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Saving the world before bedtime.

So once again, the audience is awed, thanks to... The Powerpuff Girls.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie has its own page.

For the 2016 series, see here.

  • The girls' first battle with Princess. After Princess knocks out Bubbles and Buttercup, the camera does a Circling Monologue as she taunts Blossom, who stands there in silent Tranquil Fury, effortlessly dodges her next powerful energy blast by moving nothing but her head, and defends herself from Princess' Unstoppable Rage in a fast-paced one-on-one battle with the other two girls waking up and helping Blossom before she destroys Princess' supersuit with her ice breath at the end.
    Blossom: Because you're just a Spoiled Brat. And being a Powerpuff Girl isn't about getting your way, or having the best stuff, or being popular or powerful. It's about using your own unique abilities to help people and the world we all live in. And you, little girl, have done nothing worthy of the name Powerpuff. (Cue Princess being handcuffed and thrown into a police wagon.)
  • Her response to Major Glory's Stay in the Kitchen speech in "Members Only":
    Major Glory: This is the Association of World Super Men! You're little girls. We are the men! The protectors, the hunters, the fighters, and the show-offs, and the noisemakers! You are little girls! You should be at home with your mommy learning how to cook and clean and... blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-whatever women stuff. So leave the superheroics to the supermen!
    Blossom: (completely sincerely) Why?
  • At the start of "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!" Blossom stops a missile from Mojo Jojo's robot in mid-fire, stands there holding it in place, and non-chalantly asks their Arch-Enemy when he's going to learn that his Evil Plans will always blow up in his face. Cue the missile blowing up in his face. Burned!
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  • The last part of "Not So Awesome Blossom". After Blossom lost her confidence and being incompetent in the whole episode, she managed to get herself back by saving her sisters and the professor's life from Mojo with one fast plan.
  • Although every character involved in the slow motion sequence during "Mo Job" got to partake in some awesomeness, Blossom is most notable for initiating the scene with a serious Slow "NO!" to warn Buttercup before dramatically flying in to save her from a power-removing beam. For a scene that was trying to be both comedic and dramatic, the latter element definitely steals the show and results in one of the most intense moments for the entire series.
  • When cockroaches are swarming the town in "Insect Inside," she manages to [[Hammerspace somehow]] get a giant jar and clear the city in no time, both fixing the problem and listening to the Professor's advice about trying to spare the bugs. When Roach Coach frees them and has the insects join into a giant cockroach monster which swallows the girls, she also gets a good line before they start fighting back.
    Buttercup: Please, can we squish them?
    Blossom: Now Buttercup, you know it's wrong to hurt an insect just because it's yucky on the outside, BUT THIS ONE'S YUCKY ON THE INSIDE!
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  • In "Power-noia" where Him is forcing the girls to endure their worst nightmares, Blossom realizes that Him is the one causing it, allowing her to take control of the dream. She then escapes and is able to help her sisters ovecome their nightmares too.


  • It was nice to see Bubble Take a Level in Badass in "Bubblevicious," for a while, at least.
    Bubbles: WHO WANTS SOME?!?
  • Getting a monster to leave Townsville in one episode just by asking pretty please with sugar on top.
    • The best part? After it left, going back to tell Blossom and Buttercup to suck it.
  • The entirety of "Bubble Boy". Despite slipping up several times during the episodes, getting Brick suspicious of her, she not only manages to fool Brick and Butch into believing she's Boomer, but also eventually gets them caught in the Professor's containment ray.
  • In "Los Dos Mojos", Bubbles kicking the crap out of Mojo at the end of the episode is pretty damn awesome.
  • Bubbles was forced to wear these really thick glasses. She vaporized the Monster of the Week because the glasses magnified her optic beam into a size that would make Cyclops moan with envy.
  • Overcoming her fear of the Boogie Man in "Boogie Nights" and taking out the giant disco ball blocking the sun Star Wars style!
  • After spending a good chunk of "All Chalked Up" in a Heroic BSoD and realizing that HIM tricked her into drawing chalk monsters, Bubbles turns the tables by expressing her anger in a positive way (by drawing accessories and happy faces on them). She then draws butterfly wings on HIM, causing him to retreat in a fit of anger.


