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"Why do my nostrils whisper to meeeee?"
"Aren't you a little old to find this show funny?"
"Yes, yes we are!"

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    Running Jokes 
  • What, you thought a totally reorganized Funny Moments page would fall out of the sky?
  • Any sentence on this show that begins with "in hindsight" is bound to be hilarious.
  • Everything Norm says.
    Norm: I run on squirrel power!
  • Ferb's one-liners.
  • Basically every scene where Doofenshmirtz realizes it's Perry (who's in a disguise at the time, then he takes it off and wears his fedora) who he's seeing/talking to:
    • Whether it be him playing a musical instrument ("Attack Of The 50-Foot Sister") ...
      Doofenshmirtz's Jingle Singers: Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporate—
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz: Oh, what now?
      (Perry staggers in, playing a banjo)
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz: A banjo-playing platypus?
      (Perry puts on his secret agent fedora)
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz: PERRY THE BANJO-PLAYING PLATYPUS?!
    • ...Or him acting out a job which he's bad at ("The Lemonade Stand") ...
      Doofenshmirtz: What kind of a plumber are you?
      (Perry takes off hat)
      Doofenshmirtz: A platypus plumber?
      (Perry puts on fedora)
      Doofenshmirtz: Perry the Platypus Plumber?
      (Perry takes off his plumber belt)
      Doofenshmirtz: PERRY THE PLATYPUS??!!
    • ...Or him being in another person's body ("Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?") ...
      (Perry, in Candace's body, busts into Doofenshmirtz's building)
      Doofenshmirtz: A teenage girl?
      (Perry puts on his fedora)
      Doofenshmirtz: PERRY THE TEENAGE GIRL?!
      (he presses a remote, a cage falls on Perry)
      Doofenshmirtz: Sorry about the tight fit, but you know, if I had known you were going to disguise yourself as a teenage girl, I would have set a bigger trap.
    • ...Or him disguising as a thing Doofenshmirtz is supposed to be stealing ("Lawn Gnome Beach Party Of Terror") ...
      Doofenshmirtz: (collecting his stolen lawn gnomes, gets Perry disguised as a lawn gnome next) Oh, this is a strange one.
      (Perry punches Doofenshmirtz)
      Doofenshmirtz: Wait, who are you?
      (Perry takes off his disguise)
      Doofenshmirtz: A platypus?
      (Perry puts on his fedora)
      Doofenshmirtz: PERRY THE PLATYPUS?!
    • ...Or him disguising as someone Doofenshmirtz hired ("Flop Starz") ...
      Dr. Doofenshmirtz: (when Perry comes in wearing Groucho Marx glasses) Oh, are you my new temp? Well, let me just get you up to speed; I know it's a bit of a piece of dirty mess. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my latest maniacal plan. You see, in a few minutes, I will unleash an unprecedented reign of terror upon the entire... (holds up magnifying glass to a map of the world behind him) Tri-State Area, and Perry the Platypus will never be the wiser! (Perry removes glasses) PERRY THE PLATYPUS?! You're a temp? Are times that hard?
    • ...Or Doofenshmirtz accidentally buying him and planning to use him on his schemes (Got Game?) ...
      (After Perry knocks Doofenshmirtz down and takes his Misbehavinator)
      Doofenshmirtz: Hey! What was that all about?
      (Perry takes off his dog disguise and puts on his fedora)
      Doofenshmirtz: Perry the Platypus?!? Uh, ha ha, I...I'm very embarrassed about all that 'coochie-coochie-coo' stuff...
    • ...Or Doofenshmirtz not being able to immediately recognize Perry ("Tree To Get Ready") ...
      Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Pretty good don't you think, Perry the Platypus? (spits out drink) PERRY THE PLATYPUS?! (screaming to pigeons) Get him!!! Stop him!!! He's headed for that clearly-marked exit!!!
    • ...Or Doofenshmirtz realizing that he brought Perry along when he tried to escape from him ("One Good Scare Ought To Do It") ...
      Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Okay, let's make sure I didn't forget anything in my haste. Let's see, I've got my old basketball, the lamp, the Christmas lights, Perry the Platypus, the Disintivaporator, my golf clubs... PERRY THE PLATYPUS!? [Beat] THE DISINTIVAPORATOR!? [Beat] MY GOLF CLUBS!? I don't even play golf!
    • ...Or him trying to impersonate someone Doofenshmirtz idolized ("A Hard Day's Knight").
      Perry: (mouthing a CD recording) Upon an evil winter's heart, the heavy hand of regret infrequently alights. The malevolent part is one charm without the cumbersome shackles are sentimental intro (the CD begins skipping) spect spect spect spect spect spect spect spect spect spect (Perry whacks the CD player with the book)
      Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Hmm, that's funny. I don't remember you saying "spect" so many times. (Perry explodes out of his disguise) Dr. Wexler, you're a platypus. (Perry puts on his hat) PERRY THE PLATYPUS!?
    • ...Or Doofenshmirtz happening to bump into him and recognizing a resemblance from his disguise ("Vanessessary Roughness").
      • Actually a subversion; he didn't managed to fully recognize Perry since he didn't take off his disguise and put on his fedora.
        Dr. Doofenshmirtz: (crashes into Perry) Hey watch where you're... Say, you look fabulous! But haven't I seen you somewhere before?
        Perry: *chortles*
    • ...Or Doofenshmirtz happening to recognize an item which looks just like him ("Hip Hip Parade")...
      (Doofenshmirtz falls on the Perry balloon of the parade)
      Doofenshmirtz: A platypus balloon?
      (balloon hits a sign and the fedora from the sign falls on the balloon's head)
      Doofenshmirtz: A PERRY THE PLATYPUS BALLOON?!
    • Go to the movie page for perhaps the best examples ever of Doof not recognizing Perry, even when he's looking right at him.
    • ("Mommy, Can You Hear Me?")
      (Perry is trapped. He shakes off his hat and enters pet mode)
      Perry: (chatters)
      Doofenshmirtz: Aw, poor little regular platypus. Did mean old Perry the Platypus put you in this trap?
      (he frees Perry who immediately attacks him and puts his hat back on)
      Doofenshmirtz: PERRY THE PLATYPUS? I don't know how you got free, or what you did with that other platypus, but it doesn't matter.
    • Or for that matter on All Hallow's Eve...
      Doofenshmirtz: And what are you supposed to be? A kid in a sheet?
      (The "kid in the sheet" takes off the sheet to reveal...)
      Doofenshmirtz: A platypus in a sheet?
      (he puts on the fedora)
      Doofenshmirtz: PERRY THE PLATYPUS IN A SHEET?!?!
    • This is also extended to Major Monogram without his moustache in ("Save Summer"), and Monogram has to put his fingers beneath his nose for Doof to recognize him.
      • ...Doofenshmirtz will never be the wiser!!
    • Even eons ago this sort of thing was going on, as proved by "Tri-Stone Area".
      (Bunka crashes through Doofengunk's cave)
      Doofengunk: A bunka-gwunk?
      (Bunka puts his skull cap back on)
      Doofengunk: BUNKA THE BUNKA-GWUNK?!
  • Pretty much any of the Doofenshmirtz jingles, especially the fact that the jingle happens everywhere he happens to be. (Some of the more memorable examples being "Doofenshmirtz holding a bucket" from "Perry Lays an Egg", "Doofenshmirtz Evil is carpeted" from "The Chronicles of Meap", "Doofenshmirtz house in the suburbs" from "Put that Putter Away" and "Doofenshmirtz walks to the diner" from "Ain't No Kiddie Ride"). It even extends to "Doofenshmirtz's ex-wife's sport sedan."
    • "Poofenplotz's evil is craaazy!"
    • "Doofenshmirtz's ex-wife's house in the hills somewhere!"
    • "Doofus Khan's Multilevel Yurt!"
    • "Malifishmirtz's Evil Incorporated, butnotreallyacorporationbecausecorporationshaven'tbeeninventedyetsoit'smorelikeaguildoratradesmanassociation!
    • (single, off-key singer) "Doofenshmirtz Quality Bratwurst!" (late cymbal crash)
    • "Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated" CSI: Miami-style.
    • "Doofenshmirtz Aluminum Siding!"
    • "Doofenshmirtz Evil Igloo on a Mountaintop, eh?"
    • "Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!"...after hours...
    • "Doofenshmirtz Evil Annex!"
    • "Drusselstein Department of Motor Vehicles and Goat Registration!"
      • "Looking for books at my dad's place!" "Why are you singing that?" "It's just something we do."
    • "Doofenshmirtz Abandoned Theater!"
    • The jingle on an organ. And a doorbell. And on horns.
    • "Doofenshmirtz Evil News Update!"
    • "Doofenshmirtz on a Crab Boat!"
    • "Bunkalunk Bunkalunk Bunkalunka!"
    • "Doofenshirrrrrrrrrrtz! (Sung 4 times in rising pitches by a Barbershop Quartet before singing the next part all together) Doofenshmirtz Evil Amalgamated!"
    • "Doofenshmirtz isn't illuminated!"
    • "Doofenshmirtz Abandoned Vaccuumcleanerfactory!"
    • "Doofenshmirtz's... (very deep voice) basement."
    • "Charlene's no-longer-married-to-Doofenshmirtz Penthouse!"
    • "Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated! Where being evil not debated!"
      • "You know, I should really write the rest of that someday..."
    • "Doofenshmirtz's Flatbed Microbus!"
      • Followed by "Bobble Head Perry the Platypus!"
    • “Fully operational Death Star!”
    • And of course.... "Doofenshmirtz in his underwear!"
  • Anytime the giant floating baby head shows up.
  • Candace always seeing the talking zebra, especially when hallucinating.
    • "Oh, he always shows he up."
  • All the weird presents Ferb got on Bastille Day.
  • Perry's entrances to his lair have gotten so ridiculous that it's hard not to laugh at them.
  • The many unfortunate birds who encounter Phineas and Ferb's inventions.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in "Phineas's Birthday Clip-O-Rama," where Candace and Doof's efforts end up knocking an entire flock out of the air one-by-one.
  • Some of the cases of "Oh There You Are Perry" are kinda funny.
    • In one episode, Perry returns to Phineas, Ferb and their friends at a campsite and Phineas wonders why Perry is covered in lipstick.
    • Another time, Phineas and Ferb are rubbing platypus hair off of them and ask where Perry is. He comes up a mere second or two later. To boot, all the kids sans Ferb say the line.
  • Doofenshmirtz being mistaken for a pharmacist, something he finds increasingly annoying as the show goes on.

    Season 1 
  • This gem:
    Phineas: (just as the coaster reaches the top of the three-mile opening drop) "You all signed those waivers, right?"
  • Before that, we have Candace's Newhart Phonecall with Stacey:
    Candace: What are they doing right now? Why do you ask? What do you mean you can see it from your house?! SEE WHAT?!
  • Doofenshmirtz's tin foil scheme doesn't go as planned:
    • In response, Agent P removes the magnet controlling the tin foil and takes it away in the helicopter, leading to Doofenshmirtz's premature relief:
      Doofenshmirtz: You did it! You saved us, Perry the Platy— (gets hit with and entangled in the ball of tin foil) Curse you, Perry the Platypus!
  • Linda's reaction to Candace's Evil Laugh:
    Candace: "Ee-ee-ee-ee!"
    Linda: "I worry about you sometimes, Candace."

Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror

  • During the opening, a bird flies by and bursts into flame, it's so hot out.
  • "If we let a little heat stop us from having the best day ever, then the morning DJs win!"
  • Linda is weirded out by the fact that Candace hasn't called her, and starts going home as Candace is crowned queen of the beach. As she gets two minutes away, Candace runs out and, after a short conversation, she starts explaining what happened that day, with her mom's face getting more and more weirded out every time it cuts to her.
  • The entire narration of the surfing contest.
    "First up in the surf contest is Bobby Nelson. Oh! And Nelson eats it on five-footer! And there's Django Brown shooting the curl, and here comes Buford Van Stomm! OHH! He pummels Brown with a Philadelphia traffic stomp! And now he's got him in a Half-Nelson, now a Full-Nelson, OH! And now he's actually beating him with Bobby Nelson! Here's the scores from our judges, and Buford doesn't like it one bit." [Buford smashes the table with Bobby]
    Next up is Phineas Flynn, and it's great to see a young surfer show such confidence. [Phineas is leaning back on his surfboard, reading a book.] Uh-oh, what's this? [Buford splashes through Phineas. The real Phineas is on a surfboard nearby with a projector.] Oh, those kids today and their holographic projections. He's in the pipeline, now he's hangin' ten! He's hanging twenty! He's hangin' thirty-two! Now he's just hangin'! The crowd loves it! [Phineas runs on the side of the surfboard, making it spin.] I don't think there's a name for that! The crowd is doing the wave, and Phineas is surfing it! Let's go to the judges. 10 to the 5th power, infinity, and oh! It seems Phineas Flynn's radical surfing has made judge #3 re-think Einstein's theory of relativity! Cowabunga, laws of nature!"
  • "Run for your lives! It's GNOME-AGEDDON!"
  • The episode title itself is hilarious. It feels as if it immigrated from Invader ZIM.
  • This bit:
    (Doof presses a remote button)
    Doofenshmirtz: You are mine now!
    (the garage door opens)
    Doofenshmirtz: No, that was the garage door opener.
    (Doof gets another remote)
    Doofenshmirtz: You are mine now!
    (the TV turns on)
    Doofenshmirtz: And that was the TV remote.
    (Doof finds the right remote and pushes the button)
    Doofenshmirtz: YOU ARE MINE NOW!
    (Perry is trapped)
    Doofenshmirtz: Now I shall finally rid myself of you! But first, pay your attention to the giant screen and-
    (presses the garage door opener which closes the garage door)
    Doofenshmirtz: Maybe I need to turn the cable on first?
    • Later when Doofenshmirtz tries to activate his lawn gnome destroying machine, the "Destructinator", he instead accidentally presses a button that releases Perry.

Flop Starz

  • Candace tries on different outfits before going with her casual clothes, leading to this exchange:
    Stacy: (Seeing Candace trying different outfits) Too much, too little, too clean, too dirty, too street, too goth. Where did you get that?
    Candace: (Wearing Lindana's clothes) From my mom's closet, you like it?
  • Candace's moment of Fridge Logic:
    Candace: That's it! I'm gonna tell Mom!
    Phineas: Okay...Tell her what?
    Candace: *long pause* I'm just gonna tell!
  • Marty the Rabbit Boy and his musical blender: perhaps the best sight gag in the whole series.
    Candace: I knew I should have taken blender lessons!
  • While probably subject to "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny, the Bait-and-Switch of Doofenshmirtz announcing his ambition to take over the... Tri-State Area. Not the world, just an area of three states.

The Fast and the Phineas

  • Run, run like the wind, my little indentured rodent!
  • Our introduction to Isabella's mother:
    Candace: Yeah, I do, Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro. I need to talk to her if you don't mind.
    Vivian: (not regarding Candace's statement in the slightest) Oy-vey! Look how tall you are now. You must've grown a couple of inches since the last time I've saw you!
    Candace: That was last week, Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro.
    Vivian: Well your mom's inside, dear. Where are your braces? I thought you were wearing braces! (and she continues as Candace races out of earshot)
    • And she starts the spiel all over again when Candace returns.
  • "And with the race about to start, there's the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated Blimp!"
  • Candace's unwanted souvenir picture of her covered in soot from the cars taking off.
    • She accidentally brings it to Mom, and her reaction is completely over-the-top.
  • Mom turning on the TV only to see a dandruff commercial.
  • Candace's Jaw Drop upon realizing the car has returned, modifications removed when Perry took it through the car wash.
  • Jeremy tells Candace that she's on the big screen, showing her screaming for her brothers, including a slow-motion of her screaming, embarrassing her.

Lights, Candace, Action!

  • When Phineas and Ferb film the big scene of their movie, which involves the monster/princess Candace having to fight the villagers (cue bullets being thrown at her), the air force (cue toy planes), and the Space Armada from the planet Plumbing Supplies (cue plumbing supplies). Then Phineas discovers he forgot to take the lens cap off, and says that was a good rehearsal, and that they need to film it again, much to her obvious displeasure.
  • When Perry takes off from under the street, instead of leaving through a manhole he blasts up through the concrete two feet away from it. His irritated look sells it.
  • Phineas has Candace wear a banana hat so she can get chased by a monkey for a realistic chase scene. That doesn't turn out too well... so Phineas does a retake, this time having Candace carry a sandwich and Ferb chase her because he hasn't eaten lunch yet.
  • The (heavily) modified final cut of the movie has a Photoshopped picture of Ashley Tisdale in a princess dress as Candace.

Raging Bully

Candace Loses Her Head

  • Phineas and Ferb's birthday surprise for Candace last year — an enormous gorilla popping out of her cake.
  • Doof's plan of the day is to literally dig a tunnel through the planet to China. The Drill-inator actually works pretty well, but then:

I, Brobot

  • Apparently, Major Monogram has a long-standing gripe with Santa Claus.
    Monogram: ( ) That guy totally owes me a pony from when I was 5!
  • Candace completely breaks down at the sight of the Phinedroids and Ferbots, and she screams all the way into a panic room in the cellar, clutching at a battered teddy bear "Mister Miggins". She can't even clearly tell her mom about the scheme:
    Candace: Phineas and Ferb, and-and Phineas and Ferb, and-and ROBOTS! Invisibility Chamber! Elephants!
    Linda: That's nice honey. Well, the pictures should be ready soon and then I'll see the robots when I get home. Bye!
    • The gag repeats when she sees the Candroid, and races to her panic room, only to find the Candroid already there with Mister Miggins.
    Candace: Oh, give me that! (She snatches the bear away. The Candroid frowns)

Run Away Runway

  • The ending lines
    Candace: Just remember, Gaston said I will always be his cou de crayon.
    Ferb: You do realize that's French for 'pencil neck'?
  • Doof: "Why is it when people copy their butts, it comes out perfect?"

The Magnificent Few

  • Isabella tells her friends how she earned her Cow Milking Patch: "You just squeeze and pull and squeeze and pull and squeeze and pull and... (stops, realizes what she's been saying). So, whatcha doin'?"
  • Vanessa's first episode introduces her as Doofenshmirtz's uninterested assistant. Later, when she realizes the extent of Doof's incompetence (namely, putting the lair self-destruct in Perry's death chamber), she pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here!. As she leaves, her father tepidly requests that she tell her mom she had a good time.
  • Scary wolf puppet!
  • Perry enters his lair after navigating through sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their heads! Major Monogram later apologizes for forgetting to turn them off.


  • Wouldn't that be "Wummer"?
  • The first interaction between Candace and Vanessa:
    Candace: My brothers are driving me crazy!
    Vanessa: You should try spending an hour with my dad sometime.
  • Doofenshmirtz has set up a Death Trap, a piano that will fall on Perry's head when he walks through the front door (with a pianist!), only for Perry to use the other entrance.
    Doof: My evil deed for tomorrow — fire the maid.

Jerk De Soleil

Are You My Mummy?

  • The boys trying to catch the mummy (actually Candace wrapped in toilet paper chewing on old gum).
  • That bored employee: "Manager assistance requested."

Ready for the Bettys

  • Phineas and Ferb stumble upon Perry's lair and go off to do Perry's mission. After Monogram orders Perry off to save them:
    Monogram: (glaring offscreen at Carl) "Oh, and where are you going, Mr. 'The Boys Will Never Find A Tree Tunnel?'"
  • "Why did I buy so many mops?"

I Scream, You Scream

  • Vanessa’s first attempt to bust her dad, which leads to this gem:
    Vanessa: He has evil schemes! Normal people don't have schemes of any kind!
  • During Doof's Imagine Spot about the Space-Laser-inator he notes that he wants to get rid of morning talk show hosts. If you're watching for it, you can see that, while the majority of the host was laser-inated, his arms are still on the table, clutching his coffee cup.
    • Even better; this comes at the end of a long list of things he's planning to destroy: all the previous ones resulted in an exclamation of dismay from the audience. When he destroys the morning talk show host, the audience cheers.
  • Ferb accidentally gets the wrong blueprints. How? He falls in love with Vanessa, which works as this and Heartwarming just for how over-the-top it is, complete with slow-motion, waving hair, and flowers.
    Phineas: What happened back there?
    Ferb: [beat] I was weak.

Toy to the World

  • This:
    Ferb: Um, that man isn't wearing any clothes.
  • "Brick, brick, brick, briiick, brick, brick IT'S FUN!" (honk)
  • "Animals are rioting! Convicts are escaping from the zoo!"
  • The Badink-adinks
    Badink-adinks: "We will now lay waste to the surface dwellers!"
    Phineas: "O...kay. Carry on, then."
  • One of the pitches for a new Perry the Platypus toy that Phineas and Ferb reject? A secret agent version.

Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!

  • Monogram reminiscing about "The Academy".
    Monogram: (thinking to himself) The Academy...
    Young Monogram: But I don't want to go to the Academy, Daddy.
    Monogram's "Father": I'm not your father, and it's been decided.
    Young Monogram: I love you, Daddy!
  • Grandpa Flynn's 'Bigfoot song,' which is a cheery, upbeat ditty about how Bigfoot's going to eat the kids.
  • Doofenshmirtz's assessment of his date (after he's fallen off a cliff, gotten covered in leaves, been hit on the head, and has had his date spend the whole night gushing over Perry):
    Doof: "It's not the worst date I've ever had: there was that one that kept stabbing me with a fork..."

It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World

  • Isabella's announcement for the Monster Truck Rally, where she managed to pull off the perfect monster truck rally announcer voice. The way she cheerfully says "Thanks, Dink!" afterwards in her normal speaking voice adds to the hilarity.
  • "That doesn't make any sense." "It doesn't have to, I've got a monster truck!"
  • Lawrence painting by numbers in the same episode. Richard O'Brien's voice is just icing.
  • This:
    Doofenshmirtz: Perry the Platypus! How'd you escape my Chinese platypus trap?
    (cut to inside of the monster truck where a Chinese man is holding scissors)
    Chinese man: Ancient Chinese secret.
  • Linda's response to Candace calling in the middle of her cooking class after the chef had already smashed her phone.
    Linda: I've gotta go. No, honey; big chef. Big meat tenderizer in front of mommy.

Mom's Birthday

  • After Dr. Doof hits a button that shrinks any instrument beginning with "B" down to a microscopic speck, Candace is going into her room to get her bass. Then a banjo. Then a whole bunch of other instruments, and five minutes later we see her pick up two more, one being a balalaika and the final being bagpipes.
    Candace: (giving up in despair) I should've manned the omelet station!

Journey to the Center of Candace

  • This:
    Phineas: Yeah, we're inside Candace's stomach.
    Ferb: That's creepy on so many levels.
    • And later:
      Phineas: She's on her date with Jeremy!...That means we're on a date with Jeremy.
      Ferb: Again, creepy on so many levels.
  • The scene where Ferb imitates Pinky the Chihuahua.
  • The credits. It's beyond physical possibility to watch them and not laugh.
    Doofenshmirtz: [after taking control of Pinky's brain while inside the sub] I'm inside a dog! Perfect. NOW I CAN PEE ALL OVER THE TRI-STATE AREA! *laughs* Oh, what am I doing with my life?
  • The beginning, where Phineas tells their mom that they can't make up their mind what to make: a submarine or a shrink-ray, and Linda compliments their imagination.
    Candace: It's real, you know. The submarine, the shrink ray, they're really going to build that stuff.
    Phineas: Actually, we haven't decided which....
    Candace: (pushes him off screen with her spoon) Then it'll all magically disappear, you'll see. Well, you won't see, I'll see.
  • "Chasing the cat is so cliche, you're better than that!"

It's About Time!

Dude We're Getting the Band Back Together

  • During Danny's 'history of rock' montage:
    Phineas: So what's this?
    Danny: This is Psychedelia; It's where the guitar solo came from.
    Phineas: No, I mean what's with all the colors?
    (music suddenly stops)
    Danny: I have no idea.
  • Candace distracting her mother during the "Fabulous" musical number. "Hot towel!"
  • From what can be gathered on Ferb's "backup plan" in the case that Bobbi didn't willingly go along with him and Phineas: Ferb's shown wearing a knight's helmet and carrying a spiked mace and a net—when Bobbi initially refuses to go along with them, Ferb starts holding his mace and net a little higher but Phineas tells him, "Not yet, Ferb," to which Ferb lowers them. Ferb was actually prepared to beat Bobbi senseless and presumably kidnap him in the case their original plan didn't work!
  • This exchange when Love Handle is finally back together...and starts arguing.
    Danny: (to Swampy) Dude, is that the cake from the trash?
    Swampy: What?!? You can't let good cake go to waste!
    Bobbi: (points to Swampy's stomach) Looks like it all went to waist to me!

Tree to Get Ready

  • While Candace and Stacy are checking out her new treehouse:
    Candace: Look at all the bells and whistles!
    (They pass a wall of bells and whistles)
  • What does THF stand for?
    Phineas: TREE HOUSE FIGHT!!!
  • "EGAD, man! Sound retreat!" Cue Ferb on the bagpipes.
  • The ending, when Candace and Stacy pelt Phineas and Ferb with water balloons.
  • Vanessa pulling a Screw This, I'm Out of Here! when her dad's scheme falls flat on its face, keeping him from escaping on his own in the process.

The Ballad of Badbeard

  • Candace is exposed to hallucinogenic moss, goes crazy, and foils Doofenshmirtz, while at the same time spouting non sequiturs and being uncharacteristically cheery.
    Candace (in Doofenshmirtz's new lair): Hey Perry, I'm going to get something from the vending machine, (approaches Big Red Button labeled "lair self destruct") you want anything?
    Agent P: (gestures frantically to try and stop her)
    Candace: Suit yourself! I'm gonna get me some beef jerky! (presses button; ground starts shaking and small rocks start falling)
    • The fact that they managed to include Candace completely tripping out is hilarious in itself.
    • There's also this Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in the middle of a pirate shanty (which provides the page image):
      Kids: There's ghosts who haunted the cave and worse!
      Skeleton: It's guarded by a pirate's curse!
      Candace: [abruptly with psychedelic music in the background] Why do my nostrils whisper to me? [song continues as normal]
  • "Their names are Susan and Susan. I named them after each other."
  • This:
    Grandpa Flynn: I was just about your age when I first heard about Badbeard's treasure. I'd come up here every summer to search for it. I felt drawn by the excitement and adventure. Of course, then I discovered girls, and the rest is a blur.
  • Baljeet and Buford's exchange when Phineas goes to open Badbeard's treasure:
    Buford: Bad beards forever, dude.
    Baljeet: And you don't even have a chin!
  • The zebra:
    Zebra: Oh, it gets much stranger, Kevin.
  • The visual perspective gag where it turns out the two monsters were actually hand puppets Buford had.

Greece Lightning

  • Lawrence talking about Asparagus' chariot:
    Lawrence: This is an actual replica of an artist's interpretation of what some random guy of no significance believed that the chariot of Asparagus might have looked like!
    • And the plaque has the Greek wording be just the name Asparagus backwards.
  • Norm's introduction, where he ends up chasing Perry through town, whilst yelling things like "The enemy of the Platypus is man!", "Are those slacks new? They make you look slimmer!", and "Let's invite our wives next time!"
  • This part:
    Phineas: It's half man, half bull! It's a Minotaur!
    Norm: My name is Norm!
    Phineas: It's Norm the Minotaur!
  • The filmstrip is hilarious, from the uncertainty over the plural of "platypus" to one of the threats being "duplicating imitatable (sic) stunts seen on television."
    • A blink-and-you-miss-it moment: when the diagram of the food web is shown, one of the "animals" that it depicts is a blender. Best not to question it.
    • Then Perry and Doof are seen sharing a bucket of popcorn. This doesn't seem funny until you realize that Perry is supposed to have his hands restrained.
  • The bit listed under the main page's entry for I Take Offense to That Last One!, which shows that Phineas may not be as nice as he seems to be:
    Candace: Phineas! Just what do you think you're doing?
    Phineas: Candace, great! You're just in time. Check out this cool looking helmet we made for you (produces a helmet with snakes on the top like Medusa's hair). And we built you your own chariot that looks just like you.
    (cut to chariot, which has a hideous expression)
    Candace: Oh that's ridiculous. (making same expression as chariot) I do not have wheels!
  • Ferb keeping his hands over his eyes after Candace is mistaken for a gorgon (even after she leaves, he still refuses to look). Also Candace trying to deny her "power" only to be met by stone statues no matter which way she turns.
  • Paul Bunyan's Pancake Haus is shown twice, and both times, it plays the same jingle:
    Singers: Paul Bunyan's! The food is good! (not singing) But not too good, eh?
  • Phineas wondering why they put weapons on Buford's chariot.
  • Isabella repeatedly running back to ask for clarifications when Phineas tells her to "spread the word" about the chariot race.

Leave the Busting to Us!

  • This is the episode where the show's affinity for Lampshade Hanging kicks into high gear.
  • A bit of Black Comedy from Phineas: "Make sure your life vests are securely fastened. In case we capsize, your seat cushions can function as a headstone!"
  • Teenage Doofenshmirtz and Bobo the Rabbit (and the skunk).
  • The first appearance of that husband and wife who attract things that fall out of the sky.

Crack That Whip

  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz spends the whole episode with a nasty headache after partying too hard at an "evil mixer", flinching at every loud noise, even his own Evil Laugh.
  • This part after the race.
    (The Bread-inator hits the roller rink, turning into a giant loaf of bread)
    Candace: (coming out of the house) Mom, come on, come on! The boys built a giant roller rink in the backyard– (sees the bread) uh...giant loaf of bread?
    Phineas: (in the same intonation as "I don't know") Ah 'unno.
    Candace: (skates back inside) Moooom Mom! The boys built a giant loaf of bread in the backyard!
    Linda: (inside the house) What? I thought you said it was a roller rink.
    (The magpies eat the bread)
    Candace: It was, but now it's a loaf of bread! (skates back out) Come on, come on! See?! (stops to see that the bread is gone)
    Linda: (comes out with Lawrence) Candace, what are you talking about?!
    Candace: B-b-b...bread...
    Linda: (at Phineas and Ferb) Boys, I think she's finally lost it.

