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Gravity Falls has so many awesome moments, that it got its own page for them.

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  • The opening theme song.
    • The series soundtrack in general. Gideon's Theme and Bill Cipher's theme are genuinely terrifying, while big battle scenes and bombshell secrets are given sweeping epic scores more suitable for movies.
  • The Gravity Falls bumper card: it's Dipper driving away from the gnome golem in the Mystery Shack golf cart (as in the pilot) and then crashing through a Welcome to Gravity Falls billboard, forming a silhouette in the shape of the Disney Channel logo.
    • In another bumper, when Mabel is choosing a sweater to wear she cycles through NINE that she was already wearing before choosing one. Who wears that many sweaters at once?
    • A third bumper has Stan receive a gold chain in the mail with the channel's logo on it.
  • In one TV short, Fixin' It With Soos, Soos modifies the Mystery Shack's golf cart so it can not only jump over Stan's car... but flies right into the Mystery Shack's roof!
    Soos: Hit the nitrous booster!
    Wendy: Aren't those illegal?
    Soos: You bet your life they are, baby!
  • How about Abuelita herself? She proved herself to be the Only Sane Woman in a town filled with brain dumb people. It's especially impressive given the existence of a certain group.
  • We now know that Alex Hirsch is a fantastic Trolling Creator. That old image of a young McGucket writing one of the journals? It was fake. He uploaded the picture to 4chan to start an internet wide guessing session, all so he could debunk the theory in "Society of the Blind Eye". And if there was any doubt there, it was thoroughly demolished in "Not What He Seems".
  • They managed to get Cecil Baldwin for a cameo in The Stanchurian Candidate as you can see on his resume. Yes, that Cecil Baldwin.
  • The show is getting a video game for the Nintendo 3DS! Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets. And creator Alex Hirsch is helping with the development, bringing the show's style and humor to make this game an authentic experience!
  • The entire fact that Alex Hirsch decided right at the start of Season 2 that it should be the show's last, and actually stuck with that, even as the Disney execs prevented him from making the news public and probably made some pretty lucrative offers for more seasons. The man has an iron-hard will when it comes to deciding what's best for his art, and he refused to stretch the show past its natural end point just for the sake of doing more.
  • While the Cipher Hunt below is a prime example of the show galvanizing fans into a worldwide quest, a more subtle but longer-term legacy of the show are the kids that it encouraged to start thinking about cryptology and code-cracking in a way that was fun and accessible. More than a few professional cryptographers in the decades to come will likely name this show as their first contact with the field.
  • Just about everything about the Cipher Hunt, the fandom banding together to try to find the Bill Cipher statue seen at the very end of the finale. The fandom searched for a while with nothing but determination to keep trying. And then when July rolled around, things got jump-started into high-gear:
    • July 20, 2016. Alex Hirsch has dropped the first clue and less than 4 hours later the second clue has been found in Russia. The next clue was found in Japan less than 3 hours later. The next clue was damaged by Georgian rain, but solved anyway leading to a reversed message from Grunkle Stan himself. The next clue was inside a closed building, and considering Alex doesn't want his fans to break in, the Cipher Hunt took a break until morning. A more thorough summary of that day can be found here.
    • July 21, 2016. The nuns of Ochre Court have nabbed the clue, causing the hunt to take a small hiatus while Alex worked up a Plan B. He changed Grunkle Stan's message to one that leads in the direction of a Repetitive Name, and an hour 10 minutes later, a golden Grunkle head was found in Griffith Park, named after Colonel Griffith J. Griffith. Fans quickly decided that Century City is their next destination, specifically a building that is shaped similarly to Bill. Jason Ritter and Ariel Hirsch have at this point joined the search, meaning Dipper and the real-life Mabel are on the hunt, and the mystery twins located a jump drive. Grunkle Stan has a message on the drive, but he gets interrupted by the ghost of Sister Mary Hilda Miley. Soos vacuums her up, and the next clue is somewhere inside the California State Summer School of the Arts. It was found in a matter of minutes, leaving co-ordinates that lead to Piedmont Park in Dipper and Mabel's hometown. After much wandering over yonder, the next clue was located in a locked chamber unlocked with the word "Pines", alongside a set of two keys. The woman who found the clue has a destination: a PO Box in Los Angeles.
    • July 22, 2016. As May Walker, the woman with the keys, makes her journey to the LA post office, a crowd assembles, consisting of fans and staff members alike. Including Jason Ritter, Ariel Hirsch, Jeffery Rowe, Scott Jones, the McGucket Puppet, and Ramblewheels who earlier found the golden Stan head at Griffith Park. Some of them left by the time she arrived, Ariel heading to a Weird Al concert, but all who remained saw the next clue within a PO box in the LA Post office, minutes before it closes. A puzzle, a bunch of Stan Bucks that say "Filbrick" in blacklight, and a message from Bill that when decoded becomes "I hope you like puzzles!"
    • July 23-25, 2016. The LA fans work on the puzzle, tagging in and out as the night goes on, relocating when needed. The puzzle is revealed to be a picture of Bill and a gnome with a message in blacklight, but what the final message is will have to wait until the puzzle is completed. Discussions about what happens to the puzzle pieces afterwards happen, not vying for the "Finders Keepers" policy the other clues have been following. At one point in July 24, Jason Ritter joins the puzzle crew. On July 25, a digital version of the puzzle was made so fans online can collaborate with the LA crew. Meanwhile, an alleged clue is found under a lawn gnome in Oregon...
    • July 26, 2016. The lawn gnome clue is confirmed by Alex to be real, but an incentive remains to complete the puzzle. If the puzzle is completed, Alex will upload the unreleased pilot of Gravity Falls, and if the digital version of the puzzle is completed, he'll upload some deleted scenes too! The digital puzzle has since been completed, securing the deleted scenes. Clue number 9 has been found in Confusion Hill, under a jar of fake eyeballs. The search for the next clue brings fans to every known Stanley Street in Oregon, friendly police aiding the search for a loose screw. The screw was found, dropped, found again, and the race is on to somewhere outside Salem, Oregon, in an the Enchanted Forest amusement park, where a prop grave of a man named Bill lies. As quick as a flash, a lucky kid found the clue before Periscoping streamers could get close. The clue points back to where it all began, hidden in the trees. Also, there is a map on the other side of the Enchanted Forest clue, which can be taped to the original page that started all of this. A fan on Twitter also created a Cipher Hunt app to follow the hunt's progress.
    • July 27-31, 2016. The fandom is stumped by the map, which has been revealed to be the final clue. Every lead led to a dead end, every exploration proved fruitless. Alex Hirsch offered to host a poll on August 1st to see if he should release a hint. Meanwhile, the puzzle is still being worked on.
    • August 1, 2016. The fandom voted for a clue, to be given the next morning. That night, the puzzle was finally completed, and Alex Hirsch made an appearance to congratulate the brave, insane people who walked through what was deemed "puzzle hell". He used a highlighter and paper to fill in the two missing pieces, and delivered Dipper hats to the puzzle solvers who didn't have one. The fun starts around 1:14:00 here.
    • August 2, 2016. Alex has given his hint and fans were quick to find out that this clue was referring to the Polybius square. Intense analysis on the trees have determined that Bill is in Reedsport, Oregon. Twitter user Shadow_Wolfwind was the first to find Bill's statue, while a bunch of periscope streamers caught up with her later to dig up the treasure. (Archived around 23 minutes in here) A box with a note of congratulations, Journal 3, a plastic crown, rubels, yen, plastic money, a music box that plays the show's theme song, a mayoral sash, pronouncing Shadow_Wolfwind (real name Momo) as the new mayor of Gravity Falls (she later changed her username to OfficialGFMayor to reflect her new title.), and a picture of Stan, Soos, Dipper, Mabel and the statue. Despite all warnings, Bill's hand was shaken, but by the streamer's baby brother, Bodhi. However, someone named Bradley Pick found the treasure before Cipherhunt began, on July 12. The Cipher Hunters disperse, leaving much of the treasure behind including the foreign money. A USB drive found among the treasure contains a final message from Grunkle Stan, along with the Twitter handle of Bradley, and the username (RETURNBACKWARDS) and password (TOTHEPASTAGAINTHREE) needed to access the pilot.
    • August 3, 2016. The Reedsport police have relocated the Bill statue, as the land Bill occupied was the subject of a property dispute, and Alex only got the permission of one of the landowners. In the process of relocation, Bill has lost his hat.(Due to a colony of fire ants having taken up residence within it!)
    • August 5, 2016. Bill has been located up a tree in Bicentennial Park in Reedsport.
    • August 18, 2016. Alex and some fans he recruited moved Bill's statue to an undisclosed location, leaving behind a sign that reads "BILL WAS HERE" in Bill's substitution cipher.
    • August 20, 2016. Bill's presumably final destination was found, the parking lot of Confusion Hill, Oregon. His hat is still missing, but he has a new one coming. The treasure box is still missing in action.
  • The cover of the upcoming select your own adventure book is pretty cool. Dipper in cowboy threads, wielding a laser gun and firing at a cowboy, and Mabel riding a fire breathing dragon.
  • Think of every sweater you've seen Mabel wear in the show. The total is one hundred and four. Apparently she knitted all of them herself by the age of twelve!
  • So many Fallers bought Journal 3 when it came out that it debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List at Number 1. Alex Hirsch is now a New York Times bestselling author!
  • A DVD/Blu-Ray boxset has finally been announced to be released by Shout Factory, with every episode on seven discs and tons of bonus content as well!

