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    Made before the movie aired 

The Movie will have a Vanessa subplot
I think the series as a whole is heading this direction with Vanessa's character, but she seems to be ambiguously moral at best. I figure that, considering the fact that Phineas and Ferb will be facing off against her own Father, there has to be some kind of plot there.
  • Sadly jossed. If you check the list of characters and voice actors in the film, neither Vanessa nor her actress are listed.
    • Link? I find it hard to believe that everything is set in stone a year in advance of the film. Or maybe it's just because he's in denial.
    • See its entry on The Other Wiki. Hopefully this is merely due to lack of information either way to post a Vanessa appearance as fact. Really, really hope so.
      • Yeah, that seems pretty standard, I don't think it's a full list, so not Jossed?
    • She's on the list now, so... this is a possibility. Don't see ANYTHING about Phin's real dad mentioned there, though.
    • Trailers and screen shots seem to be omitting Vanessa so far. This means she will either have a small role or her role is way too plot-relevant and spoiler-making for promotional material.
    • There's a deleted scene named "Vanessa meets Doof". Would that explain anything?
  • Jossed. Dan Povenmire said that she will not appear in the movie, but there's a deleted scene with her.
  • Movie showed up on Disney on demand a few days early, no sign of Vanessa.

The eviler Doofenshmirtz in The Movie will be totally evil
Phineas and Ferb get busted proves they aren't afraid of putting that kind of villain in the show. And Heinz is a Harmless Villain by nature. So naturally he'll be much more heartless, and would most likely lead to an Even Evil Has Standards moment.
  • Considering how he tried to kill Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace, and Doofenshmirtz(the former three twice), and planned to turn Perry and Phineas into cyborgs obedient to him, it's probably safe to call this confirmed.
  • Semi-jossed: He crosses the Moral Event Horizon and is an Evil Overlord, but he's so damn zany he's just inches away from the depravity abyss. Plus he gave up when he got his choo-choo back.

The Movie will not only take place in an Parallel Darker and Edgier universe but an Alternative Timeline.
Take a look at these preview images in their official wiki. The boys are the only one still smiling (at least Phineas) because they're the ones from our universe/timeline. In this alternative timeline, somehow the boys (In the second dimension) were killed in their schemes along with Vanessa. Which lead Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Start of Darkness into more of a menacing villain and an Evil Overlord. While Candace, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, and the rest their friends became part of an underground resistance into stopping Doofenshmirtz.
  • The offical website seems this confirm this somewhat. In this timeline, only one bad childhood event happened to doof. Sadly, it was enough to turn him into an evil dictator. We just don't know what said event is.
    • He lost a toy train.
  • Jossed. Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 are shown alive in the movie.

Across The Second Dimension will actually be a light-hearted Take That! to Darker and Edgier.
  • This is Phineas and Ferb we're talking about, where the premise follows that Rousseau Was Right. And that Dan and Jeff saying that the Alternate Doofenshmirtz will be played seriously is a lie.
    • In a way, confirmed. Although Doof-2 is the darkest villain we have had, he does abruptly end all his evil the second Doof-1 gives him a toy train..., that does not happen in a Darker and Edgier universe...
      • Plus he still keeps his zany and quirky personality.

The Across the Second Dimension movie will introduce not just an alternate dimension Doofenshmirtz...
But alternate dimension versions of all of the other characters, including a hopelessly-in-love-with-Isabella Phineas, a more talkative Ferb, and a Perry the Platypus that's... just as badass as the original Perry.
  • And to add to that, Candace could either want to join her brothers in their projects or hate their guts. Vanessa could be just as evil as her father or not care about him at all.
  • On many websites describing the upcoming movie, it says that the alternate dimension includes a more dastardly Doofenshmirtz. Dastardly generally means more cowardly but sneaky. This would probably increase the scale of his projects (if that is possible) and the likelihood that they would succeed. This said, would this idealogy apply differently to other characters? It wouldn't make sense for characteristics that have barely even occured be increased. For example, although we have been given a bit of evidence of a future relationship between Phineas and Isabella (if Quantom Boogaloo doesn't scream this, what does?), if the dimension were taking place in a similar yet different scale, more than likely Phineas would become even more oblivious to things (how he sometimes hurts people with his inventions on accident, Isabella's crush, the fact that Candace wants them to get in trouble), but increase in something good somewhere else (I suppose he would become better at creating safety, as the two ideas between Doofenshmirtz contradict eachother). Likewise, Isabella could grow even more deeply in love with Phineas, but become more badass adorable (or anything really..). Really, we should be wondering what is wrong with alternate dimension Agent P that he cannot fight a more evil Doofenshmirtz (or what is wrong with the O.W.C.A.) ... So... yeah.
    • Sort of right. There are alternate counterparts, but the Alternate Isabella hadn't even met Phineas before, alternate Phineas and Ferb are largely the same(though our Phineas and Ferb had to tell them about life outside of oppression and conformity before they got the genius and creativity), alternate Candace is obsessed with protecting her brothers and bringing down Doofenshmirtz, and alternate Perry was apparently pretty much the same as our Perry until he lost to Doofenshmirtz and was turned into an evil cyborg.
      • Though he's still as badass as the original Perry.

In Across the Second Dimension we will meet evil Phineas and evil Ferb
As a logical succession of previous WMG. Evil Phineas and Evil Ferb will deliberately mess with Candace's head, and their inventions will not be for fun, but... well for fun. For very specific kind of fun.
  • Jossed.

The Big Bad Doofenshmirtz in Across the Second Dimension will be Vanessa
They are not specifying the first name after all.
  • Jossed. The big bad (supposedly "Alternate Universe") Doofenshmirtz is Heinz Doofenshmirtz. At least he looks like him...
    • They state they are the same person, so yes, it is Jossed.

Perry will either die and come Back from the Dead or pull a Disney Death in Across the Second Dimension
"Everything's Better With Perry" has gotta be foreshadowing something at least.
  • So Perry is actually Jesus in Purgatory?
    • The song doesn't seem to be foreshadowing (at least IMO), but I can definitely see something like this happening in the episode.
    • Yeah, this tropette also believes something like that will happen in the movie.
      • Jossed.

Perry will talk in Across the Second Dimension
  • Using the universal translation mustache.
  • Or Platyborg (AU Perry) will talk. He is a cyborg, afterall.
  • Most likely Jossed, since in an interview, Dan and Swampy haven't figured out Perry's talking voice.
  • Definitely Jossed.

