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Books and comics.


Mabeland was part of Mabel's Mental World or a Journey to the Center of the Mind.

Bill Cipher is Wizbit
  • Think about it. Both are yellow geometries of alien origin. Both have yellow skin. Both have extraordinary powers, Wizbit's being magical, and Bill's being derived from his nature as an extradimensional demon. Both have a terrifying voice and design. Both are quite intelligent. The only reason why Wizbit doesn't cause the apocalypse is because he's significantly less powerful and more friendly than Bill. If he's not Bill, I propose that Bill is this Universe's version of Wizbit, or is what would happen if Wizbit was a resident of Flatland , and ascended to a higher plane of existence, and became a world-conquering Eldritch Abomination in the process.
The fair was a fixed point in time.
Notice how hard it was to keep Wendy from getting the black eye? And how the only way to get it to work is to keep Mabel from her pig? The universe NEEDS Mabel to have that pig and for Dipper to fail at that date. When Dipper went around it, that's when bad things started to happen.
  • Fits in with the "Stan is a Time Lord" theory above.
  • Dipper may still have altered the outcome in a different way. When Robbie originally asked Wendy out, he was nervous and a lot more sympathetic character than at any time before. In the final version of the timeline, he walks up to her right after she's been hit in the eye and says, "Hey, this is a perfect time for me to ask you about something..." And then Mabel sics Waddles on him, because now she realizes what Dipper sacrificed for her.
  • And why does Dipper need to fail the date? So Robbie and Wendy can start dating, so Dipper can try to win Wendy's love, so he can learn that you can't force someone to love you, so he can bring about Gideon's Heel–Face Turn in Weirdmageddon Part 1.
    • Not to mention Waddles himself is instrumental in getting Mabel, Dipper, Wendy and Soos out of the bubble. How he got in there in the first place is another matter entirely.

One Vignette Episode will be a parody/homage to Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Some theories about this guy in "Irrational Treasure".
  • His name's Quinn Trembley.
  • He's Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III's great-great-great-great-great nephew.
  • He works for the government, investigating the mysteries of Gravity Falls.
  • He owns a company called Trembley Inc.
  • He has Book "1". Jossed
  • He'll be the series' Big Bad. jossed.
  • He's Dipper and Mabel's father and the writer of the books. Jossed, at least for the latter half.
  • He's Stan's twin brother, Stanley. They look almost the same from behind, except the hair... Jossed.
  • He's Tad Strange.
  • He's Soos' father.

Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Stan are in a different dimension.
They traveled to a whole different dimension when they went through the hole in "Bottomless Pit".
  • That would mean that the Stan who's with them now is not the real Stan, as he fell twice through the hole.

The Quentin Trembley cover-up was a cover-up.
Trembley was actually sent to Gravity Falls to research all the supernatural happenings there. He eventually discovered something groundbreaking that couldn't be taken advantage of with the technology of the time. Writing down whatever he discovered risked the possibility of the information falling into enemy hands, so instead he preserved himself to pass on the information to the future. They came up with the president story as a lie to the people sent to retrieve him so that they wouldn't be suspicious of the true nature of their mission.
  • Also, peanut brittle reduces Bill's abilities and is the opposite of gold, which amplifies them. Stan advises people to bury gold so that Bill will be at full power when the apocalypse comes. His confusion at the end of Dreamscaperers when Bill is mentioned is confusion over why Bill would betray him.

Quentin Trembley's peanut brittle is made with the same sap that preserved the dinosaurs.
He learned of the sap's life-preserving qualities and reasoned that if it could keep dinosaurs alive for over a hundred million years, it could keep him alive for long enough to return when he would be needed. He included some of the sap in the peanut brittle he used to freeze himself in, relying on his reputation as a nutcase to keep people from testing if it really worked.

The main characters will all take on some kind of magic to fight whatever Big Bad comes along.
One character might practice witchcraft, another might opt for becoming a werewolf, etc.
  • Confirmed, though only as a subset of the town's survivors combining Ford's magic and Mc Gucket's technology.

Season 2's first episode will lampshade the long gap between season 1 and 2.
Stan: "It took a while, but the Mystery Shack is back open!"

Theories for season 2:
  • A new Big Bad will emerge, possibly connected to the portal that Stan has. Jossed
  • Bill Cipher will have a more fleshed-out role, either as a Chaotic Neutral semi-antagonist, or a Stealth Mentor for Dipper.
  • Gideon will still be prominent, and a large part of his story is escaping prison. confirmed.
  • Mabel will have a more pronounced role. (since Season 1 was mainly about Dipper.) confirmed.
The US Government and Secret Order of the Holy Mackerel are not working together
Not a lot of evidence to support this one yet, but I'm predicting that Stan's order and the government have different purposes for the device. The government will try and destroy it, while the order probably thinks it can somehow control what comes out of it. Both answers are wrong, forcing Dipper to Take a Third Option.

The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel originally got its name thanks to an Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption.
As the founding members of the secret society were brainstorming names, one started saying, "royal order of the..." when something crazy made them scream, "HOLY MACKEREL!" And it ended up sticking.