The Best Lazy Day Ever

  • This little gem, where Doofenshmirtz gets hit by his Uglyinator:
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh no! Now I'm ugly! I'm- (His face is the same) Oh. I get it. Hardy har har.
  • The scene where Candace realizes her entire sense of self-identity is rooted in busting her brothers.
    Candace: Face it, you can't do anything unless you're trying to bust them for doing something! And if they're doing nothing, then...WHO IS CANDACE?!?
  • Evil Phineas and Ferb from Candace's imagination. When Candace is trying to rationalize why Phineas and Ferb would be doing nothing, she comes up with the idea that they made statues of themselves to trick her that they weren't doing anything, complete with evil expressions and laughing.
  • When Perry gets hit with Doofenshmirtz's Slow-Motion-inator, a ridiculously-slow version of Perry's theme song plays.
  • Doof's Ugly-inator is powered by a horned frog, who looks affronted when Doofenshmirtz calls him unpleasant-looking.

Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C.

  • Right after Phineas and Ferb have seen a documentary about cavemen followed by a fast food commercial:
    Phineas: I know what we're gonna do today!
    (Jump Cut to Phineas and Ferb eating food from the sandwich shop in the commercial)
    Phineas: I know what else we're gonna do today!
  • This line:
    Phineas: Think about all the practical applications a caveman can have in the modern world!
    Phineas: Actually, you know besides politics, I can't think of anything.
  • The host of the documentary "demonstrating" neanderthal language.
  • Candace mistakes Conk for Jeremy. Hilarity Ensues. The funniest part is when the real Jeremy calls Candace.
    Candace: Hello?
    Jeremy: Hey, Candace. Sorry I'm running late, but I just finished getting ready.
    Candace: Yeah, you look amazing! Wait, what?
    Jeremy: See ya soon.
  • This:
    Candace: And if you even think about doing something funny today, you're gonna get it.
    Phineas: Okay. Get what?
    Candace: IT!
    Phineas: Well, if "it" is another sandwich, I'll take it now please!

Voyage to the Bottom of Buford

  • One gem between the boys:
    Phineas: I can't believe how quickly we put this together!
    Ferb: It usually takes us at least a montage.
  • Baljeet and Isabella making bets on whether Buford or the giant squid will win the fight. Mind you, victory for the squid means certain death for the two of them.

A Hard Day's Knight

  • Perry (in disguise) reads Dr. Wexler's biography book with the audio book being played on his radio mounted on his back...until a playback glitch happened.
    Dr. Wexler (Audiobook): The malevolent path is one trod without the cumbersome shackles of sentimental intro ''spec... spec... spec... spec... spec... spec... spec...''
  • Doofenshmirtz borrows a fire breathing dragon robot. With a cockpit in the mouth. You can guess what happens next.
    Doofenshmirtz: Yours may have laser eyes, but mine breathes (activates the cockpit, the robot breathes fire through the mouth, burning Doofenshmirtz) fi—-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! (Beat) That was a stupid design.
    • Not to mention the fact that the dragon's opponent is a giant robot of Queen Elizabeth I. With LASER EYES. And proves more than a match for the dragon.
      Doofenshmirtz: That Queen Elizabeth is a tough old bird!
  • Phineas building a mannequin-type horse that actually comes to life.
  • The Oh, Crap! look on Doof's face when he realizes he just pressed the emergency eject button.
  • Charles' laugh after his butler says, "Oh, dear, I have punned."
  • The running joke about the new version of Jane Eyre to anyone who's at all familiar with that particular work's adaptation history.
  • The story of the Black Knight, who valiantly pursued a dragon... only to fail disastrously. There is even a statue depicting his demise.

Traffic Cam Caper

  • This bit:
    Monogram: Any word from Agent P?
    Carl: No, sir.
    Monogram: So I guess all we can do is wait.
    Carl: And hope, sir.
    Monogram: And hope.
    Carl: And wait.
    Monogram: I already did wait, Carl.
    Carl: Did we do hope?
    Monogram: Ugh. I didn't become a major so I could sweat out a vaudeville routine with an intern.
    Carl: Of course not, sir.
  • "Carl, remind me again why all the agents are animals?"
  • The "And the Animals Go" song.
    Monogram: And the turkey goes...
    Carl: Sir, we lost Agent T last November.
    Monogram: Oh, riiight.
  • Later...
    Monogram: And the new guy goes...
    Norm: I'm Norm.
    Monogram: You know, Carl, it's weird that he is not an animal. (beat) We should fire him.
    Carl: I'm already on it, sir.
  • The "Special Disposal Procedure".note 
  • After losing the disc:
    Candace: At least we still have that giant rocket for evidence!
    (the rocket randomly flies off and explodes)
    Phineas: ...Wow, good thing we got off of that.
  • During Major Monogram's sing-a-long at the end, Agent C (a chicken) becomes a little too interested in Agent W (a worm)
    Major Monogram: "Agent C! Don't do that."

Bowl-R-Ama Drama

  • The part where Candace daydreams that busting Phineas and Ferb leads to Jeremy proposing to her. The POV cuts back to reality as she says "I do, Jeremy".
  • As Perry is on his way to his secret hideout...
    Singer: (as Perry shoots through a pipe) Perry the Platypus! (Record Needle Scratch as Perry falls through a broken section of the pipe that Carl is repairing)
    Carl: Oh, sorry about that, Agent P. (picks up Perry and throws him through the other pipe before continuing to work on the pipe)
    Singer: Herman the Hedgehog! (a secret agent hedgehog falls through the broken section of the pipe)
  • "Well, according to the World's Most Pointless Book of World Records..." *trumpets* This gets repeated several times until it turns out Buford is the one playing the trumpet...
    Baljeet: Is that absolutely necessary?
    Buford: Why? Does it bug ya?
    Baljeet: Well, yeah, a little.
    Buford: Then yeah, it's necessary.
    Baljeet: Alright, fair enough. Hey, where is Perry? *trumpets*
  • "So Perry the Platypus as they say in Mexico, Dosvidanya. Down there that's two vidanyas."
  • Doofenshmirtz's bizarre plan:
    Doofenshmirtz: First, I will unleash my giant penguins at the fair today, so they may begin freezing the entire city! Then I will sell all the citizens of Danville my organic, yet highly addictive, Doof brand hot chocolate. Because, you know, who doesn't enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate when it's so cold out? The first cup will be free, of course. But then, the second... will also be free. But then the third... will cost a MILLION DOLLARS! That way, I only have to sell three, and I will already be a millionaire.
  • The end credits scene, where after being defeated again, Doof has the head of one of his destroyed penguin robots over his own head with his face visible through the beak and is now part of a freak show as a half-man, half-penguin.
    Doofenshmirtz: I used to have goals. They were evil goals, but they were goals.

Comet Kermillian

  • Isabella's line:
    Phineas: We're gonna put on a laser light show! And, as a grand finale we're going to laser our faces into the comet! That way, when it comes back in 73½ years, we can all show our grandchildren! Oh yeah, my parents are cooking steaks for everyone.
    Isabella (in a dreamy voice): You had me at "our grandchildren."
    Phineas: What? *needle scratch*
    Isabella (in a nervous voice): Steaks! You had me at "steaks"!
  • The "Squirrels in My Pants" song. Made even better by this exchange:
    First rapper: Wow. She had actual squirrels in her pants.
    Second rapper: We just got served.
  • The part when Perry is trying to hack into Doofenshmirtz's computer:
    Doofenshmirtz: You can try, Perry the Platypus! But you will never guess my super-secret password!
    Computer: Doofalicious. Access granted.
  • This:
    Jeremy: What happened to her?
    Suzy: I don't know, but these violent mood swings are probably a sign of deeper emotional imbalance.
    Jeremy: What?
    Suzy: *reverts to cute mode* Heh-heh-heh. Bubbles. Hee-hee.
    • Just before that:
      Suzy: I want you to meet Mr. Chippy! (pulls out a squirrel)
      Candace: (screams) Get that sick creature away from me!
      Jeremey: Candace, it's just a squirrel...
      Candace: That's not the one I meant!
  • The entire antidisestablishmentarianism scene deserves a mention too.

Put That Putter Away

  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz's book-on-tape of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, translated into evil:
    "Chapter One: Tom Sawyer's dislike of Aunt Polly was rivaled only by his hatred of puppies."
  • Everyone mistaking Candace's poor penmanship for a picture of dancing weasels.
  • "Curse you, Phil the neighbor!"
  • The fact that an ABBA-esque song about mini golf exists.

Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?

  • When Perry (in Candace's body) fights Doofenshmirtz, Doofenshmirtz at one point tries to run away. We see a dust cloud as he apparently does, but when it clears, he's still there.
    Doofenshmirtz: ...What just happened?
    • Also when he calls attention to the Hammerspace:
      Doofenshmirtz: Did you have that purse when you came in?
  • When Jeremy strokes Candace while she's in Perry's body, unaware that anything's amiss... even when the platypus speaks English.
    Jeremy: How's my favorite little platypus today?
    Candace/Perry: *sighs with pleasure* Oops, I mean... *lousy imitation of Perry's chortle*
  • Candace/Perry: "Am I sweating milk?! Being a platypus is so gross!"
  • Phineas gets the idea for that day's invention from an old horror movie he and Ferb are watching, leading to this hilarious misunderstanding:
    Movie Scientist: Do you want me to remove your tongue again, Torval?
    Phineas: Cool! Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today.
    Ferb: (claps his hands over his mouth)
  • "Carl, how many times have I told you? Lift the seat when you're done!" "Sorry."
  • Major Monogram and Carl notice that a teen girl (that is, Perry in Candace's body) is sitting where Perry usually sits, they initially suspect that there has been a breach in security and a girl has gotten in. But then Perry's signature fedora lands on his head, leading Monogram to think that it is only Perry in disguise. He compliments him for that.
    Carl: (disappointed) Man! I thought it was a real girl.
  • Doofenshmirtz's evil scheme is to steal Slushy the Clown from Slushy Burger so he can replace its jingle, which he can't stand, with his own evil jingle. Unfortunately, he's having difficulty coming up with a word that rhymes with "evil".
    Doofenshmirtz: As soon as I get this done, lunchtime will never again be fun. (suddenly becomes frustrated) Oh, great, there's a rhyme! There's a rhyme, but sure, everything rhymes with "fun"!

The Flying Fishmonger

  • Ferb translating his grandfather's British colloquialisms.
  • The newsboy from nowhere.

One Good Scare Ought to Do It!

  • Pretty much the whole shebang, but specifically Buford's bit while he's dressed as Jeremy's little sister for the haunted house Phineas and Ferb built to get rid of Isabella's hiccups.
    • Baljeet dressing up as the scariest thing he can imagine: a failed math test.
    "You can run, but it won't be to the college of your choice I tell you!"
  • Doofenshmirtz telling Perry about his mentor:
    "Sadly, he was captured in the middle of his latest scheme, TO SET FIRE TO THE SUN! But before he was locked away, Kevin asked a favor of me: To prevent them from discovering his hidden lair and all its secrets, would I please SET FIRE TO THE SUN! I was like, dude, you really got to let that one go, it's a ball of fire! It makes no sense."
    • It's even funnier when you consider how little sense some of Doofenshmirtz's schemes make. There's actually someone out there who's stupider than Doof.
  • Candace shows the haunted house to her mother:
    Candace: See? Absolute terror! These little creeps have destroyed our backyard, leaving this ugly mess in its place.
    (the house has vanished and there's nothing to see but Baljeet)
    Linda: Hi, Baljeet! That wasn't very nice, Candace.
    • Moments later:
      Candace: It's back! I told you! It's returned!
      Baljeet: Oh, excuse me. I forgot my satchel.
      Linda: ...Goodbye, Candace.
  • Monogram's first theory about why they lost Doofenshmirtz' signal:
    Monogram: First, that magical elves have caused Doofenshmirtz to vanish into the land of angry corn people.
  • Toward the beginning, after Candace's rehearsal call to Jeremy:
    Candace: That's it, you little psycho! I'm calling Mom! And I am not using the banana this time!
    Phineas: You guys heard that, right? It wasn't just me?

Got Game?

  • Doofenshmirtz's Hilariously Abusive Childhood continues as we learn that his father named the family dog "Only Son".
  • Depending on the time period, this also suggests that Roger wasn't quite as much the favored son Doof thinks he was...
  • Poke the goozim with a stick!
  • The F-Games. All of it. Best summed up in Phineas' play by play after the teams compete in rollerblading horse tennis:
    Phineas: Extra points for recycling! The girls' score is now the square root of pi while the boys still have a crudely drawn picture of a duck. Clearly it's still anyone's game!
  • Agent P being forced to take the stairs. Twice. Even his background singer is exhausted by the end.

The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein

  • The contrivances made to give Major Monogram a Frankenstein (1931)-style briefing to Perry: There's a curtain behind him due to water damage, and he's in a tuxedo because he's going to his cousin's wedding soon, and he questions why he'd describe the mission as shocking or horrifying.
  • He's eviler!
  • As the boys watch the summer storm, Phineas notes that they can't go forth with today's plan: stand alone in a field with a metal rod.
  • This part:
    Random Villager in His Underwear: I'm finally cured of my irrational fear that a giant platypus will see me in my underpants! (Cue the monster Perry) It's even worse than I imagined.

Oil on Candace

  • The part where Perry takes off his hat.
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz: My very own nemesis!
    Prof. Gevaarlijk: Oh, Heinz...How can he be your nemesis? He doesn't even have a hat!
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz: No, no! I...I made that mistake a couple of times, too, but that's him! I swear!
    Prof. Gevaarlijk: In your letters, you said your nemesis was 'a suave, semi-aquatic personification of unstoppable, dynamic fury.'
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz: He iiis! No, you've just got to see him in action. Here, here, I'll let him go. *removes restraints* Go ahead, Perry the Platypus, thwart my plans. *awkward silence* C'mon. Let me have it. *further awkward silence* Thwart away, big guy.
    Prof. Gevaarlijk: Heinz...
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Aaand...thwart!
    Prof. Gevaarlijk: He's just a platypus. They don't do much, you know.
    Dr. Doofenshmirtz: No, no! Wait, wait, wait, wait! He's just about to do something.
    Perry: *chortles*
    • Even funnier when you realize this is the only time Doof recognizes Perry without his hat.
  • How does Perry spend his day off? Vegging out on the couch and watching cheesy soap operas.

Out of Toon

  • Doofenshmirtz builds a device that makes people dance uncontrollably. Both he and Perry are hit by the ray, and as they dance together, Doof looks at the audience and says, "To add insult to injury, the platypus is leading."
  • The look of Candace's face when she sees the animation studio dance away along with everyone else. Candace's explanation to Linda and her mom's reaction are priceless.
    Candace: It got up and it danced away.
    Linda: It got up and it danced away?
    Candace: See? It even sounds crazy when you say it!
  • Candace gets tomatoes thrown at her by the audience since she's the Big Bad of Team Improbable, Control Freak.
    Phineas: Isn't the show great?
    Candace: Are you joking? How could you make me the evil villain? Now everybody hates me!
    Phineas: Au contraire, big sister. You're the star of the show.
    Candace: I am?
    Candace: But they're booing and hissing!
    Phineas: Of course they're booing and hissing. You're the villain. Right, Ferb?
    Ferb: A hero is a hero, but everybody loves a great villain.
    (Booing continues)
    Candace: Really? Well, maybe I should go feel the love. (Puts head out of curtains, Tomatoes splatting) Love feels a lot like tomatoes.
    • Near the end, this happens again as the cast of "Team Improbable", Candace included, all step out on the stage and bow to the audience:
      Candace: They love me! They really love me! (gets hit with another tomato) Feeling the love again.
  • Linda's answering message on her phone when Candace tries to call her:
    Linda: Hi! This is Mom. Leave your psychotic rant about the boys when you hear the beep. (phone beeps)
    Candace: Mom, come home quick! There's a giant mob, I'm a super fiend, I'm roasting them with laser vision, and— Hey! What do you mean, "psychotic rant"?!
  • The Biblical Shout-Out.

Hail Doofania!

  • The epic-level role-reversal, from "Norm, I know what we're going to do today!" to "Bless you, Perry the Platypus!"
    Norm: Aren't you a little old to be building a fort?
    Doofenshmirtz: No, no I'm not. Shut up.
    • "Behold- The Rainbow-inator! [...] Soon there will be a GIANT rainbow that will spread across THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA!... or at least, that's the plan anyway". Said by Phineas, complete with the appropriate hand movements.
    • Not to mention the whole subplot with Vanessa & Candace switching clothes ("I look like a candy cane!" and "I look like a total freak, like I'm all outsider-y!").
    • More role-reversal:
      Norm: Whatcha doooin'?
      Doof: Whatcha doin'- What does it look like I'm doing?
  • Candace tries to explain to Jeremy that the clothes she's wearing don't belong to her. She starts off saying "I'm not wearing these clothes," then has to clarify that sentence, then has to clarify the clarification, and so forth. The whole monologue spirals out of control, sounding increasingly insane as she gets increasingly agitated. All the while, Jeremy just stares.
    • Then Candace gives up, poses, and asks seductively "Do you like it?"
  • Major Monogram singing "Gitchee Gitchee Goo".
    Monogram: I work alone, Carl.
    Carl: Sorry, sir.
    Monogram: It's a solo.
  • Just the way Norm announces "I'm drilling!"
    • And also "Don't forget, Friday is cake day!"
  • What about when Perry kept trying all day to get into his lair but couldn't because of the cone on his head?
    • At the end, he's just sitting there banging his head on the door.
  • Charlene, who's getting a message, tells Vanessa that she will meet her at "Feh". When Charlene shows up at the docks, Vanessa asked her where she was:
    Charlene: I told you on the phone I was gonna meet you at F.E.H. The Freight Emergency Harbor.
  • The end where Vanessa and Candace finally see who got their clothes: each other.
    Vanessa and Candace: (pointing at each other) Hey!

Out to Launch

  • Candace's runaway hypothetical scenario where she asks Jeremy to the dance and he laughs at her, which leads to everyone in the room laughing at her, then everyone in the world laughing at her, and then the planet Earth exploding. Who hasn't had a thought like that?
    • "You do realize that's only a worst case scenario?"
  • Phineas altering part of the rocket launch equation from the square root of a bomb to the square root of a smiley face. It works.
  • The "deep voice" gag had already been done at this point with both Candace and Isabella, but still: the reveal that Gretchen was the one doing the deep countdown voice.
  • After Phineas and Ferb accidentally forgot to disengage the engines before jumpstarting their rocket with their moms station wagon, it accidentally launches (With Perry and Candace onboard and the station wagon in tow).
    • After having the jumper cables cut by a passing satellite, the station wagon makes an impressive park job on a space station's landing pad after cutting in front of a space shuttle.
    • The astronauts onboard the shuttle are furious that they have to deal with other people stealing parking spaces, IN SPACE!

Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!

Unfair Science Fair

  • Both times when Doofenshmirtz gets a shiner - the first was from a large woman with a masculine voice, the second was from a guy whose little brother was ridiculed by Doof for entering a model of Pluto into the science fair.
  • That Doofenshmirtz keeps getting upped by baking soda volcanoes all through the episode. At the end he accidentally ends up through the portal to Mars, is about to be crowned King... until the Martians place the crown on a baking soda volcano.
    • Not to mention a flashback to Doofenshmirtz's college days where he briefly took up poetry after repeatedly failing at science fairs:
      "The movies are gray
      The TV is black
      The horses are running
      Please bring me some food"
  • Baljeet explaining his project to his teacher:
    Teacher: A portal to Mars? What does it do?
    Baljeet: ...Well, without overcomplicating things, it's a portal to Mars. You step through it and you are on Mars.
  • A girl hurries to the fair wearing mechanical arms. She tells the judges that she used them to make a baking soda volcano. She gets first prize for the latter. Cue the portal to Mars reopening just long enough for an indignant "Oh, come on!" from Doofenshmirtz.

Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)

  • The ending, where Candace has spent the day thinking her friends are ignoring her:
    Candace: It's funny, I kinda thought you guys were avoiding me.
    Some guy who wasn't there a second ago: Actually, I was trying to avoid you.
    Candace: Do I know you?
    Guy: No, that's how great it's been working. Unknown Guy is out. Peace!
  • Candace's misinterpretation of Stacy's text message (written in chatspeak). CYLBFF -Stacy.
    What she thought it meant: "Candace you loser. Bad friendships fail. -Stacy.
  • The scientist freaking out over looking at rocks on Mars for years, all while ignoring Candace.
    "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I HAVE BEEN STARING AT RED ROCKS FOR TWENTY YEARS! (Turns around with back to screen, and Candace comes screaming at the rover calling for help but doesn't get any attention) THAT'S ALL THERE IS ON THAT STUPID PLANET! RED ROCKS! Face it...there's no life on Mars...THAT'S IT! I AM SHUTTING THIS PLACE DOWN! GAME OVER!"
  • Doofenshmirtz and Perry go shopping together and bump into Monogram and Karl. Doofenshmirtz notes that it's "awkward", seeing them there and both he and Perry take on a look that says they will never speak of it again. Karl, in case you're interested, is sat in the baby seat. At least Perry fits.

    Season 2 
The Lake Nose Monster
  • The Lair Entrance: The Ride scene. All of it. Perry's complete deadpan reaction to it all combined with the fact that they were going to give him a raise but their focus group - children - liked the ride more than a piece of paper with numbers on it (i.e. a huge bonus check for Perry) makes it infinite-billion times better.
  • All of Lawrence's stories are just hilarious Noodle Incident after Noodle Incident. But the one that really takes the cake is that he apparently convinced John Lennon that "all you need is a Philip's Head Screwdriver" just doesn't ring true.
    • After listening to an apparently overly long and boring fish story, Ferb starts to raise his hand to ask a question. Phineas quietly pushes it back down.
  • Perry escapes Doofenshmirtz by flushing himself down the toilet. At the end of the episode, Doofenshmirtz tries the same thing but fails.
    Doofenshmirtz: I know, I can get out the same way Perry the Platypus did. Oh, oh, oh! That didn't work at all! Now I really gotta do the laundry.
  • Phineas shows Candace a book with images of the Lake Nose Monster on it. She recites the following sentence with an annoyed expression and deadpan tone: "Elephant, log, dolphin, driftwood, tyre, driftwood, rhesus monkey wearing a powdered wig, driftwood, driftwood, you aren't old enough to know what that is, driftwood, driftwood - it's usually driftwood."
    • Apparently Candace knows what a rhesus monkey in a powdered wig looks like.

Interview With a Platypus

  • Candace insulting all the animals, then realizing they were able to understand her thanks to Phineas and Ferb's animal translator. They proceed to chase her throughout Danville while upbeat '60s pop music plays.
  • Candace's encounter with Suzy's dog:
    Candace: Yeah, who's a good girl?
    Poodle: (Snarls at Candace)
    Candace: Obviously not me.
  • Doof's "invention", the Buoyancy Operated Aquatic Transport, or BO-AT. (Which is, of course, a boat)

Tip of the Day

  • How about the adorable Crowd Song about aglets?
  • The viral video known only as Doofenshmirtz is a Superstar
    Stacy: Oh, oh, and the part when the guy roller-skated into the toilet!
    Candace: That was sort of the only part, but yeah, I was dying!
  • There is a part in that episode where the word "aglet" causes miracles to occur. We then see a guy who looks blind, and then he shouts "I can hear!"
  • Then Doofenshmirtz, in an attempt to use Laser-Guided Amnesia to make everyone forget about the aforementioned video, unknowingly erases everyone's thoughts about aglets. He learned this after running out proclaiming he's free.
    Doofenshmritz: I have an outchie... [points towards his heart] in here.

Attack of the 50 Foot Sister

Backyard Aquarium

  • Doof has Perry tied up with rope. He turns his back, explaining his plan. The explanation finishes, and we get this:
    Doof: *is tackled to the ground by Perry* Oh, what the!? How did you get out of my trap?
    *cut to wooden Perry still tied up*
    Doof: A decoy? That doesn't even make any sense!
  • Candace's calculation of when she should expect Jeremy to call:
    Candace: "Wait, maybe I should've carried the one instead of dividing by Jeremy's face..."
    • She then notices a flaw:
    Candace: Oh my gosh! The square root of soon is never!

Day of the Living Gelatin

  • Perry ending up in Pinky's headquarters by mistake (This is likely due to him being forced to go to Isabella's house and take a secret tunnel there) Wanda's reaction sells it.
    Wanda: Good grief! Perry the Platypus, what are you doing here? Your lair is across the street. (Sends a tube down to send Perry to his own HQ) Good day to you, sir.
  • Baljeet adds his favorite flavor to the gelatin mix. When it turns into a monster by Doof's Turn-Anything-Evil-inator:
    Phineas: [nonchalantly] Who added the evil flavor?
    [everyone looks at Baljeet]
    Baljeet: It's curry! It's not inherently evil. Maybe a little spicy... [gelatin monster roars] Okay, I'm going home.

Elementary, My Dear Stacy

  • Agent P and Agent Double-00 confronting Dr. Doofenshmirtz in Big Ben:
    Doofenshmirtz: Perry the Platypus! Well, who's your little friend here?
    Agent Double-00: I'm Agent Double-00, of Her Majesty's secret service.
    Doofenshmirtz: Double-00? Isn't that just triple-0?
    Agent Double-00: No, that's not how it's said.
    Doofenshmirtz: It spells "ooo", doesn't it?
    Agent Double-00: It's "Double-00"!
    Doofenshmirtz: He's "P" and you're "ooo", so together you spell...
    Agent Double-00: No, they're not "O"s, they're zeroes, alright?!
    Doofenshmirtz: I was just going to say "ooop". (singsong) Looks like I struck a nerve there!
  • Perry's What Does This Button Do? moment while riding in Agent Double-00's car. It was the eject button.
    Agent Double-00: "I suppose you think that was funny."

Don't Even Blink

  • The episode opens with Stacy reading a teen magazine, and being utterly baffled when the article posits that boys are also human beings as Candace grunts at the backyard.
    Stacy: Candace, this article specifically states not to growl psychotically. It makes boys feel uncomfortable.
  • Just as Candace tells the boys to build something enormous and conspicuous that could not be missed under any circumstances, Perry takes a loud and colorful Las Vegas-themed elevator to his lair.
  • Doofenshmirtz's classic Didn't Think This Through moment when he tries to sic an invisible tiger on Perry.
  • Candace's "there/gone" back and forth as the Invisinator strikes the ride.
  • This bit:
    Buford: How's my schedule?
    Baljeet: Well, right now, you are just carrying me around like luggage.
    Buford: We're in.

Chez Platypus

  • Candace's "Oh, come on!" expression when Buford lets the Floating Baby Head in ahead of her and Jeremy.

Perry Lays an Egg

  • Doof speaking whale.
  • The fact that Doof's scheme is so pathetic that not even Perry is sticking around for it.
  • Doof falling into the whale's blowhole, only to discover his ex-girlfriend living inside the whale... she's got a whole apartment complete with cooker inside the whale's stomach!
    Ex-girlfriend: Heinz?
    Doof: Elizabeth?
    Elizabeth: ...Best decision I ever made.

Gaming the System

  • "Oh, you want cheat codes. No, we don't roll like that."
  • Doof's Stupid Sexy Flanders moment with Perry in a ballgown.
  • Yes, cotillion is a real word.
  • Phineas' Casual Danger Dialog as he and Ferb run for their lives from Giant Buford.
    Phineas: It's a little disturbing having him try to annihilate us. But it made him so happy.
  • Queen Heinz Doofenshmirtz of the Summer Cotillion.
  • Perry's briefing:
    Monogram: Good morning Agent P. I've been monitoring Doofenshmirtz's internet activity. First, we know what you're getting for Christmas. Don't ask our lips are sealed. Beat It's a vase.

The Chronicles of Meap

  • When Doofenshmirtz is trying to get his childhood balloon-friend back from Mitch:
    Mitch: No, I found Colin just floating all alone in space.
    Doofenshmirtz: Well, I actually drew his face! Look, look, I signed it!
    Mitch: That's a birthmark!
    Doofenshmirtz: A birthmark? It's a balloon, you idiot!
  • From near the beginning of the episode, we have this little exchange between Candace and Linda:
    Candace: (looking at a row of books) Boring, dull, stupid, lame, heavy-handed and derivative.
    Linda: Oh, thank you for those insightful reviews of books you haven't read.
  • Perry and Meap's brief meeting, made even better by Perry's disturbed expression afterwards.
  • Isabella and the cuteness tracker. Just...all of it...but chiefly the part where she quotes Return of the Jedi.
    • Her reasoning for tagging along with Phineas?
      Isabella: I still have to get the "You Wouldn't Know Cute If It Bit Your Legs Off" accomplishment patch.
      Phineas: Great! Let's go!
  • Meap trying to communicate with Candace, including her lampshading his Hammerspace and Comically Missing His Point.
  • The Jerkass security guards.
  • Meap after putting on the universal translator.
  • Candace, talking excitedly with Stacy over the phone about their new Bango-Ru's, only for her to see how hideous hers looks — a cross between a cow and a frog:
    Stacy: Candace? What's going on?
    Candace: I just discovered why cows and frogs don't date.
  • After accidentally shooting down Meap:
    Phineas: "I think we may have inadvertently stopped and/or started an alien invasion."
  • While fixing Meap's ship, Ferb is strapped onto a platform that mimics Phineas's hand movements. Then Isabella comes by and Phineas waves energetically at her:
    Phineas: "Whoops, sorry Ferb."
    • Then he accidentally smacks Ferb while talking to Isabella.
  • Doof's reaction after he and Perry get stuck to a massive pile of balloons via static electricity and go floating off into the sky:
    Doofenshmirtz: "You know, on paper...this was the outcome too."

Thaddeus and Thor

  • Ferb's Covert Pervert routine.
  • The running joke about "the stuff."
  • This bit:
    Thaddeus: Hey, where's Harry?
    Harry: Yo, over here.
    Thaddeus: Well, he is a contractor. They don't do much.
  • This line:
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, Love Händel!"
  • At the beginning, Linda puts Candace in charge:
    Candace: "Wait, by 'in charge,' does that mean I'm in control of everything around here while you're gone?"
    Linda: "Yes."
    Candace: "Including Phineas and Feb? I'm the complete overlord of them?"
    Linda: "Suddenly I'm a little scared."

De Plane! De Plane!