  • Buttercup gets whole montages of CMsoA in "Down n' Dirty" and "Cover Up".
  • Her refusal to give up in "The Boys Are Back In Town", which leads her to uncover the Rowdyruff Boys' weakness after injuring one of them for pretty much the first time in the entire episode.
    • When you take in the reason why she was able to injure one of the Boys, it doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. The girls have been at the end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for nearly half the episode, and then the Rowdyruffs proceed to take it one step further by going out of their way to completely humiliate Bubbles. Despite her injuries, Buttercup just takes in one second of seeing Bubbles in complete tears and SNAPS. Word to the wise: You. Do. NOT. Hurt. Her. Sisters!
  • Beating the crap out of the Gangreen Gang at the end of "Buttercrush". Especially her No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Ace for manipulating her feelings.
  • After going a bit too far on Fuzzy Lumpkins, she takes to The Shangri-La to learn some restraint. In the next battle, she delivers exactly the amount of force required.
  • "Power-Noia": Conquering her fear of spiders was one, but the highlight of the episode was beating the crap out of Him. Note that before this episode, the worst thing the girls did to Him was draw butterfly wings on him.
  • In "Beat Your Greens", when the girls are rallying Townsville's children against the Broccoloids, one football player accuses them of tricking the kids into eating vegetables. Buttercup's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the kid is epic:
    Buttercup: What? You doubt the word of a Powerpuff? Or maybe you're just scared to eat vegetables. Tell ya what, why don't you just run on home to your mama and see if she'll make you a balogna sandwich? Oh, wait. You know what? She cant, 'cause she's been zapnotized by alien invaders! But you don't wanna help save her 'cause you don't feel like eating a few vegetables.
    Football Player: [tearing up] Let's do it for the folks.
  • In the Christmas special, after all three girls have been taken out by the now equally powerful Princess via a giant self-made ice sculpture, she takes one last look back to taunt the heroes... then Buttercup proceeds to bean Princess smack in the face with a snowball, sending her out of the air and crashing into the earth below!
    Princess: Hey! How'd you like my stocking stuffer?! (suddenly gets hit in the face with Buttercup's snowball)
    Buttercup: Stuff that!

