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Nightmare Fuel / Gravity Falls: Journal 3

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Yeah, this is what happens when you deal with Bill

  • Ever wonder where all those zombies in "Scary-Oke" come from? The mudslide shown in "Northwest Mansion Mystery" washed all the lumberjacks' graves down to the land where the Mystery Shack was later built.
  • Both the Soothsquitos and the Hand-witch attempted to warn Ford about Bill.
    • The Shapeshifter grew malevolent all on its own, and its first attempt at stealing the journal involved impersonating Fiddleford after tying him up in a closet.
  • The blood on Bill Cipher's page? It came from Ford's eye as a result of the times he'd allowed Bill to possess him.
  • After the sock opera, Mabel found a note Bill had written while possessing Dipper. He planned to kill Dipper's body after destroying the journals and make it look like a suicide, leaving Dipper trapped as a mindscape ghost forever.
    Note to self: Possessing people is hilarious! To think of all the sensations I've been missing out on—burning, stabbing, drowning. It's like a buffet tray of fun! Once I destroy that journal, I'll enjoy giving this body its grand finale—by throwing it off the water tower! Best of all, people will just think Pine Tree lost his mind and his mental form will wander in the mindscape forever. Want to join him, Shooting Star?
  • The pages immediately after the portal schematics are... unsettling, to say the least. One of them is pictured above. It's almost a relief when Dipper takes over.
    • To elaborate, the author's impressive sketches become a lot darker and more crude, and the infamous blood stains from the pages around Bill's description are revealed to be from the author's irritated eye bleeding onto the journal.
  • The entry on the shape-shifter takes the Paranoia Fuel Up to Eleven when the author describes how it tried to trick him by impersonating F to get its hands on the journal. This includes F tied up and scared shitless in the cabinet.
  • It's revealed that the series takes Never Shall The Selves Meet to an extreme, only with parallel universes instead of time travel. Touching a counterpart of one's self from an alternate universe causes that entire universe to fizz out of existence.
  • The fact that Ford never mentions anything about what happened to Stan after he left with Journal 1 in the "Better World" dimension, only caring that he did what he asked him to do. Some fan theories assume the worst, believing Stan committed suicide after hiding the book.


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