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Tear Jerker / Gravity Falls: Journal 3

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  • According to one of the cryptograms, at one point as a child Ford held hands with a girl he liked named Cathy, who screamed (due to his polydactyly). As he makes an off-hand (and crossed-out) reference to the girl later, this incident clearly troubles him well into adulthood.
  • Bill reveals in one note that had he won the events of "Sock Opera", he would have disposed of Dipper's body by leaping off the water tower and staging his suicide, trapping the real Dipper in the mindscape forever. The worst part is that the end of this message implies that Mabel would have either killed herself shortly afterward in response or Bill would have sought to use her as his next "puppet".
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  • In the limited edition of Journal 3, using a blacklight on one of the pages shows a drawing of Stanford's science fair project, under it are the words: WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN.
  • The right page of the Island Head Beast is entirely of Ford reflecting on how spending time at Lake Gravity Falls reminds him of his childhood at Glass Shard Beach. A little under the text is a cryptogram from Ford, and a sketch of a seemingly random boat that was scribbled out. The decoded cryptogram is of Ford reminiscing of when he and Stan hunted for the Jersey Devil as kids...
  • Ford actually treated the shapeshifter relatively well, like a pet even, only for it to grow obsessed with Journal 3 to the point of capturing and impersonating Fiddleford in an attempt to get it, with Ford feeling regretful about having to freeze them.
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  • The fact that Ford never mentions anything about what happened to Stan after he left with Journal 1 in the "Better World" dimension, only caring that he did what he asked him to do.


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