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Ho Yay / Gravity Falls

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Sure are a lot of stars out tonight...note 

Dipper Pines

  • Bill and Dipper get one moment in "Sock Opera". Their first meeting involves Bill insisting that Dipper missed him and how he (Bill) liked him. He also is touchy-feely toward him in this episode, even touching his lower back with a smug look.

Mabel Pines

  • Wendy and Mabel have had Ho Yay, like when they were alone in "Society of the Blind Eye". Especially the "Forget about guys" line and Wendy going so far as to pretend to be a guy Mabel can practice her lines on.
  • Mabel shouting "Where dem sweet honeys at?" while trying to find a date for Soos in "Soos and the Real Girl".

Stan and Soos

  • When Stan offers Dipper and Mabel a kiss on the cheek, Soos says he would like one.
  • In "Dreamscaperers", Soos finds a memory of Stan roller skating in short-shorts and says he doesn't look half-bad.
  • "The Golf War" has Stan recline his seat and listen to some music. Soos does the same and comments on how there "sure are a lot of stars out tonight" (pictured). Soos is not wearing a shirt at the time. Stan points out that the situation has gotten weird and leaves.
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  • Soos's goal in life is to get adopted by Stan and change his name to Stan Jr. Considering the other examples, this starts becoming Freudian.

The Author and Bill Cipher

  • In "The Last Mabelcorn", Although Bill was an Evil Former Friend/False Friend, the two of them once worked together as partners and The Author considered him a close friend. During their partnership, he willingly allowed Bill to possess him as he pleased, and upon finding out he was being manipulated all along felt devastated and betrayed. Even afterwards Bill acts almost flirty towards him, putting his arm around him, ruffling his hair and flicking his nose playfully. No wonder the idea of shipping them is now trending something fierce.
  • The Author basically seemed to worship Bill. The walls in his study are plastered with drawings of Bill, hidden behind tapestries of Bill. The windows are Bill-shaped, there's a carpet with Bill on it, which the author used for meditation... he even has an ornate golden statue of Bill.
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  • Even after how badly their relationship soured and the Author's reaction to Bill the last time they met, Bill still offers him a place amongst his brethren (admittedly to revel in the chaos and anguish of the human world and not before insulting him again, but it's the thought that counts).
  • Ford's comment in the Real Life Journal #3, saying that Bill will seduce his victims. Granted he was talking about flattery, but still!
  • While all the other residents of Gravity Falls are turned to stone and stacked into Bill's throne, Ford alone is turned to gold and carried around by Bill for various (and admittedly insulting) purposes.
  • In "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls", The Author is freed from his golden form... and has a glowing blue chain around his neck while Bill talks to him. In context, it's definitely Not What It Looks Like. To push things even further, the Author wakes up in a fancy enclosed room to Bill playing the piano, serenading about them meeting again, and sipping time punch out of a wine glass. The song Bill chose is "We'll Meet Again" by Ross Parker, which is a Love Song.

The Author and Fiddleford McGucket

  • There isn't much Ho Yay for these two in the series alone, not considering that hug in Weirdmageddon 3 but there is a lot of stuff in Gravity Falls: Journal 3. Some of the gayer quotes from the Journal include:
    "I am overcome with emotion. The sight of my old classmate upon my doorstep has filled my heart with such joy and gratitude."
    "Not only is this man's mind superior to mine, but he's also got one of the kindest hearts I've ever seen."
  • The Author refers to his "friend" as the "man I once held so dear"
  • The password to F's laptop is STANFORD.


  • Tyler the Cute Biker always cheers on Manly Dan. This isn't helped by the fact that Tyler is Ambiguously Gay, and leaps into Manly Dan's arms in the finale.
  • In "Gideon Rises", Jeff the Gnome is told that Gideon is a beautiful girl and continues to believe so even after meeting him in person, caressing his hands and telling him that they are soft...
  • Wendy's friends Lee and Nate. Only fueled more after "The Love God", where Lee is mad at Nate for not telling him about his crush on Tambry. They stop talking to each other until the end of the episode, where they playfully punch each other's shoulder.
  • The Stinger in "Northwest Mansion Mystery" where the two agents pretend to be a couple, and even when they drop the act, they begin to bicker like a married couple. Tambry walks in, but then immediately walks out saying she's not going to ask.
  • A comical example after Wendy breaks Ghost Eyes' arm:
    Gideon: Ghost Eyes! My hench-angel!
  • In the spin-off Don't Color This Book!, there's a two-page spread dedicated to "Mabel's Future Match-Making Projects", which include Blind Ivan and the Tattooed Bouncer, Toby Determined and his Life Coach, and Quentin Trembley and America Guy.