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"I thought the Earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon..."
Genie, from Aladdin and the King of Thievesnote 

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Animated Movies

Animated Shows

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    Animated Films 
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Before they wash up...
    Bashful: Do you have to wash where it doesn't show?
  • The Three Caballeros:
    • Pretty much the entire movie plays on the idea that "love is a drug".
    • At another point in the movie, when Donald Duck is unable to blow himself back up to normal size (he uses his thumb instead of his index finger), Jose Carioca says to him, "Oh, my friend, you are using the wrong finger!" He puts the right finger in Donald's beak for him and then says, "Now, blow!" Donald inflates himself to his rightful size with this finger in his beak.
  • Cinderella has the scene where Jaq the mouse shoves beads up Gus-Gus' tail.
  • Lady and the Tramp:
    • When the Rescue Romance starts, Lady has been chased into a dead-end alley by three (presumably male) dogs who saw her run past, raised one eyebrow as they saw her, and then back her into a corner so that she can only hide and look terrified, only to have the hero jump in and fight them off. The three dogs never speak, but since animals are sentient in this film it can be assumed that they are too, and it is implied they were chasing her in a threatening way because she had run into their territory. If they were human this would look a lot like an archetypal Attempted Rape scenario.
    • In the Swedish dub, where Tony the Italian chef says "What's-a the matter? Somebody's making the April Fool with—" the first sentence hasn't been translated literally. Instead, he says "Mille diavolo," which means "A thousand devils" and is a very nasty swear in Swedish. (This is like if the English dub would have had him say "Motherfucker" in Italian.)
  • In the Greek dub of 101 Dalmatians, the lady on the television show Horace and Jasper are watching asks if the crime was a burglary or a rape. Since the dub came out in the 1980s, it could be a case of Values Dissonance, but still.
  • The Jungle Book (1967):
    • Kaa comes off more as a pedophile than a hungry predator.
    • Kaa's parting words as he slithers out of the movie.
      Kaa: Oooooh, my sacroiliac!
  • In Disney's The Rescuers, during the scene where Bernard and Miss Bianca are flying aboard the back of Orville through the city, a small image of a topless woman is visible (for two nonconsecutive frames) pasted in the window of a building in the background. There have been many urban legends surrounding Disney movies and purported hidden risqué content, but this remains the only incident to have been clearly deliberate and of an unquestionable nature. The 1999 Masterpiece Collection VHS tapes containing the image were recalled almost immediately, and all subsequent releases of the film have, of course, have been edited to exclude the image.
  • Oliver & Company:
    • There is a strange moment where it seems like Georgette is afraid/hopeful that Dodger will have sex with her. When it turns out he won't (the dogs just came to save Oliver), she's noticeably disappointed.
    • During the song "Why Should I Worry", two female chorus dogs briefly give Dodger a sexy look while shaking their butts in a "suggestive" manner.
  • Disney's Aladdin franchise:
    • The first film:
      • Watch that scene with the dancers very closely. It looks very much like the animators had Aladdin cop a feel.
      • In the first musical number, the narrator states that "Arabian nights, like Arabian days / More often than not, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways". Granted, the fly-through of the city is showing a fire-eater blowing a fireball at the time, but still...
      • The French dub just dropped all pretense of trying to avoid the radar...
        To the Arabian nights, one thousand and one follies! To one hundred nights of love, hotter by midnight than under the sun in broad daylight!
      • At one point early on, Prince Achmed (one of Jasmine's many suitors) knocks Aladdin in a mud puddle. As he rides off on his horse, Al gets up, looks over at him, and says, "Hey, look at that, Abu. It's not every day you see a horse with two rear ends." Think about it...
      • Minor, but an early episode opens with a snooty prince proposing to Jasmine (she turns him down). After he leaves Genie calls him what sounds like "Prince Wazu", which may be a legitimate Arabic name but also sounds like another term for one's posterior...