Doofenshmirtz will become the hero of the Across the Second Dimension
I mean the main universe Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and it could be for numerous reasons... maybe he notices two kids (Phineas and Ferb) are about to be killed, or Perry the Platypus, and pulls an Even Evil Has Standards moments on his other dimensional counterpart and saves the day... but then tells Perry afterwards that it was a one time thing only.
  • Confirmed! Before the Alternate Doofenshmirtz can attack/kill Perry and the boys, he shows up with the toy train he (the alternate Heinz) lost as a child, thus causing him to turn evil. The guy's so happy to have his toy back he completely drops the whole plan to rule the tri-state areas.
Kind of jossed actually. He was going to let all of them get doomed but only helped because he wanted to live when Evil Doof doomed him too, for jinxing him 3 times.

The alternate universe in the movie will be a universe where Perry never existed
The first song of the movie is titled "Everything's Better With Perry", and according to this, in the alternate universe Doofenshmirtz rules the Tri-State Area and summer doesn't exist. If we believe Quantum Boogaloo, the only thing stopping Doofenshmirtz from taking over is Perry. And their battles are the only reason that Linda hasn't noticed what her sons do every day. Considering what happened in Quantum Boogaloo, it's not much of a stretch to say that summer was banned over Phineas and Ferb's projects.
  • Jossed. Perry did exist, but he lost to Doofenshmirtz and was turned into Platyborg.

AU Perry in Across the Second Dimension is allied with Dr. D.
, everything's better with platypi, including the side of evil. With Ho Yay abound!
  • Depends on which Dr. D is mentioned, it's confirmed. According to the synopsis, Platyborg (AU Perry) will be AU Dr. D's sidekick.
  • Confirmed, sorta. He's just not allied with Dr. D of his own free will.

In Across The Second Dimension, Linda and Lawrence never got married.
Without Ferb, Phineas ended up as a typical kid with a huge imagination, and Candace, ironically, never really bonded with her typical little brother. Ferb, on the other hand, grew up talking even less than in our universe and was very introverted. Since the family never got together, Perry was never taken in and thus never became a secret agent.
  • Their family life is obviously meant to be healthy and stable (putting the whole "busting" thing aside). Not having that stability would probably screw all three of them up, or at least change their outlooks/situations/personalities in some way.
  • Probably Jossed. In the trailer, there's a family portrait behind the couch that includes the whole Ferb-Fletcher family (like the one above our universe's parents' bed, but grayer and more unhappy). It's looks rather recent, so it's unlikely that anyone died, either.
    • Definitely Jossed.

Evil Doofenshmirtz from the second dimension is partially defined by having made direct attacks against his parents
And will sing a song to our Doofenshmirtz, explaining exactly why he should too.
  • Jossed. Doof-2 never even mentions his parents. Probably because he doesn't have any Freudian Excuses related to them like our Doof does.

Perry's full backstory will be explored in Across the Second Dimension.
This came from a response by Swampy to a user's question (Fossy, if I recall correctly) on the Phineas and Ferb Wiki as to whether Perry came from Phineas' or Ferb's side of the family. Swampy said to "Watch the movie this Summer" in answer, implying that Perry's whole story will be revealed, possibly including how he was recruited to the OWCA.
  • This troper hopes Bucky (Flynn-Fletcher's old dog) will make an appearance, too.
    • Is it a coincidence it was called Bucky?
  • They revealed a screenshot, and a source said that the movie will determine whether the Flynn-Fletcher family is either Perry's actual owners or just a host family, how he was adopted, and how he was recruited by the O.W.C.A.

Phineas and Ferb will forget Perry's secret identity by the end of Across the Second Dimension.
Because of their memories got erased by OWCA. Hey, that's what they did to Phineas and Ferb's dad.
  • I think that it is safe for us to assume that there will be a Reset Button, but I think we can really start a WMG about what the Reset Button will be. I myself think it will not be as simple as the OWCA cleaning their memories. I'll dare to bet that it will be something in the mood of P&F themselves realizing that it is for the best to delete their own memories so that they can return to their normal life in that they think their pet is just a platypus that doesn't do much, and yeah, somehow it will be a C Mo HW.
    • CONFIRMED! The ending has the gang getting their memories erased...except Perry, who uploads them into his Computer in the lair.

Perry will be a human for some or all of the movie
Or that he will talk in English with Phineas and Ferb.
  • Given that there's a mystery figure appearing in the trailer of the movie while the narrator mentions "one agent (most likely Perry)", this might be confirmed.
  • Jossed. That mystery figure is just a shrub.

The reason Alt. Doofenshmirtz will be evil is because he never had Vanessa / never met Charlene
Think about it! Who does normal Heinz love the most and would do anything for? Vanessa! Having a daughter taught Heinz how to be loved. If Alt. Heinz never meet Charlene or had Vanessa then he wouldn't know how to be loved by someone and wouldn't lessen up on his evil schemes.
  • Jossed. It was just the toy train. He's perfectly fine after getting a replacement.

There will not be a Reset Button at the end of the movie
Well, someone had to say it. It would shake up the status quo, but there's only so much you can do with the same thing over and over, even if you avert, invert, deconstruct, and zig-zag at every opportunity. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, either, just... different. Not that that would stop Fan Dumb from complaining, though.
  • Unfortunately jossed.
  • The prediction about Fan Dumb complaining about about the ending is confirmed though.

Perry has a serious personality because of a Dark and Troubled Past, and will be shown in Across the Second Dimension.
Based on a screenshot from Across the Second Dimension, Perry was rescued. It may be that he lost his previous family (platypuses) and was a prey for some hunters, probably wounded that time. He doesn't want that to happen again, so he is really serious on his job as an agent, and will do anything to save the Flynn-Fletcher Family. Or maybe because they've saved Perry after the Dark and Troubled Past.
  • The second part of this WMG is Jossed. We don't see much backstory aside from a few seconds of him being adopted. We still have no idea what his real backstory prior to that is, though.
    • Considering how young he is in that flashback, it seems pretty unlikely that there's much more back story before that point.

As a Continuity Nod, Ginger will be the co-pilot in the Beak suit alongside Baljeet.
As shown in the Episode The Beak, the Beak suit needs two people in order to operate it (although Ferb was able to control the Beak suit on his own while Phineas went to save Isabella, he still had difficulty controlling it.). So, unless they modified the suit so that it only needs one pilot, Baljeet would need someone else in the suit with him. Although Buford would probably seem like the more likely choice in this situation, This Troper doubts that Buford would want to be in a situation where Baljeet would get most of the credit. As shown in the Episode Isabella and the Temple of Sap, Ginger is shown to have a crush on Baljeet, so The Movie might throw in a reference to this by having Ginger offer to pilot the Beak suit alongside Baljeet. Nope. Co-pilot is Irving.

