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Heartwarming / Return to Never Land

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  • The scene near the end when Jane's renewed belief in fairies restores Tinker Bell to full health. Tink sees Jane crying, she smiles benevolently at the girl and gently tugs at her hair to get her attention.
  • Jane telling her baby brother about her adventures in Neverland, showing her restored faith in fairy tales and making up for her bitterness in the opening of the movie.
  • Although it is followed with a huge Mood Whiplash, "So to Be One of Us", with Jane playing with the Lost Boys and Peter. Although it doesn't go well at first, she eventually is shown laughing and having fun, and finally acting like a kid — which, considering that Jane is a huge Broken Bird who was forced to grow up way too fast during the Second World War, is very sweet to see.
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  • In a demonstration of Took a Level in Kindness, Peter stares at Jane sympathetically when he finds out why she's so desperate to go home, and when her makeshift raft sinks, he's willing to teach her to fly so she can return. Later, when he finds her again after she becomes fed with their shenanigans, Peter quickly apologizes for what they did and states they want to make her feel like she's one of them. It's quite the change compared to how dismissive he was of Wendy in the first film.