     Season 1 
Tourist Trapped

The Legend of the Gobblewonker

  • Dipper saving Mabel from a falling tree while they're still running away from the Gobblewonker! They just keep rolling and hit the ground running without missing a beat.
  • Something has to be said for Soos' (and later Mabel's) boat driving skills. At one point, Soos ends up driving the boat backwards while the Gobblewonker is chasing after them.
  • Something has to be said for Old Man McGucket's Mad Science skills. Working presumably alone and with limited resources, he managed to create a Humongous Mecha slash submarine that is almost impossible to distinguish from a real sea monster.


The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

  • Mabel's Big Damn Heroes moment. She uses Gideon's amulet to save a plummeting Dipper and Gideon (who have crashed through the window of Gideon's cliff side factory) just before they hit the ground.
    • And she didn't go crazy with power like Gideon had. She destroyed the amulet without hesitation.
  • Dipper standing his ground with Gideon despite being levitated into the air and threatened with lamb shears; he keeps repeating that Mabel isn't into Gideon and was even prepared to hit him with a baseball bat.
  • Thurop van Orman's performance as Gideon, especially how well he goes from hilarious to very menacing.

The Inconveniencing

  • Wendy tree-swinging from the roof of the Mystery Shack to the ground.
  • Dipper singlehandedly breaking into the convenience store after Wendy's friend was unable to even open the door, earning the respect of everyone for the first time all night.
  • Dipper swallowing his pride and performing the Lamby Lamby Dance in front of Wendy in order to save everyone.

Dipper vs. Manliness

  • This episode breathes awesome, to the point where it's laughable, but lets try and narrow down the best parts:
    • Dipper willingly going to fight the Multibear is pretty dang brave of him, considering he's the mortal enemy of beasts that are basically strength incarnate...
    • ... and during the fight, he actually had the upper hand. He physically took down such a massive creature on his own...
    • ... but then refused to kill him after actually meeting and conversing with the bear. Not because it was difficult or scary, but because it wouldn't have been the right thing to do in that situation...
    • ...and later on, he passionately defended his decision before the whole Manotaur clan and its leader. This kid stood up for himself in front of a man-bull the size of a small building. As Stan points out, that is far manlier than anything the Manotaurs wanted him to do.
    Leaderaur: Kill the Multibear, or never be a man!
    Dipper: Then I guess I'll never be a man.

Double Dipper

  • Dipper using his clones to steal Robbie's bike.

