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    Disney in General 
Gravity Falls takes place in the same universe as the Disney Animated Canon.
Think about it: Almost every episode has featured at least one element that was in a Disney animated film. Living video game characters, merpeople, numbered "experiments", etc.

Stan's portal will create a Massive Multiplayer Crossover with all of Disney.
Think Disney's House of Mouse, on steroids. All of the Disney movies, TV series, video games, even Star Wars and Marvel Comics.

Gravity Falls is a purgatory for aborted/rejected Disney characters a la Epic Mickey.
It's Wasteland 2.0. Let's take a look:

  • The human cast all act like they came out a children's sitcom. They are in fact the characters from a rejected Disney Channel show about twins solving crime and mystery. AS many know people solving crime and mystery are the most overused premises in the history of television.
  • The gnomes are rejected dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • The wax golems are protegees/celebrities Disney execs where interested in working with, but couldn't for various reasons.
  • Gideon, on the surface, is a lot like 'cute' Disney characters, like Pinocchio and Bambi. Think about what a hit Disney would have if they'd have made that cartoon about the adorable psychic boy.
  • The ghosts are from an early version of The Haunted Mansion.
  • The Manotaurs are rejects from Hercules, admit if that film had minotaurs they probably would've been like these ones.
  • The copying machine is nothing more than Ub Iwerks' Xerox machine, now retired.
  • Quentin Trembly is none other than Uncle Walt himself, who went mad after discovering how his humble cartoon studio had become a corporate empire and locked himself away in an alternative dimension, where he founded this wasteland. Or he could be an attempt to add humor to National Treasure.
  • The Time Tape Measure and the electron carpet could easily stem from unsold scripts of those 80's Disney sci-fi movies, or even a rejected time machine from Meet the Robinsons.
  • Rumble and Giffany are rejects from Wreck-It Ralph; the latter could have been a first draft for the sequel's Big Bad (the sequel could explore home console games outside of the arcade).
  • The growth crystal could be a first draft for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
  • Summerween Trickster is an abandoned Tim Burton character.
  • Mermando was a rejected side character from... well, you know.
  • Experiment 78 was one of Jumba's illegal genetic experiments that was never used in the series.
  • The dinosaur pit from "Land Before Swine" was an early idea for what would become Dinosaur.
  • From season 2, we have the Lilliputians, who could also be characters from a Disney film that got scrapped during pre-production for being "too ridiculous".
  • Mabel's sock puppets were failed Muppet prototypes.
  • The clay monsters from "Clay Day" were The Nightmare Before Christmas monsters that never made it into the movie.

The "Hide Behind" is a Heartless
It's all Black, except for it's eyes, which are yellow. Sounds like a pure heartless. And Disney owns everything from Kindom Hearts other than Pre Existing Square Enix characters, so they could add a Heartless to one of their other properties with no issues. Alternatively, Gravity Falls might be a world in KHIII, with the Hide Behind as a Bonus Boss

Dipper and Mabel will meet Randy Cunningham.
I know everyone is interested in a crossover with Phineas and Ferb, but what about the Mystery Twins meeting the Norrisville Ninja? Don't tell me I'm the only one who wants to see that happen!
  • Even the people who work on RC9GN like that idea.
  • Hannibal McFist was one of Preston Northwest's guests when the lumberjack ghost showed up and tried to hire the ghost to kill the ninja.
  • Hannibal would have the following reactions upon seeing the other guests being turned into wood:
    Hannibal: Nooooo! Noooo! Nooooo! (sees Bash being turned) Yessssss...
    Marci: Hannibal! (glares at him)
    Hannibal: I mean, no. (the ghost turns Marci) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Little Twelvetoes wrote the journals.
  • Why else do you think they each have a six fingered hand on each cover?

