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Works in this franchise with their own pages:

The Ride

  • The pirates sing a merry song about how they are going to Rape, Pillage, and Burn the fort to hell and back, but most are just getting drunk and having fun.
  • A seagull has made a nest out of a skeleton's hat, which is still on its head.
  • The bar scene with the drinking skeletons. Two are sitting at a table, posed like they are having a casual drink while covered in cobwebs. The third "drinks" a bottle, with the contents trickling through his ribcage.
  • The crowned skeleton most now know as Ponce de Leon sitting in a large bed reading a treasure map.
  • The pirates dunking the town's mayor over and over again in the well to make him talk. Every now and again, the mayor's wife, a real Grande Dame, bursts out of a window above to scold her husband (who is tied up and soaking wet). One of the pirates shuts her up by firing a gun at the window, only for her to appear again.
  • The iconic auction scene. The pirate auctioneer tries to sell off a fat lady, while all the pirates are more interested in the redheaded beauty nearby who's riling them up.
  • Pirates fleeing from broom-wielding women for stealing their food.
  • An elderly drunk pirate tries to persuade a cat to drink some rum. The cat's enraged screeches only add to the scene.
  • The surly singing of the pirates is just priceless.
  • There is one pirate who is trying to steal Lots of Luggage but has got stuck with one foot in the boat and another on the dock, balancing precariously in-between while whimpering in despair.
  • A pirate sleeping with some pigs.
  • The iconic scene where jailed pirates are trying to tempt the prison dog with a bone.
  • Two looney pirates sitting on tilting cannons, trying to shoot each other while singing and laughing.
  • Jack's appearance at the end of the ride, sitting in a throne surrounded by stolen gold.