Irrational Treasure

  • Dipper finally putting Pacifica in her place.
    Dipper: Hey, Pacifica, Nathaniel Northwest didn't found Gravity Falls, and your whole family is a sham. Deal with it.
  • A minor one, but when Grunkle Stan is put in the stocks, Pacifica offers to let him out if he agrees that her family is better than Mabel's. In writing. Stan agrees, but when Pacifica checks the notepad, it says "YOU STINK!"

The Time Traveler's Pig

  • Waddles and Mabel helping take Robbie down a peg or two when Dipper sacrifices his own idea of a good timeline so that Mabel can be happy.

Fight Fighters

  • Dipper, after having gotten his ass utterly kicked by the invincible video game character, has Robbie coming up to him ready to fight... and Dipper just tells him to go ahead and do his worst, which makes Robbie stand down. Dipper has faced far too much shit to let this guy scare him anymore at this point, and it freaks Robbie right out. Pretty damn well done.
  • Although misguided, you have to admit that Rumble Mcskirmish is Crazy Is Cool.
  • Then there's Dipper deciding to face Rumble. He knows he has no chance, but there's no way out. As Soos put it, "Fight like a man it is."

Little Dipper

  • Stan getting one over Gideon when he tries to scam into signing over the Mystery Shack to him.
    Gideon: Stanford, you fool! You just signed the shack over to lil' old me!
    Stan: Uh, you might wanna take another look there.
    Gideon: The Mystery Shack is hereby signed over to... "suck a lemon little man"!?
    • More impressive is the simple fact despite his greed, Stan didn't fall for it for a minute. Can't out con a conman.


  • Soos' Big Damn Heroes moment where he runs over the trickster with his pick-up truck.
  • During the fight with the trickster, Grenda manages to cut one of his forearms off with nothing more than a toy axe.
  • "I ate a man alive tonight."
  • Though they do little to faze the two children who are used to watching horror movies, the tricks Stan uses in attempt to scare them away were pretty cool. And he does finally succeed in scaring them at the end when they catch him half naked.

Boss Mabel

  • When Mabel starts taking charge. It's pretty impressive to see her boss around Wendy and Soos.
  • The fact that Dipper somehow managed to catch the Gremoblin.
  • Dipper turning the monster's OWN worst fear-inducing Death Glare against it.
  • Mabel and the gang manage to earn enough money to repair the wrecked Mystery Shack in only seven hours, with a buck left over.

Bottomless Pit!

  • Crazy an idea as it was, it looked like Stan was actually succeeding in giving that bear driving lessons.

The Deep End

  • Dipper saving Mermando's life by giving him reverse CPR, despite how unpleasant and unnecessary it was for him to do so. Seems he was cut out for the job of a junior lifeguard after all.
  • Mabel willingly giving up her dream of having an "epic summer romance" in order to make the object of her affections happy instead.

Boyz Crazy

The Land Before Swine

  • Grunkle Stan leaping onto a pterodactyl and punching it in the face in defense of Waddles. Punches it. Right in the face. For real this time.
  • Soos figuring out that the baby pterodactyl's eyes are too far apart for it to see right in front of it, and escaping by having he, Dipper and Mabel walk in a straight line in front of its nose.
  • Soos pounding the geyser to launch himself and the Pines' back to the surface.
  • Old Man McGucket eating his way through a dinosaur.


  • Stan discovers Gideon broke in, and shoos him off with a broom.
  • A few flashbacks to Stan's life show him as a weak, bullied kid who learned how to box, take down kids bigger than him, and foil a robbery. Probably why he could take the pterodactyl.
  • Using the power of Imagination to take down a furious Bill. From lasers, to Kitten fists, to laser question marks, to synth music.
    • Then, they combine their powers to throw Bill out of Stan's mind and... Bill ends the fight by teleporting them all to a white space, Heroic Second Wind or no, he's still more powerful than them. He proceeds to calm down, compliment them, and deliver a cryptic warning before leaving.
  • Gideon just blows a hole into the shack and destroys the safe, beating them and having his dad take a wrecking ball to the shack.
    Gideon: Oh, I'm sorry, Pines Family, did I wake you?
    • The fact that summoning a demon was his Plan A and that dynamite was his Plan B tells you a lot about him.
  • The "resurrection" of Xyler and Craz, and they're given quite an upgrade.
  • The design of the inside of Stan's mind is phenomenal. You'd almost think they invited Gekidan Inu Curry at the drawing table.

Gideon Rises

  • Dipper vs. Gideon in the giant Gideon robot.
  • Stan exposing Gideon as a fraud and turning the whole town against him. He did this by realizing that his hearing aid is picking up some sort of feedback!
    • The shot of Gideon getting arrested.
  • "Here we go."
    • "Gravity Falls will return." With the way that line is said, it could mean a completely different thing than just the show.
  • The ending scene. The music is epic, powerful, maybe even a little scary—but it's also inspiring. Why? Because you, as the viewer, are witnessing the pinnacle of Stan's life. Stan has all three journals and uses the combine images in them to activate the machine. The way the machine lights up and he smiles, just like anyone who's just accomplished a lifelong goal would... it's truly, tearjerkingly beautiful. And the best part is, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We still have so much to learn...
    Stan: Here we go. (cut to black)

     Season 2 
  • Grunkle Stan's battle scene. With the zombies closing in and Dipper and Mabel trapped, a burst of light appears from the suddenly opened door and Stan rushes in... Dipper and Mabel are relieved as he commands them to run to the attic, and smashes the zombies with a bat, and later with a pair of golden brass knuckles. Even with knowledge of everything that happens in the later episodes, this scene never fails to be awe-inspiring. This definitely counts as an awesome moment and is pictured above.
  • Mabel and Dipper manage to hold their own against a horde of zombies until they get cornered.
  • Mabel blows off a zombie's head with a ''confetti cannon".
  • The Pines using the Power of Rock to send the zombies packing. At first, Dipper and Stan sing awkwardly, but soon really get into it.
    Mabel: Thank you! We'll be here all night!
    Stan: Deal with it, zombie idiots! Hahaha!
    Dipper, Mabel, Stan: Pines! Pines! Pines! Pines! [fade out]
  • Agents Powers and Trigger surviving the horde after getting dragged off into the woods.
    • Also, apparently, in this Universe, Ron Swanson is a government agent for a secret, paranormal investigating agency.

