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The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (or "Scouts" and "Girl Guides" in most of the world outside the United States) are ubiquitous institutions around the world. Almost everyone knows someone who's in them (or was in them during childhood or adolescence). So, it is no surprise that in the land of fiction that they would appear.

However, there's a problem: The Scouts are trademarked.note 

Thus, rather than bother with obtaining permission, writers make a Bland Name version of the Scouts (which also makes them their respective theme park versions).

There's another problem too: in a fantasy setting, it might not make sense to have Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, but it might make sense to have the Bug Scouts.


All Girl Scouts will only deal with selling cookies (and often be evil) while the Boy Scouts will only do merit badges, often for random and absurd reasons. Sometimes they'll combine the two, and you'll have male and female scouts selling cookies to get merit badges. Boy Scouts also occasionally help old ladies across the street. Usually the Girl Scouts are renamed something involving flowers or other girly thingsnote , and the Boy Scouts are usually renamed something related to wilderness or camping.

There's some Truth in Television to this, as real life alternatives/knockoffs/spinoffs to the Scouts have appeared all over the world.

Remember not to include Averted Trope examples where the actual Boy or Girl Scouts organizations make an appearance.



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    Comic Books 
  • In Trinity #12, there's a throwaway gag about how on Anti-Matter Earth the "Bonfire Girls" and "Girl Sentries" are in the third year of their Cookie Wars. Fought with automatic weapons and explosives.
  • This rule does not seem to cover referring to characters as, say, "the big blue boy scout". Clark joined the Scouts while growing up in Smallville, and even knows proper knots.
  • The Junior Woodchucks, in the Donald Duck / Disney Ducks Comic Universe of Carl Barks and his successors, take the "Be Prepared" motto of real-world Scouting into Crazy-Prepared territory. Their Great Big Book of Everything is so universally comprehensive that they eventually evolve into The Illuminati, charged with protecting secrets forbidden to non-initiates.
    • Donald himself was a member of the Little Booneheads (NOT the Little Boneheads) as a lad. Some stories had Donald trying to prove to his nephews that Boonehead training trumped Woodchuck training, usually with disastrous results.
  • Mastermind from The Batman Adventures went to the youth scouts of America. There he was trained by Scout-master Bloodkill, who taught him to make "Be prepared" his way of life, and not just a motto like the chumps in that other organization.
  • Bone's "Tall Tales" anthology book featured the "Bone Scouts" in the stories' Framing Device.
  • Lumberjanes has the Lumberjane Scouts, which are like Girl Scouts, except some of them fight mystical forces. There are also the male Scouting Lads, who start off as villains but reform after their evil camp master is unmasked and deposed.

    Comic Strips 
  • Snoopy's "Beagle Scout" troop, in Peanuts. Partially averted, as Schultz had an agreement with the Boy Scouts of America to use Snoopy, Woodstock, and friends in offical material for many years.
  • Big Nate has the Junior Woodchucks.

