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Why else do you think it was called Looney Tunes?

"And your second wish?"
"I have just the thing! I wish I had my own theme music!"
— Peter Griffin of Family Guy, being very, very meta

Cartoons are notorious for having catchy theme songs. But some 'toons take it a step further.

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    DreamWorks Animation 
  • The Prince of Egypt:
    • "When You Believe", the duet of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Especially the multilanguage version, which features 27 versions of When You Believe from around the world. It really shows how music is the universal language.
    • "Deliver us! / Send a shepherd to shepherd us / and deliver us / to the Promised Land!" And the Call-Back at the very, very end to Ofra Haza's One-Woman Wail of "Deliver us!".
    • All the songs. But Plagues is especially so. Yahweh is a scary, scary god. There's the part of that song with the Dark Reprise duet between Moses and Rameses. Definitely one of the all-time highlights of animated musicals. The fact that Ralph Fiennes actually sings Rameses' part is awesome! And the choir speaking for God. "I send the swarm / I send the horde / Thus saith the Lord!" The song is so good it actually makes you sympathize with the pharaoh. His brother has turned against him. Now an all-powerful deity rains fire down on his land. The pharaoh's response is to refuse surrender, no matter what the cost. Sure, it hurts everyone involved, but one cannot help but admit that Rameses has got style.
      • Say what you will of dubbed films, but "The Plagues" in Japanese is pretty awesome too. Especially Japanese!Rameses.
    • After the 'Through Heaven's Eyes' scene, when Moses walks out of his and Tzipporah's tent to go a-shepherding, the piece of music that accompanies "this is my home" in 'All I Ever Wanted' plays as he looks out at the landscape.
    • Instrumentally, Goodbye Brother is the most epic piece of music in ages from a movie. The ominous choir and orchestra combo at the beginning, the mournful cello solo, the single woman's voice — it has it all.
    • "The Mission", the score that plays right after the Burning Bush scene.
    • River Lullaby.
    • "Playing With the Big Boys Now" is a good song, sung by Steve Martin and Martin Short, who seem to have fun with it.
    • Another instrumental piece, the "Red Sea" is utterly beautiful...before becoming terrifying.
    • "Through Heaven's Eyes" is so often overlooked. It's encouraging and warm and beautiful, which is nice considering that after this particular song, the movie gets a bit darker...
    • Speaking of overlooked, how about "I Will Get There," the other end credits song?
    • Hans Zimmer's "Chariot Race" is a standout cue which annoyingly isn't on the soundtrack album but did get released on a Collector's Edition CD.

    Don Bluth 

  • Studio composer Hoyt Curtin and his contributions to the various Hanna-Barbera shows' soundtracks deserves a special mention.

    Warner Bros. Animation 
  • Scooby-Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire:
    • "Getaway Yeah", a killer rock song that perfectly complements the chase scene.
    • All of the Hex Girls songs are pretty good, easy to see why they're so popular both in-universe and with fans of the franchise.
  • Superman: The Animated Series has its own page.
  • Teen Titans:
    • When there's trouble, you know who to call...
    • Blink and you'll miss it, but when the Titans make a comeback during the big fight in the Grand Finale "Titans Together", a badass remix of the main theme song plays, slower-paced and instrumental-only.
    • Everything from "Aftershock Part 2". Seriously. Just... just listen to it.
    • There's a gorgeous bit of piano music during the scene in "How Long Is Forever?" where Nightwing calls the Titans on their communicators, and it seems like all three of them are unable to come to his aid. It's just heartbreaking.
    • Terra's theme (especially the rendition that plays during her run through the obstacle course) is pretty darn awesome.

