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Awesome enough to kill zombies.
  • The show's mysterious and adventurous Instrumental Theme Tune is excellent. There's an extended orchestral remix. How you can NOT bang your head to this beautiful blend of strings, winds, and concert percussion?
    • The version at the end of "Tourist Trapped". Closing off the first day as the twins lay in bed, and hinting at incredible mysteries yet to come, as Stan disappears behind the vending machine.
    • The slowed down version in the credits of "Dreamscaperers". Beautiful, somber, and appropriately placed right after an agonizing cliffhanger.
    • And the heroic rising version in the final scene of "Gideon Rises", when we finally get to see what's behind the vending machine. This version may give you some serious chills.
    • And the 8-bit version in the credits of "Fight Fighters".
    • The Bill-ified version of the theme that plays at the beginning of Weirdmageddon Part 1 is also this, fitting Bill's deranged nature and the atmosphere of Weirdmageddon as a whole.
    • The rocked out version of the theme being played as they kick the asses of Bill's Henchmaniacs is completely Made of Win. How can you listen to this and NOT rock out?
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  • The golf cart chase music from the first episode is incredibly engaging. The early version in the unaired pilot is less energetic, but equally catchy.
  • Check out the music for the Season 2 trailer. A fantastic tune in its own right with excerpts of the main theme's melody, rhythm, and chord progression blended in throughout.
  • Taking Over Midnight from the season 2 premiere is nothing short of awesome.
  • "Widdle Ol Me" is Gideon Gleeful's delightful gospel and Broadway inspired song. It somehow manages to reveal nearly his entire character while staying upbeat and relatively low key.
  • The Training Mix, used for Mabel to help Stan be less gross and for the Manotaurs to help Dipper be more manly. It's very catchy, and funny when it says things like "Keep on shaving that hairy uncle!".
  • The modestly named "Bed: Adventure", a wonderfully stirring theme that encapsulates the show's feeling of wondrous exploration. An extended version with brass and strings even plays when Stan and Ford, in flashbacks, find their respective destinies in Gravity Falls.
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  • The music for Gravity Falls-Look Ahead, a sneak peek released during the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. It actually incorporates elements of "Made Me Realize", another song by Brad Breeck composed for MTV's Awkward which has many similarities to the theme song, to the point it's often mistakenly called an extended version. Seems it became part of Gravity Falls after all.
  • The two unused theme songs for the show, by Lemon Demon, captures two aspects of the show well. The first demo sounds like something from EarthBound or OFF, portraying the show's mystery elements, with the second demo sounding much more goofier, with lyrics as well.
  • "It's Gonna Get Weird" by Neil Cicierega, Bill's unused Villain Song which was meant to be included in Weirdmageddon Part 1, wonderfully captures Bill's personality through a catchy, musical theatre-esque, rhythm and lyrics.
  • The music that plays as Stanley traps Bill in his mind and loses his memory.
  • The end credits music from the finale.
  • The amazing country-styled music that plays as Dipper, Mabel and Soos are chased by the Gobblewonker. It also plays when McGucket makes a stand against the Society of the Blind Eye. Given that the Gobblewonker was actually McGucket's machine, this tune could well be considered as the "McGucket Being Badass" theme!
  • The music that kicks in when Mabel turns the tables on Bill, to kick him out of Dipper's body.

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