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"You can't kick me because your brain is stupid!"
Death, Adventure Time, "Death in Bloom"

There are Ad Hominem insults. There are Lame Comebacks. And then there are these — insults so trite and meaningless that one may as well have called the other person a "Big Stupid Doodoo Head". Young children will resort to using these because they either don't know any better, or have run out of things to say. When an adult uses these, however, it's a good sign that they either don't have any real substance to back up their argument or they are quite childish themselves.

Other variants include "butthead", "snotbrain", "turdwipe" or - if the insulter is really desperate - borderline politically incorrect namecalling ("gay", etc.).

Sometimes Played for Laughs when it induces Felony Misdemeanor. Often involves Buffy Speak. The Bratty Half-Pint and the Manchild are fond of this.

See also No, You, really the only appropriate comeback to such an insult. Also see Badbutt and Gosh Dang It to Heck!, with which this can overlap. Flowery Insults are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Compare and contrast Curse of The Ancients, which is about insults (and curses in general) used by old people, putting it on the opposite end of the age spectrum.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the first episode of K: Return of Kings, when the Kings are about to fight:
    Reisi Munakata: Third King Mikoto Suoh. Your actions are wild and chaotic as usual.
    Mikoto Suoh: Fourth King Reisi Munakata. Your face is awful and annoying as usual.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Nia once describes someone as a "pissing-off person". Then again, most of Nia's dialogue is exceedingly polite, so it fits. That, combined with her shaky and limited grasp of idioms, and that said insult was a response to the person facing her down, Adiane, telling her "You really know how to piss people off!"
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX has Mad Dog, a Mike Tyson expy who spouts childish taunts and insults in a high pitched voice (English Dub only)
  • In Date A Live, Miku, who Does Not Like Men and is unhappily working with Shido to rescue Tohka from DEM Industries, calls him an "idiot, moron, stupid-head" after he asks her why she hates men so much. By this point Shido has unintentionally been getting under Miku's skin for a while simply because he breaks her world view about men by actually giving a crap about other people.
  • Nagasarete Airantou: Swordswoman Yoshidzu Katana and carpenter Abeno Kanna are rivals that hate each other from a few hundred years ago. And now their spirits are fighting while possessing Ayane and Suzu respectively. Their argument devolves into the trope after their evenly matched fight goes on for a while and ran out of things to say.
  • In Majestic Prince, whenever Tamaki Irie gets particularly nettled, she doesn't use very mature insults, instead opting to call somebody a "stupid poopy head".

    Comic Books 
  • In Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift, the evil alien Leaflans have trouble coming up with effective insults for Princess Bubblegum. This is explained when it turns out that their leader is an obnoxious teenage boy.
  • In one of the Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Mary Marvel refers to Black Adam, who’s in his depowered form, a school age boy, as “a stinky pants” when talking to Shazam, the wizard.
  • Howard the Duck: A flashback to Dr. Bong's origin has a scene of him as a child writing that a bully he was mad at is a "poo-poo brain".
  • Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl gave us this, uh, pretty fucking colorful example...
    Lenore: You stoopid, stoopid li'l man! Li'l puffy rat-midget cotton-tushed cootie infested freak of nature-poo poo headed monstrosity of the 7th layer of heck-pee pee breathed-dookie eating-pig lov'n-crab like-bow legged-creepy ass-bulbous headed-smaller than a bread box-hollow brained-gopher lick'n-intestine shaped-bacon wrapped-no soap using-squid slurping-botchilism growing-crotch scratching-one balled-accidentally birthed-filth spreading-juice producing-greasy palmed-fart leaking-ball of crap shaped like a li'l man!
  • Runaways: Molly, the youngest member of the group, talks like this when she's first captured by Geoffrey Wilder (from the past). After he tells her to drop the act, she coldly tells him "Your son took after you, you know. He was a total freakin' failure". And after he shoots one of the others, Molly has some considerably harsher sentiments.
  • The Superman Adventures: In issue 23, Livewire calls Brainiac "Buttiac".
  • In De Cape et de Crocs, Nice Guy Eusèbe offers to help a poet writing a scathing pamphlet about a politician who has been constantly harassing him. He then proceeds to write that said politician is "not nice".