Our Doof will join Pn F to stop alt. Doof when he directly or indirectly threatens Vanessas' life some how.
It would be the perfect way to do an Even Evil Has Standards.
  • Yes and no. Doof-1 does join Phineas and Ferb, but Vanessa had nothing to do with it.
    • Not exactly a big surprise, considering that its standard issue for an Anti-Villain to be disgusted by the acts of more evil characters.

They just want something epic for the trailer so they put a silhouette of man with a hunky body.
  • It's a shrub...though it does appear in the movie as a quick gag.

Alt Doof's other eye will be a Chekhov's Gun

During the Villain Song, he mentions that it's in his pouch, and they being up the eyepatch thing alot, from the various promotions we've seen. I'm betting on this theory.

  • Jossed.

Sentient Vending Machines will save the day

Once again, during the song, The doof's say they fear that vending machines will take over the world. What better way to bring this gag back, then to have them get saved by them?

  • Jossed.

Irving will save the day

Why not?

  • I could see it happening. As Phineas and Ferb are being strangled by one of the giant robots, Irving shows up in Terminator gear and touts a dramatic one-liner before blasting the robot with his shotgun. The shot causes the robot to fly back, dropping Phin and Ferb, and to crash into numerous other robots. They all fall down and explode, the explosion sucking in the rest of the robots and Doofenshmirtz-2, and saving the day. Or, in an alternate ending, the explosion blows up half of Danville and kills everyone except for Irving. It then leaves a cliffhanger for the upcoming theatrical film, which actually focuses on Irving being the only living person in the Tri-State Area ala "I Am Legend", and having to find some way to bring life back to the barren town.
    • Sorta. He is co-piloting the Beak Suit.
    • He made it look like he saved the day.

Alternate Phineas, Ferb, and Candace (or Perry) Sacrifice Themselves

At one point in the movie, we see a captured Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Candace, and Doofenshmirtz being lead to the Goozim. How do they escape? Simple. Alternate Phineas, Ferb, and Candace show up and free them. As the 1st Dimension heroes prepare to travel to another dimension with that remote of theirs, Doofenshmirtz-2 sends his robot minions after them. Phin, Ferb, Candy, Perry, and Doof escape while the Alternates fight off the robots and are never seen again—presumably killed in the fight. Or maybe as they are being fought, Platyborg comes to his senses and remembers Phin-2 and Ferb-2 as his past owners and goes to save them, letting them escape as he has his last night against Doof-2's robots.

  • It's possible that the... helmet thing on the Platyborg's head is used for mind control, like the monkey-enslavinator. Instead of simply 'coming to his senses' maybe it gets taken off somehow... (What? It's happened before.)
    • No, in this screenshot, Perry seems like he's on the good side but he still wears that helmet thing.
  • Quite Confirmed since Candace-2 saved the ones from the 1st Dimension but ended up in some dungeon/jail.

The Movie will shed some (read: little) light on the Giant Floating Baby Head.
There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in 'Kick it Up a Notch's' video that features an alarming number of the darn things, several times larger than we've ever seen before. Heck, there might even be an entire dimension of them, looking at it.
  • On the Movie site, one of the dimensions you can change that background to is a dimension full of Giant Floating Baby Heads.

Alternated Doofenshmirtz will lack the comedic Freudian Excuse Abusive Parents of his counterpart.
  • Doof may be evil, but he's Affably Evil, and that may be in large part due to the fact that given his comedically abusive childhood, he sees no reason why he should be a jerk. Alternate Doofenshmirtz, by comparison, has been shown to be rude and dismissive of his counterpart.
    • Confirmed. He lost a train. That's it.

There will be a Heroic BSOD moment for Phineas
Each of the hour-long episodes have had one.
  • Does thinking Perry's friendship with them was all a lie count?
    • Yeah, it does.

The boys are going to fight crime with perry, but...
They are going to realize that in the alternate dimension everything is different and are going to think that crime fighting Agent P. was just the Perry of that dimension.
  • Jossed. They fight alongside Perry, but get their memories wiped.

There is a Total Recall Patch, and Isabella will earn it.
  • The result being obvious. And the premise isn't exactly ridiculous (seeing as how the Fireside Girl Handbook has a section on time travel).

    Made after the movie aired 
Perry's photos will end up on Phineas's computer and make his have a flashback to the movie.
  • ...What, somebody had to say it, (Most likely those who saw it on Verizon first)! Perry would use the pictures he took in the second dimension and E-mail them to Phineas and delete the proof surrounding it to him. This could explain Perry throwing the chair in the preview for Meap-less in Seattle due to Carl finding out the e-mail sent to Phineas.
    • As of now, Jossed.
    • I don't see why. Perry could just be saving them for another doomsday scenario.
      • I, this WMG creator, can actully see it happening in another deadly plot, which could lead the the ending where Phineas uses a Loophole Abuse to state that the WHOLE family has to know about the secret, and leading Perry to stay a secret agent with the Flynns.
      • Hmm... "Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension 2"?

There was no deeper meaning to choo-choo. Doof-2 was just incredibly spoiled.
  • Upon finding out his favorite toy was lost, he threw a huge fit. And when his parents couldn't find it, he swore revenge. So, he took over the Tri-State area.
    • THIS. Hundred times this. And maybe Doof-2 was his mother's favourite? And the Roger of the 2nd dimension was as mentally abused by their parents as our Doof.

At the next Cliptastic Countdown he attends, Irving will bribe Agent P for the photos
  • It all goes in his scrapbook, much to Phineas' confusion, while Irving is proud that he got never-before-seen P&F memorabilia.
    Phineas: "Woah, when did we do this?"

Irving and Albert know everything that happened.
  • And everything that implies. The OWCA, Perry. For some reason, they're allowed to know. Other characters probably know. Maybe Django, they probably didn't think it mattered too much if he knew. I mean, what's he going to do? Have speaking lines?
    • And that leads to my WMG

Irving, and possibly Albert, already knew Perry's secret
Irving's a fanboy. More then likely he knows, and for all we know, Monogram is aware. That's why his memory wasn't wiped. As for Albert...well Irving might have told have at some point.
  • In a way, confirmed since neither him nor Albert were seen in the group when they're getting their minds erased.
  • Irving doesn't live by the rules of the Fourth Wall. So maybe.

Irving recorded the whole thing.
Not the movie, per say, but carried a video camera and followed the boys around. Who knows? Maybe Irving will eventually show it to the boys.

