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All the paranormal and supernatural characters in the show. Most of them are non-human creatures, along with some unusual humans.

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    Bill Cipher 
Bill actually is a case of You Cannot Grasp the True Form.
Simply,his regular form is the form he ocassionaly takes to enter in contact with humans,while his One-Winged Angel form on the finale is the closest a human can grasp of his true form.

Bill's people would all be able to warp one aspect of out reality if they gained access to it.
But it's only silly, specific, things like 'the speed of hair growth' or 'altering the distance of the lines on your ruler'.

Bill Cipher is a symbol of Greed
He is golden, he is the Providence Eye from the dollar, he says "Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!"

Bill Cipher will regenerate
Before Bill Cipher's defeat, if you play the scene in reverse, you hear him say those words:
  • Axolotl
  • My time has come to burn
  • I invoke the ancient power
  • That I may return
The word axolotl don't seem to have been chosen randomly, since this specie of salamander is often quoted as an example when someone talks about stem cells. This is because of axolotl's ability to regenerate. Their limbs, their heads, even part of their brain can grow back. Now, when you take into account the fact that Bill Cipher, a demon associated with mind and subconscious, invoked the ancient power of a creature that can replace parts of his brain, and that Stan miraculously gained his memory back in a way that seemed quite unrealistic, there's a big chance that Bill Cipher is still alive inside Stan's head .

Bill Cipher is, or was, a human being, or part of one at least.
Bill Cipher may just be someone from the 'real' world who somehow lost his physical form and became trapped in the Mindscape. It was very interesting how Bill, a supposed all-powerful demon, had that possession scene with the puppet - almost as if the writers were deliberately highlighting how Bill and the disembodied Dipper had the same pathetic level of control over reality from the Mindscape. Besides possession (which we know disembodied humans are capable of via Dipper), Bill's only powers in the real world seem to be probability vision and surveillance, which could easily be abilities granted by his environment in the Mindscape. I imagine that if you're in the Mindscape (a place whose very name suggests it is connected to everyone's minds) and you can manage to figure out how it works enough to pretend to be a deity, you can probably get a good view of everyone's mental decisions and the possibilities they didn't choose. We don't know exactly what the average person is capable of in the Mindscape, and only saw briefly a couple of the powers, impressive though they were.

What we do know is that the average person's power in the Mindscape is seemingly limited only by their awareness of that power. Shapeshifting, space manipulation, levitation, anything one can imagine, it's possible to manipulate. If a normal human has so much power in the Mindscape, why is Bill granted the distinguishing term "demon?" It's possible Bill's just been in the Mindscape so long he's learned a lot more tricks to manipulating it, or become more connected to it somehow from the long duration. If this is true, then the only real difference between Bill and our protagonists is simply years of experience.

  • More info to back this theory up and/or and a very interesting twist on it: during the AMA, a user called Archivemod asked "Do you know what spawned your existence?" Bill replied that "Edwin Abbott Abbott has a good idea." Edwin Abbott Abbott was a relatively obscure man, only made famous decades after his death by Albert Einstein's appreciation for his book, Flatland. Flatland is the story of a people that live on a 2D plane and are unable to comprehend 3D. In fact, their 2D nature makes them unable to properly understand 3D individuals when they come into contact with them, and therefore they never have to admit they exist because they cannot see them. One of these 2D people, however, is taken by a 3D individual into the realm of 3D, where he learns to comprehend what previously could not be understood by his kind. However, upon his return he no longer fits in among the 2D people, having seen the world through an extra dimension they could never comprehend. They, in turn, believe him insane. Abbott also wrote religious novels, in particular expressing a theory on what exactly evil was. In one of his many books he discusses the idea that external things cannot make men evil, but instead that impurities come "out of the heart of men," and mentions in particular that this creates "an evil eye." I wonder which parts Bill believes reflects his own origins? Either way, this seems to imply that Bill has some origin in humanity.
  • This fits in with another idea of mine. It occured to me that Bill may have been acting so spazztic while possessing Dipper because he wanted Dipper to be freaking out. If Dipper was able to calm down and think logically, he may have realized that Bill normally has the same weaknesses Dipper did when he was disembodied, or that, since Dipper was in the Mindscape now, he now had access to the same abilities he used in Dreamscaperers, even if only Bill could see them.
  • This theory appears to be partially Jossed, as Bill seems to be an ancient evil entity older than the world Gravity Falls takes place in. Though we don't know the scope of his powers of the mind, so some variety of Time Travel or dimension warping could always be in effect.
    • However, Ford states that Bill is a being that is older than the physical universe.
Bill Cipher is not evil. It's all a misunderstanding. And there's also an unseen Greater-Scope Villain.
I might make some huge mistakes here (I just finished Season 1 -also, English is not my first language...), but I think that Bill is not really a villain.First of all, let's just assume that Stan, his brother (?) and the Author were all part of a secret society ( Stan's tatoo would be this society's symbol) located in Gravity Falls. The members of this society were not evil; instead, they were some kind of scientists. They eventually discovered that GF is a "bridge-like" place for another dimension. Being curious scientists, they quickly theorized a way to open a portal ( Stan's portal-like machine in the Mystery Shack?) so they could visit/study this unknown dimension. During all of this, the Author was taking notes in his books, as every kind of supernatural "thing" arrived in GF through the portal. Things started to change when a powerful being, Bill Cipher, emerged from the portal. As the books seem to indicate, the triangle-shaped demon was friendly at first, but not for long. The demon wanted the society to leave and close the portal once and for all as "a darkness was coming". As they refused, Bill mentally scarred almost every member of the society (including the Author, who continued to update his books though). Stan's brother eventually pulled off an Heroic Sacrifice at some point and he and Bill were both sent in the other dimension. Years pass, the books were hidden, etc. etc.So, what's the point? First of all, Bill is not a villain (heck, there is *no* real villain at all). He is the guardian of the barrier/portal between our dimensions. He acts crazy, but he's not evil. He's protecting our world by any means possible (including possessing the body of a 12-years old kid, yes): in the other dimension, there's in fact a war-like scenario going on. A war against a Greater-Scope Villain, a darkness-like Eldritch Abomination who would destroy our entire world and Bill (and his... "people"?) is the only thing that stands between that thing and us. The "big plans" that Bill mentions is the "war" finally ending and the ultimate defeat of this darkness. The last thing that the triangle-demon needs is a group of curious humans who could inadvertently "free" this Greater-Scope Villain from his dimension, bringing the supernatural-sized war in our silly world.
  • Never mind. As for 'Not What He Seems', I guess this was spectacularly Jossed.
  • Definitely Jossed as of the events of Weirdmageddon. Not only has he spread chaos across the entire area of Gravity Falls, he's enjoying every bit of it.

Bill is Walt Disney's soul.
  • He knows "Lots of things" because he still has all of Walt's memories of when he was alive, as well as everything that happened to his company since he died.
  • Jossed; according to his Reddit AMA, he's implied to be old enough that the pyramids were based on him. So either he's much older or Walt would need a reason to time travel back there.

Bill's circle.
This is just a theory of what the symbols on Bill's circle represent.
  • Pine tree - Dipper; Confirmed
  • Shooting star - Mabel; Confirmed
  • Question mark - Soos; Confirmed
  • Pac-man symbol - Stan; It is on his hat after all.
    • Confirmed
  • Pentagram - Gideon; This is the symbol that's on his Tent of Telepathy.
    • Confirmed
  • Bag of ice - Wendy; She does have a cool personality and her first major episode took place in a convenience store.
    • Don't forget the ice at the fair and the cooler on the roof!
    • Confirmed
  • Stitched heart - Robbie; This symbol does appear on his sweat shirt.
    • Confirmed
  • Six fingered hand - The author of the books; It's obviously him, since the symbol is on the books, we just don't know who he is.
    • Confirmed
  • Llama - Wendy's dad or some one equally tough; Larry King's head did say llamas were nature's greatest warriors, so it would have to be someone powerful.
    • Maybe Grenda could be the llama...
    • It could be Gompers the goat. See theories below.
    • Wax Larry King is a strong candidate for this one. The llama on the wheel is mirror-reversed from the one on Mabel's sweater. Mabel was holding the sweater up to the mirror when Wax Larry endorsed it, thus identifying himself with that version of the image. Expect to see more of Larry in the next season.
    • Lebam, a mirror doppelganger of Mabel created by Gideon from a sample of her hair (and her llama hair sweater). There is considerable evidence for the existence of this character. See theories by "The Sqoou" on You Tube.
    • Pacifica. We've only seen the sweater, but not anyone wearing it. If Mabel and Pacifica do eventually become friends, maybe Mabel will reward her with the sweater for doing something brave?
      • Confirmed
      • Given the llama motif in "Northwest Mansion Mystery," particularly highlighted in this screenshot/official blog post, Pacifica is looking even more like a reasonable candidate.
  • Sunglasses - I dunno, maybe Blubs; He's the only character with sunglasses. Blendin could also be an option since his goggles cover his eyes.
    • ...and Candy could be the glasses.
    • I'd like to point out that when Gideon summoned Bill to go into Stan's mind, there was a little arrow pointing at the glasses.
      • That was a big X over his eyes, basically symbolizing "Kill Stan."
      • Well yes, on the picture in the middle of the summoning circle the glasses on Stan's face where crossed out, but what the other troper was referring to is probably the fact that Gideon's book on summoning Bill had an arrow pointing to the glasses symbol in the circle.
    • There is currently a popular fan theory (with a surprising amount of evidence) that Grunkle Stan has a twin brother, and that the glasses represent said brother.
    • The glasses look like they have a frame line on top but not the bottom, like the Stan they disturbed when time-traveling (and the glasses in the secret room with the carpet). It could be the hypothetical twin of Stan.
    • Since Stan wears the glasses when younger, the glasses could mean him and the symbol on the fez could mean someone else. Stan does mention "other people" from the lodge.
    • The glasses could be Old Man McGucket. He has those ones from the Society of the Blind Eye and the ones he wore when he was younger.
      • Confirmed

That pyramid thing's name is Bewarb.
You know that pyramid thing that shows up at the end of the show's intro? The mosquitoes in the first episode were trying to warn Dipper about him, hence Bewarb.
  • Jossed. It's Bill Cipher

the pyramid guy (aka Bill Cipher) is the big bad/big good
Come on, he seems to be the center of the whole mess. Maybe he'll help the others out. He's important anyway.Or...
  • Confirmed, he's the big bad

there's an even bigger bad behind the scenes.