  • Candace and Stacy's Seinfeldian Conversation about hats and swimsuits.
  • Buford and Baljeet aboard the plane:
    Buford: That better not be insignificant bags of peanuts!
    Baljeet: No, of course not, sir. (chuckles nervously and runs off screen. We hear wrappers crinkle and china clink when Baljeet returns with the peanuts arranged in the shape of a roast chicken) Here, sir. Try our deluxe Peanut Chicken. Our motto is, "So peanutty, you will not even taste the chicken."
    Inexplicable Choir: So peanutty, you won't even taste the chicken!
    Buford: I better not taste any chicken then, loser. (takes off the leg of the peanut-chicken and eats it) All right, you survive... for now.
    Baljeet: Oh, thank you, sir!
  • Perry is underwhelmed, to say the least, that Doofenshmirtz's Freudian Excuse of the day is that he never got to swim in a public pool as a kid. Doofenshmirtz reacts in annoyance:
    "You know, not every backstory has to have some big in-depth spiel, Mr. High Expectations!"
  • Candace has spent the whole day hyping herself up to do a daredevil dive, but, being Candace, the entire pool evaporates and the pool party turns to skateboarding.

Let's Take a Quiz

  • The whole premise: it's Game Show Calvinball.
  • Ferb's totally bonkers Lovely Assistant outfits.
  • Candace's through-the-grapevine panic that Jeremy is out of her league.
  • Doofenshmirtz's infomercial obsession.
    Doof: I don't even know what this Serve-o-mat does, and now I own five.
  • Carl and Monogram's bet, and the inexplicable clown costume back massage.
  • Doofenshmirtz's Shrinkinator-turned-planter from Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat? returns, covered in sticky notes to remind himself to unplug it.
  • Doofenshmirtz getting shrunk...except for his hand, which remains normal size.
    Doof: Oh, not only am I now shrunk, but I am now freakishly shrunk! (raises his giant fist and starts shaking it) CURSE YOU, PERRY THE- (gets crushed by said hand) This is kind of heavy...
  • After Candace ends up getting the right answer with a paper-bag over her head:
    Phineas: Candace is on fire!
    Candace: Woo-hoo. (beat) I'm not actually on fire, am I?
    Buford: Nah, you're good.

At the Car Wash

  • Doofenshmirtz discovers cat memes. "Look! 'Invisible Cheeseburger'!"
  • The Amusing Injuries of the Fireside Girls & their attempts at trying to save the star-nosed mole: starting a bake sale (Holly is burned up holding a bag), trying cat-sitting (Ginger has cat-scratches all over her) & selling lemonade at the lemonade stand (Katie is completely covered in bandages).
  • The delivery guy's comment to Phineas:
    Phineas: I suppose you're wondering if I'm a little young to ordering all of this.
    Delivery Guy: Just don't blow a hole through the Earth's core or we'll both be in deep doody.
  • Doofenshmirtz dropping a super-dense sphere of energy through the middle of his building.
    Doofenshmirtz: You know, in hindsight, maybe I should have done this in the basement.

Oh, There You Are, Perry

  • Perry mockingly imitating Candace after she throws him out.
  • Perry replacing himself with a log when he has to leave Ferb's bed in the middle of the night.
  • Everything involving the Regurgitator's lightning effect.
  • "You're that disturbed lunatic from Danville." "Oh, you've heard of me!"
  • The return of Marty the Rabbit Boy and his Musical Blender.
  • Phineas being able to tell apart all the seemingly identical platypuses in Danville from Perry, and one of his reasons for dismissing one being "too cartoony". Also, the last platypus turning out to be a duck with a beaver tail taped on.
  • Even the thoroughly heartwarming song of the episode has one when Candace sings about changing her name to Larry because she ran out of rhymes.

Swiss Family Phineas

  • "You're giving a monkey a shower?" "Yep. Had to be done."
  • The island version of "Quirky Worky Song".
  • This:
    Lawrence: We may be on this island a while.
    Candace: A while?! You mean we're stranded!? That means we won't get to Jeremy's party before the sun sets! We'll be stuck here forever, eating rocks and bugs, then I'll have to marry a monkey and have monkey-kids and name them Xavier and Amanda! (Sobs)
    Lawrence: And we'll love them anyway.
  • The look of absolute hatred that Perry gives to the fake platypus Buford and Baljeet made at the end of the episode. The fake platypus is CMOF material in and of itself (its tail is a frozen waffle with a bite taken out of it), but Perry's reaction takes it Up to Eleven.
  • Perry holding his wrist communicator and later his hat in his mouth to prevent Buford and Baljeet from noticing.
  • Pretty much every second of Buford and Baljeet watching Perry.

Hide and Seek

  • A rather subtle one - you need to pay attention to it. At the start of the episode when Isabella suggests they talk about their feelings, she catches Ferb's attention. When Phineas and Isabella share gazes, he then however awkwardly looks away.
  • Baljeet surviving freezing to crawling inside of a dead fly.
    Candace: Who smells like fly guts?
    Baljeet: I had to survive, okay?!

That Sinking Feeling

  • Baljeet explains his problem:
    Baljeet: I don't know how to act in front of girls! I don't even know what girls like!
    Phineas: Isn't it like, sugar and spice and everything nice?
    Baljeet: That is what they are made of; I do not want to build one!

The Baljeatles

  • Baljeet ends up performing a totally rocking heavy metal anthem to conformity and the public school system.
  • This:
    Candace: If you don't stop that racket, I am SO GONNA BUST YOU... empty backyard?
    Stacy: Candace, stop trying to bust your backyard.
  • Candace's panicked plotting of how to get Stacy and Coltrane together:
    Candace: Wait, I think I have a fake mustache on me...
    Stacy: Let's just go over and say hi.
    (cut to Jeremy and Coltrane)
    Jeremy: What do you think it means when a girl leaves a fake mustache at your house?
  • Candace trying to get Stacy's attention by making... er, bird call noises from a hiding place in a bush.
    Stacy: (to Coltrane) Uh, excuse me for a second. I have to go talk to my friend in the bushes.
  • At the end, after Baljeet's big number:
    Phineas: Well, Baljeet, if it means anything, I'd give you an A+ in rock!
    Baljeet: No, that means almost nothing."
  • "CURSE YOU, PERRY THE— Wait, is that the Baljeatles?"

Vanessassary Roughness

  • Phineas enjoying the massage chair:
    Phineas: Ferb you've gotta try this chair. I can't feel my brain.
    Phineas: You know Ferb, I think I know what I want to do every day.
    Phineas: (While vibrating) Ferb, my fingers look just like snakes!
  • During Doofenshmirtz and Vanessa's discussion about her responsibility:
    Doofenshmirtz: You know what they say about taking the easy way out.
    Vanessa: What do they say?
    Doofenshmirtz: Well, I could tell you, but that would be taking the easy way out, and you know what they say about that.
  • The whole of the chase sequence is pretty funny.
  • In an early scene in the mall, Candace and Stacy walk past a whole row of airships. With discount stickers.

No More Bunny Business

  • This:
    (Perry is on the roof surveying the neighborhood with binoculars)
    Phineas: Look, Ferb. There's Perry.
    Perry: *reverts to pet mode*
    Phineas: Maybe that's where he disappears to all the time. Well, if he got himself up there, he can get himself down.
  • This exchange:
    Candace: Do you know what this is?
    Phineas: Uh...Is it not a rabbit?
    Candace: This is an actual living creature that uses carrots for food instead of science experiments.
    Candace: HE LIKES IT!
  • The lyrics to "With My X-Ray Eyes," especially "Sometimes photons behave like a wave, but they're particles when you reflect 'em."
  • Doofenshmirtz is beaten by a potted plant. Never before has there been a "villain" so hilariously harmless.
    • As an added bonus, the plant in question, Planty the Potted Plant, is inducted into the O.W.C.A.

Spa Day

  • Candace and Stacy question the stepbrothers on how a spa day can be fun:
    Candace: It's not fun, it's relaxing. Which means it's enjoyable, which means it's fun. Grown-up fun. You wouldn't understand. Besides, the Le Rub de Scrub Spa is very exclusive. You can't even get in unless you know someone.
    Phineas: How are you guys getting in?
    Candace: Well, I know Stacy...
    Stacy: And I know this neighbor who knows this hair-washer, who knows this bank teller, who knows this back-waxer who works at the spa.
    Candace: Yeah, and I know Stacy.
    Phineas: Huh. Well, Ferb and I aren't connected like you guys.
  • How about Ferb's rap?
  • Stacy and Candace trying to work with Jeremy, with Stacy being a Butt-Monkey (her getting plastered behind some wallpaper is a standout), and the house they are working on ending up in shambles.
    • It leads to this, when it is all over:
      Candace: I'm sorry we had to clean up everything destroyed and had to rebuild it. I'm especially sorry I made us miss our spa appointment. But most of all, I'm sorry for being a bad friend. I was just trying to impress Jeremy and I lost sight of...
      Stacy: Okay, you can stop that right now. You're starting to sound like one of those TV shows we like to make fun of.
      Candace: But Stacy, I—
      Stacy: Look, the way I see it, you prevented me from going to the spa, almost killed me with a jackhammer, dropped a wall on me, I've gypsum in my hair, and basically wasted my whole day. But you did it for love, so it's okay.
      Candace: Really?
      Stacy: Yeah. Remember in the third grade?
      Candace: You mean when you glued that hamster to my hair just to impress Billy Clark?
      Stacy: Yeah, it's just like that.
      Both girls: (sigh) Billy Clark...
  • Doofenshmirtz's dialog with Perry:
    Doofenshmirtz: (about a cat that he found) I call him Mr. Fluffypants. You know, he's fluffy, he looks like he's got pants. Plus, he reminds me of my Uncle Fluffypants... who never actually wore any pants. Come to think of it, I don't know why we called him that. Hmm. Anyway, I just love giving people nicknames. For instance, you're Mr. Duck-Bill Face. And Major Monogram, I call him "Monobrow". That's a good one, you know, because he's... he's got the one, you know? And his little friend, the intern, is Dr. Coconut. (Beat) Yeah. Sometimes I wish I didn't know so much.
    • The actual appearance of Carl as Dr. Coconut.
  • Buford in a hot tub, which is bubbling. He clarifies: "It's not plugged in."
  • At the end, Doof gives the cat back to its owner, with a crowd of people gathered around replying "awwww". Doof then asks "don't you people have jobs?"

Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo

  • The Ferb/Isabella Ship Tease.
  • Twenty years in the future, and Doof and Perry are still battling... at checkers.
  • Future!Candace wishing Stacy, who's somehow become president of Uruguay, "Good luck with that llama legislation!"
  • Future!Candace realizing she shouldn't be able to climb a digital tree.
  • Phineas and Ferb convincing their future nephews to make the most of their summer, with the help of a twenty-years-older Bowling for Soup. They've got beer bellies and are balding, but are plenty appreciative for the gig.
  • Candace's teenage daughter Amanda has the reverse of her mom's problem: she can't stand how lazy her kid brothers are, wasting their summer days underneath the digital tree. Even at the end of the episode, when they've taken up Phineas and Ferb's suggestion for five-dimensional bumper cars, they just say they're doing nothing, and she buys it wholesale.
    Amanda: See Mom? They never do anything!
    Future!Candace: Give it a rest, Amanda.
    Future!Linda: Ah, memories.
  • Candace trying REALLY hard not to complete the phrase "You're so old." And then Phineas comes in and outright states it.
  • Candace busting the boys finally happens...a few decades into the future.
  • The running gag of the museum janitor reacting to the disappearing and reappearing time machine.
  • Future!Candace's reaction to her teenage self: "wow, was I always this nuts?"
  • Bad Future!Candace vanishing into a Puff of Logic when Rollercoaster!Phineas points out that if the bad future no longer exists, she shouldn't exist either.
    Bad Future Candace: (as casually as if she's just noticed it's raining) Oh darn.
  • Emperor Doofenshmirtz apparently has appointed a professional tattle tale.

Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown

  • The entire typewriter exchange. It's one of the earliest scenes between Doof and Monogram the show's given us, and it's still one of the funniest.
    Major Monogram: Carl, who wrote these cue cards?
    Doofenshmirtz: What's that all about? He's using a typewriter. When was the last time you saw someone using a typewriter? What is this, 1987?
    Major Monogram: Well...
    Doofenshmirtz: You realize that most of the kids watching this show have never even seen a typewriter, right?
    Major Monogram: We're on a budget.
    Doofenshmirtz: So you went to an antique store...
    Major Monogram: Moving on. Number eight; roll tape!
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh, so you got tape, you're not just using film, or-or hand shadows...
  • My name is Doof, and you'll do what I say - WHOOP! WHOOP!
  • "I swear, of all the aquatic mammals I hang with, you are truly the most uncooperative!"
  • Despite panicking about how his scheme is ruined, Doof still takes the time to inform us that the version of "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" we're listening to is the "extended version, never before seen."

Bubble Boys

  • While Candace is driving, a rocket scoops the car up and carries it away at such high speed it takes flight, which the boys witness.
    Phineas: That was Candace driving.
    Ferb: Her car control has gotten a lot better.
  • ''PUBLIC ART!!!!!"
  • Buford states how he wants to float around in the air "like little woodland pixies." He then realizes what he said and quickly corrects himself to wanting to float around "like men."

Isabella and the Temple of Sap

  • Poofenplotz's scheme came to be because of her finding out that her favorite hairspray has been discontinued. It went a little something like this:
    Shop assistant: Can I help you, ma'am?
    Professor Poofenplotz: Yes, can you tell me where you've moved the Stiff Beauty hairspray?
    Shop assistant: Oh, sorry, ma'am. That product has been discontinued. As it turns out, only amusement park clowns used it, and ever since the old amusement park closed down, Stiff Beauty just hasn't been selling.
    Poofenplotz: Discontinued?
    Shop assistant: Discontinued.
    Poofenplotz: So, what you're saying is that Stiff Beauty will no longer be sold?
    Shop assistant: Right, that's what discontinued means.
    Poofenplotz: How about I discontinue you, from this dimension! (Zaps the shop assistant with a ray gun, sending her to some other dimension)
    Shop assistant: This so isn't worth minimum wage.
  • The Fireside Girls' banter from the same episode is priceless.
    Isabella: So, did you guys decide what patch to get today? 'Cause I have a suggestion.
    Isabella: It's called the Help Thy Neighbour patch, Adyson. Don't make up patch names.
    Ginger: I already have 52 of those.
    Milly: I have 53. Remember, I went back that one afternoon after everyone else went home.
    Isabella: I know. Don't remind me.
  • Isabella's crazy "Phineasland" fantasies, one of which ends with Phineas turning into a centaur and them riding off together followed by a rainbow trail.
  • Isabella rallying up the troop:
    Isabella: For Phineas!
    Other Fireside Girls: For Phineas!
    Isabella: Oh, and Ferb, too!
    Other Fireside Girls: And Ferb, too!
    Ginger: And Baljeet! (gets her "I Just Saw a Cute Boy" patch removed)
  • When the girls are about to make a horribly dangerous jump:
    Isabella: "Are you ready to win that 'Reckless Disregard for Life and Limb' patch?!"
  • Poofenplotz's Memobile. Just...the Memobile.

Cheer Up Candace

  • Doof's inspiration for his -inator:
    Doofenshmirtz: Hey, fellas! Look who decided to make an appearance! You know, it occurred to me that I should've been fighting fire with fire, and by fire, I mean Perry the Platypus, and by fire, I also mean Perry the Platypus. It occurred to me while I was on fire.
  • Candace's scream of teen angst when she's led to believe Jeremy has lost interest in her is so loud, Tarzan and the apes can hear it, much to the apes' annoyance.
  • Jerry the Platypus.
  • This episode comes from a pretty heartwarming place — Phineas and Ferb want to help Candace feel better. The trouble is that they turn to her teen magazines for advice, with some Literal-Minded results.
    • Fresh new look? Hire a clown to break into her room.
    • Make her laugh? Turn the garage into a comedy club.
    • Introduce her to someone new? Invent a Mix and Mingle Machine to introduce her to everyone.
  • During the aforementioned comedy club, Ferb comes out and makes an airline food joke. The audience bursts out laughing, complete with some guy flipping over a table in a fit of hilarity.
  • How about this bit from the song?
    Short Guy: I'm very small I need a booster.
    Scared Guy: I'm being followed by a rooster!
    Rooster: Yeah, I'm following him.
    • And this too:
    Candace: I like your pants.
    Man: (strip) Here, you can take 'em.
  • Phineas remarking on Candace's great sense of humor: "Remember when she got her face stuck in the sink?" (silence from all)
  • Buford as "Broccoli Head" and his horrible prop comic act.
  • Little Jeet; that is all.

Fireside Girl Jamboree

  • "Who puts a picture frame on a window?"
  • Major Monogram is trying out a new Teleportation device, which sends Perry the Platypus all over the city, before he finally reaches Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc...only to appear three feet too far from his intended destination, leading to, well...
  • Upon reaching Doofenshmirtz's building, Perry deftly dodges a trap...only for Monogram to report the aforementioned Transporter is fixed and accidentally teleports Perry into the trap. Perry's resigned annoyance sells it.
  • After the roller coaster turns to broccoli:
    Phineas: "Candace, focus. You've still got one last delivery to make. You have five minutes and the delivery is twenty blocks away. So...good luck with that."

The Bully Code

  • The song lampshading that this premise has been done.
    Well, the story is old/ It's a seventies sitcom cliche...
  • "Slushy Dawgs will never get any better." Literally: they haven't made a single change to their menu since they opened in 1929.
  • Linda mistaking the boys' contraption for public art.
  • Stacy mistaking Candace's Pig Latin for Spanish.

Finding Mary McGuffin

Picture This

  • When Perry uses Phineas and Ferb's teleporting device to make Doofenshmirtz's Mimeinator disappear:
    Doofenshmirtz: (After the Mimeinator disappears) ... Sure, why not?
  • A Shout-Out to the Raven:
    Perry: (taps three times on the window with his heel)
    Doofenshmirtz: Who's tap-tap-tapping? ...Is this that pesky raven again?
  • Doofenshmirtz's twist on his usual banter falls a little flat:
    Oh, BIG surprise, Perry the Platypus! And by surprise, I mean completely... Uh...I got nothing.
  • The "There's No Candy In Me" rap at the end of the episode.
    Buford: Nerd ain't no piñata!
  • Candace teleports Linda to the backyard, just as she's participating in a blindfolded pinata game, resulting in absolute pandemonium as she chases the kids around the yard with a bat.
  • Phineas and Ferb learn from their dad that Ferb left his skateboard in England, giving them their Big Idea for the day.
    Phineas: We could create a highly intricate and sophisticated machine that will transport any object from anywhere on the globe to our backyard!
    Lawrence: Well, why don't you just build a new skateboard?
    [long pause]
    Phineas: Nah, I don't think so.
    Ferb: If it's all the same to you, father, we're going to build the machine.
  • Candace saying "Aha!" over and over as she shows Mom the picture she took of her as proof to bust her brothers. Mom, on the other hand...
  • Then there's this underrated gem while showing the effects of Doof's latest -inator (trapping mimes inside actual invisible boxes):
    Robot Guy whose face just happens to resemble mime makeup: I'm not even a mime! I'm a robot guy!

Nerdy Dancin'

  • This exchange from rivals Doof & Rodney:
    Rodney: See this? It's my hand; you can talk to it.
    Doofenshmirtz: All right. Hey hand (singing) my evil dancing's better than yours! It's like you're stuck in a canoe, but you've got no oar. See you on the dance floor (leaves).
    Rodney: (angrily) Nobody talks to my hand that way!
  • Norm actually gets fed up with Doof and this transpires:
    Doofenshmirtz: I think we made too much potato salad, Norm. I guess we’ll have to give everyone a two-ton take home container and I still think you should have added more green onions.
    Doofenshmirtz: [Long awkward pause.] Wow. Cuttin’ deep, man.
    • Even Perry is shocked.
  • The fact that this time it's Jeremy who is worried about disappointing Candace, when it's pretty much always the other way around for them.
  • Jeremy reveals the mechanical exoskeleton that's really been making him dance. Candace screams, the audience gasps in shock... and then it cuts to Stacy, who just says "That's kind of disturbing."
  • The first appearance of L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., that is all.
  • While Doofenshmirtz and Rodney are fighting over the last spotlight, they end up in an...unfortunate position.
    Doof: "This is awkward..."
  • Rodney insists on being called by his Overly Long Name: "Aloyse Everheart Elizabeth Otto Wolfgang Hypatia Gunther Galen Gary Cooper von Roddenstein".

What Do It Do?

  • The ending, when the two anti-romance rockets fall in love with each other and fly away.
  • This:
    Ferb: Well, if you reverse engineer the human heart, you're bound to find love at its core.
    Buford: And gross, smushy, red stuff!
    Ferb: Yes, love and gross, smushy, red stuff.
    Irving: And ventricles!
    Ferb: Actually, I think ventricles is already included in gross, smushy, red stuff.
    Everyone: Yeah...
  • When Perry and Doofenshmirtz are flying over France:
    Doof: *leaning over* "PIERRE!" *ducks back in, snickering* "Did anyone look? I bet, like, half the people down there were looking around, like, 'Who called my name?'"
  • A little one, but wait for Linda's cry of "Don't touch it!" - if you pause at the right moment (or are watching for it) you can see that all three of the kids were about to press the button. Yes, even Candace.
    • Best of all: Ferb reaching with his foot.
  • There's the part where Linda finally drags Lawrence back to show him the 'thing in the front yard':
    Linda: (Gesturing toward the front yard) There! Tell me that's not terrifying!
    Lawrence: (Who can only see Candace dancing) I am so sorry I doubted you.
  • The flashback to Doofenshmirtz's date with Linda of all people.
  • The episode-long running gag of Perry and Doof being stuck on Doof's trap-filled hovercraft.


  • Candace and Linda fail to notice that the lost city of Atlantis has risen from its watery grave right behind them, just as they are showing off their rather pathetic sandcastle.
    • This comes directly after a rather touching mother-daughter moment where Linda assures Candace that Jeremy is a smart enough guy to separate his feelings for her from his feelings about the castle. When Jeremy mistakes the city for their work, he immediately declares them the winners, and Linda concedes that she was wrong about him.
  • Right after Candace comments on how relaxing the beach is, the kids break out in the signature brand of anarchy.
    • According to Baljeet, Buford somehow drank all the sunblock.
  • This:
    Irving: I got in when your mom stopped for gas. I'm just happy to be here!!
    Buford: (deadpan) Wow.
  • This from the credits:
    Irving: At least I got the pictures in my head. Hey! I had my thumb in front of the lens the whole time! Oh, now all I remember is my thumb!

Just Passing Through

  • Doofenshmirtz has trouble closing his car door. "Ugh, okay, push up aaand... eeurgh. Hm. ... Those are my keys [still in the ignition], aren't they?"
  • This:
    Doofenshmirtz: Behold, Perry the Platypus, Plan B!
    *His ray explodes after Doofenshmirtz presses a button*
    Doofenshmirtz: ...Which I just destroyed so now we're even. But not even I am prepared for Plan C!
  • Don't forget Bobblehead Perry the Platypus!
    "What? It's an arts and crafts project. I have a life outside of you!"
  • Baljeet lampshading the fact that it only takes Phineas and Ferb a few hours to make a whole rollercoaster, but fixing a bicycle tire takes an interminably long time.
  • This:
    Baljeet: "Did anyone else just see the inside of a steamroller?"
    Buford: "How do you know what the inside of a steamroller is like?"
  • "Curse you, Perry the Bobblehead!"

Candace's Big Day

  • This:
    Phineas: (referring to Candace) I should have her plan my wedding. Ferb, make a note of it.
    Isabella: (off-screen) I got it!
  • This part:
    Candace: This is a disaster! Look at this cake! It has a chicken in it!
    Aunt Tiana: Oh my.
    Candace: And look at my hair! I think it may also have a chicken in it!
  • The part where Doofenshmirtz is stuck in the elevator. That annoyed look on his face is priceless!
    • Then, when he gets back to his apartment, Perry is sitting in a chair, reading a magazine, waiting for him. Doof tiredly tells him to get in the trap so they can get started. Perry proceeds to do so.
  • Doof's hilarious Waking Non Sequitur:
    Doof: "What, who am I? Oh, it's me."
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it example: during the "Wedding Adventure" song, one of the activities listed is "hamster chasing," accompanied by a hamster ball tumbling down the steps while Isabella looks on with horror.
  • Candace calling her mom after being attacked by giant venus flytraps in the backyard and simply screaming when Linda picks up.
    Candace: I'm telling Mom!
    (cut to Linda and Aunt Tiana at a hair salon; Linda's phone rings.)
    Linda: (answers phone) Hello?
    Candace: (loud scream; hangs up)
    Linda: (casually) So, are you and Bob thinking of having kids?

I Was a Middle Aged Robot

  • This:
    Carl: As I was saying, sir, I may have a solution. Anticipating this exact situation, I built robot replicas of the Flynn-Fletcher family. We can get Agent P to operate the Mr. Fletcher robot until we can replace him with the real Mr. Fletcher!
    Carl: Yep.
    Major Monogram: Wow. ...That's a bit creepy, Carl.
    Carl: Yes. ...Yes it is.
  • Anything involving Perry operating robot!Lawrence.
  • Doofenshmirtz's reaction to Perry ditching their battle to go help Lawrence:

Suddenly Suzy

  • After Candace has practically puppy-proofed the house, Jeremy brings over his sister, Suzy. As Suzy is an evil little sister, she closes in on Candace with a Slasher Smile. The conversation goes like this.
    Suzy: So, Candace, are you ready to have some fun?
    Candace: No no no, I'm good. I hate fun!
    Suzy: I've got a little game we can play!
    Candace: G-g-g-game?
    Suzy: It's called making...
    Candace: Making?
    Suzy: Paper...
    Candace: (biting her nails) Paper?
    Suzy: (in a suddenly happy voice) Dolls!
    Candace: PAPER DOLLS?!?!? (registering what Suzy just said) Huh?
  • Buford has Baljeet in a baby carrier. That's funny enough but then this happens...
    Baljeet: Can I go?
    Buford: Well just be careful, 'cause I worry about you.
  • Perry's mission briefing.
    Monogram: We're getting very suspicious about Doofenshmirtz. He hasn't ordered any bulk items from the Internet in days. Get over there and put a start to it.
  • "Regular Gum!"
  • Isabella's indignation when other characters steal her catchphrase.
    Suzy: Hey guys. Whatcha doin'?
    Isabella: Um, hello?
    • Moments later...
    Candace: Hey boys! Whatcha doin'?
    Isabella: Ugh, do I even need to be here?
  • There's Candace cracking a doe-eyed smile at Phineas, who is justifiably creeped out.
  • Perry's expression when Doof shows him the Carbon Footprintinator. Mostly because you don't usually see Perry that weirded-out.
  • Doofenshmirtz: (After his Carbon Footprintinator accidentally picks up Phineas and Ferb's latest invention.) Oh see, this! This is why I hate nature! It's always getting stuck to your foot!

Undercover Carl

  • Carl playing Phineas's Catchphrase backward and rearranging it to make it sound like they're in league with Doofenshmirtz
  • The entire Costume-Test Montage.

Hip Hip Parade

  • The credits. After Candace breaks her vow about not obsessing with the boys that day, she is faced with the pharaoh's curse!
    Pharaoh Guy: Excuse me. Are you Candace Gertrude Flynn?
    Candace: Yes.
    Pharaoh Guy: Curse you. (leaves)
    Linda: I tried to warn you, honey.
  • When Buford is falling from the sky:
    Baljeet (dressed as a vegetable samosa): (runs up to balloon salesman) Please! My bully is in trouble! Let go of all of your balloons!
    Balloon Salesman: Yeah, okay. (simply releases every single one of his hundreds of balloons)
    Baljeet: Thank you!
    Balloon Salesman: No, thank you, vegetable samosa.

Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers

  • It's funny enough to see Linda talking to a roast chicken, saying "Go! Go! You're free, little skin-bird!" It's somehow funnier when you find out why she was acting so weird.

Ain't No Kiddie Ride

  • Phineas's flashback and his reaction to the rather dull reality:
    Phineas: You know, in retrospect, I may have over-romanticized those memories. beat But I bet with a little effort, and some unstable uranium isotope, we can make them that much fun!
  • "Wow, Nostradamus was right."
  • When Baljeet's ride runs out of power and he only has a dollar, he irons it out since the machine won't accept it. At the end of the episode, he puts the dollar in only for the ironing board to take off. He then kicks the ride only for it to take off too.

Not Phineas and Ferb

  • This:
    Albert: So tell me about this Eiffel Tower.
    Baljeet: Well, it's big.
    Buford: And Mexican!
    Albert: I thought it was French.
  • Doofenshmirtz is shrunk, and Perry puts him inside his fedora:
    Doofenshmirtz: Hey! This place is nicer than my first apartment!
  • Irving's surprised "What!" after Albert buys into his trick of Baljeet and Buford being the brothers.
  • This:
    Baljeet: (he and Buford are both dressed as Phineas) Okay. We are ready!
    Irving: WHAT? No! No no no, you can't BOTH be Phineas!
    Baljeet: That is what I tried to tell him, but he would not listen!
    Buford: (takes off his mask) But Phineas gets all the lines.
    • "I'm Ferb. I'm British, and I don't talk much."
  • When Perry comes in Doofenshmirtz's apartment, he's playing with his model train set.
    Doofenshmirtz: Hey, is that the Doofenshmirtz express? NO!
    Pounds the table and the train falls over.
    Doofenshmirtz: You will all be late for your jobs and fired! Ahahahahaha!

Phineas and Ferb-Busters!

  • The Training Montage.
  • "Now I know I have a heart... because it's breaking!" Just the cheerful way Norm says it makes it both sad and hilarious at the same time.
  • Doofenshmirtz's reaction to his new robot turning against him is "an odd mixture of pride and mortal terror! [...] Mostly terror!"

The Lizard Whisperer

  • This exchange:
    Doofenshmirtz: Okay, but the aliens are on their way.
    Jeremy: Okay. Tell them I said hi.
    • Jeremy's reactions to Doof are a goldmine:
    Jeremy: (after Doof has finished his daily rant) "Have you considered switching to decaf?"
    • Then, at the end of their lesson:
    Jeremy: "So, will you be paying in cash or check?"
    Doof: "Perhaps I could trade you for some evil lessons?"
    Jeremy: "I'll take cash."
  • This:
    Isabella: "According to the Fireside Girl Manual, that is a North American chameleon."
    Phineas: "In that case, we'll call him Steve."
    Isabella: "O...kay. Why Steve?"
    Phineas: "Because he looks like a Steve."
    Isabella: "Well, can't argue with logic like that."
  • This one doubles as a Moment of Awesome: when the kids can't find Steve anywhere, they consider giving up. In response, the normally-quiet Ferb, of all characters, gives a Rousing Speech about keeping up the search.
    Ferb: We few. We happy few. We small band of brothers — and girl from across the street. We shall not cease 'til he is found!