All 3 girls together

  • The girls' "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Femme Fatale right before beating her easily, as they point out that as Straw Feminists go, she really sucks.
    Buttercup: Susan B. Anthony coins, huh?
    Femme Fatale: Um... she was, uh, um...
    Buttercup: Once upon a time, women weren't allowed to do much of anything.
    Bubbles: Susan B. Anthony knew that that was wrong.
    Blossom: In 1872, she broke the law by voting. And even though she was found guilty, the feds wanted to go easy on her.
    All 3 Girls: Because she was a girl!
    Blossom: And not send her to jail.
    Buttercup: Susan B. Anthony didn't want special treatment. She wanted to be treated equally.
    Bubbles: She demanded that she be sent to jail, just like any man who broke the law.
    Blossom: And that's exactly what we're going to do to you. (throws an Anthony coin square at Fatale's forehead; cue smackdown)
  • A similar thing happens in "Child Fearing" - after Mojo Jojo tells them a story he about Napoleon (in the form of a chimp that looks suspiciously like himself) he made up, they proceed to tell him about things that really happened in Napoleon's life:
    Mojo: Very well, then. I will tell you my favorite story … ABOUT THE GREATEST CONQUEROR WHO EVER LIVED! Napoleon! He was a mighty man, feared by all who looked up to him. Using his genius and his loyal army, he conquered all of Europe, then all of Russia, and then finally, the whole world. The end.
    Girls: Boring!
    Blossom: Your story's all wrong! Napoleon's 1807 seizure of Portugal and the subsequent rebellion by the Spaniards cost France over 300,000 casualties, untold sums of money, and contributed to the eventual weakening of the Napoleonic Empire. (hits him with her pillow)
    Bubbles: And your analysis on the invasion of Russia is also incorrect! Napoleon's invasion of 1812 resulted in massive casualties of his troops, due to starvation and inclement conditions, and ended in a disastrous retreat from Moscow with his army defeated! (hits him with her pillow)
    Buttercup: Yeah, dummy! And when he returned to France, the Allied Nations of Europe united against him, which lead to his eventual defeat at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815, whereafter he was exiled to the island of St. Helena, where he died a miserable death from stomach cancer on May 5, 1821, stupid! (hits him with her pillow)
    • And what follows is the girls giving Mojo a No-Holds-Barred Beatdownin the form of a pillow fight! (Also doubles as a funny moment.)
    • Even better: Blossom is usually touted as the "smart" one. This time around, all of them are shown to have a shared knowledge of Napoleon's history. While still in kindergarten! This may very well be a retroactive one for Ms. Keane, along with the Susan B. Anthony example above.
  • The song "love makes the world go round" from the episode "Mime for a Change." Bubbles momentarily loses hope when the evil Mr. Mime drains Townesville and everyone in it including her sisters of life and color. But then she gets the perfect solution. The girls sing a song that's a guaranteed earworm which includes a rockin' guitar solo by Blossom that not only brings the color back but turns Mr. Mime back into Rainbow the clown!
  • In "Monkey See, Doggie Two", after Mojo Jojo confidently gloats about his New and Improved plan involving the Anubis head.
    Mojo Jojo: So, Powerpuffs, now that you have seen these precautions, what do you plan to do?
    Blossom: (completely deadpan) We're gonna kick your butt.
  • The climax of "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey". Mostly from having them sing one of the best songs in the episode filled with Awesome Music. As well as shrugging off an Agony Beam that took their powers away earlier in the episode.
  • The part of the Chase Scene in the Christmas special when they all get ahead of Princess, who now has all their general powers, in a race to the North Pole by using their individual powers. Blossom's ice breath, Bubbles' sonic scream, and Buttercup turning into a tornado.
  • The girls show up an entire league of male chauvinist superheroes in one episode-long CMoA.
  • The girls beating the crap out of Mojo Jojo in "Candy is Dandy". After Mojo steals their candy, they break into his lair and deliver one of the most graphic beatdowns in the history of the show. The result leaves Mojo Jojo, one of the most prominent villains on the show, a black-and-purple smear on the floor.
  • Their Batman Gambit in "Bought & Scold" to defeat Princess certainly counts. To elaborate, Princess made crime legal. To follow the laws, the girls used it against Princess & steal all of her and her father's belongings. Princess, of course, freaks out and tries to call the girls to help her. The girls couldn't, because fighting against crime is illegal. This forces Princess to make crime illegal again and give back Townsville to the Mayor & Ms. Bellum.
  • The scene in which they fight the ones they love in "Tough Love" to force HIM into retreating and freeing them from his Hate Plague. Buttercup convinces her sisters that the ones they love would never want to hurt them, and they all procceed to beat the living crap out of their friends. HIM had thought all along that the girls wouldn't lay a hand on the ones they usually protect and that his plan would be a success, and his expression when the girls beat up his puppets says everthing.
    • The fight itself is a sight to behold, especially considering how everyone treated the girls due to HIM's Hate Plague. Buttercup takes the old lady's walking stick and smacks her with it, Bubbles kicks the lady's cat, which was threatening Blossom, and sends it into a nearby tree, Buttercup punches Ms. Keane in the stomach, Blossom gets rid of two children trying to attack her and makes other two crash into each other, Bubbles smashes a jar of pickles on the Mayor's head and throws him into Ms. Bellum's stomach from a single punch, the three of them send a whole army of police officers flying, and finally they finish off the Professor (and judging by his dialogue at the end, they also had to beat up the Narrator as well). Once they are done, they say the following to HIM:
    Blossom: Don't ever make us have to do that again!
    Buttercup: Or it'll be your last!