      • During Aladdin's introduction number, one of his escapes lands him in a room with several scantily clad girls, who alternately flirt with and snub him. The implication is that it's a brothel, and he's previously stiffed them.
      • Near the end of the "Prince Ali" song, there is the line, "Prince Ali/amorous he."
      • In the French dub of "Prince Ali", when the three Harem Girls are watching, the Genie sings "Il y a du monde au balcon", which literally means "There is people standing on the balcony" (what they are actually doing), but also colloquially means that à lady has an opulent cleavage. Cue the harem girls...
    • During the "Prince Ali" number, Aladdin throws many gold coins to many peasant women who excitedly clamour around them. As the peasants sing "He's generous! So generous!", a woman can be seen putting her hand on another woman's butt!
    • Aladdin and the King of Thieves:
      • At the beginning, during the earthquake that breaks up the wedding ceremony, Genie says, "I thought the Earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon."
      • At the end, where Aladdin and Jasmine are flying off on Carpet, presumably towards their honeymoon. Aladdin turns to Jasmine giving her an eyebrow-waggling look that says, "I may not wait 'till we land!"
  • The Lion King (1994):
    • Although it was cut from the final version, after the song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" there was going to be a scene where Simba wakes up lying next to Nala. As he's about to leave, he encounters Timon, who congratulates him for "loving and leaving". Have a look for yourself.
    • The "take me now" expression Nala gives him near the end of the song. It's implied that this sequence is how they got that cub seen in the ending.
    • Strangely, they managed to show an antelope's horns on screen clearly stabbing an elephant in the ass in the "I Just Can't Wait To Be King'' song. There's no blood, but the elephant clearly is in a lot of pain.
  • A Goofy Movie:
    • Roxanne's father probably had a right to be suspicious of Max when he saw said boy pick his daughter and was touching her waist.
    • When at the hotel, there is a nightlight of a mermaid that Pete and Max are looking at, the mermaid lights up in pretty much only one section of the mermaid's body, both boys smile and Max says, "Cool..."
    • When Max is frustrated with Goofy: "My life's a living-" "HELL-o little buddy!"
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    • Esmeralda performs her dance during the song "Topsy Turvy" in the Festival of Fools. During the dance, Esmeralda takes a soldier's spear, implants it on the wooden floor of the stage, and process to dance and slide around it. This whole scene looks like a medieval version of pole dancing.
    • And at the end of the film, it's actually implied that all but one of Esmeralda's dresses were destroyed by Frollo so she can be executed properly, with the only outfit Esme still has left being a white dress. It's a chemise, or a woman's undergarment, meaning she was being executed in only her underwear (and seeing as she wasn't wearing it under her previous dress, it probably wasn't even her underwear.) Historically accurate, but still…
    • This conversation between Esmeralda and Phoebus.
    Phoebus: Ah ah ah, watch it; you're in a church.
    • One has to wonder how "Hellfire" ever got past the MPAA. It's basically Sex Is Evil, and I Am Horny the song, complete with haunting imagery and talk of eternal damnation.
    • The movie in general, despite having many scenes of brutal violence and revolving around a villain who sings about wanting to have sex with the heroine, got a G rating. That goes beyond getting past the radar. The radar itself passed over everything just because it's a Disney movie.
  • Hercules:
    • The scene with Nessus is practically made of implications that he wants sex. How would that work? (Nessus was famous in Greek mythology for being killed by Hercules after he tried to rape Herc's third wife, Deianeira.)
      • Also, during that scene Hercules checks Nessus's "undercarriage" to see if he should address the centaur as "Sir" or "Madam."
    • One of the people Hercules comes across in the big city wants to sell him sundials, although the camera angle briefly makes him look like a flasher.
    • The garden scene? It starts with Hercules recapping the offscreen date, which ended with a performance of Oedipus Rex ("I thought I had problems!"). After Meg mentions her weak ankles:
    Meg: So, do you have any problems with things like this? (kicks her ankle up by his face)
    Hercules: (uncomfortably glances down her leg) Uh…
    Meg: (nudges his face away with her foot) Weak ankles, I mean.