The darkness to change everything has already come.
Remember the shadow cast over everything (in Dipper's dream) at the beginning of "Gideon Rising"? And the first three episodes of season two have just happened to deal with changing relationships between characters. First the twins found out Grunkle Stan knew more than he ever admitted, then Dipper revealed his crush to Wendy, and finally Mabel's rivalry with Pacifica cooled.Of course, just because the darkness is here doesn't mean it's fully settled in yet. Day doesn't turn to night in an instant after all. Still, the sun may be setting on Gravity Falls...

There will be a time skip
It's unlikely Dipper can solve the mysteries of the journals in one summer
  • Supposedly there are two seasons to each summer, i.e. Season 3 & 4 will cover the twins' second summer in Gravity Falls. Dipper outright states in the second season premiere that it's been half a summer by that point.
  • Jossed, as the show and the summer end at the same time.

The show will continue beyond the summer... But it will then be set After the End.
I'd imagine after the "Apocalypse" happens in "Not What He Seems". The show will be a bit of "The X-Files meets The Walking Dead".
  • Nope, the world doesn't end. Do you really think they would let that happen in a kids' cartoon?
    • Maybe they'll show the world ending, but since time travel exists here, it would likely be easily reversed.
    • The world may not have ended, but the whole town was literally ripped from the ground and fell back down. There's now way we're getting a Reset Button on that.
    • Well what if the end of the world were shown in a way similar to Homestuck or Battleborn except they can actually save Earth in here?
    • After the End part partly confirmed, with Weirdmaggedon. The apocalypse is here. On a kid's cartoon.
      • The apocalypse being on a kids cartoon really isn't a new concept.
      • Well, it's more like an almost-apocalypse, as we all know that the world will be saved at the end of the season anyways.

The 30 years thing has something to do with Hoo-Ha Owl's Pizzamatronic Jamboree.
If Gravity Falls DOES take place in Summer 2012, then 30 years - 2012 = 1982. The Rock-afire Explosion was in its final years during that time, which Hoo-Ha's Jamboree is clearly based on.

The show is taking place in a Stable Time Loop.
Stan is putting all this effort into saving his past self from the . The past self disappears into the portal in the summer of 1982, but is rescued and returned to the past after he disappears so that he can ensure his own success in rescuing himself by becoming Gruncle Stan. Stan does have a twin, though: Dipper and Mabel's grandfather. Gruncle Stan's just borrowing his car.
  • completely Jossed. It was his brother.

Being a badass is a hereditary trait in the show's universe.
Dipper jumped in into the Gideon bot and kicked Gideon's ass, Mabel beat a shit load of gnomes with a leaf blower, and Stan punched a pterodactyl in the face. And that was just the first season! Clearly, the badass gene runs in the Pines family.
  • Well they are already classed as a Badass Family by this very website.

The show doesn't actually take place in 2012.
It takes place in 2015. I have some pretty simple proof for this. In one old Gravity Falls game (I don't remember what it was called, but it was made in 2012 or 2013) there is a calender in the shack that probably happens to be an aztec calender for some reason. Something comes up if you observe it, and says something around the lines of "According to this calender, the world ended 3 years ago." So if you assume 3 years after 2012 as in 2015, the evidence makes sense.
  • Possibly Jossed. In the episode with Sev'ral Timez, one of the members likes to shout "2013!" Granted, considering the nature of the characters, he might not know what year it actually is.

Whatever's going to happen, Dipper, Mable and Soos are the key players.
Bill refers to them as Pine Tree, Shooting Star and Question Mark. Looking at these images on the wheel, note where they are in relation to each other. They make a perfect triangle. More specifically, a sideways triangle, with Dipper and Soos at the base and Mable at the top. This may or may not be in relation to the ending of Not What He Seems.
  • Well, duh. They're the most central protagonists.
  • Confirmed.

Bill's coming back.
The Author has returned, Dipper is probably angry at both Mabel and Stan, and Gravity Falls itself has been torn to pieces. I can't think of a better opportunity for him to take over/turn everything to chaos/turn everyone into perpetually screaming heads/whatever bizarre and sadistic things he has planned.
  • Judging by the preview for "The Last Mabelcorn", I think we can safely say this confirmed.
  • Officially confirmed. He's the Big Bad

The next episode will be something of a Breather Episode.
Stan will be tracked down by the government guys and thrown back in jail. Either the 'old' Stan will spend the remainder of the series in jail, or the 'new' Stan will make bail (in which case we may learn that Stan's penny-pinching is not from greed, but as a plan B if the cops ever caught up to him). Depending on this, a sideplot for the rest of the series might focus on getting to know New!Stan, or regaining trust for Old!Stan.
  • jossed

The series and/or possible movie will end with a Sequel Hook.
Remember, the kids are only there for the summer. After saying goodbye to their friends in Gravity Falls, they look out the bus window, seeing supernatural creatures from past episodes (for example, a couple of gnomes, a tiny deer, a miniature, and a multi-bear). Tearing up seeing this, Mable asks Dipper, who's excitedly looking over a calendar, when they can come back. He replies that he's already counting down the days until next summer.
  • Confirmed! At the end, the twins are returning to California, and Dipper opens a letter from Wendy saying 'See ya next summer!'

The character who "will not survive the season" as stated by Alex Hirsch is-
  • Mayor Befufftlefumpter, who has been revealed through cryptogram and simple observation to be "not long for this world" which is why the position of Mayor is up for grabs in The Stanchurian Candidate.
    • Confirmed as of "The Stanchurian Candidate".
  • Big Henry. It already happened.