Robot Rodeo

  • This:
    Stacy: Repressing basic urges is pretty responsible, isnt' it?
    Candace: Is it ever! Look at my mom!
    (Cut to Linda in the kitchen, staring at a large layered cake)
    Linda: Cake is a sometimes food. Cake is a sometimes food.
  • The abandoned inator ideas lining Doof's wall are marked with notes like "Ugh," "What was I thinking?" and "I hate myself."
  • When the escaped agents start destroying the inators, we get this:
    Rodney: "No! It's just an electric fan! It's beneficial to mankind!"
  • When his 'inator is destroyed, one of the evil scientists exclaims "Oh man, my mom is gonna kill me!"
  • The episode ends with Isabella dancing to "Izzy's Got the Frizzies". A completely unrelated 70's funk number about Isabella's frizzy hair.
    Isabella: It's because of the humidity!

The Beak

  • During Khaka Peu Peu's first fight with the Beak, there's two bystanders, one of whom keeps overexplaining the Beak's one-liners. Better still, the other guy is Dan Povenmire. Which also makes the 'Actually, I thought it was pretty clever' line a lot funnier.
    The Beak: If you didn't like that one, maybe this'll be a hit!
    Charles: Ya, see? 'Cause he hit him.
    Dan: I'm not an idiot, Charles.
  • The intercom running gag.
  • For some reason, Phineas tries to include Bulgarian folk dancing abilities in the suit's capabilities.
    Phineas:We have to blur the line between skateboard and skateboarder. We can combine dirt biking, ATV racing, in-line skating, street luge, motorized scooters, and Bulgarian folk dancing. Of course, all this extreme fun requires extreme safety: shoulder pads, goggles, gloves, Bulgarian folk athletic supporters, and rocket boosters, razor wire, grappling hooks, and laser blaster. Then we lock it all together with an indestructible titanium exoskeleton that increases strength, jumping ability, and other physical attributes 100 times, including the senses and folk dancing ability. *Record Scratch* What, you think we should have more Bulgarian-folk-related elements? Oh, less. Less Bulgar— Whoa, I thought we were on the same page, but no, it's cool. Whatever.
  • This exchange:
    Stacy: Then what does the Dangerbil do?
    Candace: I told you, you're my henchman. Hench or something.
    Stacy: Oh, no. You did NOT just tell me to hench.
    Candace: Fine, just watch my bike.
  • "And so...everything...pretty out...I guess. Narrator guy is out! Peace!"
  • When Linda says "Let's go home for snacks" and the ENTIRE CITY comes with them.
  • "Save my baby!" Blink and you'll miss Monogram's deep voice running across the screen.
    • Then there's the Beak actually saving Baljeet (or trying to):
  • Phineas trying to cover when Isabella shows up unexpectedly:
    Phineas: "Nothing! I mean, Hi, Isabella. We're not doing...nothing!"
  • Candace's response to Isabella. Doubles as an Awesome Moment for sheer deadpan:
    Isabella: Phineas is the Beak?!
    Candace: Hey! You just earned your "A-Der!" Patch.

She's the Mayor

  • The Crazy Old Coot. Especially his last appearance in the episode.
    Old Coot: New Law! If You find any gold, it's mine!
    Crowd: Hooray for finding gold being a metaphor for... oh wait, I think we're supposed to take that literally.
  • This:
    Guy: Look! A perfect metaphor that we should return to simpler times and values!
    Candace: That's not exactly what I meant.
    Guy: HA! A perfect metaphor for how history teaches us about our future!
    Candace: That's pretty good but no.
    Guy: It's a metaphor for...
    Candace: Not everything is a metaphor!
  • The boys deciding to build an old-fashioned pioneer town by hand, which starts with them struggling to cut through a log with a band-saw while a painfully slow version of the Quirky Worky Song plays.
  • Candace's spectacular Hypocritical Humor moment:
    Candace: No, Mom; I'm not crazy! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Lemonade Stand

  • One man gets a little too enthusiastic abotu the lemonade:
    Man: Their lemonade stand is at the grocery store, the book store, and the mall; it's even being served on my favorite airline! Yeah! OH YEAH! WOO! WOOO! LEMONADE! In your face, orange juice! BOOYAH! That's right! BOO-YA! LEMONADE! AH!
    Phineas: Okay... No more for that guy.
  • The ending:
    Vanessa: Hey Dad, I just got some great lemonade form the new stand on the street. It's really sour on the- (Suddenly slips) Oh!
    Doofenshmirtz: Ah! Aw! That smarts, Perry the Platypus!
    Vanessa: Uh Dad, you know he's not here right?
    Doofenshmirtz: Yeah I know, but I'm sure it's his fault.
  • While Candace is trying to see who might accompany her to the mall by checking the contacts on her phone:
    Candace: (Jeremy's picture appears) Jeremy? No, I can't talk about Jeremy to Jeremy. (Stacy's picture appears) Mad at Stacy. (Jenny's picture appears) Jenny? Pigeons. (Linda's picture appears) Mom? No way. (Buford's picture appears) Yuck! How did he even get in here?! Delete! (deletes Buford's contact) Okay, who else? Jeremy, Stacy, Jenny, Mom. Jeremy, Stacy, Jenny, Mom. Jeremy, Stacy, Jenny, Mom. Jeremy, Stacy, Jenny, Mom....(a logo that says 'No other contacts' appears on the screen) GASP! How can I only have four friends?! And one of them's my MOM!!!!
  • Candace sees her mother in one direction and Stacy in another, and the need to choose between busting her brothers or making up with her friend breaks her brain:
    Candace: Mom! Stacy! Mom! Stacy! Mom! Stacy! Stom! Macy! Stop it! Mulberry! Shish kebab! Wolverine! Marmalade! Hominahaa...
  • Doof's file photo during the newsreel he shows Perry, especially when he says, "I was sick that day." and "Yeah, that picture's gonna haunt me."

Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation

  • This:
    Lawrence: Oh, I can't wait to wipe out!
    Linda: Dear, wipe out means falling off the board.
    Lawrence:Yes, I know.
    Candace: Well there's only one thing I'm saying hello-ha to! Relaxing! And taking a break from trying to bust Phineas and Ferb.
    (The rest of the family stares at her.)
    Candace: What? It's hard work!
  • This:
    Man holding a woman's hand: If this wasn't meant to be, someone give me a sign?
    Candace: (Slams into the window)
    Man: Well that's good enough for me. This single guy is out, peace!
  • Candace falling down a waterfall for about ten seconds straight.
  • Candace getting stuck bouncing on the spot on an escalator, and pausing her exclamations of pain to say, "Oh, there you are, Perry".
  • Doof and Perry being (apparently) stranded on a desert island. Doof quickly begins losing it:
    Doofenshmirtz: "Just because were stranded on a desert island doesn't mean we have to break our usual routine. Because then the Tiki gods would win!"
    Perry: (Aside Glance)

Nerds of a Feather

  • Doof N Puss.
    • In SOUND!
    • Tonight's episode: "Ham on Rye, Hold the Mayor"
    • Just one of the scenes:
    R.I.C.K. (Major Monogram): I'm detecting some strange out-of-character behavior from our mayor recently which has me concerned. Here he is from a news report a year ago. Notice how he waves. It goes side to side, see? Again, side to side. Now here's footage from just two days ago. Watch. See, his hand goes up... and then he transforms into a wolf with fiery red eyes and runs howling into the misty night.
    Doofenshmirtz: Now that you've mentioned it, that is unusual for him.
  • A Shout-Out to the Star Trek films and the pattern of their quality (even numbered: good, odd numbered: poor).
  • The Speckies "transporting" Ferb out of their secret lair in the bathroom.
  • At the beginning of the massive battle:
    Candace: All I have to do is get over there without drawing too much attention to myself.
    (On the next scene...)
    Baljeet: Charge!!!
    Candace in Ducky Momo costume: Quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack.
    (As Candace in the Ducky Momo costume walks slowly between the two armies, everyone stops charging and just stares at her. When she realizes what's happening she pauses for a beat to stare back at them, and then walks on.)
    Candace in Ducky Momo costume: Quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack-quack...
    (The moment she finally walks past the end of their lines, the charge resumes.)
  • Irving & Baljeet are analyzing the monster that's attacking the convention:
    Irving: What is that thing?!
    Baljeet: (holding up a black box) I do not know! Those readings make no sense!
    Irving: That's a pencil sharpener.
    Baljeet: How is that information helpful at this juncture?!
  • This:
    Phineas: To quote Lump Sharkboard from Space Adventure 16...glorf.
    Angelic Choir: GLORF!
  • Ferb being able to sneak past the speckies just by hiding under a piece of cloth. (And it doesn't even hide him completely!)

Wizard of Odd

  • Everyone claiming that Suzy is dead, despite the fact that Suzy says that she's still alive.
    • The best part is after Isabella gives the red rubber boots to Candace and Suzy whines "Now my feet are cold!"
  • The B-U-S-T-E-D! parody in the credits- R-U-S-T-E-D, you are rusted!
    Bear: (sitting at the bottom of a tree) Yes, yes I do.
  • "I want nothing."
  • Jeremy as a tree.
    Jeremy: Could ya leave the lumberjack alone?
    Jeremy: That's OK. I know I'm a tree.
    Jeremy: My treeee-relaaaaated wiiiiish!
    • Candace throwing away the Tin-Man the instant she sees Jeremy.
    • What Phineas says in response.
    "The problem with you is you're completely delusional."
  • In the credits, its hidden due to how funny Rusted is, but when it gets to Doof's character, it says Doofenwitch, the witch part which has been scribbled out and replaced with a hand writter "WARLOCK!"
  • Candace and Perry are stuck in a spider-web, about to be disintegrated by Doof:
    Candace: Perry, I'm sorry I got you into this! Don't worry about me; save yourself!
    Perry: (immediately cuts himself free)
    Candace: Well, if it's that easy...
  • Doofenwitch ("Not witch, it's warlock!") finally manages to get the red rubber boots and starts singing about it. Then, with no warning whatsoever, he gets crushed by a house with Dorothy and Toto inside.
    • And how does he get the boots? Ferb uses a red rubber shoehorn.

We Call it Maze

  • This:
    Doofenshmirtz: Welcome to my evil SPACE STATION! STATION, STATION...COOKIE! STATION... Wait, did you hear that? The "cookie" part? I think my echo must be broken.
    Doofenshmirtz: ...and with this Tiltinator and I'm gonna do it all in space! SPACE... SPACE... COOKIE... SPACE... There, there it was again? Did you hear that? My second to last echo is broken, I'm going to have that checked.
    Buford: Hey, I never got my metaphor cheese! cheese, cheese...wombat! cheese... Hmm. My echo must be broken.
  • Which calls back to this:
    Buford: I am to metaphor cheese as metaphor cheese is to transitive-verb crackers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!

  • This bit:
    Candace: But you were Lindana and you wanted to have fun!
    Linda: Well, now I'm Linda and I wanna stir broth.
  • After Lawrence as "Max Modem" makes his big entrance, everyone backstage starts out reluctant, but they all end up convincing themselves that they've heard of him.
  • Perry vs. the automated -inator. "You cannot defeat me, Perry the Platypus. Doctor Doofenshmirtz has programmed me with all of his knowledge of you." (Perry removes hat) "Perry the Platypus, where did you go?"
  • This bit:
    Candace: "Woo-hoo! I just sang backup for Lindana!"
    Linda: "Oh you can call me 'Mom,' sweetie."
    Candace: "I just sang backup for Mom... nah, just doesn't have the same ring to it."
    • Made even funnier by the fact that the backup singers, who were girls, sounded male.
  • Doofenshmirtz getting up on a literal soap box during his speech.
  • You are being invaded! From space! by invaders! From space!
    • The people of Danville have a lot of questions about the regime change. Doofenshmirtz spends most of his attempt at a threatening speech explaining how health care will change.
  • Doofenshmirtz mentions a Noodle Incident involving forgetting to open his roof and something called The Diarrhoea-inator. One can only imagine just how disgusting that became...

The Secret of Success

  • When Candace wakes Stacy up:
    Stacy: It's not my ferret!
  • The literal Cutaway Gag during the song.
    • Speaking of songs, there's Doof's song during the telethon.
  • Lawrence's reaction to the telethon is priceless.
    Lawrence: This is a brilliant work of satire. It's my new favorite show!

The Doof Side of the Moon

  • How Perry escapes from his trap.
  • The scene where Candace meets Albert. And most scenes with them after that as well.
  • Doof's Insane Troll Logic scheme, and the ending.
  • The sight gag in the elevator room: a line in the middle of the room with a sign reading "No O2 above this line".
    • There's another in that same room - in almost every shot in the 'No O2' room, you can spot a mouse hole. The building was built less than an hour previously, which means that the hole was either included in the plans or somebody just thought it would look good there. The inherent silliness of this is always worth a smile.
  • "Would an idiot build... this?! Wait, wait, not that, that's just a cork with a jellybean taped to it. But don't judge it, it's a layered idea!"

Split Personality

  • This:
    Busting Candace: Have you seen the other Candace?
    Phineas: We just saw her! She's driving away with Mom!
    Busting Candace: (Squeals like a pig for a minute before chasing Loving Candace)
    Phineas: If the molecular separator doesn't just disappear when this is over, we should really consider destroy it.
    Ferb: Agreed.
  • Who could forget this after Doofenshmirtz blasts the Lookawayinator, we get this for Phineas and Ferb:
    Phineas: What are we staring at?
    Ferb: I have no idea.
  • This bit:
    (Busting Candace notices the happy one dancing around her room)
    Busting Candace: OMG! (pulls out her cell phone) Mom, Phineas & Ferb made me!
    Linda: I'm pretty sure I have stretch marks that say otherwise.
  • "I want to sing!!"
    • The jolly chuckle that follows this is a CMoF in itself.

Brain Drain

  • Phineas vs. Phineas. Epic win/fail.
    Phineas: I'm kicking my own butt!
  • Doofenshmirtz uses his de-voilition-ator to put Perry under his control...and has him repeatedly eat gum off the floor.
  • Candace's plans for the day:
    Candace: "I can spend all day on my Jeremy scrapbook, or I could work on Jeremy: the Board Game, or I could go to the mall and watch Jeremy work from my hiding place behind the Weave-and-Wig! The possibilities are endless!"
  • The last time Doof picked Vanessa up from school:
  • Doofenshmirtz apparently got a Visigoth to impress his daughter's punk friends.

Rollercoaster: The Musical!

  • Doofenshmirtz rips off his lab coat to a tight pair of leather pants and a tank top (with gut protruding in between) to start his musical number, cut back to the utterly HORRIFIED look on Perry's face.
  • This part:
    Linda: I'll be in the dairy section if you want to yell at some cheese. Would you like that, honey? Would you like to yell at some cheese?
    Candace: A little.
    Linda: Well, come on then.
    • Then comes the scene when she actually yells at some cheese.
  • Like the original Rollercoaster episode, Ferb steps up to the mic, taps it, and stands for a few seconds. But then he does an impromptu dance routine out of nowhere. This is never spoken of again.
  • During the credits, Monogram is annoyed that his song was cut off twice during the episode. After Carl convinces him to try again (citing the last song, Carpe Diem), Monogram begins to sing only for the credits to end.
    Monogram: Aw, c'mon!

Make Play

  • Pretty much everything Candace says.
    Candace: Wow. I've been given all this power and how I've chosen to use it is to run through gold coins barefoot. I'm a genius!
  • When the princess meets Jeremy.
    Princess Baldegunde: Hello, cute blond boy with guitar!
    Jeremy: (nervously) Hi...cute redhead...talkin' funny...
  • This episode has one of Doofenshmirtz's sadder backstories as he details the day he finally realized that he would always been The Unfavorite. That said, it's also the backstory where he unironically narrates a story about his boyhood self at a claw machine like a chivalric epic.

Candace Gets Busted

  • Just about anything Doof says, especially when he is picking dialogue for other things/people to say:
    "Sheila, I love you, but you need to disarm this bomb."
    "I'm a condominium, I'm just standing here."
    "I am a dry-cleaning wheel. WHY DO I EXIST?"
    • If you pause just after that part you can read the 'locations' on it. One of the pieces says "skirt".
  • Near the end:
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh, Vanessa, thank goodness you're here! A platypus has tied me up in my own pants!
    Vanessa: How did my life get to a point where that is not a strange sentence to me?
    Doofenshmirtz: [glares] "I'm your daughter. I will stop being sarcastic and untie you."
  • How can you not mention Lawrence's shower-hat, and the epic henpecked husband joke it sets up?
    Lawrence:: Would you like to yank my chain?
    Linda: Yes. Yes, I would. (pulls the chain on his hat)
  • The entire sequence after Phineas wonders, "I wonder where the party went?" and Ferb replies, "Someplace nice, I hope." First we get the cut-away gag to reveal that the party had been zapped into Doof's pants, and then his decidedly calm "Well obviously something's amiss". The best part was, undoubtedly:
    Doofenshmirtz: Let me check me check my undesirable location wheel. Stonehenge, Burbank... my pants? note 
    • Even funnier if you know that the show is producednote  in Burbank, CA.
  • Near the start, Major Monogram give Perry his mission over his watch while he's next to Doof, and the two get into a shouting match.
    Monogram: Get him, Agent P, and good luck.
    Doofenshmirtz: Thank you!
    Monogram: Not you!
    Doofenshmirtz: Too late, I'm lucky now!

    Season 3 
The Great Indoors


  • Jeremy asleep on the couch. Seeing Candace's normally calm and unflappable boyfriend like that is hilarious.
  • This from when Doofenshmirtz's Combine-inator ends up fusing Phineas and Ferb together, just when Phineas and Isabella are about to go see a movie together:
    Isabella: Oh, my, gosh.
    Phineas: Hey! Does this mean we can all go now?
    Ferb: Yes. Yes it does.
  • The triple-scoop roach cone. "So cold..."
  • This exchange, after Perry is hit with the Combine-inator and fused with a toolbox:
    Doofenshmirtz (who's fused with Norm): I think we're in trouble.
    Norm: Sure, now it's "we".
  • This exchange:
    (Doof and Norm get fused with a refrigerator.)
    Norm: (opening the fridge door) Would you like a frosty beverage?
    Doofenshmirtz: (slams the fridge door shut) Hey, that's private!
  • The reveal that Stacy knew all along Candace had literally been stuck to Jeremy. There's just something in her tone that makes it hilarious.
    Stacy: By the way, the best part was when you used him as a table. Busted!

Run, Candace, Run

  • When Candace is wearing Phineas and Ferb's running shoes, a couple who are interested in Doofenshmirtz's building after him having to give it up because he can't afford the payments, are out on the patio, and are about to accept when all of a sudden Candace comes out of nowhere as a blur running from one side of the building to the other and crossing to the other, accidentally taking the wife with her. The guy is so weirded out by whatever just happened that he decides they're going to check out some other neighborhoods.

Last Train to Bustville

  • Phineas and Ferb giving an Opening Shout-Out.
    Phineas: Wow, a dodo bird! What's next on the list Ferb?
    Ferb: [crosses "dodo bird" of a list] Frankenstein's brain.
    Buford: Yeah, that was in my balloon.
  • The "Give Up" song is a bunch of Funny Moments wrapped up in one big Funny Moment.
    ”That’s right, I never even suited up, folks!
    ”I threw the baby out with the bathwater!
    “I forgot the Alamo!”
    “I’m not even going for the bronze!”
  • The awkward silence between Lawrence and Clyde.
  • The forced perspective gag.
  • Pretty much the entire sequence of Dr. Doofenshmirtz being chased by the dodo bird. Especially the beginning, when he sets it off by insulting it and Perry just stands there, watching in bemusement.
    Doof: You're gonna have to wait in like Perry the Platypus. First I gotta deal with this: it looks like a turkey! It's like Thanksgiving!
    Dodo: <gets mad and starts bicycle kicking him> "NARG NARG NARG!"
  • "I do not know why you even brought the swordfish!"
  • The chicken that ends up following Perry into his lair:
    Major Monogram: "You there! Weren't you listening? Go make some eggs!"

Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama!

  • This:
    Phineas: Cool! It's like a birthday adventure! But hey, where's Ferb?
    (scene goes to outside, where Ferb puts on Perry's hat and walks out the fence)
    Background singers: Ferb!
  • "My Blow-Itself-Up-inator!" *boom*
  • Pretty much all of the extra clips put into each clip montage that weren't part of any previous episodes. Like the image of evil Lawrence and Linda imitating Candace's laugh.
  • The entirety of Baljeet's compilation.
  • The domino effect of utter chaos that occurs because of the video-beam-hijack-non-inator hitting the instructional video.
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh great, you broke it! Now the non-inator is pointing in the ''wrong direction! The wrong direction!
    (Cut to a man working on pipes while watching an instructional video)
    Man on video: When fixing pipes, make sure the arrow is pointing in—
    (The non-inator's ray zaps the TV)
    Doofenshmirtz on TV:the wrong direction! The wrong direction! The wrong direction I tell you!
    (Pipe builds up and explodes)
  • Isabella using "the magic of digital editing" to make Phineas' voice say various things, like "We'll be together forever, Isabella" or propose marriage to her. Even funnier since Candace walks in on her doing this.
  • Phineas having flashbacks to various clips and the other characters asking if they were supposed to see something.
  • The montage of odd sentences.
  • "...I guess I could buy a candy bar."
  • The end credits of Candace shouting "MOM!" to the theme song.
    Candace: Mom! Phineas and Ferb are digitally tuning my voice!
  • Candace's whole insane gauntlet trying to get the incriminating DVD home is a combination of this and Awesome. For once, she makes it.
    Kid: "...Can I have your autograph?"

The Belly of the Beast

  • This bit:
    Captain: That one's got some wind in her sails.
  • Baljeet and Buford as the shark of Danville Harbor.
  • The expository sea shanty that is part In-Universe historical folktale, part word salad, and part biology lesson about sharks: Though technically a vertebrate, they're cartilaginous.
  • "Ha ha! I caught you while you were flashing back to your escape!"
  • The Captain's long rant about the shark that ate his leg. You'll believe that one of the greatest animosities in literary history was between Sitcom Arch Nemeses.
    Captain: That shark's a mean one alright. Took me leg to pick his teeth up, he drives alone in the carpool lane, he threw poor Timmy down the well, and he won’t give up his seat for little old ladies on the bus...

Moon Farm

  • Baljeet gets into an argument with the singer of "Lunar Taste Sensation" over whether or not it's his fault that they didn't have any marshmallows for rocky road ice cream.
    • "Baljeet, could you please stop arguing with the soundtrack?"
    • On top of all of that, when the song repeats for the credits, we're treated to this exchange:
    Disembodied Reggae Space Voice: We left the marshmallows at home. I blame Baljeet.
    Baljeet: Hey, I thought we discussed this earlier!
    Disembodied Reggae Space Voice: It's in the lyrics, man!
  • Buford trying to get a cow to say "Moon".
  • When Doof tries to get help with growing his plants, he tells us how the store owner yelled at him because he doesn't have a green thumb, he should stop asking him questions, and "My mere presence in the store was killing his plants".
  • Doof's face when he realizes that "green thumb" is a metaphor.
    • Also when he realizes that his neighbor's garden is really a plastic display.
      • Followed shorty by a jetpack-induced wedgie when he insists that he doesn't need help looking like a fool.
  • Candace and Stacy's increasingly screwed-up attempts at making lamb cobbler. And when Stacy tries applying some Oven Logic... it actually works, producing a perfect lamb cobbler.
    • And then Stacy lampshades this, pointing out they didn't even add any lamb into it.

Ask a Foolish Question

  • The song:
    Our song is synchronic, not the least bit ironic. What you hear is exactly what you see
  • Candace's reaction to Mom's frizzed out (and blonde) hairdo after she comes home is just priceless.
  • The reactions to the supercomputer's town-wide scan.
    Norm: "Get out of my head!"
    • The CAT Scan Technician:
    Tech: (takes out her phone, completely deadpan) "Hospital worker's union?"
    • The teens partying in the junkyard:
    Partygoer: Between that and the random laser drills, this is like the second best mid-day scrapyard rave ever!
  • Why does everything explode so easily?
  • "I could tell he was laughing. Y'know, that way gophers laugh."

Misperceived Monotreme

  • The scene when Irving gets hit by Doofenshmirtz's Least-Likely-inator. He flirts with Isabella.
  • The Disney Acid Sequence that is the fun house. And when Candace is hit by the Least-Likely-inator and starts cleaning it up, she is accompanied by the music sped up and in reverse.
  • Doof's fight with the mindless platypus who was mistaken for Perry.
  • This exchange:
    Monogram: Oh... the Marsh Maneuver! I haven't seen one of those since 1974!
    Carl: '74? You had a perm back then!
  • Doof: Oh, I see what you're doing. You're messing with my head. Trying to get into my mind. Walk around in there, rearrange the furniture, maybe repaint the kitchen!

Candace Disconnected

  • Dance Baby will completely crack you up, especially if you don't see it coming at all the first time it happens (and you likely won't).
    • Even if you don't bust up laughing, there, you will once you see/hear the actual lyrics. Case in point: "Never eat a cactus if you're out of practice".
  • Doofenshmirtz getting interrupted at the end of the episode:
    Doofenshmirtz: CURSE YOU, PERRY THE— (phone rings and he answers it) Hello? Oh, hi, Vanessa. Yes that was my -inator. Listen honey, I'm in the middle of something, hold on one second. (yells) —PLATYPUS! (to Vanessa) So, how was class?
  • Norm's sarcastic prototype head has some pretty amusing lines.
  • Monogram trying to figure out text messaging.
  • Vanessa's reaction to being carried away by the "Pick-Em-Up-Inator"...
  • While testing the transportation function, Phineas has Isabella stand outside the garage and teleports to her location. She positions herself so that they're literally nose-to-nose when he arrives. He doesn't react at all.
    • "Dang it!"
  • "Doofenshmirtz's BASEMENT."
  • The phone's Rimshot app.
  • Candace didn't realize she still had the teleporting phone on her when she told Phineas that she would have to bust him "for making her go to Timbuktu".
    Phone: Timbuktu Located!
    Candace: Meap! (Dissapears)
    Phineas: She's gonna miss pie.
    (Candace reappears on top of a Mosque in Timbuktu)

Magic Carpet Ride

  • Perry's complete deadpan in response to seeing Lawrence and the boys fly past, riding on the living room floor was fantastic. You'll believe a platypus can be the Only Sane Man.
  • Stacy's reactions to Candace's belief in fortune cookies are all gold:
    Candace: "What do you say now, Miss Doubty McNonbelief?"
    Stacy: "Why am I suddenly Irish?"
  • "Aerial Area Rug" parodies all the Award-Bait Song conventions, as the singer can't seem to decide whether this new perspective is better or worse than the view from the ground.

Bad Hair Day

  • Shot in the Butt with a Dart will elicit a few giggles, if for no other reason than the abrupt ending— but if you watch the video of it, you can see exactly how accurate Doof was with the "17 seconds" crack.
  • Carl's traumatized reaction to spending time in Doof's basement.
    Carl: I saw a rat give a SNAIL!
  • Monogram messing with Carl's head by touching Carl's ear, leading him to a believe that there was a brown recluse on him was worth a chuckle.
  • The out-of-nowhere shout out to Full Metal Jacket of all things.

Meatloaf Surprise

  • The weird bird. It was amusing anyway, but Perry's reaction sealed the deal.
  • There's quite a bit about the Meatloaf song. It becomes absurdly hilarious to ponder what lyrics are being used in such a music style and the surrealist pictures help.
  • Phineas's inspirational speech, with newspaper (one of which sticks onto Phineas's body for a moment), a bird, and a sink blowing past in the background. And him ending the speech with, "Where's Perry?"
    • Not to mention we see that the windy effect is being generated artificially by Ferb with an electric fan.
  • There's a callback to the episode Bubble Boys where, omce the giant floating bouncehouses take flight, Baljeet tells Buford that they are going to float around "like little woodland pixies." Apparently Baljeet reminds him of this regularly as Buford states that he's "never going to let [him] live that down."

Phineas and Ferb Interrupted

  • The Blueprints song, all of it, really, from Candace and Buford being so oddly cheerful, to the ending with Doof as Uncle Sam and Perry as Lady Liberty...
    • Perry's scowl during his and Doof's portion of the song (which is only made funnier by the latter's goofy expression during the same number).
  • The surveillance footage from the beginning is a great Continuity Nod, after the "We've got hours of that" gag from back in "Misperceived Monotreme" - the whole, 'we've got surveillance cameras planted in every square inch of Doof's building' thing (including the bathroom) - but it gets even better when you realize that this time Heinz is singing "He's a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of ACTION!"
  • The fact that Dull-and-Boring!Phineas is utterly fascinated by completely random stuff.
    "Hey Ferb, did you ever notice that the sidewalk is filled with little sparkly bits?"
  • The ending, with Dynamic Linda.
    What do you do when hunger attacks?
    Fill your stomach up to the max
    Not talking Tough Gum
    Don't ever shirk from
    How would you like some snacks?
  • Baljeet's idea for getting Candace down:
    Baljeet: "Don't worry. Pretty soon the fuel will run out."
    (everyone stares at him)
    Baljeet: "Oh, and then she will fall to...yeah."
  • How about the fact that Perry had gone to Doof's lab three times in one episode? The first time was before the episode started and destroyed the Dull-And-Boring Ray; second time was rebuilding it to a Dynamic Ray after Phineas and Ferb were hit; and the third time was when he realized Linda was hit with the Dynamic Ray and had to rebuild the Dull-And-Boring Ray again!

A Real Boy

  • The song that plays as Norm is starting his day. It's so wacky and off-kilter, yet cheerful as can be... much like the show itself. Norm's perpetual grin and love of making "crunchy eggs" makes the whole thing even more hysterical.
  • Candace and Stacy's exchange about her hypnotism plan.
    Stacy: Why do you want to do this, Candace?
    Candace: I have to meet Jeremy in the park today, but I can't go unless I get this busting out of my head!
    Stacy: But hypnotism? It's just so 1843 of you.
    Candace: 1843?
    Stacy: You know, 1843 when James Brade published the "Rationale of Somnambulism" in which he invented the term "hypnotism", named after the Greek god, Hypnos.
    Candace (in a stunned tone) How do you even know that?
    Stacy: It's written on your poster. Apparently, he also invented the comb-over. Freaky.
    Candace: (still stunned) Why would I have bought that poster?
  • Candace managing to show her mom Phineas and Ferb's big project... only for Linda to get repeatedly shot by Doof's "Forget-About-It-Inator".
  • Doof and Perry awkwardly trying and failing to not look at the audience after Doofenshmirtz exclaims " but this isn't a sitcom, Perry the Platypus, this is real life!"