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • Blood Meridian with extra sprinkles: The Judge exclaims that "diabetes is gayer than war". The Man retorts by saying that the Judge is "gayer than diabetes".
  • A fanfic exists in which the protagonist calls his opponent's defence "utter cow-skite" in the middle of a deadly serious argument, and two sentences later casually drops the word "fuck". This would be hilarious even if the character in question wasn't Martin the Warrior.
  • Backstroke of the West has a moment where Space General (General Grievous) calls Allah Gold (Anakin Skywalker) "Smelly boy".
  • Blessed Blood: Lockhart and Moaning Myrtle get into an argument which descends to this level.
    Lockhart: YOU'RE... YOU'RE... A DUMB GIRL!
  • The Conversion Bureau: In some continuities, newfoals are unable to swear due to the effects of the ponification serum and can only use childish insults. In The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum, the PHL take advantage of this and make their passwords things like "Fuck that Solar Bitch" and "Celestia is a cock loving whore" to prevent newfoals from being able to say them.
  • In Harry Potter and the Miniature Magical World a pressed-for-time Harry calls Hermione a "mushroom head".
  • Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash has Harry "savagely" calling Voldemort a "very bad and mean wizard."
  • My Immortal has Professor McGonagall yelling, "STOP IT NOW YOU HORNY SIMPLETONS!" after Ebony and Vampire "jump on each other and start screwing each other." while a class is in session.
  • Project Voicebend: Korra and Tarrlok trade insults like this in episode eight.
  • The Star War Gatherings has a moment where D the Superior (the Emperor) calls Gospel of Luke "Baby idiot".
  • Ultra Fast Pony:
    • In "The Hip Hop Happening", Rainbow Dash gives a suggestion so stupid that Twilight temporarily forgets how to rap.
      Rainbow Dash: I know what'll put a smile on her face! / I'll put her on my back, and I'll fly her to space!
      Twilight: That is so dumb! Dummy dumb dumb dumb dumb! Dummy dumb dumb dumb stupid dumb!
    • In "Rainbow V Daring", Daring Do responds to Rainbow's challenge by saying, "No, your face is a stupid!"
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    • The Pharaoh's best retort to Yugi's insults is something along the lines of "Yeah, well, you're really small. Look at you down there! You're like Smally McSmall. *beat* That's your name."
    • Later Joey starts mocking Odion because he's bald. Over and over and over again.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Barnyard when the chickens are kidnapped by the coyotes, Maddy the chick calls Dag a "big meaner."
  • The Jungle Book 2: After Mowgli and Ranjan scare Shanti with their tiger prank, she gets angry at them and calls them "horrible stinky boys".
  • In The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Garmadon has his Shark Army deliver a message to his brother Wu. It reads: "You're a big, stupid dumb-dumb with a dumb face and a big butt and your butt stinks and you smell like a butt."
  • In Lilo & Stitch:
    • Nani is almost hit by a car as she rushes back home and shouts at the driver, "Watch where you're going, stupidhead!" It comes back to bite her when said "stupidhead" turns out to be the social worker assigned to her.
    • This is later used by Stitch against Gantu—as a sign of Character Development, no less, since such an insult is Lighter and Softer compared to his untranslated alien insults from the start of the movie that the Councilwoman finds so repulsive.
  • In Turning Red, Miriam calls Tyler a "butthead".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the Back to the Future films, the go-to insult of the Barbaric Bully Big Bad Biff is the supremely juvenile "butthead", even in the case of his future self as an old man.
  • In Wrongfully Accused, Ryan Harrison gets into a shouting match with a guard on a prison bus that ultimately ends with a series of these types of insults.
    Ryan: How dare you 'how dare me' when I how dare you, you big pee-pee head!
    Guard: You're the pee-pee head!
    Ryan: Mr. Booger Lips! Ca-ca mouth!
  • Same with Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun. Leslie Nielsen's dry, dramatic delivery made these sort of insults especially funny, it turns out.
    Drebin: Oh, it's alright, I'm sure that we can handle this situation maturely, just like the responsible adults that we are. Isn't that right, Mr. Poopy-Pants?
  • Annie in Misery (book as well as film) typically uses insults of this nature. It makes her that more menacing in the moments when she doesn't and actually swears instead.
  • In Kindergarten Cop, a kid named Zach is picked on by the other kids for being a quiet loner, calling him things like poo-poo head, poo-poo face and ca-ca poo-poo.
  • The Hairy Bird: When Abby Sawyer is tossed into a Hokey Pokey circle by drunk boys at a school dance, she loses it.
    Abby: You're all just a bunch of...*doody-heads*!
  • In Hook, Rufio falls prey to the "running out of things to say" variation when, after a long, volleying insult contest with Peter Pan, he loses his composure and resorts to "You man! You stupid, stupid MAN!" (Especially pathetic because his previous insults had also been borderline examples and only slightly creative, such as "scab-picked bandage" and "camel-cake.")
  • The aliens in Plan 9 from Outer Space try to reason with us Earth people by saying we have "Stupid minds! Stupid, stupid!" That'll teach us!
  • Bill Whitney, the teenage protagonist of Society, channels his inner Biff Tannen by calling his father a "butthead". Later, amidst all the Body Horror of the film's climax, Bill finds him with his face attached to his buttocks.
    Jim Whitney: "Well, son, I guess you're right. I am a butthead!"
  • In Rags, Lloyd panics when his father catches him talking to Charlie and needs to justify the broken glasses on the floor (which Lloyd himself broke). He puts on a faux-Jerkass act and calls Charlie a "Gruntmuffin", an insult so lame that Charlie doesn't even know what it means and thus can't be offended by it. It's implied Lloyd either went with the first thing he could think of or used something nonsensical to not actually hurt Charlie's feelings, and fits with his slow-witted but kind-hearted personality.
  • Stuart Smalley in Stuart Saves His Family makes soft insults at Roz. The worst, which he acts was a Cluster F-Bomb, was calling her a "vagina".
  • Happens at the Twisted Balloon in Shakes the Clown, when Shakes and Binky get into an argument and one of Binky's two Mooks (both of whom are very childish, almost coming across as a clown version of Beavis And Butthead) poorly backs up his boss with "Well, the only show you could ever star in...would be a show called the...Not-Funny...Diarrhea Club...Fart-Face! (Also counts as Gosh Dang It to Heck!, since this is a world where people say ass and fuck on a regular basis.)
  • A friendly version is heard in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990): while fixing a truck, Donatello and Casey Jones engage in a game involving the swapping of insults, going through the entire alphabet. (They end up on "Gak-Face" and "Hose-Brain.")
  • Subverted with Eliot calling his older brother "penis breath" in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. While it does sound like something a kid his age would use as an insult, he's really calling Michael a cocksucker.
  • In Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, after Ron openly says "Fuck you, San Diego" due to his cue cards being tampered with a News Staff tearfully calls him "Poop Mouth" because of the "poop out of his mouth" before running off declaring how he now hates Ron.