Into the Bunker

  • While all the group all does well, special mention goes to Wendy. Beforehand, it was unknown how well she'd do or if she would even go (considering the events of The Inconviencing, not to mention when she encountered Waddles in Soos' body, her avoidance in these events is justified). She proves herself to be awesome at this sort of thing. First, she spots the branch on the metal tree that opens up the titular bunker as well as climbing up to do so, Lumberjack-style. She then manages to find the doorway leading deeper into the Author's secret laboratories. She THEN manages to deduce that the "Author" of the journals wasn't who he claimed by seeing his picture on a can of beans, alerting Dipper. She THEN manages to hold her own against the "Author," really a shapeshifting creature known as Experiment 210, several times afterwards, the last time long enough reclaim Journal 3 from him (210 took it in an earlier struggle) and remove him as a threat to the group.
    Wendy: It took us into its home, tricked us and tried to destroy us. I'd say we return the favor.
    • Experiment 210 is a villainous one who proves to be more frightening than even Bill Cipher at times.
      • That's probably because Bill isn't voiced by The Joker.
  • A small one, but Soos subtly calling out Mabel for her pushiness nearly getting Dipper and Wendy killed by The Shapeshifter
    Mabel: I thought he was joking!
    Soos: You know Dipper's jokes are terrible!
The Golf War
  • Everything after Mabel zip lines to Pacifica, which includes the two mowing through homicidal Lilliputtians, and a car chase that involves giant axes and a volcano.
  • Big Henry's Heroic Sacrifice.

Sock Opera

  • The fight between Mabel and Bill Cipher. Especially so because Bill was responsible for his downfall because of all the abuse he put Dipper's body through compounding on the sleep deprivation Dipper had put himself through before the takeover.
  • Also, the fact that Mabel managed to put together a pretty fantastic puppet show with lights, original music, and full sets, and put it up at a local theater, on a shoestring budget and with less than a week's worth of prep time. That takes some moxie.
  • Mabel coming to the realization that her obsessions and boyfriend-of-the-week habits, as well as her expectation of Dipper to just roll with them, is actually very draining on Dipper and selfish of her to boot. It really goes to show how talented the writers are that they were able to take one of Mabel's negative character traits and turn out an episode based solely on that that lets her learn from the experience and become a better person.

Soos and the Real Girl

  • Soos, of all people, gets one by defeating his Psycho Cyber Ex-Girlfriend and throwing her game into the pizza oven. Fitting, as this is his Day in the Limelight.
    Soos: GAME OVER, Giffany!
  • Melody too, in that sequence. Just look at her whack the crap out of that animatronic!
    • Doubly so considering that, as far as we know, this is her first interaction with the paranormal happenings of Gravity Falls. Where most would freak out, she takes it like a champ.

Little Gift Shop of Horrors

  • In "Hands Off", Dipper putting up a decent fight to hold off the wave of cursed hands attacking him, Mabel and Stan.
    • If you look at the shadows, "Clay Day" shows him putting up a similar effort against the Claymation Skeletons.
  • The entirety of "Clay Day" on an animation perspective. To whit:
    Crazy56U: And now it's time for the main event...

The Society of the Blind-Eye

  • Old Man McGucket, of all people, gets a Big Damn Heroes moment when he saves Dipper and friends from having their memories erased.
    Old Man McGucket: I raided the mining display for weapons! Now fight like a hillbilly, fellers!
  • Old Man McGucket throwing himself in front of the mind-wiping gun to protect the Mystery Shack group. Immediately followed by taking several shots right to the head before taking out Blind Ivan with a head-butt.
    Old Man McGucket: Hit me with your best shot, baldy! But my mind's been gone for thirty-odd years! YOU CAN'T BREAK WHAT'S ALREADY BROKEN!
  • Hats off to the group for permanently disbanding a dangerous cult that stole people's memories.
  • You know how Old Man McGucket built a giant aquatic monster-mecha early in Season 1? Turns out that, back when he was younger, he invented and built a device that can not only erase memories, but do so selectively, simply by inputting the subject you wish to erase. The guy is one heck of an inventor.
  • The fact that Gravity Falls took what other programs would have ignored or mined for comedy (townsfolk not acknowledging the weird stuff that happens on a regular basis) and made it a plot point!

Blendin's Game

  • The sheer lengths Dipper and Mabel went through for Soos. Anyone can throw a party, but only the twins would battle time itself for the ones they care about.
  • Soos' grandma claiming she'll tear Soos' deadbeat father limb from limb if he ever shows his face after he again stands up his own son.
    • Even better, since she and Soos have the same last name, Soos's dad is probably her son. But she doesn't care; he hurt Soos, and if he comes near him, he pays.

The Love God

  • He might be a bit scatterbrained, but Mabel and Dipper come very close to outwitting a literal god - and even then, the dramatic crash of the hot air balloon eating the guy was hilariously awesome.
  • Even when borrowing the powers of a literal god, Mabel couldn't keep her friends together. Want to know who could? Thompson.
    • And it's done thanks to a weaponized usage of his Butt-Monkey status.