The US Government will be back to investigate Stan again.
The government agents couldn't have possibly stored all of their data in a single flash drive. Perhaps they'll stumble on a copy of the data back at their headquarters and restart their investigation.
  • Jossed as the series has ended

Gideon had something to do with Mayor Befufftlefumpter's untimely demise
Yeah he was old, BUT Bud's running for mayor, as well as his contact with Gideon, quickly being able to campaign is a tad suspicious. I wouldn't put it past him.
  • Heck, Gideon might have known nobody would suspect anything BECAUSE he was so old!

The Last Mabelcorn will contain a My Little Pony reference.
Aside from the obvious unicorn connection, Alex Hirsch is friends with Lauren Faust, who rebooted My Little Pony G3 into [1]. Also, The Friendship is Magic comic book series had a dream sequence featuring a sweater-clad, shooting-star themed pony named May Belle. The references could come full circle.
  • Confirmed. The main unicorn that Mabel dealt with was named Celesaibellebethabelle, similar to Celestia, and she had a rainbow colored flowing main, as well as a visible "cutie mark". (though not Celetia's cutie mark)
    • It is, however, very similar to Rarity's.

We saw things a bit out of order. "The Last Mabelcorn" takes place before The Stinger of "The Stanchurian Candidate."
After Bill witnessed Ford "Bill-proofing" the Mystery Shack and realized he'd need a pawn outside of it, he began cycling through potential candidates. That would presumably lead up to him catching a glimpse of Gideon through the image of him he drew saying he wants to make a deal.

Their will be an episode that features the Fountain Of Youth
It will most likely be a Breather Episode, perhaps featuring the light hearted premise of a brief role-reversal in the main cast, with the others accidentally being made younger than Dipper and Mabel, and them having to look after them. The water will prove not to be permanent and wear off after a while.However it will later prove to be a Chekhov's Gun for a more serious episode, where the Stan and Ford will find themselves facing odds they can not beat (say Gideon's army of criminals or such) and they resort to using the water to give them back their youth long enough to save the others. Most likely including an exchange along these lines:Stan: Come on Pointdexter, he's got our family. Ford: Its no good Stan, their are just to many of them. Maybe when we were in are prime we would have had a chance, but we're both to old to take them all on.Stan: Well then, lets go back to our prime.
  • Jossed. It never happened

Stan has met the Manotaurs before.
When Dipper's explaining the Manotaur adventure in the diner, Stan is calmly supportive of Dipper's decision to do what he thought was right instead of being influenced by the crowd. In addition, Mantestaur's name doesn't get anything from Stan but when Dipper mentions Pituitaur Stan looks up from his pie. Perhaps Stan went through something much like what Dipper went through with Chutzpah, but his guide was Pituitaur?

That blue eye in "The Last Mabelcorn"
In Ford's dream, the six-fingered hand is obviously his, but the eye can't be his as the Pines' have brown eyes. The blue eye belongs to McGucket, who mentioned having blue eyes in the Ice Bag segment of McGucket's Conspiracy Corner.

A convenient cover-up.
The candidates for Bill possession shown at the end of "The Last Mabelcorn" will coincidentally all happen to be keeping their eyes covered for varying reasons so the viewers won't know which one is Bill until the reveal.

Bill Cipher's pawn will be someone that Dipper or Mabel is close to.
Bill is pretty familiar with the Pines family and knows how loyal they are to each other, he might see it as a way of causing the rift in the family if he can force one of them to choose between protecting a friend by betraying the rest of the family, or staying loyal to the family by forsaking a friend. This leaves a wide range of possibilities, but the more likely candidates are:
  • Wendy, jossed
    • Dipper's been trying to get over his feelings for her. It would be Bill's cup of tea to try to force those feeling to come back stronger than ever (or convince him that they have), or to tempt Dipper with the possibility that he might be able to have Wendy return his feelings if he saves her. However, she seems to be on the Wheel, suggesting she's either immune to, or destined to be against, Bill and his powers. She's also a scrapper, and it's unlikely Dipper could save her from anything she couldn't save herself from.
  • Candy, jossed.
    • She's been getting more screen time lately, and Mabel mentions that having Candy and Dipper be together would be a dream come true for her, implying that she's always wanted Dipper to either be with one of her close friends, or at least to get along with any girlfriend Dipper chose. After Sock Opera, Bill might see Dipper and Mabel's bond as a significant threat to his plans, and seek to undermine it by forcing Mabel to choose between Dipper and Candy on some level.
  • Jossed. It was Blendin Blandin.

Emma Sue will appear again.
Out of all the tourist girls Dipper hit on, she was the only one named, and unlike all the other girls' contact details which were written on his body and later wiped off, Dipper has Emma Sue's e-mail address on paper. He may need to contact her if he's in need of a favor from someone in Canada.
  • Jossed. Never happened

Soos only made two episodes of Fixin' It With Soos because his Autografix Free Trial expired.
The intro to these shorts has an Autografix Free Trial watermark clearly visible in some shots. Soos didn't want to buy the full version, so the free trial expired and he had to cut the series after two episodes.