Professor Utonium

  • In "Mr Mojo's Rising", Professor Utonium finally remembers Mojo for the destructive monster he always was and gives him an earful about how he hasn't changed a bit. To top it all off, he causes Mojo to suffer a Villainous BSoD by pointing out that if not for him, the Powerpuff Girls would not exist.
  • Going Papa Wolf on Mojo in "Powerprof", especially because the episode ends with the girls revealing this was a Batman Gambit to get him to let them fight crime on their own again, but neither they nor Mojo actually expected him to put up such a good fight.
  • He gets another Papa Wolf moment in "Collect Her", when he leads the entire town in cornering Lenny Baxter into returning the girls—by tearing apart his toy collection right in front of him, and after Lenny has a catatonic breakdown, then gives him an awesome verbal lecture, all without even raising his voice.
    Professor Utonium: Let me tell you something, Lenny. You may have all of the toys, all of the merchandise, all of the so-called “collector’s value.” But one thing you don’t have, Lenny, is true fandom. For a true fan wouldn’t want to selfishly keep the girls to himself. A true fan would want them to be free. Free to do the things they do best. To do the things we love most about them. Now why don’t you be a fan…and tell me where they are?
  • His earliest stint as a Papa Wolf is seen in "Mommy Fearest". He saw the Powerpuff Girls fighting Sedusa, who has been masquerading as 'Ima Goodlady' and used Crocodile Tears against the Professor. After a bit of silence, he accepted Sedusa's hand and the Powerpuff Girls lowered their hand in defeat, they'll have to deal with Sedusa abusing them again... but then, suddenly, the Professor, already putting Sedusa on hold himself, told the Girls to call the police so Sedusa could be arrested. Having a caretaker for his girls when he's away from home is one thing... but when he knows she's abusing them when he's not looking... he won't be fooled anymore.
  • His, um, "speech" in "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey". The girls had given up their powers in order to bring peace to Townsville once and for all, but the deal they'd made was sucking all of the individuality out of Townsville. Cue up "Freedom Beef", an extended metaphor about the citizens becoming little more than cattle waiting to be slaughtered.
  • The way he handled his old college buddy Dick Hardly when he invited his so-called friend over to meet the girls. After Dick witnesses their abilities and insists they could be making big bucks on the three of them, all while talking down to them as little more than accessories, the Professor pulls him aside and in no uncertain terms tells the man that he is no longer welcome in his house and is to stay away from both himself and his girls. He lays out his terms with the most Tranquil Fury a man can muster, demonstrating that nobody messes with his children.
    • He follows this up later when he learns of Dick's production of the Powerpuff Girls Xtreme line, and discovers his girls to have been kidnapped by his former friend. Although he is overwhelmed, he does his damnedest to save them when they are being drained of their powers to the point of death, and it's his love for them that not only saves them in the end but also prompts the clones to turn on their disloyal creator and kill him.
  • His plan when the girls took advantage of his sleepwalking so he can steal stuff for them.
  • In "Film Flam", the Professor exposes Bernie Bernstein as a fraud who is only trying to steal the bank's money and punches him out for exploiting the girls and being disrespectful to Bubbles. While wearing a dress.