  • Invader Zim:
    • The background music for Zim and Dib's titanic, solar system-spanning conflict in "Battle of the Planets".
    • MEATS OF EVIL!!!!!
    • "Ultra Peepi" theme from Hamstergeddon is an Awesome techno track. Pity it only lasted about 40 seconds.
    • Zim's Christmas Villain Song.
    • The all kinds of awesome theme song.
    • The "Music" of Funny that is the Doom Song?
    • "Building Montage", "In the Beginning", "One Big Video Game", "Carne Beat", "Source Music of Doom", "Gear Fight", "Tak's Theme", "It's On!", "Kitty Rally"... is there one song in this show that doesn't deserve a spot on this page?
  • Danny Phantom:
    • One particular score during "Fanning the Flames". When Danny is flying Sam towards the Monster of the Week, the series plays a relaxing rendition of the theme's song. It makes the scene all the more poignant and remains one of the most convincing moments of the Danny/Sam pairing.
    • The scene in" My Brother's Keeper". After so much doubt and misery, Danny is shown flying happily as that particular rendition plays as Jazz comes to terms with knowing her brother is a hero.
    • The various heroic (and villainous) renditions of the main theme are all amazing! Just watch any scene with Vlad being especially villainous.
    • "RemEmber." The full version in particular, which we never actually hear in the show; it's a dark song that seems to be about how Ember died, which was apparently due to killing herself after discovering her boyfriend was only using her for sex. Because this is a kids' show.
  • Ren & Stimpy:
  • Kablam! has many. Mainly the awesome ska opening.
    • And the first ending theme. Listen to the full version (on Retrojunk).
    • That doesn't mean the second end title was bad. It was awesome!
    • In fact, all of Henry and June's background music was amazing.
    • June's song in "Won't Stick To Most Dental Work". That little girl (referring to June, her VA was actually 15 at the time, and still has a great voice) had a great voice. To bad there was never a musical episode with June being the lead.
    • And the Ka Blammer song.
    • All the music in The Off-Beats was great to. It had a jazzy, Peanuts flavor to it.
    • All the background music in Life with Loopy.
    • And all the Sniz & Fondue music! Stupid Nickelodeon. You could've made a huge set of the music on CD.
  • The Fairly Oddparents. We have Real And Scary, Find Your Voice, Gimme The Wand, and every song from the Musical Episode.
  • Hey Arnold!'s Jim Lang gave us quite a few, including "Thinkin' It Over," which plays while Stinky contemplates his role as a Butt-Monkey spokesperson for Yahoo soda.

    Cartoon Network Original 

    Fox Cartoon 
  • The Simpsons has its own page.
  • American Dad!: The intro "Oh boy, it's swell to sayyy..."...GOOD MORNING, U.S.AAAA!"
    • Eight words: Krispy Kreme McDonald's Jam-Tasic Roller Boogie Prawn Experience. Every song they play is a public domain song made awesome.


    TV series 
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (1986) has "There's Always Another Rainbow". And from the show, we have "We Are the Flutter Ponies", music to kick evil tail to.
  • Ocean Girl: The Animated Series' theme, The Promised One
  • Over the Garden Wall has a really good theme song, and has other good ones, like "The Beast Song" from "Songs of the Dark Lantern".
  • Peanuts.
    • The iconic "Linus and Lucy" theme.
    • The early Peanuts animated specials were gloriously blessed by the jazz scores by Vince Guaraldi. The first one, A Charlie Brown Christmas is even more awesome for its breakthrough innovation; the idea of using jazz for an animated family TV special was unthinkable, but Guaraldi changed everyone's mind instantly.
    • The David Benoit arrangements of Guaraldi's classics in the post "It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown" specials are pretty awesome too. Of note is the jamming remix of the Charlie Brown Theme in the Bird Football scenes of "You're In The Super Bowl, Charlie Brown".
    • As is most of the music in "It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown".
  • On Care Bears & Cousins, Harmony Bear's song in "Share Air" really is quite nice. It has a sort of mellow vibe like some of the music from the 80s. And unlike what happens to the bears on the show, it won't actually make you float on air, heavy instruments or no.


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