Bill will possess Grunkle Stan.
As of "Roadside Attraction" the end-of-credits images that go together to form his face haven't revealed his eyes yet.
  • It's worth noting that the episode to reveal that Bill can't possess Ford (anymore) was the one to end with the piece of the page showing his very normal eyes.
  • confirmed! It happened in the finale, but Stan tricked him into it

The present version of Crampelter will appear.
In an allusion to Biff Tannen, Crampelter will arrive in Gravity Falls as a middle-aged Corrupt Corporate Executive and try to buy out the Mystery Shack. He'll probably even torment Dipper and Mabel as well.
  • Jossed.

In "The Last Mabelcorn" Dipper rationalizing was actually Bill.
I think it's safe to say that telepathy is well within Bill's capabilities as well as disguising his presence given that his powers mostly have to do with secrets and manipulation. It's possible he was trying to get Dipper to see inside Stanford's mind to sow distrust and prevent him from protecting his mind.

The series will end in a Stable Time Loop.
As a result of battling Bill Cipher, the timeline is reset back to the beginning of summer, with everybody's memories erased. In a way, Mabel gets exactly what she wished for.
  • This is technically true, but not in the way it's mentioned. Based on the cryptograms, Time Baby's catastrophic tantrum was caused by Bill, who gained the power to do it by using Blendin Blandin, who grew up and was trained in the future Time Baby rules. So there is a Stable Time Loop at the end of the series, just not the one in this WMG.

The finale and Season 3 will focus on Dipper and Mabel's relationship
Mabel unknowingly unleashed Bill Cipher on the world, and the events and the aftermath of that folly with have a huge impact on the Pines twins. There will likely be two scenarios.
  • Dipper and Mabel split up like Stan and Ford did: Dipper and Mabel both have good reasons to be angry with each other. Mabel opening the rift that give Bill his opening Dipper for abandoning Mabel to work with Ford and not telling her about the rift. The end result is they burn bridges with each other by the end. Season 3 will be set next summer, and it will focus on Dipper and Mabel reconciling.
  • Dipper and Mabel avoid making the same mistakes Stan and Ford did: I am sure that they would both be very angry with each other, but Bill's plans force them to work together, which is what Stan and Ford should have done long ago.
    • The second option is looking more likely. As Wendy said, "[They] just need to make up, team up, and save the universe."
  • finale confirmed, but season three is jossed. The series ended after season two

There was already a name for "Weirdamageddon."
Case Nightmare Green.
  • Sort-of confirmed. Both terms describe the same type of event, but there's no crossover or anything.

Everyone's role in everything in universe is as follows...
  • Dipper (Pine Tree) - Unspecified
  • Mabel (Shooting Star) – Opens the rift.
  • Stan (Crescent-type thing) - Activates the portal and creates the rift.
  • Ford (Six-fingered Hand) – Creates the portal.
  • McGucket? (Glasses) – Helps with the portal, delivers the prophecy
  • Wendy? (Ice bag) –
  • Soos (Question Mark) - ???
  • Pacifica (Llama) - ???
  • Robbie (Stitched Heart) - ???
  • Gideon (Star with eye) - ???
    • Jossed; the people corresponding to the symbols are the ones needed to use the Zodiac to banish Bill. But the Zodiac never actually gets used and another method is found, so the symbols are a Red Herring.

Bill was responsible for Mabel hearing Dipper agreeing to be Ford's apprentice.
Walkie Talkies don't work unless you push the button to transfer your voice. Dipper was outside the shack's safe zone at the time and as Bill is, as he said, "A being of pure energy." it's not unthinkable that he could manipulate electricity and get the Talkie to broadcast so Mabel would get upset and be easier to manipulate.

At one point, Dipper and Mabel will sing a lyrical version of the Gravity Falls theme.
During a season finale, possibly the series finale, Dipper and Mabel will be about to fight the Big Bad (whether it be Bill in the upcoming Part 2 of Weirdmaggedon if that's the last episode, or possibly fighting a Greater-Scope Villain if there's more seasons afterward). The two of them will then sing a lyrical, possibly extended version of their Theme Song, detailing all the things they've gone through together as they race against time to defeat whatever force they end up facing. The episode may also end with a reprise of the song, possibly as they leave Gravity Falls.
  • Unfortunately jossed, but that's a great What Could Have Been.

The Weirdmageddon will be resolved through Blendin's time travel watch
The universe is too badly damaged to be repairable except through Bill's own power and he's not likely to cooperate. But the timeline could be fixed as long as someone goes back in time three days and prevents the events, such as Dipper apologizing to Mabel, warning himself to leave the rift globe in Ford's lab or just swapping the backpack in his room so Mabel grabs the correct one when she runs out.
  • Two issues with this: "The Time Traveler's Pig" established that in the Gravity Falls universe, timelines don't easily change and the universe/time itself/something will try as hard as it can to conspire that major events stay the same. Dipper had to go through a lot of effort just to create a timeline where Wendy wasn't hit in the eye, so reversing something much larger may be just as hard if not harder (and since Weirdmageddon was prophesized, the show can't pull the "This wasn't supposed to happen"/"Bill already changed/tampered with the timeline so undoing it would be fixing it" card). The other, out-universe issue is that simply going back in time and undoing an action is almost never satisfying and often seen as a cheap Deus ex Machina (in contrast to seeing the characters struggle and fight it out without just reliving an event to follow a "would have"/"should have"/"if only"), especially since there has already been one whole episode about trying to find a way to fight off the apocalypse and a second part along the way.
  • Jossed. Blendin tips off Time Baby about Bill's takeover, but that goes nowhere and we don't see him again.

