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Here lies the recap page for Gravity Falls. Beware—the pages will almost certainly contain unmarked spoilers. TRUST NO ONE!

Season 1 — June

  1. "Tourist Trapped": Dipper and Mabel's trip to Gravity Falls turns weird when Dipper finds a mysterious old journal, and Mabel discovers her new boyfriend Norman's bizarre secret.
  2. "The Legend of the Gobblewonker": Grunkle Stan drags Dipper and Mabel to the lake for a fishing trip, but the two are more interested in teaming up with Soos to find a lake monster.
  3. "Headhunters": Grunkle Stan re-opens the Mystery Shack's long-lost wax museum, now including a lifelike dummy of himself. But when a vandal decapitates Wax Stan and steals his head, Dipper and Mabel decide to investigate.
  4. "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel": Mabel strikes up a friendship with "Li'l" Gideon Gleeful, Stan's fiercest rival. When Gideon insists on taking their relationship in a more serious direction, Dipper steps in, only to discover Gideon is a lot more dangerous than he appears.
  5. "The Inconveniencing": Dipper and Mabel tag along with Wendy and her rowdy friends on a trip to an abandoned convenience store. Dipper struggles to impress the teens (especially Wendy, on whom he has a budding crush), but has to put both his life and his dignity on the line when the store turns out to be haunted.
  6. "Dipper vs. Manliness": Feeling inadequate after he fails to score on a strength-testing machine, Dipper decides to be more manly. He receives training designed to toughen him up from the mighty "Manotaurs", but finds himself reluctant to complete the final challenge. Meanwhile, Mabel tries to make Grunkle Stan more presentable so he can score a date with "Lazy" Susan, one of the waitresses at Greasy's Diner.
  7. "Double Dipper": Stan throws a party at the Mystery Shack, and Dipper makes use of a magic photocopy machine that can clone people in order to carry out a complicated plan to ask Wendy to dance. Meanwhile, Mabel befriends some local girls (Huge Schoolgirl Grenda and Asian and Nerdy Candy) and competes for title of "Party Queen" against Pacifica Northwest, the richest girl in town.
  8. "Irrational Treasure": When Pacifica teases Mabel for being "silly" at the Pioneer Day carnival, Dipper decides to get back at her by investigating a rumor that her ancestor, Nathaniel Northwest, wasn't the real founder of Gravity Falls.
  9. "The Time Traveler's Pig": When an accident at the "Mystery Fair" leads to Wendy going out with local punk jerk Robbie Valentino, Dipper uses a stolen time machine to get a "do-over". Meanwhile, Mabel adopts and bonds with an adorable pig she names Waddles.
  10. "Fight Fighters": Mad about a twelve-year old trying to steal his girlfriend's attention, Robbie challenges Dipper to a fight. With the help of a strange secret code, Dipper brings to life Rumble McSkirmish, a character from Dipper's favorite fighting game, to act as his body guard. Meanwhile, Mabel tries to get Grunkle Stan to face his fear of heights.
  11. "Little Dipper": When Mabel starts giving him a hard time for being a millimeter shorter than her, Dipper uses some size-altering crystals he found in the journal to make himself taller. Unfortunately, the crystal falls into the hands of Gideon, who shrinks the twins and plots to use the crystal in his plan to steal the Mystery Shack.
  12. "Summerween": Dipper and Mabel are eager to celebrate Summerween, a "second Halloween" celebrated by the citizens of Gravity Falls. But Dipper's fears of looking childish by being caught trick-or-treating lead him to provoke the Summerween Trickster, who challenges Dipper, Mabel, and their friends to collect 500 pieces of candy in one night. Meanwhile, Stan tries to scare some trick-or-treaters who are resistant to his usual tricks.
  13. "Boss Mabel": Tired of seeing Grunkle Stan boss around his employees, Mabel makes a bet with him that she can make more money running the Mystery Shack with kindness. Unfortunately, Mabel's soft touch leads to a series of disasters, including a fear-causing monster getting loose in the Mystery Shack.
  14. "Bottomless Pit!": When the Mystery Shack crew gets stuck in the Shack's bottomless pit, they pass the time falling with a series of short stories involving Dipper trying to alter his voice, Soos getting sucked into a cursed pinball machine, and Mabel using magic dentures to force Stan to be more honest.
  15. "The Deep End": Dipper gets a part-time job at the town swimming pool in order to spend more time with Wendy. Meanwhile, Mabel discovers that a handsome young man who spends all day in the pool is secretly a mer-man who longs to be reunited with his family, and Stan feuds with Gideon over possession of the perfect poolside chair.
  16. "Carpet Diem": During an argument over a newly-discovered spare room in the Mystery Shack, Dipper and Mabel accidentally swap bodies thanks to a mysterious static electricity-powered carpet.
  17. "Boyz Crazy": Mabel, Candy, and Grenda discover that their favorite boy band is a group of clones held captive by their wicked producer, and try to help them earn their freedom. Meanwhile, Dipper suspects that Robbie is using mind control to manipulate Wendy.
  18. "The Land Before Swine": When Waddles the pig is abducted by a pterodactyl, the Mystery Shack crew chases it down to a lost world beneath Gravity Falls. But some tension caused by secrets held between the team threatens the group's mission.
  19. "Dreamscaperers": Gideon tries to steal the deed to the Mystery Shack, and to get the combination summons a sinister "dream demon" named Bill Cipher to invade Stan's mind. Dipper, Mabel, and Soos journey into Stan's mind to stop Bill, and along the way Dipper discovers what his great uncle really thinks of him.
  20. "Gideon Rises": Gideon manages to steal the Mystery Shack, and things are looking grim, especially when Dipper loses Journal 3, Gideon comes dangerously close to discovering the Shack's biggest secret, and Grunkle Stan may be forced to send the kids home.