In the opening credits picture of the pyramid, there's a bunch of letters somewhere on the left. It's binary code for " the word smuggler lives." Also, if you take a look at the whole picture from the out takes (the one with the crossed out eye) there's a bunch of numbers which have been covered in the red paint used to cross out the eye. Pretty sure its in the other journal pages and maybe in the other important bits of the show. So maybe the big bad isn't actually Bill Cipher, but actually the word smuggler, as he seems to be terrifying the socks off the author. Or he'll just be another big bad in the later seasons. He'll be really important, anyway.

  • Jossed.

The bowtie, top-hat wearing pyramid Easter Egg in the opening will be the Big Bad
If you pause just right, you can see a bowtie, top-hat wearing pyramid with one eye. Given that you can find a lot of pyramids lying around in the show and that he seems pretty important, I'd say he's the Big Bad who conjured up all the mysteries in Gravity Falls.
  • Confirmed he's most definitely the Big Bad.

The pyramid guy is summoned when all items in the circle are brought together
He can clearly be seen in the trailer for the new episode "Dreamscapers", and this trooper thinks he saw Mabel in the same sweater as in the first ep.
  • Jossed. However, Gideon drew an arrow pointing at the glasses when summoning Bill to invade Stan's mind.
    • When everyone on the circle is brought together, they can kill Bill.

The pyramid guy has something to do with alchemy
My sister came up with this. Alchemy is from ancient Egypt, right? He's a pyramid, which is a triangle, which is the alchemist symbol for fire. (As Dipper pointed out in "Irrational Treasure")
  • If combined with the idea of ice being a bad omen for Dipper, as mentioned above, this might indicate the pyramid guy will be of help to Dipper in the future, since ice can be seen as an opposite to fire.

Bill is the Big Good of the series
With heaping doses of good is not nice, and manipulative bastard. he frequently makes comments about people being useful and one of his last comments before disappearing is to warn them of a great evil coming, also once they best him he comments on them being impressive and useful he may be planing on using them to hold off the great evil, but he thinks in cosmic scales and geological time so a our lives are small and insignificant, his issues with Stan come in that Stan actually values human life will bill views them as a pawns in is cosmic war against evil.

Bill will turn out to be a morally gray character.
Sometimes he does bad things, but he's not completely evil.
  • The events of "The Last Mabelcorn" and "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future" seem to suggest otherwise.
  • Jossed

The gnomes are somehow connected to Bill Cipher.
Book 3 makes note of their hats' shape and according to the manotaurs they live in the trees. Book 2 makes note of Bill's connection with birch trees.

The Illuminati are a cult that worships Bill Cipher
Hence why the Eye of Providence is so prevalent in their symbology.

Bill has been watching the entire time.
You can spot images resembling him everywhere, all throughout the series. Since Bill can only manifest in the dreamscape, he uses these little areas as sort of a way to see what's going on at the Shack and other areas of Gravity Falls.
  • His dramatic exit heavily implies this. "I'll be watching."
  • Near the end of "Gideon Rises," the shot pans down after the twins chase Soos out of the attic, and there is a cryptogram written on a pipe in the house walls. Once decoded, it reads "BILL IS WATCHING."
  • He's been watching Dipper. (At least since the end of season 1. But it's sort of implied he's been watching Dipper for a while now.)
    • And Mabel, and Soos, probably through the Eye symbol in the Mystery Shack window, which we saw as early as S1E3. One wonders, if Stan knows about Bill and his connection to the triangle-and-eye symbol, why he'd leave that symbol intact in the window, or what it's even doing in the Shack in the first place...
  • Confirmed, he can use pictures of himself as peepholes.

Bill does not have a physical form, and exists only as a mental or symbolic construct.
  • When Gideon first summons Bill, he does the thing with the deer teeth, agrees to invade Stan's mind, and departs. The camera cuts to Gideon, and then to Mabel and Soos; they open their eyes and jump slightly, as if awakening from a startling dream. Thereafter, we only really see Bill inside Stan's mind.
    • This happens again when he contacts Dipper, both times we see him fall asleep first (as indicated by the head nod and closing eyes). However! At the end of Sock Opera we see Bill possess a puppet and start moving it. This is the only time we've seen him interact with the physical world without using a human host. This is also the only time a meeting with Bill didn't end in the participants jolting awake immediately afterwards. So this might imply he does exist outside the mental plane. That and you see his shadow following Dipper in the same episode.
      • However, this was also immediately after he'd jumped out of Dipper's mind: It's possible that once he acquired a physical presence, no matter how temporarily, it solidified his connection to the world enough that Bill could then affect it physically, allowing him to possess the puppet. We did see Bill's shadow before he possessed Dipper, but that could have just been a way of letting the viewer know Bill was there; alternately, being summoned by Gideon gave him enough of a foothold that he could manifest in the real world, but only very weakly, ex. casting a shadow without any physical substance behind it. Every time he gains another connection to the physical world, his ability to affect it directly expands in scope.
  • Dipper, who has presumably read about him in the journal, refers to him as a "brain demon" and a "dream demon" on separate occasions. Bill may be the master of the mind, but could it be that he only exists IN the mind? Note that his summoning scene shifts to black and white—Stan's mindscape is mostly grayscale as well.
  • The warning "whatever you do, don't let him into your mind" implies that he can cause the most destruction from within a person, but what if the meaning was more "don't let him into YOUR mind"?
  • Since he is literally a symbol, perhaps the drawings of him in the journal aren't merely depictions, but dwelling places. He exists only in conceptual space, and can do nothing to the real world—except watch.
    • Evidently confirmed, as we see that when he gained physical form in Weirdmageddon his image was torn out of the journal.
  • Finally, though this is most certainly an aesthetic choice on the part of his voice actor, what made me begin to think about Bill's nature was his voice. He constantly seems to shout, but his voice is no louder than the other characters'—like he is shouting through a wall.
    • Because we only see him from the front, I like to think Bill exists in 2D space. It just seems like an impossibility only he could achieve.
  • Confirmed. Bill is indeed some kind of incorporeal spirit, which is why he needs to possess humans, so he can eventually launch his plan to manifest in the physical world by himself.
    • Ultimately confirmed. He gains a physical form in Weirdmageddon, which was his whole motivation for doing anything in Gravity falls, and the only way to destroy him is to erase a person's memory while Bill is inside their mind, because that's the only place he definitively exists.

Playing off the above theory, Bill wanted Gideon's help to manifest himself into a physical form.
Once Bill has physical form, he can use all his dream world powers in the real world. Perhaps he wants to cause damage or get revenge on Stan for something. His request to Gideon would've been something extreme, such as wanting to use Gideon's body as his own.
  • I'm the troper who submitted that theory, and I think you're on to something here. I was suspecting that "something I've been working on" was meant as an ongoing project, and every time someone summons him, he gets them to complete the next step. Perhaps that would have involved possessing Gideon.
    • Especially considering that Bill didn't even say what he wanted Gideon to do for him, just that they'd work out the details later. This strongly suggests that Bill was going to ask something that Gideon never would've agreed to if he knew.
  • Partially confirmed: he does eventually get a physical form through Dipper, but it's unclear whether this was also his plan for Gideon and it just didn't pan out.

Bill Cipher drove the original writer of the book to madness.
Assuming the leaked screenshots showing Old Man Mc Gucket as the writer of the books are accurate, and assuming that he was the only one writing the books, Bill Cipher was the one who drove him to madness. The second book talks about how to summon him while the third book talks about how to stop him. What's more, the third book's entry on Bill is initially written on a positive note, talking about how he's such a nice guy. It's all crossed out, and replaced with a warning about how dangerous he is. This might indicate that the writer trusted him for a while but was betrayed and saw his true power.
  • Partly Jossed. Old Man Mc Gucket was driven insane by using the memory-erasing device too often, but he also didn't write the journals so this WMG could still fit, just not for him.

The red marks on Bill Cipher's page in the third book is really all just red ink.
  • Aww, but that's no fun.
  • It's animation, so it doesn't necessarily make a difference, but in real life, blood dries to a brown color and the stuff all over the page is FAR too red to accurately represent old, dried blood (or, hell, even blood that had spilled on the page earlier that day, much less weeks/months/years ago).
  • It's jam.
  • Jossed, it's Stanford's eye blood

Bill Cipher can see everything.
Anything resembling his image or inscribed with his eye will allow him to see what's going on everywhere. This may include the audience.
  • Confirmed in the AMA.

Bill Cipher is Lucifer
Based on a real thing, this troper was watching the show when my Uncle (an ex military codebreaker) walked by stopped and asked "What kind of cartoon has lucifer in it?"Bill Cipher is a coded version of LUCIFER. (Cipher = Cifer). Bill is harder to explain, basically if you but the alphabet in two rows I is across ( / in this direction) from U. Double L means keep it and the B is a fake letter in the name. The "joke" is the meaning of the word Cipher, to decode. Its normally used in reference to a code that makes no sense or ultimately has no answer/is untranslatable. Its also used to confuse the enemy with nonsense terms. Because Lucifer's thing is confusing or out right converting the righteous to evil through lies....
  • His name is a reference to the Beale Cipher, though it doesn't disprove your theory.
  • And in some symbolism, Satan has three faces, and his colors are red, black, and pale yellow.

