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  • Open on Miss Grotke at the end of a lecture: "And that is what is meant by 'The Birds and the Bees'."
  • "Parents' Night": The faux Spinellis (a biker couple that Spinelli hired to pose as her parents) ask Ms. Grotke for "brews".
  • "To Finster With Love" has Finster and the janitor, Hank, hook up. One of the shots in their Falling-in-Love Montage involves Finster laughing happily while riding around on a vibrating floor buffer.
    • While minor compared to most examples, there was also a fairly long cut of Finster starring at Hank's visible butt crack.
  • In "Thanksgiving" Swinger Girl mentions getting her cans from a Swingers Convention.
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  • In "Rainy Days," there is a Bait-and-Switch Suicide — Gus threatening to jump (off a chair. He hurts his leg.)
  • From "The Great Jungle Gym Standoff":
    Spinelli: Last one on Ole' Rusty has to give Ms. Finster a sponge bath!
    Randall: Hey, that's my job!
  • Principal Prickly's brother, a principal at another school, boasts a much larger flagpole in front of his school.
    Prickly: Oh, that's just unseemly!
  • In "The Fuss Over Finster" when Miss Finster is being wheeled into an ambulance on a gurney, she is yelling at T.J. to "get those terrible thoughts" out of his head.
  • Doubling as a Shout-Out, Mikey mentions having a "Great Uncle Mary". However, "Mary" is also phonetically similar to "Merry", and "Great Uncle Merry" is who the characters in Over Sea Under Stone visit.
  • In the movie, after Mrs. Detweiller freaks out about T.J. accidentally running into the sliding glass door, she tells him to wait while she leaves to get "the baby thermometer and the petroleum jelly". If you find her choice of words baffling: petroleum jelly is used as a lubricant for rectal thermometers.
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  • While chasing the Library Kid after she goes Recess crazy, they try reading out of library books, becoming engrossed in them as they read, leading to this exchange after Spinelli reads from an Eastern European war novel.
    Gretchen: Come on - she's getting away!
    Spinelli: Just a sec - this is getting gorey!
  • "Teacher's Lounge" has a rather dark one, in Gretchen's fantasy of the Teacher's Lounge being a high-tech lab where the teachers make all sorts of amazing discovery, Pricky's amazing find is that "The Donner Party did run out of condiments". For those who don't know, the Donner Party was a group of pioneers that had to resort to cannibalism to survive a brutal winter.
    • There's also a reference to the "Cannibalism taboo" in "The Girl Was Trouble".