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"There's a terrific power to music. You can run any of these pictures and they'd be dragging and boring, but the minute you put music behind them, they have life and validity they don't get any other way".

Disney is the Trope Maker and Trope Codifier for the Animated Musical. After 100+ years of innovation, would you expect any less?

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Disney Theatrical

    Alan Menken 
  • The score for Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which won both a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Score:
    • "Be Our Guest", Academy Award nominee. Funnily, Menken originally thought it was the dumbest piece of music he could ever possibly write, intending it as a "throw away" melody in order for Howard Ashman to write lyrics.
    • "Human Again". Originally cut from the film, but was present in the musical and eventually reinstated in the 2002 DVD release.
  • Aladdin:
    • "Proud Of Your Boy". Ultimately cut from the film, but present in some stage productions. The original version is sung by Menken himself; a 2004 Remake was sung by Clay Aiken.
    • Jafar's Villain Song went through numerous iterations, eventually ending up on the quick but snappy Dark Reprise of "Prince Ali." Of the songs (those that have been released to the public, anyway), though, "Why Me?" deserves credit as an epic case of What Could Have Been. Jafar pulls out a full-on show-stopper, beginning as Jafar laments those who kept him down before escalating more and more as Jafar uses the Genie to make himself the most powerful sorcerer in the world as the music becomes booming and darkly triumphant.

    Randy Newman 

    Phil Collins/Mark Mancina 

    Sherman Brothers 
  • The Jungle Book (1967):
    • "I Wan'na Be Like You" is possibly the best jazz song ever to grace the Disney Animated Canon. Plus, it's damn catchy. "Well, oobee-do..."
    • Acclaimed director Mary Zimmerman produced an adaptation that embraced both the original Kipling stories and the Disney version, using songs from it (as well as "Jungle Rhythm" from The Jungle Book 2). Here is their version of "I Wan'na Be Like You".
    • Academy Award-nominated "Look for the baaare ne-cess-ities, the simple bare necessities...." (Not written by the Sherman Brothers though, but by Terry Gilkyson.) If you didn't like the simple "Bare Necessities"... then there's always this version of the song by none other than Louis Armstrong. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it.
    • On the instrumental side of things, "The Overture" and "Tiger Fight" are pretty much amazing. Tiger Fight from 0:48 to the end is epic and makes driving a very fun adventure.
  • From Mary Poppins:
    • "Feed The Birds" and "A Spoonful of Sugar" are awesome.
      • "Feed the Birds" should get special recognition for being Walt Disney's personal favorite song written for one of his films.
      • There's also this instrumental Dark Reprise during Mr. Banks' "walk of shame" the bank.
    • "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/Even though the sound of it something quite atrocious/If you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious/Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!"
    • Everybody now... Ohhhhhhhhhh... LET'S... GO... Fly a Kite!/Up... To the Highest Height!/Let's... Go... Fly a Kite/and send... it soaring/Up through the atmosphere/Up where the air is clear/Oh, let's gooooooooo... FLY A KITE!"
    • The melancholy reprise of "The Life I Lead" sung by Mr. Banks and Bert after Mr. Banks gets fired and Bert encourages him to take a more active role in his children's life. "A man has dreams of walking with giants/ To carve his niche in the edifice of time..."

  • Disney's Mulan, the song I'll Make a Man Out of You. It's one of the most ironic musical numbers Disney ever made. Plus the lyrics are some of the most stirring and poetic ways to basically say "I want you to eat lightning, and crap thunder!".
    • The English version is notable for the fact that it made Donny Osmond, who performs the song, far more awesome than he could ever hope to be on his own.
    • What makes "I'll Make a Man Out of You" more awesome? When it's sung by Jackie Chan in Cantonese! Or in Mandarin.
    • Then we have this Metal Cover from Jonathan Young, making it even more awesome. Also gets away by name-dropping Batman in the lyrics.
    • "I'll Make a Man Out of You" manages to become even more awesome in this video. Admittedly, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann makes anything awesome, but damn.
    • Also "Short Hair", which plays when Mulan cuts her hair and suits up for war.
    • A short instrumental piece of "Honor to Us All" that plays over the opening titles.
    • And the music that plays as Mulan slides down the lantern rope near the end of the film, and shortly thereafter the music that plays while the entire population of the Forbidden City bows to her. None of these are on the official soundtrack.
  • "Reflections" packs in soothing and somewhat. melancholic Chinese music perfectly encapsulating Mulan's struggles as she slowly decides to help her ailing father.

Disney TV

Video Games

Theme Parks


  • Mickey Mouse Splashdance is an album from 1983 that features 1980s-style pop songs with Mickey and his friends. As cheesy and outdated as the album is nowadays, there are some songs on it that are still pretty catchy:
    • "Happy, Happy Birthday to You" is an enjoyable birthday song with fun lyrics and a catchy chorus. Trevor Noah grew up with this song, and still prefers it over the traditional Birthday song.
    • "Minnie Mouse" is a song performed by LA-based rock band Sparks. It is rumored that some of the people who worked on the song would later join Devo, and the song does have a slightly Devo-esque sound to it.


  • The "There Is Only One Disney" ad, which played on various Disney DVDs between 2007-2009, has a suitably triumphant, magical-sounding theme that makes you want to go on an adventure.

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