Bill Cipher is a robot constructed by the Time Baby organization
The two main interfering entities in Gravity Falls are connected. Bill is a construct of the time travelers, only posing as an all-knowing demon. He works for the Time Baby. His bow-tie is his equipment logo, the triangular infinity symbol of the Baby. The time slow-downs and reversals around his summoning in "Dreamscaperers" look a lot like the first operation of the tape-measure time machine in "The Time Traveler's Pig." One of the things Bill revealed in "Dreamscaperers" as one of the "lots of things" that he knew about was the crashed Gideon-bot. Blendin was there and could have taken the picture that Bill displayed.
  • The fact that his body shows images like Blendin's cloaking suit does reinforces the hipothesis that he is a construct of the time travellers. His ability to break into minds, and posess peoples would make him an exelent device to repair timeline distortions caused by leaked informations about the future. If the Author of the Journals had such informations, it's elucidate why he didn't hadn't let Dipper find the notes on the Author laptop. But his character, especially his complete unpredictability, suggests that even if he was once supposed to work to protect the integriy of time, he had became rouge, and now he has his own plans. (Maybe he now want to mix up the past, present, and future? If he have hard feelings on his old masters, then that would be a crowning moment of revenge for him, and doing so on a way that he would benefit from it, he could become the ruler of all existence.)
  • Ford states that Bill is older than the physical universe, so he actually pre-dates the Time Baby.
  • Jossed

Bill Cipher can influence people through gold. Stan knows there's a connection, but not what it is.

The "blindeye" is a ritual to stop Bill's omniscience.
It's done by defacing currency, specifically putting an X mark across the Eye of Providence on the dollar bill. Bill is, literally, the almighty dollar! That's why Bill has to be reminded of Stan when he seems perfectly aware of everyone else: Grunkle Stan has more money pass through his hands than almost anyone else in Gravity Falls, and he's extremely reluctant to spend it in Gravity Falls. He has Soos mark out the Eye and then spends as much as possible on things not within the town in order to keep anyone from catching on!
  • Since Stan had access to the books, it's probably intentional on his part: Bill can see anything within eyesight of his image, including the Eye on the dollar, and defacing the money then spending it elsewhere creates a "blind spot" around Stan that lets him continue his work in secret.
  • Jossed, it's a secret society.

When Bill made his deal with Gideon, he wanted his body in return.
Of course, we don't know what for exactly in that particular case since he failed his end of the bargain, but he eventually succeeds in making this deal with Dipper under different circumstances. His jokingly calling Gideon a "ventriloquist dummy" when they met might've been a hint to this.
  • Which adds to Fridge Horror when "Bideon" would've looked up and down for Stan's device, unleashing possible horrors onto the town and the world...

Bill Cipher wants to use the power of Stan's machine to turn Gravity Falls, and perhaps the rest of the world, into a World of Chaos.
Something is drawing supernatural weirdness to the Gravity Falls area, and the machine in Grunkle Stan's basement is tapping into that source for whatever reason. Bill plans to hijack the machine and turn up the strange happenings even further.

The messages that have been appearing at the end of the first few episodes of season two appear to be from Bill Cipher, especially the one at the end of "Sock Opera":


If it is a message from Bill, it seems to suggest as to the nature of the "big things" that are coming: he wants to increase the levels of weirdness in Gravity Falls, or spread them further. Why would he do this? Perhaps Bill believes stirring up strangeness in the mortal world will increase his own influence as a "dream demon", or perhaps he's just doing it because he thinks it would be funny.

  • (Sorta) Confirmed by "The Last Mabelcorn": Stanford reveals that he was tricked into a deal with Bill when he built the portal, only to learn that Cipher wanted to use it to take over Earth by merging it with his Nightmare Realm.

The order of the symbols on the Bill Cipher wheel indicates what side of the coming conflict they'll be on.
It goes by every other symbol, dividing the wheel between two "teams".

Team A: Dipper (tree), Six-Fingered Hand (probably McGucket), Mabel (shooting star), Stanley (glasses), and Wendy (ice),Team B: Stanford (fez symbol), Gideon (pentagram), Llama (Lebam?), Robbie (stitched heart), and Soos (question mark).

Team A is all the people who will become (or already are) invested in discovering the truth about Gravity Falls for one reason or another, but ultimately they'll have good intentions. Team B is all the people who already know all about what's going on in Gravity Falls, but are trying to keep the truth hidden in order to gain or maintain their own power. This notably puts Stanley and Stanford against each other...

Bill Cipher comes from the Bermuda Triangle.
Because this show is just weird enough for that.
  • Jossed

As an alternative to the above, Bill Cipher IS the Bermuda Triangle.
He says it's good to be back in Gravity Falls. Maybe the Bermuda Triangle is what happens when there are puppet strings to hold him down.
  • Probably Jossed. Though he may be behind the triangle somehow (this is implied in the fanmade animatic for his deleted villain song).

The Bill Cipher Wheel represents people who have, or will make, contracts with him.
So far, we know Dipper and Gideon have both made deals with him at this point. The others are foreordained to do the same thing until Bill's power in the real world is strong enough to let him come into the waking reality without anyone else's help.
  • Alternately, the symbols represent Bill's checklist: A list of people he has to make contracts with, or or else he won't be able to achieve his goal. There's nothing foreordained about it, but it does mean that Bill will be trying to manipulate the people represented by the symbols into making deals with him; now that the first one (Gideon) partially summoned him, Bill is able to more directly influence events in the real world. This could be why Season 2 has generally been darker and more dangerous than Season 1, as Bill is upping the ante in hopes of forcing them into a corner, where they have no other choice but to deal with him.
  • Jossed, it represent the people who can stop Bill

The Head That's Always Screaming that Bill "gifts" to Dipper is actually the head of Robbie's father.
That head clearly belongs to a dark-haired vampire.
  • Jossed

The laptop was never going to erase itself, it was an illusion on Bill's part
Bill appears to Dipper twice in the episode when he gets tired. Both times are preceded by Dipper yawning. The first time it happen, Bill makes the wind blow, turns the moon into his eye and forms his body around his eye, with everything still in color. This is oblivously an illusion as Bill cannot directly affect the physical world as he is now. However, it shows that Bill is able to project illusions or alter perceptions before everything turns into a dreamstate grey. The second time Bill shows up, Dipper yawns and then the laptop states that Dipper has entered into too many false passwords, and the laptop will erase itself in five minutes if Dipper doesn't enter the correct password on the next try. Now Dipper has been entering passwords for a better part of a week, trying hundreds if not thousands of passwords. Why would the laptop have such a high, arbitary number of password retries? Most secure computers will lock you out after three or ten failures. The answer is that the laptop countdown is fake, an illusion created by Bill to pressure Dipper into accepting his deal. Dipper's yawning is a signal that Dipper is drowsy enough to interact with Bill. After the yawn, nothing outside of the characters themselves can be really trusted, as it could be a trick from Bill. It would also explain why Bill destroyed the laptop instead of just waiting for the time to run out.
  • I like this WMG a lot, but there is one problem: Dipper (Bipper?) doesn't wake up after he makes the deal with Bill. Dipper's body is still standing up and functioning as if he was awake when they shook hands. However, it could be that what Bill really wanted was a chance to destroy the journal, and setting up the fake countdown and destroying the laptop was just cleaning up a loose end.
    • That could be explained with Dipper being just in such a sleep deprived state that he couldn't tell Bill's dreamworld from reality. Perhaps Bill doesn't need deep REM to affect someone's mind- just someone in light non-REM that's perceptible enough to his illusions.

The town of Gravity Falls worships Bill Cipher as a cult.
This isn't exactly a serious WMG, but it's a nice idea for fanart or something.Also explains why he's on windows and doors and such.
  • Jossed

Bill Cipher is some kind of demon - a la The Bartimaeus Trilogy.
Think about it. He's only able to be summoned through ominous Latin, he has vague powers and an even more vague alignment, he doesn't seem to care about much besides doing things that will help him, and he spends most of his time in a vague "Dreamscape."Bartimaeus, while maybe not the best example, can only be summoned through ominous Latin (and a pentacle), has vague powers and an even more vague alignment, doesn't care much for doing things that won't benefit him (he only saved Nathaniel from the fire in order to save himself from Indefinite Confinement), and spends the time he's not summoned in a vague "Other Place."The similarities are uncanny.
  • To be fair, that describes a lot of fictional demons.

The Bill Cipher Wheel is actually a sort of zodiac.
Each of the symbols represents a person and a constellation. Dipper's symbol is a pine tree, but he also has his birthmark. All the other people represented on the wheel also have a corresponding constellation, and at the center is Bill Cipher. When Gideon first summons him, his eye appears inside a triangle made of outer space. The Wheel is a zodiac chart that doubles as a map to where Bill really comes from.

In a future episode, Bill will possess Gideon
He did describe him as "some kind of living ventriloquist dummy" when he first met him, and we all know how much the show loves its foreshadowing. On top of that, the idea of those two working as one being is just too awesomely terrifying to pass up.
  • Jossed.

Somewhere, there is some underground cult who worships Bill
Or, at the very least, one person who does. Maybe they have something to do with the Author.

At some point, Bill will force a character through crippling psychological torment.
His motive - oh, just pick one: revenge, interrogation, just For the Evulz. His method - probably exposing them to visions and hallucinations that exploit their deepest and darkest fears. I think the "nightmares" he gave the characters in "Dreamscaperers" was only the tip of his metaphorical iceberg, and as we saw in the end, he basically let them win anyway. His victim - my money is on one of the twins, but who knows. It'd make sense for him to result to psychological trauma anyway, since it's been proven he has no power in the physical realm. Just imagine the surrounding dialogue: "You promised me you wouldn't hurt her! You promised!" "No, I promised you I wouldn't touch her. 'Not a hair on her pretty little head', remember? There's more than one way to skin a cat, and this is a lot more more fun anyway! I won't even need to worry about cleanup!"

