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Fridge / Gravity Falls: Journal 3

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Island Head Beast pages was initially a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the "Society of the Blind Eye" episode, but the context for the right page reveals that Ford was musing about his childhood memories—with that, the scribbled-out boat is heavily implied to be a repaired Stan O' War, which makes this moment the first on-screen instance that indicates that Ford does miss his brother Stan.
    • Also on the same page, a cryptogram where he reflects about when he and Stan hunted for the Jersey Devil is one of the stories in Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.
  • When Ford makes a list of the things he scanned from Dipper's brain in "The Last Mabelcorn", the message of "Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!" is conspicuously absent. Do bear in mind the very first thing Dipper said after that crossed the screen was "You should probably ignore that." Seems Ford respected his wishes.

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