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The socks that go missing in the "Mobius Pit" end up in the Sock Dimension from Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure browser game.
In episode four of Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure, Morty comes across a large hole guarded by one of the sentient socks, in which it is filled with one big pile of lifeless socks. Because of the vaguely fascist-looking propaganda poster adorned throughout the sock dimension, one would assume that the hole is just a mass grave for supposedly "exterminated socks" of a "minority faction". But factoring in the physics of how the "Bottomless Pit" works, along with how the propaganda poster in the sock world doesn't sync up with the appearance of the supposedly exterminated socks, there could be the implication that the hole is yet another portal that the dimension's inhabitances use to travel and explore the "Human" Dimension with. It is also plausible that the sentient socks are able to remain unnoticed by acting lifeless around humans while exploring. As for the lifeless socks, however, their only reason for existing in the sock dimension appears to be a result of the sentient socks thinking that they are either dead or dying socks and thus need to be taken away and rescued from the human world, to which, as soon as they end up in the sock world, the sentient socks are unable to "revive" the lifeless socks. Thus, in failing to realise they were never alive in the first place and with nothing else to do about them, all they are eventually left with is a hole of lifeless socks, in which two opposing forces of gravity coming from both outside and inside the hole entrance help to block off their entrance into the other world so that both the top and bottom of the sock pile look like the top of it from either side of the hole entrance.

Should the Gravity Falls team ever develop a Defictionalized Journal 2, it would contain notes written by Gideon.
  • In addition, it'd be shown that pages Gideon had ripped out (such as the one with the possession spell) had been restored following Weirdmageddeon, much like the pages that were burned and torn as noted by Dipper in the third journal.


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