Not only is Bill aware that he's in a show, but he's purposefully not revealing his goals to mess with us fans.
Tell me I'm wrong.
  • You're wrong. You're welcome.
    • Says Bill.

In the Mental Realm, things only exist as long as they are remembered by someone.
Just like it said. Bill was trapped there, but was in kind of a nebulous "sleep" mode when inside the portal. That's why he can appear at will now when he could only be summoned before; people remember him now, so he continues to be able to act. That's also why Grunkle Stan is so confident in his using the portal; he remembers his twin, so he's certain that his twin can still be saved.
  • That might explain how Bill knows lots of things.

A brief history of the pyramid guy.
The Pyramid Guy was fighting the Time Baby for some Applied Phlebotinum in the other dimension. They then got knocked into our dimension by the Phlebotinum's effect. The Pyramid Guy then landed in Washington DC. After forming a secret society, he took the body of Quentin Trembley. Although all his actions had meaning (like making peace with the Time Baby by appointing babies to the supreme court), they were thought to be silly, so he left with his Phlebotinum for Gravity Falls. His Phlebotinum had unusual effects on the area, so he needed something to clean it up. He tried using Old Man McGucket to clean the mess up, but failed, so he recruited another society, consisting of Stan and Gideon's relative. He required them to go and get the items seen around him in the mysterious image of the Pyramid Guy at the end of the opening, and wrote Book 1 about the quest. The objects would heal Gravity Falls.

However, during their next mission to battle the creatures, Gideon's ancestor came up with an idea to battle them with other mystical artifacts and wrote it in Book #2. Stan didn't like that idea, so he kicked Gideon's ancestor out. Stan then wrote Book #3, but the hid it because Gideon's relative tried to stop him with his idea. The Pyramid Guy, fearing something similar might happen to Stan, brainwashed him and gave the secret identity of a con man , and used his merchandise to heal Gravity Falls. The Pyramid Guy created Soos to make sure it went perfect, hence Soos being a Cloudcuckoolander like McGucket and Trembley. However, when it came time to intrust the secrets to someone else, the Pyramid Guy exited Soos and told Stan somebody must inherit the books and then hid in a vending machine. So Dipper and Mabel came, and their mission became successful. To make sure that Dipper and Mabel stuck with each other, The Pyramid Guy created Waddles. This enabled Dipper to stick with Mabel instead of Wendy. Eventually, the Time Baby escaped, and the Pyramid Guy, after being freed by Dipper and Mabel, time traveled back as Blenidin Blandin to check on Dipper, Mabel, and Waddles.

Bill has fourth wall peering powers.
According to Bill in Rumble's Revenge, "Your reality is a game to me. And I like games...". And, who am I kidding, I really want to see this show break the fourth wall.

Bill Cipher has relatives
Bear with me. Bill Cipher may seem like the demon version of an annoying sibling. He's weird, makes bad jokes, and has a high-pitched voice. The demons could be different colors, or perhaps they can change colors at will. Also, the apocalypse that keeps getting mentioned- it could come from his 'relatives.' Beings that are more powerful than him, or can exist outside of the mind/dreamscape. Additionally, as shown with his talk with Gideon, he may want more power- or help with getting rid of them. Finally, the secret society mentioned in the "Stan's Tattoo" short had some constellations: Vesta, and a second one that I can't remember. It's a stretch, but what if those stars are the names of Bill's relations?
  • Semi-confirmed, sccording to the AMA he used to have a family.
    • Later Word of God explains he had family back when he was just a random triangle in essentially the show's version of Flatland, but his first act when he ascended to all-powerful-demonhood was to set his entire dimension on fire, thereby killing his family and forcing him to escape, becoming a mutliversal conqueror.

Bill Cipher is using the goat to spy on the Mystery Shack.
  • Because 1) the goat is often around when something supernatural is happening, and 2) it has yellowish eyes with black slits for pupils much like Bill!Dipper
    • But goat eyes are like that naturally.
      • Which is exactly why no one would suspect it.

The next Vignette Episode will be "hosted" by Bill.
In the same vein "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" was hosted by Stan. Because it'd be great. And if you thought The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You before, just imagine what Bill can do to the audience.

Bill is an AI that has gained free will.
Perhaps Bill is an AI created to enter a person's subconscious, but he learned that he can travel between minds and into the metaphysical realm and decided to disobey his masters.
  • Jossed. Season 2 shows he's an extradimensional being older than the physical universe itself.

As a being of pure mental energy, Bill could be erased by the memory gun if fired at someone he was inhabiting.
  • Partially confirmed. Ford notes that the memory gun would be effective in banishing Bill from a person he's possessed.
  • Weirdmageddon Part 3: Caaaalled it!

Following up on the above.
However, by the same notion that a purely mental being could be considered the memory "BILL CIPHER" in and of itself, the mere memory of him within a person could mutate into a new Bill if he's ever destroyed. Perhaps this is the meaning of the wheel, the people that have or will encounter Bill and thus retain memory of him that would allow him to re-spawn.

Bill Cipher is in control of the time baby.
The Time Baby is omnipotent but has no real awareness of the world being only a baby, by contrast Bill Cipher is omniscient but has no physical ability to interact with the world. The Time Baby likely lacks even the awareness to percieve a difference between being posessed by Bill and not being possesed and as such its awakening is Bills ticket to godhood. Bill created modern capitalism in order to cause global warming so that the Time Baby would awaken but he was imprisoned by The Author in such a way that he could never escape and the time baby would have just stayed there forever unless Bill were to be summoned.

Bill Cipher will end up playing the role of the Summoning Dark.
Bill is the creature of wits to the Summoning Dark's creature of rage; neither of them are evil, just extremely powerful and unconcerned about mortals, and both have a mortal bearer with skills similar to theirs. The Summoning Dark's bearer managed to impress it with his ability to bottle his rage and unleash it when necessary, because he's Sam Freaking Vimes. Sam, in later books, ends up getting aid from the Summoning Dark. Similarly, Bill's bearer, Dipper, will manage to impress him with his wits and intelligence, and end up getting his own supernatural aid from Bill. Whether or not Bill will leave a symbol on his arm remains to be seen.

Bill told The Author to write the journals and build the portal
The invisible ink coated entry states that that Author had been "deceived" as to the true nature of the portal he was building. Who could have deceived the Author? Bill, who has proven to be a notorious trickster. Remember, he features prominently throughout the Journal, and his image can be seen all over Gravity Falls. The Author met Bill, who told him all the great wonders of the town, and gave him the information needed to construct the portal. When the Author learned of Bill's true nature, he tried to shutdown the project, and bury the information. Bill, however, is not someone to be crossed, not something you would know from a first impression. So he either sabotaged the project, trapping the Author in the portal, or had someone do it for him.
  • Confirmed by "The Last Mabelcorn"! Ford shut down the portal project when he learned Bill wanted to use it to merge Earth with his Nightmare Realm.

Bill will possess Pacifica's body and end up going on a date with Dipper, with Dipper being none the wiser until Bill reveals himself
If Bill acts like a jerk while in Pacifica's body, Dipper might just see this as Pacifica slipping back into her old ways.
  • Jossed

Bill will use the portal machine to enter the physical realm.
With it, he will have all of his powers from the Mindscape and screw over the entire world.

Bill's goals are similar to Discord's original goals.
Transforming the protagonist's world into a World of Chaos and ruling over it.

Bill sabotaged Ford's perpetual motion machine, not Stan.
Causing the Stan Twins' fallout was the start of Evil Plan.
  • Considering that in "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", he has possessed Blendin Blandin, who can time-travel, this is quite possible.

Bill is not a dream demon at all.
He's actually an insanely powerful Eldritch Abomination that is mighty across every plane of existence... until he was depowered and imprisoned inside the Mindscape.
  • I don't think "demon" and "eldritch" are mutually exclusive. And he is also a native of the Mindscape.

Bill intended for the protagonists to take out the Blind Eye Society
as part of his master plan.Sure, smashing the laptop was probably primarily to keep them from finding out about the portal too soon, but he also may have intended on the kids spotting "McGucket Labs" in the wrecked pieces, leading them down the chain of events that it did. After all, "ABNORMAL SOON WILL BE THE NORM."

When Bill referred to a day coming when "everything will change," he's referring to the author's return.
His display of the six-fingered hand may have been hinting this.

The shadowed figures on the other side of the rift in "Last Mabelcorn".
Bill's family, as hinted at in the AMA by Alex Hirsch as Bill. Possibly also the other symbols on the wheel, with the characters associated with the symbols being the mind-scapes they're trapped in?

Bill will make Candy his next pawn.
They'll make a deal so Candy gets Pacifica's life, but in exchange Bill gets Candy's body and Pacifica gets trapped in her own mindscape.

Bill will possess Wendy.
Bill could easily manipulate Dipper while in Wendy's body. Also, Wendy often has one eye covered by her hair, a bunch of eyes in a jar stare in her direction in the intro and in both "The Time Traveler's Pig" and "The Last Mabelcorn" she suffers a black eye, forcing one of her eyes to stay closed.

Bill will likely possess someone desperate and close to the Pines twins, since he obviously needs consent first to do so.
  • First let's rule out a few people:
    • Gideon. The Pines family all hate him. He wouldn't get within ten feet of the shack without someone stopping him. Even Wendy knows not to let him near the shack.
    • Wendy. She's admitted that her home life leaves her stressed out, but I think she's well-adjusted enough not to make a deal with a supernatural creature.
    • Soos. Maybe he could have been influenced by Bill before considering he dreamed of seeing his father again, but he's gotten over that, and now has a girlfriend. So there's very little Soos could be offered.
  • Now let's discuss the people who could end up being possessed or coerced into making a deal.
    • Pacifica. She has a very miserable home life, and considering she defied her parents, they are likely giving her a terrible punishment. She would be desperate enough to make a deal with Bill to get out of it. She might also be coerced into betraying Dipper
    Bill Cipher: C'mon llama girl, I can help you. You just got to give me a small prize. (shows an image of the rift).
    Pacifica: (nervously) well, I don't know. It belongs to Dipper.
    Bill Cipher: C'mon! Dipper's like the happiest guy around (shows her pictures of Dipper and Mabel having fun). He doesn't now what it's like to be you. To not have a loving family. What he doesn't now won't hurt him. Or you could go back to your parents telling you what to do all time (shows her memories of her parents treating her like dirt). I promise you. Get the rift for me, and you won't have to deal with them again.
    Pacifica: Okay (Bill and Pacifica shake their hands).
    • And if her family is really connected to Bill, then it is possible she could already be indebted to him.
    • Toby Determined. He could get Bill to give him Shandra Jimenez.