Northwest Mansion Mystery

  • What convinces the Northwest family to go to Dipper for help with a ghost? A picture on the front of the Gravity Falls Gossiper showing him fending off a giant vampire bat with a taser while the police cower behind him! Admit it, you really wish that that wasn't an Offscreen Moment of Awesome!
    • Dipper is completely in his element this episode. His experience with Gravity Falls and the journals have made him an expert paranormal investigator. He catches the Lumberjack ghost with relative ease. The conflict only comes in when he discovers why the Northwest family wanted him gone.
  • Throughout the episode, Dipper doesn't hesitate to tell the Northwests what he thinks of them, especially after he learns that they tried to use him to avoid supernatural retribution.
    • Dipper gets bonus points for echoing the yell of the vengeful ghost before opening the doors to the Northwest family.
    Dipper: NORTHWESTS!
  • The ghost haunting the manor manages to be very dangerous, and props to him for getting out of the mirror Dipper trapped him in.
  • Dipper managing to capture the ghost!
  • Pacifica defying her parents and opening the gates. It's especially awesome since her father is ringing a bell Pacifica is mentally conditioned to submit to, and her body automatically begins to stop itself from opening the gate, but she manages to pull through out of sheer willpower and pull the switch to open the gates. Her badass one-liner tops it all off.
    Pacifica: Our family name is broken! And I'm gonna FIX IT!
  • The ending reveals that McGucket has not only kept his character development since the last time we saw him, but he's also repaired the laptop! What he found, though, isn't so awesome...

Not What He Seems

  • Grunkle Stan's escape from the police station is nothing short of amazing for a guy in his late 60's! To elaborate:
    • The scene starts off with Stan anxiously checking his watch when the government official Agent Powers enters the room, which is when Stan tries desperately to buy for some time before the next gravitational anomaly begins. At first, it doesn't look like he's going to make it... and then it begins.
    Agent Powers: Sorry, but you have a flight to catch.
    (Stan's watch reaches 12 minutes, which is when the next anomaly starts)
    • At that moment is when Stan takes full advantage of the gravity-quakes. He kicks the table up and out, pushing the two agents that entered the room with Powers away from him before spinning around and falling back against the wall on top of Powers, giving him enough time to bust out of the chair he's handcuffed to, steal the key to his cuffs, and then swiftly free himself while in mid-air. He also casually pickpockets one of the agents' wallets as he uses the two of them as stepping stones on his way to the door. And by the time the anomaly is done, he's shut and locked the door to buy himself a little more time to bribe a taxi driver, possibly with money taken from said stolen wallet, to head full-tilt for the edge of town, and hides while the cops inevitably go after it.
    • You can view the full scene here.
  • Even if it ultimately seems like a good thing that they failed, Dipper and Soos put up a damn good fight trying to prevent Stan from reaching his potentially universe-destroying portal. Soos especially since he considers protecting the kids, and by extension the universe, more important than his duty to the employer and father figure he has known for almost half his life.
  • The Author of the Journals, A.K.A. Stan's Brother, comes out of the portal.
  • Dipper and Mabel's escape from the government Humvee. Mabel enrages a passing Manly Dan enough for him to ram it with his lumber truck, crashing it, and pinning Agent Trigger in the front seat.
  • The return of the grappling hook.
  • One particular scene near the end, when Mabel decides to trust Stan and let go of the portal's kill switch manages to be a combination of this, Tear Jerker, and even Nightmare Fuel as the portal activates and creates so much destruction that it really does look like it's going to tear the Universe apart.
  • Major props to the animators at the end of this episode. Even if you already knew what was going to happen, the pure impact drawn when you see Mabel letting go of that button and the world reformat before your very eyes is still massive. Would anyone have imagined that the full activation of the portal would look like that?

A Tale of Two Stans

  • Stanford rewiring the house to allow the mind-wipe gun to affect the FBI agents and keep everyone safe.
  • Despite Stanford not being able to go to a top college, he was still able to work his way to a PHD and a research grant, which is pretty cool.
    • He did it three years ahead of schedule.
  • McGucket was an early PC pioneer.
  • Grunkle Stan was able to take on his brother's identity, fake his death, and use his reputation to build a tourist trap, while secretly working to rebuild the portal. For the first time in his life, he was able to accomplish something great.
    • And he did all this while being the dumber one of the pair of twins, and having only ONE of his brother's journals to learn from for the longest time.
  • Grunkle Stan managed to chew his way out of a car trunk. How? Why? We may never know. Either way, it was pretty impressive.
    • For that matter, between his high school days and the present Stan also became a wanted man in at least three countries, evaded the government by faking his own death, stole nuclear waste from a government facility (not to mention conning countless people out of their money for over 30 years), and got away with it. You know what we call people like that in our world? A criminal mastermind. Stan might not be as intelligent as his twin, but he's far from dumb.
  • Recently, we saw Stanley take down three government agents while handcuffed to a chair. Now, we see Stanford subdue him in a matter of moments, without visible effort. This, and the weapon he apparently acquired on the other side of the portal, make you wonder just what he's been up against over there for the past thirty years. And he's gotten out unscathed!
  • Ford erasing the memories of the government officers using the Memory Gun and the Mystery Shack’s totem pole. He then manages to shoo them away with an obviously fake report. The whole scene is made awesomer thanks to JK Simmons voicing Ford.
[After convincing the officers to leave] What are you waiting for, a kiss on the cheek? Get out of here before I have your butts court-martialed!

Dungeons, Dungeons And More Dungeons

  • The two pairs of Pines twins owning DD&D, especially since Grunkle Stan and Mabel have never played it before. After Dipper and Stanford explain them it isn't only about maths but also about imagination, risk and sheer dumb luck too, Mabel and Stan both sport Cheshire grins and Mabel comes up with creative attack names while Stan's luck (read: cheating) literally saves the lives of Dipper and Stanford when he rolls a perfect 38, allowing them to defeat the nigh-invincible monster.
    • Also of note: Stan's victory roll is an example of his tried-and-tested gambling prowess. He innocuously starts chewing a stick of gum at the beginning of the game and sticks the gum to the die a few minutes later to make it stop on a perfect 38. He fully expected a situation where they'd need to roll a specific number and prepared himself for it.
  • Grenda braining a beast over the head with an armchair was pretty awesome.
  • Stan fulfills the dream of every Legend of Zelda fan by swatting Navi.
  • "If my hands were free, I'd break every part of your face".