    • Later, when she's practically climbing on him trying to get him to give something away:
    Meg: No trick knee… ruptured disks?
    Hercules: (gulps and slides the strap of her dress back onto her shoulder)
    • Phil's basically introduced with this trope. Herc surprises him while he's peeping through the bushes at some nymphs playing in a lake, and causes them to notice him. They all flee in embarrassment… and one of them disappears in a flash right in front of him, leaving him shocked on the ground with a ring of flowers around his neck. He spends most of the movie (when he's not training Herc) chasing skirts, as satyrs were known to do.
    • The Muses' opening narration has one mentioning Hercules, and Thalia the fat muse interjects "Honey, you mean Hunk-ules! I'd like to make some sweet music with him-" before she's interrupted.
    • Being bigger on banter than the others, Hades and Megara's conversations are the most likely to be rife with innuendo:
    Meg: Looks like your game's over. Wonder Boy's hitting every curve you throw at him.
    Hades: (stares at Meg, getting an idea) …Oh, yeah. (chuckles suggestively) …Wonder if maybe I haven't been throwing the right curves at him, (traces the outline of Meg's figure in smoke with his hands) Meg, my sweet?
    Hades: I need someone who can… handle him as a man.
    Meg: Hey, I've sworn off "man-handling".
    • There is also a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene when Hades introduces himself and his proposition to Hercules. It is easy to miss because of Hades' rapid speech, but he slips in a Stealth Insult while he is doing a handstand on the gym equipment.
    Hades: Hey Herc! You little W, can I call you Herc?
  • The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: After the Star-Crossed Lovers are reunited, Kovu eagerly suggests to Kiara, "Let's get out of here. We'll run away together! And start a pride all our own...", with a motion and a look on his face that suggests he's ready to get started right then and there.
  • Mulan:
    • A line during the song "A Girl Worth Fighting For". Although it could be taken to be about girls, it also sounds like they're talking about something else, which is even followed by a whistle from Mushu.
    "You can guess what we have missed the most since we went off to war…"
    • During the song "Honor To Us All", Mulan is briefly seen wearing a white dress just right before two older women make her put on her iconic pink dress for her visit with the Matchmaker.
    • The basic premise is that a woman has entered an all-man's encampment. Watch that bath scene again.
    Mulan: I never want to see another naked man ever again. (Cue the stampede of naked men)
    • When practicing her masculine voice, Mulan says "I see you've got a sword. So have I!"
    • Mulan clearly expressing her admiration of Shang's figure after he takes his shirt off.
    • After she later expresses her attraction to Shang, Mushu angrily tells Mulan to go to her tent. Which causes Mulan to smile.
    • "Your great-granddaughter had to be a CROSS DRESSER!!!"
    • "It's only concubines." "Ugly concubines."
    • This line from Mushu: "Because MISS MAN decided to take her drag show on the road!"
    • Another line from Mushu: "Say that to my face, you limp noodle!"
    • The bathing scene, especially. "There's a couple of things I know they're bound to notice!" Featuring strategically-placed objects and camera angles.
  • Tarzan:
    • A quick scene where Tarzan curiously tries to look up Jane's skirt and presses his face against her chest to listen to her heartbeat. Considering how this was the first time he met a human woman during his adulthood and therefore being rather "innocent", and how the scene as a whole is actually very sweet and romantic, it's possibly one of the least crass examples on this page. This scene was actually in the advertisements for the movie.
    • The way Jane said breathlessly: "I was saved… I was saved by a wild man in loin cloth."
    Prof. Porter: Loin cloth? Good lord!
    • And of course following immediately after, Prof. Porter explains to Clayton that Jane is just probably taking after her mother because Jane's mother use to go and create wild and imaginative stories all the time, "All though she never dreamt up anything about men in loin cloths *nervous chuckle*"
    • When Jane goes on to sketch Tarzan on the blackboard and talks about his intense eyes, her father chuckles and asks if he should give her some alone time with the blackboard.