The universe of Gravity falls will become one of the Worlds in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Now tell me this wouldn't be awesome
Gravity Falls should crossover with old Disney properties such as films Something Wicked This Way Comes, Flight of the Navigator and The Rocketeer as well as theme park attractions Phantom Manor (which is the Disneyland Paris Darker and Edgier version of The Haunted Mansion) and ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (the now-defunct ride at Walt Disney World).
  • Quite fitting considering the context and the supernatural, science fiction and more mature-attracted themes they share, not to mention that they're all by Disney.
    • Mr. Dark's carnival comes to Gravity Falls and begin stealing souls of the townsfolk to add as his attractions and Mabel and Dipper fill in the roles of Jim Nightshade and Will Halloway, while Grunkle Stan fills in the role of Charles Halloway in a parody of Ray Bradbury's novel.
    • Dipper discovers the spaceship from the 1986 film Flight of the Navigator and is mistaken by the robotic commander Max (reprised by Paul Reubens) as the new Navigator.
    • The Mystery Shack gang discovers Cliff Secord's rocket. In this special, it might involve Time Travel, therefore going back to The '30s and Timothy Dalton (who costarred with Mabel's voice actress Kristen Schaal in the latest Toy Story media) should reprise his role as the villainous Neville Sinclair as a voice-over role, despite being killed in his last appearance, who still want the rocket for the Nazis.
    • Gravity Falls is discovered to be next door to Thunder Mesa, the doomed town that houses Big Thunder Mountain and Ravenswood manor (also known as Phantom Manor). The twins, their Grunkle, their Grunkle's brother the Author, Soos, Grenda, Candy, Wendy, Lee, Nate, Thompson, Tambry, Pacifica, Robbie and Old Man McGucket (who has a connection to Thunder Mesa, aside from his fitting prospector appearance) goes to explore and eventually stay over at Phantom Manor, where they discover its and the town's dark history and tries to avoid being the next victims... Courtnee Draper (aka Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite) would voice Melanie Ravenswood, the ghost bride and the protagonist of Phantom Manor, while Maurice LaMarche would once again voice a Vincent Price character, the Phantom.
    • An seemingly abandoned XS Tech facility is found in the forest near Gravity Falls, the Mystery Twins and their friends goes in and are held hostage by the host robot gone rogue, S.I.R., who wants to use visitors as guinea pigs to bring in dangerous aliens like their last disaster to test their capabilities. Tim Curry would reprise his role as S.I.R., Dr. Femus would appear and would be reprised by Kathy Najimy and the cute fuzzy alien Skippy would also appear. Also the carnivorous alien that appear in the attraction would have another of its species appear to eat the gang. In addition, T.O.M. 2000, the predecessor to S.I.R. who was voiced by the late Phil Hartman, would also appear, revealing himself to be an inferior and incompetent prototype robot host before being replaced by the more "advanced" S.I.R., he would be voiced by the show's creator Alex Hirsch as Hirsh's voice would be the closest to Hartman's voice.

  • In addition, crossovers with the other vintage Disney properties such as Not Quite Human and Condorman are also open to acceptance (interesting to see the android Chip and the comic book artist/CIA spy posing as his superhero creation coming to visit Gravity Falls would be a riot).

There will be a crossover with Best Friends Whenever.
  • Think about it. Best Friends Whenever is about two time-travelers who live in Portland, OREGON, and it's already a well-known fact that time-travelers exist in the Gravity Falls universe, and judging by the fact that Gravity Falls seems like it's only a few hours away from Portland, it seems so much more feasible.

If Bill were to travel to the universe of Inside Out, he would be able to completely mess with every Mind World he encountered.
This could include tossing memories into the Memory Dump, taking over Dream Productions to have them make no sense, and changing the emotions through Body Horror or Mind Rape to act different and thus have different effects.

Preston will try to sell weapons to the Huntsclan.
Once the skulls destroy that potential buyer, he'll want to slay Jake as a revenge for losing the deal.

The Author has visited The Yonder Galaxy, and Mewni
They've both had references to Gravity Falls, so it's possible that during his dimensional travels, Ford has been to their respective universes.


    Disney's Phineas and Ferb 
Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb take place in the same universe.
This would instantly and neatly tie up all of the WMG's between each other AND set up crossover potential.

Alternatively, Gravity Falls is an Alternate Universe version of Phineas and Ferb.

There will be a crossover with Phineas and Ferb in the future.
  • And Dipper and Mabel's reactions to Phineas' inventions of the day will be both hilarious and plot worthy.
  • We will learn that Waddles is an O.W.C.A. agent.
    • Or He isn't, but he ends up teaming up with Perry anyway, and may or may not become an agent by the end.
  • Actually, it will be a four-way crossover that will also include Wander over Yonder and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. And this phenomenal convergence of Disney TV animation be called "Star, Phineas and Ferb Wander Over to Gravity Falls."
    • It'll be revealed that Lord Dominator gained her power from a deal with Bill Cipher.