  • Angela Nicely: In “The Ugly Sisters!”, Laura suggests getting revenge on the Payne twins by calling them “silly sausage”.
  • The BFG: When the Bloodbottler unleashes a string of insults to the BFG, he finishes with a meaningless one.
    Bloodbottler: You is an insult to the giant peoples! You is not fit to be a giant! You is... a cream puffnut!
  • Fire & Blood: Princess Aerea Targaryen, terror of Dragonstone, once proclaimed a knight she didn't like "Ser Stupidface".
  • Survivor Dogs:
    • In the first book, Lucky tries to distract the Fierce Dogs from his friends by insulting them. His two attempts are "Hey, stupid!" and "Mad dogs, sad dogs, stupid crazy bad dogs!" This doesn't work, and they only go after him after he starts insulting their mothers.
    • The Endless Lake shows that this was a trick Lucky had used in the past. In a fight with the Fierce Dogs, Lucky gets up into their faces and flat-out asks, "Who do you think you're looking at, stinky?"
  • Tales of Dunk and Egg: Bryden Rivers dubs Lord Butterwell "Lord Butterbutt", an unusually juvenile move for such a typically smooth operator as he. Note that this is also after he's told Butterwell he's going to have his castle torn down for conspiracy to commit treason.

    Live-Action TV 
  • On 30 Rock, Jenna is angry at Liz because Jack wants her to hire an additional actor for the show. Liz tells Jenna that they can sit down and talk about the issue like adults. Enter Tracy.
    Tracy: Liz Lemon, you booger face! I'm gonna kill you with a bazooka! [throws book at Liz, hits Jenna by accident]
  • Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory resorts to these kinds of insults when he doesn't have time to think of a good comeback, and will actually apologize for his "language" to whoever is there with him.
    Sheldon: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to do work which promises significant results. As opposed to what you do, which... does not. Yeah, you heard me!
  • On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jeffords — who is on an ill-advised diet — lambasts Gina and Amy, who initially joined him only to give in to their cravings for food by yelling at them for being "Team Eating Food". In his defence, he's too hungry to come up with a better burn.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In "The Harsh Light of Day", after Buffy's one-night-stand with Parker ended badly, Willow called Parker a "poop-head".
    • In "Choices", after the Mayor delivers some pointed commentary on our Star-Crossed Lovers, Buffy and Angel gripe that he doesn't know what he's talking about, being a "big, stupid...evil guy."
    • In "Superstar", a spell creates an Alternate Universe where Buffy plays The Chick to a superhero. Her snarking skills have likewise been affected.
      Spike: Back off, Betty.
      Buffy: It's Buffy, you big bleached... stupid guy.
  • Done in the Community episode "Geography of Global Conflict", when Annie has a complete breakdown at the end of her "Model UN-off" when it looks like her rival Annie Kim is going to beat her. Lampshaded by Jeff.
    Annie: I want to win! And suck! You're a stupid, ugly poop-face and I'm better than you!
    Jeff: Annie, stop! You're acting like a little schoolgirl! And not in a hot way!
    (the audience gasps)
    Jeff: Okay. Uh... That made me sound creepy. But here's the thing...
    (Jeff abruptly leaves)
  • CSI: NY: Dets. Angell and Flack have nabbed a mouthy suspect:
    Angell: Shut up, you stupid idiot! [turns to Flack] Is that redundant?
    Flack: Not with this guy, no.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "The Sound of Drums", the Doctor blows out a security camera the Master is using to watch him. In response...
      The Master: Ooh, you... public menace! Better start running...
    • The Doctor gets one off on some robots who are holding his companions hostage, his inarticulation possibly due to the fact that he just walked out of a party with a half empty drink in his hand:
      The Doctor: It's you! You're my favourite! You are the best, you know why? Cause you're so thick! You're mister thick thickity thickface from Thicktown, Thickannia. And so's your dad!
  • The Facts of Life: Society-girl Blair is trying to insult street-wise Jo:
    Blair: Turn blue!
    Jo: [gives her a blank look then turns to the other girls] You see that? And that's the best she can do.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Unsurprisingly, Carlton is usually the one to spring one of these. In one episode, after watching Will impress a Princeton representative with his streetwise antics, Carlton attempts to do the same and the official believes him to be insane and rejects his Princeton application. In desperation, he makes a death threat and gets suspended for it, and lands himself in hot water at home. When Will works his usual charm to try to cheer him up, Carlton ain't having it:
    Carlton: Get away from me! This is all your fault! You big poopy! You get all the attention, all the girls, everything goes your way, why?!
    Will: Because I don't say things like "big poopy"?
  • In an episode of Happy Endings, Jane and Max are fighting over a sweater which both claim to be theirs. Max maintains they are not going to do one of their dumb competitions-before running away with the sweater. Jane chases and tackles him, shouting "Get back here, you gay!" Max's response is "'You gay'? That's the best you could come up with?"
  • How I Met Your Mother: In "The Mermaid Theory"...
    Barney: Ever since you got pregnant, you're just a big fat manatee.
    Lily: Well, you're a big stupid octopus face!
  • The IT Crowd:
    • After Jen screws up as a lifeline in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Moss says to her "Who wants to be a person who is wrong!"
    • In another episode, Moss is trying to come up with something profane to say to curse out people he is mad at, and finally just says "Ploppers!" (meaning a turd that makes a plop sound).
  • One episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit had a grown woman with dissociative identity disorder calling her lawyer "dumbo" and "butthead".
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000:
    • Bobo tends to insult people this way. Take, for example, this moment from Show 813 - Jack Frost:
      Bobo: [trying and failing to read a letter] It says you're a dodo-head.
      Observer: I'm the dodo-head? Why, of all the unmitigated gall! You're the dodo-head!
    • Another memorable riff from Rocket Attack U.S.A.:
      Crow: Go away, you poopie ca-ca headed Russians!
  • The Office (US): When Jan tells Michael that his branch will be closed down in favor of Josh's Stanford based branch she says it's because the company has big plans for Josh in the new position implying that the entire branch is closing due to Michael's inability to match up to Josh. Michael then asks what position Josh will have in the restructured company, "King of the stupid universe?"
  • In the Parks and Recreation episode "London", Leslie gets frustrated at the numerous efforts to recall her, and publicly refers to the people of Pawnee as "peepee heads".
  • Peep Show: Mark, trying to get out of marrying Sophie, resolves to go over to someone and insult them, but can only think of saying "jizz-cock", which he laments is like calling someone a "piss-kidney" as a properly working cock would jizz. He nevertheless does it, and berates himself for not going with "arsehole" after the person he confronts calls him that.
  • Resident Alien: The insults that Harry aims at Max are either basic curse words or too nonsensical to have any effect.
    Harry: When I come out, you better be gone, you dumb, little, shit pocket.
    Max: That makes no sense.
    Harry: Yes, it does. If you put shit in your pocket.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: Jen Walters and Bruce Banner start fighting over his attempts to help her get used to the fact that she's now a Hulk too. Being cousins, their fight is less of a superhero battle and more childish insults and pushing each other around.
    Bruce: Lunkhead!
    Jen: Dummy!
  • The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer: Vic, in a moment of complete exasperation, finally snaps and tells Bob, to his face, that he is a silly sausage. Bob bursts into tears.
  • In The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Maddie calls her employer Mr. Moseby a "meanie bo-beanie slo-venie" in an email she doesn't intend to send. When London sends the email anyway, the group breaks into Mr. Moseby's office to delete it before he reads it.
  • In Supernatural, lesser angel Castiel calls the Archangel Michael an "ass-butt" before he throws a molotov cocktail of holy fire at him. Castiel is new to insults, so this is a valiant effort.
  • The Weird Al Show episode "The Obligatory Holiday Episode" featured a sketch where Siskel and Ebert argued about a movie and resorted to calling each other things like "doodyhead" and "snotface".
  • Colin Mochrie of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, when at his sweariest.
  • Will & Grace: When Ellen finds out that Grace once slept with her fiancé Rob, she decides she has to sleep with Will to balance it out, despite his protests. When he tells her to stop and look at what she's doing, she flings herself on his bed in despair and declares herself to be a "dumb, stupid idiothead."

