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Awesome / Recess: School's Out

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  • The Ugly Bald Guy, after seemingly being taken down by TJ and Principal Prickly, returns for the final battle to get revenge.
    • There's also how he got taken down originally; when the Ugly Bald guy had TJ's pals cornered, he and Prickly comes in with some old corn chowder and dumps the whole thing on him and lands the large pot on his head, knocking him down the stairs. Gotta love improvised weapons.
    • And before that, Spinelli, under the impression he was an alien, headbutted him into collapsing so the gang could make a run for it.
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  • Ms. Finster taking down Ugly Bald Guy with some Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • T.J. & the gang recruiting EVERY student they knew to help stop Benedict... And then the teachers turning up because they didn't want to lose their summer vacation either.
  • Mikey luring several of Benedict's men into a hole the Diggers made using his singing voice.
  • Vince luring more of Benedict's men into a trap set up by the Ashleys.
  • Gretchen incapitates Fenwick and two scientists by locking them in the generator room.
  • Gus leading the kids. Highlights include him completely shutting down Vince, Spinelli and Mikey's bickering with a loud "QUIET!", intimidating his camp-commanding officer into complete silence and his epic Rousing Speech right before they head in.
    • Later when he lures a group of the henchman to the courtyard. King Bob and several other kids suddenly appear on the roof with balls.
    King Bob: BOMBARDMENT! [the kids pelt the henchmen]
  • TJ, the gang & Prickly & every student and staff member storming in confronting Benedict.
    Benedict: Activate the tractor beam! Quickly! We've only got four minutes left!
    Prickly: You've got no minutes left, Phil! This is my school, and I want it back!
    • He also gives him a solid left hook to the face when he threatens him. The guy was going to electrocute him and he does a "What's that on your shirt" gag to distract him. All the while just giving him a flat stare.
  • TJ's Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to Benedict. It doesn't accomplish much, but it is still awesome.
    T.J: You've got it all wrong, old man! Your plan will never work! Sure maybe your crazy laser beam can move the moon. Maybe it can even make it snow all summer! Maybe you can get rid of long afternoons playing baseball. Or sunny days by the lake or warm nights under the stars. But that won't stop us! We'll ride our bikes through the snow! We'll play kickball in the slush! We'll camp out in igloos! You may take away summer, but you'll NEVER take away summer vacation!
    Benedict: ...Well, I can try. Do it! NOW!!!
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  • Vince throwing his baseball at the tractor beam's core, destroying it and putting an end to Dr. Benedict's evil plan once and for all.


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