The portal in Stan's bunker is a portal to Phineas and Ferb's universe
Or something like that. So as stated above, a huge crossover is liable to take place

Clyde and Betty Jo Flynn's cabin is close to Gravity Falls.
Which is going to be the in-universe justification for this crossover.
  • Or Phineas and company stumble into another dimension (or vice versa) and that dimension is Gravity Falls' dimension! The other dimension thing is canon in P&F, and it would be an awesome "Timmy Turner meets Jimmy Nutron"-esque crossover.

The Time Baby is related to the Inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head
  • And it may be an impetus for a crossover per a previous WMG.

The Society of the Blind Eye has a Danville chapter.
  • That's why no one remembers the boys' adventures for Candace to bust them.

Dipper and Mabel's father is also Phineas and Candace's father.
Jossed. Phineas and Candace surname is Flynn, not Pines.

    Adventure Time 
The Gravity Falls Earth eventually becomes Ooo.
The Summerween Trickster seems to be an amorphous mass of SOMETHING that craves candy and flesh. We have seen in Adventure Time that candy people can absorb "candy biomass" to heal and grow, and both the candy zombies and Peppermint Butler have expressed cravings for human flesh.
  • Furthermore, Gravity Falls takes place in a world that clearly has magic and monsters, at least in certain places, that the general populace is unaware of. Including magical artifacts such as Gideon's amulet. Can you honestly say the Ice Crown or the Enrichidion would be out of place? The Mushroom Bomb may have simply awoken the Lich living under on of these 'hot spots.'
  • Candy having the same voice and inflections as BMO has been pointed out before, as well as her fork-hands. She could have undergone a procedure intended to preserve her beyond the war.

Wendy is/will be the mother of Marceline the Vampire Queen.
They share a similar physique and attitude. Given the amount of crazy *** in both shows, it doesn't seem unlikely that Hunson Abadeer might visit there, and find a mate. And who better than the sole female employee of the Mystery Shack? The great Mushroom war begins roughly 10-20 years after the current time of the story in Gravity Falls.
  • So everyone on the show dies early?
  • To build on this, Candy will become BMO, she is played by the same voice actor and she had forks on her fingers for "improvement of human being", maybe she thought becoming a sentient machine was also an "improvement."
  • Given the right kind of environment, this troper could see Robbie becoming Hunson Abadeer. The dark demeanor and jerkish attitude are a good start. Not to mention his guitar (played like a typical guitar, but drawn as a BASS guitar) could be the influence for Marceline to become a rocker herself.
    • Though in "It Came From the Nightosphere" Abadeer has no idea what a guitar is. "It's the family axe... Did you turn it into some kind of lute?"
  • Interestingly, in the future scene in The Time Traveler's Pig or whatever, we see the Time Baby has become hostile, with the time symbol red and forces resembling the time security retreating against him. Whatever happened in the Mushroom War is apparently capable of driving the Time Baby mad, possibly damaging the time stream in the process with one less force to manage time traveling.
  • The new episode of AT (jake the Dad, 1/7/13) shows that Jake and Lady's daughter, Jake Jr., has the same voice as Mabel.
  • Dipper's real name will be revealed as Simon!
    • Given the similarities between what happened to Simon and what happened to Old Man McGucket, and how strongly Dipper was against the idea of losing one's memories, that's doubly sad.

Candy will (or already has) create BMO, maybe even a line of them.
Candy (as the strange girl), will get the idea to create an old-school gaming system, and then uses her own voice for programming.
  • The promo for the next Adventure Time episode shows there may be a BMO factory, meaning Candy could make a whole line of BMO's...Imagine if Jake's kids are connected to Mabel in some way. This could connect a lot of crossovers.
  • Jossed, as BMO's creator was shown as being male. Still, maybe she helped him.
maybe the creator was an uncle or something, and had Candy do he voice work for the game he created

Blendin Blandin later went insane and died, and his soul was later reincarnated, minus memories, into another body.
After dealing with his scary boss, two annoying kids, and a potentially life-or-death situation involving time anomalies, Blendin Blandin had a nervous breakdown and became emotionally fragile and imbalance. He died young as a result of the stress crushing his immune system. After Blendin Blandin died, there was an apocalypse. The universe of Adventure Time came into existence as a result of this. When Princess Bubblegum attempted to make a person with candy biomass, she somehow caused Blendin Blandin to be reincarnated (minus his memories) into the body of a lemon candy man. In short, Blendin Blandin later became Lemongrab.Jossed(?) We see Blandin in one of the trailers for Season 2, and he's very much alive and in his body.