  • Alestorm released a "clean" version of "Fucked by an Anchor" called "Flipped with a Sausage" that replaces the original's copious obscenity with lines like "Flip you with a mashed potato, you're all smelly ploppy heads."
  • "The Dumb Song" by Gawkman (better known as Psychostick guitarist Josh Key) and Murph (better known as Psychostick videographer Patrick Murphy) consists of virtually nothing but this trope.
  • As Cub tells us, "Satan sucks."
  • beabadoobee: Near the end of "I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus", the singer tells her ex, "Your brain is shit. You're up your butt."
  • Considering his Psychopathic Manchild persona, this is a staple of Eminem's work. Probably the most blatant example is "Big Weenie", which has an overly long hook in which Eminem eviscerates his haters' insecurities and problems, landing on the pathetic conclusion "because you're a meanie".

  • Justified in The Linda Lindas'"Racist, Sexist Boy", since the youngest band member was in fourth grade at the time.

    Print Media 
  • In an interview for Playboy magazine, humor writer Dave Barry referred to George H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle as: "President Snailsucker and Vice-President Dootbrain." (He explained that "dootbrain" is "sort of a mild, nursery-school way of saying shithead.")

    Puppet Shows 
  • In Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map, Gnarlybeard the Pirate responds to Scooby and Shaggy flying away from the plank after being tricked into giving Scooby a Scooby Snack by calling the two "poopyheads".

