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Heartwarming / Return to Never Land

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  • Although it is followed with a huge Mood Whiplash, "So to Be One of Us", with Jane playing with the Lost Boys and Peter. Although it doesn't go well at first, she eventually is shown laughing and having fun, and finally acting like a kid — which, considering that Jane is a huge Broken Bird who was forced to grow up way too fast during the Second World War, is very sweet to see.
  • In a demonstration of Took a Level in Kindness, Peter stares at Jane sympathetically when he finds out why she's so desperate to go home, and when her makeshift raft sinks, he's willing to teach her to fly so she can return. Later, when he finds her again after she becomes fed with their shenanigans, Peter quickly apologizes for what they did and states they want to make her feel like she's one of them. It's quite the change compared to how dismissive he was of Wendy in the first film.
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  • The scene near the end when Jane's renewed belief in fairies restores Tinker Bell to full health. Tink sees Jane crying, she smiles benevolently at the girl and gently tugs at her hair to get her attention.
  • The Brazilian Portuguese dub has a meta example, in that it achieved something the original version didn't: bring Peter's original voice actor back. Lauro Fabiano, the Brazilian voice actor for Peter in the first film, returned for the sequel as the narrator.
  • Peter reuniting with the now grown-up Wendy.
    Wendy: (looks out the window and Peter appears) Hello Peter.
    Peter: (looks away sadly) You've changed...
    Wendy: (smiles and turns his face to face hers) Not really. Not ever.
    • Which is unmarked in the movie's Happy Ending, as not only have Jane come back home with a new view of life after her adventures and Peter been reunited with his old friend Wendy, but Jane's father and Wendy's husband Edward comes back home from the war.
    • Peter accepting that Wendy has become an adult, but still remains a child at heart. He gives her a smile and a bow, and refers to her as "Madame".
  • Tinker Bell gets over her jealousy of Wendy — both are happy to see one another, and Tinker Bell looks to Peter with the suggestion of letting Wendy fly one last time. He agrees. Yes, you read that right, Tinker Bell, the fairy who tried to have Wendy shot down got over that jealousy.
    (Tinker Bell sits in Wendy's hand)
    Wendy: (smiling) Hello Tinker Bell.
    (Tink looks to Peter, with a smile on her face, and he gives a sprightly nod, and she happily/mischievously covers Wendy in Pixie Dust)
    Wendy: (rising off the ground) Oh Tink!
    (Wendy giggles as she relives one of the greatest adventures of her life, no matter how briefly, and Peter Pan smiles realizing though his friend has grown up, she never outgrew her inner child either)
    • What makes this above even more Heartwarming: adults cannot fly as they've forgotten what it's like to be a child. Wendy may not fly for long, but the fact that she flies at all certainly tells us something.
      • Immediately beforehand, when Peter is pressed against the wall watching Wendy, Tinker Bell flies down to him and makes the "come here" motion with her finger, then points towards the window twice implying that she means "bring Wendy with us." As seen here between 1:50 - 1:53