    • The "Strangers Like Me" sequence. Particularly the second verse:
    Every gesture, every move that she makes
    Makes me feel like never before
    Why do I have
  • In An Extremely Goofy Movie there's a subtle one, during the scene where Max reveals that his dad's been fired a snickering Bobby says, "you mean his pink slip was showing?"
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire:
    • When medical officer Sweet finishes his examination of Milo, he hands Milo two beakers and says "I'm gonna need you to fill these up." Milo spits out the thermometer in his mouth and asks "with what?"
    • A scene where Moliere can be seen whispering into a partially-naked woman's ear, and gets punched for his troubles. For an added bonus, he whispers it right after he finds out she understands French. We all know probably the line he used. The subtitles for this part are "Voulez-vous coucher..."
    • And when Kida removes her sarong to go swimming Milo gets very bashful and when he jumps in after her his shorts bubble up in the water and he pushes them down looking rather guilty.
      • Right before this, Milo had been trying to read an inscription on a wall, but was getting visibly distracted by Kida taking the garment off her legs.
  • Treasure Planet:
    • Captain Amelia tells Silver that "You can keep that kind of flim-flammery for your spaceport floozies, Silver." Doesn't help that right after, Morph mockingly repeats her words.
      • The Greek dub actually uses a word equal to "sluts" for this.
    • Dr. Doppler's hilarious Freudian Slip...
    Amelia: Actually, Doctor, your astronomical advice was most helpful.
    Doppler: Well, u-uh, thank you. Thank you very much. Well, I have a lot of help to offer, anatomically--amanamonically -- as...astronomically! *Face Palm*
  • Big Hero 6:
    • While Baymax analyzes that Hiro is going through puberty, this...interesting dialogue comes up.
    Baymax: You should be expecting an increase in body hair. Especially on your face, chest, armpits, and—
    Hiro: Thank you, that's enough!
    Baymax: You may also experience strange and powerful new urges—
    Hiro: Okay, let's get you back into your luggage!
    • Earlier on, the movie has Aunt Cass telling Hiro this:
      Cass: Mrs. Matsuda's in the café, she's wearing something super inappropriate for an eighty-year-old.
    • When Baymax tries to make the group share their feelings, Fred (the chill, stoner archetype) volunteers, and:
      Fred: My name is Fred, and it's been 30 days since my last—
      Fred: [seconds later, and purely because it's Fred saying it] Am I the only one seeing this?
    • On Baymax's heating powers, after the heroes get Trapped in a Sinking Car.
      Fred: It's like spooning a giant marshmallow!
    • When Hiro and Baymax sneak into a warehouse to find out where a microbot was leading them, Baymax gets stuck in the warehouse window and decides to activate his auto deflation system. What happens next is a noise that sounds like flatulence, giving the impression that Baymax, who is a robot is passing gas when he technically can't due to being a robot. It's one creative way to sneak in a fart joke, especially in a Disney movie.
  • Strange Magic (which was released under Touchstone Pictures) has a scene near the end where Marianne the fairy princess and her new love interest the Bog King who is leader of the goblins have a moment where she walks her fingers up his back and caresses his spine and he is very obviously shaking with pleasure, it is basically foreplay. Word of God said the original scene in the storyboards was even more overtly sexual but the radar caught something for once.
  • The Princess and the Frog has a scene where, after Tiana and Naveen managed to escape from the alligators by hiding inside a tree trunk, Naveen suggests that he and Tiana get comfortable in a rather suggestive tone. She, of course, was not amused by this and promptly slaps him.
  • Tangled has an argument between Mother Gothel and Rapunzel over Flynn, with Mother Gothel trying to manipulate Rapunzel into leaving Eugene and returning to her, showing Rapunzel the tiara he stole from the castle and telling her he's only staying around her to get it back. But the phrasing, the way Mother Gothel keeps telling Rapunzel once he gets "it", "that's how fast he'll leave you!" and the fact Flynn is established to be a suave con-artist (and it's implied he Really Gets Around), it sounds suspiciously like Mother Gothel is actually talking about Flynn wanting to take Rapunzel's virginity and then dump her.

