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Nightmare Fuel / Gravity Falls: Lost Legends

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Face It

  • Mr. What's his Face stealing faces.
  • A faceless Mabel uses a red pencil to draw a smile on herself while slowly turning towards Grunkle Stan and the reader. His response of slowly shuffling away is reasonable.
  • It might be Played for Laughs, but one of the monsters that wanted to buy Dipper and Pacifica is the Slender Man. You gotta wonder what he wanted with them.

Don't Dimension It

  • Stanbel is literally a Mabel with Stan's face and gray hair, and was announcing that s/he was single... truly someone that exists to give you nightmares. (Don't think too hard about whether s/he sounds like Stan or Mabel... or both.)
    Stanbel: HEYYY! Stanbel is single and ready to mingle!

Comix Up

  • The entire story is really funny. And then you decide to decipher the ciphers and find THIS message in the graveyard scene.
    Gravestones: CIPHER LIVES!!

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