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  • Vince, Spinelli, Gretchen, and Mikey getting the entire playground to help them break T.J. out of detention in "The Break In".
  • The boys' scaled-down Heroic Sacrifice in "Mikey's Pants" when Mikey ripped his pants and had to go to get them personally resewn by Ms. Finster. They all intentionally ripped their own pants to make sure he wouldn't face the humiliation alone (aparently the girls doing it was too much for the censors). To solidify this awesome moment, as the kids start their jeering chant of "Tighty-Whiteys", King Bob stares at the male members of the team open-mouthed for a moment before instantly silencing the crowd and Shaming the Mob:
    King Bob: ENOUGH! That was the single most courageous act this playground has ever seen! We won't jeer! We will show respect.
    • ...Followed by King Bob taking off his crown and lowering his head, and the entire student body joins him in doing this.
  • In "The New Kid": T.J. getting the rest of the gang to get the rest of the student body to stop calling Gus "New Kid" when he first moves to town, and making him feel welcome. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • And in the same episode after that, Gus standing up to King Bob to get his name back.
  • After beating up Gus in "Gus's Last Stand", Gelman is confronted by the main six defending him, and he threatens to beat them up. The rest of the playground tell him that if he attacks the gang, they have to attack them as well.
  • Gus, a.k.a. El Diablo, beating Lawson's whole team at dodgeball single-handedly in "Dodgeball City" after Lawson deliberately chooses to hit a kindergartner with a dodgeball, specifically Hector, who Gus ADORES.
    Lawson *after Gus has demolished the ''entire fifth grade team by himself!* No, no, the marbles are yours, just don't-don't! *gets nailed right in the chest by a ball* Bummer... *collapses*
    • Less well known is Mikey's (utterly ineffectual but still) incredibly sick burn to Gus as he refuses to play dodgeball to help his friends in danger. "Fiddle on, thoughtless Nero, as your precious empire BURNS all around you!"
  • Tubby finishing the Kindergarten Derby for Mikey in "Kindergarten Derby".
    • And he tells off the Kindergaten Derby and delivers a speech that make sure it never happens again.
      • Tubby being perfectly happy to just finish the race. Right up until Mikey says "Win win win!". Cue some awesome running.
  • In Recess: All Growed Down during the kindergarten flashback, Gus stands up to Randall, and gets the kindergarteners to start acting like they usually do in the series, showing how the kids became who they were in the TV series. After Randall gets Gus in the principal's office, T.J. assumed leader position after being a Shrinking Violet most of the time, makes his first big speech, and for the first time, turns his baseball hat backwards and says his catchphrase for the first time.
    Vince: That's a great plan, Theodore!
    T.J.: The name's T.J. now, Vince. (Turns his hat backwards) Now, who's with me?
    Vince: I'm in!
    Spinelli: And me!
    Gretchen: Count me as well!
    Mikey: And me!
    T.J.: Tender!
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  • In Call Me Guy when the kindergartner Hector told Gus that he wasn't cool at all without his glasses.
  • Awesome Music: The music that plays whenever TJ has a plan.
    • Mikey's cover of "Green Tambourine" during the credits of The Movie, courtesy of the late, great Robert Goulet.
      • Honestly, anytime Mikey sang could be considered as this!
  • In The First Picture Show, Principal Prickly nails T.J. with a tough question from the golden era of Senor Fusion: "What was the name of his one and only sidekick?", a question to which many didn't even know he had! However, T.J. uses all of his knowledge of the Comic to answer the question correctly, without having read the said comic!
    T.J.: You know, Principal Prickly? This is about the most un-Fusion-like thing I ever saw a Fusion fan do. The great Señor doesn't stand for tricking guys and being sneaky and winning on technicalities; that's what the BAD guys do! Fusion stands for honesty and truth and fair-play, stuff that's important to kids like me... and it used to be important to you, too. *leaves*
    Prickley: *watches him leave, before looking at an old Senor Fusion comic, with the story title "Right Is Right"*
    Intercom!Prickley: Alright Detweiler, you win!
  • Whenever Randall actually helps the gang instead of being their enemy. One example is "The Spy Who Came in from the Playground" where he "tattles" on James after he betrayed the kids.
  • Finster actually gets one in "The Worst Trouble Ever," where T.J. and the gang are set to appear in court and be sent to six separate schools; despite usually being the gang's enemy, Finster actually asks T.J., with concern in her voice, "Any chance you got a plan for this one, Dettweiler?"
    • Principal Prickly also gets one during the trial when he loudly objects to the mayor. Though he was bullied into backing off, it was still awesome of him to show such care toward the kids.
    • Also Thaddeus T. Third V showing up and putting the mayor in his place when the latter was about to send the main characters to different schools.
    Thaddeus: Kids play, kids climb on statues. It's what they've always done, it's what they always will do! You're gonna punish them for this, why not punish 'em for being shorter than you as well?!
    Mayor Fitzhugh: Well I don't think any of us were really suggesting that-
    Thaddeus: Accidents happen Fitzhugh! Somebody says they're sorry and it's over you jingle-brained public servant! Now I strongly urge you leave these children to their games and studies.
  • Vince's older brother Chad gets one when he gets Chucko's older brother Cy to back off from hurting Vince and his friends by threatening not to help him with his homework. Never has "You can just forget about me helping you with your math homework anymore." sounded badass.
  • Gretchen finally getting Jeffrey to leave her alone in "The Pest".
  • In "The Army Navy Game," Gus sees Fillmore picking on Corn Chip Girl and without any hesitation, he runs up to Fillmore and shoves him to the ground, which causes the bully to start crying like a baby.
    • In the same episode, Gus and Corn Chip Girl both stand up to their dads when they refuse to let them be friends just because of their petty feud with each other.
  • In "The Substitute", the teacher not only defends Gus from being bullied, he teaches him how to defend himself. In addition, he gives each student the chance to work independently on projects that let them explore their interests.


  • These two remakes of the opening theme.


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