Season 2 — July/August

  1. "Scary-oke": The Mystery Shack's grand re-opening is threatened by two government agents investigating the town, and Dipper accidentally summoning a horde of music-hating zombies.
  2. "Into the Bunker": Dipper struggles with whether or not to confess his crush to Wendy during a mission into a mysterious bunker built by the Author of the Journals.
  3. "The Golf War": Mabel and Pacifica face off in a late-night game of miniature golf, and Dipper convinces Mabel to enlist a band of tiny golf-ball people in giving her an edge.
  4. "Sock Opera": While trying to crack the code on an old laptop computer, Dipper is tricked into a deal with Bill Cipher while Mabel is distracted trying to impress a boy with an elaborate puppet show.
  5. "Soos and the Real Girl": Soos tries to get a date in time for his cousin's engagement party, but when he tries using a dating sim to improve his ability to talk to women, he discovers that the game's love interest is very real, and very possessive.
  6. "Little Gift Shop of Horrors": Stan regales a lost tourist with a series of "Tales Designed to Sell My Merchandise", which include Stan's encounter with a hand-stealing witch, Waddles becoming a super-genius, and Mabel being forced to confront her fear of stop-motion.
  7. "Society of the Blind Eye": Dipper and his friends suspect that local kook Fiddleford "Old Man" McGucket is more than he lets on, and their investigation leads them to the lair of a memory-stealing secret society.
  8. "Blendin's Game": Time traveler Blendin Blandin seeks revenge on Dipper and Mabel, interrupting their attempts to cheer Soos up and find out why he hates his birthday.
  9. "The Love God": Mabel tries to cheer up Robbie by finding him a new date, and resorts to stealing a potion from an eccentric Love God in order to make the match happen.
  10. "Northwest Mansion Mystery": Dipper investigates a haunting at the Northwest Mansion, and discovers that the Northwests are even more ruthless than they seem... except, oddly enough, for Mabel's former rival Pacifica.
  11. "Not What He Seems": Stan's deepest secrets are brought to light when the government has him arrested, and Dipper and Mabel's attempt to clear his name only makes Stan seem more and more suspicious.
  12. "A Tale of Two Stans": Stan is reunited with his long-lost brother, who sheds some light on Stan's troubled past and the mystery behind the Journals.
  13. "Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons": Dipper bonds with an unlikely friend over a shared passion for a nerdy tabletop role-playing game, only to run into trouble when the game's flagship villain is brought into their world.
  14. "The Stanchurian Candidate": Stan runs against his old rival Bud Gleeful for the position of Mayor of Gravity Falls, and the kids resort to a mind-control tie to keep Stan from shooting his mouth off on the campaign trail.
  15. "The Last Mabelcorn": In order to protect the Mystery Shack from Bill Cipher's influence, Mabel must prove she's pure of heart and collect the magical hair of a hard-to-impress unicorn.
  16. "Roadside Attraction": Dipper tries to lose his lingering feelings for Wendy on a road trip with Grunkle Stan by learning how to talk to girls, while Candy falls in and out of love with Dipper.
  17. "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future": While Dipper goes on a secret mission, Mabel's attempt to set up a birthday party leaves her terrified of growing up.
  18. "Weirdmageddon Part 1": Bill Cipher escapes into the mortal realm, and Dipper struggles to find allies in a world turned upside-down.
  19. "Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape from Reality": Dipper, Wendy, and Soos try to break Mabel out of a colorful illusion world that's too good to be true, while Bill tries to spread his influence across the planet.
  20. "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls": Dipper, Mabel, and all their friends and allies prepare for the ultimate battle against Bill Cipher and his hench-maniacs.


  1. "Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained": Dipper investigates a series of strange phenomena, including a candy-stealing monster, Stan's mysterious tattoo, a magical mailbox, a man whose right side has never been seen, a giant tooth found by the lakeside, and a monster that avoids all attempts to be seen.
  2. "Mabel's Guide to Life": Mabel offers advice on a variety of subjects, including romance, stickers, fashion, color, and art.
  3. "Fixin' It With Soos": Soos produces some home videos of him fixing up stuff around the Mystery Shack.
  4. TV Shorts: Mabel and Stan enjoy the bizarre programs found on Gravity Falls public access TV channel.
  5. "Mabel's Scrapbook": Mabel shares some all-new Pines family adventures from her scrapbook.



  • "Between the Pines": In anticipation of the series finale, Alex Hirsch and Time Baby provide trivia on Gravity Falls.
  • "Pilot": The original pilot for the series. An early version of "Tourist Trapped", made by Alex Hirsch in 2010 and released to the public in 2016 as a reward for completing a puzzle during the Cipher Hunt.