Bill will possess multiple people.
It would be interesting to see him demonstrate even greater powers of mind control.
  • Especially the ensuing one-liner: "There were so many candidates, I couldn't decide on just one... So I figured..." (cue horde of brainwashed townspeople) "...why not all of them?! NYA HA HA HA HA HA HA!)"
  • Jossed. Bill only possesses one person: Blendin Blandin in "Dipper and Mabel vs the Future".

Bill and his friends will take over Earth.
It's kind of obvious that by the season finale, they will cross over into our dimension. It would probably take some kind of Deus ex Machina to restore everything back to normal.
  • Additonal guess: The Pines family will be all but torn apart by this point, but the tragedy brought about by the bridging of worlds and the necessity to reverse the damage will ultimately repair it. In other words, "[their] mutual hatred of [Bill] bonds [them] together."
  • Confirmed by the ending of "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", which begins Bill's conquest of Earth.

Bill Cipher is connected to the aliens from "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future"
.Not sure how exactly, but Bill's secret code he used in Dipper and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun is all over the walls of the crashed alien spaceship. There's gotta be a reason he used that particular code...

Bill Cipher will fight the Time Baby.
How epic would that be?
  • Certain material about the show confirms that they definitely don't like each other, and both are the only thing that matches the other's power.
  • In "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future", Bill is finally able to execute his plan to take over and/or destroy the physical world. Something tells me that the Time Baby would have to be recruited to stop him.
    • Especially if you consider that from the preview for "Xpcveaoqfoxso", Stanford asks Dipper to literally follow him "to the ends of the Earth". They're probably referring to Antarctica...
  • Confirmed! However, Bill quickly vaporizes the Time Baby in an anti-climatic manner. Although according to the credits cryptogram, the Baby will be reforming in 1000 years, so there could still be an eventual rematch.
    • "Eventual?" You do realize the Time Baby is a time-traveler, right? As soon as he's reformed he could just jump back a thousand years.
      • There's another problem with this though. Even if Time Baby can resurrect himself in 1,000 years, why hasn't he already traveled back in time now for a rematch?

Bill Cipher had possessed Blendin Blandin since "Blendin's Game"
.Bill might have noticed Blendin during his time in Gravity Falls, and eventually made a deal with Blendin in the future while he was in Time Jail, and helped him escape. After that, Bill waited for the right moment in time to come back and get somebody to open the gateway to his home dimension.
  • Additional theory: Bill Cipher possessed Blendin Blandin, because both of them despise the Time Baby, and they conspired to overthrow him somehow. Unfortunately for Blendin, he failed to realize that Bill is the greater of the two evils; and that Bill's plan was to conquer and/or destroy the world in the past, long before Time Baby ever gets the chance to do the same.
  • Original poster. While not exactly jossed, dialogue from Blendin and the Time Police imply that Bill possessed Blendin without any form of agreement between the two. Bill still might have possessed him before then.
    • Though it's still possible that Bill tricked Blendin into making a possession deal, like what he did with Dipper.

Bill fiddled with the walky-talkies in "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future" for his own schemes.
Thus explaining the Diabolus ex Machina with Dipper and Mabel's walky-talkies, specifically them not allowing the Pines twins to talk to each other throughout the episode (which would've allowed Dipper to reassure Mabel and keep her from becoming depressed and desperate) and then abruptly working again just in time for Mabel to overhear exactly the thing that would send her over the edge.

Bill wasn't being sincere with Ford in "Weirdmageddon: Part 1" in the first place.
The offer hinged on Bill comparing Ford to his "other freaks", drawing on Ford's childhood insecurities. So seemingly offering Ford a place with him and his fellow demons by implying that Ford is freakish enough to fit in with even them was yet another taunt, a cruel follow-up from mocking him by crediting him for the plan succeeding and the other Nightmare demons coming through. Bill was gleefully toying with Ford by trying to make Ford feel ashamed all over again of his involvement, his failure, and his freakishness, knowing full-well Ford would never actually accept his offer.

Bill is the Dipper of the Evil Demon Multiverse.
There's a reason why he spent so long trying to break into the physical plane, and it's not just because it's fun: His demon posse are the "cool kids" of their maddened chaos realm. Much like Dipper spent a good chunk of the summer trying to get in good with Wendy impress her friends, Bill wasn't getting any respect from the other entities, who probably made fun of his dorky hat and nasally voice, possibly the equivalent of Dipper's puberty-induced changes. It also explains why his "friends" weren't lending a hand in his attempts to enter the world: Bill was trying to gain their recognition by opening up a new realm for them to wreck havoc on, like Dipper getting Wendy's friends into the Dusk 2 Dawn. Only after Bill is successful do the other demons make their appearance, now acting as his posse since he's got a cool ride, a Fearamid to throw house-parties in, and a universe ripe for the chaos-ing.
This will become obvious during the final showdown, where Bill is plainly a second foil for Dipper: While Gideon also serves that purpose, he's demonstrated the ability to grow as a person due to the support of his new prison-friends and his genuine feelings for Mable. Dipper, of course, realized he doesn't have to try and buy his way into the cool crowd by acting cool; he already has people who support him, and gains strength from his family and friends working as a team. Bill, in contrast, lacks the ability to understand the difference, and his demon-posse lacks the human ability to form deep bonds that aren't rooted in self-interest: When the tide turns against Bill the other demons desert him, leaving him to be defeated by Dipper and his team.

Bill Cypher is Nyarlathotep from the Cthulhu Mythos
Bill Cypher is a form (or perhaps the default form) of the god Nyarlathotep from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Let's go down the list of similarities between the two:
  • Both love chaos (one of Nyarlathotep's other names is the Crawling Chaos)
  • Both are trickster figures with cruel streaks a mile wide
  • Both have existed since before the evolution of humanity
  • Both are associated with Ancient Egypt. Bill claimed to be the inspiration for the pyramids in his Reddit AMA. Nyarlathotep was once worshipped in Egypt via the guise of the Black Pharoah.
  • Both want to destroy the world and end humanity for fun
  • Both enjoy driving people mad
  • Both have only one eye (at least, when Nyarlathotep is in the form of the Haunter of the Dark, said to possess a "three-lobed burning eye")

If Bill is Nyarlathotep... good on him for changing masks, honestly. That whole Black Pharoah thing is, like, super-uncomfortable and racist these days.

Bill Cipher lives.
Of course he's alive. The logic is simple. The memory gun was supposed to erase both Stan's memories and Bill. If Stan's memories weren't erased completely, then why assume that Bill was?
  • A reverse message while Bill is burning alive reveals that he appeared to be attempting a regeneration spell. He was also looking right at Stan as he was saying this. What if Bill is in control of Stan now? He could have faked the amnesia to make it look convincing, and now that Stan and Ford are traveling outside of Gravity Falls, he is getting exactly what he wanted. Now he's just biding his time.

Bill Cipher lives...
As an inanimate, uncommunicative statue. It would be a fitting fate for someone who lead a monster eyeball army to turn his victims into stone. The ancients he begged for his resurrection might have done this on purpose or on accident.

Bill Cipher will eventually return
The self-resurrection spell he was attempting on himself worked, but since Stanley managed to punch him out and shatter him, his essence has now been completely shattered, broken into tiny, inconsequential pieces that is each still technically alive. However, him being shattered in this state, while at the very height of his power, and while trying to prevent his own death, caused reality itself to be partially warped, spreading his shattered soul across the multiverse. Namely, any and all universes owned by Disney. It will be at this point that every single Disney production made after the series finale will be having a piece of Bill Cipher in it in the form of tiny little easily missed Easter Eggs. And when I mean every Disney Production, I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE. Disney parks and resorts, animated shows on Disney Channel, live action sitcoms, Disney Animated Canon, video games, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Disney Junior, ABC dramas and shows, Broadway Musicals, sports coverages, the whole kitten-kaboodle!

It may eventually lead to a gigantic Crisis Crossover among the entire Disney umbrella company, highlights including Cipher literally giving Maleficent the boot and claiming the top spot of being the leader of all Disney Villains and possibly a final standoff between him and Mickey.....

Bill will return via the memory gun's recording feature
As we've seen in Society of the Blind Eye, the memory gun erases memories but creates a recording of them which can be viewed on a monitor. Due to Bill's nature as an eldritch dream being, could the recording have preserved Bill, or maybe even duplicated him...?
  • Brilliant idea.

Bill Cipher Truly Is Dead
The backwards incantation was a failed last-ditch attempt at last-minute resurrection, of which his Shapeshifter Swan Song was a consequence. It didn't work.

Bill as we know him is gone But with a way to return already in place.
So Stan got himself and everything in his mind wiped by the memory gun, then they used the visual memory trick to jog his memory so he got them back. Best guess to how this works, the memory gun doesn't erase anything only breaks connections between memories but visuals of those memories reforms those connections and they fall into place like dominoes with one reliant on another which is reliant on another until the whole mind is back together. Because Bill is an outside force inside Stan there isn't anything connecting him to the rest of the memory in Stan's mind, he might be dead or worse trapped forever in an unending torment of the blue incineration of the memory gun. Stuck all alone with no possible outside stimulation to drive himself sane, insane, and back to sane again over and over for the rest of Stan's life/eternity depending. note 

But when Bill leaves his physical form after entering our world he leaves behind a petrified version of himself with his hand outstretched and as we all know You just have to shake hands for him to get access to your mind. If someone, anyone does it might just give Bill a way out to escape from inside of Stan's mind. Now it might seem like nobody would ever do that but given all the weird things people do to real statues for luck there is no question that if the statue is found someone eventually will.

