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Awesome / Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

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  • Just about everything Candace-2 does, but especially saving the first dimension characters by pushing a giant lawn gnome off of a ledge, jumping on it as it falls, and using a pair of grappling hooks to turn it into a robot wrecking ball.
    • To elaborate, because you really can't just leave it at that: Everybody is chained together, suspended over a pit of lava, a goozim coming in from above and a horde of robots on all sides. Then Phineas hears a noise and looks around. A gnome on the side is moving, and the screen behind it is cracking. Doofenshmirtz-2 notices the cracks spreading, much to his anger. It turns out Candace was using the screen as a prop to push the gnome over. And then she does it. And in mid-fall, she attaches a grappling hook to the gnome, another one to the roof, and screams an improvised battle cry, and suddenly the Normbots get a face full of gnome. Big. Damn. HERO!
  • The beginning of the final battle, where you see just about everything Phineas and Ferb ever built line up to help them fight the Norm-Bots, is definitely the Crowning Moment of Awesome in this film. Seriously, they devoted a good five minutes of the film trying to get just about everything in there.
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  • Doof gets one as he finally activates his machine to open a portal to the 2nd Dimension (with the help from Phineas and Ferb), and they all find that the Tri-State Area in that dimension is being ruled by Doof-2 and is more technologically advanced than the original one. They all find it to be cool.... that is until Doof-2 reveals his true sinister nature to them.
  • The entrance to Doof-2's office is an amusement park ride filled with singing lawn gnomes and many other Doof memorabilia, to which Doof finds to be quite thrilling as he says this word to word; even Phineas does the same when he, Ferb, and Perry go through it.
    Doof: (after going through the entrance) That was... AWESOME!!
  • Even after learning about Doof-2's true nature, Phineas admits that he did find the unconventional design of Doof-2's HQ to be quite hefty, as it saved him, Ferb, and Perry from falling to their deaths while escaping.
    Phineas: Wow, saved by unconventional architecture.
  • Doof-2 attempts to reveal Perry's identity as a secret agent by having Platyborg punch him. Perry still keeps up his cover as a mindless housepet... until Doof-2 orders Platyborg to do the same to Phineas and Ferb. Cue Perry immediately striking back before Platyborg can lay a hand on the boys. Sure it blows his cover, but it shows that you do not mess with the boys or else face an angry platypus.
    • Also, if you notice, Perry punches Platyborg across the room. He never manages to knock his alternate self very far or have much impact after that point. Only when there was a direct and immediate threat to the boys did he manage to put that much force behind his punch.
  • Love Händel providing impromptu yet awesome BGM while the Big Damn Heroes fight the robot army. Rockin' out in the middle of a cross-dimensional warzone? Hell yeah!
    • Two words: ROBOT RIOT. Seeing just about all of Phineas and Ferb's friends and inventions working together in near-perfect sync to wipe out masses upon masses of robots near effortlessly, all to a particularly badass Love Handel song, is simply awesome.
    • So much is the sheer amount of action and awesomeness going on in that scene that you'll probably have to play it back. Many, many times.
    • More so in the extended version, you get to see Dan ripping a heart out of a Norm Bot with just his bare hand, not looking, and singing about doing just that.
      I'm gonna shut you down, I'm teaching you a lesson
      Rip out your CPU And Show It to You still processing
  • Gretchen, of all characters, is suddenly shown letting out a big scream while shooting down norm bots in a deleted scene.
  • During the climactic battle almost everyone is in a vehicle or on a mount of some sort, but Isabella jumps off her mount in the middle of the riot and we later see her running around with only a baseball shooter.
    • To be more specific, Isabella purposely crashes her vehicle into one robot and jumps off just as the vehicle and robot crash into a group of robots right in front of her.
  • Perry eventually defeating the Platyborg, with a particularly awesome rendition of his theme song (complete with saxophone!) blaring in the background. And the most badass popcorn eating ever.
    • The best part of the fight was the beginning. They rush at each other in a flurry of blows, each expertly dodging and countering the others attacks. Few things can be more awesome than a fight between two Perrys.
  • Ferb making his way to Phineas at the movie's climax was pretty freaking cool.