    Fan Works 
  • The Unova arc of Welcome To The World Of Pokemon has the Grassside Girls. They learn Pokémon related skills in addition to traditional skills.
  • Another Pokéfic, Pokémon: Clefairy Tales, has the usual Camper and Picnicker trainer classes, but the latter class takes this one step further with the inclusion of four special Starter-themed companies. Most prominent among them are the Squirtle Scouts (which has within its ranks Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader) and the Bulbasaur Scouts.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Triplets of Belleville, a rather pudgy American boyscout tries to help Madame Souza over the road when she's disguised herself as a blind woman. Since this is essentially a dialogue-less film, all she can do is whack him over the head repeatedly with her cane.
  • Up had Wilderness Explorers, of which Russell is a member. Their uniforms are virtually identical to the Boy Scouts' official uniforms, though the colors are different.
    • The Wilderness Explorers apparently weren't satisfied with having just one Nuclear Science badge - two different ones (adorned with a radiation symbol and mushroom cloud, respectively) appear in the New Adventure Book. note 
    • The uniforms being "virtually identical" may be due to preliminary plans to actually make Russell a Boy Scout; according to this (third message), Disney/Pixar dropped that idea after being reminded about the BSA's membership policies.
  • In Zootopia Nick wanted to join the Junior Ranger Scouts when he was a kit, but the local troop consisted entirely of racist herbivores who stuck a muzzle on him. At another point in the film when Yax first met Judy, he mistakenly assumed she was selling 'bunny scout cookies'.
  • The Emperor's New Groove has the "Junior Chipmunks". Kronk mentions being one when he was younger which is the reason why he can speak to squirrels. In the end of the movie, Kronk is shown teaching younger scouts how to speak to squirrels.
  • Kronk's New Groove: Kronk is still shown as a troop leader in the Junior Chipmunks with his troop attending a summer camp and competing against another troop of Junior Chipmunks.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Troop Beverly Hills: A movie about the "Wilderness Girls". Although the Girl Scouts don't exist in this universe, the Boy Scouts do. When Phyllis takes the girls to the uniform store, there's a "Boy Scouts" sign next to the "Wilderness Girls" sign.
  • "Wilderness Girls" also sell cookies in Loaded Weapon 1.
  • The "Firefly Scouts" sell cookies in the Vin Diesel movie The Pacifier.
  • In the movie Wag the Dog, the scandal that prompts the plot to happen involves a "Firefly Girl" that the President is accused of fondling just fourteen days before election time.
  • In Arlington Road a Scouts-like organization plays an important part in the story.
  • A Girl Scout appears in The Addams Family, trying to sell cookies. Wednesday asks if the cookies contain real Girl Scouts.
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington features the "Boy Rangers."
  • Moonrise Kingdom has the "Khaki Scouts".
  • Bushwhacked has the "Ranger Scouts". Though interestingly, Ranger Scouts do have the Eagle rank.
  • Inversion: The 2012 Hallmark Channel movie Smart Cookies was made with the backing and endorsement of the Girl Scouts of the USA. Moreover, the movie ends with a brief advertisement for girls to join the Girl Scouts.
  • The Big Year briefly features a troop of "Explorers."
  • Fitzwilly features the "Platypi".

  • In Jingo, Carrot creates the Wolf Cubs (so called because Angua is involved), a version of the Cub Scouts. Its very reluctant and embarrassed membership actually comprises two of the nastier kid gangs in the city, who go along with it because when Carrot gets enthusiastic about something, it's very hard to say no.
    • Also Cub Scouts were originally known as Wolf Cubs in the UK.
      • "Wolf" is still one of the ranks in Cub Scouts (the second one, if you don't count the "Tiger Cub" organization for preschool kids).
    • The Ankh-Morpork Scouting And Urban Survival Association becomes more formalised in the squib "Minutes of the Meeting to Form the Proposed Ankh-Morpork Federation of Scouts", and a young dwarf in Raising Steam is a member of the Rat Pack.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events book 10 introduced the Snow Scouts, whose alphabetical parody of the Boy Scout Law holds them to be "accommodating, basic, calm, darling, emblematic, frisky, grinning, human, innocent, jumping, kept, limited, meek, nap-loving, official, pretty, quarantined, recent, scheduled, tidy, understandable, victorious, wholesome, xylophone, young, and zippered."
  • The Sharing in Animorphs models itself as a sort of combination Boy/Girl Scout group, but they are actually a front group of the Yeerks to make people into Controllers.
  • In Sewer, Gas & Electric, the Boy and Girl Scouts have merged into a single organiation 20 Minutes into the Future, and have become so urbanized that a troop is shown engaging in a "nature walk" in the slums, taking notes on graffiti and learning about wildlife from a dead mutant rat.