Mommy Can You Hear Me?

  • A blink-and you miss-it gag in the end creditsnote  you'll notice that it says "Featuring the Russian vocal stylings of Swampysky Marshkarov."note 

Road Trip

  • Candace sleep-busting.
  • The boys building a truck stop on the roof of their RV.
  • The episode's variation on the "Aren't you a little young...?" gag has Phineas pointing out that age really isn't the issue, presumably referring to the fact that the man is delivering this stuff onto the roof of a moving RV.
  • Doof attempting to use a radio system.
  • Lawrence pushes everything into hilarity. Repeatedly.
    Lawrence: (while listening to the tape "Trucker Songs: 1975-1975") Oh, play track three, it's the one where a group of truckers take down a corrupt police force using only their trucks and their saucy colloquialisms!
    • Lawrence's best moment has to be when Candace drags Linda to the roof of the RV to see the boys' diner, which is, of course, gone. Lawrence pops his head out the sunroof and asks, "What are we looking at?" However, he was supposed to be driving the RV at the time. Candace and Linda's Aside Glance is what sells it.
  • When Candace discovers the truck stop, she starts her usual rant on busting them...while acting as a waitress. And then going through an entire musical montage being the waitress before slow realization hits her.
    • Somehow the very slowness of that realization just gets funnier and funnier every second it draws out...
    • Her whole surly waitress act is great, but especially this exchange:
    Candace: "There's bacon."
    Trucker: "Is the bacon good?"
    Candace: "It's bacon."

Tour de Ferb

  • Baljeet refuses to participate in a bike race. Why? All of his ancestors fell prey to a tiger attack during the event.
    • His great-grandfather fell into a tiger pit.
    • His grandfather deftly avoided the tiger pit. The tiger wasn't in the pit.
    • His father covered himself in a tiger proof cage. Well, tiger-proof when the tiger isn't following behind with a bicycle and a blowtorch.
    • Baljeet himself participates in a bike race in Danville, where Phineas and Ferb have, for some reason, installed a tiger-repellent on City Hall. It was low on battery, and a tiger mauled Greg LeMond.
  • This:
    Phineas: Come on, Baljeet! Don't let a little thing like all your male ancestors getting mauled by tigers during a bicycle race get you down.
    • Before that, Phineas is explaining how the bikes are modified to get them through rough terrain:
    Baljeet: "What about tiger attacks?"
  • Basically all of Baljeet's exchanges with Greg LeMond:
    LeMond: "Hi, Baljeet. I'm Greg LeMond, the first American cyclist to win the Tour de France. Three times, actually."
    Baljeet: "So, like, recently?"
    LeMond: "That's not the point."
    • Greg LeMond proceeds to repeatedly show up throughout the race acting like at each setback Baljeet wants to quit, despite the fact that Baljeet spends the rest of the race extremely fired up to win. Greg doesn't notice.
    • Greg LeMond trying to steal the race from Baljeet at the end because he inspired himself to win.

Skiddley Whiffers

  • The absurdly direct Skiddley Whiffers commercial:
    Narrator: (singing) "It's every bit as great as we have advertised! If you don't own a copy you'll be ostracized in schoooool! Skiddley Whiffers is coooool!"
  • All of the ridiculous (moreso than usual) scenarios Perry was shoved into (being forced into a shirt with Carl in a heart on it and a bear suit, among others).
    • And Doofenshmirtz's reaction to Perry showing up in the Carl shirt:
    Doof: (casually) "Oh hey, man; nice threads."
  • The following exchange:
    Vanessa: (upon seeing Perry dressed as a bear, trying to scare the campers) Really, Perry? Really? I expected better of you.
    Perry: *hangs head in shame*
  • This:
    Candace: Mom, mom, mom! Look what Phineas and Ferb built!
  • "You know, fire is the leading cause of fire!"
  • Phineas and Ferb's revelation of the pieces:
    Phineas: "I suppose you're wondering why we asked you out here today."
    Buford: "Yes. Yes we are."
    Phineas: "Behold!"
    (unveils the giant game pieces)
    Buford: "...That doesn't clear anything up for me."
    Isabella: "I don't care what it is, the hair-dryer is mine."
  • Baljeet rolling a one:
    Baljeet: "It's going to be a long day."
    • Before that, when he draws the unicorn piece:
    Baljeet: "You know real unicorns are pink! I am just saying..."

My Fair Goalie

  • The numerous dramatic zooms. DUN DUN DUN!
  • Buford "correcting" Ferb's British cousins on identifying a football.
    • Made even more hilarious when he shows up to the match wearing a helmet and shoulder pads, then tackles Ferb's cousins throughout it.
  • "I once saw Ferb play an entire game of soccer using a pumpkin, and he didn't even break it! To this day, his motivation for doing so remains shrouded in mystery."
  • "'Anglophile'? I thought your family was from Wisconsin!"
  • "Philosophers... get a job, thinky-boy!"
  • "British curses are very specific!"
  • Eliza's song on proper manners suddenly transforming into a heavy metal number with Eliza playing an electric guitar.
  • Candace's thought on practicing posture by balancing books on your head: "I don't get it. Do polite people not have bookshelves in your country?"
  • How about Jeremy finally catching on and messing with Candace's head? He gets some grade-A snarking in before she decides 'To heck with it' and abandons her latest ploy to impress him. It's actually rather heartwarming in its own right.
  • This episode shows just how special the Doof - OWCA relationship is. Doof has to call OWCA sick in case he has a flu.
    • He might not have to call in. He takes the nemesis relationship very seriously, and probably calls in sick to be polite. So Perry doesn't waste his time while Doof isn't being evil.
  • Apparently, the creator of soccer X-7, Professor Ross Eforp, was forced into hiding due to "Palindrome Scandal!"
  • "Nostrils on the bus!"
  • Lawrence's victory dance.
    Lawrence: I'm awesome, you're not! I'm awesome, you're not!
  • "No, the curse is broken. Sometimes you just miss."
  • During the 'You're totally messing with me!' sequence, you can occasionally see the football game being played in the background. It's just a little thing, but it's hilarious to see Phineas, Ferb, one of the Peles and one of the Beckhams darting past over and over while Candace is learning a 'valuable' lesson.
  • Just after Ferb's cousins question his Britishness, Baljeet shows up to return his cowboy hat, his baseball mitt, his banjo CDs, his American flag leotard, and his bald eagle. And Phineas's sack:
    Phineas: "Cool! Come to papa..."
  • Professor Ross Eforp's first design was actually destroyed by a bird flying into it.


  • Evil Lawrence. That's exactly as funny as it sounds.
    • The boys' reactions to seeing him acting evil in an evil event are amusingly nonchalant.
    Phineas: I think that's dad.
    Ferb: (Beat) What was the topic of his lecture, again?
    Phineas: Hi, Dad!
    (After he's been returned to normal)
    Phineas: So, how did it go, Dad?
    Lawrence: I'm not absolutely sure boys, but I think I just became the king of the pharmacists.
    Phineas: Awesome!
  • All of the Contrived Coincidence in "Bullseye!" makes it all the better. Especially Palindrome Lane and Lawrence's entry in the swimwear competition (...and the fact that he wore his bathing suit to the lecture, actually) "Inspired by the Klimpaloon!"
    Doofenshmirtz: Hey, that's my Make-Everything-Evil-Inator!
    Rodney: No, it's my Make-Everything-Evil-Izer.
    Doofenshmirtz: You're a jerk, you know that?
  • How about Doof forgetting what L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N stands for and dissolving into gibberish? Even better if you've done the same thing with the acronym prior to watching.
    • And especially funny when you remember that he's the one that made the name up in the first place.
  • Candace's reaction to her mom pulling Fake Static. "I hate when she does 'cshhhhhh'!" Somehow, it's not hard to believe that it's happened before.
  • Lawrence's general ineptitude for evil falls squarely between CMOF and Heartwarming. Even he realizes that he's doing things horribly wrong. Rodney and Doof comment on this phenomenon:
    Rodney: I didn't think anyone could be more incompetent at being evil than you.
    Doof: Me neither.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz (unintentionally?) replicating his humiliating video.
    Doof: I thought this was the talent competition!
  • "I'm Dr. Diminutive, and I don't have a Napoleon complex...Napoleon had a me complex!"
    • "I'm Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and I like unicorns and rainbow...hey, who switched my speech!?"
  • You had to see it coming a mile away, but this exchange from the musical number was worth a laugh, too:
    Dr. Diminutive: (He's been disqualified for being too short) You can't do that!
    Singers: YES! WE! CAN!
    Dr. Diminutive: Why?
  • Lawrence popping up through the floor as the evil scientists finish their musical number.
  • Doof effortlessly winning the "Mechanical Mother" round of the competition (especially funny because he's confident that he'll win this one):
    Doof: I am getting married...again! [Mechanical Mother explodes]
  • Blink-and-you'll-miss it; Lawrence actually earns a few points on the swimwear category. Apparently, someone in the audience thought his old-timey swimwear was evil.

That's the Spirit

  • This:
    Baljeet: Actually, there is no scientific evidence for the existence of ghosts.
    Buford: What do you know? You're a daffodil.
    Baljeet: Daisy...
    Buford: Case closed!
  • This little gem:
    Phineas (all in pitch-darkness): Don't panic anyone.
    Isabella (sweetly): How can I panic when I'm holding your hand?
    Buford: I think that's my hand.
    Isabella: EW!
  • The zombies moaning for not only brains but also other organs and cucumber sandwiches.
  • "I'm not a ghost, I'm a sheet that lives!"

The Curse of Candace

  • The epic Twilight spoof. All of it.
    Vampire Jared: We loved each other.
    Kristen: Yes. Yes we did.
    Vampire Jared: We did and—wait a minute, wasn't he wearing a shirt?
    • The name of the Twilight spoof as well: "Early Evening".
    • And near the end of the clip, Vampire Jared turns to dust after the curtains are opened and he's exposed to the sun.
    Werewolf Michael: Whoops, sorry. I opened a window; it was getting stuffy in here.
  • Stacy and an usher casually chat while Candace is being attacked by a bat and rolling around in hysterics.
  • Lawrence watches a horror movie and laments the lack of rock-and-roll musical numbers. Also an epic Actor Allusion.
  • Irving pops over the fence to join the line of requests:
    Buford: "How long have you been there?"
    Irving: "I'm not sure. What's today?"
  • We're shown Ferb's version of helping Candace, when she finally finds the boys (which is an awesome Call-Back to "Greece Lightning", by the way).
    Ferb: Sounds like a vampire to me. (Starts walking away)
  • Candace being afraid (for good reason) of villagers.
  • Gimmelschtump!Jeremy, oh goodness, his accent.
    Jeremy: (holding Candace's mp3 player) Vat about your music box mit ze Tiny Cowboy?
  • The hilarious lampshading:
    Phineas: I know what you mean, Ferb. It does seem like more than 104 days.
  • Candace inexplicably disintegrating after exposure to the sun right after Phineas insists that she won't.
    Phineas: (beat) Ferb, we're gonna need a dustpan and some glue.
  • Doofenshmirtz going to use the bathroom, only to remember he used his Gimmelschtump-inator on it. Then, when Perry destroys the inator, Doofenshmirtz starts to yell his Catchphrase, only to stop and say "Oh, never mind!" after his bathroom turns back to normal.

Escape from Phineas Tower

  • After Phineas and Ferb lock themselves in the tower:
    Baljeet: Legally speaking, what is our liability here?
  • Isabella, Buford and Baljeet talking about how worried they are in a totally uncaring tone of voice, all while covering the sleeping Candace in whipped cream and cards.

Lotsa Latkes

  • The Stinger.
  • While it's not overly funny in and of itself, the premise and presentation of the song was absolutely hilarious. It's a show tune devoted to Buford and Baljeet's status as "Frenemies".
  • This little exchange:
    Isabella: Why did you install a hot tub in this [the potato maker]?
    Phineas: I think the real question is 'Why wouldn't we?'
  • The ending of the episode itself, after Ferb's obligatory line. Earlier in the episode, there was a throwaway gag about a list of "S words seldom used by children" (it's not what you're thinking). At the end of the episode, Phineas uses another word on the list and it's just something about Ferb's absolute deadpan as he crosses it off that makes it hilarious.

Ferb Latin

  • The normally inexpressive Norm doing an Eye Take and his mouth falling off when Dr. Doofenshmirtz informs him that he does, in fact, have a self-destruct button.
  • "Hey... where's... Spatula?"
  • The kids practicing saying "goodbye" in Ferb Latin, which involves blowing raspberries. For several seconds straight. Made funnier when Irving shows up randomly to join in.
  • "I don't think we have anything to say to each other! Not after the..." *sniffle* "...JAZZ HANDS!"note 
  • When Norm walks out through the wall (right next to the door):
    Doofenshmirtz: "And when you come back, use the door!" (to Perry) "He gets that from you, you know."

A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas

Tri-Stone Area

  • The fact that this episode works as well as it does is hysterical. Nearly every Once an Episode gag appears, and without a single word of any proper language, you can follow all of it. This is a show that's proud to be Strictly Formula.
  • The caveman speak is amusing.
    "(Gasp) Canduk mak a foomfa!"
  • Caveman!Doof watching the drops fall on rocks and going into hysterics. It's so utterly dumb, but it's impossible not to laugh at.
  • Mog tells Can-Tok she's in charge. She in turn tells her brothers:
    Can-Tok: Phinabunk and Gerb! Can-tok in charga!
    Phinabunk: Can-Tok in charga? (pointing upward) Du mhakka satellakkah?
  • All of Dan and Swampy's photo animation scenes. Especially the end, when they realize they need their Once an Episode song and make one up on the spot, which eventually turns into a caveman version of "Gitchee Gitchee Goo".
    Dan: How about Zu-bu-da-yia, zu-bu-da-yia.'
    Swampy: Do it again.
  • This exchange:
    Gerb: I guess we should wait until tomorrow until we tell them about our new language.
    Phinabunk: Yes, yes we should.

Doof Dynasty


  • The constant Lampshading in the "Epic Monster Battle" song.
  • Carl trying to insert himself into the end of the story as the ultimate hero.
  • Malifishmirtz explains why he wants to take over the Tri-Kingdom area, while walking down an enclosed stone spiral staircase. The first time he enters his voice is muffled, then he exits speaks clearly, goes back into the staircase and is muffled again. He comes out with his hand covering his mouth mumbling into it. Then he says the mumbling is what "I said because I had a gag over my mouth."
  • This exchange:
    Baljeetolas: Your mother said that?
    Bufavalous: She was not a nurturer.
  • Ferb-a-lot's speech.
    "Behold evil wizard Malefishmirtz, I hold the sword Excaliferb. This mystical vorpal blade was given to me by The Lady of the Puddle. Get a good look at it, for it is the instrument of your demise! (The blade of the sword falls off the hilt) Well, uh, okay. So big deal, the end comes off."
  • Literal cliffhanger.
  • Baljeet as Legolas.
    Baljeetolas: If by my bow or by my vast stores of useless knowledge, I may aid you — hey, where is my bow?
    Bufavalous: You left it in the booth.
    Baljeetolas: Oh, excuse me. Well, there it is. (prepares to strike a badass pose when:) Has anyone seen my arrows?
    Bufavalous: Bathroom!
  • Poofenplotz as the troll that guards the bridge.
    Poofenplotz: Do I look like a troll to you?
    Baljeetolas: Do not answer truthfully, it will only enrage her.
  • This bit:
    Candavere: This is a most inopportune time for your infernal hijinks, and for once our sad sweet mother will be heralded to your inpropri- Argh, I can't talk like this anymore! You guys are so busted! Mom!
    Phineas: I don't know about you Ferbalot, but I didn't get any of that.
    • Related — Phineas speaks nothing but modern American English for the entirety of the episode.
  • Baljeetolas trying to explain logic to Bufavalous before giving up and telling him there's pie on the other side of the swamp.
  • Malefishmirtz sending forth his army of Meatlings:
    Malefishmirtz: Rain down on my enemies, and stop them from advancing! And bring me back a newspaper.

Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon

  • This episode has some hilarious running jokes: the fezzes, Isabella's business cards, and the slow clapping.
    "You mean we're not in Egypt? I thought those pyramids were kinda stair-steppy."
    • An expansion on Isabella's business cards gag, later she's revealed to be working with Doof to keep her mother safe (somewhat). After Phineas's 'dirty double-crosser' remark, she hands him a card saying she forgot to give him that one. It reads 'Dirty Double-Crosser'. Phineas then gives the fourth wall a completely deadpan -_- look.
  • Ohio asking why ancient civilizations were always creating stuff like the Corn Colossus.
  • Perry's entrance to the temple.
  • The Fez Dispenser.
  • Baljeet hitting on Isabella's mom.
  • Ohio questioning why the Corn Colossus doesn't turn into popcorn after it gets set on fire, then getting upset when it does so after they destroy it.
  • "Too soon for a Call-Back, Norm."

Monster from the Id

  • Buford giving tours of Candace's mind.
  • The reveal that Candace is afraid of the number 7.
  • What's Doofenshmirtz doing when Perry arrives?
    Doof: (singing) "Eating cereal looks like this!"
  • Irving's Absurd Phobia of the color lavender.
    Irving: (slowly) It can't hurt me anymore.
  • Norm's non-reaction to the Underwear-inator.


  • Phineas and Ferb revealing the "Antius Maximus" ant farm they built, only for the scene to cut to a regular-sized ant farm. Phineas then explains it's just a scale model and reveals the real Antius Maximus just beside them, which causes the others to wonder why they didn't notice it earlier.
  • As a variation of the running gag where a bird flies into Phineas and Ferb's invention, a fly crashes into the regular-sized ant farm.
  • “You know what I like about our friends? We say things like, ‘We’re going to douse you in ant pheromones’, and they’re just like, ‘Okay, whatever.’ They’re so cool.”
  • Buford has no qualms with the aforementioned pheromones. Evidently, it smells like his grandma's house.
    • Later:
    Candace: (after repeatedly getting showered with pheromones) Urgh, tastes like Buford's grandmother's house.
  • "Oh, like you've never tampered with the delicately-balanced yet awesome forces of nature."
  • Candace presses what she thinks is the ant farm's doorbell and gets showered with ant pheromones. Instead of realizing it's not actually a doorbell she keeps right on pressing it, causing her to be doused with so much pheromone the ants adopt her as their queen.
  • One of the objects the Turkey-Inator hits and turns into a roast turkey is... a roast turkey.

The Remains of the Platypus

  • The entire In Medias Res beginning. How does it start? We've got Doofenshmirtz in his underwear (with an evil jingle to go with it; look above), Perry the Butler spinning a giant hamster wheel, Karl locked up in a cage and dressed as a squirrel, a bunch of Buckingham guards and a midget dressed up as an alien dancing to techno music, a strangely bloated Monogram, and Linda delivering Perry's hat to Doof's apartment, reflecting that things couldn't get any weirder.
  • When Carl dressed as a squirrel is caged by Doofenshmirtz, he uses the metaphor of it being like a delivery man dropping a bunch of assorted cheeses on his lawn. When an actual delivery man does just that, Phineas remarks that it's like "a caged guy in a squirrel costume". Both note that they are strange metaphors, but they're standing by them.
  • The Fireside Girls are getting their Flying Delivery Patches again, prompting some delicious snark among them.
  • All of Buford's cheese puns were so gouda.
  • Two words: Bloated. Monogram.
  • After seeing Carl in his "Squirrel Con" suit, Doofenshmirtz comments "aw man, I just sprayed for squirrel men."

Mom's in the House

  • One highlight of this episode is near the end, when one of Doofenshmirtz' extra heads falls off the building and on to the street below. As it questions why it couldn't have disappeared in a puff of smoke before it landed, this happens:
    Extra Doof head: Curse you Pe—
    (The head poofs out of existence)
    Doof looking from above: Well now we'll never get to know what it had to say!!!
  • Candace trying to explain herself to Stacy and completely messing up the phrase.
    Candace: There is a madness to my method!
  • The "Perrytronic" song is a pastiche of the theme song to Gigantor whose lyrics are largely about how it can't literally turn into anything.
    It can assume any form
    Hang on, I'm gonna back-pedal
    There's just one caveat
    It must be big and metal
  • During the "Perrytronic" song, Phineas, Ferb and the gang dramatically make their eyes go in two different directions like Perry does.

Perry the Actorpus

  • Major Monogram giving Perry Puppy-Dog Eyes as he asks him to help Agent S, followed by him lampshading that he can't hold his eyes that way any longer.
  • Doofenshmirtz making derogatory remarks about big bushy mustaches while speaking to Monogram.
  • Candace giving a calm, inspirational speech after noticing Phineas and Ferb's project about being mature and overcoming her desire to bust her brothers, only to end it on the note that she's going to bust them anyway without changing tact. The others at the "Stop the Busting" workshop don't realize what she actually said until she leaves and gives her their full support.
  • The "Half a Day" montage showing how Phineas and Ferb spend their time with Perry, including Ferb holding up Perry so Perry can throw a frisbee back to Phineas with his mouth, followed by Phineas catching the frisbee with his mouth.
  • Doofenshmirtz's regular traps not working on Sergei the Snail, due to Agent S being either small enough to slip through them or sticking to trapdoors with its slime.

Let's Bounce

  • Isabella wonders why they don't just blast themselves with weightlessness. When Candace comes to them citing this as the problem she's been having all morning, Isabella briefly goes Cloud Cuckoo Lander:
    Isabella: just mentioned that, I thought it would be so fun to—
    Baljeet: Not a good time for that.
  • Doof's Unusual Euphemisms as he runs from robotic Abe Lincoln.
    • "He's gonna John Wilkes my Booth! (Beat) What, too soon?"
    • He's gonna emancipate my proclamation!"

Bully Bromance Breakup

  • Phineas slowly going into a Heroic BSoD as Baljeet denies him the opportunity to invent something. Especially the part where they were mountain climbing.
  • Ferb dropping his blueprints in horror when Baljeet first announces that no inventions would be used.
  • The relief it gives Phineas and Ferb when they finally conquer the mountain and have permission to make something.
    Isabella: Phineas, go!
    Phineas: ICE CHALET!!! (runs off at the speed of light)
    Ferb: If we hadn't been able to invent something soon, I was going to scream.
    • Extra funny if you remember exactly how Ferb screams.
    • And just a little bit later:
    Isabella: You need to pace yourself... you're gonna get the bends or something.
  • When they're in the ice chalet:
    Isabella: How are you feeling, Phineas?
    Phineas: (relaxing in a hot tub made of ice) Comin' down now, comin' down.

Quietest Day Ever

  • The kids are wearing full-body ninja outfits. As such, Buford can't tell which direction Phineas is facing.
    Phineas: Good question. (Rolls his eyes around) Left.

The Doonkelberry Imperative

  • The 'Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz' portion. Doofenshmirtz's driving and Perry's reaction made the whole episode.
    • Adding to it is Perry being so scared for his life that he secures himself with several extra seatbelts and later writes out his will.
  • Monogram's talking letter. Especially seeing Perry's reaction to it.
  • When Vanessa takes Candace to the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. building, she does the jingle:
    Vanessa: "Lookin' for books at my dad's place!"
    Candace: Why are you singing that?
    Vanessa: It's just something we do.
  • "Curse you, conceptual elasticity of space-time!"
  • Phineas and friends are trying to solve the country's energy problems, which is happening because the goats rotating the giant wooden shaft that's powering everything want to go in different directions.

Meapless in Seattle

  • The alien army marching - to cute, friendly music.
    • With adorable mecha. That skip.
    • While the tune may be cute and friendly, the lyrics are anything but:
    Doo-doo-doo-doo-destroy your enemies/La-la-la-la-let's bring them to their knees/We're going to war!
  • This bit:
    Candace: Mom, look! I'm in mortal danger! Say hi, Ferb!
    Ferb: *waves*
  • The Star Wars-esque beginning, lampshading that the trailer seen in Chronicles of Meap was meant as a joke but everyone took it seriously. At the end of the episode, they show another trailer for another episode they have no intention of making.
  • Since the writers were more or less forced to incorporate the seemingly unrelated scenes from the first trailer, some pretty priceless scenes were made. Those scenes savored how contrived incorporated they are:
    • Perry's mission briefing.
    Major Monogram: I want your hat on my desk!...Cuz it rains a lot in Seattle, and we want to spray it with this cool new waterproofing treatment.
    • The context for the line "What? Jeremy's going to be there!"
    Candace: Yeah, I've been spending all my time worrying about Phineas and Ferb. I used to have other things to worry about. Like... What? Jeremy's going to be there! I just need to broaden my anxieties.
  • All of the jokes about how much it rains in the northwest. Anybody who lives there can shamelessly tell you that they're absolutely true.
    "How will we know when we get to Seattle?"
 ~cue driving rain and grunge music~
  • Linda's French lesson telling her basically all the things Candace would be telling her at that moment, complete with her lampshading it, asking when those sentences would ever turn up in a conversation.
  • Cute Doof. That is all.
    • But a specific part would be that ingesting the cuteonium is supposed to make someone so cute they are impossible to resist. For Doof... Well, he's cute at least.
    Mitch: How homely were you before?
  • Phineas under the influence of Meap's cuteness.
    • Cue Mitch's robot armor chasing Ferb, Isabella and Candace in the background.
  • Apparently, the worst punishment you can receive on Meap's planet is a time out. Yes, like the kind you give toddlers.
    Meap: He's getting a serious time out this time. Fifteen, sixteen minutes.
  • When Isabella does her 'Whatcha doing?' routine, Phineas and Ferb just pick her up and haul her away like she's a rag doll? And how about the fact that she doesn't mind at all?
  • Meap's many Translation Mustaches.
  • The return of Doof's affair with Peter the Panda, and Perry's subsequent angry look and crossed arms like a spouse catching their husband on a coffee date with their ex.
  • Mitch's theme song.
  • Isabella's annoyed look when Phineas brought up the cute tracker.
  • Doofenshmirtz remarking that one really does learn things about oneself in crises, in this case, the fact that he runs slower than a platypus and faster than a panda.
  • Doofenshmirtz claims that his day can't get any weirder moments before Peter and Perry save him from falling to his doom. His response is "Nice try, but the mustache thing was still weirder."
  • Doofenshmirtz's whole commentary on the extraction chamber:
    Doof: So you have a whole chamber dedicated to extracting things from other things? That really comes up that often in your life?
  • When Meap and Cute Doofenshmirtz are falling from the sky, we get this glorious exchange.
    Meap: Well, my little friend, it looks like we're about to fall into our untimely demise.
    Doofenshmirtz: Yeah, speak for yourself! I'm gonna try and land on you, so you'll break my fall!
  • When Phineas is telling Isabella that she can out-cute Mitch to save the universe:
    Phineas: It's a scientific fact! I had to put an eight-thousand-ohm resistor on the cute-tracker just to keep you from burning it out!
    Isabella (long pause): ...Close enough.
  • Isabella out-cutes Mitch with the most epic "Watcha doin'?" ever.
  • The Spoof Aesop at the end.
    Phineas: I think we've all learned a valuable lesson today... but we all know what it is, so why bother restating it?

Delivery of Destiny

  • Love Handel turning everything they hear or see into a song.
  • When Paul the delivery guy hitches a ride to foil Doofenshmirtz, he tosses Love Handel a packing tape gun and orders them "tape yourselves together!" Not only does he apparently think he needs to bring the band along, but they instantly go along with it and somehow keep playing while taped together.

Buford Confidential

  • "Wait a minute, you speak Latin?!"
  • Grandpa Flynn playing senile.
  • Baljeet's actions throughout the whole episode — he acts like a jealous boyfriend watching his partner deal with his ex. He demands to know why Buford has never mentioned Brigitte until now, and opts to basically ignore him as he's trapped in the woods with his ex-girlfriend. They only make eye contact again after Brigitte has slapped Buford across the face and walked away.
    • It's most blatant in this exchange over the phone:
    Baljeet: Buford, what are you doing?
    Buford: The forest is filled with patch-crazed Europeans, and I'm a bear in the woods! What do you think I'm doing?
    Phineas: Ooh! Ooh! I know!
    Buford: Am I on speaker phone?! Get me off speaker phone!
  • Isabella and the two other French Fireside Girls gradually getting weirded out by Brigette's intensity about the North American Tracking Patch.

The Mom Attractor

Cranius Maximus

Agent Doof

  • The O.W.C.A. can't refuse to recruit Doofenshmirtz based on his species because he was adopted by ocelots and thus is technically an ocelot. What really sells it is that the agency only employing animals and Doof having been raised by ocelots were both already well-established facts before the episode.
  • Doof's Babe-inator turned Phineas and Ferb into babies. Candace gets them to their mom right as Norm's cleaning of the -inator manages to zap everyone in the room except for Candace as well.
    Candace: Okay, I get it, lesson learned. Toddlers aren't easy. The irony is not lost on me! A little help here? This had better wear off before the next episode.
    • Perry's reaction to the name "Babe-inator."
    Doofenshmirtz: "No, it's not what you think."
  • Despite blowing Agent Silent G's cover and destroying Monogram's car, the thing that ultimately gets Doofenshmirtz fired from the O.W.C.A is a number of complaints from Human Resources.
  • "We'll be a great team, like Lewis & Clark or Alice and Wonderland."

Minor Monogram

  • Baljeet reacting positively about Autumn coming soon while everyone else doesn't care.
  • This exchange:
    Rodrigo: Wait, you can understand him?
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh, heck no. I usually just pretend he's talking about recent movies I've seen.
  • Perry's reaction to Vanessa showing attraction towards Monty Monogram.
  • Doofenshmirtz referring to Vanessa's goth/punk fashion style as "vampire pilgrim scuba-diver".
  • When Rodrigo betrays him, Doof doesn't quite get it at first:
    Doof: "Is this, like, a robot hug for a job well done?"
    Rodrigo: "No, it's a trap. What does that even mean, a robot hug for a job well done?! Who would even consider that a possibility!?"

What A Croc!