The Real Third Volume will be used
If you remember, Stan gave Dipper a copy of the journal so he could continue using it. When Stan learns that Bill destroyed the Journals, he'll reveal that he had the real one and use it to defeat Bill.
  • Actually, I'm pretty sure Stan gave Dipper the original and kept the copy.
  • Jossed. Stan's photocopies of the Journals never come up.

Mabel is going to die, but she'll get better.
She won't have the motivation to fight back against Bill while she feels completely alone in the world, and ultimately, Dipper will either do something (or pointedly neglect to do something) that results in Mabel being killed, or she just won't survive her imprisonment. This might also how we get Dipper's real first name (and it's probably something that rhymes with "Cain"), and season 3 will center on Dipper's attempts to get Mabel back by studying under Ford.
  • As this is a kid's show, they can't kill off a main character, especially if they're a child. If by some unlikely chance she were killed and then resurrected, it would be a non-graphic "death" that's instantly reversed in the same episode, not delayed for another season; something along the lines of Death Is Cheap or Disney Death (more likely the latter).
  • Jossed
  • In fact, in a sense, it's Stan who fills this role more instead, as he "dies" by memory wipe only to be brought back by the rest of the main cast jogging his memories.

Mabel is trapped in her own mind, on top of being trapped inside the bubble Bill made.
In the thirty second preview that's been released, we are given two different shots of Mabel, one with her awake and interacting with things, and the other with her asleep and trapped inside a big black box. This could be because in reality (what's left of it), she's unconscious, and when Dipper, Wendy and Soos find her, they can't wake her up unless they go into her Mindscape and rescue her there. Plus, while she's trapped in her Mindscape, Mabel could be in a mind-generated reality where her wish of everything being fine, and summer lasting forever is true that Dipper has to snap her out of. And when she wakes up, she will feel extremely guilty about what she did.

Bill Cipher has been setting this up for eons.
To be concise this will be all in bullet points of the facts we know and then a brief sum up of how it all fits together.
  • Bill can see various possible futures.
  • Bill has existed for thousands of years.
  • Bill will exist in a time when Blendin Blandin the time traveler exists.
  • Long ago an alien space craft crashed in gravity falls creating it's distinctive mountain range.
  • One of the consistant symbols that appears everywhere including the alien space craft is a triangle
  • Bill Cipher is a triangle
  • Stanford Pines later used parts and technology from this alien space craft to build his inter-dimensional portal.
  • Stanford needed help from Bill to create said portal
  • Stanford only ended up in gravity falls because his perpetual motion device mysteriously stopped working. Stanley Pines damaged it but it was still working before he left, the next morning it had stopped.
  • Without Stanley the portal would never have activated because of an arguement between Bill and Stanford.
In short I believe that Bill Cipher guided the development of the alien race that crashed in Gravity Falls Oregon before causing them to crash by giving them some faulty piece of information. Why? Because with the level of intelligence they had come to possess they would not have been suitable candidates to build the portal and would likely have realized what Bill wanted. However Bill foresaw the rise of a man who, under the right circumstances, could properly build and another who could be persuaded activate the portal. By causing the Aliens to crash and then waiting he was eventually able to make contact with Blendin Blandin, and in return for a brief service as a puppet arranged for his release from the infinitentury in the future. This allowed him to break Stanford's perpetual motion device sending him down the path which would lead to there meeting as well as send Stanley down the path that would eventually result in his activating the portal.However, now that Bill is in possession of a physical body bound to some of the laws of our Universe he no longer possesses his future vision. He is now limited to what he has already predicted and any variation he couldn't previously account for will lead to his down fall.
  • Confirmed. He has been planning this for millennia.

The living wax head of Larry King from
the episode "Headhunters" will come back as the Deus ex Machina that defeats Bill in the series finale.
  • Partially confirmed. He came back, but wasn't very important

The show will be renewed for one or more season(s).
Disney would have to be blind to just let a show that rakes in such high ratings to end after only two seasons.
  • Of course, that would explain the bizarre release schedule for both the episodes and merchandise. The Disney execs are all; 'To prolong the milking of this cash-cow, let's wait two to three weeks between episodes, only release DVDs as slow as a snail, and be sure to add in arbitrary hiatuses every so often.' Clever, though.
  • Or apparently not. It has been announced that Season 2 will finish the show, and Disney is okay with that decision, as they have not ordered a Season 3. Though who knows if they decide to change their minds later on?

In lieu of a third season, there will eventually be a sequel or spin-off show.
  • Please let this happen!

Soos, Wendy, and the twins are still in the bubble.
As soon as they get out they find Stan and a bunch of survivors. Things are looking up right? Nope! As soon as the group's main desire became "let's get the heck outta here" the bubble gave them what they wanted. Sort of. Now they're in a perfect copy of the world outside the bubble even though they never left. Weirdmageddon is still raging and now there's no one to stop it.

Venga Monjas will make a live-action spin-off with the cast of Da Suisa.
Season 2 of Da Suisa will be released online on 2016, so it would make sense abridging Gravity Falls if a third season doesn't work.

