out, after all.

Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo

  • When Phineas and Ferb wonder if they can encounter their future selves, we hear that Ferb's "at Camp David". The clear implication is that Future-Ferb is President (since Future-Phineas is a Nobel Laureate). Ferb's from England, not to mention that his given age is thirty.
    • Well, it is the future; there could have been a couple of amendments passed since the present day.
    • And he could always be in the Secret Service. He's definitely the type.
    • Perhaps he was there with his wife, Madam President Vanessa Doofenshmirtz-Fletcher (age 36).
    • maybe he is an advisor, or the head of NASA or something.
    • So... What you're saying is... Isn't he a little young to be in Camp David/the president/etc?
    • He could be an authority figure visiting from some other country (presumably England).
  • Day 1 (Rollercoaster) Phineas and Ferb reference the Wood/Metal bonding tool despite the fact that they don't know they need it yet.
    • What if they were their Rollercoaster: The Musical counterparts? All the scenes shown in Quantum Boogaloo were identical in both the musical and the pilot.
      • They were; you can see the Future Candaces in the parking lot of the grocery store during Rollercoaster: The Musical. How exactly this works when Phineas and Ferb had a huge musical number ("Carpe Diem") when the Future Candaces were supposed to be talking to them remains a mystery, however.
      • Carpe Diem was a musical closing number, and as some musicals close, the characters were not "onstage" as the characters but as the actors themselves; it would explain why Perry was Agent P and none of the Flynn-Fletcher seemed to have taken notice.
      • Rollercoaster: The Musical took place in another dimension that we didn't see in the movie?
  • A stranger Fridge Logic: How could Stacy be the President of Uruguay if she's either American or Japanese?
    • Maybe she was born in Uruguay and went on to live there as an adult, despite growing up in America and having a parent from Japan. Then there would be no problem with her being president (so long as she provides her long-form birth certificate).
    • Who says Uruguay has the US laws? Natural-born citizen is a requirement to be the President of the US, not some random South American country.
      • 'Random South American country'? Excuse you.

Finding Mary McGuffin

  • The boys are looking for a man that has been to a garage sale and has a German accent. One man they speak with has a Texan accent, but the question that is implied to have been asked was whether he had an accent or not because he answered he doesn't have an accent, when in fact he did.
    • That's the joke.

We Call it Maze

  • Doofenshmirtz and Perry are in space. You know, no gravity. So then, why does the bay door fall down when Perry removes the lock from the chain?

The Doof Side of the Moon

  • Phineas and Ferb get within a few seconds of failing to make it around the globe in forty hours. How is it that they are able to build a skyscraper that reaches the moon in less than twenty hours even though it spans almost ten times the distance?
    • Because going around the world meant they had to leave familiar Danville.
    • Did you see the musical sequence in which the building is made? Most of the building got taller by itself.

Brain Drain

  • The kids eventually (accidentally) take control of Perry's movements and actions, under the impression that it's a "Perry level" of their video game. At one point, Buford takes the flies buzzing around the dump to be powerups and the kids test that theory out, much to Perry and Doof's disgust. In Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat? Linda mentions that Perry's food is mostly earthworms and insect larvae. Problem?
    • It was a junkyard fly. They live in the sun-baked stagnating bacterial breeding ground of human garbage. Even a platypus, which normally digs its food out of muddy river banks, would find that gross. Alternately it might have been because it was a hard-shelled adult insect, which isn't generally part of the platypus diet.
    • Or Perry doesn't actually like his food and just eats it to keep up his "just a pet" ruse. After-all, he enjoys the 'human' food Doof shares with him.

Rollercoaster: The Musical!

  • At the end of Doof's dance number, one of the dancers asks if they're done and she can go pick up her kid from school. In the middle of summer vacation.
    • Summer school, perhaps?
      • Really, there could be a number of different events like cubscouts or an art class or whatever being held at the school that she needed to pick him up from.
      • Just because Phineas and Ferb's school is on summer vacation doesn't mean every school is. Not all kids are lucky enough to get 104 days off.

Season 3

Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!
  • Irving has a clip from "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" in his recorded set. Considering the events of that episode were Perry dreaming that Candace was having a dream, how on Earth did he ever get it on film?
    • It's a clip show thing.
    • There is really no boundaries for Irving's tapes. It may be stuff from dreams, or things from a future which did not happen due to time traveling, or things that did not happen at all.
    • Dreams come from what we experience in day-to-day life, right? Maybe that one segment actually happened and it just got reproduced within the dream?
  • Candance takes Buford's videos so she can bust her brother. But those videos were supposed to be shown on his birthday party. So she could have easily bust him is she hadn't took the disk.
    • She probably was too busy busting to be aware of that.

Phineas and Ferb Interrupted

  • When Phineas and Ferb became boring, Perry went with Doofenshmirtz to repair his inator to change them back to normal, and accidentally hits their Mom. Now her mom is too Dynamic and returns with Doof, again, to repair the Inator. Why didn't he use the one that the agency copied from Doof?
    • Because the movie, while technically canon, is functionally separate from the rest of the series. Also, it would have ruined the punchline.
    • Also, maybe he needed Doofenshmirtz's help with the machine. Or maybe he needs permission to use the copied -inator and didn't have the time
    • The machine had only been scanned earlier that day and OWCA scientists may well have other projects. With Doof's device he still has blueprints, parts and a damaged inator.