Bloopers of the Caribbean

  • Granted, they're not part of the films themselves, but the blooper reels for the films are very funny.
  • A lot of the humor in these blooper reels comes from the fact that the vast majority of Johnny Depp's flubs are entirely in-character as Jack Sparrow.
  • "Mr. Cotton! Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?!"
    • Take one:
    Jack: Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay...I love you man, let's just face the fact.
    • Take two:
    Jack: Do you have the courage to fortitude...
    • Take three:
    Jack: Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay brave in the sea...oh, god, I hate this bloody line. Where are the writers? I'm gonna kill them...
  • On the deck after rescuing Elizabeth, Norrington is mocking Jack's equipment and then suddenly...
    Johnny Depp: Was that a plane?
  • At one point, Elizabeth appears to spontaneously explode.
  • Kiera Knightley lampshading the social values of the era.
    Kiera: Could I trouble you for something to wear, or will it be bare breasts and ankles all the way? [Jack Davenport cracks up, followed by Kiera]
    Jack: [still laughing, imitates Kiera] "Ankles all the way!"
  • At the Pirate Council:
    Johnny Depp: "Let us not, dear friends, forget our... lines. Yes! Let us not forget our lines."
  • Johnny Depp forgetting the name of the Flying Dutchman and calling it The Davy Jones Crocodile Machine.
    Johnny Depp: All that's left is for you to climb aboard the Davy Jones Crocodile Machine or whatever it's called, what is the bloody thing called? [the crew chimes in] Flying what? Dutchman!
  • At one point, the editing crew screws around by taking a ship battle scene, playing it in fast-motion, and adding in sounds of screeching tires and machine guns firing.
  • There's also Orlando Bloom's "Aarrrr, swash swash, buckle buckle," and Tom Hollander and Johnny Depp's numerous tries to get a scene done (the bargain upon the Endeavour), which includes Hollander's haughty "I'm trying to work here," and Depp's "That be... You can't curse on a Disney film, mate. [pause in which the director confirms] ...see, I told you!"
    • Context for the repeated failed shots: Hollander and Depp are filming the scene with a foghorn outside. It's so loud and close by that when it goes off, it nearly knocks both of them off their feet. Of course, this happens more than once...
      • Actually, the scene is where a cannonball bursts through the room right before they shake hands to close the deal. The foghorn was there as a way for them to know when to act out being surprised of the explosion. They know it's coming so they have to simulate a realistic reaction if cannon ordnance suddenly bursts through right next to you. Being 'nearly knocked off your feet' is an understandable reaction to an explosion. Still, it is surprising so their reactions are more forced since it's not a cannonball but a very loud horn, simulating the force a cannonball would project when exploding nearby will need to be forced.
  • Hollander doing an impromptu jig while filming a scene.
  • Another in-character flub from Depp:
    Gibbs: Let's put some distance between us and this island and head out to open sea.
    (behind Jack, Pintel and Ragetti are late in getting into position for throwing a warm layer over Jack's shoulders)
    Jack: Yes to the first, yes to the second, but only... (stumbles his line by the blanket showing up) so far as we keep to the- I'm just gonna start the take again, shall I?
  • One take of the otherwise dramatic opening scene in Dead Man's Chest:
    • (Tom Hollander as Cutler Beckett) *long beat, points* "Kill him!"
    • (Jonathan Pryce as Governor Swann) "The charge is conspiring to set free a man convicted of...*takes a sigh with a long pause* ...I can't read my own writing. Crimes! Thank you very much!"
      • If you look closely, you can also see Tom Hollander struggling not to crack up.
    • This one ties into Governor Swann's above quote:
    Hollander: The charge is conspiring to set free a man legally... lawfully... Sorry, I'm slightly confused, cause I don't know which version are we doing. Shall I say it or Jonathan say it?
    Pryce: It's my line, dear.
    Hollander: Sorry!
    Pryce: It's all right. (Jokingly mimes while shaking his fist at Beckett as if he wants to punch his face.)
  • Jack's conditions of help: "I shall help you to find the compass, if you'll do strange things to my dog. His name is Tim."
  • Geoffrey Rush staying in character when he flubs his lines:
    • "Calypso! I come before you as but a servant... *his hat is blown off* Ye blew my hat off, ye *bleep*!"
    • "And I won't let the likes of Beckett Cutler... *pause* er, sometimes known as Cutler Beckett..."
    • This beautiful exchange:
    Rush: NAY, BELAY THAT! *long beat* ...DO SOMETHING ELSE!
    Bloom: *looks utterly terrified for a moment, before laughing*
  • Geoffrey Rush accidentally hitting himself in the eye with his spyglass is known to cause giggles and sympathetic wincing at the same time.
    Depp: That's powerful.
    • Even funnier is the fact that Rush only hits himself in the eye because, when he goes to dramatically open the spyglass, he actually breaks it in half, leading to the above quote.
  • Anytime someone fails to catch something.
  • "There's a female presence here sir, all the men have felt her. No they haven't... "
  • In another outtake, Depp is shooting the Locker scene where he swings from the Pearl onto the desert below. He preps, swings, the camera follows, and crash; Depp crashes onto the ground, having mistimed his landing.
    Johnny Depp: *under his breath* "Oh, my god..." *gets right to his feet completely in-character*
  • During the Parlay scene from At World's End, as Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightley, and Johnny Depp are walking, Rush's hat flies off due to the wind. What does Depp do? Staying perfectly in the character of Jack Sparrow, he tosses his own hat off and strikes a dramatic pose.
  • Jack's incident with the Jar of Dirt.
    Jack: Why fight when you can negotiate? [Begins to remove Jar of Dirt from his pocket.] All one needs — [realizes his wig is caught in the jar while Will laughs] Help?
  • Helicopters keep interrupting during On Stranger Tides
    Johnny: What I want Ponce de Leon's helicopter.
    Scrum: ...or when an helicopter flies over your head, and you're supposed to be in the middle of the sea. It's not real.
    Extra: It screws everything.
    • And in Dead Men Tell No Tales.
    Carina: Can I wait until the modern-day helicopter is gone?
  • "I'm Peter Pan!"
    • Even funnier if you've played Kingdom Hearts II. Due to the lack of a Neverland level in that game, Sora gets the Peter Pan/Tinkerbell summon in Port Royal instead.
  • Johnny's numerous attempts to get the hat off Penelope's head.
    Johnny: I think this take's going very well, don't you?
  • Rush attempting to get his wooden leg back on.
    Rush: No, it's broken.
    Depp: Can't help you, mate. I don't want to touch it.
    • The best part: Again, both say this in character.
  • "God, stop it, please!"
    • Made funnier by the fact that Philip is a man of the cloth; this line works in and out of character.
  • On Stranger Tides: Johnny appears from round the corner...with his hat on wonky. He notices, straightens it before backing out of the scene.
  • "Same thing, only better, please."
  • "Let us sail! To the Wounded, Diseased Canary!"
    • "To the Dying Gull!" "To the Dying Gull."
    • "Horrible name."
  • Johnny slipping into German during a swordfight between Jack and Salazar.
    Jack: Nein! NEIN! ... Sprechen sie Deutsch?
  • The last Blooper in Dead Men Tell No Tales, Johnny Depp gets his foot stuck in a boat.
    Jack: I'm dead. That's me, I won't be in 6.