The Stanchurian Candidate

  • When Stan sees the kids in danger, he effortlessly climbs a construction frame, punches three eagles with his bare fists, and climbs a mountain to rescue them. It's as gloriously over the top manly as his Imagine Spot from "Land Before Swine", showing his Papa Wolf tendencies really do make him that strong.
  • Ford inventing a light bulb that lasts a millennium, and a mind control tie that was used on Ronald Reagan.
  • Gideon once again proves to be a No-Nonsense Nemesis. The first chance he gets after taking over Bud's body, he ties Dipper and Mabel up and tries to blow them up with dynamite. And he masterminds all this from prison with an errant journal page he hid in his hair.
  • In the end, who ends up as the new mayor of Gravity Falls? Tyler the cute biker. "Got it" indeed.

The Last Mabelcorn

  • In an epic piece of Screw You, Elves!, Mabel punches a unicorn in the face upon learning its Incorruptible Pure Pureness routine is just a scam. She's then joined by Wendy, Grenda, and Candy in the fight, kicking so much ass that the unicorns eventually surrender not only the hair they came for but a bunch of treasure to get them to go away. Ford was quite impressed.
  • Wendy's Rousing Speech to Candy and Grenda, inspiring them to bust in and take the unicorn hair by force.
    Wendy: Look, it's time we stop trying to be so perfect and be who we really are. We're crazed, angry, sweaty animals! We're not unicorns! We're WOMEN! AND WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT! [punches a tree]
    • Grenda returns by headbutting a boulder into smithereens!
  • Stanford deflecting the Memory Wiping Gun with the metal plate in his head.
    • For that matter, Ford himself acknowledges that Dipper's use of the gun was both awesome, and fairly reasonable, pointing out that his line of action would've been the perfect way to attack Bill if he really was controlling Ford at the time.
      • This also means that McGucket got payback on the being responsible for his brains getting scrambled with the same device also being the perfect weapon against him, purely by accident.
  • The spell working and shielding the Shack from Bill.

Roadside Attraction

  • It comes back to bite him in the end, but Dipper has game when he shows a little confidence around girls.
  • Candy for once getting to save the day, with her Awesomeness by Analysis letting her know the perfect time to detach a sky tram from its cable so it can land safely and the monster attacking them will be stopped.

Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future

  • Dipper rescuing Ford from the security bot. After failing to execute Ford's badass slide down the pillar and showing fear to the bots, which got Ford caught in the first place, he takes down a spaceship, and stares down a giant laser gun without fear, causing it to turn itself off.
    • Not to mention: Ford asks Dipper to become his apprentice before the fight with the security droid - Dipper's enthusiasm and intelligence has managed to legitimately impress a certified genius! To Ford, managing to take down several alien devices is only the cherry on top of the sundae of great potential that Dipper is.
    Ford: How many other twelve year olds do you think are capable of doing what you've just done?
  • While definitely Nightmare Fuel, you gotta admit, Bill unleashing the apocalypse is utterly chilling and completely awesome.
  • The reveal that the impossible cliffs were caused by an alien spaceship crashing through them, which is what Ford used to build the portal in the first place.
  • Ford’s slide down to the ship is impressive for his age. Not to mention the visuals are stunning.

Weirdmageddon Part I

  • If you count the actions of villains, Bill Cipher in general is an absolute BOSS in this episode. He conquers the entire town with his chaos magic and the help of his demonic friends, twists and mangles the face of Preston Northwest, immobilizes Stanford Pines and turns him into a golden statue/backscratcher, and he completely obliterates the Time Baby.
  • A minor one, but new Mayor Cutebiker is shown to have balls of steel when he stands up (though understandably afraid) to Bill and his gang by politely demanding they leave, which is a HUGE one for him. Unfortunately, it works as much as you'd expect.
  • Lazy Susan's Hypocritical Humor comment on how "one-eyed things are weird" deserves a mention as well, considering the last time she saw something supernatural Susan freaked, tried to call 911, and got her memory wiped. This time she isn't as easily intimidated.
  • This mainly gets on here for being Laser-Guided Karma, but Bill's first attack on the people of Gravity Falls is swapping the functions of Preston Northwest's face-holes when he tries to sell himself out to him. After everything that Preston has done, it can be incredibly satisfying to watch, regardless (or perhaps because) of how disturbing it is.
    • It's small, but Pacifica's very vocal disapproval of Preston's attempt to side with Bill can be counted as one, considering how afraid she was of her parents in "Northwest Mansion Mystery".
  • Wendy threatens to break Ghost Eyes' arm and get the key to the prison bubble from Gideon. She immediately follows through on that threat before hijacking a car. "Because I'm a flippin' Corduroy!"
    • And keep in mind that Ghost Eyes is twice her size, multiple times her body weight, is crazy buff, and came fresh out of prison. And Wendy made him look like a chump.
    Dipper: Wendy... you are the coolest person I know.
    Wendy: I know, dude. Tell me about it later.
    • Oh, and lest we forget that Wendy ALSO proceeds to briefly carry off Gideon as a hostage before drop kicking him into his henchmen. VERY satisfying.
    Gideon: You'll never get away with this! You hear me!?
    Wendy: Guess what? We already DID! *drop kicks*
  • Dipper appears to convince Gideon to pull a Heel–Face Turn to save Mabel and fight Bill.
  • Gideon's rallying speech to his henchmen as they go toward their possible Heroic Sacrifice.
    Gideon: Let's do this!
  • For just a background character, that one Discount Auto Warrior gets major props for a pretty kickass one liner.
    Fighting children is boring. Fighting a Chaos God sounds fun!
  • Soos spends the three day Time Skip Walking the Earth and becoming a folk hero by helping out everyone he can.
    • Particularly impressive when you consider that to reach the Wasteland, Wendy and Dipper had to make it past Gideon's Auto Warriors, navigate a minefield of eye-bats and chaos-bubbles, and jump a massive ravine. Soos, alone, made it there first.
  • It doesn't work, but there's something to be said for how Dipper's response to Bill taunting him to end things right there is to jump up and punch him in the eye.
  • Dipper survives three days on his own in a world turned to chaos. That's hugely impressive even for an adult, let alone a boy just shy of his 13th birthday.
  • The fact that Shandra Jimenez managed to survive the three days and is still reporting news, while eating rats for survival with no trouble, is pretty awesome in its own right.
  • When Bill's succeeded in opening a tear to his dimension and unleashing Hell on Earth, Ford, rather than going "All is lost!" firmly declares his intention to fight Bill to the last. While his efforts fail, you can't deny that his being Defiant to the End shows why Dipper looks up to him. Thirty years ago, this man was so scared of Bill that it drove him into Sanity Slippage. Now, though...
    Dipper: Are you sure defeating Bill is even possible?
    Ford: No. I'm no sure. But being a hero means fighting back even when it seems impossible. Will you follow me?
    Dipper: To the ends of the Earth.
    Ford: Good. Because that's where we're heading.
  • Bill's New Era Speech. If you ever needed proof that Bill Cipher is one of the best villains in recent animated history, this is it.
    Bill Cipher: Alright, listen up, you one lifespan, three dimensional, five sense skin puppets! For one trillion years I've been trapped in my own decaying dimension, waiting for a new universe to call my own. Name's Bill! But you can call me your new lord and master for all of eternity! [...] It's time we do a little redecorating. I could really use a castle of some kind. (A pyramid forms in the sky.) And how about some bubbles of PURE MADNESS?! This party never stops. Time is dead and meaning has no meaning. Existence is upside-down and I reign supreme! WELCOME, ONE AND ALL, TO WEIRDMAGEDDON!