    Live-Action TV 
  • One Tree Hill had the Lady Leprechauns.
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun had the Beaver Scouts.
  • Friends has the Brown Birds.
  • The Golden Girls had Sunshine Cadets.
  • Family Ties had Sunflower Girls.
  • Disney's That's So Raven had the Sunshine Girls. They show up again in Hannah Montana, another Disney Channel show.
  • Jessie was an Armadillo Scout and kept her uniform. Emma and Zuri are both Butterfly Scouts (Emma is a Monarch, First Class, later demoted to Larvae, Second Class for buying her badges without earning them, while Zuri starts the episode at Caterpillar, before being promoted to Butterfly for earning a (non-official) Outwitting an Ostrich badge).
  • The Middleman had the "Wilderness Girls," perhaps as a Shout-Out to Troop Beverly Hills.
  • Drake & Josh featured the Campfire Kids.
  • In Everybody Loves Raymond, Allie Barone is a Frontier Girl in a troop led by Peggy The Cookie Nazi.
  • In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Kimberly is leading a group of young girls called 'Angelettes" on a hike when they are attacked by a monster named Magnet Brain.
  • The Adventures of Pete & Pete had Kreb Scout Monica Perling.
  • The Nanny had the Red Robins.
  • Bones featured the Woodchucks, a Girl Scout-esque group affiliated with the Jeffersonian.
  • Criminal Minds had the Tadpoles, whose recognizable uniform helped solve a case.
  • The Space Scouts in Red Dwarf.
  • The Brady Bunch had the Frontier Scouts and Sunflower Girls for all of one episode, when Marcia joined Greg's Scout troop to prove that a girl could do anything a boy could do; Greg then forced Peter to join Marcia's Sunflowers (Greg was too old) and sell cookies to prove the other way around. Naturally she succeeds and he fails.
  • In the opening credits to The Odd Couple a scout is seen helping a Little Old Lady across the street; when Felix tries to help her she bats him with her purse, then the scout punches him in the chest.
  • Full House had one, the Honey Bees. Instead of troops, they had "hives". All three Tanner girls, their aunt Rebecca and their mother Pam were members.
  • Played with in The Goodies episode "Scoutrageous"; the organisation Tim is a member of is the Scouts, with full British Scouts uniform (albeit the 1930s version, because it looks funnier) and "dyb dyb dyb" salute, but his rank is Brown Owl, which is from the Brownies (junior Girl Guides). Meanwhile, Graeme and Bill form an evil Scouts movement, which leads to them earning the World Domination merit badge, and Scouting becoming illegal.
  • Spaced has Creepy Twins that look suspiciously similar to UK Guides cleaning the cupboards for 'Bob-a-Job' week in Daisy and Tim's flat. (Despite 'Bob-a-Job' week being a Scout, not Guide, activity that had ceased 10 years previously!)
  • Parks and Recreation has the "Pawnee Rangers" for boys and the "Pawnee Goddesses" for girls, the latter founded by Leslie Knope because girls were not allowed in the former.
  • T.J. Hooker had a daughter in the "Girl Rangers."
  • Sabrina on Raising Hope is a former member of the Beaver Scouts (which do exist in the UK, but not in the US where the show originates)
  • On The Middle, Brick joins the Prairie Scouts.
  • Horrible Histories: The Hitler Youth. "It is just like ze scouts... only evil!
  • iCarly had Spencer helping the mother of a Sunshine Girl sell Fudgeballs.
    • The Sunshine Girls also make a small cameo on Victorious.
  • The George Lopez Show had Treetop Rangers instead of Boy Scouts.
  • A variant on Everybody Hates Chris, where Rochelle tries to get the kids into "Hansel and Gretel", a parody of the real life organization Jack and Jill of America, which is a social organization for African-American youth (somewhat similar to Girl/Boy Scouts, but founded at a time when black children wouldn't have been allowed in those organizations), mostly made up of wealthy families.
  • In the episode of Mork & Mindy, when Mork was learning to say 'No', a "Girl scout" (implied but not specified) asks him if he wants to buy some cookies. He emphatically says "No!" and slams the door in her face. When Mindy chastises him for it, he says he didn't want to buy them. Mindy replies, "Nobody wants to but those cookies, but you don't slam a door in a little girl's face." The girl comes busting back in and intimidates him into buying enough cookies to send her to summer camp.
  • "Lazy Scouts," an episode of LazyTown, has the organization by the same name, created by Robbie Rotten, the resident Dastardly Whiplash who wants to keep all the kids in town lazy so he can get some sleep. His idea is that they essentially don't do all of the things you would normally associate with scouting groups.
    Robbie: We'll walk up a mountain, we'll go camping and always play outdoors!
    Ziggy: Really?
    Robbie: Gotcha!
  • On My Name Is Earl, when Earl is in Prison, a man named Glen from Earl's childhood is in with him, ever since Earl framed him for stealing. Glen was a proud member of the Camden Scouts, and Earl helps him earn two merit badges. There were even plenty of Scout Masters in there to give Glen that recognition!
  • The Big Bang Theory: Amy was once a Girl Sprout, a group her mother set up.
    Amy: She didn't want me selling cookies on some street corner like a whore.
  • That actually can count as a subversion; some Girl Scout councils have a program by that name set up to introduce prekindergarten girls to Girl Scout activities.
  • On Orange Is the New Black, Frieda used to be a Girl Scout in her youth (before she became a Serial Killer). She didn't fit in with the rest of the troop, because their focus (this being The '40s or The '50s) was on things like knitting and baking, and she liked camping and learning outdoor survival skills, like her dad would teach her.
  • An early episode of Leave It to Beaver had Wally and Eddie joining the Boy Scouts and going camping, leaving the too young Beaver behind.