Everyone's memories of the events of this movie are restored in the Grand Finale.
  • Even though it would change too much about the series for them to remember it all right now, once the Grand Finale hits all bets are off and I bet they all get zapped with a Rememberinator because Perry needs Phineas and Ferb's help again.
    • Of course, then Perry would get taken away from them. Unless they find some sort of workaround.
      • The finale could involve the OWCA some sort getting disbanded / reformed to remove this restriction. Or Perry could make an actual Heroic Sacrifice in the end. Oh boy, that's too dark for P&F. But could be sort of cool.
      • Or Perry could just, you know retire.
      • Alternately, Phineas and Ferb end up on the OWCA's board of directors, allowing them to know Perry's secret while he stays an agent. "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" says that they're on the city council- yes, it's a dream sequence, but it's not that far-fetched...

There will be a sequel and it will be strongly related to Alternate!Vanessa.
  • Think about it, there has been quite an active effort to hide everything about Vanessa in this movie. It could be that she will rescue her dad and restart the evil empire, or something like that.

Platyborg was not cured of evil.
It was just an act to get access to rescuing Doof-2.

This movie WAS a movie to the characters.
  • The kick it up a notch music video, the photos when Perry didn't take any photos to our screentime knowledge, it could well be all a movie.

Not remembering the events of the movie will eventually turn Phineas evil.

Slash was really Lawrence.

Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (Creators of the show) are tropers.
In the movie Phineas mentions that Dr. Doofenshmirtz's lair looks like Ferb's head, which was one of the reasons another troper gave for thinking that Doofenshmirtz is Phineas from the future.
  • Yes, because it's completely impossible that they deliberately designed it that way, or at the very least managed to notice that two of their own creations looked similar without seeing their fans point it out first. That said, this guess is still likely, but there is much better evidence of it than what what was used.
    • Doof-1 pointing out the Eviler than Thou trope by name, for one.
    • Everything is Better With Perry, for another.
    • While it wasn't in this movie, Monogram uses the term Nightmare Fuel to describe Meap in a DVD Commentary.
      • Eviler than Thou (a play on Holier than thou) and Nightmare Fuel are both real life terms that got used for Trope names so it doesn't prove much. Everything is better with is also pretty commonly used by non-tropers.

Alternate Doofenshmirtz isn't as intelligent as regular Doofenshmirtz, but has more common sense.
Regular Doofenshmirtz's Freudian Excuse inspired him to become really smart to compensate, but at the cost of his common sense. Alternate Doofenshmirtz didn't have as tragic a childhood, so is more savvy.
  • If Doof-2 isn't as intelligent as Doof-1, who created the Norm-bots?

The OWCA intends to sign on Phineas and Ferb whenever they are able.
Aside from the old "too dangerous" line, Major Monogram's one objection to allowing Phineas and Ferb to help Perry is that their insurance won't cover it. Unless the reason all the agents are animals has to do with their insurance. They can't get insurance for agents who are people.

Alternate Doofenshmirtz never married Charlene, and never had Vanessa as a daughter.
He was too busy being evil, and being successful at it, to pursue a love-life.
  • This was a theory I had. The reason Doof-2 is so evil isn't because he only had one bad thing happen to him with losing his train, but because he never had a daughter to somewhat mellow him out and give him some good.
    • A deleted scene from the DVD shows Doof-2 does have Vanessa as a daughter.
  • Jossed. A later episode confirms that Doof-2 and Charlene-2 DID, in fact, get married and had Vanessa-2. However, they never got divorced. They just pretend they're no longer married for the "perks."

This movie has prequel potential
If only because it would be priceless to have a scene in which Doof-2 says Perry the Platyborg... RISE!!.
  • The tie-in comic is a prequel where we see this. Not sure if it's canon though. (Or if he says that)

Doof-2 had an horribly abusive childhood which he is repressing
A bit of Fridge Horror. The scene in which Doof-2 explains how he lost his toy train. Did you notice that he actually had the Eye Patch when he was a kid? The only explanation is that some adult in his life was very abusive, took his eye out and forced Doof-2 to take his eye with him in a pouch.
  • Or he could of hit his eye with something, or just has a bad eye.
    • How did he get that scar that somehow extends to the eyepatch?

So, what happens is that Doof-2 repressed that awful event. And his toy train was the way he escaped reality. Unfortunately, the abusive figure noticed it and stole his toy train. And Doof-2 related his loss of this chance to escape reality as his Freudian Excuse because he did his best to forget the real reason.

That's the reason that the second Doof-2 recovers this toy train he basically pulls a Heel–Face Turn. What happened there is that Doof-2 regressed to that part of his childhood in which he escaped reality, to the point that he forgot about his crimes against humanity.

  • Well, he didn't specifically say that losing his toy train was the only childhood event which made him evil.
    • Yeah but still.

"Dr." Baljeet got his doctorate from a mail-order company over the internet.
  • Isn't he a little young to have spent 6 years in college and have written a thesis?
    • Yes. Yes he is.
    • Did you catch the red D logo in Baljeet's shirt? It looks like something related to Doof-2. I would say that Doof-2 probably set an environment that detect kids with mad scientist potential and enlists them to be taught how to be evil Doctors. Since Baljeet lives so close to the center of the resistance and is probably frenemies with Buford he became a double agent rather than going evil and is using what he learned in Evil doctor school to aid the resistance making cool gadgets. This would also explain Candace's backstory, the Flynn-Fletchers had to work very hard to avoid having their kids detected as potential mad scientists.
      • Those were just Dooferalls, like everyone wore except the active members of the resistance.

The silhouette of a shrub isn't just any's the alternate universe version of Planty the Potted Plant.
Because I am convinced that in the regular dimension, Planty the Potted Plant went on to be one of the finest agents at the OWCA. It wouldn't surprise me if his alternate universe counterpart was even more awesome.
  • Failing that, the plant that shows up in Doof-2's lair when Doof-2 first explains that Perry is a secret agent is Planty.

The real reason Doof-2 is so evil is because he never had a child unlike the main Dr. Doofenshmirtz
: Think about this, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz clearly adores his daughter, and it brings out his soft caring side. In the parallel universe, the alternate Doofenshmirtz has never had anyone to truly care about. This would, also, explain why we never saw an alternate Vanessa. The toy train was simply a cover.
  • But in the alternate universe it's implied (because the worst thing that happened to him is losing a toy train apparently)that he had a good family, so he'd have people to care about.
  • Alternatively, Charlene might have tried to keep Vanessa by herself and away from Doof-2.

The last dimension they travel through during Brand New Reality is a Witch's Maze
  • No real reason for this, besides the styles being similar and the sheer contrast between the two.

On a related note, the Incubators have mastered interdimensional travel
Hence they are literally all over the universe.

And on another related note...

