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  • Almost every line Milo says is hilarious.
    • "Have you ever thought of bottling your sweat and selling it?"
  • The Running Gag of Dieter being dragged away by mysterious men in black every time he makes a public spectacle of himself.

    Season 1 


  • After spending the entire episode going to hell and back to get pimple cream without anybody noticing, Pepper Ann manages to remove her zit, and is all ready to get a yearbook picture without screwing it up..... then it turns out her mom is working the camera, and Pepper Ann reacts accordingly.
    • And the kicker is that Pepper Ann's latest photo op broke Hazelnut Middle School's streak of awards for best yearbook. Principal Hickey does receive a "Try Again Next Year" pin, though.
    Hickey: Only 1,274 days until she graduates. I think I'm going to be sick.

105b - Family Vacation

  • Pepper Ann imagining a Bad Future where she's a crusty, bitter waitress whose only joy in life comes from her Mariachi Frogs. Oh, and her husband is a biker who happens to be Pink Eye Pete.

108 - The Environ-Mentals

  • Every time Milo's ungodly horrific work of art is seen.

113b - In Support Of

  • The entire thing, indeed.
  • "It's right HERE!"
  • "Pepper Ann, do you want breasts?"
  • The ending:
    Milo: By the way...I've been meaning to talk to you guys about something.
    Nicky: Go ahead, Milo. You know you can tell us anything.
    Pepper Ann: Yeah, man, we are totally here for you.
    Milo: Couch Dougan said next week we're starting baseball in P.E., and she wants all the guys to get the "guy version" of support.note  (PA and Nicky immediately dash off)

    Season 2 

203b - Cat Scan

  • After the Lotto Girl quits from Channel 96, the executive's assistant suggests replacing her with a stray dog, but his boss declines on the grounds that, apparently, dogs have unions.

206b - Mash Into Me

  • Pepper Ann throwing her shoe at a wandering marching band (twice) from her house and yelling at them as they run off, screaming:
    Pepper Ann: "Curse you, wandering minstrels!"

213b - That's My Dad

  • When Pepper Ann wants to find out more about her dad, she decides to look for the old love letters he sent Lydia when they were first married (and he had to travel a lot because of his job as a blimp pilot). PA finds them in the attic but discovers all the letters have large chunks cut out of them, so she calls down to her mom asking what happened. Lydia is then heard quickly leaving the house and driving far, far away.
    Season 3 

307b - Mom Knows What PA Did Two Nights Ago

  • Lydia apparently went to the horror film Gutter Clowns by mishearing it as 'Sutter's Town'. She did not take it well.
  • Pepper Ann tries in vain to stop Trinket from showing Gutter Clowns with a Big "NO!" and dive in front of the TV.
  • PA's attempts to get Milo and Nicky to stay up with her so she won't have to go to sleep and have nightmares. It involves cramming for an apparent pop quiz in Home Ec.
    Pepper Ann: Let's go over the difference between blending and frapeing again.
    Nicky: Pepper Ann, it's 12:18. Let's go over NOT going over that! Let's go over going to sleep!
    • And immediately after.
    Nicky: My eight hours of required sleep have been encroached upon. And that means momma's getting crabby!
    Season 4 

409b - Permanent Record

  • When Nicky is given detention, and Pepper Ann fears she won't be able to handle it, she tries to get detention as well. However, her only attempt at getting detention involves her putting a bucket on her head and humming "Oh My Darling Clementine" in a very creepy way. She does this all day and instead of detention, she's sent to the counselor's office.

413a - Bye Bye Trinket

415 - The Amazing Becky Little

  • Nicky's fear of swans is so bad, when she tried to play Swan Lake, she briefly imagined she was being attacked and tried using her violin as a crossbow.
  • Becky is also afraid of swans. The reason why is revealed at the end of an episode in which their mother tosses out some old toys of theirs... and there's a red-eyed toy swan who says "SWAN WANTS TO PLAAAAAY".
    Season 5 

511a - Unhappy Campers

  • Whatever it was Pepper Ann and Milo were trying to do in the gym late at night. Nicky tried to stop them because she felt it was too insane, even for them. We have no idea what they were gonna do, but P.A. was so insistent on making it happen, she managed to convince Alex Trebek to help her. That in itself constitutes a Noodle Incident of the highest regard.

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