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Awesome Music / The Powerpuff Girls

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: Love, love, love, la la love, la la love makes the world go round!
  • James L. Venable's incessantly catchy and epic drum n' bass score, which also makes excellent use of the Amen Break.
  • The score from The Movie. Say what you will about the rest of it, but it's worth watching just to hear the show's score style played by a Hollywood orchestra.
  • "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" has a few memorable songs, due to being a Musical Episode.
  • Love Makes the World Go Round!
  • On "Stray Bullet", when the hawk captures Bullet, the music as the hawk flies sounds intense and Native indian-like, especially with those drums drumming. The wing beats even add to the intensity.
  • Mojo Jojo covering Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" in the PPG Rule episode.
  • Go monkey go! Mojo Jojo!
  • Major Man's theme song. The Swedish version isn't half bad either.
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  • "Signal in the Sky (Let's Go!)" by The Apples in Stereo from the show's Heroes and Villains tie-in album, which later got an equally awesome music video and was featured in the episode "Super Friends," where the band cameos on a TV. It's also maddeningly catchy.
  • The ending theme. It's very catchy, plus it sings about the Girls themselves.
  • Who's Got The Power?, the opening theme song from the 2016 reboot. Even PPG fans who hate the reboot consider this song one of the few good things to come from it.