Celestabellebethabelle heralds from Lumpy Space.
Assuming the alien spaceship portal theory in the next folder is correct, there is a real possibility that the explanation behind Celestabellebethabelle's immunity against Bill comes from the theory that she is secretly a lump-based life form who is made of the properties that hold the universe together and act as an anti-element that can undo the effects of other magical-based elements. There is also the fact that her selfish demeanour mirrors that of Lumpy Space Princess rather flawlessly, to the point that she could be seen as either a reincarnation or an alternate universe LSP if not just another Lump life form.

    Rick and Morty 
The author of the journals is none other than a Rick Sanchez.
It's so obvious when you know the truthFor the record, this could work if not for the blatant impossibility of it. The writer is a visitor who is also a researcher. Rick likes to travel between dimensions and while he doesn't believe in the unexplainable he is more than willing to research it if only to rub it someone's face. If we allow for interdimensional Ricks it's not much of a stretch to imagine one with six fingers.
  • Jossed, The Author of the Journal turns out to be Grunkle Stan's genius twin brother Stanford Filbrick Pines
    • Alternatively, he helped create the portal in Stan's basement. He knows how to make an infinite universe portal gun so why not one giant portal all on its own? And I have another theory: The Author went through different universes gaining knowledge and stealing items to learn how to perfect the portal.

Building on top of the above, Stanford Pines used to travel between dimensions along with Rick Sanchez and his former colleagues before he was brought back by Stanley at the end of Not What He Seems.
This isn't too much of a stretch of the imagination when you consider that alongside tapping through interdimensional portal technology as part of his research, throughout the official release of the Defictionalized Journal 3 as discussed in this Film Theory video Stanford talks about travelling through different dimensions in order to obtain the parts for a quantum destabilizer that he plans to use to destroy Bill Cipher with, even mentioning at one point that he became an outlaw across multiple different dimensions, and basically ends up Staying with his family members as a way of hiding from the authorities in a way not too dissimilar from Rick Sanchez.
  • In fact, the video even points out among other things that the coded message on Stanford's wanted poster, when translated says: "Rick Was Here".

The alien spaceship underneath Gravity Falls originally belonged to Evil Rick
Given how Evil Rick has been able to engineer a project as large as the Morty Dome to hide his own brainwaves from the other Ricks, it's not too much of a stretch to theorize that Evil Rick in the past had tried other means to hide himself and his plans from The Council of Ricks.
  • What probably happened was that before he developed The Morty Dome, Evil Rick came up with the idea that since all the other Ricks would be unwilling to do so, he and his Morty would travel backwards in time to the location of Gravity Falls, where underneath the ground level, he and Evil Morty could hide from the council in their vastly larger spacecraft and carry out their own activities without any hassle from the council, even if it meant resorting to time travel to achieve that goal. Unfortunately for them, it would ultimately turn out that in breaching that line, they ultimately incur the wrath and attention of The Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron. At which point, The Evil Rick And Morty can do nothing but abandon their original base of operations underneath Gravity Falls, in order to cover their tracks as efficiently as possible. Thus, With the craft unpiloted but not quite inactive, this ultimately leads to the whole area infested with Mythical creatures and other strange phenomena, all because of Rick's Dimension-travelling technology on board the ship causing more portals to open up throughout the years.

Blendin Blandin is actually an estranged Morty who got captured and had his mind re-written by The Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron as a means for them to track his brain-wave signal to try and hunt down the Evil Rick and Morty
Aside from having the same voice and voice actor as Morty from the show, it would be reasonable to consider that a Morty would exist within the multiverse who while looking different, could have only been the first Morty weak enough for TPAES to capture and control, if they wanted to find a lead for one or more Ricks and Morties should they ever be able to catch up with either of them. They could have also altered his appearance along with his behaviour so that "Blendin" could act out as a mole for their operations, even if he isn't too skilled at how well he does on his objectives.
  • Alternatively, Blendin was a Morty whose Rick died on a misadventure and left him stranded in the future. Trapped in time and space, Morty became more badass and forged a new identity as Blendin Blandin. However, since he is still Morty at heart, he's still doomed to fail and become a laughing stock no matter what.

In the Gravity Falls universe, High Five Ghost is the great, great, great (however many greats) grandson of Abraham Lincoln. Only instead, he's undead
In "Irrational Treasure", Mabel finds a document that shows that underneath Abraham Lincoln's hat was a hand that stuck out of his forehead, just like our little high fiving ghost.