There is an Ultimate Evil behind Bill named Xolotl
The beginning of Bill's reversed incantation as he meets his end could be either "Axolotl" or an incoherent scream followed by "Xolotl". In Aztec mythology, Xolotl is the God of death, monsters, misfortune, sickness and deformities, all things that are pretty closely associated with Bill. He is also associated with the Underworld (could be interpreted to be Bill's dimension), and oddly enough the god of twins. Who is to say that there is not a being in the Weird Dimension more powerful than even Bill? Perhaps the Bigger Bad behind Bill, someone he could call out to in hope of being brought back to life? Maybe even the Monster Progenitor of all the weirdness?

Bill Cipher isn't just still alive, he actually got a happy ending.
During the ARG that was finding the real life Bill Cipher statue, Stan shows some suspicious behavior, such as talking backwards, singing a song only Bill had used on the show, et cetera. Additionally, Stan and Bill share a lot of the same mannerisms... "eenie, meanie, miney, you", for example. Additionally, in a non-canon book, we get this poem describing Bill Cipher (from a cosmic axolotl)

Sixty degrees come in threes
Watches from within birch trees
Saw his own dimension burn
Misses home and can't return
Says he's happy. He's a liar
Blame the arson for the fire
If he wants to shirk the blame
He'll have to invoke my name
One way to absolve his crime
Another form, another time

(Emphasis mine)

Now, most of the rest of the poem describes Bill perfectly, despite not being technically canon to the series... "Sixty degrees in threes" refers to an equilateral triangle, Bill destroyed his own dimension, and so on and so forth. So, that bit on the end there? It becomes important to remember come Bill's "death". His speech played backwards results in this:

My time has come to burn!
I invoke the ancient power
That I may return!

—>(Immediately afterwards): STAAAAAAAAANLEEEEEEEEEEY!

That last part wasn't just him screaming in rage at Stan... it was a declaration of intent. He just got through reciting a chant that would supposedly bring him back to life, and now he got to pick the form he returned in. (Or at least, it could be taken as such, even if it did turn out to just be him raging at his killer.) Of course, that didn't work out quite the way he wanted it to... he didn't just take the shape of Stanley Pines, he became Stanley Pines. As in, he was reincarnated as old Sixer's twin brother. This would explain, among other things, why his imitation of Bill starts way back in the first episode of the series, why Ford put "STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS" in one of his journals, and serve to bookend his relationship with Ford in general. Now, knowing what eventually happened to Stanley, if Bill ended up becoming him, he got the same ending... but with an added twist. He ended up helping orchestrate the downfall of his past, evil self, to say nothing of his other actions in the series. Stan's arc ended with a reconciliation... Bill's ended with a redemption.

Bill is incredibly ugly for a member of his species.
I think it's been outright confirmed that Bill's original dimension was full of living flat shapes like himself. That plus how his canon human form looks leads to me to this WMG.


There will be an episode with giant vampire bats.
Its obvious, in the opening while the caracters are around a campfire a face of a bat flashes by and one of the entries of the book was about vampire bats,so far most of the monsters were forshadowed like the gnomes, gideon, the time traveller ect. why not bats?
  • Apparently jossed: in "Scaryoke" Dipper discovers messages in Journal #3 written in invisible ink. The page on giant bats is covered in invisible scrawls indicating that the giant bats in Gravity Falls are giant fruit bats, and are harmless despite their intimidating appearance.
    • Further jossed in Northwest Mansion Mystery when Pacifica's dad holds out a newspaper with a photo of Dipper helping Blubs and Durland deal with a giant bat.

Decapitated Wax Larry King's head will be a Chekhov's Gunman.
Mostly because the episode's secret code translates to HE'S STILL IN THE VENTS.

Gravity Falls' nefarious undead will appear later in the series.
Dipper initially misidentifies them as gnomes.

Waffle with big arms is real.
He's one of the weirdest monsters in Gravity Falls and at some point Mabel met him.

Jeff the gnome will come back and try to get back at the twins.
I mean, come on, you don't send a character flying over the horizon screaming "I'll get you for this...!" in a show with a story arc and not have him come back.
  • He and Gideon will team-up at some point. But will end up turning against each other due to their affections for Mabel.
    • On the contrary, Jeff teams up with the twins against Gideon. Though Gideon does end up turning the gnomes against them.

Robbie is a Zombie.
  • The undead are often mistaken for Teenagers.
    • And why is that? Because of their bad skin and attitude, both of which he definitely has.
  • He is the only teen besides Wendy who isn't transformed or imprisoned by the ghosts.
  • The broken heart symbol on his shirt can be seen in the Book that appears in the credits.
  • If you pay attention to the graffiti in Thompson's car, one of them reads "Zombies Rule!"
  • In Fight Fighters, Robbie's band is called The Tombstones and their song is called You're Dead.
  • In the Summerwean Trickster it is mentioned by Wendy that Robbie ate a single piece of candy and got sick—Maybe because it wasn't flesh?
    • Actually it was because he ate the lollipop stick. Still support this theory though.
  • The Love God shows that his parents run a mortuary. There aren't many professions more zombie-friendly than mortician. I would point out, though, that Robbie doesn't seem to have much in common with the living dead that we've seen on the show so far.
  • Maybe he died at some point in the past and his parents brought him back in some different way than a zombie, making him still technically undead, but something else. He himself doesn't even know this because his parents kept it from him, wanting him to have a "normal" life.
  • Word of God said that there is a reason for not disclosing the last name of Robbie past the letter V, so I think that it stands for Vampire. This fits his appearance better than a zombie, but so far there has been no mention of vampires(except for Mabel's boyfriend), although the bleeding heart suggests vampire as well.
    • Jossed in "The Love God". His last name is Valentino, which fits perfectly with his heart motif.
    • In support of the vampire argument, someone online suggested he was originally bitten by a blind vampire who missed his neck. The red spots on his chin are therefore his bite scar.
  • A fan from the SDCC 2014 panel mentioned that in "The Inconveniencing", when Dipper looked into the convenience store door, all the kids were turned into skeletons except for Robbie. Mr. Hirsch acted a little suspiciously to that question.

An upcoming episode will feature the merpeople of Gravity Falls.
There's a picture in the opening credits that could be a mer... thing, and we already know that some- if not all- of the pictures are significant, from Gideon and the Gnomes appearing.Merpeople 'living in the water' where mentioned in Dipper vs Manliness by one of the Manotaurs.
  • Stan is aware of the merpeople. You can see one on display in the Mystery Shack in some shots (like in episode 1 when Dipper is complaining about having to go out into the woods & hang up signs), and also, when Stan first appears, he scares Dipper by wearing a merperson mask!
    • The thing on display is actually a famous hoax. Also, now that we've met Mermando, we can see that actual Gravity Falls merpeople look nothing like the mask Stan wore.
  • Merpeople: check.

There is going to be a time traveler in an upcoming episode.
Aside from the obvious—episode 9 is called 'The Time Traveler's Pig'—there's a man who keeps popping up repeatedly in the background, as one of Dipper's suspects in episode 3, and in one of the photo's in the intro.
  • Confirmed.

The Multibear was testing Dipper.
Took a Level in Badass or not, Dipper being able to defeat the Multibear that easily seems implausible, even by the standards of this show. The Manotaurs were bigger, stronger and more well-trained than Dipper. How likely is it that they should fail to defeat a physically stronger enemy where Dipper succeeded? Upon realizing that its latest challenger was a human child, the Multibear decided that Dipper might still be redeemable, and let him win just to test his moral fiber.

What the Multibear would've done if Dipper had failed the test, is anyone's guess. But it's unlikely that it would've allowed itself to get killed.

Marginally related to that, EVERYTHING that is, all the supernatural stuff will be connected somehow, perhaps in the finale of the first season.
It kinda jumps around all over the place—Gnomes! Ghosts! A time traveler! Living waxed figures to the extent that a troper can't help but feel something will come out of it.
  • Jossed, most of these were just Monsters of the Week.
  • Well, the fact that all the supernatural stuff is in Gravity Falls is a plot point.

There will be an episode dealing with an alien invasion.
And it will have tons of references to famous sci-fi movies like War of the Worlds and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • One of the pictures in the intro had a pair of flying saucers, so its likely that aliens would appear.
  • They'll also reference Invader Zim somehow.
  • In an interview Alex Hirsch mentions he won't do aliens until one of the final episodes. He says something like "Once you do aliens you're done. Talking to aliens is like talking to god. You can't go much further than that" (that may or may not be exactly what he said). Obviously this means he has considered the concept of aliens, and hopefully plans to use them eventually.
    • Guess the show (or at least Season 2) is almost over, because aliens were confirmed in "Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future". Though we only saw a crashed spaceship, the aliens inside were all dead (except for the robotic security drones they created), so there can't be an invasion.
      • Although the same episode ends with Bill Cipher (unrelated to the spaceship aliens) successfully opening a portal to his home dimension. This probably means that there will be an invasion by extra-dimensional dream demons.

The Gravity Falls world has its own pantheon of deities.
We have Bill Cipher (god of the mind), Time Baby (god of time), and a Love God (obvious).

The Love God's throwaway line about a being higher in the heavens that can stop him is actually Foreshadowing about Stan.
The Love God episode is actually an Innocuously Important Episode, which appears to be a lighthearted romp, but actually foreshadows Stan's importance, or at least his aspirations to be higher than mere mortals.