Kyubey will try to contract Candace-1
And this being Candace we're talking about, I guarantee she will wish to successfully bust her brothers. Whether you're not familiar with Madoka Magica, you will know this is a bad idea because either:
  1. Linda will react horribly like in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted" (but up to eleven)
  2. Doof will take over. And be a tyrant, of course. (Also Up To Eleven)
  3. (insert some other horrible effect here...after taking it Up To Eleven)

This, along with having to spend all her time fighting witches instead of supporting her relationships, will completely darken her Soul Gem and she will turn into a witch. "Quantum Boogaloo" takes place in a timeline where she doesn't contract.

Ferb's secret double life will be a major plotline later in the series.
  • Come on. Do you really think Dan and Swampy would write an exchange like that and not turn it into a Chekhov'sGun ?
    • Chances are it has something to do with him being a Covert Pervert, so probably not.
      • Ferb probably just realizes more than Phineas that being seen as a normal kid and building all kinds of things and going on crazy adventures like they do aren't consistent with each other
    • Well, Ferb does tend to do things (even without Phineas) like jump into the Ride from Outer Space and attempt to pick up Vanessa. He has a lot going on that not too many of his friends know about, because he doesn't talk much. So he does have a secret double life, if you look at it that way.

Doof-2 hates Christmas.
Because that's when he lost his Choo-Choo. And that is what changed everything.

Dan and Swampy were aware that there are fan-theories that Perry used to be a human.
Probably the reason they've decided to put the mystery figure before they show Perry the Platypus.

Stacy died in the Other Dimension.
That's why she doesn't appear and isn't mentioned and why Candace-2 is a Knight Templar Big Sister. She already lost someone she loved.
  • This. It just makes way too much sense.
  • She was probably suffering from the I Let Gwen Stacy Die Syndrome and got over it in the end.
  • If you watch Isabella and the other resistance members when Candace-2 cuts the rail car loose it would seem they are use to the idea that not everyone makes it out on some missions.

Linda-2 spends her time hiding in the basement because she once dumped Doofenschmirtz-2.

They still went on that date at the drive-in. She's still the one who convinced him to settle for the Tri-state area. She's afraid he'll notice her and come after her, especially after she sees a member of her family doing something they're not supposed to. She's ashamed of herself for giving the idea of settling for the Tri-state area in the first place.

The main Phineas in this movie is from another other dimension.
An alternative explanation for his bucketloads of O.O.C. Is Serious Business. To be more specific, his rage at finding out about Perry's double life, and his delight at being kissed by Isabella.
  • Kinda Confirmed since the creators originally wanted the ending to be that way, but was scrapped.
  • How did he get there?

Phineas keeps a wrench with him at all times.
Remember when the gang was traveling through the mines to get away from Doof's robot minions, and Phineas pulls that wrench from out of nowhere? He carries it with him wherever he goes, kind of like how Tommy Pickles carries around a screwdriver. You never know when it might come in handy.
  • This makes a lot of sense, and is probably canon anyway.
  • Plus, Ferb has a ridiculously awesome Swiss army knife, so it makes sense that Phineas would have something similar.

Vanessa-2 is a robot built by Doof-2 in order to have the "perfect daughter"
It'd make sense, why wait years with a wife to have a child and have them grow up, when you can just build one instead.
  • Alternately, when his daughter hit the moody teenage years and did not treat Doof-2 with the appropriate amount of respect that he wanted, he turned her into a cyborg. He already did that to his arch-enemy, Perry-2/Platyborg, and had no qualms with doing that to Phineas. I see no reason why Doof-2 would put up with a snarky teenage girl who complains about him and he lacks even the shred of morality that the original Doof has. He'd quite likely have no problems turning his own flesh and blood into an unquestioning, unthinking, "perfect daughter" that he could program into behaving however he liked. And he likely has his cyborg-Vanessa out of the way at some menial task, such as observing the construction of the Norm-bots (since leading the army is the Platyborg's job), that requires no will-power from her. The benefit of this option is that it leaves it open to a sequel since, if Doof-2 ever decides to attempt a "take over the Tri-State Area" repeat, she can serve as his new Second-in-Command. And it would be a very good way to tick off Doof-1 since, even on her most disagreeable days, he would never consider harming his daughter (or turning her into an essentially-mindless drone).
    • Actually, when Doof-1 developed that Inator that made people do things that'd otherwise be unlikely for them to do, he (briefly) considered using it to make Vanessa obey him.

Second Dimension Roger doesn't/used to exist
It's said that Doof-2 had a way better childhood than our Doof just because Doof-2 lost his train. One of the main reasons Doof's childhood stunk was because both his parents liked Roger better. If Doof-2 doesn't have any of Doof-1's excuses then that either means Roger wasn't born and Doof-2 was an only child or Doof-2 got rid of him later in life.
  • Expanding upon this, Doof-2 lost his eye in the accident that killed Roger/in the fight that killed Roger.
  • Considering everything is bass-ackwards in the 2nd Dimension, maybe Doofenshmirtz was the favorite son and Roger was the one who was raised by ocelots, had to work as a lawn gnome with a balloon as his only friend, was the schnitzel of the family, etcetera, etcetera.

Doof-2 is more evil because his backstory isn't as tragic
Could be related to the theory about how Doof-2 isn't as intelligent as Doof 1, but has more common sense. Doof-1 has tragic backstory on tragic backstory, and is a Harmless Villain, while Doof-2 has one minor one and is actually effective. The difference is that Doof-1 has had most of his spirit, self-confidence and common sense pummeled out of him by his various tragedies, while Doof-2 just had a nudge without the spiritual crippling.
  • That...that actually makes a lot of sense.
  • OP again: Combined with a Date Fail with Linda (per the WMG above; remember she was the one who suggested he start with just the Tri-State Area rather than the whole world), and not insecure enough to seek the approval of others, did not wind up marrying Charlene and having Vanessa (also per WMGs above), so isn't a bit softer by having cared for someone. Thus he treated his nemesis as an actual enemy, and not as a substitute family or friend. Doof-1's plans are almost all aimed at petty revenge for his various backstories, but Doof-2 doesn't have those, and so he concentrated on the main goal of conquering the Tri-State Area. Once he defeated Agent P-2 it was easy, as we can see that Perry is the top agent in OWCA. All the agents working together can only slow down a small group of Normbots before being defeated. Agent P-1 jumps in and manages to take out a half-dozen alone before being grabbed.
  • Hah, almost forgot the Incredibly Lame Pun part of this thought: Doof-1 is more Self Destructive (not that) than Doof-2. Which manifests by prominent self-destruct buttons on all his devices. Doof-2 isn't as self destructive, and so they aren't as easily found. But Doof-1, knowing himself better than anyone else, was able to find that part of Doof-2's psyche with Choo-Choo.
  • This carries Fridge Horror. After all, it suggests that the only thing stopping Doof-1 from being a borderline monster, is the fact it was crushed out of him by his parents.
  • But if the spiritual crippling is true, why isn't Doof-1 driven to Despair Event Horizon yet? Just the common sense part is more plausible.
  • This troper cannot name a single psychologist who won't tell you this is bulls**t. Though if you're still convinced by this WMG, look at my Exact Words.
    • Good thing it wasn't written by a psychologist then! Besides, since when do WMGs have to be psychologically sound? Or even plausible, for that matter?
    • Even better, the OP doesn't know *any* psychologists. WMG is safe!

