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This page is intended to allow our various tropers to single out lines, edits, and entries made by other tropers that they feel are excellent examples of how to do the job. Be sure to mention what page you found the quotes on.

If what you wish to give a win to is easily quotable, go ahead and copy/paste it here for posterity. This is a wiki, and even the most hilarious pages can change at any time: for instance, while Natter can be hilarious and win-worthy, an editor may be entirely justified in deleting it from the page. However, editors who use the compliments on this page to specifically seek out things to delete, do so at the explicit risk of looking like a kill-joy.

Wins attributed to The Advertisement Server go in Ad of Win.

Forum contributions go in the Made Of Forum Win thread.

If you wish to give a win for something that has been on a page for a long time, it might be worth to do a quick check-through to see if it has already been nominated. Of course, no one minds getting a redundant win nomination.

    Made of Win Archives 

Compare/contrast Made of Lose.

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  • sfisher923: A late thanks for whoever added Blons to the Bloons Tower Defense pages

  • Stardust 5099: This is a bit belated, but I'd like to give a shoutout to NTC3 for showing me how TV Tropes pagemaking is done. Tower 57 was my first page, and he saved it from being a stub; although not directly, he taught me alot.

  • Wheezy: One to whoever wrote the poem for One-Letter Title. That's some commitment

  • Rothul: Thank you! I am nothing if not committed... Also, I think that was pre-great crash! Man, I feel old.

Gwindor's reaction is recorded as a flat, blank stare, presumably because there is no word for "facepalm" in Elvish.

  • khrocksg: I nominate whichever troper added the line, "whoops, there goes Joe, blowing himself up right on the enemy and positively obliterating him. That crazy shmuck!" to the page for Action Bomb.

  • Master Fuzzy: I nominate Scarab for their comment on the The Sarah Jane Adventures Tearjerker page, simultaneously a tearjerker and a Heartwarming Moment: "We don't stop believing in it note  or think it no longer matters because she's dead and one day so will we all be. We believe in it because she lived."

  • Piterpicher: I nominate Peace And Love for adding "...or you'll float, too" to the "Please correct any link to point to the correct article" part of the Main disambiguation to It. From doing that, the are no bad wicks to that page! Now that's motivation.

  • ACW: one to whoever (sorako?) captioned the image of Drosselmeyer at Princess Tutu: "What prolonged exposure to TV Tropes can do to a person."

  • Doorhandle: One to whoever (I think it was Doctor Nemesis, appropriately enough) wrote the additional subheadings under Casting Department: Rogues Gallery in SoYouWantTo.Write A Superhero Comic, particularly "Personality Specific Enemies." That's easily the most accurate analysis on how and why certain villains work I've seen on the internet. Kudos to your great advice!

  • WarriorSparrow: One to EricW for starting the TV Tropes page for my fanfic Intercom, and adding examples and good points/discussions on the pages. Also one to flarn2006 for contributing awesome WMGs and like like. You rule for that!

Medinoc: One to sagevallant for this entry on Clothes Make the Maniac:
  • Though Arthas had leapt off the slippery slope long before he actually takes up the sword. He goes from leaping to... uh... skiing(?) down the slippery slope once he's got it. Then he ran out of slope and started digging himself in even deeper.

slvstrChung: One to Kakai. When I first came across the "So You Want To: Write An Alien Invasion Story, it had precisely two paragraphs of content. I added a fair bit, but left a number of sections blank, on grounds of "I can't think of anything to put here and besides I'm lazy". Kakai has filled in all the blanks and added to the original sections, taking the article from "still only half done" to "complete and ready to show off". Good work!
Koveras: A MOW to Vios for splitting up the godzilla that was the old Baldur's Gate article.
Weirdguy149: To whoever gave the intro to Horned Humanoid the Added Alliterative Appeal treatment.
Earriorwatcher: To the person whose name is lost to history for this exchange in Trash Talk, especially the last two lines:
  • Pick any online game with any form of free communication between players. Most of this communication will be either people gloating and telling you that you suck because they beat you, or people accusing you of cheating or using cheap tactics because you beat them.
    • The rule of thumb for trash talk is that, if anyone is better than you, they have no life. If anyone is worse than you, they are a noob.
    • It can actually work pretty well with text based chat. If they're busy typing they probably won't notice the column of tanks you're about to shove up their ass.

Medinoc: To whomever made the brope list in the Broforce page.

Robin Zimm: Checking the page history, it looks like Erylia Starheart.

System Cellar: "In desperation, mankind begged, pleaded, prayed for this one species of life besides themselves to save them. It couldn't. It was just a cactus. Mankind despaired." I am not entirely certain why these lines from the Touhou Crossovers made me laugh so hard, but made of win they are. I believe Tropers/Andyzero wrote them before the page move.
Master Fuzzy: Movie 007, for their entry under Sherlock Scan in Outbound Flight which basically sums up the entire character: "Thrawn, art, you know how it goes."
Nightbreeze: I nominate all the people who made and edited the subpages for divisive films such as Ghostbusters (2016), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or the Star Wars sequel trilogy. While these movies might have not been well-received, these people cared enough to take a few moments out of their day and add entries to these subpages, and they really make this wiki all the better for it.
Continued in Made of Win (2013 and 2014).
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