  • "The Battle of Kookamonga" by Homer and Jethro.
  • “Be Prepared” by Tom Lehrer, a parody/satire song about the sorts of “skills” a scout needs to be prepared, subverts this tropes as it mentions the Boy Scouts by name, which is legally acceptable under the fair use parody exception of US copyright law.

    Puppet Shows 

  • In There is no GATE; we did not fight there, the Boy Scouts, Rhavenfell edition is created when Kytheus stumbles upon the group of boys Lyon had taken to training together, while connecting it to Valerian's idea for a training camp for the noble sons of Rhavenfell.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Illuminati, one of the organizations you can try to take over is the "Boy Sprouts".

    Video Games 
  • Psychonauts has the psychopathic "Rainbow Squirts", who try to sell "Rainbow Treats" to everyone.
  • Mentioned a few times in City of Villains, where the evil supervillain dictator sponsors "Spiderling Scouts".
  • Team Fortress 2 has the Saxonettes.
  • Kingdom of Loathing, as of July 2012, has the CSA, which seems to be somewhere between this and an actual paramilitary organization. They have no age limit, which is good as membership is permanent and irrevocable. Their activities include camping, drinking, and something which requires mind control grenades and access to a Kill Sat network.
  • Flipline Studio's online game Steak And Jake features the "Cookie Scouts" in some levels. The company's more famous Papa's Gameria series features Cookie Scout Yippy.
  • Boy and Girl Scouts appear as a class of Trainers in the Pokémon games. They were originally named exactly that in the Japanese versions, but for legal reasons became "Jr. Trainers" in the translations, and eventually became "Campers" for the boys, and "Picnickers" for the girls.
  • League of Legends has "Captain Teemo", a yordle scout that takes many cues from the BSA while also being military as well. His unit is called "Scouts of the Mothership", or "Omega Squad" where he straight-up becomes the Ranger.
  • In The Darkside Detective, Dooley is involved with a local scouting organization called the Bloodwolves. He mentions that they were originally affiliated with the Boy Scouts until "the mayor failed to pay the dyb-dyb-dyb tax". The Bloodwolves are coeducational (there are both boys and girls in Dooley's pack) and tend toward the Boy Scout model, with camping trips and a variety of weird merit badges.
  • Sunset Overdrive has the Troop Bushidos, a group of scouts stationed in a museum who use Samurai weapons and armor. They are older than most examples, which is stated to be due to them being more focused on survivalist training.
  • The old Color Dreams NES game Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise focuses on a scout of an unnamed scouting organization that has been separated from the rest of his troop and has stumbled upon the evil operation of the evil Doctor Demise and his band of scum-sucking cohorts in an ancient temple that they've co-opted for use as a base.
  • Don't Starve has Walter, a member of the Pinetree Pioneers who uses the extensive knowledge of outdoor survival he learned there to his advantage.
  • Zombies, Run! has a number of Season 2 bonus missions revolving around a group of Girl Guides who use their wilderness survival knowledge to be quite adept at surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Web Animation 
  • Pucca has the "Dragon Girls" featured in one episode.
  • Camp Camp has the Wood Scouts, an all-Male paramilitary/Scout hybrid, and the Flower Scouts, an all-Female group of Girly girls

