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This is the series that defined Awesome Music in TV cartoons.

  • Flash Beagle.
    • The first time we hear it (main time), Snoopy, as "Flashbeagle," goes into a 1980s dance club and shows he has dance moves (and dressed in a "Flashdance" outfit – headband, torn sweats, leg warmers) to the teenagers/adults there.
    • The second time we hear it (reprise), a student heckling Sally and Snoopy pulls out a boom box and turns it on. Snoopy hears the rhythm and music, causing him to dance all over again. He becomes Flashbeagle without the outfit while the other students dance. This gives Sally her first "A" in Show and Tell and lets her defend Snoopy's behavior to Charlie Brown.
    • It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown's soundtrack may be cheesy, but it's still pretty awesome.
  • For "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown", when Woodstock whistles "O Mio Babbino Caro" by Puccini to help Peppermint Patty perform her ice-skating routine. Aside from a little piano, it's non-vocal and mostly a capella.
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  • LINUS. AND. LUCY. Instantly familiar (some polls name it the most widely known piece of music in the world), instantly hummable, an infectiously catchy dance rhythm (just ask the cast of the Christmas play in A Charlie Brown Christmas!) the perfect accompaniment to any montage in any special... in short, Vince Guaraldi's masterpiece.
  • The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show opening themes, from Season 1's gentle piano keys to the jazzy "Let's Have A Party" of season 2.
  • All the music in A Charlie Brown Christmas (the special in which "Linus & Lucy" made its first appearance) and on its soundtrack.
  • The entire "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" soundtrack. Of particular mention: Schroeder, Pebble Beach, and Oh, Good Grief.
  • The theme from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which is also a Heartwarming Moment Theme.
  • Also from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving; "Little Birdie". In one brief song, Vince Guaraldi perfectly encapsulates Snoopy and Woodstock's characters and friendship; just why does Woodstock fly upside-down?
  • "Joe Cool", the smooth jazz song that accompanied the first animated appearance of Snoopy's alter ego in There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown, is every bit as cool and laid back as the character (at least in theory; Snoopy's a bit too quick to anger for his own good at times).
  • Taking cues from "Linus and Lucy", Charlie Brown's All Stars, used as Charlie Brown walks to the baseball game in A Boy Named Charlie Brown.
  • Peppermint Patty, a piano tune that goes full on orchestral part way through in a wonderful melody that perfectly suits the character.
  • Someday, Charlie Brown, used at the end of "It's Your 20th Television Anniversary, Charlie Brown", and on the Flashbeagle album.
  • The snazzy "You're In Love, Charlie Brown" from the special of the same name, with or without lyrics. Made even snazzier with the version on the Jazz For Peanuts album.
  • Whether you loved or hated Rerun, you can't deny that his theme from "I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown" is a great, breezy throwback to the Guaraldi classics of old.

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