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Yeah, the text even reads "Sexy Dynamite". Cue "Sex Bomb" jokes.

  • Bokomon spends a good chunk of the series caring for an egg that eventually hatches into Patamon, acting every bit the proud mama (not to mention the pregnancy jokes when he was carrying the (rather large, nearly half his size) egg in the band he's always worn around his stomach.) Then (in the English dub) during a talk about brotherhood:
    Patamon: I'd love to have a little brother or sister.
    Neemon: (to Bokomon) Better get busy!
    Bokomon: What exactly are you saying?!
  • Some of the Fanservicey gags involving Zoe push it a bit considering she's only eleven or twelve years old. For instance, once JP offers Zoe a "ladies first" up a ladder because the ladder's ridiculously tall. She's immediately offended, pointing out she's wearing a skirt — "As if you didn't know, sicko!"
  • Speaking of the skirt, there's a (possibly unintentional) shot in episode twenty-four where after Zoe recoils in embarrassment after falling onto Takuya, she pulls up her skirt. However, it looks more like she's opening the skirt and examining the contents...
    • In the original, when Zoe falls on Takuya, Takuya remarks that she is "heavy", and she pulls her skirt to show that she is not fat/there is extra room in the waistband.
  • Whenever the kids get caught up in the Transformation Sequence (it happens in both Frontier and Tamers), they always go nude. They have Barbie Doll Anatomy— but Zoe does get a Panty Shot when she becomes Kazemon.
  • When Zoe, J.P., and Tommy are captured by Ranamon she summons disembodied hands to tickle them, at some points the hands appear to be fondling Zoe's breasts, and in another episode when they are escaping the insides of Sakkakumon/Sephirothmon, one of them grabs her butt and she hits Takuya because she thought he did it.
  • Zoe's SEXY DYNAMITE moment in the original still warrants a mention. You've got to wonder how far the jaws dropped on the people in charge of removing stuff like that fell when that scene came up.
  • It should be noted what's left in with that scene. We see her picturing herself in different swimsuits, full-screen Imagine Spot just like the "sexy dynamite" one which is the only one omitted, in a scene that is pure Fanservice, and when she's almost walked in on, it's in the middle of changing. We see her lifting her shirt and she stops just in time. We see the tiniest fraction of a second of Under Boobs... and the Japanese version showed more of this, in addition to a split-second look at her waistband. It doesn't help matters that shortly after this mess, Takuya and J.P. forget she's in the room and start stripping, to her obvious discomfort.
    • Some of the Fanservice stuff Ranamon does come close.
  • In one of the earlier episodes of the dub, J.P. says "This sucks with teeth!" How the hell that got through is anyone's guess.
  • Episode 11 has Grumblemon immobilizing Kouji with what is presumably magic of some sort that takes the shape of a glowing pentagram. This was retained in the dub.
  • Lordknightmon, a badass with flamboyant manners, appearance and speech pattern, rose Flower Motifs...If that's not enough to tick you off, he thinks Guy-on-Guy Is Hot. Beautiful, to be exact, but still close anyway. How this Ambiguously Gay character passed into a kids' show is a wonder.
    • He, or rather Crusadermon, didn't as far as America is concerned.

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