  • Air Force Blues: occasionally features youth members of the Civil Air Patrol, who keep insisting that they are part of the Air Force (much to Barbie's ongoing chagrin). In fact, one of the CAP Cadets that Barbie has antagonized in the past turns out to be his fiancee's little brother. The CAP Cadets are of course a case of Truth in Television, though their skillset tends more towards emergency response, as opposed to the Boy Scouts' general-preparedness, wilderness survival, and civic duty angle.
  • The first storyline of P.I. Jane features a female scout organization called the Susie Bees. (Author's note: "The Susie Bee Organization is nothing like the Girl Scouts of America. They are, in fact, completely different. We swear.")
  • Lookouts (part of Penny Arcade's Eyrewood Adventures setting) can be summed up as "Boy Scouts in a High Fantasy-style forest realm".

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • DuckTales (1987): "Junior Woodchucks", notable because it played a major role in many episodes.
    • And their female counterparts the Junior Chickadees.
    • The reboot also features the Junior Woodchucks, which is now shown to be open to both genders.
  • Kim Possible has "The Pixie Scouts".
    • In a third season episode called Bonding, the titular heroine reveals that she herself was a Pixie Scout at one point and that Mr. Barkin, a teacher at Middleton High School, acts as a den mother to a troop of Pixie Scouts in Middleton (or "Brigadier Pixie" as he calls it).
  • Phineas and Ferb has the "Fireside Girls", who are pictured above. Like the Junior Woodchucks, They come prepared for any situation, they have a handbook for various subjects from Car Maintenance to Time Machines (and also Tie Machines) and accomplishment patches for absurd tasks such as Alligator Wrestling and moving mountains with their bare hands.note  They also subvert a lot of the elements described: they're not named after anything particularly girly, they aren't evil, and they appear frequently in the series. They do, however, sell cupcakes (in log-shaped boxes), which are irresistible.
    • In various Alternate Universe episodes, variant Fireside Girls exist: Phineas and Ferb Star Wars has the Firestar Girls, Excaliferb has the Watersprite Girls, the Second Dimension has the Firestorm Girls, the prehistoric Tri-Stone Area has the Caveside Girls, and Wizard of Odd has the Patchkins.
    • "We Call it Maze" has Isabella mentoring a member of the Lil' Sparks, the junior branch of the Fireside Girls.
  • Doug had the "Bluff Scouts".
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy had the "Person Scouts".
    • Before becoming a series of its own, Evil Con Carne had one episode featuring a girl troop named "Terror Troop". They were so evil Hector Con Carne invited them to join the League of Destruction.
  • The Mighty B! featured the "Honeybee Scouts". Several other groups make minor appearances.
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines has the "Truck Rangers".
  • Everyone in Camp Lazlo is one of these, the boys are the "Bean Scouts" and the girls were the "Squirrel Scouts".
  • The Flintstones had the Cave Scouts, who all decided to go camping at the same site that Fred and Barney decided to camp at.
  • Subverted in The Jetsons when Elroy's Space Cub Scout pack went to the Moon.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi featured the "Tapeworm Scouts".
  • Hey Arnold! had the "Campfire Lasses", who all had Scottish accents to go with their name.
    • Despite mostly being an all-girl organization in most episodes, they seem to not have a problem with allowing boys in. In the "Chocolate Turtles" episode, Arnold and Gerald pretended to show interest in joining in order to buy their turtles at a discount member price. Before their secret was blown, the leader of the group was more than enthusiastic to have the boys join and referred to them as "Campfire Lads".
  • Jackie Chan Adventures has Jade join both the "Buttercup" (girl) and "Dragon" (boy) Scouts, albeit in separate episodes
    • Jackie once supervises Jade's Buttercup troop.
    • Three of the Dragon Scouts are Frank (Finn's nephew), Charlie (Chow's nephew) and Rocco (Ratso's nephew).
  • In one episode of Dragon Tales, Cassie invites Emmy to her Dragon Scouts meeting as her guest, though in this case, Dragon Scouts is for girls only.
  • Fillmore! had the "Red Robins", who happened to be crooked.
  • The Simpsons had the "Junior Campers".
    • Lampshade Hanging: the Junior Campers meeting room has a sign on the door saying "Not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America".
    • Another episode had a rivalry between two such groups, the American Indian-themed Pre-Teen Braves and the Cavalry Kids. The Junior Dandies made a brief cameo as a rival to both groups when they competed for the title of honorary ball boys for a baseball game.
    • A "Radioactive Man" episode had The Scoutmaster (with his boy minions) as a villain, who talked like Paul Lynde.
  • In an early episode of Family Guy, Chris is a reluctant member of the Youth Scouts.
  • Recess had the Woodchuck Scouts. Slightly subverted in that Phil the Scout wears what appears to be a normal Boy Scout uniform, and is a frequently recurring character.
  • Exo Squad had ExoScouts, who were actually more like military cadets than scouts.
    • Noteworthy if only because they were a scout troop using their scout skills to survive in the mountains due to the less-than-friendly Neo Sapiens having conquered Earth.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy had the Urban Rangers.