  • The scene with Perry's computer. There's just something about the computer explaining that Phineas and Ferb's genius and creativity make them the only ones who can help Perry, and then demonstrating it by recreating just about everything Phineas and Ferb ever built.
    • Adds that extra whiff of awesome by implying that Perry went above OWCA's heads with that project, putting his own neck on the line, keeping the tri-state area's biggest arsenal under his hat in case of emergency, and he still managed to keep Phineas and Ferb, and their toys out of the spotlight.
  • Baljeet (in the Beak suit) gets separated from his lower half. Cut to to Irving in the lower half of the beak suit, holding nunchucks, in a pile of dead robots. Yes, Irving just beat up a bunch of robots. Damn.
  • The ending song "Kick It Up a Notch" where Phineas, Ferb, Perry and Buford rock out with Slash (as well as Doof-2 and Platyborg). He's a big fan-- which makes it all the awesomer.
    • In an interview at Comic-Con, Vincent Martella (voice of Phineas) and Dan Povenmire talked at length about how awesome it was. Apparently, when Slash met Vincent, he declared himself "starstruck". All while Vincent stuttered and awkwardly tried to explain that he was far more starstruck—he was the one meeting SLASH!
  • Isabella FINALLY planting one on Phineas, even if no one remembers it happening. Bonus points for getting Phineas to crack in his obliviousness, and even begging for the Amnesia-Inator NOT to hit him! Doubles as a CMOF for her smug-as-hell expression after doing so.
    • Also, Buford pretending not to notice after he sees the two kiss is priceless.
  • It happened in the background, but when Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 disable the whole control grid in their first day in the resistance, it establishes quite firmly that they really are the same as the normal P&F, they just needed a chance.
    • Especially awesome (and hilarious) because of the typically cheerful-but-casual way in which Phineas-2 explains what happened.
      "We figured out a way to bypass the entire security grid! It was cool."
  • Although it was short, Phineas vs. Doof-2 was pretty epic.
    • "The best home run ever!"
  • Phineas refusing to help Doofenshmirtz-2 even though he and his brother are helpless and in chains.
    • No attention is called to it, but remember who else is there as well. It's pretty unlikely that Ferb or Perry would give in, even in this situation, but remember that Candace-1 is there as well. She tends to come across as the type who might try to convince Phineas to just go along with Doofenshmirtz so he'll let them go, but no, she doesn't even try. The entire non-adult portion of the Flynn-Fletcher family are taking a stand here, regardless of what happens to them.
  • Doof-1 giving Doof-2 a What The Hell Villain when he finds out his "childhood trauma". He even resolves this in an successful effort to save Phineas, Ferb and Perry from Doof-2's wrath.
  • Candace-1 weaponizing her Failure Is the Only Option.
    Candace: "I'm gonna bust my brothers to my mom! And I'm gonna fail!"
  • Ferb using his shoes as nunchucks.
  • Phineas, Ferb and Perry using a disembodied Normbot arm to blast robots out of the air. Quick thinking, indeed.
  • Ferb dismantling a Normbot while chained to everyone else and flying through the air.
    • They also take out all the Normbots initially in the chamber by flying around on the dismantled Normbot.
  • Candace and Stacy (of all people) using the giant treehouse robots during the final battle.
    • Especially awesome if you remember "Tree To Get Ready".
  • Perry fighting off Perry the Platyborg with his feet stuck in a hole. Then Phineas and Ferb tying him up, using his own twirling mace against him.
  • All of O.W.C.A.'s agents launch an ambush on the Normbots. Despite some initial success, the Normbots round them all up without much trouble. Then, Perry the Platypus shows up, and manages to take out seven Normbots by himself before he's caught. One gets the picture that the only reason O.W.C.A. is still running is because of him. Indeed, the show itself implies that Perry is the best agent O.W.C.A. has got.
    • Don't forget Pinky the Chihuahua, Peter the Panda and (surprisingly) Sergei the Snail all proved to be very kickass throughout the show.
  • Buford-2 saving both dimension Phineases and Ferbs by tearing a Norm Bot open with his bare hands.

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