The characters are reincarnated/AU versions of the characters from EarthBound.
Dipper=Ness. They both wear hats, Dipper attempts to use a baseball bat as a weapon in Episode 4...Gideon=Porky. Likes to call Dipper "friend", is pretty evil, doesn't seem so at first, is Dipper's enemy, might be the Big Bad, and looks like a pig and is fat.Etc?
  • A counterpart of Giygas is the Big Bad and the deep dark secret of Gravity Falls.
    • Bill Cipher. He may not look as horrifying as Earthbound-Giygas, but he fits.
      • Porky IS Gideon... after he somehow managed to get out of that Absolutely safe capsule.

The book was written by John Winchester.
John discovered Gravity falls and, amongst all the weirdness he encountered there, he left the town, leaving the book behind and deciding the town was far beyond his abilities. The book was hidden in the forest so no one could find it and connect it to him, forcing him into a job he will never be able to complete.

Gravity Falls is an American Gensokyo.
And everyone there is a Youkai. Dipper and Mabel are de facto Youkai busters, solving potential incidents. The book is similar to the side material, explaining to the reader about the native species. The reason the Boy-to-Girl ratio is normal is because of the Manotaur's existence.
  • Or similarly, Gravity Falls is the location in reality nearest to the American Gensokyo's border. Maybe the Mystery Shack is what exists in both worlds, a "shrine" to the forgotten creatures, which sometimes slip through the cracks (or haven't crossed over yet). That's where Dipper and Mabel come in.

Desmond wrote the journals
  • After he escaped the island, he moved to Gravity Falls and discovered the strange things happening there. Using the survival techniques and inventing skills he acquired during his stay on the Island, he began cataloguing the findings.

The DHARMA Initiative is involved with Gravity Falls somehow, or at least was in the past
  • After Ben Linus and the Others wiped out the DHARMA Initiative on the Island, the surviving members focused their attention on Gravity Falls, Oregon. This explains some of the strange gizmos they've come across (such as the bunker that looks suspiciously like the Hatch from the Island...) and also explains this guy from Irrational Treasure who is watching screens that look similar to these from one of the DHARMA stations

Gravity Falls takes place in the same universe as John Dies at the End.
We know that Undisclosed is special, being a sort of town-sized portal to hell, but there's no reason why it has to be the only one. Gravity Falls's wacky supernatural shenanigans, like Undisclosed's, are due to a portion of the populace using soy sauce and the presence of doors to other dimensions. One citizen we can be sure is on the sauce is the old man from Gobblewonker: Stingle-handedly building insanely-complicated models of monsters that might in fact exist? Sounds a lot like what Big Jim used to do in his basement...

Also, I like to think that at some point Dipper was at the very least one of the many people who e-mailed Dave and/or John with a crazy story or two, since between his snarkiness and straight man role to his crazy ditz of a partner in crime he's like a pint-sized, more innocent version of Dave himself.

The town was once visited by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
They did visit Twin Peaks before, and that's in Oregon as well... plus what's to say Dipper might form a League of his own when he becomes more badass?
  • Twin Peaks is in northern Washington. Characters cross the border to Canada repeatedly in the series without traveling far from town. Doesn't negate the rest of your WMG, but the two towns definitely aren't in the same state.

Stan has been to Camp Wawanakwa.
  • The painting of the waterfall and forest in the living room looks nearly identical the waterfall on the island.

The show shares a universe with Puzzle Agent.
The feel and humor of the two series is pretty similar, and while we haven't seen any supernatural beings in Scoggins, Minnesota yet, there's so much unexplained there that they might possibly exist.

The series is a prequel to Left 4 Dead.
Most of the cast are the special infected. As listed by /co/:
Lazy Susan=Boomette
Grunkle Stan=Charger
Manly Dan=Tank

Like Lake Silencio is to time locks Gravity Falls is to Artifacts.
In other words it's easier to make artifacts in Gravity Falls.

The Slender Man will appear.
There was a famous shopped pic of Slendy in the background, and even Word of God commented on it. Maybe it'll be an Ascended Meme.
  • I'm not sure Disney would be cool with an entire fanbase peeing their pants and diving out the nearest window.
    • Maybe he will just appear in the background.

A Wild Kybey appears!
Because what better way to attack Dippers manhood than to try and make him a magical girl.

Gravity Falls is actually Heaven, a la Narnia.
What if Dipper and Mabel died on their way to the real Gravity Falls and are instead in a sort of heaven? It would definitely explain all the weird going-ons. (Mabel's mind in action, maybe?)
  • Then why are so many things trying to hurt/kill them.
  • Since its Disney Channel we're talking about, this is unlikely.
  • The portal nearly proved God wrong.