  • The Oblongs had the Little Amazons.
  • South Park had the Mountain Scouts. And, in one episode, we saw the Jew Scouts and Squirts, who all meet for Jewbilee and make simple crafts to honor Moses.
  • Rocko's Modern Life had the Weasel Scouts. Also, a Girl Scout (or similar) appears on the Show Within a Show Meet the Fatheads.
  • The Fairly OddParents had the Squirrelly Scouts. Timmy's dad was a scoutmaster who had the high rank of "flying squirrel" (Ground squirrel was mentioned as a lower rank). They also have a Distaff Counterpart in the Creampuffs. Timmy's babysitter was the Scout Mistress (at least in Oh Yeah! Cartoons) until that position was given to his mother (what caused Vicky to step down from her position was unknown).
  • Franklin had the Woodland Trailblazers, who weren't introduced until the program's final season.
  • The Bunny Scouts in Max and Ruby.
  • King of the Hill had the Order of the Straight Arrow (the Boy Scouts have an honor society called Order of the Arrow). Later, it was mentioned in passing that Hank had been a Boy Scout.
    • One episode featured a girl group selling cookies and trying to strong arm competition (a.k.a. Bobby) out of the cookie selling business.
  • The Problem Solverz has the Little Explorers.
  • The Backyardigans has the episode "Pablor and the Acorns", in which Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin were Acorn Scouts.
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots has the Lad Pioneers.
  • Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot has the "Cub Bouts."
  • Chowder has the Apprentice Scouts.
  • Bob's Burgers has the "Thundergirls", who give out merit badges, sell cookies door-to-door, and go on camping trips. Tina is a member of one of the local troops.
  • Johnny Bravo has the Buttercup Scouts, of which Susie is a member.
  • In one episode of Sofia the First, she is also a member of the Buttercups, who wear a bizarre combination of Girl Scout uniform and princess dress.
  • Some episode of The Little Mermaid show Sebastian leading a pack of "crab scouts".
  • Kid vs. Kat had the Greeny Girls.
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command has the Ranger Scouts.
  • On Ella the Elephant, Ella and her friends are members of the "Trunk Troopers." They get to wear special hats and go on adventures in the "great unknown."
  • On Neighbors from Hell Balthazar excitedly says, "Maybe the girls from the Cookie Army will come back again!"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Equestrian equivalent to Girl Scouts are called "Filly Guides", as seen in "28 Pranks Later" where the CMC are selling cookies. They were seen even earlier, in "Just for Sidekicks", but there was only one background pony without voice lines representing the organization, and as such it went unnamed.
  • We Bare Bears: In "Poppy Rangers", Grizzly tags along with Ranger Tabes as she leads a troop of gung-ho Poppy Rangers on a hike through a cave.
  • Vampirina : The episode "Woodchuck Woodsies" has Vee joining Poppy and Bridget in the titular group doing various activities before they sell cookies at the end. Vee mentions how she was in a similar group back in Transylvania called the Ghoul Guides.
  • Hey Duggee is a preschool-age targeted animated series about a group of anthropomorphic animal kids in a scout group called the Squirrels (none of them are actually squirrels) under the leadership of a non-talking dog named Duggee. Duggee is a good leader for them because he has already earned all of the badges they are trying to earn. Each episode is titled after the badges they are trying to earn, such as "The Super Squirrel Badge" and "The Drawing Badge."
  • In Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, Squirt, Bounce, Shimmer, Dragon and Snowdrop are part of the Bug Scouts. Mr. Mantis is the leader, though their father Holley takes over the role in one story when Mr. Mantis is injured.
  • "Kid Scouts" are mentioned, but not seen, in an episode of Arthur note  where Buster takes desperate measures to pace his consumption of what might as well be-Girl Scout cookies.
  • The Loud House episode "Patching Things Up", has Lola and Lana trying out for the Bluebell Scouts. A subplot features Lincoln and Clyde searching their camp ground for Bluebell Scout cookies.
  • The Rugrats episode "Pee wee Scouts" has the babies pretending to be scouts after seeing home movies of Stu as a boy scout.
  • Hilda has The Sparrow Scouts, a coeducational scouting group of which Hilda and her friends are members. The Scout's lodge also fills the role that the school normally would, linking the main trio together socially. Episodes that focus on them contain typical scout activities like earning badges, charity work, and a camping trip.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Sean is part of the Space Scouts, as shown in "Eye in the Sky".
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Goons on the Moon" has Sandy leading the Science Scouts, which consists of SpongeBob, Pearl, and Squidina; on a camping trip to the moon.
  • In Puppy Dog Pals , Chloe is part of the Nature Scouts.
  • OK Ko Lets Be Heroes: In one episode, K.O. joins the Sidekick Scouts and meets Combo Breaker, a rookie hero who's even more cute and excitable than he is.
  • While not seen, the T.O.T.S. episode "Far Far From Home" has KC mention how she used to be a part of the Campfire Critters.

