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This franchise gets away with quite a few of these moments for a kid-friendly series about wolves.

Alpha and Omega

  • "Humphrey, rain dances make it rain"
  • "She's an Alpha. And you're... an Omega. We can eat together but we can't... ya know... howl together."
  • Humphrey practically telling Garth in his face he'd mate with Kate anyway. Upon first meeting him.
  • When Humphrey and Garth first meet, Humphrey circles Garth and glances at his rear end area.
    Humphrey: Wow, you're uh, you're a big one, aren't ya?
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  • The reason why Kate and Humphrey were tranquilized and taken away from their home: to repopulate the wolf population.
  • In Garth's first attempt at howling, he proves to be quite terrible at it. Kate is quite unnerved by the result. Garth, however, poses in a familiar way and asks if it was "good for her". When she bails, Garth nervously mentions he'll keep his "vocal cords warm".
    • Humphrey then teasing Kate about "taking a break ten minutes into a howl" when she bails.
    • The whole "howling" concept basically stands as a metaphor for mating. So the Moonlight Howl is a wolf orgy?
  • The whole "repopulation" thing, especially the way Humphrey takes it, as well as how Kate is disgusted by it.
  • The "ida-who?" joke they slipped in.
  • Garth and Lilly's development as a Beta Couple has such moments, like Lilly fanning herself after seeing Garth show off his moves. And this:
    Garth: Let me show you what an Alpha can really do.
    Lilly: [knowingly coy] Uuuh, would my mother approve?
    Garth: [smirking] Of course!

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

  • Salty suggests that a stressed out Humphrey accompany him and his Omega chums for some "fermented berries". When they return to the cave, it's reminiscent of when a character tries to hide that he went out drinking.
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  • Tony tries to get Garth to settle in a cave, to which Garth responds that he and Lilly like "the very tall grass". Garth and Lilly then share a knowing smirk and chuckle.

Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games

  • Humphrey and Mooch briefly talk about how Humphrey was once "a wolf with a reputation" before he was "tamed/told to sit" by Kate. He panics when he realizes his kids are present, and asks how long they've been standing there.
    Runt: [with an amused smirk] You had us at "reputation". [winks]

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave

  • Humphrey awakens in the middle of the night, only to notice that Runt's missing. He tries to tell Kate, but she initially assumes he's trying to get into the mood "because it's midnight". There's even Sexophone music playing, to top it off.
  • Floyd enjoys the vibrations of the oncoming pickup a little too much.

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