President Trembley spent some time in Europe studying magic.
There's a former Hogwarts professor named Quentin Trimble.

Grenda's uncle gave her one of his lizards.
And his name was Alex.

Soos is actually an MIB agent.
He never seems phased by the goings on in town, is always there when the kids need him, is quite capable at dealing with technology, and quite often fits in in the "Right place right time" guy. Also the appearance of two other agents in town investigating could have been due to a call from him. Though he grew up in Gravity Falls he still received the training needed remotely to make sure he was ready to observe the goings on. This is why his symbol is the Question Mark; not only is it a reference to his black shirt / mascot costume, but also that he's an unknown agent. His mission is to observe and alert the higher-ups when Stan completes the machine in the hidden room.

The creature from the upcoming episode "Summerween" is a reference to the Slender Man.
An earlier post mentioned that a future episode would contain a reference to the famous screenshot with the Slender Man photoshopped into the background. Think about it: A tall, humanoid abomination with multiple arms who (based on the trailer) seems to have a thing for kidnapping children. Sound like anyone we know?

Soos is the grandson of Martin Madrazo from "Grand Theft Auto V".
That would explain why his grandma said his grandfather didn't go to heaven. Plus his dad probably took over the family business, hence why he never visited Soos. And his grandma totally acts like Patricia Madrazo.

Grenda will grow up to be Connie from Brickleberry.

Gravity Falls sits on top of a Hellmouth.
Thus attracting all sorts of strange supernatural activity to the area.

Gideon grows up to be Gideon.
He's already got some of the characteristics: He's a malicious business tycoon, he has an affinity for supernatural powers, and he's very persistent about getting the girls he wants. If he moves to New York and makes some changes to his appearance, he could easily turn out to be Gideon Graves.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated will be referenced at one point
Slightly possible, with the similarities of the two shows (kids find horrible mystery/conspiracy in a podunk town).
  • Mabel's questioning "Aroo?" sound when they watch Gideon's commercial in "The Hand that rocks the Mabel" is exactly the same Scooby Doo makes when he's confused, so that could already count as that reference.

The woodpeckers are not what they seem.
They are a form Killer BILL takes.

Giffany is Dr Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend from Archer
Both have pink hair.
  • Somebody make this. Sterling Archer has conquered every bar and drink in the world, but can he handle Mabel Juice?

The title of the show was originally going to be "Twin Pines."
...thus referencing both Twin Peaks and Back to the Future. You know I'm right.

Gravity Falls was once an SCP Foundation research site
It was abandoned (likely because one of the SCP's went really wrong) and for some reason or another was completely lost to the Foundation, allowing all the other SCP's it contained to run amuck and make Gravity Falls the weird and wonderful place we know today. Also, the journals are the research notes of the last Researchers from the forgotten site.

Stan is somehow involved with SCP Foundation.
Behind the vending machine is perhaps the SCP Foundation warehouse.

Uncle Stan is somehow related to Mr. Krabs.
Both are greedy, mentor-like figures, and Jerks With A Heart Of Gold.

Stan is a Plumber or a universe equivalent.
The pyramid man seems to have a similar bow tie and hat to Grunkle Stan, and he is not what he seems apparently.

Stan is A Time Lord.
That vending machine he went into in the first episode, a TARDIS. Those books, his journal of all the alien stuff he encountered on his journeys. It would also explain why Gravity Falls seems to attract the strange and supernatural.
  • Well, he does wear a bowtie and a fez!
  • Going with that theme, The Time Baby is, in actuality, The Nightmare Child from The Time War.
  • The room behind the vending machine is his TARDIS.
  • McGucket is his companion.
  • Bill Cipher is actually the Dream Lord from "Amy's Choice".
  • The journals are really extra copies of the TARDIS manual.

Gravity Falls shares exists in The Secret World universe
The coming Darkness will be an outbreak of The Filth in the town, Bill Cipher is actually the Pyramidon of the Illuminati, and the secret society in Gravity Falls is related to one of the three main factions. But which one?
  • If the society really has been just observing Gravity Falls, or even enabling the weirdness, it's unlikely to be the Templars, as they'd be much more likely to scorched-earth the place. The project that created the portal, potentially leading to the bizarre creatures and events, seems like an Illuminati project, since they're particularly known for summoning entities and supernaturally-empowered technology; they might have set up a remote outpost in an out-of-the-way place like Gravity Falls to test new gate technology, or summon the Pyramidion into the physical world. Bill's appearances thus far have indicated that, while he can observe what happens in our world to some extent, he can't manifest physically or affect things directly, which is why in TSW you only hear, never see, the Pyramidion. Or, the society of Gravity Falls is part of the Dragon, nurturing a force of chaos.