Tour de Ferb

  • There's a flashback to 1957 where we see a man get mauled by a tiger in India, while Baljeet's voice-over makes it clear that that's his father. Wait...what? Baljeet is roughly 10, yet his dad is roughly 75? It doesn't get any less weird when we remember that his mother looked maybe 40 in "That Sinking Feeling."
    • Dunno about the dad, but at the very least his mom could have been older (thirties ish) when she and Mr. Raj met, married, and had Baljeet. It happens.
    • A case of child marriage? It was quite common in India in the past.

Escape from Phineas Tower

  • When Phineas and Ferb were trapped in the dome, why didn't their friends just dig under it to rescue them? I can understand Buford giving up after the most obvious solution fails, but Isabella is crazy resourceful, and Baljeet is supposed to be some kind of genius.
    • Probably didn't have time to think up and execute such a plan before the tower trapped them all anyway?
    • They didn't give up, they're just Genre Savvy enough to know that Phineas and Ferb are pretty much invincible and can get out of a situation like that on their own. That's why they spent the rest of the episode sitting around bored instead of acting frightened or mounting rescue attempts.

Perry The Actorpus

  • Why does Candace feel the need to bust Phineas and Ferb? All they really did was enter and win a contest that made Perry a Spokesanimal for the company hosting the contest.
    • In a previous episode, she wished she was an insta-star (i.e. famous). So in addition to absolutely hating that her brothers cannot get away with anything, and the fact that busting them is as essential as breathing to her (currently, she'll eventually mellow out), she's possibly jealous that Perry's getting that chance and that the boys are behind it.

Bully Bromance Breakup

  • We find out that Phineas has an almost OCD-like tendency to panic if he can't invent anything, until he's snapped to the point that he did in Summer Belongs to You, only in this case, his entire world view and summer enjoyment wasn't on the line. So...was the episode "The Best Lazy Day Ever" separate from canon or something?
    • Well, maybe if it was his idea to not build something, he's okay with it.
    • I took it to be a control issue, as much about doing what he wants to do as much as anything else.
    • Phineas' Big Idea in "Best Lazy Day Ever" was to do nothing the entire day. And since they accomplished that, there was no reason for him to panic.
    • "Best Lazy Day Ever" took place early in season one. Phineas's behavior in "Bully Bromance Breakup", which is in season three, implies he is addicted to building, an affliction that easily could have developed over the course of about two seasons. In short, Phineas was able to not build in season one because it hadn't turned into a habit yet.
    • Not doing anything isn't the problem—having to do something, and having to do it without the aid of bizarre inventions, is.

Season 4

Fly On the Wall
  • Buford, Baljeet, and Isabella sing a line of "Summer (Where Do We Begin?)," a song from the movie. Phineas then lampshades the episode's Laser-Guided Amnesia by saying "We all know that song... I have no idea how." There are still two problems with this: First, the song was sung by Phineas and Ferb (and their 2nd-dimension counterparts); Buford, Baljeet, and Isabella should not know the song. Second, the line they sing is from the soundtrack version, not the episode version. So how did they know that line?
    • The first one could be resolved by assuming that Phineas told his friends about the song sometime before they got their memories wiped. Of course, that still doesn't explain the album lyrics - perhaps he managed to tell them the alternate version too?
    • It's a fourth wall joke. Most bets are off with those.

Bee Story

  • This episode reveals that there is a "two-strikes-and-you're-out" rule for the Fireside Girls; if they fail twice at attempting to earn a particular patch, they can no longer earn it. Interestingly, in the game, "Isabella's Fireside Music Challenge", it is possible to beat a level without earning a patch, and to do this more than twice. It's understood that the games don't necessarily follow the same rules as the show nor are necessarily canon (for instance, "The Dimension of Doom" has 2nd Dimension Isabella having a crush on 2nd Dimension Ferb, while the official "Across the 2nd Dimension" video game has her showing a bit of a crush on Phineas); I just thought this was Fridge-y.

Night of the Living Pharmacists

  • Since Shaun and Ed are British, they should be saying 'chemist' instead of 'pharmacist'.
    • Well the words are interchangeable for the same meaning, and everyone else in Danville was using the term 'pharmacist', so when Shaun started his rant he did it based on the word everyone else was using. Simple enough.

Act Your Age

  • In the first look spot released, we see the four main boys hanging out and discussing Isabella's going to Tri-State State. After Phineas mentions that he's in the "friends zone" with Isabella, Baljeet and Buford drop the bomb on him about Isabella's crush on him and when asked why they didn't say anything, Baljeet explains "We are guys; we do not talk about feelings." This means that somehow, for a decade, in the midst of crushes of their own, dating and Ferb getting together with Vanessa, no one ever thought to bring up Isabella's crush on Phineas. Seriously?
    • It would be like bringing up the concept that water is wet. It was just that obvious that no one thought to mention it.
    • The point was that guys do not talk about feelings with each other. It is perfectly possible to engage in romantic activity without discussing ones feelings with their friends.

Last Day Of Summer

  • Linda looked right at her sons holding a rock concert in her backyard, including platform stages, huge backdrops, with a crowd, and she didn't even blink. Instead she stepped out of the backdoor and asked if anyone wanted pie, with the concert still going! There's also no indication she reacted when all of it quietly lowered down into her lawn after she stepped outside and made the offer.
    • Poor Candace never had a chance. Ever.

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