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Recap / The Great North

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The recap page of The Great North.

Season One

  1. "Sexi Moose Adventure": The Tobins' plan to celebrate Judy's 16th birthday on their fishing boat goes awry when a moose breaks into their home.
  2. "Feast of Not People Adventure": Judy is worried that she and Ham are growing apart when she discovers he's been keeping a secret from her. The rest of the family participates in a town festival.
  3. "Avocado Barter Adventure": Wolf tries to find the perfect six-month anniversary gift for Honeybee; Judy interviews Honeybee for the school newspaper and learns about her thrilling early years in Fresno, Calif.
  4. "Romantic Meat-Based Adventure": Worried that she’s inherited Beef’s fear of romance, Judy forces her dad to get back out there by attending a meat auction and singles mixer in the hopes of bringing home a new love, and also maybe some sausages.
  5. "Curl Interrupted Adventure": Beef enlists Judy to help coach his adult curling team.
  6. "Pride & Prejudice Adventure": Judy asks her crush to the most romantic dance of the school year, not realizing he's got eyes for someone else. Meanwhile, Beef's Brother, Brian, comes up for a visit from Anchorage.


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