Doofenshmirtz would get along well with the lombaxes.
Just a really silly Crossover WMG, quite honestly. Was I really the only one to jump up and point at my TV upon hearing "Otherdimensionator"? note  I know it's just a byproduct of the Thing-O-Matic Theme Naming on Doof's part, but it was too tempting to pass up. Here's to hoping that Heinz doesn't create a time-space singularity.

Vanessa-2 is evil.
In the second dimension, Vanessa served a role to Doof-2 much like Azula does to Fire Lord Ozai. She's one of his dragons, but does most of her work far away from him, just in case.
  • Partially confirmed in the deleted scene that you can watch in the DVD. Vanessa-2 is seemingly not concerned at all about her dad being an evil dictator that oppresses everyone. She is just mildly annoyed that Doof-2 tends to banish all of her potential boyfriends.
  • Pretty much confirmed in the second dimension episode, as she helps her parents escape from the resistance.

Candace and Candace-2 are alternate-dimension versions of Katniss.
They have similar names. Candace-2 has superior fighting abilities and will protect her younger siblings from the corrupt government at all costs. Blonde, friendly Jeremy is Peeta.
  • This... is... BRILLIANT!

The kiss between Isabella and Phineas only existed in Phineasland, and not in the real world.
The only reason Phineas reacted the way he did was because that how she imagined he would react. In actuality, nothing happened between the time Phineas, Ferb, and Perry said their goodbyes to when the Amnesia-inator was activated.

How alternate Baljeet became a doctor
Basically, with Buford being too busy resisting (and resisting the resistance) to be a bully, he had more confidence. He didn't feel like he was in Phineas and Ferb's shadows either since they were kept inside not doing much of anything, so without that in the way, he had the determination and self-esteem necessary to fully motivate himself and get a doctorate in record time.
  • Alternatively, he only calls himself a doctor to avoid looking bad in front of the other resistance members for wearing a dooferal. He only wants na excuse for the D. Wearing overalls is something itself he can get away with because he already wore before Doof-2 took over but he needed an excuse for the D.

The movie takes place the second summer.
In the deleted scenes, we see Gretchen manning the present gun from Santa's Sleigh. This possibly means that some or all of season 3 takes place the next year, starting with Rollercoaster the Musical, perhaps.
  • But Phineas says they became one-hit wonders that year. Which by definition can only be done once.

Slash will either make another appearance, cameo, reference to, or mention later in the series.
There has to be an explanation as to how and why Phineas and Ferb (and Agent Perry) got a live concert going on, performing "Kick it up a Notch" with the legendary ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist. (And with Candace & Isabella being nowhere in sight, except for those movie clips in-between.)
  • Lawrence and Linda are in many episodes, actually.
    • Huh?
      • See the WMG a few above.

Other Dimension Stacy was a POW or went MIA
It would certainly explain her absence and why Other Dimension Candace doesn't have a best friend (besides the fact that's she's too busy for friendship...)
  • Or the more likely..

Stacy-2 was at home conforming

Doof-1 is better at fighting an enemy hand-to-hand than Doof-2
While Doof-2 apparently defeated Perry-2/Platyborg a long time ago, he seems to have been depending on his former nemesis and army of Norm-bots to take care of any problem that might occur and likely never has to get his own hands dirty. And since Phineas-2 stated that their Perry vanished a long time ago (and summer itself was outlawed years ago), that has probably been several years since Doof-2 had to fight anyone. Doof-1, however, fights against Perry every single day. He might not win, but there are several episodes where he manages to hold his own for a reasonable amount of time against the platypus. Even if Doof-2 used to physically combat his nemesis prior to taking over the Tri-State Area, he would be very out of practice by this point. This might explain why Doof-2 had so much trouble trying to land a hit on Phineas near the end, even though the boy has never been any type of fight worse than a thumb war. While Doof-2 might be more Genre Savvy than his Alternate Universe counterpart, Doof-1 could beat him in a straight fight.

won't last.After all, if you (or at least, you claim) become evil just because you lost a toy train, there must've been something seriously wrong you from the get go. While it is what motivated him, it isn't what sparked Doof-2's evil. It's very possible that he was an Enfante Terrible, and considered losing his toy train to be what sparked his turn to villainy. Or Doof-2 became evil specifically because his life was happy. The latter could add a lot of Fridge Horror: the only reason Doof-1 is an Anti-Villain is because of his Moral Event Horizon-crossing parents, meaning the two are not so different. Doof-2 may have given up when he got his choo-choo, but that doesn't change the fact he's likely still the same demented person he always was. If he ever appears again, it'll be revealed that he's gone back to evil, since he's got nothing else to do. Doof-2 is The Sociopath, and ultimately he'll find it more efficent to be what he truly is: a freak without a human heart.
  • Confirmed in the second dimension episode.

This movie was actually the movie Phineas mentioned at the end of Teleporters of DOOM, meaning THAT is the canon!
  • On Teleporters Of Doom, Phineas says that they will go to the movies, and in Robot Riot, Phineas APPROVES of Perry being a secret agent like most kids will be like, unlike the movie. And for extra epicness, it would be revealed that Phineas and Ferb made it. This could be real for 4 reasons.
    • 1. It would be revealed at the end of the series that the kids and Perry in his agent P state were in the movies, and than have to go to foil the sinister plans of *Insert Truly Evil Villain Here* and will go do so, meaning that they are in OWCA.
    • 2.Phineas approving of Perry being a secret agent is FAR, FAR, FAR, more realistic than the movie's reaction, meaning it was acted out.
    • 3. This would explain the time Perry got the pictures for his scrapbook with Phineas being angry and all, that goozim pictures, and the kick it up a notch music video.
    • 4. Gives Phineas a reason for complaining about Perry's Reveal.

Candace-2 in adulthood will become a Plumber recruited by Meap-2
She definitely seems like the person to be a space cop.

The "Mysterious Force" is real.
That would explain everything!

Phineas was never angry at Perry.
  • Again, photos are the proof. Phineas was just putting up a act for Doof-2 so that he will think it WAS real, thus, when learning that Perry was kidnapped, he tried to rescue him. The only thing that COULD be real is if Perry WAS using him as a cover, or he could be trying to still convince Doof-2. This also explains how his anger calmed down unexpectedly. Ferb could also be in on it.