  • During the song where they're chasing after the titular croc, the kids are all paired up on motorboats (including Phineas and Isabella). In the middle of the song though, they repeatedly go through tunnels... and come out in completely different pairs than they had when they entered. In addition, the motorboats they're riding on are different colors each time this happens. No one says anything about it, but the confused 'How did THAT happen?' looks are what sell it.
  • The Horse in a Bookcase.
  • Doof springs this episode's trap...and it falls on him instead of Perry.
    Doof: "I'm gonna chalk that up to poor planning."
  • The reveal of the Chicken-replace-inator, the fact that it is shaped like a chicken and accompanied by an ominous choir clucking. ("Buck buck baaaaaaaaawwwwk...")
  • At the end of the episode, through a combination of events, Candace ends up sitting on a chicken.
    Linda: "Candace, why are you sitting on a chicken?"
    Candace: "I'll be right back!" (runs off)
    Linda: "But why was she sitting on a chicken?"
  • Candace's mathematician's answers to Irving:
    Irving: (knocks on the door) "Hello, Candace. Are Phineas and Ferb home?"
    Candace: "Yes." (closes the door)
    Irving: (knocks again) "Can I see them?"
    Candace: "Probably not from there." (closes the door)

Sleepwalk Surprise

  • Doofenshmirtz and his inner self and his inner self's flashbacks and dreams...
    • Not to mention the most contrived scheme he has ever made, and that is definitely saying something.
    • Doof's whole inner dreamland. Among other things, he has Perry's hat and tail.
  • Candace arguing with her own brain. "Stop telling me what to do!"
  • Norm getting hit by the hug-inator.
  • Candace's reaction to seeing the volleyball turn into a cake in her hand and the jetpacks all gather themselves up and turn into confetti.
    Candace: "...Well, this has been a weird day."
    • She then covers by telling Jeremy it's their "two-month, nine-day anniversary."
    Jeremy: "Cool!" (to Phineas and Ferb) "Was I supposed to get her something?"

Sci-Fi Pie Fly

Sipping with the Enemy

  • Vanessa and Monty meeting each other, growing to like each other, arguing with each other and despite this, they still are open to have another date.
    Monty: You know what, our fathers are probably right. We shouldn't even be talking to each other.
    Vanessa: This was a huge mistake.
    Both: Fine!
    Monty: want to do this again?
    Vanessa: Call me.
  • During their fight, Vanessa gives us this zinger:
    Vanessa: You do know what he [Monty's dad] calls a "spy network" is actually just a petting zoo. With hats.
    • Look at Perry when she says that. He's clearly insulted.
  • The "cool" versions of Lawrence and Linda are pretty funny, but the capper is Candace's angry reaction to their pretentiousness.

Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets

  • The entire sequence with Lawrence and the boys looking for the shoe scraper ending with the antagonist turning into a giant monster, the Flynn-Fletchers getting into flying saucers with minor characters seen in previous episodes and attacking the monster - only with it all turning out to be a film made by Phineas and Ferb.
  • Teenage Doofenshmirtz was pretty funny, as well as his video for the film contest.
    *film starts* Doof: Make me your leader. *film ends*
  • The end credits where Major Monogram is trying to think of his own theme song, after Perry and Carl have theirs.


  • The fight between Platypus!Doof and Perry had some funny moments, like when they have a break and have tea together.
  • Isabella and Baljeet's reactions to Buford having a life-sized mold of Candace.
    • Linda stating matter-of-factly that Buford has molds of everyone.
  • The scene where Isabella offered the romantic dinner smoothie to Phineas has him responding that he doesn't want it. Naturally, Isabella acts annoyed, but then Phineas reveals that he just doesn't like zucchini.
  • Perry's expression when he first sees Platypus!Doof.
  • What about when Phineas, Ferb, and the others saw the invention of the day double and then liquefy?
    Phineas: Anyone else see that?

Norm Unleashed

  • The argument that ensues in the courtroom while Doof is on jury duty.
    • Oh, and the case Doof is a juror in? The state vs Dr. Diminutive.
    Judge: Do you two know each other?
    Doof: I have never seen him before in my life.
    Diminutive: He LIES! I have proof! (Takes out wallet with pictures of Doof and Diminutive in a drag act) The 2007 LOVEMUFFIN Pudding Revue!
    Doof: Why would you carry that in your wallet?! (to guy sitting beside him) What would he carry that in his wallet!?
    • Diminutive's lawyer's reaction to the argument.
  • Norm's amazingly cheerful song about destroying the Tri-State Area with weapons.
  • Norm's revelation of his weaponry:
    Norm: "Dr. D will be so proud! Assuming he survives the cataclysm. Have a nice day!"

Where's Perry?

  • When the Flynn-Fletchers and their friends get off the plane, we find out that Candace was in the luggage.
  • Lots of funny Continuity Nods, including:
    Isabella: Wow, that was fun! thank you for teaching me the Adumu.
    Guy teaching her: And thank you for teaching us the "Izzy's got the Frizzies".
    • This also qualifies:
    Carl: You may have escaped, but you are no match for my evil Flynn-Fletcher robots!
    Doofenshmirtz: This is really weird... I think I may have gone on a date with that one (referring to Linda/Lindana's double). I had no idea she was a robot at the time.
  • The way Doof dances to Evil for Extra Credit is quite amusing.
    • Let's not forget the song itself.
  • We get a couple of dramatic scenes at the end of Part 1: Candace thinks that Jeremy is breaking up with her, Phines, Ferb, and their frieds are plummeting to their possible deaths, Perry disappears after being hit by one of the many -inators, and Linda and Lawrence find out they do not have a reservation at a restaurant.
  • This exchange:
    Doof: But my intelligence specifically said that you would be sunbathing, it never mentioned an intern.
    Monogram: That's because he's not officially an employee, he's unpaid.
    Doof: You don't pay him?
    Monogram: He gets college credit.
    Doof: Are you sure you're not evil?

Where's Perry? (Part Two)

  • As Monogram puts on a pair of sunglasses, Doofenshmirtz brings everything to a temporary halt.
    Doofenshmirtz: Waitaminute, waitaminute; How did you get the glasses to go on one side of your face? Who made these things, M. C. Escher?
    • The animation helps sell the gag. When Doofenshmirtz takes off the sunglasses to look at them from different angles, the earpieces stick out at random directions and it's impossible to tell the front from the back.
  • Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram crash an OWCA plane into the middle of a climactic fight.
    Doofenshmirtz: See? See, one day you're gonna look back on this and laugh.
    Major Monogram: I assure you, for the rest of my life, every time I look back on this I will personally drive over to your house and smack you.

Ferb TV

  • The whole episode is a series of hilarious TV show parodies featuring minor characters on the show. Phineas and Ferb only appear at the start to admit to the audience that the concept is kinda weird. Then the ending reveals Phineas and Ferb were showing their latest project to Candace.
  • "The Klimpaloon and Inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head Variety Show"
    • The Abbott and Costello-esque comedy team that acts like they're setting up "Who's on First?"...and then just stops.
    • We then cut back to see that one of them have been conked on the head by the jugglers. They stand around awkwardly for a moment and then cut away.
  • Dancing With The Bears.
    • Especially if you recognize minor character Bob ("Okay!") and realize that he, not his bear dance partner was the one who tried to maul one of the judges.
  • Katt Karr, "The inexplicable story of a man whose car, for some reason, looks a lot like a cat."
    • After busting his arch-nemesis Dr. Nibbles, Roger runs out of rat metaphors.
  • "That's the Norm" in all its cheesy, 1970's sit-com glory.
    • "Space is cold and unforgiving, just like my father!"
    • The bit with the "lumpy table" ends with the reveal that it really was a lumpy table. Norm was off getting more lemonade for Suzy.
  • "Dr. Ninja Baljeet", versus the hot squid-headed shapeshifting alien zombies. Where's Agents J & K when you need them?
  • Buford is the host of a Kitchen Nightmares parody called Your Cooking Stinks, and So Do You!
    Buford: Who puts tofu in lasagna?!
    Chef: I was just trying to be avant garde...
    Buford: Yeah, people need to be avant guarded from your food!
  • We finally learn what Ducky Momo is like - basically, Dora the Explorer, but the protagonist is so annoying, stupid and preparative that the kids helping him get fed up and start to wonder how he's even survived so long. No wonder Candace identified so much with a show about the inability to get a character to turn around and notice something.
  • The kids from the "Skiddley Whiffers" commercial show up in an ad for Meap Carbonated Goulash, "the goulash with foam!"
  • A Fireside Girls ad that pastiches recruitment ads for the U.S. Navy features the girls in all their Badass Adorable glory, including Katie beating a burly sailor in an arm-wrestling contest.
  • The return of the Horse in a Bookcase.
  • During the credits:
    Narrator: Meap Carbonated Goulash pieces are closer than they appear. Meap Carbonated Goulash may be subject to tax investigation. Please wash hands thoroughly after contact with Meap Carbonated Goulash. If hunger persists after contact with Meap Carbonated Goulash, consult your...
    Doofenshmirtz: (offscreen) Oh, I'm sorry. Is this studio A?
    Narrator: No, this is studio- hey, wait a second, you just wanted to get into this episode, didn't you?
    Doofenshmirtz: What?! No! NO!
    Narrator: Yes, you did!
    Doofenshmirtz: Yes, I did.
    Narrator: Get Out!
    Doofenshmirtz: Alright, but I can totally read that faster than you.
    Narrator: Out!
    Doofenshmirtz: Okay, okay, grumpy!
    Narrator: Batteries not included.
    Doofenshmirtz: Batteriesnotincluded!
    Narrator: OUT!!

When Worlds Collide

  • The Bust Accord has some pretty amusing entries. Candace has apparently had to agree not to bust her brothers while covered in honey and hair, from a distance of more than 1500 miles, or while pie is being served.
  • Perry getting stuck in Doofenshmirtz' Double Dutch machine. Notable because it wasn't even a trap.
  • Doofenshmirtz's Peter the Panda slippers.
  • When Baljeet panics at the thought of the two planets colliding, Phineas tries to reassure him that government scientists are probably doing something. Gilligan Cut to the North American Planetary Defense Headquarters, where government scientists are hiding and running around in a panic.
    Scientist: MY WATERMELON!
  • Buford's thought process is fascinating:
    Baljeet: Our planets are going to collide! You know what that means, don't you?
    Buford: Yeah. It's like when you've got two sets of keys, and you leave one in the car.
    Baljeet: No, it's like... (beat as he processes what Buford said) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    • Another sample shortly before:
      Buford: It looks like the planet's growing. Planets do that, right?
  • Isabella accidentally reaching for Ferb's hand rather than Phineas's.

What'd I Miss?

  • The debating club that Ferb went to, where everyone was easily persuaded by anything said.
    • It only gets funnier when Perry in pet mode persuades the kid.
  • Baljeet's Ferb impression.
  • This:
    Phineas (Narrating): I told her (Isabella) it was no problem.
    Phineas: No problem.
    Phineas (Narrating): It was then when I decided to stop narrating.
  • Linda actually praising Phineas and Ferb after hearing their story.
  • During their Squirrel Training, Isabella is trying to teach the squirrels how to do Puppy-Dog Eyes. She does it herself to demonstrate, and because her cuteness goes to her core, they give her their nuts mere seconds afterward. And her reaction is a combination of surprise and 'Oh, for me?'.
  • Everything involving Agent R
  • As Doofenshmirtz's hover craft spins out of control:
  • Buford saying goodbye to the squirrels "I'll think of you every time I get a rabies shot (beat) which is often."

Road to Danville

  • Just about everything that Doofenshmirtz says.
    Doofenshmirtz: Why do we always see cow skulls in the desert? And why do you only see the skull? Did the body die somewhere else? It makes no sense!
  • We get two scenes of the kids at work on their project — quilting, which Buford finds thoroughly unimpressive. When we return to the backyard:
    Buford: (elated) That was amazing! I never thought quilting could be so much fun! Think of the possibilities! Needlepoint! Embroidery! Tapestry! I'm headin' down to the fabric store right now! (continuing as he walks away) Broquet! Taffeta! Saddle stitch!
    Ferb: Actually I didn't find it all that exciting.
    Phineas: Yeah, me either.
    Isabella: Never getting that day back.
    Baljeet: Whew, stinker-roo.


  • This episode has a good amount of jokes involving people's eyes in the dark and how you can see them.
    • The fact that Doofenshmirtz's eyes only looked sad because the darkness got rid of the fact that they are immensely oversized once you see them.
  • The jet pack squad that gives Doofenshmirtz random items in the dark.
  • Phineas thinking that Buford's watcha doin' was actually from Isabella.
  • Candace goes through a series of crazy contortions being pulled through Phineas and Ferb's invention in "What Is This Thing?". Then there's Phineas's reaction afterwards.
    Phineas: Wow, Candace, we never thought of riding it before!
  • Major Monogram's call ordering Perry to fix the blackout:
    Major Monogram: It's kind of scary in here, I'm all alone... (sound of something falling) C-Carl? Carl, is that you?

This Is Your Backstory

  • When Doofensmirtz recalls when he immigrated.
    Doofensmirtz: I was heading to a land of Golden Opportunity. A land with a pioneering spirit which welcomed misfits like me. But, I ended up in America, instead!
  • The digital remix of the "I am a Superstar" viral video.
    Norm: "It's got 10 billion hits. And there's only 7 billion people on the planet.
  • Canadace watching Phineas and Ferb play ping pong, thinking that will turn into one of their trademark projects. It does, but she leaves right before it happens.

    Season 4 
For Your Ice Only
  • The way they revealed that Stacy and Ginger were sisters: a not-so-friendly argument over who gets to use the computer.
  • Baljeet's comment on why there isn't a Y8 sport (because there's football X7 and hockey Z9). According to Phineas, "We're saving that for croquet!"
  • Candace reports a "Code Teal" to Stacy, then realizes that's "swarm of locusts" and explains she meant "Code Periwinkle" ("hockey emergency")
  • Linda trying to get a disposable camera.
  • The giant demon zamboni that destroys the hockey Z9 rink.
    • And its poor driver:
    Driver: "Mr. Stevens! I'm having trouble with the equipment!"
  • Candace repeating everything that Stacy was telling Ginger.
  • Lawrence sliding into a snowbank in the backyard.
  • This line:
    Doofenshmirtz: Something's not right in the hinterland.
  • The Call-Back to Isabella's ability to speak in an unnaturally deep voice, complete with cheerful 'Thanks, Dink!'
  • The one guy in the crowd who comments that he's not cold because he has a blanket.
  • A strategically placed Genius Bonus: As the song ends, the singers exit, pursued by a bear.

Happy New Year!

  • Norm constantly repeating "Happy new year!", even before the New Year has started.
  • During the song, there is a scene of Doofenshirtz and Perry dancing.
    • Likewise, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella and the Fireside Girls doing Oppa Gangnam Style.
  • Monogram and Carl on a sunny beach while Perry is stuck in his lair, which is freezing.
    • And the short-range Call-Back to "For Your Ice Only that sets it up.
  • "And Internet-land is not a real place!"
  • This part:
    Isabella: And of course there's the other tradition of kissing someone special at midnight.
    Phineas: Well I know what we're going to do tonight. *looks flirtatiously*
    Isabella: REALLY?!
    Vivian: Your mother is right, Phineas, you have such an active imagination!
    Isabella: Not active enough...
  • The lady who was eating a sandwich in the bathroom for no apparent reason then her New Years resolution.
  • Candace trying to repress her busting urge, and slipping into small little tangents about what Phineas and Ferb normally do.
  • After a woman sees Phineas & Ferb's giant mirror ball, and comments they'd be busted if they were her children, Candace says "adopt me please!"

Fly On the Wall

  • Phineas asks what summer is really all about. Isabella, Baljeet and Buford start singing the song "Summer (Where Do We Begin)".
  • Doofenshmirtz lamenting on his lackluster scheme, and then lampshading the length of the summer.
  • The ending, when Candace realized she wasn't going to a rodeo but a fancy restaurant.
    Waiter: May I take your order, partner?
    • When Candace, embarrassed, asks if it might possibly be "Dress as a Cowboy, Get Dinner Free" Night, the waiter comments that no, that's Tuesday.
  • Candace's encounter with a fly that had been zapped with a "human-head-inator".
  • Buford hitting the Fly button on the tire swing, causing it to go up and eventually fall down and crush Perry and Heinz's -Inator.
    • The base of the swing ends up making it all the way to space, passing by two astronauts in a shuttle. One of them gives us this gem:
      Astronaut: Whoa, that's weird— we're in a space shuttle and the shuttle program ended years ago!
    • Doofenshmirtz's reaction to his self-proclaimed best -inator ever being crushed: "Well, like my Uncle Boris used to say: 'When life's going well, a giant tire comes along and smashes your -inator.' We all thought he was crazy at the time, but now he seems rather prophetic."
  • When Buford is playing with the control panel to turn Candace back, she ends up shifted into various incorrect shapes, including the Inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head, and they end up passing by her proper form and having to "go back two."
  • As soon as Candace realizes she's a fly, she gives this apropos variation on her catchphrase:
    Candace: Phineas and Ferb, you are so buzzzzzzzzzzzted!
  • The fateful sorbet machine from this episode would become something of a fixture for the rest of the show's run, such as being modified to turn people into bees or opening portals to alternate realities.

Bully Bust

  • Doofenshmirtz on coffee.
    • Which included, him designing an overly complicated trap based off of the Mousetrap-esque board game.
    • His latest bizarrely named -inator (the Luffaplex Dill-Pickle Inator) that has nothing to do with its purpose (which makes things float up into the atmosphere).
    • And his Anvil on Head moment: he bounces up into the anvil face-first and falls to the ground; gravity then pulls the anvil down, with predictable results.
  • Buford blocking the green beams of light with other objects, including himself.
  • Buford's attempts to sing a new musical number about his family's daily habits, including setting alarm clocks, being prepared for every eventuality, keeping things in place long enough for other peoples moms, and what to do if you don't succeed on the first try.

My Sweet Ride

  • Carl shows a dark side after he finds out that Vanessa Doofenshmirtz is Monty's date.
    Monogram: Carl, What do you see?
    Carl: Someone who owes me big time! (His face of satisfaction is priceless).
  • Perry bringing in a bazooka to destroy Doofenshmirtz's front door.
    • It's just as funny when Doofenshmirtz refuses to let Perry in, while Vanessa points out that he'd just destroy the door anyway.
    • After Vanessa lets him in, Perry calmly puts the bazooka on the floor. Naturally, it goes off and blows a hole into Doof's walls.
  • Some of the "hip" dialogue, with one example being Monogram's "See you later, crocodile!"
  • When Doofenshirmtz drives his restored custom car out of the building, instead of going through the garage he drives right through the door next to it.
  • When a sleeping Lawrence rolls through an intersection, Doof drives through at the same time:
    Doof: "Out of my way, luge boy!"
  • Phineas's reaction to Ferb's model of the car (which flies off and explodes):
    Phineas: "Wow! Candace is gonna love that! Except for the exploding part. We should probably fix that."

Der Kinderlumper

  • The Running of the Chinchillas... for once this isn't one of Phineas and Ferb's projects, it is in fact a real event between Danville and some other town.
    • There is also a blink and you miss it shot of Ferb screaming when the chinchillas become large. It's just funny to see him make such a facial expression in the first place.
  • The reveal that Der Kinderlumper was told in different ways to Roger and Doof.
    Roger: Funny, I never thought of the Kinderlumper as such a crybaby.
  • "LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU -- Never stand on a big cartoony 'X'."


  • Agent Lyla's antics. Especially when she and Perry defeat Doofenshmirtz's "social convention" trap by eating his fries.
  • All the Canadian stereotypes, especially those listed by Bannister when he reveals he's from Greenland.
    Bannister: You think that just because I'm polite, smell like pine needles, and overemphasize my T's, I'm Canadian?
    • And his laments about Greenland's national pride... and national anthem:
    Bannister: Greenland's national anthem. Seriously, does that inspire you to do anything other than ice fish? But Canada! Oh, they've got it all: the maple syrup, the national parks, the medal-winning curling team... and the moose.
    • The end credits where Major Monogram apologizes for the wisecracks made at Greenland at the end.
  • When they end up on the top of the train:
    Doofenshmirtz: You knew we'd end up here eventually, right?
  • Perry's lair entrance of the week, a tree that accidentally wrecks someone's car.
  • Doofenshmirtz throwing a guy out of the train... that's not the funny part, the funny part is that the guy safely rolled all the way home, and through a fence, and a playground.
  • Phineas noting halfway through the episode that Perry is gone.
  • The whole deal made out of the American and Canadian sides of the train.
  • The entirety of the helicopter fight, but especially the part where the singer/narrator gets sidetracked by the idea of two helicopters fighting. And then the song cuts away to two rubberhose animation helicopters boxing.
    Singer: ...No, that looked better in my head!
  • Doofenshmirtz just happening to avoid several obstacles while bending down to tie his shoelaces on top of the train. Then he falls into an open skylight and lands in a toilet because "Some joker left the seat up!"
  • During the opening sequence, Perry is contacted by Monogram and Carl, whose video images show up on two small mirrors that come out of the rearview mirrors on Perry's motorbike. When Monogram berates Carl, his mirror physically shoves Carl's away.
  • Bannister's method of pulling off Doof's scheme: He just switches on Doof's inator and walks away. Said inator, the cloud-magnetizinator, is then revealed to have caused a cloud to carry off Phineas and Ferb's metallic superstructure offscreen at some point.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, it's shown that Perry signs his text messages with ASCII Art of a platypus.
    #[ ]">

Primal Perry

  • Doof is unable to recognize Perry without a hat again, and spends a good chunk of the episode thinking that hatless Perry is "Steven the Platypus".
  • The sub-plot involving Baljeet making as many choices as he wishes without being affected by the consequences as a whole was pretty funny.
    • Also the joke involving the first Baljeet clone getting hit by a truck because he got strawberry ice-cream.
  • Monogram and Carl spending the whole episode inside of the house's vents, Carl even leaves at one point only to bring back his cousin.
  • The Platypus hunter having named all of his boomerangs, even Doofenshmirtz finds this weird.
    • Crosses over with Heartwarming Moments: Dan and Swampy have gone on record that all of the boomerangs are named after die-hard fans of the show.
  • Lawrence being entirely unperturbed at the swarm of Baljeets.
  • Candace's failed attempts to show Linda the Baljeet clones.
  • Doofenshmirtz wondering during the cliffhanger why it's considered a cliffhanger despite him and Perry not hanging off anything.
  • The picture that Major Monogram showed Perry at the beginning of the episode, it's of aliens meeting a dragon. The kicker is that Monogram was more focused on the really tiny spelling of 'Doof' in clouds.

Mind Share

  • The entire Shawshank parody. Especially Red's over-the-top narrating and "that's the length of"... examples.
    Red: Well, it was still 500 yards. That's the length of two volleyball courts, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, a large three-drawer filing cabinet, three French-
    Buford: We're not listening anymore!
    Red: Oh. Okay, then.
  • Meap's Wolfman Jack-inspired translation sideburns.
  • "Climb on up that platform thing!"
  • The alien criminals' weakness to Square Dance music.
  • The conversation between Phineas and Candace.
    Phineas: It's me, Candace. Phineas! Outer-space alien super-crooks from a planet of frogs and reptiles have taken over our bodies.
    Candace (completely straight-faced): Okay. What do you want me to do?
    Phineas: Really? You believe that weird story just like that?
    Candace (still completely straight-faced): Yeah. It's been a long summer, kid. What do you need?
  • Doofenshmirtz tells Perry to sit with the other wingmen, which appear to be a group of fighter pilots making hand signals.
  • Doofenshmirtz misinterpreting Perry's signals.
    Doofenshmirtz: Oh, well let's see. (Perry rubs his stomach.) We can rub our stomachs and, (Perry points to his mouth) point to our mouths, and later we can roll our eyes, and put our heads in our hand.
  • The Tag, where Doofenshmirtz's boots force him to do a "Shake Your Body" dance, disgusting his date.

Backyard Hodge Podge

  • The subplot involving Lawrence having to give a speech about an ancient tribe called the Ornithorhynchans. It gets to the point where he even dresses up as one!
  • The running gag involving people talking about Perry but instead getting Parry Gripp's attention.
  • Doof and Perry trying to fight each other while blind.
  • Linda hallucinating about singing pies.
  • While the invention is being constructed, Phineas decides to shrink a parachute to use as a sweatshirt, and enlarge a sweatshirt to use as a parachute.
  • When she needs to get out of listening to her dad's speech, Candace uses the excuse that a bunch of friends asked her to build a human pyramid with them. The ridiculousness of the excuse and her delivery make it sound like a classic case of I Need to Go Iron My Dog but the next time we see her, she's part of a human pyramid.

Bee Day

  • Perry's lair entrance has him still wearing his bee antennae from the Bee Day festival. The "Agent P" singers sing, "Agent Beeeeeeeeee!", then one of them clears her throat as Perry puts on his fedora and they sing "P!"
  • Isabella getting lost in Phineasland again.
  • Emo Candace.
    • And Linda's completely unconcerned reaction:
      Linda: Sweetie, I went through a similar phase when I was your age. Try writing some poems.
      Candace: Whatever. I don't care. No one gets me! Except my hair!
      Linda: That's my girl!
  • Doofenshmirtz setting off the self-destruct button in his underwear.
    • Pretty much the fact that Doofenshmirtz puts self-destruct buttons on everything, including his underwear.
  • It turns out that Charlene broke up with Doofenshmirtz because of an ugly-looking tomato hand puppet.
    Charlene: Suddenly I can't remember why we broke up...
    Doofenshmirtz: (pulls out the hand puppet) You said you hated Mr. Tomato.
    Mr. Tomato: Hello, Charlene.
    Charlene: Oh, hello, Mr. Tomato. Thanks for the reminder. I'm outta here.
    Mr. Tomato (to Doof): You know, it wasn't me she didn't like.
    Doofenshmirtz: Shut up!
    • What makes it extra funny is Mr. Tomato's smooth, suave voice, which is quite unlike Doofenshmirtz's high, raspy voice.

Bee Story

  • Isabella gives Bluto's speech from Animal House. And it is amazing.
    • Holly makes a Call-Back to the time when Candace got 50 patches, though she points out that she technically got 49 - she only got 50 because of a world record patch.
  • Adyson suggesting that the Fireside Girls should get stung by radioactive bees so they can communicate with bees and get their beekeeping patches.
    • Earlier in the same scene:
    Gretchen: "In the guideline for the beekeeping patch, it says that a good beekeeper tries to think like a bee."
  • Poofenplotz being rejected by L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N., and then referring to it as a "boys' club".
  • The fact that Poofenplotz's plan made no logical sense at all, making her look as competent as Doof. To elaborate: bee larvae who eat royal jelly grow up to be queen bees. Therefore, if Poofenplotz eats enough royal jelly she will grow 40 times larger, live 40x longer, become queen of the world, and grow a huge grotesque abdomen for laying eggs...but she can live with that.
  • Phineas asks Isabella if she wants honey with her iced tea, though the way he said it made Isabella think he was calling her honey.
  • It is revealed that Admiral Acronym has an intern named Carla, who not only looks like Carl but even comes from an "entire family of unpaid interns".
  • Poofenplotz's rejection letter from L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.:
    Dear Esmeralda Poofenplotz,
    We regret to you that your application for membership has been denied. Based on your past schemes, we have deemed that you're not even close to our standard for admission.
    Feel free to re-apply after you've come up with something really evil. At the very least, get yourself a decent lab coat.
    Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Poofenplotz: "I don't believe it! Fortune is smiling on me like the creepy guy on the corner of third and main!"

Great Balls of Water

  • The part where we view Candace's mind, especially when we see a third Candace who is completely bonkers.
  • Doof's whole double negative plot was pretty funny too.
  • Loop-de-loop Street.
  • Lampshading galore, even by the standards of this show, including both Doofenshmirtz and Linda giving summaries of typical daily events (from their point of view).
    • Doof gets one particular gem: "Oh, now it's stuck in random fire mode! Why would I even put that mode on there?!"
  • Candace talking the Jeremy and once again trying to appear cool and immediately undermining herself:
    Candace: "Not that I play with dolls. I just have a few on my shelf next to my unicorn." (Face Palm).

Where's Pinky?

  • Pinky is revealed to be good with computers - well, grabbing them and smashing them on people as a weapon, anyway.
  • The tour guide who would not let anyone leave.
    • His lampshading that musical numbers are characteristic of Danville, which of course leads into one. As it turns out, it's the only part of the tour the visitors find enjoyable.
    • The fact that the planet Venus is apparently Danville's Director of Regional Marketing.
    • "And that's why the Captial Building was moved here from Sri Lanka on the backs of Seven Sea Turtles"
    • "I am the ruler of the Tri-State Area!"
  • When Doof is invisible and in front of an elevator button, a man unknowingly pokes him.
  • Buford under the influence of Phineas and Ferb's machine.
  • Buford and Monogram asking for rimshots after they crack jokes.
  • Gretchen giving a talk on zombie invasions.
  • Doof's first guess at a security password is "Reindeer Flotilla"... and it turns out that was actually the correct password!
  • Everyone assuming Pinky is Perry's pet dog.

Knot My Problem

Just Desserts

  • Doof and Perry, on a sugar rush, as jumping buddies.
  • This dialogue, after Candace has worn out her voice recording the audio version of the Fireside Girls Compendium Guide:
    Irving: Umm... I'd like you to do one more take on that last chapter.
    Candace: I'd like to hurt you.
    Irving: That's a wrap!
  • Lawrence talking about British stereotypes.
  • The dedication to the Fireside Girls Compendium Guide.
  • Though this episode wasn't paired with "Knot My Problem", it aired right after it in its debut. At the beginning of the episode, Baljeet wonders if they will be forced to eat the climbing wall (which is made out of organic material), as though it was a Call-Back to Candace eating the Gordian knot in "Knot My Problem".