Weirdmageddon Part 2

  • Dipper manages to resist Mabel's prison, which is a Lotus-Eater Machine that grants you whatever your heart desires (though Mabel is the ruler of the world). Bill even states one would need a will of titanium to resist it.
    • He almost succumbs to fantasy Wendy offering to be with him if he were older - but about a second later realizes that it just isn't going to be and banishes the thought. Especially impressive given how much trouble he had letting go of Wendy in "Roadside Attraction".
  • During the Fantasy vs. Reality trial, Dipper invokes a turnabout by calling Mabel to the stand. Not only is he able to ultimately reason with her, but he uses her memories (the same ones previously used to slander reality) to prove his case that reality isn't all that bad. Whatever forces are trying to keep Mabel in her Fantasy world, Dipper outsmarted it.
  • Bill summoning a miniature storm when he finds out that he's trapped within the town. And this presumably wasn't intended. It was created through. His. Anger. Alone.
  • Turns out we saw so little of Stan these last two episodes because he was gathering up an army of all the town's creatures, and anyone else who Bill hasn't captured.
    • Plus, Pacifica's one of the few who managed to survive the four days Weirdmageddon's been going on. Not bad for someone who until recently never had to face much real hardship, well aside the ones inflicted on her by her parents.
    • Its also worth noting that Stan has not suffered any Clothing Damage compared to everyone else. Although that might be because it's still the Mystery Shack, so he might have spare clothes there.
  • Soos, Wendy, and Dipper beating (and in one case, eating) the tar out of some muscle-y waffles and living stuffed animals. Especially since they turn out to be Bitches In Sheep's Clothing.