Well even without a Freudian Excuse, love still can make you evil.
  • And Freudian Excuse is easily deconstructed, while Love Makes You Evil is extremely potent.
  • This troper agrees: after all, you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Doof-1 may have found the fact that losing his toy train as a kid was enough reason for Doof-2 to become a cruel dictator ridiculus, but since he never lost his own toy train he never knew how important it realy was for him. Notice that as soon as Doof-2 receives Doof-1' toy train, he instantly seemed to become the same imbecilic jerk the Doof-1 always was. (He even came up with a self-destruct button for each and every one of his Norm Bots, quite in the manner of his 1st Dimension counterpart.) Apparently, the trauma of losing his favorite toy as a child was the only thing that held him "competent", no matter how strange it may seem.

Candace-2 will become a Memetic Badass in the near future
This isn't a wild mass guess as much as it is a canonical truth. You know this troper is right.

Candace-2 is a Time Lord
Every page needs one.

Technically its Time Lady, but I agree with both statements

Ferb is a Time Lord

As an alternative to the above guess. It would explain his secret double life that Phineas apparently isn't surprised by, he has a way with (sonic) screwdrivers, and he's British

In the 2nd Dimension, Phineas and Ferb got sent to Smile-Away Reformatory School to learn how to conform.
Several reasons:
1. Just because Perry dreamed about Candace dreaming about the place doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

2. Their hair was cut the same way as it was in "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted!"

3. If we're going to assume that this is the same Phineas and Ferb, why would they be so interested in conforming just because some random evil guy took over? They'd still be themselves...and, naturally, the evil empire would feel the need to crush that out of them.

4. Alt-Candace is fiercely protective of them because she doesn't want to see them get brainwashed and broken again—or perhaps because she's afraid that if they snap out of it, Doofenshmirtz will realize that it didn't work the first time and come up with a more permanent solution to his little difficulty...

The entire movie is Perry's dream

Indentured Executive Assistant Monogram sent P&F *and* Perry up to Doof-2's office because he recognized Perry
  • A little bit of a Batman Gambit by him, hoping that Alt-Perry (from his point of view) would be able to do something about Overlord Doof.
  • We don't see the scene where the boys are sent up to the office, so we also don't know if there was any communication between Monogram-2 and Perry before they went up.

The reason that losing a toy train was such a motivation for Doofenshmirtz-2 to become evil is that said toy train was his Tragic Keepsake
Hell, I even have a whole headcanon for it. It's a bit cliche but I've given it thought.

Okay,so he's got the same childhood past as Doof-1- neglected and raised by ocelots and all. And he beared with it, like Doof 1. But he had ONE very close friend that greatly helped him do so. On Doof 2's birthday, that friend gave him a toy train, and on it they swore they would be best friends forever. Fast forward several months. It is the day of the Doofenshmirtz family reunion. The friend is not part of the family by blood,but he/she goes anyway. Doof is being embarrassingly uncoordinated as usual,but his best friend cheers him on. After the game, Doof is humiliated so bad that he runs from the field crying, Best Friend following and trying to calm him down. In his stress,Doof yells at Best Friend to go away. They argue a little,leading to Doof to say horrible,personal things to Best Friend. Then Best Friend is now the one to run away in tears. A few days later, they have not spoken to each other since. Doof feels guilty about the incident at the reunion, so he goes to Best Friend to apologize. Best Friend gives Doof a very happy look and waves him hello(or goodbye...)before he/she gets struck by a car(or some other sort of vehicle in Druelselstein that can accidentally cause death.) However he/she does not die immediately. Best Friend dies in the totally shocked and sobbing Doof's arms,his/her last words being "Remember our Choo-Choo Pact? We'll... always... be friends..."

Couple years later, Choo-Choo mysteriously disappears.

  • And yes, I could have just typed "Choo-Choo was his Tragic Keepsake relating to a dead friend." but I really wanted to share my headcanon.

Across the Second Dimension was partially inspired by the season 2 arc of the new Doctor Who series (especially the episodes "Rise of the Cybermen", "The Age of Steel" and "Doomsday").

Isabella discovers Pinky's secret Identity during the battle against Alternate Doofenshmirtz's robot army.
How are we to know that Isabella didn't fight alongside Pinky offscreen during the big battle at the end of the movie. It would also make erasing her memories of that day just as important as erasing the memories of those who knew Perry's secret.

Isabella is Major Monogram's stepdaughter, thus she is immune to the Amnesia-Inator
Perhaps that's why Isabella didn't mind kissing Phineas before the Amnesia-Inator was activated. She'll remember the kiss, but Phineas won't. That's also why we don't see Isabella being surprised that her pet Pinky is a secret agent.
  • But then she said that none of them would remember... unless she's hiding something.
  • If that was the case, then Monogram wouldn't have had her memories erased in the first place.
    • She was included so her friends wouldn't ask questions. Remember when Perry appeared and Phineas was confused? Besides, maybe Isabella has some device with her to prevent herself from the effects of the Amnesia-Inator.
    • Or maybe her mind got erased because she's too young to understand the O.W.C.A. stuff before she will actually be part of it.
    • Well, that'd explain the connection between their Ancient China counterparts.

The O.W.C.A. also erased the memories of all other citizens of Danville
Literally dozens of people witnessed the robot invasion and the battle that followed. It even got broadcasted on the local news. So just erasing the memories of Phineas and Ferb, their friends, and Doofenshmirtz wouldn't be enough. It would only be a matter of time before they discovered that a robot invasion had taken place and their inventions were used to stop it (from either seeing news footage or hearing it from other people), after which they would most likely try to find out what really happened and why they can't remember it, thus discovering Perry's secret again. The solution: the O.W.C.A. had everyone's memories wiped out afterwards and secured the footage of the invasion.
  • They thought that they were weather balloons (or evil weather balloons?), so it's unnecessary.

Doof-1 will become as evil as Doof-2
  • Once the Amnesia-Inator makes Doof-1 forget the whole thing, he'll eventually wonder what happened to his Choo-Choo. Then again, he already did his toy train related share of evil in "Not Phineas and Ferb".

