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Fighting the Lancer

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The Lancer or the Sixth Ranger has a disagreement with the hero. It could be philosophical or it could just be for the hell of it. This can be anywhere from tension to a refusal to fight to a downright Face–Heel Turn. The closest thing to The Starscream to happen to the good guys.

Can be Cain and Abel if they're brothers. Compare with Let's You and Him Fight, Fighting Your Friend and Headbutting Heroes.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, this essentially defines Jintan and Yukiatsu's relationship for most of the series. In fact, it's a more extreme example than most, as they are fairly bitter rivals for Menma's affections (though Yukiatsu is far more bitter about it), and haven't been friends since Menma died when they were all young. The only reason they even start hanging out again is to try and help Menma figure out her Unfinished Business so her spirit can move on to the afterlife.
  • Digimon Adventure: Yamato (Matt) and Taichi (Tai) come to blows more than once. However, the second time, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon got into the mix (Digimon aren't Pokemon; usually, Agumon and Gabumon wouldn't fight for no reason just because their partners were fighting, but Gabumon felt that Matt really, really needed someone to be on his side no matter what at that moment.)
  • One Piece:
    • After being treated to drugged food by a bunch of bounty hunters, Zoro the lancer beats the ever-loving crap out of them. Luffy wakes up, and thinks that Zoro just attacked the people who were nice to him and gave him food; a battle ensues.
    • Played much more seriously latter in the Water 7 Arc. With a growing conflict between Luffy and Usopp, due to emotional problems Usopp started developing during the arc, and Luffy's decision regarding their ship (which Usopp was very fond of); the conflict grows into fight between them.
    • Played for Drama again, in Whole Cake Island arc, during the mission to retrieve Sanji. When Luffy finds the cook, he fights him to test if Sanji is really willing to leave the crew, or is only doing it to save his mates.
  • Naruto built up to his confrontation with Sasuke for the entire first part of the series. Their first pre-Face–Heel Turn fight (on the hospital rooftop) was this, but their second was the final and most intense battle in the entire child arc. Then Part 2 starts foreshadowing this again. They've encountered each other, but it takes the entire series after all of the villains are taken care of and no more distractions for them to have a proper final battle.

    Comic Books 
  • X-Men:
    • In a way, Xavier did this to Magneto.
  • Wolverine and Cyclops have had plenty of fights and arguments through the years.
  • Green Lantern: The fight between Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner to see who would be Earth's Green Lantern. John Stewart was committed to Oa at the time.
  • Teased but ultimately subverted in Batman Versus Robin Robin's body was being remotely controlled by Deathstroke at the time through his repaired spine.



  • Star Wars Legends has Legacy of the Force, where just about everyone does this:
    • Han doesn't like that Luke puts Jacen and Jaina in danger, after what happened to Anakin...
    • Everyone abandons Jacen Solo.
  • This happens in the seventh Harry Potter book, when Ron leaves Harry and Hermione after getting into a fight with Harry in the woods.
  • Happens in the Witcher Saga between Geralt and by that point pretty much his Lancer Cahir, but Geralt does not yet fully trust him. Once accusations of betrayal begin to fly, a fight ensues. Bonus points for Milva beating up both to separate them. They remain on good terms afterwards.
  • Alex and Xander might be two halves in the same body, but in The Other Kind Of Roommate, they can be as good as enemies.

    Live Action TV 

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • The 2011 adaptation of Thunder Cats is famous for the little... scuffle between Lion-O and Tygra. But the original Lion-O and Tygra also came to blows a few times.
  • In Xiaolin Showdown Raimundo, the lancer of the group, is often at odds with the other members and even Master Fung. At one point, he flat out disobeys direct orders from the latter and betrays Omi and his old master after being reprimanded, and turns to the opposing side for a brief period.

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