Weirdmageddon Part 3

  • While Bill's version of the intro plays, instead of showing his fellow monsters, Dipper, Mabel and Stan are back in their rightful place in the opening sequence. The Power Trio is back together.
  • Wendy rides an Eye-Bat and causes some of the other monsters to get turned to stone. If you wonder, she turns 8 Ball's head into stone and petrifies another Eye-Bat right before ramming through it turning him into dust.
  • Ford resisting all of Bill's attempts to interrogate him for the knowledge of how to escape the town.
  • A subtle one, but Pacifica resolving to rescue her parents despite admitting they're horrible people. Considering how selfish and rotten her family has been up until her, it shows how much better than her parents she actually is.
  • The group building the Mystery Shack mecha, and using it to Curb-Stomp Battle Bill's minions to a more rock-style version of the Gravity Falls theme. They then use it to evenly battle Bill Cipher, including ripping out his eye, until Bill realizes that the protection spell over the Mystery Shack doesn't extend to its legs, allowing him to rip one off and defeat the Mystery Shack mecha with it.
    • Credit where credit's due, as soon as he realises he's got an opening, Bill very quickly turns the tables on the Shack. He might have been blindsided by the protection spell, but subtle though it is the way he adapts shows he's the main threat for a reason.
    • Also, credit to Zanthar (the purple bread-shaped demon) actually getting a fairly solid hit in at one point.
    • Paci-Fire (the baby demon) also has points, for being, alongside Zanthar, the only ones willing to fight the Shacktron. In his case he summoned more Eye-Bats.
  • The rescue group skydiving and parachuting into Bill's pyramid. Bonus points to Pacifica for actually making light of the possibility of dying and performing the skydive with a completely steely look on her face, and Mabel for performing it while giggling and spinning around.
  • Mabel has points for being the only person to actually insult Bill and succesfully making him get offended, normally insulting him leads to nowhere, like Gideon, Ford and Wendy learned, but Mabel actually insulted him. If you wonder: Mabel said he makes "bad deals" and that he's a "pointy jerk", causing him to flip. Awesome specially if you consider that Bill thinks so high of himself.
  • Mabel does it again, when she sprays Bill in the eye with paint spray. IN MIDDLE OF HIS THREAT! Bill really hates when you attack his eye and when you interrupt his threat.
  • Bill's One-Winged Angel form, as terrifying as it is, is pretty cool to see. He becomes a red, building-sized, three-tiered version of himself with teeth upon teeth. The threats he makes to the children further show how far he's come as a villain since his first appearance.
    "I've got some children I need to make into CORPSES!"
    "When I get my hands on you kids, I'M GONNA DISASSEMBLE YOUR MOLECULES!
  • Dipper and Mabel outmaneuvering Bill during the chase scene.
  • Stan's seeming Heroic Sacrifice by trapping Bill inside his mind while Ford uses the mind eraser gun to erase Stanley's mind (thus destroying Bill in the process). Stan even destroys Bill by punching him and causing him to shatter.
    • Stan giving it to Bill just as the one-eyed villain realizes how screwed he is.
    Stanley: Hey, look at me. Turn around and look at me, you one-eyed demon! You're a real wise guy, but you made one fatal mistake. You messed with my family.
    • The irony of Stan ordering Bill to look at him. Throughout the entire show, Bill Cipher imagery had been everywhere, with his iconic singular eye being given tremendous focus. And that's because it was always Bill who was seeing everyone, looking into peoples' minds, and ruining their lives. He literally drove Ford to insanity with this notion; no matter what he did, Bill was always there. But now, STAN has the upper hand. Stan is the one ordering this dream demon to look at HIM with the very trademark feature he used to spy on people...and Bill is so terrified that he listens.
    • The fact that for the first and only time in the entire series, Bill is terrified. After spending the entire series pulling everybody's strings and being in the driver's seat... Bill is so terrified he begs for his life. It is easily one of the most satisfying moments in the entire series.
    • Also Stanley was the one member of the Pines family whom Bill never directly interacted with throughout the show until now, which ultimately made him a wild card. Bill very clearly did not consider him worth any real investment in, and like many just saw him as a dumber, sweatier version of Ford. And in the end, it's Stanley who reduces Bill to this state and destroys him, to the point where Bill's last word is an enraged "STANLEY!!!" That is just perfectly awesome.
    • The way Stan treats Bill with bizarrely casually. Giving him a finger-gun, tauntingly telling him he's going down. Sure, some of it is definitely an act just to drive Bill crazy, but one thing remains abundantly clear; Stan is not afraid of Bill. This is significant because one of Bill's most central character traits is that he wants people to fear him. Bill spent a trillion years building his reputation as an omnipotent dream demon, but in the last moment in his life, none of it mattered. Stan doesn't care that Bill Cipher is the most feared enemy of every dimension. Stan barely even knows about that. To Stan, Bill Cipher is just some guy who hurt his family.
    • And as Stan more or less punches him out of existence, Bill lets out an exponentially satisfying scream of what we can only assume is pure (and well-deserved) agony.
    • To note, Stanley Pines, known conman, achieved what could be seen as the epitome of scamming: The Did You Just Scam Cthulhu? level. Stan SCAMS AN INTER-DIMENSIONAL CHESSMASTER NUTJOB, AND MAKES HIM BEG FOR HIS LIFE. Stanford even states that Stanley could've seen Bill's tricks coming, but cheating him with a regular, good ol' Twin Switch? Supreme Conman.
    • After Bill abusing the cast for the entire series, it's somewhat satisfying to see Bill so defenseless. His powers don't work, Stan isn't listening to any of his bribes, and his trademark smart guy persona completely crumbles as he becomes genuinely, truly terrified. After every other encounter regarding Bill as an impossible force to be reckoned with, it's nice to see him finally be treated as what he truly is; just some sick, self-entitled twat who needs to tear others down to make himself feel good.
    • Furthermore there's the fact that Stanley's mind is a "calm orderly void". Stanford probably would have told him that if his mind wasn't clear it would tip Bill off. And despite what could've only been about a minute Stanley pulls it off flawlessly.
    • There's another possibility that's just as awesome and that's the idea that for Stanley, who knows that if he screws this up his beloved family dies, is so laser focused on taking down Bill that his mind has focused in to one single room to trap him in.
  • On a related note, Stan being recognized as the town hero. Most importantly, it's Stanley Pines being named the hero. What makes this meaningful is that Stan spent 30 years carrying the moniker of his well-renowned brother, and was previously known for being "Stanford Pines, the man of many crimes". But through his Heroic Sacrifice, Stanley finally forged a legacy to his name; hearing his real name spoken again means he no longer has to live under the shadow of his brother, which makes it all the more awesome.
  • Somehow, Shandra managed to break into Bill's lair and even when she's being turned to stone, she faces it with dignity.
  • Stan and Ford sailing the seas and taking down monsters in the epilogue. Even better when the shot pans down and you see the name of their boat; Stan O' War II.
  • A small one but when the bus driver denied Waddles entry on board, Stan brandishes his brass knuckles and Ford reveals his Magnet Gun from within his coat.
  • Alex Hirsch may never have been able to get David Lynch to cameo, but at least he got KYLE MACLACHLAN!
  • Another small one, but the fact that the Northwest family lost their fortune and are brought down to moderate class. Bear in mind, in "Northwest Mystery", Pacifica mentioned that despite appeasing the ghost by inviting the townsfolk, her family would just continue excluding the townsfolk next year. Thankfully, this won't be the case next year because, without their fortune, they no longer have the power to treat others like dirt ever again. As an added bonus, the experience has made Pacifica's parents kinder for it too.
  • A less noticeable one, but in the credits, it's shown briefly that Clones 3 and 4 are still alive. Not bad for guys who can be killed by getting wet.
    • Plus, all of Sev'ral Timez are still alive even after Weirdmageddon. They won't last a week, huh, Candy?
  • Blubbs and Durland finally declaring their love for each other. Alex Hirsch struggled across the show's whole run to put some homosexual content in, and after it achieved so much acclaim and success for Disney (not to mention the giant strides forward in this area from the likes of The Legend of Korra and Steven Universe since the show started) he finally got his wish.
    • He explained in an interview that he fought so hard to get the scene of two old ladies falling in love in "The Love God", talking with the Disney censors six times, that even though he ultimately failed to get it in the episode, he wore the censors out so much that he didn't get a single note about Blubbs and Durland.
    Hirsch: I think the censors were finally less scared of complaining parents than they were of having to deal with how annoying I am again.
  • If you interpret it in a certain way, Bill shows that he can be a badass in his own right. He casts a protection spell before he dies. Assuming it worked, that means he just outwitted EVERYONE who knows about him into thinking he is gone for good.