Female Minotaurs are called Womanotaurs.
Considering what kind of guys that the Manotaurs are, it must also be part of their culture to be openly sexist towards their own women, hence why we didn't see the two sexes socialize.
  • Considering the fact that Manotaurs allegedly have three Y chromosomes, that seems unlikely. Unless they're an entirely separate species, and, I'll admit, a tribe of misandristic, Alpha Bitch half-woman-half-cow creatures would be pretty darn hilarious.
    • I think at least one of the Manotaurs stated that he had three Y chromosomes; he could mean that he's XYYY. He could have something similar to XYY syndrome. Or he just could've been lying to exaggerate his manliness.
      • Why do I get the feeling that there may be an episode where Mabel meets some Womanotaurs? It would be like when Dipper met the Manotaurs.
      • That'd be pretty redundant lesson-wise, assuming it'd be to teach a gender-swapped version of the lesson Dipper learned in "Dipper vs. Manliness". Unless it would be to teach some other lesson, like maybe something along the lines of the episode "Equal Fights" from The Powerpuff Girls... which does seem like the kind of situation Mabel might get wrapped up in, knowing her and her history with guys.
  • Oh no, Manotaurs don't discriminate. The females of the species are called Manotaurs and go around shirtless and smelly just like everyone else.
    • Well, that would be a very strange twist!
    • So it's like Discworld dwarves where they can't actually tell which ones are female either?

There will eventually be an episode featuring the return of many monsters and villains from past episodes.
It's bound to happen in a cartoon like this.

Mostly every villain faced in the show will team up to make a Legion of Doom in the season finale.
Many villains of the individual episodes vow revenge, and imply that they'd be back.

The Giant Caterpillar that Dipper accidentally expands will make a comeback in the season finale.
It's gonna happen, you'll see.
  • Jossed, it's not seen again.
  • Seriously, why are there theories for everything on this show? This is just a one-time joke.
    • Because lots of older geeks are really obsessed with this children's cartoon.

Time Baby will be the series' Big Bad.
In addition to being shown twice in "The Time Traveler's Pig" with destructive psychic powers (and doing so in an apocalyptic future), the "Northwest Coverup" document from "Irrational Treasure" mentions, among other things, a time-devouring baby from another dimension who is frozen in the Antarctic.
  • Directly afterwards, the document says "It's okay though, since glaciers never melt." Impending Green Aesop regarding global warming, perhaps?
  • Or alternately...

Mermando will return, running away from his arranged marriage.
Dipper and Mabel will have to come up with a way to stop the undersea civil war.

An invisible wizard will appear in a later episode.
  • And remember the message in the book. "I'm being watched!"

The Wax figures murdered Wax Abraham Lincoln because he didn't want to go through with the murder plot.
  • Stan did say Lincoln was his favorite...

The brain creature seen in the ice machine in "The Inconveniencing" is somehow part of the greater mystery of Gravity Falls. It has some sort of connection to ice, cold places, or even ice machines.
  • It doesn't seem to have much to do with the other ghosts that inhabit the convenience store.
  • It would explain the ice bag included with the symbols in the opening.

Merfolk can change shape.
The merfolk seen in "The Deep End" (Mermando and his family) look very different from the mercreature seen in one of the pictures in the opening. There could either be subcategories of mercreatures, or they can perhaps make themselves look humanlike, and the more grotesque "creature from the black lagoon" look is their actual appearance. ...could cause Mabel to go through some Fridge Horror if that's the case.

The shapeshifter can read invisible ink.
Our evidence is the Hide-Behind. When boasting about the new forms it can take thanks to the journal, one of the forms Experiment 210 takes is that of the Hide-Behind. However, as shown in "Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained", Journal 3's page on the Hide-Behind doesn't have a picture.How does this figure in with invisible ink? Simple: The Hide-Behind can be caught on unattended camera. At one point, the Author left a camera unattended and the Hide-Behind followed him. This was after the Author switched to invisible ink, so the sketches are only visible under black light. And since Experiment 210 was able to become the Hide-Behind, we must conclude that it can see the invisible ink.

The members of Sev'ral Timez will make brief appearances in future episodes.
Mostly them doing silly stuff in the background.

The Invisible Wizard is real.
And Grenda was kissing him during the sleepover.

Human-sized hamsters exist in Gravity Falls.
That's why the magazine in "Legend of the Gobblewonker" was offering human-sized hamster balls.

When you've lived in Gravity Falls for a certain period of time, you become one of its creatures.
This might be a long shot, but it fits when you think about it. Wendy is a Siren (explaining why everyone is so attracted to her), Robbie is a zombie or a vampire, Soos is Bigfoot, et cetera. Peoples' outward appearances stay the same to everyone, including themselves. No one realizes what's going on except Stan (and/or possibly Gideon). This is the secret of Gravity Falls, and if Dipper and Mabel stay for too long, the same will happen to them.
  • I was unaware that "two" was the new definition for "everyone".
    • I (the original poster) don't actually believe this myself, but it seemed worth it to put it here.

It wasn't the summer heat that melted the dinosaur out
If it was, they would all have gone on a rampage during "The Deep End". Clearly something (or maybe someone) else released them.

The T. rex and possibly the other dinosaurs trapped in the amber in "The Land Before Swine" will come to life.
Obvious Sequel Hook is obvious.

There will be a Greater-Scope Villain.
Near the end of Dreamscapers, Bill warns us and the characters of a mysterious darkness that is approaching and that will change everything. It will probably be a being more dangerous than even Gideon is.

The Society of the Blindeye is entirely made up of gnomes in disguise.
Let's consider the evidence here:
  • Firstly: the latest trailer for the episode, which is only five seconds long, features a set of gnomes holding one of Lazy Susan's pies, while at the lake, presumably having chased after her.
  • Secondly: look at the faces of the Blind Eye society members as seen here. Notice how their facial structures don't match any of the characters previously introduced in Gravity Falls. One or two new characters being a member of a secret society is one thing, but surely you'd think that there would be a couple of people whose faces at least looked like members of the town.
  • Thirdly: Note the hoods. They have drawstrings on them, much like a hoodie. Much like the hoodie a certain set of gnomes in disguise wore when trying to court a certain twin. Granted, this could simply be a joke, but if this is the end result, it will be the greatest example of trolling in TV history.
    • Jossed! The Society is all human. They're mostly regulars (Toby Determined, Bud Gleeful, the guy who married the woodpecker...), and one new guy we hadn't met until now, and whose memory has been erased.

  • .GIFfany speaks perfecbtly fluent English, and there appear to be no other typos. Plus, "anthyding" and "hadplen" are not real Englesh words, which makes it unlikely that they could just be unintended transration mistakes. Therefore, those words must be some sort of code (I know, right? A secret code, in Gravity Falls? Perish the thought!), perhaps similar to the one in A Series of Unfortunate Events, where the errors spell out a message.
  • By that logic, we then have to ask what could be spelled with anthyding and hadplen?
    • "anthyding" might be an anagram for "Day N Night". "hadplen" is harder to crack.

.GIFfany will return.
And Bill Cipher or another copy of her game will have something to do with it.

We will see some kind of mutant monster piñata thing at some point in the future.
Maybe Soos knows something about it. He did give Dipper a baseball bat in case he ever saw a piñata, but then again, this could just be Soos being Soos...

The battle between humanity and the Time Baby only happened in timelines where Mabel never got Waddles.
The Time Baby's seat of authority may have to do with the timeline being changed back to normal.

The author of the books is Bigfoot.

There is a lizard monster coming up in a winter-like episode
A new short from Italy shows a couple of snapshots of a new monster in Mabel's album. He looks like a human-sized lizard and wears clothes like those in a Dickens novel, with a top hat and a monocle. The background shows snow. Mabel will win a dogsled race against him. (The short is called "Visiting the Petting Zoo.")

Mermando will return
Along with his family. The episode will dive deeper into the Mermando x Mabel relationship. It will involve a parody of The Little Mermaid in which Mermando magically develops legs to get closer to Mabel.
  • Or alternatively, a inversion of said parody where Mabel becomes a mermaid. The episode will be titled "The Little Mermabel".
    • Accoding to a Reddit thing from Hirch, his home is undergoing pollution and he seems to be falling ill...
    • In Society of the Blindeye he did not physically return, but he did send a message to Mabel telling her that he was getting married.

Quentin Trembley is Santa Claus
In the same document revealing that Quentin Trembley was the 8th 1/2 president who never officially resigned, making him technically still the president of the United States, it said that Santa Claus is the current and forever president of the United States. Wouldn't that also make Quentin Trembley Santa Claus?

The author of the journals, whose name begins with "F", is Franz the Lilliputtian.
Try to prove me wrong.
  • Okay: Franz doesn't have six fingers.
    • Jossed: the author's name is Ford Pines.

There used to be aliens living in Gravity Falls.
Sometime long ago, a race of shapeshifting aliens set up a small colony in Gravity Falls, choosing there to find ways to integrate with the local human population for whatever reason. They weren't malicious - at the very least not any more than humans are - and would interact with the population while setting up their base camp in the underground caverns that would later be used as the Author's bunker. However, slowly things began taking a turn for the worse; as the aliens tried to blend in, some of them became aware of the paranormal activity around the town and how dangerous it could be. Even worse, some of them were slowly going crazy, starting to babble on and on about strange visions in their sleep, almost always involving a laughing pyramid. Then, they fled. Left behind were their tunnels and an egg, later found by the Author of the journals.
  • Still the OP, posting a sub theory: because the aliens were shapeshifters, they were capable of reproducing with the humans, with the offspring being more likely to develop higher intelligence, albeit with a higher chance of physical deformities. Say, for instance, polydactyly...
    • Don't know if they were shapeshifter, but aliens were confirmed.

The journal already had a weakness listed for gnomes.
Dipper just didn't see it due to it being written over the blank space in invisible ink.
  • Jossed evidently. The author holds up the weakness as an example of one of the good edits to the journal.

