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Awesome / Return to Never Land

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  • The prologue recaps the events of the first film pretty admirably, adding a medley of significant songs to silhouettes of characters appearing in the clouds.
  • Hook's first appearance, soaring right past an entire squadron of attacking Luftwaffe, which was Nazi Germany's most deadly, effective, and feared military air force, without being spotted.
    • Then the following scene where he kidnaps Jane and escapes as London goes on full alert with spotlights and cannon fire. The music definitely helps here with an intimidating and powerful tune. And as the Jolly Roger sails into Neverland, we are treated with a kalidescope of colors and images all from the first movie.
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  • The entirety of the song "I'll Try". First it rips your heart out as a tender song about the loss of childhood the main character is facing, having grown up in World War Two. Then it becomes a musical crowning moment of awesome as Tinkerbell comes alive and it's clear that Jane has learned how to believe in something.
  • Jane trounces Captain Hook with much confidence and aplomb alongside Tink to spectacularly save Peter and the Lost Boys. It would be almost into Large Ham territory if it wasn't so awesome and improbably cool for such a formerly overly-mature character.
    Jane: Not so fast, you old codfish, or you'll have to answer to me!
  • According to Peter Pan lore, when an adult grows up they can no longer fly. Wendy, it seems, is the odd one out in that respect, because she can fly; she hasn't forgotten like adults do.

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