The final scene of the final episode will be a Distant Finale.
After Bill has been defeated, everything is back to normal, and the twins return to Piedmont (or not, considering how the show tends to subvert what viewers are suspecting), it jumps to 10-20 years in the future that shows where the characters are now. Dipper and Mabel have returned to Gravity Falls and now run the Mystery Shack, with Dipper and Pacifica having taken their relationship further, if they're not already married (a guy can dream...). And one or both of them will have kids of their own who, in the final scene of the series, discover the journals (whether they found some way to restore them or Dipper just wrote new ones based on his findings) and eventually the other secrets of the town, showing that while Dipper and Mabel's story may be over, there will always be secrets in Gravity Falls waiting to be found...(As for Soos, Wendy, and the others, I got nothing. Feel free to add your own ideas about where they end up.)
  • Jossed. I guess they wanted to keep their options open for a spin-off.

Stan and the other survivors set up the barrier around the town.
  • Learning how from the photocopy he made of Journal 3, using Celesaibellebethabelle's hair, hence her presence in the Mystery Shack.
    • Jossed. Ford mentions that it's a naturally occurring part of the town.

Bill will mention Dipper's real name in the finale.
This will really annoy Dipper and will incite him to do something. Or someone like Mabel will instead, and he won't mind at all.
  • Or perhaps Dipper will make a Heroic Sacrifice that results in a Disney Death, causing people to think he's dead at first and someone shouts his real name.
    • Unfortunately jossed. Dipper's name is one of the only questions left unanswered.
      • Actually, in Journal 3 it’s revealed that Dipper’s real name is Mason.

The barrier around the town was set up by Time Baby and the Time Police.
  • This was a contingency plan in case convincing Bill to leave didn't work. This way, Weirdmaggedon is contained and should the catastrophe Time Baby mentioned would happen came to pass, only Gravity Falls would get destroyed, thus sparing the rest of the universe.

In the Grand Finale, if there is Ship Tease of any sort...
It will mostly be limited to stolen glances, seeing as time is clearly of the essence in the Finale. The pair (Dipper and Pacifica, Soos and Wendy, Nameless Guy and his pet/wife the Woodpecker, ect.) might or might not have a quiet scene together, maybe a private pep-talk the night before the battle, and likely resolve their shipping after the climax.

Ford will die in the finale
He has been like a mentor and idol to Dipper in much of his appearances, especially "Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future". Something will happen and Dipper must decide whether to continue his work or follow Mabel home... Or Soos will continue Ford's legacy.
  • Jossed

Bill will be defeated by synthesizer music.
In Dreamscaperers, Bill said that synthesized music hurts. Perhaps this will be what ultimately destroys him.
  • Jossed. It was the mind eraser gun

There will be a Sequel Series called "Piedmont".

Stan was totally pulling everyone's legs.
As much as Stan can be a nice guy to his family and clearly loves them, let's not ignore the fact that he's always had a pretty dickbag sense of humor, especially where they're concerned ("You two get hit by a bus or someting? Ha!"). During the scene where they're trying to get him to remember, he can, briefly, be seen wearing a distinctly "I'm-trying-so-hard-not-to-laugh-right-now" smile. Destroying Bill with the Memory Gun may not have erased his memories, as all of the energy from the blast could have converged on Bill instead; Ford wouldn't know this, because destroying Bill with the gun is unprecedented (it's not exactly like he had other Chaos Gods to test it on). Nope, Stan woke up with his memories and decided it would be funny as hell to dick with everyone for a while, and being the master con artist he is, was able to play it convincingly... until he was surprised by Waddles and made the mistake of calling the pig by name, simply by instinct. He decided to keep it going as best he could and play it of as him beginning to remember.

The party during Double Dipper took place on the anniversary of Stanford's disappearance
Grunkle Stan secretly hosted the party in memory of his missing brother and used the "might make some money" thing as an excuse so that he wouldn't have to explain what happened.
  • Except Ford disappeared during the dead of winter, as seen in "A Tale of Two Stans".