    Animated Shows 
  • Aladdin: The Series:
    • In one episode, the heroes are trapped by Aladdin's Evil Counterpart Mozenrath. Jasmine pleads with him to spare Agrabah, saying "I'll give you anything." Mozenrath gives this response and proceeds to laugh maniacally while Jasmine looks horrified and Aladdin pulls her close while glaring at Mozenrath.
    Mozenrath: By the time I'm through, princess… you'll have given me everything!
    • Amin Damoola exclaims that "you'll never see this coming!" before he reaches into the front of his pants. After digging around for a few seconds he eventually pulls out a hand. What was it doing there and why was this allowed on a kids show?
    • Again, Aladdin offers to surrender himself to Mirage, a powerful cat-headed sorceress, in exchange for the release of a group of children. Or does he? She — already established as that kind of villainess — muses on the offer for a moment before she decides she would "relish" having him as her "personal manservant". With that emphasis.
    • In one episode, Aladdin's Stalker with a Crush Sadira crawls on top of him in an attempt to get a kiss, and then exaggeratedly swings her hips while inviting him back to her place. Aladdin ends up following her, and it cuts to him uncomfortably sipping juice while Sadira lies in a Ready for Lovemaking pose.
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series:
    • In; "Purred It Through A Grape Vine", Swamp Rat tries to sell the Dalmatians a "Barking Code Book", before the cover falls from it, to reveal that it is a Magazine called; "Eratica". It is a ply on the name; Erotica, which is another name for a pornographic magazine.
    • In; "On The Lamb", the Dalmatians fall in to fertilizer, and Spot comments; "And, I though we were in deep...trouble..."
    • In "Cupid Pups", Cruella refers to some one as a; "Silicone Squeak Toy"...Which is another term for a breast job?
  • Pepper Ann:
    • In an episode, P.A.'s cheerleading coach tell her to "get some support". However, instead of getting a support buddy, she gets a support bra and at the next game, flashes the audience (just the bra, and we only saw her from the back).
    • Also, her mom asks if she wants breasts, but she was really asking if she wants to eat chicken breasts.
    • When Pepper Ann is walking home from school, she passes two buildings from a plant in the shape of breasts with nipples.
  • The Weekenders:
    • At least one occasion where Carver states that he wants to be CARP, Cool And Radically Popular, to which Tino responds "It's a good thing you don't want to be Cool RICH And Popular." Carver doesn't get it.
    • In the episode "Tickets", an attractive girl Cheri tries to convince Tino to take her to a Chum Bukkit concert, which he has an extra pass for:
    Cheri: Take me to the concert.
    Tino: What's your offer?
    Cheri: (in a sultry voice) My offer is, you get to take me to the concert.
    [cut to Tino's dumbfounded expression]
    a "sproing" sound effect plays
  • In the short "Donald's Shell Shots", one of Donald's attempts at taking Baby Shelby's picture ends with him wearing women's clothing, after which Daisy spots him and shouts "So, this is what you do in your spare time!". The same thing happens a bit later, causing Daisy to gasp "It's...true!" and run off crying.
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series:
    • In the episode with the "Babyfier", 625 (later named Reuben) is initially incredulous about the other experiment's utility:
    Experiment 625: A baby-making experiment? Don't humans already know how to do that?
    • In Angel's debut episode, when she is about to go to bed, she gives Stitch a look that says "come to bed with me". Stitch is all too eager to, but then Lilo makes them sleep in separate beds.
  • TRON: Uprising: Pavel rather blatantly hits on Keller, a scientist Program who developed a mind-control gas. Keller retorts that she would need to be dosed with her own product in order to take Pavel up on the offer to go to his place.