Phineas and Ferb ended up in a wrong dimension
Here's what happened in the circular multiverse, in addition to the show's normal dimension (in which the movie starts) and the 2nd dimension, there are other two dimensions identical to them some dimensions away in anti-clock-wise order. Let us say the first dimension is A, the second dimension is B, and the duplicated dimensions are C and D.
  • The same events are triggered in C and D at the same time as they happen in A and B.
  • At first, Phineas, Ferb, Perry and Doof move from dimension A to B and at the same time from dimension C to D.
  • When Doof-2 uses his own portal to travel at the opposite direction, he goes from dimension B to A (and Doof-4 goes from dimension D to C).
  • But here is the difference, when Phineas, Ferb, Doof, Candace and Perry escape from dimension B and do the Brand new reality musical montage, they eventually reach DIMENSION C. Thus they technically end in the wrong dimension, although identical as it is being invaded by Doof D.
  • However, Phineas-3, Ferb-3, Doof-3, Candace-3 and Perry-3 escaped dimension D, and went through different dimensions. Dimension D is so far away from Dimension B that they could not reach it before the end of the movie. Or maybe there is something very dangerous in-between and they got captured, or worse.
  • Thus, Dimension C and D got the fake happy ending we saw at the end of the movie. But dimension C actually has Dimension A's protagonists now (And the evil Doof that was defeated is Doof-4). Worse, dimension C's protagonists are lost somewhere between dimensions D and A. Dimension A was invaded by Doof-2 and nobody in there knows what happened to Phineas, Ferb and Candace.
It is the perfect Sequel Hook :)

Sequel will have Charlene as the Dragon Ascendant
  • "Of course your father isn't evil. He was never man enough to be truly evil. That's why I left him." "Noo!" "Search your heart, Vanessa, and you'll see that it is true!"
    • The movie after that will have V.D. return with a cybernetic foot to kick her mother's ass.

P&F were busted pre-movie...
...but the memories of their mother were wiped by the Amnesia-inator.

Doof-2 is a huge bastard because his parents were bad role models
Well, it is a Rousseau Was Right series, after all, and this mirrors with Doof-1's Freudian Excuse of his parents being bastards. While he does occasionally wish for their approval, admiring them is probably the last thing he'd ever want to do. Doof-2, in contrast, already had their approval and admired them in turn. And since they were still bastards anyway...

Doof 2 was more competent and evil than Doof because one received a head injury in childhood, and the other didn't.
Some people have proposed the theory that Doof's ditziness is caused by brain trauma, received from his Abusive Parents. Now, if Doof 2 received his evilness upgrade after losing his Choo-Choo as a child, it's unlikely he put up his parents for much longer after that. So, if the brain injury occurred after that split in the timeline, Doof 2 would never receive it, explaining how much better at villainy he is than his counterpart.

Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 are boyborgs
Their skin is unusually pale compared with the other habitants of the second dimension. This is why upon seeing their counterparts of the first dimension, the second-dimension Phineas and Ferb guessed that they were being substituted, and why Doof-2 guessed that Phineas-1 was 1-2 years old.

Doof-2 is, was, will always be, a spoiled brat
Unlike regular Heinz, Heinz-2 was probably raised rather normally, and lavished with attention. So when he lost his toy train (and he probably lost it after chucking it across a crowded room) he pitched a massive fit, and as he grew older he began to manipulate his parents over the loss of that toy train. Because it was precious to him, and the loss was somehow their fault. And because they could never argue, they let him manipulate him. And then he learned to manipulate others around him, and so on until he took over the Tri-State Area. All over a toy train. In fact, that's probably how he'll eventually get out of prison. They'll let him go because he pouts and pretends to have mended his ways.

Roger Doofenshmirtz doesn't exist in dimension 2
Heinz was enough of a terror; the Doofenshmirtzes didn't need another.

Doof-2's missing eye was self-inflicted
It's possible that, once upon a time, Heinz-2 was just as Literal-Minded as Doof. Maybe there was a conversation about cutting your nose off to spite your face and he decided he couldn't do his nose but an eye would work. Or perhaps something about 'you might as well just poke your eye out'. Something along those lines.

Doof-2 is conceited, whereas Doof has crippling self-esteem issues
These two are alike in only very superficial ways. They like the same stuff but had nothing like the same life and don't actually even share a personality. While Heinz's childhood was lonely, sad, devoid of affection or validation, Heinz-2's was spent being lavished with attention and undeserved praise. He grew up believing he was handsome (hence "That would explain the handsomeness..." when meeting his counterpart), whereas Heinz grew up believing himself to be much uglier than he actually is (hence the pleased response to being called handsome; finally getting some positive feedback for once made him heavily attached to... himself). Plus, remember that Doof-2 first thought they were exactly alike and was pleased to have Heinz as a friend, but upon discovering that he isn't as competent, he began using him and doomed him without a second thought.

Doof-2 lost his eye during his rise to dictator, probably in a fight against Perry or Monogram
People seem to think of Doof-2's toy train memory as a reliable indicator of how early he lost his eye, but if you look closely (it doesn't require that much looking, really), the flashback also shows the walls covered in his name, as they are in modern-day Danville. As it can be assumed that his home in Gimmelshtump wasn't covered in his name (unless his parents were obnoxious or he himself was massively spoiled), we can probably also assume that his memories of his childhood are slightly clouded by more recent events. He might not properly remember how he looked with two eyes as a small boy, or even how his childhood home looked exactly.

The Amnesia-inator
did appear as a past Doof invention of the week......but no one remembers that episode, because it wiped the memory of everyone who watched it.
  • So that was the episode where the boys' invented something chicken-themed, Candace called for her mom in Pablo Picasso's Guernica, Linda and Lawrence made spooky noises in a cavern, Perry entered his lair as a giant, got trapped in a metal replica of himself, Doof invented his Blow-Itself-Up-Inator and Inside-Out-Inator, and Buford neglected to get a down payment on the elephant.
  • No, that's the other one. The Amnesia-inator was obviously used in "Meap Me in Saint Louis".

Ferb already knew Perry was a secret agent, or at least suspected
While Phineas was clearly heavily effected by the reveal that Perry was a secret agent, Ferb appeared to be his normal Silent Snarker personality with most of his lines being his normal slightly random comments. Even if he didn't feel as betrayed as Phineas he didn't exactly seem all that surprised.

Now think back to ''Ready for the Bettys' by chance the boys found their way into "Agent P's" underground lair, made their way to Doof's current hideout, and saved Candace, and throughout the episode Phineas assumed that the whole thing had been built by Ferb, who repeatedly attempted to explain that he hadn't. Now this leaves Ferb with the knowledge that there was a mysterious spy headquarters, located underneath their house, belonging to someone called "Agent P", and filled with gear that had been visually based on a platypus.

Now both Phineas and Ferb are clearly extremely intelligent, just look at everything they've built, and with what Ferb already knew it stands to reason that he probably had at least considered that their pet platypus, who vanished every day for most of the day, and had a name beginning with P, may in fact be "Agent P".

Therefore it then explains why Ferb had no reaction to Perry's secret being revealed, all it did was confirm what he'd believed for some time.