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"I thought the Earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon..."
Genie, from Aladdin and the King of Thievesnote 

Disney is known for family-friendly media, movies, television shows and the like, but sometimes, the house of mouse may sneak in a joke that goes over everyone's heads...

See also Radar - Live-Action Films for live-action movies and Radar - Live-Action TV for live-action Disney Channel programming.

Animated Shows

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Animated Films

  • In The Lion King (1994), Pumbaa very nearly gets away with singing a naughty word for his flatulence that wouldn't fly for a 1994 Disney movie, which Timon stops and lampshades (although the MPAA were lenient enough to let Disney imply it, keeping the film "G" instead of raising it to a "PG" for crude humor):
    Puumba: And I got downhearted...
    Timon: How'd you feel?
    Pumbaa: Every time that I --
    Timon: Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids!
    Pumbaa: Oh... Sorry.
  • In Disney's The Rescuers, during the scene where Bernard and Miss Bianca are flying aboard the back of Orville through the city, a small image of a topless woman is visible (for two nonconsecutive frames) pasted in the window of a building in the background. There have been many urban legends surrounding Disney movies and purported hidden risqué content, but this remains the only incident to have been clearly deliberate and of an unquestionable nature. The 1999 Masterpiece Collection VHS tapes containing the image were recalled almost immediately, and all subsequent releases of the film have, of course, have been edited to exclude the image.

    Animated Shows 
  • Aladdin: The Series:
    • In one episode, the heroes are trapped by Aladdin's Evil Counterpart Mozenrath. Jasmine pleads with him to spare Agrabah, saying "I'll give you anything." Mozenrath gives this response and proceeds to laugh maniacally while Jasmine looks horrified and Aladdin pulls her close while glaring at Mozenrath.
    Mozenrath: By the time I'm through, princess… you'll have given me everything!
    • Amin Damoola exclaims that "you'll never see this coming!" before he reaches into the front of his pants. After digging around for a few seconds he eventually pulls out a hand. What was it doing there and why was this allowed on a kids show?
    • Again, Aladdin offers to surrender himself to Mirage, a powerful cat-headed sorceress, in exchange for the release of a group of children. Or does he? She — already established as that kind of villainess — muses on the offer for a moment before she decides she would "relish" having him as her "personal manservant". With that emphasis.
    • In one episode, Aladdin's Stalker with a Crush Sadira crawls on top of him in an attempt to get a kiss, and then exaggeratedly swings her hips while inviting him back to her place. Aladdin ends up following her, and it cuts to him uncomfortably sipping juice while Sadira lies in a Ready for Lovemaking pose.
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series:
    • In; "Purred It Through A Grape Vine", Swamp Rat tries to sell the Dalmatians a "Barking Code Book", before the cover falls from it, to reveal that it is a Magazine called; "Eratica". It is a play on the name; Erotica, which is another name for a pornographic magazine.
    • In; "On The Lamb", the Dalmatians fall in to fertilizer, and Spot comments; "And, I though we were in deep...trouble..."
    • In "Cupid Pups", Cruella refers to some one as a; "Silicone Squeak Toy"...Which is another term for a breast job?
  • Pepper Ann:
    • In an episode, P.A.'s cheerleading coach tell her to "get some support". However, instead of getting a support buddy, she gets a support bra and at the next game, flashes the audience (just the bra, and we only saw her from the back).
    • When Pepper Ann is walking home from school, she passes two buildings from a plant in the shape of breasts with nipples.
  • The Weekenders:
    • At least one occasion where Carver states that he wants to be CARP, Cool And Radically Popular, to which Tino responds "It's a good thing you don't want to be Cool RICH And Popular." Carver doesn't get it.
    • In the episode "Tickets", an attractive girl Cheri tries to convince Tino to take her to a Chum Bukkit concert, which he has an extra pass for:
    Cheri: Take me to the concert.
    Tino: What's your offer?
    Cheri: (in a sultry voice) My offer is, you get to take me to the concert.
    [cut to Tino's dumbfounded expression]
    a "sproing" sound effect plays
  • In the short "Donald's Shell Shots", one of Donald's attempts at taking Baby Shelby's picture ends with him wearing women's clothing, after which Daisy spots him and shouts "So, this is what you do in your spare time!". The same thing happens a bit later, causing Daisy to gasp "It's...true!" and run off crying.
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series:
    • In the episode with the "Babyfier", 625 (later named Reuben) is initially incredulous about the other experiment's utility:
    Experiment 625: A baby-making experiment? Don't humans already know how to do that?
    • In Angel's debut episode, when she is about to go to bed, she gives Stitch a look that says "come to bed with me". Stitch is all too eager to, but then Lilo makes them sleep in separate beds.
  • TRON: Uprising: Pavel rather blatantly hits on Keller, a scientist Program who developed a mind-control gas. Keller retorts that she would need to be dosed with her own product in order to take Pavel up on the offer to go to his place.