    Real Life 
  • In communist countries, they instilled the Pioneer Movement in place of scouting, which were banned in all but a few places. However, some Scouting movements in Europe actually survived the communist era; in Yugoslavia the Scout movement was retained by the Tito government alongside the Pioneers but was re-organized to follow the government line, and in Poland, the Scout movement there was simply converted to the local equivalent of the Pioneer movement.
  • In fascist and some authoritarian countries during the 20th century, the authorities have banned Scouting as well, creating similar organizations in their stead such as the Hitler Youth, Italian Opera Nazionale Balilla, and the Portuguese Mocidade Portuguesa.
  • In then-Czechoslovakia, for example, during both the Nazi occupation and communism some individual troops managed to continue their activities under the umbrellas of other, permitted organisations, such as the Club of Czech Tourists, or local sport clubs. (Similarly to Poland mentioned bellow, Czech Scouting has its own unique flavour compared to the American version, which makes some of the common tools of this trope in American media less useful as a shorthand for the uninitiated. Namely, don't expect Czech Girl Scouts to be selling cookies.)
  • Camp Fire is a rival organization to the both Scouting organizations in the U.S., and has literally been around since weeks after the start of the Boy Scouts. It was originally created specifically as a Distaff Counterpart to the Boy Scouts (called the Camp Fire Girls), but went gender-inclusive in the 1970s; about half of its membership is boys these days. A lot of people still only know it as "Campfire Girls."
  • There are a number of other similar youth groups in America, both secular and religiously based.
  • While there is no equivalent trademark in Poland, situation regarding scouts is pretty much crazy, with multiple major organizations, being relatively friendly towards each other but differing in some rules. They are still more similar to each other than to international scouts, though, due to very weird utilization of scouts during complex Polish history.
  • Israel has several youth movements that like to poke fun at each other, including the Scouts. Unlike the US, these movements are generally not segregated by sex.
  • The Spiral Scouts are an alternative to the Boy Scouts based on Wiccan principles but inclusive of all faiths, creeds, genders, disabilities and sexual orientations (for leaders as well). Started at a time when the Boy Scouts were an explicitly Christian organisation and banned LGBT members and leaders.
  • Seventh-Day Adventists have Pathfinders as an alternative.
  • The Woodcraft Folk are a left-wing British alternative to the Scouts and Guides, for children (or their parents) who object to the Christianity and royalism of the Scouting oaths. They began as a milder splinter group of the Kibbo Kift, a neo-pagan organisation for adults.
  • The Boys' Brigade is a more explicitly Christian equivalent which actually started 25 years before the Scouts. It is probably the ur-example of a uniformed childrens'/youth group.


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