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Video Game / Secret Scout In The Temple Of Demise

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This unlicensed 1991 NES game by Color Dreams follows a boy scout who has been separated from his scout troop out in the jungle by unexplainable events and is trying to make his way back to civilization, and to make matters worse, the so-called rescue team that comes for him turn out to be the minions of the evil Doctor Demise. In order to break his deadly grip upon the jungle, you have to search the Temple of Demise in order to find and destroy him and his scum-sucking cohorts.


Like many Color Dreams games of the time, this game is not known for its high production values. There are only two pieces of music, one of which is pretty passable, and the other of which...isn't, the controls can be tough to master, and the game in general can be quite tough. Originally planned to feature Lee Majors from The Six Million Dollar Man, the game was re-branded during development due to a lack of funding required to use the license.

  • Big Bad: Doctor Demise is behind the evil happenings of the jungle where the game takes place.
  • Cavalry Betrayal: The rescue party that makes contact with Secret Scout turns out to be minions of Doctor Demise.
  • Downer Ending: So what's your reward for beating Doctor Demise and destroying his organization? As it turns out, being trapped in the Temple forever due to its only exit being sealed off by hardened pewter and boulder fragments. But hey, at least your organization will notify your next of kin right away. Thanks a million for your brave efforts! Word of God says that a sequel is in the works and that the protagonist didn't die at the end of the game, but it's been at least twenty-five years since the original game's release.
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  • Extremity Extremist: Your protagonist's primary weapons against the forces of evil are kicks.
  • Kid Hero: Your protagonist is essentially a boy scout.
  • Nintendo Hard: At the very least. Most of the enemies take six-seven kicks to kill, hit detection is wonky, running jumps (which work kinda like in Mario) make things quite slippery, and item use is not very intuitive. An unfinished episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd is dedicated to this game and covers all of this.
  • Player Inventory: Accessed through holding down Select and using the directional pad to select an item before hitting Up to use it. This includes accessing the map.
  • Scout-Out: It's unknown if the organization Secret Scout comes from is the actual Boy Scouts or some other scouting organization.
  • Temple of Doom: The main setting of the game. Unusually for this kind of game, it doesn't feature any traps.