Possible futures for the various characters (careers, family, etc.)
  • Dipper
    • Dipper will probably go into journalism, working as an editor for a local newspaper, or maybe taking up Toby's spot as the editor of the Gravity Falls Gossiper. He would find love with someone in Gravity Falls and raise a family with a new set of Mystery Twins. He would later start writing his own journals when he starts finding new occurrences that the author never cataloged. All the while , he is staying in touch with his sister.
    • Dipper will use his knowledge of the supernatural and weird to gain a career as the host of a popular television series called Dipper Pines' Guide to the Unexplained. He regularly highlights things that remind him of Gravity Falls, but he eventually decides to end the show after a few seasons due to Executive Meddling pushing him to exclusively be about hunting for Bigfoot. He begins to publish books about his theories on the supernatural and goes to Gravity Falls for a publicity launch/book signing for his first novel. There, a mysterious figure warns him of signs of Bill returning, which sets him on a quest to prevent it from happening and recruits his friends to help him.
    • Dipper will get into manual labour jobs and enjoy chopping wood as a hobby, which is how he bulks up into a manly lumberjack bod.
  • Mabel
    • Mabel will probably stay in Piedmont as a veterinarian as she has become a lover of all animals. Getting to work with animals all day is earning her a fair paycheck, and in her free time has taken up painting. She's still living on her own, but she is always searching for the perfect guy. She'll be keeping tabs with her brother, however.
    • Mabel decides to move to Gravity Falls after she finishes a course at a community college in California, where she helps Soos run the Mystery Shack as he cares for his children and further aging aubuelita. Under her leadership it becomes a much bigger success than Stan could have ever hoped for thanks to various new attractions and features that turn it from a tourist trap to a specific place where people travel to experience. She finally finds a steady boyfriend in a traveler from another country who came to study in Oregon, who immigrated to the US permanently in order to stay with her.
    • Mabel finishes her degree in Philosophy and becomes a journalist after she realized how cute she'd be as one.
  • Stan and Ford
    • They will probably continue to travel travel the ocean after they find the source of the disturbance they investigated at the end of the series. They will retire soon after that, living in a retirement home together. As they die, Stan will want to be buried on the Mystery Shack property to preserve his legacy, while Ford will want to be buried in a family plot back in Glass Shard Beach. In their wills, Stan will leave any of his money to Mabel, while Ford will give all of his work to Dipper
    • The two will go on tons of adventures on the way to the arctic, where they accidentally change the course of history by accidentally killing the unfrozen Time Baby. This causes a massive paradox that they have to fix with several time travelers, including Blendin. They ultimately restore the timeline with Time Baby, but it now runs as a parallel reality to the one they live in. Ford decides that they should try to stick to more "low key" adventures, which they do for a few more years before there age begins to catch up with them and they live out their last days making amends with everyone they ever considered friends.
  • Wendy
    • Wendy is a very natural girl, so she'd probably end up as a park ranger in the forest surrounding Gravity Falls. Doing so, she'll stay close to home while also getting to work near nature, putting her skills as a lumberjack to work. As she continues to live in Gravity Falls, she'll be a regular visitor to the Mystery shack, staying friends with Soos and Dipper.
    • Wendy will stay in Gravity Falls and be an Honorary Aunt to Soos's kids. Things go south for her family when Manly Dan goes missing under mysterious circumstances and can't be found by anyone, not even Ford or government investigators. Her brothers, being the numbskulls they are, go into denial and act as if everything is fine while Wendy is forced to take over Dan's lumberjack business and work part-time jobs on the side. This ingratiates Wendy to many Gravity Falls citizens, who decide to pool their money to help Wendy out of her financial predicament and allow her to leave her brothers to take care of themselves. She then decides to start a new job that she enjoys where she won't have to deal with her brothers and their antics. As a Call-Back to her love for the music festival, she'll take over the local theatre and use her wit to convince bands from around the country to put on performances in Gravity Falls.
  • Soos
    • Soos will continue to own and run the Mystery Shack. He'll be married to Melanie with a son that he spends every waking moment with, knowing the mistakes his dad made. He'll be making all the money he needs, and anything extra he'd probably donate to those who need it. Soos will keep running the Shack until the day he dies, when he'll pass it down to his son. After he dies, there will be a large funeral as he is buried next to his personal hero on the property of the Shack.
    • Mine is pretty much the same as the above, but I posit that Soos and Melanie will have lots of kids (not Loud House level, but still a lot more than average) and will end up needing help with things art the Shack from Mabel.
  • Gideon
    • Gideon will continue to run the Tent of Telepathy, using his old gimmicky ways to draw crowds. They know its fake, but it's still a good show. He might soon move on from that and begin using his voice more legitimately. He would soon begin to star on the newest Broadway musical, Psychic.
    • Gideon tries to live normally for a while, but soon realizes that he enjoys performing onstage too much to give it up. He becomes a dancer and singer on Broadway in his young adulthood before maturing and gaining a respect for what happens behind the scenes. He becomes a director and choreographer instead. He creates a musical called The Amulet about a man who became possessed by a magic amulet in his efforts to make his tourist trap a success, only to lose it due to his obsession with a woman and eventually goes to work on Broadway.
  • Robbie and Tambry
    • After breaking up Robbie V and the Tombstones, Robbie and Tambry kinda fell off the grid together. They were last seen driving off in Robbie's van, yelling that they would be the next big thing in rock and roll. Nobody really knows where they went, and they lost touch with everyone else. There is a rumor that they're married and playing together at a bar somewhere in New Jersey.
    • Robbie and Tambry stay together into adulthood and inherit his parents' business after they die. Instead of keeping it going, he sells the business to someone else and they move to Portland, where they open a hair salon. They have a daughter together.
  • Pacifica and the Northwests
    • Pacifica proceeded to inherit Northwest Manor, continuing the tradition of throwing a grand party every year. Unlike her parents, however, she would always include the townsfolk. Living right outside Gravity Falls has helped her to stay in touch with her friends at the Mystery Shack, and especially keeping up with Dipper. He and the rest of the Pines family were even the guests of honor at her latest event.
    • Alternatively, since her family was exposed as frauds, her parents' control over her would get worse and she could be relentlessly bullied at school and/or forced into an Arranged Marriage. She would eventually just run away from home and eventually meet up with Dipper. They would fall in love and raise twins.
    • Pacifica becomes a successful entrepreneur after getting far enough out of Preston's controlling grip. After using her money to become pretty close to how wealthy she was before, she uses her money to help fund a political career where she helps and gives back to the common people her ancestors so amply detested. After getting enough experience to be considered a responsible politician, Pacifica runs for Governor of Oregon, only to pulled back into the strangeness of the world by Dipper, who fears that a new threat is coming.
    • Pacifica uses the rest of her inherited money to open up stuff like homeless shelters and charity giveaways for the poor within Gravity Falls, never really leaving the place.
  • Fiddleford Mcgucket
    • He moved on to be a major financial donor for Backupsmore University, boosting it from an unimportant community college to an accredited state university. He began to teach a class on advanced engineering and became one of the most beloved professors at the college. He died after ten years due to his old age.
  • Blubs & Durland
    • After starting to take their jobs seriously, the two were promoted to be the leaders of the GFPD. They soon became the first homosexual married couple in Gravity Falls. They served together for thirty years before retiring and moving to Fiji together, where they would live the rest of their lives.
  • Candy
    • After the summer ended, Candy went off to band camp. Throughout her highschool career, Candy was the first-chair flautist and one of the best players in the band. She went on to teach music at Gravity Falls High, leading new generations into the pursuit of music. She spends her free time playing pit for the local theater
  • Grenda and Marius
    • Grenda proceeded to get married to Marius. However, an international incident cost his family millions, making him broke. The pair moved back to America so they could make a living for themselves. While Marius is working with dignity as a grocery store cashier, Grenda is trying something a little crazy. She signed on as a professional wrestler, and found that she's actually really good at it. She has an undefeated record and has won 126 fights, earning a name for herself in the pro circuit. They are currently living happily together in Missouri.
  • Nate, Lee, and Thompson
    • After graduating high school, the three decided to go to college together. Thompson decided to study cinematography and filmmaking, Lee went into business, and Nate focused on writing. The three ended up being roommates together and grew as friends. Even in adulthood, they still keep in touch, bonding over making fun of Thompson.
  • Blendin
    • Blendin went on, as the sole survivor of the Time Anomaly Removal Crew, to actually travel a few centuries into the future to found it. He spent his life trying to maintain the time loop by leaving everything the same as it once was. He continued to train his newest recruits, Lolph and Dundgren, until they were ready to become field agents. Blendin was later demoted for his mistakes, but was still remembered as the founder of the organization.
  • Toby Determined and Shandra Jimenez
    • They moved on from the Gravity Falls Gossiper, preferring to work in TV news. As co-anchors of the 6 o'clock Gravity Falls news, they kept the public updated on the new supernatural occurrences in the city. Their next big story would be about the return of town hero Dipper Pines, who was coming back as a guest of honor at the Northwest Manor Gala.
  • Blind Ivan
    • After being brainwashed by Mabel, he went on as Toot-toot McBumbersnazzle to be one of the greatest banjo players the world had ever seen. Within three years, he had already released a hit record and was invited to play in the annual Woodstock Festival, where he would win over the crowds with his cheerful music.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pines
    • They stayed in Piedmont for the rest of their lives. After raising Dipper and Mabel to adulthood, they decided to retire and stay in Piedmont. After having their house paid off, they continued to live there. In their old age, they were cared for by Mabel, while Dipper decided to live in another state. He still comes by to visit them, however, and the family is still doing well.