  • If you poke around some Christian bookstores and church thrift shops, you can find T-shirts that proudly declare your sincere, deeply-held conviction that "Satan is a poo-poo head!" Also available on bumper stickers!
  • Subverted at the last second by this T-shirt.
    You big fat snot nose doodiehead stupidface tattletale barf breath poopypants motherfucker

    Video Games 
  • Bully: Algie, who isn't that great of a fighter, uses these when starting a fight. Only he would use terms such as "mayo face", "numb numb", "mustard stain", and "noonoo head".
  • Genshin Impact: Paimon loves to give "ugly nicknames" to those that annoyed her, like "Tone-Deaf Bard" (Venti), "Guhua Geek" (Xingqui), and "Bull-Chucker" (Itto).
    • Being childish himself, Itto calls Paimon "Flying Lavender Melon".
  • A memorable exchange occurs on the Grand Theft Auto III in game radio station Chatterbox, when host Lazlow is called by a representative from a militant anti-phone organization called Citizens Raging Against Phones. When Lazlow begins to poke holes in the callers arguments (particularly, that she herself must be using a phone to call in to the station) both parties in the conversation rapidly devolves into playground insults, culminating in this:
    Caller: [a woman who sounds about mid-30s] Nany nany boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo!
  • Asura characters in Guild Wars 2 have been known to charge into battle yelling "You're dumb! You'll die and you'll leave a dumb corpse!"
  • Monkey Island:
    • Insult Swordfighting duels always give you the option to wittingly insult your opponent with "you're ugly!" and "you're stupid!" These insults automatically fail, with the only rebuttal being "is that the best you can come up with?".
    • And then there's Guybrush's often used insult "You big old bed-wetting doody head."
  • Portal: GLaDOS is a super-intelligent AI who intones in Robo Speak, so when she lapses into playground insults it is equally jarring and hilarious.
    GLaDOS: I have your brain scanned and permanently backed up in case something terrible happens to you, which it's just about to. Don't believe me? Here, I'll put you on:
    [In a mocking tone] HeLlOoOoOo!
    • In Portal 2, Wheatley is inspired to imitate GLaDOS' insults from earlier in the game about Chell supposedly being fat and adopted. The best he can come up with is "Fatty Fatty No-Parents."
  • Games made by SNK in the '90s (such as The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and Art of Fighting) were full of this stuff due to their notorious translation. Victory quotes in particular contain some of the most ridiculous trash talk you'll ever hear. One of Ryo's win quotes in KOF '98 might just take the cake.
    Ryo: Absolute karate. That's Kyokugen. And don't you forget it, dweebenheimer!
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 has a standout example in the English version, from Guy of all people.
    M. Bison: My soldiers are skilled, but I am supreme.
    Guy: Yea, a supreme fat-head!
  • Capcom's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game offers this translation (Polnareff to Devo):
    (Japanese) Kono doteizoku yarou ga! (~ You vulgar bastard!)
    (English) You are an incredible loser!
  • Most of the trash talk in Team Fortress 2 is of this calibre. With the Spy, it's doubly hilarious because he says fratboy-level insults as if he's James Bond.
    Spy: They should call you whiners Dr. Nooooooooo!
  • In Way of the Samurai 4, if you fight Kotobuki at the start of the game, and then confront him again in the evening after meeting with Akagi (who leads Kotobuki's enemies, the nationalist Disciples of Prajna faction), you can choose to call him and his lackeys "stupidheads".
    Kotobuki: "Stupidheads"? What are you, twelve?
  • Borderlands 2:
  • There's a moment in Mass Effect where Shepard can refer to a hanar preacher as a "big stupid jellyfish." This gets a Call-Back in Mass Effect 3, when an Indoctrinated hanar tries to sell out its species to the Reapers. Upon hearing the Insane Troll Logic it's using, Shepard gets so mad all he/she can say is "You. Big. Stupid. Jellyfish!"
  • Laura in Silent Hill 2 gets exasperated at James in one scene, and, after some stammering, angrily yells out "you fartface!" To be fair, she is a kid.
  • The titular hero from The Legend of Tian-ding will occasionally drop these kinds of insults before facing bosses. For instance, the second boss fight where he taunts Nakamura - a huge, musclebound mercenary armed to the teeth - by calling him "big stupid gorilla".
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Yiga Clan assassins disguised as Hylian travelers will occasionally gush about Master Kohga, their Fat Bastard leader. Link has the option to say he "has a big dumb belly", which naturally doesn't go over well.
  • Tomodachi Life can sometimes have a pair of Miis fighting. They may sling childish insults at each other like "You smell like a chimpanzee!" and "You look like a potato!" Rap battles can also have similar juvenile insults.
  • In Double Dragon Neon, if one of the Lee brothers gets to the door to the next area before the other, he'll cross his arms and taunt his brother by saying things like "Hurry up, buttcake!" Other choice insults include "weiner" and "poindexter."
  • Trials of Mana: Fittingly for someone who is mentally still a child (and an incredibly sheltered one at that), Charlotte resorts to insults like this when she isn't reduced to Angrish.
  • Twisted Wonderland: Vil Schoenheit tends to call people he doesn't like "potatoes".
  • In World's End Club, Chuko and Kansai bicker from time to time, calling each other childish names. After Kansai makes fun of Chuko for being bitten by a rat, their squabbling includes these notable insults:
    Kansai: Why you nasty little stumpy, frumpy whizjiggit!!
    Chuko: Oh yeah? You stuck up, pin-headed, brainless fart knocker!!
  • In Undertale, Sans has some Trust Passwords set up in case he needs to verify a time-traveler, which he'll tell the player character if, with zero kills, you reset after hearing his spiel and replay it. In order, they are "I'm a stupid doodoo butt" and "I'm the legendary fartmaster". He'll call you out for being childish and infantile when you tell him these passwords.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the insults the Dragonborn might shout with the "Throw Voice" shout all amount to this.
    "Hey, slug-breath!"
    "Hey, melon-nose!"
    "Hey, cheese brain!"
    "Hey, ugly!"
    "Hey, troll bait!"
    "Hey, skeever butt!"
  • League of Legends: Jinx is not a very mature anarchist, and she gives childish and petty nicknames to her most direct enemies, calling Vi "Fat Hands" (for her giant Power Fist weapons) and Caitlyn "Hat Lady (for her signature top hat).
  • During the "Broom Closet Ending" of The Stanley Parable (read: the player shuts themselves in a broom closet and refuses to leave), the Narrator resorts to this.
    "Stanley was fat and ugly and really really stupid. He probably only got his job because of a family connection; that's how stupid he is. That, or with drug money. Also, Stanley is addicted to drugs and hookers."

