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  • The Lost Boys get some really funny moments in this movie:
    • Cubby's indignant "Let's play the 'No more hitting Cubby on the head' game!" when the Lost Boys are arguing about which game to play. Nibs immediately bonks him on the head again.
    • Slightly, Nibs and the Twins' reaction when Peter comments that Jane is acting like a grown-up: Slightly pretends to stick a finger down his throat, the Twins back off, huddle together and stick out a wooden sword to defend themselves, and Nibs makes a cross out of his index fingers to ward off the evil word!
    • When Peter tosses Jane off a huge rock to try and make her fly, the Lost Boys run frantically around on the ground below, trying to catch her, all shouting "I got her! I got her!" They spectacularly fail to catch her, forming an outward-facing circle of which she falls through the center, making a Jane-shaped hole in the ground.
    Cubby: [guiltily] I thought you said you got her...
    • While the scene where Slightly plays "doctor" to Tinkerbell is not played for laughs, there is a funny detail in that the thermometer he uses is simply marked "GOOD — OK — VERY BAD," and Slightly's diagnose after checking the thermometer is that it "looks kinda bad."
      • Causing Cubby to freak out and start bawling:
    Cubby: Kinda bad?! Kinda?! Oh, it's hopeless! Poor little Tinkerbell!
    Peter: HEY! Put a cork in it!
    [Nibs stuffs his club into Cubby's mouth to shut him up]
  • Captain Hook showing Jane a picture of his "mother" — who looks like Hook in drag, complete with pencil-mustache and two hooks.
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  • "I promised I wouldn't harm a single hair on his head. And —" *ploink!* "— THIS is the one I won't harm! Here, you keep it. The rest of him is MINE!"
  • Jane sailing off, to the triumphant theme of "Rule Britannia"... only for the song to lose in strength as the raft sinks, finishing off with a strong note when Jane herself falls in.
  • Peter just falling out of the sky following Jane claiming he was "full of hot air". It's almost as funny how quickly he recovers and just casually floats in a lying-on-the-stomach pose.
  • At the beginning when Hook orders Smee to summon the octopus (or "beast" as he calls it). Smee, carrying a bucket of dead fish, starts singing a short song that praises Hook, who smiles contently. ...But the last lyric insults him.
    Smee: Yo, ho, ho another plan
    To try to capture Peter Pan
    Captain Hook's a brilliant man
    Who else can think of the perfect crime
    And bumble and fumble it every time
    Hook: SMEE!
    [Smee trips and tosses the entire bucket into the water]
  • "Mr. Smee? Be a good fellow and fix the plank...SO I CAN MAKE YOU WALK IT!!!!"
  • When Hook orders his reluctant pirates to search the shore for Peter Pan.
    Hook: Step softly, you worthless dogs! Set your sights for Peter Pan!
    [crew groans]
    Smee: Aww! Oh, goodness. Haven't we searched the island a thousand times before?
    Hook: [anger steadily rising] I beg your pardon, MR. SMEE?!
    Smee: Uh, I-I-I s-said, uh, "searching for Pan is, um, galore!"
    Hook: [facepalms] There'll be no rest until we have that boy in irons!
  • In order to leave Never Land it is necessary for Jane to fly, there's just one problem: A defiant Tinkerbell flat out refuses to help Jane. How does Peter Pan solve this dilemma? He states that since Jane can't fly she would have to stay. Cue Jane being buried in fairy dust.
  • Hook and Smee are spying on Jane getting failed flying lessons from Peter. She doesn't have the belief of imagination, and therefore, Tink's pixie dust doesn't work on her; Hook decides to take advantage of this.
    Hook: So, the girl can't fly, yet she wants to go home. Smee, do you know what this means?
    Smee: Six more weeks of winter?
    Hook: NO, you imbecile! [chuckles] We'll get me treasure...and the boy.
  • Hook's final defeat. First, he ends up falling though his ship holding onto the same anchor he tried to drown Peter with, then gets chased back up by the octopus, defies Going Down with the Ship, and gets pursued along with his crew by the octopus, who mistook them all as codfish!

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