Dipper was on Drugs the Whole Time
That explains why there was so many weird things like ghosts and stuff. At the end of the show, when Dipper and Mabel were asleep, they weren't sleeping, they overdosed on drugs. It also explains the stuff like the mushroom he made into jam, it was actually psilocybin.
  • ...No. Just no. It's fiction. Anything can happen. You can literally make this exact same theory for any show, book, movie etc. and add a "twist" to it such as it being a dream or whatever. Also, Dipper is a kid so I find it very unlikely that he would do any drugs during his time on the show, if at all in his life after it. Plus, the Percepshrooms aren't real as they were items in a story that Stan made up, and did not appear in the real life Journal 3. There is flat-out no evidence for this.

Mabel's Scrapbook will be defictionalized
Similar to how Journal 3 was made into a real book, Mabel's Scrapbook will be released as a special 10th Anniversary item. The scrapbook will contain articles written by Mabel about her times at Gravity Falls, including some adventures that weren't shown in the series. Like the time when Dipper and Mabel challenged a space lizard to a dog sled race. The scrapbook will also contain pages written by Grunkle Stan, Dipper, Soos, and Grunkle Ford.

The series will get a Big Damn Movie sometime in the future
Phineas and Ferb got revived on Disney+ with Candace Against the Universe, so Disney's not against reviving their older cartoons. Gravity Falls, despite ending five years ago, is massively popular still, even with it being somewhat overshadowed now with the other Disney cartoons like Amphibia, Big City Greens and The Owl House. So naturally, Gravity Falls, the thing that started the main revival of Disney cartoons, should be next in line right?

Soos’s Grandma is actually his mom.
  • The only thing holding this theory up is...
    • There has been records of women giving birth in advanced ages.
    • We get no such idea of his mom.
    • Notice how when his grandma started ranting about his father she referred to him as “A dead beat” and “She would tear him limb from limb if he showed his face around there”. That sounds like something a woman left to take care of a child would say Or for the sake of an argument a very angry mother in law about her dead beat son in law.