The guy who wrote the books is or is related to Count Rugen.
That's why he has six fingers.
  • This is one of the best theories I've ever heard.

Dipper is related to Ned Flanders.
"How are you diddly-doing, Soos?"

Bill Cypher is Nyarlathotep from the Cthulhu Mythos
Bill Cypher is a form (or perhaps the default form) of the god Nyarlathotep from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Let's go down the list of similarities between the two:
  • Both love chaos (one of Nyarlathotep's other names is the Crawling Chaos)
  • Both are trickster figures with cruel streaks a mile wide
  • Both have existed since before the evolution of humanity
  • Both are associated with Ancient Egypt. Bill claimed to be the inspiration for the pyramids in his Reddit AMA. Nyarlathotep was once worshipped in Egypt via the guise of the Black Pharoah.
  • Both want to destroy the world and end humanity for fun
  • Both enjoy driving people mad
  • Both have only one eye (at least, when Nyarlathotep is in the form of the Haunter of the Dark, said to possess a "three-lobed burning eye")

If Bill is Nyarlathotep... good on him for changing masks, honestly. That whole Black Pharoah thing is, like, super-uncomfortable and racist these days.

Bill Was Once a Man...but now he's a Warhammer 40,000 Daemon Prince
Of Tzeentch to be specific.

The town of Gravity Falls connects to the world of Chick Tracts, thanks to Bill Cipher.
  • Gnomes are villains here, and a video game character brought to life turned against Dipper. A possible sign of magic being evil there?
  • All "good" supernatural creatures are the result of sensible people being brought into the world.
  • Bill mentions that something is coming that will change everything they care about. Nothing changes your life more than finding that many things that we take for granted (Halloween, logical thinking, rock and roll) will send you to hell.
  • The reason the human residents of Gravity Falls are otherwise normal is because they lived there before Bill turned it into a Chick Tract.
  • Bill isn't actually a demon. He only pretends to be one because he acts in ways that one could call evil, and to hide the fact that he's not part of the universe.
  • The writer of the journals didn't know that the reason for all these supernatural things was because he/she was in a Chick Tract, and went insane when he/she found out (around the abrupt ending).
  • Why is Bill doing this? To drive humans insane, of course! And besides, if the plan fails he could always just destroy the universe by mentioning a biblical contradiction or something.

Grunkle Stan is a reincarnation of Stan Marsh
Because, why the heck not. Makes sense. Stan Marsh was the Only Sane Man, and was always frustrated by the insane happenings of South Park. Grunkle Stan's gotten over it.

Gravity Falls takes place in the same universe as Psychonauts.
  • They have a similar enough feel. As far as I know the location of Psychonauts is rather vague, too. It's entirely possible that Whispering Rock is in Oregon and not far from Gravity Falls.

Bill Cipher and The Smiling God are the same entity.

The Pines family and the Palmer family are related. So Mabel and Dipper don't only have a Grunkle Stan and a Grunkle whatever-his-name-is, but also an Uncle Cecil.

Finland runs America.
Okay, let me explain. The historical conspiracy documents in "Irrational Treasure" inform us Santa Claus is the real President forever. In Axis Powers Hetalia, the Anthropomorphic Personification of Finland is Santa Claus. With all the supernatural insanity in Gravity Falls, having Nations as People isn't that far-fetched. Fic writers, this is your cue.

Bill Cipher is connected to an Incarnation of The Nameless One
C'mon, he's a font of forbidden knowledge and chaos. Probably has coffee with Coaxmetal while The Lady of Pain chases him off her lawn.
  • (Same Troper here, more thoughts): In the trailer for the latest episode Bill states that his home dimension is slowly decaying. Perhaps TNO caused that entropy, which motivated Bill to start invading other universes (indirectly causing the planes to start slowly dying.) -woggs123

Gravity Falls is the prequel to Shadowrun
The Great Awakening happened in 2012, and Gravity Falls is supposedly set during the summer of 2012.