La Candace-Cabra

Happy Birthday, Isabella

  • Part of Stacy's reasoning when convincing Perry not to wipe her memory: she's only 10 minutes away from finishing a scary horror movie, and doesn't want to have to watch the whole thing again.
  • Buford using a bag to transport Isabella when she is trying to assert her desire to be with Phineas, and expressing her frustration towards Baljeet.
    Isabella: *Gestures to bag* All I want for my birthday is some alone time with - never mind. *Walks off*
  • At the start of the episode, Stacy immediately realizes that Candace would be focused on busting, so she just immediately leaves her to watch a horror movie on her own.
  • Doof lampshading how he always gets called a pharmacist just because of his lab coat.
    Doofenshmirtz: Really? Really? W-why does everyone just stampede to that conclusion? Other people wear lab coats you know. Why, why don't you say, "Oh look a rocket scientist." Or a veterinarian?
    Stacy: Are you a veterinarian?
    Doofenshmirtz: No... but that's not the point.
  • Milly calling the Big Idea a "grand and glorious and potentially bustable gift".
  • Buford putting Isabella back in the sack to carry her about two feet.
  • After Isabella blows out the candles on the giant cake and confetti shoots out:
    Phineas: So. Did you get what you wish for?
    Isabella: Uh...
    Buford: Yeah. It's every girl's wish to have her backyard covered in litter.
  • When Holly asks Candace what she is doing with her phone out:
    Holly: What are you doing?
    Candace: Waiting for things to get dangerous so I can call my mom to come bust the boys.
    Holly: (referring to the giant birthday cake shooting confetti) That's not dangerous?
    Candace: Dude, this is nothing. It'll get worse.
  • The Lyrical Dissonance of Isabella's song; it's supposed to be about how she wants to spend some time with Phineas, but all the activities she mentions doing involves stuff like being trapped under rubble, moving a piano or getting braces in a subway car.
  • The Credits Gag set the next day, with Candace overlooking the backyard when Phineas asks, "Where's Perry?"
    Candace: Where do you think Perry goes every day, Stace?
    Candace: (Beat) Eh, I don't know why I was asking you.
    Stacy: (voiceover) Whoo! No one suspects a thing.
  • This exchange at Isabella's birthday party:
    Phineas: Check it out! We made your favorite: a red velvet cake - with a little surprise...
    Baljeet: Oh, I hope they do not have a male dancer popping out of it.
    Buford: They asked, but they couldn't afford me.

Love at First Byte

  • The ending, where Linda finally busts Phineas and Ferb... for not cleaning up towels. Even funnier, Candace isn't satisfied with this and thinks Linda is making fun of her.
  • When Candace learns that Linda asked Phineas and Ferb to make the lightshow for the party, she becomes catatonic and depressed for the majority of the episode.
  • Perry being disguised as a balloon animal... the balloon animal in question being himself.

One Good Turn

  • The original dance of contrition, which included, among other things:
    • Placing chickens on your head.
    • Eating a feather bed.
    • Putting a jelly donut in your pants and dancing.
    • Writing a letter to a chimpanzee.
    • Painting a portrait underwater. (which is rather good despite it being underwater)
    • Moving to France and refusing to speak French. (which the singer is especially adamant about not doing)
    • Pulling your shirt over your head.
    • Jumping into a lake while wearing a dress.
    • Running in circles in a chicken... field thing while clucking.
    • Eating corn in a mud pit with pigs.
    • Juggling piglets with an angry cook.
    • And finally (somehow) splitting an atom in a breakfast nook. (complete with a Do Not Try This at Home subtitle)
  • The fact that the dance of contrition was updated from the 40s into something that wasn't embarrassing, making Doof's plan pointless.
  • Monogram's brief Major General Song.
  • Perry's Raiders of the Lost Ark inspired entrance involving a map room of Danville. He uses a magnifying glass to open a door to his lair. The map then bursts into flames, forcing him to run for a fire extinguisher.
  • Ginger and Stacey's exchange at the start of the obstacle course: Ginger smiles and waves, Stacey glares and gives her an 'I'm watching you' gesture:
    Isabella: "What was that all about?"
    Ginger: "Oh, that's our secret sign for 'I love you, Sis.'" (beat) "I think."

Thanks But No Thanks

  • Perry showing Doof that he could just ask his neighbor to stop playing bagpipes instead of having an entire scheme involving it.
    • Followed by Perry tipping the inflated Doof off of the building. The little wave he gives him sells it.
  • Monty and Carl having to set up a near-death experience for Major Monogram just to get him to thank Carl. And even after that, Monty still has to forcibly remind Major Monogram to do so.
  • This dialogue:
    Monty: Alright, Carl, I get it, what do you want?
    Carl': I want your father to disown you, and adopt me.
    Monty: Okay, what do you want within reason?

Troy Story

  • The premise of the episode involves Phineas and Ferb recreating the Trojan war in their style, yet the characters' ultimately take their artistic license way too far, resulting in bagpipes, rock music, Trojan platypuses, Trojan dinosaurs and flying chariots with lasers.
    • Irving waits a little too long to contribute to the song, practically saying "Darn, that's the end."
  • When Phineas states he will play Paris, Isabella immediately gets overexcited and declares that she will play Helen. The best part is that she wraps her arm around Phineas, only for the both of them to feel awkward immediately afterwards.
  • The end credits for this episode are some of the funniest in a while, where Candace goes to a book club with her friends, and explains the Iliad through how Phineas and Ferb did it because she found the book too boring. Jeremy immediately realises the truth, though he points out nobody else likely read it either.
    Stacy: I just come to book club for the tea.
  • Buford has Irving climb into the Trojan platypus. He then steps on it with a Trojan T-Rex.
    Irving: "Why'd you even make me get in here?!"


  • MM and Carl both dressing up like Carmen Miranda.
  • At one point Doof asks Perry to take off his secret agent hat and put on his adventure hat. Perry then takes his hat off and puts it back on again.
  • Candace arriving at the party and having a short conversation with Vanessa about how they both dressed as a vampire queen, Candace lampshading how unlikely it was, with Stacy choosing that moment to walk up, wearing the exact same outfit, then deciding to change.
    • Stacy then wears a Scarlet Pimpernel costume, only to realise most of the teenage boys are wearing it. They really need to restock the costume shops.
      • Luckily Vanessa gets her to take advantage of this when Monogram spots Vanessa dancing with Monty.
    • Perhaps it's because the existence of a song specifically written for couples dressed up as Vampire Queens and Scarlet Pimpernels.
  • Isabella, dressed as Cinderella, attempted to throw more hints at Phineas by "losing" a slipper by throwing it away.
    • Of course, it doesn't work, and Isabella has to fish her shoe out of the punch bowl.
    Baljeet: "Can I please have some punch?"
    Isabella: "You don't want to drink that."
  • The logical conclusion of Monty's swashbuckling window exit.
  • Doof's interpretation of one kid's Harry Potter costume:
    Doof: "Alright, class dunce with a fake scar."

Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror

  • Candace knocking down furniture to stop Ducky Momo, only for him to just walk around it.
  • Doofenshmirtz wastes his second wish on gaining control over "cheese and crackers!", which he shouts after Perry drops a bookshelf on his foot. Perry struggles with the cheeses for a while, but then turns the tables by shredding one and eating his way out.
    Doof: "I don't know how I forgot cheese was edible."
  • For his last wish, Doof tries to be careful with the wording... only to botch it up by wishing he was "the head of the Tri-State Area", and he is turned into a giant floating head.
  • Isabella's immediate reaction to the evil platypus clone is to suggest they "Take off and nuke the site from orbit."
  • One of the platypus clones pours grape juice on himself just so he'll have a partner for tennis.
  • Baljeet's "life coach" is a singing cowboy named Rusty Britches.
  • Rusty noisily drags over his "thinkin' bench" just so he can put his foot up on it.
  • Alex Hirsch as Officer Concord, the "Juice Time Juice Box Flavor Cop".
  • The final scene with Mr. Macabre, revealing his frame story was inside of another frame story: him applying for a business loan.

Face Your Fear

  • Jeremy being too Genre Savvy and misjudging how long it would take for Candace to use the satellite technology to her advantage.
  • The Call-Back to "Unfair Science Fair Redux (Another Story)".
  • Doofenshmirtz trying to genetically modify a mouse so it can fly, only to get bitten and decide that he should just use a bat instead.
    Doofenshmirtz: …and then I remembered I have a very mild phobia of bats. *Eye Pop*
    • As the giant bat chases him around his apartment:
    Doofenshmirtz: Scram, you flying gerbil!
  • Doofenshmirtz and Vanessa both comment that the bat sort of looks like a distant relative. Specifically, this guy.
  • Giant kittens. That is all.
  • Ferb's surprise at Phineas' declaration that they were going to make a mere foam fire hydrant. He goes with it when Phineas explains it more, though.
  • The part where Isabella thought Baljeet said something weird when he just said "Where is Perry?"
  • The Irish Rover... a robot rover that is in Ireland. There's even a short song about it.
  • "Meanwhile, at the Danville Space Laboratory..."
    Painter:(Having just finished painting "Danville Space Labrador") LABORATORY?! DOH! JS... DAAH!
  • Norm's introduction:
    Norm: "I found your radio, sir! It was embedded in your car's dashboard."

Cheers for Fears

  • Doof's fear that becomes real turns out to be a group of vending machines who want to take over.
  • When Buford says his grandma smells like flowers, Phineas refers back to the time he said that his grandma('s house, but whatever because she probably smells like the house) smelt like ant pheromones. Buford then proceeds to say that it was his other grandma who smells like ant pheromones.
  • The peek into Ferb's mind.
  • Candace and Buford speaking "Sullen".
  • The fortune cookie jokes.
  • Candace taking pictures of objects based on the vaguest connections to Jeremy, and Phineas and Ferb being able to interpret her intentions perfectly.
  • Doofenshmirtz destroys his own invention entirely willingly.
  • Baljeet notices the ray from Doofenshmirtz's inator hitting the yard.
  • Phineas and Ferb's invention literally flying away.
  • Stacy at the checkout counter: her purchases consist of a watermelon and several dozen hair-bows.


  • The Running Gag of 1903 Doofenshmirtz's proclamations being obscured by the noise of his machine.
    • In particular the silent movie sequence featuring this gag was hilarious.
  • The nod to Horse in a Bookcase.
  • Steampunk Doof recognizing how Swerry the Swan sounds like "swearing" after he calls him foul-mouthed.
  • Candace actually calling Phineas and Ferb steampunks when trying to bust them.
  • When Phineas asks what else they should do that day, Isabella suggests that they formally begin courting.
  • Pneumatic Pnorman apparently has trouble telling objects apart, so instead of finding Doof's World's Fair coin, he comes back with Vanessa. When Doof tells him that's his daughter not a coin, he replies "no wonder she didn't fit in the gumball machine." Her expression is hilariously resigned and completely unimpressed.

Just Our Luck

  • Danny Jacob playing the background music.
  • Perry sleeping for most of his time at Doofenshmirtz's.
  • Norm acting as a watchdog.
  • Planty the Potted Plant making another appearance (and being relocated).
  • The sports commentators having to leave when it turns out they don't have a permit to commentate on top of the building they were on.
  • Doofenshmirtz and Candace's streaks of good luck, up to the song on Doof's radio ending just as he reaches his destination.
  • Phineas and Ferb's invention being literally swallowed up by the Earth.
  • The reveal that Doofenshmirtz had had an actual encounter with a genie, explaining his previous ramblings about Jerkass Genies
    • Not only that, but the fact that he inadvertently wished he was an Oscar Meyer weiner!
  • Ferb's Delayed Reaction to the hammer hitting his foot.
  • When Monogram is briefing Perry on his mission, he mentions the other agents are at "Agent Con". Cut to the other agents waiting in line. Lila notes that "once again, she's the only girl", but doesn't notice or care that she's also the only human.
  • Once Doofenshmirtz's luck turns back to normal, he notes that at least he still has a truck full of canned almond brittle, opens a can but has snakes fly out instead and notes that he really shouldn't accept canned confectionery from clowns.

Return Policy

  • Phineas disagreeing with Isabella's enthusiastic commentary.
  • Doofenshmirtz's inator returning his money in pennies.
  • Monogram having to get used to having two separate eyebrows.
  • "It's a normal bodily function, Jeremy. Get over it."
  • Buford physically interacting with the numbers Baljeet visualizes above his head.
  • When Linda invites Candace to come to the store with her.
    Candace: "But someone has to be home to bust the boys!"
    Linda: "They're playing baseball. It's not exactly a criminal offense."
    Candace: "Oh, it will be! It will be!"

Live and Let Drive

  • Monogram starting to tell Perry Doofenshmirtz's plan, only to remember that Doof must have already monologued it to Perry.
  • The shark turning out to be an O.W.C.A. agent.
  • Candace completely missing out on Phineas and Ferb's project, which occurs entirely in the background.
  • The announcers dismissing the possibility of Doofenshmirtz playing foul because "that only happens in cartoons".
  • The severe number of James Bond references in this episode.
  • When Doof gave Perry "the works", he threw everything at him...Kitchen Sink Included!
  • The announcers many attempts and subsequent manglings of Doofenshmirtz's last name.

Father's Day

  • Doofenshmirtz uses a cannon to shoot Perry and himself to Drusselstein, but instead of getting them there directly he reveals that he had to position multiple cannons around the world for the method to work (and even then they miss a connecting cannon at least once).
  • Perry's entrance is a playground slide, initially suggesting that he will slide down into his lair. Instead, he climbs to the top and it lifts off into the air where Monogram briefs him. He only uses the slide once it has taken him to Doofenshmirtz's building.
  • Monogram's Father's Day gift... from Carl.
    Monogram: Yes, it's a lovely tie, but I'm not your father!
Imperfect Storm
  • Candace misinterpreting "Du Bois", as "the boys" when talking to Linda, which leads her to think that Phineas and Ferb actually got busted when Linda mentions that the Du Bois landscape artists are making her frustrated.
  • Pierre constantly misinterpreting Floraine, and the latter's reveal that he is actually capable of speaking English.
  • Candace's musical number appears to end... but the next time the episode cuts back to her, she is still singing it.
  • As the kids' giant kites get caught up in the storm, Buford (riding a pirate themed kite) hands over his hat to Baljeet.
    Buford: Just remember, Baljeet, a captain always goes down with the ship. (jumps down)
    Baljeet: (not at all realizing the problem here) Oh boy, a promotion!

The Return of the Rogue Rabbit

  • Isabella's initial reaction to Phineas suggesting that they take the puppet show up to the next level.
  • Doofenshmirtz trying to go down a miniature up escalator.
  • Monogram and Carl show up at the end wearing disguises to retrieve Dennis, sparking a small debate among Phineas, Ferb, Candace, and Stacy about how suspicious-looking the two are.
  • Phineas delivering the "aren't you a little young" line for once (to a baby-faced truck driver).
  • A good portion of the "Giant Puppet" song is a Literal Music Video.
  • Isabella's puppet show is a parody of The Godfather, and she even gives the "Denmother" character a Brando voice.
  • After Norm says that Dennis looks so cute and soft, Doof makes a reference to Of Mice & Men by calling Norm "Lennie".
  • While Doof is watching the fight between Perry and Dennis:
    Doofenshmirtz: "You see, I installed a bunch nano-bot cameras on his backpack."
    Norm: "Who installed them?"
    Doofenshmirtz: "It was my idea!"

It's No Picnic

  • The options on Doof's Teleport-inator:
    • Home
    • Random
    • Ice cream shoppe
    • The friend zone
    • Inside a goat
    • Easter Island
    • Lair
    • Wonderland
    • Lotsmo Emporium
    • Dungeon
    • Closet
    • My lair
    • Dry cleaners
    • Crocodile nest
    • Niki's office
    • My pants
    • Mars
    • 2 streets away
    • Turkish prison
  • Vanessa getting transported into theater, the funny part being that she got transported into a Ducky Momo movie... with Candace sitting a few seat from her singing along with the kids in the theater to the Ducky Momo theme.
  • "And now, to send my daughter to the movies!" *Scare Chord*
    • It turns out that the same quartet who sing Doof's evil jingle also provide some of his dramatic musical stings.
  • Isabella getting overexcited when it's just her and Phineas. She even has to slap herself to get her to calm down!
    • Meanwhile, Phineas doesn't react at all.
  • When Irving is watching Isabella and Phineas' picnic, the Fireside Girls put him into a bag and take him to their base of operations. What's the first thing he does? Trying to flirt with them.
  • Isabella saying that she only has a "bit" of a crush on Phineas, in which she is immediately called out on.
    • Right after the scene, Candace questions this by commenting on his triangular shaped head. Isabella just responds by saying how acute it is.
  • After Ferb is teleported into the backyard from the dentist, when he tries to talk, it is unintelligible because he still has Novocaine in his mouth.
    • The closed captioning is even more hilarious, because it literally transcribes what he said as "Ab flabahem abla flapabla."
    • When Linda took him away at the beginning of the episode, Phineas notes that he's never seen Ferb so nervous before.
  • Buford and Baljeet do another "Peanut butter in my chocolate" parody.
  • During the credits, Candace and Vanessa perform a hard rock cover of the Ducky Momo song.

The Klimpaloon Ultimatum

  • Phineas and the gang pretty much recreate the Leeroy Jenkins viral video, with Buford in the title role. The attention to detail in recreating the scene is insane.
  • Perry becoming famous as a Rastafarian warthog.
  • Slamm Hammer saying that he will stop at nothing to disprove Klimpaloon's existence. Turns out he literally stopped at doing nothing.
  • Mr. Random's monologue getting heard by everyone via microphone.
  • "Trees are Made of Wood".
  • Klimpaloon dancing in "The Ballad of Klimpaloon".
  • Linda and Lawrence try to present despite the malfunctions of the platform of the microphone.

Operation Crumb Cake

  • Isabella's reaction upon hearing that her grandmother never actually mailed a romantic letter meant for Isabella's grandfather, only moments after writing a very romantic letter meant for Phineas.
  • Ferb completely steals the show, despite only having three lines!
  • This is one of the few occasions Phineas gets zapped with an -inator, and this is the result.
    • Upon returning to normal, all he can do is wonder why he just did that.
  • Norm undoing everything upon getting hit by the inator:
    Norm: "Now to put the giblets back into the chicken!"
  • Isabella and the Fireside Girls' whole pursuit of the letter through the post office and beyond:
    Isabella: "We will get that letter back, no matter how nicely or politely we have to ask!"


  • Doofenshmirtz and Perry fighting while being turned into various different forms, which can all somehow physically interact properly despite just being holograms.
  • Candace attempting to find out what Jeremy "really" means when he talks, only to find that there are no hidden meanings.
  • The end credits, in which Candace and Jeremy turn the statement "Cool" into a Stupid Statement Dance Mix.
    • Also strangely sweet, as it demonstrates what united front these two have become.
  • Perry being unable to use any of his lair entrances in the beginning.
  • Doof's endless progression of better and better people he could impersonate.
    • "So then I thought, why be a brigadier general when I could be a major general? I mean, why not? I'm a modern guy! And then I though, maybe I'm still shooting too low, why be a major general when I could be a lieutenant general? And then I thought, why-" (Perry punches him)
  • Candace asking Stacy for advice on what 'cool' means:
    Candace: "Did it mean like 'cool, I totally want to hang out with you,' or 'cool, I really wanted to see that movie,' or 'cool, like I think you're being cold and distant'?"
    Stacy: "Not that one."
  • A subtle one: Jeremy describes the pizza guy (Candace in disguise) as having been "the most popular senior two years in a row."

Lost in Danville

  • Phineas and Ferb's attempts to open the capsule, including dropping pianos on it.
  • Doofenshmirtz explaining good nemesis behavior to Professor Mystery. Complete with a bunch of chorus girls who walk in to sing a song with him (and wheel him about in his restraints) then walk straight back out once the song is finished.
    Mystery: "How did you get chorus girls in here?"
    Doof: ".They're union. They'll travel."
    • It's established that Danville is known for its spontaneous musical numbers, but then you remember that Mystery is from Seattle. No wonder he's confused.
  • Despite Bernie looking nothing like him, he initially claims that he's Phineas from the future, then changes his story and says that he's Baljeet, who points out that they're not even the same ethnicity, so he claims that he's Isabella, who points out that doesn't make sense either.
  • All of Doofenshmirtz's interactions with Professor Mystery:
    Mystery: "Mystery is my allure!"
    Doof: "Oh, this is going to be a fun conversation."
  • The ending that reveals the entire episode took place in another dimension.

The Inator Method

  • Doofenshmirtz giving a seminar on how to rule the Tri-State Area. (It, of course, turns out to be a ploy for him to achieve that very thing.)
  • After being defeated, Doofenshmirtz is left only in his undergarments as an angry mob pursues him. Upon exiting the building, he looks to make sure nobody is watching, and then continues running.
  • The kids do their planetary role call:
    Buford: Oo-ra-nose, check!
    Baljeet: Buford, that is not how it is pronounced.
    • It's also a pretty clever example of showing their work, as "Ouranos" is the original Greek name for deity the planet was named after.

Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension

  • The parody of the opening of the Fellowship of the Ring, complete with fake Elvish whispering.
  • Candace-2 trying ice-cream.
  • Watching the kids play sports with no knowledge of it beforehand.
  • Ferb-2 mentioning that he only gets one line per episode, only to remain silent when Charlene-2 asks him why. Arguably becomes funnier when Ferb-2 actually talks again later in the episode and thus showing that it isn't that specific.
  • Doof-2 being a coward when he is faced with combat.

Doof 101

  • The cheesy "Doof 101" theme song.
  • Principal Lang backs into a broom closet while warning Doofenshmirtz to behave himself.
  • "Why does everyone always think I'm brooding? It's my brow, isn't it?"
  • When Doof is trying to find a way to inject Johnny with the antidote:
    Doof: Nobody has a crossbow, do they?
    Becky: I do! (everyone stares at her) Why, is that weird?
  • Based on their quick cameo, poor Phineas and Ferb are now under the impression that high school is going to be fun.

Act Your Age

  • Phineas is shown to have trouble deciding on a college...because he literally has a shin-deep pile of acceptance letters, including one for a college in Norway.
  • Baljeet's introduction for the episode features him walking into Phineas and Ferb's room speaking in a deep voice...and then clearing his throat and remarking that he had something stuck in it in the voice he's had since the show started. Apparently his voice never broke.
  • The Running Gag with Buford describing something with a summary for a movie plot, Baljeet telling him it's pretentious and Buford thanking him.
  • When Phineas mentions that the college in England that Ferb plans to attend sounds like a wizard's school, Ferb indignantly protests "It's not a wizard's school." Then there's a beat before he admits "Well, there is some wizarding."
  • Carl and Irving discussing how Monogram is "in a better place" now, implying that he had passed away. It turns out they were actually referring to how he's spending his retirement days in Bora Bora.
  • With Doofenshmirtz having given up evil, Perry is now on vacation... in the Flynn-Fletchers' backyard tree.
  • Baljeet taking note that Isabella had looked at Phineas with hearts in her eyes when they were younger, and wondering how that was even possible.
  • Buford's solution in case the plan to get Isabella and Phineas together doesn't work is to prepare a sign reading "Think about love".
  • Buford's comment about what's in the fridge.
  • Adyson giving Ginger advice on how to manipulate Baljeet. Made more hilarious by the fact that Baljeet knows exactly what she's doing and considers it how they show their love.
  • The entirety of Doof's mid-life crisis, especially the part where he's buying a sports car.
    • When he tries to hit on his sky-diving instructor:
    Doofenshmirtz: You know, one of the best things about being a successful scientists is that I get to meet lots of attractive women, like yourself.
    Jump Instructor: You want to know the best part about being a jump instructor? (pushes him out of the plane)
    Perry: (tips his hat to her and jumps out after him)
  • Ginger's lingering jealousy towards Mishti.
    Adyson: (long-suffering tone) Let it go, Ginge. Let it go.
  • Apparently, Lawrence's version of a midlife crisis is switching from Earl Grey to Darjeeling. Linda's response to this development probably reflects the audience's though possibly not in the same way.
    Linda: (flatly) You are a mad-man.
  • Swampy being so teary-eyed that when a portion of "What Might Have Been" is playing during the credits, you can hear him crying during the song, to the point that an annoyed Dan tells him to get a grip.
    • Dan's discomfort with Swampy getting emotional and eventually pulling a I Need to Go Iron My Dog to get away.
    • Dan and Swampy's segments in general were pretty funny - they even make a joke about the suggestion that Perry should get a girlfriend.
  • Carl saying "great googly moogly" in the place of Monogram.
  • Phineas saying that he's "stuck in the friendzone" with Isabella. His completely honest delivery just makes it hilarious.
    • This is funnier if you consider that he's technically right since the "friendzone" can be defined as "having romantic feelings for someone but only being friends with them instead of dating."
  • Doofenshmirtz' whole motivation: he desperately wants to have a mid-life crisis, because it seems so fun!
  • Vanessa ending the episode by messing with Ferb:
    Vanessa: "I never knew she had a thing for him."
    Ferb: "Seriously?"
    Vanessa: "No, I'm just messing with you. Everyone knew!"
  • When Dr. Doofenshmirtz zaps himself with his midlife-crisis-inator, Perry hurries off screen and comes back toting a set of defibrillators with the air of someone who has done this many times before.
  • While the What Might Have Been song is mostly a Tearjerker, it does list one of the romantic things Phineas can do for Isabella as holding her hair back if she gets sick with salmonella.
  • Why didn't Baljeet ever tell Phineas about Isabella's crush on him before? "We are guys, we do not talk about feelings."
  • Buford's description of their romance efforts: "It'll be like love kicked them both in the face."

Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation!
  • "Follow me!"
    • "PLOW!"
  • Linda muttering a quick "Forgive me, boys," before asking Candace how Phineas and Ferb are doing, putting her into "bust 'em" mode and distracting her from her worries about finding the perfect gift for Jeremy.
  • The sightings of Santa Claus that echo the famous Patterson Footage of Bigfoot, the Surgeon's Photograph of Nessie, and the stock picture of the Shroud of Turin.
  • The partridge from Perry's trap jamming along with Doofenshmirtz's song.
  • This:
    Major Monogram: Carl! Stop filming your butt!
    (Carl points camera at Monogram's rear)
    Major Monogram: Film mine! It's a party! Wah-hey!
  • Isabella can clairvoyantly sense when someone elsewhere is using her catchphrase.
  • Buford saying "It's not a clubhouse?" somehow gets funnier every time, as does Candace laughing her ass off when people mention letters to Santa.
  • That little rap thing Candace sings after "That Christmas Feeling".
  • Candace constantly translating her metaphors into literal terms... including "metaphors" she didn't even use.
  • Ferb hands Phineas a blueprint, causing Phineas to turn away and yell in protest. Ferb flips the blueprint right side up, upon which Phineas calms down and says, "Oh, yeah. That's it!"
  • Candace Saying Too Much while trying to encourage Jeremy to go along with her Zany Scheme.
  • Candace bursting into mocking laughter every time someone mentions "letters to Santa", even supposedly out of earshot.
  • Phineas' repeated attempts to invoke a Catapult Nightmare when it's announced Christmas has been cancelled.
  • This gem from Where Did We Go Wrong?:
    Phineas: All except for Buford, 'cause he's got that whole "last minute reprieve" theory.
    Buford: It's gonna work. You watch.
  • Candace meets Santa's elves:
    Clewn't: "Ah, yes; Candace Flynn."
    Candace: "You know who I am?"
    Clewn't: "That's...not a good thing."
  • When Baljeet confesses he wants a kiss for Christmas, Buford walks away. A pretty straight "no homo"-style joke, until:
    Baljeet: Do not flatter yourself!
  • Isabella bringing up how she celebrates Hanukkah while everyone else is sad about Christmas being cancelled.
    Isabella: Oh, um, we don't celebrate Christmas. But I got the coolest stuff for Hanukkah. Eight straight days of dreams come true.
    [Beat as everyone looks at her]
    Isabella: [Realizing what she said] I mean... I'm with you guys. Boo, no Christmas.

Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!

  • The "You're Watching Television" gag. WIN.
  • Chaka Khan's appearance in the "I Believe We Can" song. While Clay Aiken's appearance is chuckle worthy, it's just no match for Chaka's epic entrance and dramatic running. While dressed as Ferb.
  • What is the first thing that happens when Phineas and Ferb arrive in Tokyo? CARAMELLDANSEN! And look for Isabella with a leek.
    • "Man, Tokyo's a fun town!" "I have no idea what just happened."
  • Klimpaloon, the Magical Old-Timey Bathing Suit That Lives in the Himalayas. That is all.
      Candace: That's not helping!
      (Klimpaloon looks around and walks off, depressed)
  • (Water splashes on a mime, removing his make-up)
    Mime: Hey, everyone! I can talk!
  • This reference.
    Phineas: Look! A sponge and a starfish! There's gotta be something we can make out of this! (tosses them away) Oh no, that's ridiculous!
  • The continuing trend of Vanessa's evilness:
    Phineas: Vanessa, you rented a scooter!
    Vanessa: Uh...yeah...rented...
    (moments later we see a flyer for a missing scooter)
  • Isabella's reaction to Phineas in Paris. After her (somewhat depressing) song "The City of Love", in which Phineas obliviously rebukes her advances, the whole gang meets back up at the boat except for Vanessa, and...well...
    Phineas: Hey, Ferb. Where's Vanessa?
    Ferb: She went off with someone else.
    Phineas: That's too bad. I thought the two of you, you know, a boy, a girl, alone in the City of Love. I thought romance was a forgone conclusion.
    Isabella: *growls and tightens her fist until the pencil she's holding breaks*
    Phineas: Isabella, did you say something.
    Isabella: I need a new pencil.
    • This CMOF is immediately topped when the very next scene repeats the exchange almost word-for-word with Candace instead of Ferb, and Isabella's head explodes!
    • The sight of Isabella getting more and more enraged is hilarious, especially considering that she's never been seen losing her temper before.
  • "I jump, therefore I am." "I dangle, therefore I am."
  • Phineas and friends interrupting the 27th Annual Substitute Teacher Day... by flying a giant paper airplane over the proceedings.
    Speaker: OK, who's the wise guy?!
  • "I hate being a sailor."
  • This:
    Buford: Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by the imagination.
    Baljeet: Voltaire, Buford? Really?
    Buford: Oh, I can't help it. Paris does it to me every time.
  • During the high-energy race at the end when Buford gives everyone back their bikes:
    Buford: Here's Ferb's, here's Phineas', here's Isabella's, and here's — a recumbent? Really?
    Baljeet: Studies say it is better for your back.
    Buford: How come I don't have to stand in line to bully you?
  • "So, Candace, what is "Ferb" short for?" "... I... don't know!"
  • This part:
    Candace: Well, you know when you know someone and you see they have another life away from you and it feels weird?
    Phineas: Like when you see your teacher at a grocery store weird? Or like when someone you've known for a long time starts wearing a cowboy hat weird?
    Candace: The... the first thing weird.
    Phineas: That's good, because I was thinking about getting a cowboy hat.
  • Stacy displaying her lack of knowledge of geography:
    Candace: Do you know what they have in France?
    Stacy: The pyramids?
    • And later:
    Candace: Oh, and Stacy; pyramids, really?
    Stacy: Oh right. That's in Belgium, isn't it?
  • Phineas' Tempting Fate moment:
    Phineas: Well, looked like everything worked out for the best. That giant wave really put us back on schedule. We might even arrive in Danville ahead of time. You know, barring any unforeseen mishaps. (Ferb's steering wheel breaks off) Oh, like that. That's what I'm talkin' about. (The jet breaks off) And that. (Another piece of the plane breaks off) And that. (Baguettes fly off) Yeah, this is all included in what I was talking about earlier!
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it bit in the 'Rubber Bands' number. At one point the gang is being carted around the factory in a wagon being pulled by Buford chasing a cookie on a string.
    • Also, as they enter the factory:
    Phineas: Do you live up here?
    Uncle Sabu: Yes, it's quite a trick, isn't it? It used to be very inconvenient for me, but then I built my factory right here, and now it's inconvenient for everyone else!
  • The sad mime in Paris who releases a red balloon after all the sad moments, culminating in:
    Balloon Seller: "Hey you! Stop letting my balloons go!"
  • As they crash into Paris:
  • When Phineas reveals the plane to the group, you hear everyone approve, but also this exchange:
    Phineas: Behold! The amazing Sun-Beater 3000!
  • Near the end of the special, the gang has to ride the bikes Buford stole from them to get home in time. The only ride available for Candace is her old tricycle. When she refuses to get on it, Phineas briefly loses his temper and infamously snaps "GET ON THE TRIKE!"

Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted by Kelly Osbourne

  • Doofenshmirtz & Monogram dressed as Kelly - and Vogueing.
  • All the hosts making Perry noises.

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

  • Even when there were only a few clips and trailer, we already knew of plenty of funny moments.
    Nick Fury: That's SHIELD. It's an acronym.
    Monogram: Like OWCA?
    Nick Fury: Yes, except it's cool.
  • Stan Lee not only sells Excelsior! Hot Dogs, but he gets to reprise his narrator role from the 80s!
  • Red Skull has some great lines.
    Red Skull: Doofenshmirtz. That sounds Drusselshteinian. I have a cousin who married a Drusselshteinian. SHE IS DEAD TO ME!
  • The opening sequence:
    Spider-Man: Aunt May! Phineas and Ferb are making a Crossover!
    Phineas: Yeah, we are! (He and Ferb play a chord).
  • Iron Man's armor locked up when his powers were drained, so he had to be wheeled around on a furniture dolly for a significant portion of the episode.
  • MM wearing an eyepatch to emulate Nick Fury. It gets even funnier when he adds a second patch (which he later swaps out for a beard).
  • These words from the Red Skull: "Evil Road Trip"!
    MODOK: "Ooh, shotgun!"
    • Heck, that entire scene was hilarious!
    • MODOK boasting about how his Technopathic abilities allow him to access the internet, only for Whiplash to cut in by saying that he can do the same thing with his phone.
  • The fact that Doof tried MODOK's look once, but couldn't get out the front door! It becomes a Brick Joke when MODOK has the same problem with the door to Doof's inator storage room.
  • Whiplash and Red Skull have differing opinions on Doofenshmirtz.
    Whiplash: Perhaps he is a misunderstood genius.
    Red Skull: Or maybe he is a perfectly understood idiot.
  • Candace fangirling over the superheroes.
    Candace: Will you guys read my fanfiction? It's a story where Thor and Hulk decide to learn ice skating and—
    • What's truly funny is that Marvel, like a lot of other commercial entertainment companies, isn't allowed to accept unsolicited material. They have strict guidelines which prevent them from even looking at such material.
    • When did Candace become a fan of Marvel super heroes? Apparently they had a crossover with Ducky Momo, and she did some research to prepare.
  • Baljeet getting hit by gamma rays and Hulking out.
  • "But I gotta level with ya.. I have no idea who's shooting waffles."
  • Doof out with Red Skull and the other villains, committing acts of "evil".
    • Whiplash eventually snaps and starts smashing up the mall, the vendor whose cart he smashed was more ticked than angry.
  • Every moment of the power-swapped heroes was hilarious!
  • The superheroes wondering if Perry was Howard the Duck.
    Spider-Man: You think that was Howard the Duck?
    Iron Man: Time's of the essence, we've got... No, it wasn't Howard the Duck!
    Spider-Man: What? I'm just saying.
    Hulk: He did have a bill.
  • Tony offering the boys internships at Stark Industries.
  • Isabella admitting that when Phineas was talking to her that she was only paying attention to Phineas saying her name.
  • MODOK passing the Giant Floating Baby Head.
    "Was he making fun of me?"
    "A little, yes."
  • When Thor regains his powers and summons Mjolnir, it's covered in parking tickets, and even a wheel lock!
    Thor: Oh, for crying out loud!
    • It becomes a Brick Joke when you remember that a policewoman put a ticket on the hammer earlier in the episode.
  • Whiplash thinking an old lady was with the heroes.
  • The end credits, where Phineas and the gang pull off Perry's mask, only to reveal Ducky Momo (it was another mask).
    • Candace's reaction: she faints from pure nerdgasm.
  • Right after Phineas and Candace make up, Candace sees their mom passing by and decides that as much as she loves her brothers, she still needs to bust them.
    • Pretty much every time their mom just casually looks away whenever the superheroes are fighting.
  • Iron Man: "We have Baljeet!"
  • Doofenshmirtz trying to find a long enough extension chord to power his disintegrator-inator, and rejecting one for being "too long".
  • Doofenshmirtz showing his "evil" inventions to the supervillains, including a "sloth-inator" that will give him the powers of a sloth, "super slowness" and "super leaf-eating".
  • Any and all jokes relating to Red Skull's accent.
  • When the space station shuts down, it announces that, among other things, social network friends are defriended.
    Candace: Now that's just mean!
  • MODOK being identified as a "giant chicken egg with a face".
  • When the "relevant news broadcast" announces some bad news, it turns out to be the cancellation of Horse in a Bookcase before cutting to the villains wreaking havoc.
  • When the heroes' powers get swapped, Iron Man gets Thor's godhood and thinks he can wield Mjolnir, but Thor disabuses that notion by saying that wielding Mjolnir is about worthiness, not power. And to Iron Man's frustration, this means Tony can't use any of Thor's techniques like flying or shooting lightning, as you can only do that...
    Thor & Iron Man: ...With the hammer.
    • Before that:
    Thor: "It's not about power: it's about worthiness."
    Iron Man: "Potato, potahto."
    Thor: (long pause) "...I do not know what that means."
    • Hulk gets Tony's powers. Which, lacking a suit, amounts to pretty much nothing.
    Hulk:: I do feel more entrepreneurial, though.
  • Linda's walking tour on tape mentioning a daycare center that was built on top of an ancient burial ground.
  • Doofenshmirtz thinking that the Red Skull's head should be on fire, before considering that he may be thinking of someone else.
  • When the heroes are shown inside the SHED, they're astonished that it's bigger on the inside. Ferb states that it's simple British technology.
  • When Thor has Spider-Man's power and grabs MODOK, Thor can't let go of MODOK and this happens:
    Thor: I find myself in a sticky situation! Oh no, I've just received Spider-Man's propensity for puns!
  • As Isabella and Candace approach the space station:
    Candace: "You don't think it's weird that the space station is shaped like Phineas?"
    Isabella: "If by 'weird' you mean dreamy!"

Phineas and Ferb Save Summer

  • OWCA and L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. ending up sharing a space for their events without realizing it because they both used fake names! The record scratch sound when Doof and MM open the sliding divide (in and attempt to complain about the noise the other group is making) and see each other at the same time sell it.
  • The entire countrified brawl between OWCA and L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.
    • Also, the fact that OWCA is concealed as "The Capulet Bar Mitzvah" while L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. is "The Hatfield Wedding Reception".
    • Plus the fact that in Act 5, they have the exact same brawl with the same animation. Dr Diminutive even realizes this!
  • Candace believing a butterfly-shaped hair clip is a spider, twice.
  • Doof planning to move the Earth just a bit away from the sun so he won't need to wear SPF 120 sunblock.
  • Linda makes fun of Candace's arachnophobia denial by saying, "You're in charge, Miss Muffet."
  • Colonel Contraction's emphasis on the word "DEBACLE!!!"
  • When Candace asks Phineas where to watch a videocassette she found, she inadvertently joins the gang's virtual worldwide concert and is seen as a British guard in London, a Swiss Miss in the Swiss Alps, etc.
  • Linda and Lawrence's cavern adventure with Saul (voiced by Wallace Shawn).
    • When they make it out of the cave, Saul kisses the ground in relief for a few moments before reacting with disgust... because he happened to kiss a bug.
  • Doofenshmirtz: "I guess my fortune cookie was right. I do tend to over-complicate things!"
  • The entirety of Irving's Camp Song.
    • The song contains some incredibly dark and graphic lyrics that one would probably never expect on a Disney show, notably "Your sinew's torn apart by a grizzly/Your large intestines wrapped around a tree".
  • This line:
  • The episode's Running Gag involving the Earth blowing up and rolling the credits, thanks to Buford.
  • After the OWCA is dismantled, it is revived into... the OWCA.
  • Ferb suddenly having an orchestra to emphasize the mood of the characters' current situation.
  • Monty's response to having an even-bigger goon join the four others?
  • When Phineas explains that he has recruited other kids to set up rockets all over the world, one kid from the team on Mount Haggenhuge is revealed to be a goat. Later, the Mount Haggenhuge rocket malfunctions and the goat fixes it by Percussive Maintenance.
  • A fish agent is shown randomly flopping around on the ground at the OWCA headquarters where it had previously not been present. Moments later, a pelican agent passes by and apparently eats the fish.
  • The fact that one of the world leaders contacted by LOVEMUFFIN is a dolphin.
  • The reason that Doofenshmirtz resents sharing a space in the conference hall is because sharing is not evil.
  • The OWCA agents' rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" is both funny and heartbreaking.
  • Candace attempts to get over her arachnophobia by touching a spider... except the spider is really a picture on the cover of a book, and she's touching it with an artificial arm on a long pole.
  • Phineas casually mentioning several times that their rockets could potentially tear the Earth in two if used improperly.
  • One of Doofenshmirtz's Berserk Buttons turns out to be the self destruct button being disabled.
  • Roger is trapped on the roof of City Hall for the entire second half of the episode.
  • When Rodney mocks Doofenshmirtz by nicknaming him "Slouchy", the other evil scientists laugh, and Dr. Diminutive can be heard saying "Haha! Good one! Because he slouches!"
  • When Monty is spying on LOVEMUFFIN and overhears their plans, he gasps, but Dr. Diminutive mistakes it for the building settling. Rodney then hears him say he needs to go warn Carl, with Dr. Diminutive again thinking it's the building settling.
    Rodney: "So the building has to go warn Carl?"
    Diminutive: "I live in a strange building."
  • When Stacy is trying to help Candace get over her arachnophobia, she takes her to an exotic spider exhibit and reaches into one of the cages to demonstrate that spiders are harmless. She promptly gets bitten. Cut to her being carted into an ambulance, still wearing the exact same bemused expression.

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars

  • In the intro "And none of this is canon, just relax."
    • Really, the whole opening crawl. It mainly consists of Jeff and Dan having to tell Jim Cummings how to narrate it. In particular, the part where he does the opening credits in what is a combination of his Tigger and Ray voices.
  • The Imperial office is literally an office building perched atop a Star Destroyer body and the storm trooper office workers have white shirts and neckties while still wearing the rest of their armor.
    • One of the stormtroopers in the Imperial office was looking up swimsuit models.
  • "Tatooine", generally considered a desolate wasteland is considered paradise by Phineas and Ferb due to their cheerful optimism and inventive knack.
  • Leia asking Perry to get out of her shot as she records the iconic "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi" video, thus answering that decades-old question of why there are no teal platypi in the original cut.
  • Baljeet saying "socks" to the tune of the Imperial March.
  • During "In the Empire", when Candace sings about all of the exotic worlds you can visit, one of the worlds we see is Burbank, California. Then again, for a Tatooine native...
    • Also, during her rant mid-song about Gladys from accounting being promoted, she notes the failed blaster training "seriously, she held it backwards and upside down."
  • The Commander delivering the one line every moviegoer has had in their mind since 1977:
    Stormtrooper: Look sir, droids.
    Commander: No, this is a bathtub stopper.
  • 30 seconds later:
    2nd Stormtrooper: Look, sir, a magic flute.
  • Phineas, Ferb, and Blatto are looking over the Death Star plans and have just discovered the exhaust port.
    Blatto: "Uh, it's like it's got a self-destruct button. What kind of idiot would design that?"
    (cut to Darthensmhirtz trying and failing to use a water fountain).
  • The aftermath of the cantina scene:
    Undertaker: (carting Greedo's body away) "Funny, they said he shot first, but I could have sworn it was the other guy..."
  • Isabella politely asking Phineas and Ferb to excuse her after hearing Vanessa sing about Han Solo so much, which is followed by her shooting Vanessa....'s microphone.
  • Despite all of Isabella's snappy remarks about what he's doing, Phineas still asks Ferb if he and Isabella would be a good couple.
    Ferb: (Beat) Sure, why not?
  • Darthenshmirtz gloats over how valuable his time share on Alderan has become. Meanwhile, in the background...
  • This:
    Isabella: This had better work or you two are floating home!
    Phineas: I don't think we can float all the way home. I mean, we wouldn't survive fifteen seconds in the cold vacuum of spa—
    Isabella: It's a figure of speech!
  • When Isabella's ship cloaks, it briefly turns into the Giant Floating Baby Head.
  • This line by Vader: "I find your lack of socks disturbing."
  • Phineas feeling bad that they don't have any actual donuts for the stormtroopers and that they should get them some, followed by Isabella yelling at him to focus.
  • Candace entertaining herself by making faces underneath her helmet.
  • "One man's trash is another man's bad idea."
  • Two Rebel agents realize they don't have the disc with the Death Star plans, so one suggests they blame Jar Jar Binks. The other points out that it won't work since he retired 20 years ago, then suggests something involving a thermal detonator, causing the first guy to respond "that's better than my Jar Jar plan?"
    • Then Isabella shows up with the disc and says, in the most uncaring voice possible "Yo tech support, got something here for you," then just walks off as the two guys are celebrating.
  • When Candace, Buford, and Baljeet begin questioning whether the Empire is the good side:
    Candace: And didn't we just blow up a planet?!
    Baljeet: Hmm, yes, that is sort of difficult to justify...morally.
  • Apparently, Porkins is the Sitcom Arch-Nemesis to Galaxy-Far-Away!Gretchen.
  • The revelation of what that tentacled thing in the trash compactor was and what it was doing:
    Darthensmirtz: "That's not trash, dummy: that's a guy!"
  • A slew of gems during the Dance Party Ending:
    • Leia dances with Agent P, while Luke and Han look on, both a bit peeved.
    • Isabella kissing Phineas at the end, but first asking if they were related as a reference to Luke and Leia.
    • Artoo doing the Worm.
    • Gretchen chewing out Porkins for messing up their celebration when it turns out he has been Spared by the Adaptation.

Night of the Living Pharmacists

  • Doofenshmirtz using a thesaurus during his monologue.
  • Doofenshmirtz making Call Backs to events that he didn't witness (complete with Lampshade Hanging, naturally).
    Doofenshmirtz: In your face, logic!
  • The zombies mostly behave like mindless automatons, but they apparently still have enough presence of mind to throw Doofenshmirtz out of the DEI building when he complains about them.
    Zombies: Less of me...
    • It usually is pretty funny when they say something outside of "lots of me". For example, zombified Carl actually mentions that he used to be him.
    Gordon Gutsofanemu: Now let's go to the weather.
    Doof zombie weatherman: Lots of me... let's go to traffic...
    Doof zombie pilot: Lots of me...
    Doof zombie co-pilot: Back to you, Gordon...
    Doof zombie Gordon: Lots of me...
    • Doof calling the zombies cliche when they turn against him.
    • At the end of Doof's song, his backup singers get zombified. One of them keeps dowoping for a few seconds.
  • Stacy gets through the entire episode by pure obliviousness.
  • Vanessa's friends being Genre Blind about horror movie cliches, which Candace cannot believe.
  • Phineas shooting down Doofenshmirtz's suggestion for a self-destruct button when they were building their project to stop the zombies.
  • When the giant floating baby head is infected, it turns into a giant floating Doofenshmirtz head.
  • Even if it was also pretty emotional, Phineas realizing that he forgot about Isabella and then freaking out about it right after he had tried to get Buford to calm down earlier. Naturally, Buford lampshades this in a mocking tone.
  • The cameos of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as their Shaun of the Dead characters, where they talk about how little sense everything makes to them.
    • Similarly, the cameo of George A. Romero as reporter "Don Adaded".
  • When Candace, Vanessa, and Doofenshmirtz prepare to fight the zombies, Doofenshmirtz also arms himself with rubber despite being immune to infection, simply because he'd wanted to dress up too.
  • Isabella shows how she can change instantaneously into her Fireside Girl uniform.
  • The two examples of Heroic Sacrifices apparently involving the need to take your clothes off-sans-underwear:
    Phineas: beat You know, he [Buford] really could have done that without taking off his clothes."
    Isabella: I know, right?
    (later, when Doofenshmirtz throws himself at the zombies)
    Phineas: Again, with the clothes-
    Isabella: Yeah, what's up with that!?
    Doofenshmirtz: [offscreen] This is yet another Call-Back to something I didn't hear!
  • When Isabella announces herself in the Fireside Girl headquarters, she outright ignores it out of urgency when Phineas starts apologizing to her and being more affectionate than normal, preferring to focus on the bigger picture.
  • When Doof learns his machine considers turning people into him to be repulsive, he claims it's the universe playing a joke on him.
  • Candace running into Vanessa at the supermarket and asking if she's shopping then rambles on before finally saying to herself "stop Candace."
  • After everything's over, Vanessa says she and Candace should hang out again, preferably without the threat of a zombie apocalypse. Doof adds that he won't make any promises.
  • A call back to "Knot My Problem" is made, when Gretchen tries to keep Buford from worrying that the Doof zombies are going to break into the Fireside Girl headquarters.
    Gretchen: Lock it down soldier! No one's getting in here! You hear me?!
    Buford: I am so in love with her right now.

Last Day Of Summer

  • At one point while going through Phineas and Ferb's ride, the kids gain the faces of their respective voice actors... except Buford, who gets that of an octopus.
    • According to the writers, this was because Bobby Gaylor, Buford's voice actor, is in his mid-40s and his head would look weird next to these younger voice actors.
  • Candace's alarm is the Phineas Catchphrase's "I know what we're gonna do today!". Plus Candace wakes up just in time to hear her brother say it at same moment. Oh, and the clock alarm not report the time, but the words "Busting Time"!.
  • After Candace finishes telling Linda about Phineas and Ferb's invention, she hangs up, only to call back again just to laugh her signature laugh.
  • When Candace speculates on how boring Linda and Lawerence's lives must be without children, we get a scene cut to them doing a fancy dance.
  • After a montage of Isabella regaining her memories of Phineas clearly emphasizing her crush on him, Baljeet goes through a similar sequence... with a spoon. Buford tries to trigger one with oranges, but fails.
  • Isabella wearing Capri pants over her usual outfit. That's all. Made even funnier by the fact that she gains an uncharacteristic lack of focus bordering on Cloudcuckoolander levels: she had been so preoccupied with trying the pants on that she missed out on what the others had been discussing.
  • At the ending, when Phineas throws all rules of logic and the fourth wall out the window, even more than usual:
    Phineas: (singing) -Isabella kissed me, but I got my mind erased!
    (music stops)
    Isabella: Wait, what!?
    Phineas: (teasing) You just wait ten years.
    (music resumes)
    Candace: "Actually, I think my dream was inside of Perry's dream".

Take Two with Phineas and Ferb
  • From the Regis Philbin episode
    Regis: Do you have a special girl in your life?
    Phineas: Actually I do. (Isabella looks shocked) She's pretty, she's smart, she's the best (Isabella looks like she's gonna cry) She's our mom! (Isabella looks mad)
  • From the Emma Roberts episode, Ferb screams.

Character Commentaries

  • The Commentary on "The Chronicles of Meap" with Doof/Monogram is pure gold. Besides Monogram thinking Meap is Nightmare Fuel (he even outright calls Meap Nightmare Fuel) and Doof hating Ferb, there's these.
    Candace: (judging different books by their covers) Heavy handed and derivative.
    Doof: Oh look, she's got your autobiography!
    • Dr. Doofenshmirtz doesn't like Ferb before he flirts with Vanessa. Yes, Dr. Doofenshmirtz instinctively knows Ferb likes Vanessa and hates him for it.
    • And later, when they lose track of the plot:
    Doof: I think that the triangle-head kid is uh... he's planning a bank heist, that's their getaway car.
    • Major Monogram lampshading the Cute Tracker's design:
    "It's a mechanical piece of toast that boy has there..."
    Monogram: Watching this cartoon, I think I can safely say that that girl [Candace] is a little unstable.
    Doofenshmirtz: It's Doctor Coconut!
    Monogram: ... Doctor Coconut?
  • The commentary on "Attack of the 50 Foot Sister" is equally as funny, especially considering they went Up to Eleven on the whole No Fourth Wall thing.
    Doof: It just amazes me that there's no adult supervision with these kids! I mean, this is a Disney show, right?
    • Monogram commenting on the calendar pages flying up in the Title Sequence ("Oh look at that, they're littering the sun. That's a shame").
    • Watching the scene with the "Baljeet signal":
    Doof: You know what that is? That is a reference to the 1970's movie Star...something. bar?
    Monogram: Are you sure it isn't Klute? I loved the movie Klute.
    • After Candace steals the growth elixir:
    Monogram: I think she just stole that. That girl stole stuff.
    Doof: She's a hoodlum too.
    Monogram: She stole a potion from the boys.
    Doof: The little green-haired boy is a hoodlum and this girl's a hoodlum.
    Monogram: One day, he and your daughter are going to get married.
    • Both lampshading the fact that Doofenshmirtz didn't notice the giant Candace climbing up his building.
    • And finally, this one, which can border on "Funny Aneurysm" Moment due to recent events:
    Doofenshmirtz: (sees Candace's Cheshire Cat Grin) What's that all about? Who does she think she is, Michael Jackson?
  • In Baljeet and Buford's commentary of "No More Bunny Business", Buford thinks that Major Monogram was shrunken down in order to fit in Perry's wrist communicator.
    • Baljeet complaining that he was not invited to hang out with Phineas and Ferb during the events of the episode.
    • Both of them pointing out every unrealistic detail in the episode.
    • When Doofenshmirtz appears in the episode, Buford claims that children will not be interested in a show with adult characters.
  • Doofenshmirtz points out while watching "Flop Starz" that the mall sells "yellow triangles" (the patterns shown on store windows in the show) and that the clothing store is called "Clothing".
    • Doofenshmirtz goes on a rant about how repetition does not make things funny about a show that runs on repetition and by constantly repeating the same sentences and words over and over.
    • Doofenshmirtz saying that the show is "very meta".
    • Doofenshmirtz remembering Jeremy's name as having "germ" in it.
    • Doofenshmirtz scoffs at the idea that anyone could be fooled by Perry's Groucho glasses disguise... then immediately falls for it himself.
    • When Candace's hair gets messed up after punching a purse, Doof mistakes her for Chupacabra.
  • Monogram never realizing that the egg in "Perry Lays an Egg" was not really Perry's.
    • Carl getting so excited about his voice cameo in the episode that he misses it.
    • "CAMEL LAMP!!!"
  • The commentary for "The Ballad of Badbeard" is done by Linda, Candace, Stacy, Doofenshmirtz, Perry, Norm, Monogram, and Carl.
    • Linda being unable to recognize the characters in the episode while they are wearing fake beards.
      • And yet she somehow recognizes the Talking Zebra!
    • Candace reciting the alphabet as a pirate from "R" to "U", and then Buford on screen says, "Me?", to which Candace says, "Yes, you."
Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt

Phineas and Ferb Chibi

  • The first one is a remake of the first episode, except for one small detail. Rather then using tinfold to reverse the planet's rotation, Doof instead has a ray that gives anything it hits giant hairy legs with socks.
    • Mom completely ignoring Candace's attempts to get her to see the Rollercoaster, despite Ferb having a giant wagon of material.
    • The fact that Candace actually does use a phone to try and get a picture...only for it to be smashed by Perry and Doof's fighting.
    • The reveal that Perry actually was hit by the ray and only Ferb notices.
  • The second one sees Doofenshmirtz create a Freezinator...because his air conditioning broke down. And then the sun makes it hotter to spite him.
    • When Doof first uses the Freezinator, he...freezes his AC in a block of ice so he can sit on it. Only after the sun melts it does Doof use it to freeze the sun.
    • The fact that the only reason Linda doesn't see the rocket the boys make is because Doof freezes her and a shocked Candace.
    • When Perry uses the rocket to free the sun, it makes a small rasberry noise rather then a giant explosion.
    • Doof's Overly Long Scream when the sun starts chasing him.
  • Finally, the third one sees the boys digging up a T-Rex, which Candace steals a tooth from. Why does this one fail? Because the boys revived it almost as soon as she left and they were off screen when Mom came home.
    • The many trials Candace goes through to show her mom the tooth.
      • Getting bumped into a carwash by another car.
      • Getting trapped in a treadmill.
      • When she seemingly finally corners Linda in the hair salon, she instead pulls back Doof's dryer, causing him to shove her into one.
      • Causing a good amount of food to fall on her at the store because she couldn't get the briefcase where she was keeping the tooth.


  • In the title sequence, when the boys get to fighting a mummy, the mummy visibly backs away.
  • There's this ad which is basically the cast singing about the Dodger Stadium's Code of Conduct. It's pretty standard...until Doof comes in and sings about the rules HE learned the HARD WAY.
    Doofenshmirtz: If you can help it, don't set Third Base on fire with your mind. Releasing monkeys in the dugout, is not considered kind. Don't build devices that will suddenly make it 1889!
  • The Phineas and Ferb Holiday Favorites CD is full of CMOFs:
    • The Twelve Days of Christmas song, where Dr. Doof starts out wishing for "THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA" and finally settles on almond brittle. There's also one point in the song where he decides to sing the original lyrics in a particularly hammy manner ("FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!") just to "be traditional". Also, Candace getting more and more frustrated as her wish ("two busted brothers") repeatedly fails to come true and giving up on the twelfth day.
    • Major Monogram singing his rendition of "Frosty the Snowman" while getting tons of Snark from Carl, or Buford 's rendition of "Good King Wencelas."
  • The extended version of Perry's theme song, a cross between CMOF and CMOA.
    Well, he's lookin' real sharp in his 1940's fedora,
    He's got an iron will
    And nerves of steel
    And several other metal-themed attributes!
    His fur is water-tight
    And he's always up to the fight
    So when evil hears this sound, it quakes in its boots!
    *Perry's chatter*
  • If you don't mind spoilers, it can be rather hilarious to read the summaries for future episodes on the show's wiki. For instance, the description for "That's the Spirit!" (as of 9/21/11) ends with: "Unfortunately, his plan backfires and he transforms into a scary "were-cow" that wreaks havoc any time there is a full moon. It's now up to Agent P to stop him and save Danville." Is it even possible for plain old text to come across as a Deadpan Snarker?
  • Jon Colton Barry noticed Buford, Baljeet, Irving and dad were not in Rollercoaster. this is the result. The best part is the ending where Baljeet swears. Badly
  • This cast interview has many CMOFs, mainly down to the cast just joking around with each other.
    • Vincent Martella's story about meeting Slash definitely qualifies. Who described himself as "starstruck" first? Slash.
    • Vince and Alyson Stoner talking about doing their characters' voices in public areas so that they can get a reaction from kids. Vince also mentions that he recorded his family's home answering machine message in-character as Phineas; apparently lots of people start their messages with an audio-only Double Take.
      • Dan too, who told a story about doing his Doof voice for a kid at Disney World, which the kid's dad complimented him on, thinking it was just a really good impression.
    • Baljeet's voice actor mentions how the voice came into being; he spent hours on the phone with Dan to get it just right. Then at the very end of the conversation, he was told he'd need to sing in that voice. You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! doesn't begin to describe it.
    • The girl that mentions the Fridge Logic - Candace's favorite food is grilled cheese sandwich, but she is also allergic to dairy. The cast just burst in laughter. Then Dan saves it by saying it is Soy Cheese though admitting that it is a quick improvisation done at the moment.
  • Even if you completely botch the online game "Bot Thwack" and get a score of 0, the ending screen will still show Doofenshmirtz saying, "Curse you, Perry the Platypus! You thwacked 0 of my bots!"
  • During the premiere of "Mission Marvel" on Disney XD, Doofenshmirtz did commentary on the special in the style of his "Doof's Daily Dirt" videos, criticizing Red Skull's monologue technique among other things.
  • Dan Povenmire posted an outtake where he made Doof say something in gibberish instead of his actual line.
  • During a panel, an audience member asked about a Phineas/Isabella kiss...only he said Phineas/Ferb kiss by mistake. Cue Vincent Martella reacting in disturbed shock in-character as Phineas and remaining that way for a while, even to ask "What do you mean fairly sure?!" when one of the creators says he's fairly sure that Phineas and Ferb will never kiss.
  • Doofenshmirtz sings "Blackbird" by The Beatles with Stitch.note  He doesn't get some of the lyrics.
    Doof: Why would they use broken wings to learn to fly? Why doesn't he say "Take these fully-operational wings" and learn to fly with those? 'Cause it would be much easier.
    Stitch: Maybe they were inexpensive!
    Doof: Maybe that's it, maybe they were too cheap.
    Stitch: They're on sale!
  • At the start of the 2015 Comic-Con panel, all the panelists switched their name tags and were prompted to recite the catchphrase of the character they were given in their own character's voice. This included Perry saying, "Hey, where's Perry?" It has to be heard to be believed.
    • And Isabella yelling "Curse you Perry the Platypus!"
  • For an April Fools day prank, the official YouTube channel released a video of the theme song...sung by Grunkle Stan.
    Grunkle Stan Mom! Why are Phineas and Ferb's heads shaped like that?
  • Another video from the channel involves Doofenshmirtz trying to make a reservation at a restaurant while Perry fights Norm and a bunch of Doof-clones.

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