    Visual Novels 

  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!. When Rocko gets rejected for a teaching job at an etiquette school, Molly says, "Aw, they're just a gaggle of poop-headed elitists! You're neat!"
    • Similarly, when Bob and Jean have been having a fight, and when their daughter Molly asks her about it, Jean is struggling not to curse in front of her.
      Jean: Your daddy is a... is a... is a...
      Molly: Doo-doo head?
      Jean: YES!!!!!
  • In Everyday Heroes, when Greta Goode actually loses a video game (*gasp!*), she unleashes her fury on the victor ... which, at age 7, amounts to "You big stinkybutt!"
  • Elan in The Order of the Stick is prone to using insults like these. He's slightly better since he received expert training in the Bardic art of You Fight Like a Cow (hey, even lame puns are an improvement), though his insults outside of combat are as lame as ever.
  • Penny Arcade: upon learning that laser eye surgery does not in fact give you a laser eye, Gabe decrees that a better name would be "dumb eye-fixer surgery for stupids."
  • Every Button Hurts the Other Guy: After Afro's tirade of insults, Russel responds by call him a loser.
  • Archipelago: Sadly, Clair the teleporting golem-controlling part dragon (really) is only six years old. Thus, this is what has to do for a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner against a complete sociopath:
    Clair: Stupid dog-eating poo pirate! Rotten big nosed fly butt face! Evil stinky puke sniffing baby puncher! You big *sniff* you big meany!
  • Ozy and Millie throws around such childish insults as "Boogerface", "Dorkbutt", and "Pootyhead".
  • In The Petri Dish, Thaddeus Euphemism calls his coworker a "wussy chowderhead" in one strip and cats "buttheads" in another.
  • Slightly Damned the Angelic language does not have cuss words, so when two people try to insult each other in Angelic, the translation of what they are saying sounds like they are talking in Spock Speak, or Sophisticated as Hell without the Hell part, including insults such as "son of an ugly woman."
  • A running gag in Problem Sleuth. Any time the main characters write Unpleasant Notes to each other, they're schoolyard insults like "Ace Retard", "dumb", and "Impolite" (with a tinier sketch simply reading "rude"). The crowner has to be Problem Sleuth's strongly worded letter towards Demonhead Mobster Kingpin:
    (Accompanied by crude sketches reading "DMK IS SO STUPID", "MORON", "JACK ASS", and "UGLY")
    dmk you smell bad and you suck. god do you even know how lame you are?
    what is with all these heads and where do you get off being so impossible anyway.
    we spent more than half the game fighting you.
    if ugly retards were turds you would be the one that smells the worst

    problem sleuth
  • In El Goonish Shive, Pandora calls the Will of Magic a butt face. Appropriately she is in the form of a young girl when she does this but given that she's Really 700 Years Old it makes this also an example of Immortal Immaturity.

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • The Epic Rap Battles of History battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney eventually devolves into this. Only for the trend to reverse when Abe Lincoln makes his entrance.
  • In Allison Pregler's reviews of Charmed, she quotes one message board that referred to Neighbor Dan as a "greasy butt-crack poo-flap." Lupa considers this one of the greatest phrases ever invented.
  • Used in Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope, which was a parody trailer for Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith:
    Anakin: Explain this, Obi-Wan! *holds up a stick figure drawing of himself, where he is labeled as a "Poo Poo Head"*
    Obi-Wan: I did not draw that.
    Anakin: It's right here, clear in purple crayon! *points to the signature which reads "By: Obee Wan Kanobee + Padme Too"*
    Obi-wan: Well you are quite the poo poo head.
    Anakin: I'll show you a poo poo head. *ignites lightsaber*
  • In the Game Grumps merch advertisement video "A Very Grumpy Christmas", the narrator refers to Arin's "stupid old face, which was dumb."
    Arin: Really, guys? Who wrote this?
    [Barry and Brian high-five, laughing]
  • Tankmen: Done by Steve in Tankmen 0.5 in response to a man standing in the way of his tank, also known as Bill. Compared to his previous threats to run over the guy with his tank, the insult manages to actually get a serious reaction from Bill.
    Steve: You're ugly!
    Steve: And nobody likes you!
    John: Oh no...
    Bill: *sniffs* I... I ju- *whimpers* my family's dead and I- *continues whimpering*
  • In TFS at the Table, hbi2k's character Eloy tends to shout "Hey you big dummy!" whenever attempting Vicious Mockery.
  • "You idiot poopface" in Just A Pancake's Kingdom Hearts parody videos. It seems to have started with "Explaining the Lauriam-Marluxia confusion".
  • SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub of Shadow the Hedgehog has this wonderful example:
    Shadow: I don't think so, Eggman! You have to do what I say, or else you're under arrest, Eggman! Eggface! Eggpoopypoopybutt!
    Eggman: You may be the- don't you ever fucking call me that ever again, I'll KILL YOU!!
  • Puppet History: During one of his rants, The Professor refers to his arch-nemisis as that "wretched God-damn loser genie."
  • Dingo Doodles: When Sips and Erina reunite in Episode 22, Erina calls Sips "Mr Jerk-Abandoning-Your-Friends-Monkey-Face", then tries to claim she had a more succinct insult prepared.
  • SMPLive: "You stupid idiot" and "you dumb idiot" are favorite insults of Schlatt's.
  • The Bedfellows web series episode "Fans" has Sheen and Fatigue both call the overweight cat bashing their show a "meanie jerkhead".