Dipper and Mabel's parents are Pete Latimer and Myka Bering of Warehouse 13.
  • This would explain their interest in the paranormal, as well as Dipper's OCD and eye for detail, and Mabel's craziness and 'I don't really know what is going on' attitude

Bill Cipher is HABIT

Time Baby is either Timemaster as a baby, or his son.
Time Baby is the last surviving member of a race of time-giants...and what is Timemaster? A purple skinned giant who controls time, he's even got a similar hourglass symbol. It's possible that Timemaster might have fathered him and later died (no doubt after yet another antagonizing of Freedom Force) or that this baby is Timemaster as a toddler, which also explains his downright omnicidal lust for immortality, because being the last of your kind cannot be stress free at all. Granted Energy X plays some part in Timemaster's power but I'd chalk that up to being more like a freak mutation that it caused, or something like that.

Manly Dan is the ancestor of Montana.
In at least one timeline anyways, but really, how else could he grow this big?

Bill Cipher is a corrupted Yellow Sapphire.
He has a single eye which can see the future, a characteristic shared by our Laughy Sapphy. It's possible they might be connected.
  • Plus, Cipher and Sapphire sound similar.
  • Sapphire's gem has a triangular facet.

Bills home dimension is Super Flatland, the home dimension of Mr. Game & Watch from SSB.
'Flat minds in a flat world with flat dreams.'

There will be a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Seriously, no one's mentioned this?! Alex Hirsch and Lauren Faust know each other! It'll be an MLP episode and it'll show Bill Cipher being resurrected. Remember how his weakness was unicorn hair? He'll travel to the pony dimension and find out why he's weak against it. He'll probably meet up with Discord (an old friend of his) and might defeat him. The other characters will meet and Dipper will fall in love with Twilight (they ARE kind of similar), but then realize that Pacifica is his true love. It'll take place at Christmas. It will make sense as they could go back there for vacation and there was never an episode taking place at that time. It will end with Dipcifica becoming canon with a Dance Party Ending!

Night Vale and Gravity Falls are sister towns and/or Tad Strange is Cecil Palmer's disappeared brother from Welcome to Night Vale.
This is mostly based on the fact that they're both voiced by Cecil Baldwin but I think it would be fun easter egg. Plus, they both have a lot of weird stuff happening that people don't seem to be bothered by (although Gravity Falls is explained by the Society of the Blind Eye).
  • Pretty cool, but Nightvale already has a sister town in Russia.

Bill Cipher was involved in the creation of the Deathly Hallows.
My evidence: the symbol for the Hallows is yet another instance of Bill Cipher imagery; a line (the slit pupil...) within a circle (...of the eye...) within a triangle (...of Bill Cipher).

They were probably left over from a plan that ended up falling through (perhaps to create a portal using magic instead of technology?) and he figured letting the mortal wizards squabble over them would be more entertaining than the Hallows themselves would be useful.

Gravity Falls is in the New World of Darkness.
It attracts through some unknown method more minor creatures of the new world of darkness, possibly some combination an overlap point between a semi-formed bardo or is connected to the Underworld or any other weird aspects of the nWoD. Most of McGucket and the author's tech is wondrous. All the major characters either already have a metanormal advantage or are in the early stages of getting them.

  • Old Man McGucket: Genius, probably Staunen from what the Author showed him.
  • Ford Pines: Once again, Genius, probably Neid, Staunnen or Klagen.
  • Stan Pines:?
  • Dipper Pines: Gravity Falls has started him on the path to catalyze as a Staunen. Although his successful dead-raising leaves open the possibility of Awakening as a Mage
  • Mabel Pines: Either will become a Forgotten Sin-Eater or a Mage at some point in the future.
  • Soos:?
  • Pacifica Northwest:?
  • Wendy:?
  • Robbie:?
  • Gideon: Considering his experience with th Supernatural, he will probably awaken as a Mage.

Bill Cipher is an entity of incredible power, likely of a nature beyond anything in the World of Darkness in general. He wants to fold all possible realities into the nightmare realm to increase his power. His connection to the nature of Gravity Falls is what kept him from leaving during Weirdmageddon without Ford's knowledge of what attracts weirdness to Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel eventually will visit Nightopia

  • Dipper is Twilight. Mabel is Pinkie Pie. Bill Cipher is Discord. Diamond Tiara is Pacifica.

Dustin Henderson is an older cousin of Dipper and Mabel's

  • Dustin influenced Dipper's fashion sense and interest in tabletop games and the paranormal. Drawings in the one of the Journals reminded Dipper of a Shadow Monster cousin Dusty once talked of...


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