Quentin Trembley can see the future, and was trying to use it to make the world a better place.
Here is a point-by-point breakdown of nearly every action he takes, and the "evidence" that proves my theory.
  • His landslide victory was no accident. Trembley foresaw the landslide, and carefully arranged things so that he would be standing in the only safe place. The only reason why he did not sacrifice his own life was because he had foreseen himself as the President.
  • The "Depantsipation Proclamation" was the result of a vision of a more tolerant future, one in which skirts and shorts were condoned and one did not need to employ fifteen slaves to keep cool in the summer. Trembley had meant to invent such fashions years ahead of their time, but the ignorance of his time period's tailors forced Trembley to outlaw pants, since necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Having foreseen the division of gluten and gluten-free foods, Trembley declared war on pancakes. As the war progressed, he had plans to frame various gluten-rich foods for being allies to the pancake enemy. The result would have been a brilliant marketing campaign that eliminated gluten from the American diet, allowing future generations to live under the belief that they did not have the diseases that those backwards foreigners claimed were so abundant.
  • Trembley foresaw the future corruption of the Supreme Court's powers, and attempted to forestall this by injecting a wide-eyed, idealistic and innocent perspective into the Supreme Court. Hence the babies. When the idea proved to be detrimental to the efficient running of the Court, Trembley refused to revoke his decision. He had foreseen that those six babies would soon be tasked with a decision that would change America forever. And as we saw in The Stinger of 'Irrational Treasure', that decision was the decision to remove Trembley from office.
  • The quote that "The only thing we have to fear is gigantic, man-eating spiders!" was a Badass Boast taken out of context. Trembley had foreseen every possible threat that America might run up against, and had developed counter-attacks for every single one of them. The only threat he did not have a foolproof plan for was giant spiders, a reassuring thought since such things clearly had no military tactics, or even a concept of teamwork.
  • His unusual resignation was a carefully orchestrated tactic so that, if his authority as President were needed in the future, it would still be available to him. And to prevent any official resignation being forced upon him, Trembley had a horse waiting underneath the window he jumped out of. This was the same horse which carried him to Gravity Falls.
  • The treasure hunt that led the twins to his body wasn't designed to be solvable by a very silly person; it was designed specifically for Mabel. The clues were tailored around her actions, right down to Trembley using peanut brittle to live forever.
  • He used peanut brittle because he foresaw that it would work.
  • The President's Key was made by Trembley himself. He had learned how to control his visions, and used his powers to see the mechanisms of every key-based lock that would ever be made. He then made the key in such a way that it would trigger all of these mechanisms. We only see so much detail; there are actually flaws and dents on a near-microscopic level, designed to catch on just the right mechanism in just the right way. Some keyholes are only openable once the President's Key is worn down by age and use, just as it was meant to be.
  • He rode horses backwards because he had no need to direct where he would end up. He already knew.

An Axolotl will appear at some point in the series, and it will either be benevolent creature to the Mystery Shack or a helper of Bill Cipher.
I don't have any proof so this might be ignored, but I got an idea from reading-not seeing-that axolotl's pictures are used whenever a spoilery question is asked. Maybe the Axolotl, if it does appear, is benevolent and is on par with Bill Cipher on intelligence, which means he knows everything too, and wants to help Gravity Falls survive the Darkness that approaches. If it's malevolent though, then it will be a minion or possible messenger from Bill Cipher, whose appearence shall be the first clue that whatever Darkness Bill was talking about is about to arrive.

The Butternut Squash with a human face and emotions will turn out to be the Greater-Scope Villain
Because how could something like that not be super evil and powerful?

.GIFfany isn't actually an AI
As this forum post points out, .GIFfany manages to do things that a disc-based program wouldn't be able to do, such as interacting with things even when the disc isn't connected to anything. It's not that she just copied her own code, either, as she dies when the disc is destroyed. As a result, she can't actually be just an AI, and is some other form of supernatural being who either thinks she's an AI or was masquerading as one for some reason. My theory is this:
  • .GIFfany is a ghost who's possessing the game. Most of the powers she manifests are standard for haunting-type shenanigans. In life she was a somewhat over-possessive, but not fully Yandere girl who was in a relationship with a game designer. She died for whatever reason, and because she couldn't let go of her boyfriend, she began to haunt the game he was working on, functionally possessing the main character in order to interact with him. Unfortunately the guy didn't realize this and thought he had inadvertently created a rogue AI. Due to a combination of death and not being able to fully communicate with him, .GIFfany becomes progressively more unhinged and Yandere towards him. Eventually, he gets so freaked out by what he thinks is an AI that he decides to just delete it, but she takes this as a horrible betrayal and snaps completely, effectively melding her identity with the character in the game.
    • Alternatively, .GIFfany's designer purposefully created the game/AI in her image and used magic to put her soul in it, so he wouldn't have to deal with letting her go. But eventually he did start to move on, she starts going crazy and the rest is history.
  • Or .GIFfany is a Tulpa created by the programmer that formed when the programmer put all of his energy into creating her and wishing she was real. Her existence was tied to the game disc because her creator thought of her that way, so she could do things outside the programming limitations of an AI but still thought of herself as one which is why she self-destructed when her disc was destroyed.
    • Normally tulpas die with their creator, but maybe she just put him in a coma instead of killing him or isn't aware he survived?

The lumberjack ghost is the direct ancestor of the Courdaroy family.
  • We didn't see him in his prime but his overall body and facial structure is similar to the Courdaroys.

Alternatively, the ghost is an ancestor of the Pines family.
  • Adding a whole level of stuff to that episode, especially Pacifica's and Dipper's interactions.

Thompson is somehow related to the Love God.
Their character designs are VERY similar, and like the Love God, Thompson seems to know instinctively what to do to improve people's relationships.

There will be another time travel episode next season.
Since Dipper and Mabel are now on good (not good ''per se'', but better) terms with Blendin Blandin, and are now well respected by the Time Police and Time Baby for winning Globnar and giving away their wish, there will be another time travel episode. Here are possible ideas:
  • A trip in the past that will show the life of Stan and his twin brother, the twins' exploration of the mysteries of Gravity Falls, and what caused the Author's disappearance. Maybe a view of the younger, more rational McGucket.
    • This specific plot was jossed as of "A Tale of Two Stans." Pretty much all of this was covered through flashbacks without any time travel involved, except for the twins exploring Gravity Falls. Because that doesn't happen in the first place.
  • A trip in the future that will show a dark future that Bill would create if he achieved his goals, an adult Dipper and Mabel and a small band of rebels, and/or showing Dipper and Pacifica in a relationship.
  • Dipper and Mabel, accompanied by Blendin, will be sent on a quest into the past by the Time Baby which may end up covertly aiding the Pines Twins, all according to the master plan of Time Baby.

Mabel is Lolph's nth great-grandmother.
Only someone with Mabel's genes could've fallen for that time-trick.

The Time Baby will thaw in 3012.
The omniscient mailbox states that the apocalypse will come in 3012. The Time Baby is currently frozen in the Antarctic ice shelf, which is melting. In the far future, the Time Baby is shown to be in control of the world; we also get a brief glimpse of some humans fighting against the Time Baby in a different time period. All this points to the Time Baby thawing out of Antarctica in 3012 and conquering the world, ending society as we know it.
  • On a related note...

The Time Baby will cause the apocalypse in 3012.
According to the cipher at the end of Weirdmageddon Part 1, the Time Baby will take a thousand years to reconstitute its molecules. When it comes back, it will be cranky. Seems like a thousand years would be just enough time for the 3012 apocalypse.
  • This muddies the timeline a bit, as Time Baby was frozen in Antarctic ice long before the time of the show, and his molecules won't be fully reconfigured from Bill's attack until 3012...possibly meaning that two Time Babies suddenly appear at once?

There is some sort of creature with petrifying abilities in Gravity Falls.
A medusa or a basilisk or something. And Rock That Looks Like A Face Rock actually is a face that was turned to stone.

At some point, there's going to be a creature that's half-man half-spider.
And a determined Ford is going to declare his desire to "get that spider-man," which Stan will find incredibly funny for some reason.
  • Confirmed with Darlene the spider-woman in "Roadside Attraction", although Stanford isn't involved with that monster or this episode at all.

.GIFfany will be brought to life by Bill for a Legion of Doom league of villains.
.GIFfany is my favourite of the enemies on the show and I just want to see her back.
  • Why would Bill bring back that thing, of all the minor one-time villains?
  • Jossed by "Weirdmageddon Part 1." Bill does have a Legion, but it's entirely composed of new monsters. However, since Rumble, the Gnomes, the Manotaurs, and the Pterodactyl all made cameoes, there's little saying that she won't at least make a small cameo as a by-product of Bill's apocalypse in a later part (going by the end-cards there's at least two parts to this and there could be up to four).
    • Don't be quick to say "jossed". While there have been some cameos, none of them were Giffany, at least yet.

Love God is related to the twins
  • Love God has the same hairstyle as Dipper, Mabel, young Stanley and young Stanford and nobody else has the same style meaning that it's signiture to the Pines
  • He and Mabel share the same optimism and love of matchmaking. Dippers scene in Roadside Attraction where he compliments Grenda, Candy and Mabel is similar Love Gods scene in The Love God when he is speaking to the crowd.
  • Mabel isn't effected by Love God's potion when he demonstrated on how to use the potion. I know that Love God can be immune to the potion but the potions effects should of made Mabel be attracted to the first person she saw.

Time Baby is the combined form of the babies that Trembley appointed.
  • Trembley appointed six babies to the Supreme Court, but he appointed them all to the same seat. All of them combined are a single Supreme Court justice, but because they are a group of six babies made a single Supreme Court justice, they only maintain their judicial powers if they remain the same "person". The bizarre aura of Gravity Falls eventually combines them into Time Baby: the master of a fourth-dimensional judicial system that is permanently a baby that is also the size of six babies.

The Lefty robot has a Perception Filter that makes everyone only see its left side.

The episode The Love God is Love God's Start of Darkness.

Womanotaurs are tiny, not particulary strong and can't quite feel pain.
They like violence like Manotaurs, but in a different way.

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