    Live-Action Films 

  • The live-action version of 101 Dalmatians (1996) snuck in a bestiality joke when Cruella found out that Anita is pregnant.
    Cruella: What can I say? Accidents will happen.
    Roger: We're having puppies, too.
    Cruella: Puppies! You have been a busy boy!
    Roger: (Death Glare)

  • Classic Disney Shorts:
    • "Good Time for a Dime" revolves around Donald messing around in a penny arcade at a carnival. One scene that was cut from the short for television (but was added back to it for the DVD release) has Donald looking at a slideshow called "Dance of the Seven Veils", featuring a female duck dancing in an Arabian two-piece. This doesn't seem too bad, until you look at Donald's expressions and what the dance actually is. It cuts out before the last slide, and he had just spent his last penny.
    • In Donald's Diary, Daisy is seen as a scheming type who snags bachelor Donald. As they leave their wedding, a fleet's worth of sailor ducks is crying "Goodbye, Daisy!"
    • In the 1936 short "The Three Little Wolves", the big bad wolf dresses up as Little Bo Peep to trick the two silly pigs (since the third was away working on a 'wolf pacifier' machine) into following his three sons, dressed up as sheep, into their home so they could cook and eat them. The two pigs naturally chase the three 'sheep' into the house, at which point the Big Bad Wolf, still dressed up as Bo Peep, slams the door shut, causing them to jump and turn around. The Big Bad Wolf then locks the door and swallows the key. Seeing this, the two pigs giggle, say "Why Miss Bo Peep!" and blush profusely. The reason they thought she locked them in there was pretty obvious by their expressions and blushing.
    • Der Fuhrer's Face, Goebbels, who acts in a rather camp fashion, gets poked in the posterior with a trombone.
    • In the Goofy cartoon Teachers Are People, Goofy the teacher is watching a group of kids at recess. One kid calls his friends over and says "Hey, fellas. Ever hear the one about... (whisper whisper)". Goofy listens in, blushes bright red, and throws a lesson plan with pictures of birds and bees on it in the trash.
  • The featurette The Saga of Windwagon Smith has Captain Smith wooing the mayor's daughter Molly. The mayor calls her back into the house and says "I've heard about sailors, you know", causing Smith to blush.
  • Note that since the Hay's Code (the United States' precursor to the MPAA Ratings System) didn't exist until 1930 and was seriously enforced until 1934, many of the earlier shorts didn't even have a radar to get crap past.
  • In the 1939 short "The Ugly Duckling", the male duck is very surprised to see that one of his children looks very different from the rest, and his surprise turns to anger as he and the female duck starts arguing back and forth, ending with her angrily slapping him. The implication being that he accused her of cheating on him.
  • In the 1953 Goofy short "Father's Day Off" there are a couple of moments where Goofy opens the door only to be kissed on the lips by the milkman and the grocery delivery man and even almost the cleaning man.This implies the this is a daily routine as Mrs. Goofy makes out with them when Goofy is not at home.
  • The sequel to the Silly Symphonies version of "The Tortoise and the Hare", "Toby Tortoise Returns", features Jenny Wren (a No Celebrities Were Harmed Mae West, originally from "Who Killed Cock Robin?") telling Toby that she likes a man who takes his time...
  • Pauline from the Donald Duck short, Duck Pimples. She has a brief moment of exhibitionism when she starts to flee.

  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • Roxas and Namine, who are special nobodies formed as a combination of Sora and Kairi, caused by the bizarre effects of Sora stabbing himself to liberate Kairi's heart. This gives vaguely parent/child overtones to the relationship between the nobodies and their others. Then there's Xion. Basically, there's a whole bunch of implications of potential Parental Incest, Screw Yourself, and in the eyes of some fans Brother–Sister Incest.
  • The KH manga series manages to get away with some less than family-friendly things too:
    • Sora's first foray around Traverse Town includes getting offered a good time by a lady in a cocktail dress, which he awkwardly declines.


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