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time has a lot of fun with this, including the page quote.
    • Finn and Princess Bubblegum build a Rube Goldberg Device that serves two purposes: a) to wake up the Earl of Lemongrab via marble to the head, and b) to unfurl a small scroll that reads "You Really Smell Like Dog Buns".
    • This exchange at the end:
      Princess Bubblegum: [now an adult again] Yo! Earl!
      Lemongrab: WHAT?!
      Princess Bubblegum: Hey, you're fired! You butt!
    • In the pilot, Jake refers to the Ice King as "a patoot," to which Finn (then called Penn) replies "He's, like, fifty patoots!"
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: In "The Great Divide", Sokka and Katara resort to this after an argument between them quickly escalates.
    Sokka: Why don't you ask Ms Know-It-All, Queen of the Twigs?
    Katara: Oh yeah?! Well you're Mr Lazy-Bum, King of the... Tents!
  • The Bunsen Is a Beast episode "Network Newbs" has Bob respond to Amanda's unsuccessful attempt at ruining Bunsen and Mikey's reputation by calling her a big meanie-head.
  • On Celebrity Deathmatch, in the fight between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest, Seacrest can only come up with lame insults like "doodoo head" and "double doodoo head" in response to Cowell's epic burns.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • Considering that the main characters are all ten years old, the word "dummyhead" is used several times.
    • Minor villain Potty Mouth has profanity as his theme, but in practice he mainly just uses puerile insults like "doodyhead".
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • In "The Big Cheese", Dee Dee greets Dexter at breakfast with a cheerful "Morning, poophead!"
    • "Go, Dexter Family! Go" has Dexter captured by aliens who plan to use his knowledge for their sinister designs. The alien leader reads Dexter's thoughts and is infuriated that none of them are what he's looking for. One of Dexter's thoughts read is "My sister Dee Dee is a certified stupidhead".
  • On Earthworm Jim, Jim comes into possession of a book that Evil the Cat needs to destroy the universe. After multiple failed attempts to get the book, Evil disguises himself as a small child (and not a cat) who's bored and is looking for a book to read. Jim is moved to tears by his story.
    Jim: Poor suffering tyke. (Wails) Your piteous tale has touched my heart! My mind reels back to my own sad childhood! The horrible dank burrows! The constant hunger for decaying vegetation! And the crows! The terrible, dreaded crows!! (Sobbing)
    Evil: Just give me the book, you fathead.
  • From Ed, Edd n Eddy, " Stinkyhat" and "Odiferous curdcoat!"
  • Family Guy:
    • "Brian Does Hollywood" provides the Trope Namer. The Griffins are watching Kids Say the Darndest Things, where a little girl is tearfully recounting the story of her being molested by a man who said he would kill her if she ever told anyone. She describes her attacker as having "a big, stupid doodoo-head". The show being what it is, Bill Cosby focuses entirely on that line, which gets roaring laughter out of the audience as Cosby does a goofy dance.
    • There's also the time Peter tried to talk to Chris' bully, Kyle. Kyle mocks him, and when he calls Peter a "poop nose", Peter beats the crap out of him.
  • Parodied in Freakazoid!, where Freakazoid calls Guitierrez a weenie... who takes it as an extreme insult.
  • Futurama:
    • "The Bots and the Bees" gives us this exchange between Bender and his son Ben:
      Ben: Bend it, daddy! Bend it like it called you poo-poo face!
      Bender: It called me what?!
    • "The Birdbot of Ice-catraz":
      Fry: Fine, I've got a toast. To Captain Bender, he's the best... at being a big jerk who's stupid and his big ugly face is as dumb as a butt!
      Bender: [unimpressed] I've heard better.
    • "Man, the future's a total craphole, and whoever lives here is a crap-faced sack of crap!"
    • In "The Problem with Popplers", during a televised debate over whether or not it's okay to eat popplers, Jrrr calls Fishy Joe a "mean old caca-head". Fishy Joe isn't impressed.
      Fishy Joe: Sir, I'm making a point. If these gutter-mouth creatures are so smart, why don't they defend themselves, huh? [eats some popplers]
  • Mabel Pines of Gravity Falls tends to use insults like these, such as "butt-faces" or "poop heads".
  • In Home Movies, a background character repeatedly tells Brendon "You suck!" and that he's going to lose an upcoming fight.
    Yelling guy: See you tomorrow — Loser's Day!
    Brendon: I'm going home.
    Yelling guy: Going home to do what? Lose?
    [Melissa laughs]
  • In the Johnny Bravo episode "Rashomoron", Johnny and Little Suzy engage in this kind of name-calling.
    Johnny: You're a stupidhead!
    Little Suzy: You're a stupid stupidhead!
    Johnny: You're a stupidhead times ten!
    Little Suzy: You're a stupidhead exponentionally to the ninth level!
  • Metalocalypse: During Doctor Rockzo's intervention, when asked to give his honest opinion, Nathan Explosion has this to say about him:
    Nathan: [reading from a letter] Okay, um. Ahem. "Doctor Rockso: I hate you, and I think you should die, you are an idiot and I hate your voice, there's no room on this paper to properly describe how much I hate you, go die." There, is that good?
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998) :
    • Bubbles in the episode "Bubblevicious", as she is blasted by Mojo Jojo's powerful laser ray.
      Bubbles: [straining with all her reserve] I'm... not... gonna... cry... you... dumb... DOO-DOO BRAIN!
      Mojo: "Doo-doo brain?!" That's it! I've had it with your sassy mouth! I didn't want to do this! ...Well, actually, I did.
      (Mojo turns the dial on the laser up to eleven.)
    • Bubbles does it again in "Three Girls and a Monster", after she manages to politely convince a rampaging monster to leave Townsville. She turns to Blossom and Buttercup (who had been arguing the whole episode over whether brains or brawn was better) and shrieks "That's how you get rid of a monster, you big fat doo-doo-headed ninnies!" The scene depends on the contrast between Bubbles' treatment of the monster (perfectly calm, polite, and soft-spoken), and her treatment of her sisters (seething in anger, and frustrated with their endless arguments).
  • In a The Real Ghostbusters Halloween Special, a monster named Boogaloo is terrorizing the city. Peter tries to get its attention. "Hey, Boogaloo! You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny!" For the record, Boogaloo is about a hundred feet tall, covered in multiple faces and tentacles, and not wearing any clothing at all. Nevertheless, it works.
    Boogaloo: That's cute. I hate cute.
    • In the first Halloween episode, Egon has to distract some creatures for a moment. He starts to insult them, and immediately realizes he can't think of anything good. Hilariously, his nonsensical insult works:
      Egon: You call yourselves goblins? You're nothing but a bunch of – Oh gosh....... zonegweebies!"
      Goblin: Zone... gweebies? Raaaargh!!!!
  • In an episode of Recess, there's a scene where two first graders are arguing. One of them calls the other a loser, causing him to call the other a "Loser-more".
  • In The Simpsons:
    • In "Homer Goes to College", after an accident with a proton accelerator while at college, Homer was assigned some outside tutoring by the Dean. Homer decides to get revenge by prank calling the Dean:
      [telephone rings, Dean picks up]
      Dean: Hello?
      Homer: [in poorly-disguised voice] Hello, Dean? You're a stupid-head!
      Dean: [looks out window, sees Homer at phone booth] Homer, is that you?
      Homer: AAH! [flees]
    • From "Blame it on Lisa":
      Dance Instructor: Now we are working on our most powerful dance: the Penetrada! It makes sex look like a church!
      Marge: I don't think my daughter should be hearing this.
      Dance Instructor: You cannot protect her forever! You stupid lady!
    • From Two Dozen And One Greyhounds:
      Bart: Hey, jerkface! You have the face of a jerk!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Patrick has called a gang of bikers "little baby doody heads."
    • One episode had Plankton calling his customers "doo-doo dunderheads".
  • In the Teen Titans Go! and ThunderCats Roar crossover "Teen Titans Roar", Lion-O's counterpart from the 1980's ThunderCats makes the claim that ThunderCats Roar is a worthy successor to the original cartoon and that anyone who disagrees is "a poop mouth with poop opinions".
  • In Time Warp Trio in one episode, the trio encountered a ruthless Mayan lord named Cacapupahet which essentially was pronounced as Ka-Ka-Poo-Poo-Head. The boys could not contain their amusement about it.
  • Total Drama:
    • In utter frustration that he can't stop himself from being nice in "No Egg-spects the Spanish Opposition", Duncan curses during his confessional. It's not an impressive curse: "Agh! Goshy-gosh, poopy face, fuzzy slipper!", and he laments that even his swears are soft.
    • Upon being asked in "Mo' Monkey, Mo' Problems" why he thinks Jasmine doesn't fear him, the ever-mature Max replies that it's because she "has a dumb-face disease and is a stinky bad person."
  • The Transformers: Animated episode "SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy" has Sari Sumdac reprogram the Reception Bot to say "Welcome to Sumdac Tower. Porter C. Powell is a boogerhead" to get back at Porter C. Powell taking over her father's company and kicking her out of the premises after exposing that there was no legal proof of her existence.
  • In The Venture Brothers, Molotov Cocktease, in a fantasy sequence of Hank's, calls Dr. Venture exactly this phrase, citing it as the reason he won't let Hank and Molotov be together.
  • What If…? (2021): In "What If... Thor Were An Only Child?", Thor tells Captain Marvel, "You know, there's a Midgardian word for women like you." Carol glares at him with glowing eyes, the scene is played up as if it's leading into a really vile insult... and Thor calls her a "party pooper" (and caps it off with "There, I said it!" as if it were a really brash and daring statement).


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