Mojo Jojo

  • Maybe more of a Crowning Moment of Loathsome, but in "Candy is Dandy" the girls get hooked on the candy the Mayor gives out as a reward for saving the day, so they rope Mojo into a plan to scam the Mayor so they can get more candy - he gets to run amok, they "stop" him and then bust him out of jail later to keep the scheme going. It works, but eventually Mojo swipes the candy himself and exposes the whole racket, because as fun as going on a rampage is, stabbing the girls in the back and exposing their misbehavior is just too good an opportunity for a bad monkey to pass up. His glee at what he's done even trumps his awareness that he's about to pull down the beating of a lifetime in a life full of beatings.
    Mojo: "Don't get me wrong. Destroying Townsville on a daily basis is a pretty good gig! But to be able to take away that which gave you so much joy, to destroy your happiness, is just so much more satisfying to the soul. If only I could have seen the look on your faces when you realized... I think I can imagine!"
    Blossom: "You're a bad monkey, Mojo."
    Mojo: (Well aware the Pain Train is about to pull into Pound Town, but just so pleased with himself): "I know!"
  • Mojo Jojo in "Child Fearing" claims to be the number one chef in Townsville. He then proceeds to prove his prowess... by preparing the girl's food at lightning speed without even blinking.
  • Mojo Jojo, at the end of "The Powerpuff Girls Rule", actually does Take Over the World... and makes it a better place! "FREE PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE!"
  • You also have the episode Forced Kin. The entire episode revolves around Mojo being outed as the most evil in the universe by this strange alien robot who can effectively counter and subdue the Powerpuff Girls and bending all the people of Townsville to his will, all of which were Mojo's dreams. So what does he do? He goes berserk and starts thrashing the alien with every inch of his life. Let me repeat that this guy defeated the Powerpuff Girls' most powerful attacks and here's Mojo taking him down with Good Old Fisticuffs. The icing on the cake comes at the climax of the battle where Mojo takes out the hardened french bread he bought earlier and bashes the alien over the head with it. Then, Mojo, instead of choosing to destroy him, puts the giant thing in a submission hold. The dialogue below says it all:
    Alien Robot: NO-OH-OH!!!
    Mojo Jojo: SAY IT!!! *Alien Robot still screaming with pain* SAY IIITTTTTT!!!
    Alien Robot: YOU ARE THE MOST EVILLLLL!!! *finally passes out from the pain*
    Mojo Jojo: And don't you forget it!
  • Mojo Jojo once managed to throw all traffic in Townsville into a grinding halt... by being sentenced to community service as an English teacher and teaching everyone in town to speak exactly as he does. Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness is now a superpower.
  • In "Mr. Mojo's Rising", Mojo gains the Powerpuff Girls's powers and defeat them effortlessly. He then makes a Badass Boast before destroying everything in his lab.
    • "Yes! I have defeated the Powerpuff Girls, and it is by me that they are not victorious! With my own two hands, I have defeated them! Not with mechanical machines when I destroy this, but with my own bare hands!"
    • The real crowning moment was when the PPG are already assured they can beat him due to knowing he has similar powers to them and will try to wear him down knowing what he's capable of, only for Mojo to reveal that he has a Signature Move of his own that only he can use that the girls can't...
    Mojo Jojo: You’ve forgotten one thing. *Pull back; the cap starts to glow with the girls’ colors.* My superior, better-than-average, more-than-usual, superior brainpower! *he fires a tri-colored beam from his cap at the PPG*
    Buttercup: We…
    Blossom: …can’t…
    Bubbles: …do
    Girls:: *gets blasted* ...THAT!!!
  • In "Monkey See, Doggie Do" where Mojo was introduced for the first time. He gets introduced mysteriously, with his shadow walking up to the Anubis Head, while making a slow, Big "YES!" in a Badass Baritone. He then cuts off the links to the Anubis Head, and steals it along with the Anubis jewels, and then was seen making his very first Badass Boast.
    Mojo: Yes…with these jewels, the magic curse of the ancient Anubis dog head will finally be unleashed, and then the human race will bow down to me, Mojo Jojo!!, (Evil Laugh)
    • On top of that, Mojo got really damn far for his first onscreen appearance. Not ony is he able to wreak havoc on the town by turning them into dogs, but he manages to hypnotize several of them into becoming his lackeys, gathering even more jewels before setting up a device to transform the entire world into his dog army. By the time the Powerpuff Girls catch on, his plan is already put into motion, and they're turned into powerless (albeit still competent) puppies. He only lost because Buttercup ran around and bit him in the rear, causing him to drop the Anubis head on himself. For a first outing, that's pretty impressive.