    Live-Action Films 
  • The live-action version of 101 Dalmatians (1996) snuck in a bestiality joke when Cruella found out that Anita is pregnant.
    Cruella: What can I say? Accidents will happen.
    Roger: We're having puppies, too.
    Cruella: Puppies! You have been a busy boy!
    Roger: (Death Glare)

  • Classic Disney Shorts:
    • "Good Time for a Dime" revolves around Donald messing around in a penny arcade at a carnival. One scene that was cut from the short for television (but was added back to it for the DVD release) has Donald looking at a slideshow called "Dance of the Seven Veils", featuring a female duck dancing in an Arabian two-piece. This doesn't seem too bad, until you look at Donald's expressions and what the dance actually is. It cuts out before the last slide, and he had just spent his last penny.
    • In Donald's Diary, Daisy is seen as a scheming type who snags bachelor Donald. As they leave their wedding, a fleet's worth of sailor ducks is crying "Goodbye, Daisy!"
    • In the 1936 short "The Three Little Wolves", the big bad wolf dresses up as Little Bo Peep to trick the two silly pigs (since the third was away working on a 'wolf pacifier' machine) into following his three sons, dressed up as sheep, into their home so they could cook and eat them. The two pigs naturally chase the three 'sheep' into the house, at which point the Big Bad Wolf, still dressed up as Bo Peep, slams the door shut, causing them to jump and turn around. The Big Bad Wolf then locks the door and swallows the key. Seeing this, the two pigs giggle, say "Why Miss Bo Peep!" and blush profusely. The reason they thought she locked them in there was pretty obvious by their expressions and blushing.
    • Der Fuhrer's Face, Goebbels, who acts in a rather camp fashion, gets poked in the posterior with a trombone.
    • In the Goofy cartoon Teachers Are People, Goofy the teacher is watching a group of kids at recess. One kid calls his friends over and says "Hey, fellas. Ever hear the one about... (whisper whisper)". Goofy listens in, blushes bright red, and throws a lesson plan with pictures of birds and bees on it in the trash.
    • In a literal example of the trope, Fathers Are People, the photo of "Baby's first word" shows Goofy cleaning his son's mouth with soap.
    • In the Goofy cartoon How to Dance, the Lemony Narrator says that dancing "always has its romantic aspects", right as a caveman bonks a cavewoman on the head, causing her to fall in love, and drags her to a cavern by the hair.
  • The featurette The Saga of Windwagon Smith has Captain Smith wooing the mayor's daughter Molly. The mayor calls her back into the house and says "I've heard about sailors, you know", causing Smith to blush.
  • Note that since the Hay's Code (the United States' precursor to the MPAA Ratings System) didn't exist until 1930 and was seriously enforced until 1934, many of the earlier shorts didn't even have a radar to get crap past.
  • In the 1939 short "The Ugly Duckling", the male duck is very surprised to see that one of his children looks very different from the rest, and his surprise turns to anger as he and the female duck starts arguing back and forth, ending with her angrily slapping him. The implication being that he accused her of cheating on him.
  • In the 1953 Goofy short "Father's Day Off" there are a couple of moments where Goofy opens the door only to be kissed on the lips by the milkman and the grocery delivery man and even almost the cleaning man.This implies the this is a daily routine as Mrs. Goofy makes out with them when Goofy is not at home.
  • The sequel to the Silly Symphonies version of "The Tortoise and the Hare", "Toby Tortoise Returns", features Jenny Wren (a No Celebrities Were Harmed Mae West, originally from "Who Killed Cock Robin?") telling Toby that she likes a man who takes his time...
  • Pauline from the Donald Duck short, Duck Pimples. She has a brief moment of exhibitionism when she starts to flee.

  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • Roxas and Namine, who are special nobodies formed as a combination of Sora and Kairi, caused by the bizarre effects of Sora stabbing himself to liberate Kairi's heart. This gives vaguely parent/child overtones to the relationship between the nobodies and their others. Then there's Xion. Basically, there's a whole bunch of implications of potential Parental Incest, Screw Yourself, and in the eyes of some fans Brother–Sister Incest.
  • The KH manga series manages to get away with some less than family-friendly things too:
    • Sora's first foray around Traverse Town includes getting offered a good time by a lady in a cocktail dress, which he awkwardly declines.