Other villains

  • The Rowdyruff Boys nearly manage to kill the girls in their debut episode. When the Girls come back they admit defeat.
  • Him also gets a subtle moment of awesome during "Custody Battle", when he and Mojo try to one-up each other with evil deeds. This eventually lead to Him setting up a plan to sent Earth on a collision course with the Sun, dooming everyone to a fiery death. Mojo then turns to Him and starts a lengthy complaint about how that self-destructive deed was more stupid than evil. The sun gradually gets larger and brighter during all of this, and when it got dangerously close Him made a nonchalant "go away" gesture at it. The sun complied. Honestly, Him is full of these moments.
    • "Speed Demon". After the girls beat Him down, he just gets up. It leads to the following exchange:
      Blossom: You can never beat us!
      Him: Beat you? Why, girls, don't you see? I'VE ALREADY WON! (Goes One-Winged Angel)
    • "Speed Demon" as a whole showcases Him when he stops fooling around. With the Powerpuff Girls gone, he alone was able to take over the entire world, which means he went up against every known villain in the series, and won. When the girls finally confront him, he takes every hit the girls throw at him before going One-Winged Angel and breaking the girls' spirits by revealing that their accidental race across time did this. Heartwrenching? Yes. Terrifying? Absolutely. Still awesome? Oh yes.
    • His first appearance in "Octi Evil" shows him taking over Bubbles' stuffed octopus and subtly manipulating her into causing Blossom and Buttercup's tension to skyrocket into Fighting the Lancer. Afterward, he makes Octi grow to gargantuan size and starts attacking Townsville, knowing that Blossom and Buttercup are too busy fighting to do anything. Of course, they make up in time to save Bubbles, but he was still very competent with his plan.
    • His second (major) role is in "Tough Love" where, fed up with the girls' mass adoration, he makes the entire city of Townsville hate them with ease. Including the Narrator! He almost had the upper hand until the girls gained the resolve to fight and defeat the town they love.
  • Princess has a brief one in "Meet The Beat Alls" when she gets both Mojo and Him to agree that her power of cash beats their high tech weapons and being evil incarnate.
  • The episode "Telephonies" where the Gangreen Gang start impersonating the Mayor on the hotline to sic the girls on Mojo, Fuzzy, and HIM while they're having days off. Once the three find out who's behind this, they gear up and burst into the office.
    HIM: guys like to make crank calls.. *[Asskicking ensues]*
  • The Gangreen Gang get one at the end of Aspirations. In the episode, the gang stole three Egyptian artifacts for Sedusa, which, combined, turned her into a super powered giantess. With her new power, she manages to beat the girls relatively easily... but when Ace asks what she plans to give them in return, she kicks them to the curb and reveals that she was just using them all along. This genuinely breaks Ace's heart and reduces Billy to a sobbing mess, so in an act of revenge, Ace tells the girls what the source of Sedusa's power is (it's her tiara). But the true crowning moment of the episode is the final scene, in which we see a bald, powerless Sedusa lying at Ace's feet, begging for his help. Ace's response?
    Ace: Fool me once... shame on you. Fool me twice... no thanks! {kicks Sedusa into the mud} She's all yours, girls. Come on, boys. Let's go to the arcade! (Exit with style)
  • The entire Rogue Gallery smugly parading past the girls' house in "Daylight Savings", with Mojo as the drum major, all set to an awesome marching band style remix of Mojo's theme.
  • "In See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey", the girls have been overwhelmed by the force of their entire Rogue Gallery (sans the Rowdyruff Boys), so the Gnome arrives and offers to rid the world from all evil in exchange for their powers. They accept... And the Gnome annihilates the villains in seconds, at the notes of Hear Me Fathers. Then he takes the powers of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • In "Collect Her", Lenny Baxter the Comic Book Geek, a obsessive, crazy fanboy who would seemingly pose no obvious threat to anyone, much less a trio of superheroes, successfully does what few other villains in the series did—capture and helplessly trap the Powerpuff Girls in his toy collection. And he did it entirely with plastic packaging, without the aid of fancy technology and no superpowers.

Other characters

The show itself

  • The show was nominated four times for an Emmy, and won two special-juried Emmys.
  • The sheer amount of references in "Meet the Beat-Alls".
    • Including the episode's commentary, done entirely by Mojo Jojo himself.