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"I liked [Bleach] better when it was called YuYu Hakusho, and I liked that show better when it was called Dragon Ball Z!"

It is common that some work is heavily "inspired" by a previous work—they may have different authors and settings, but there are strong similarities of plot, situations and characters. It is also common that the second work is much inferior to the original because the original is great or the derivative is awful or both. The Better by a Different Name snarkily expresses this idea. The usual phrasing is "[This work] was better when it was called [other, earlier work]."

Though rarely this can be a compliment, such as noting that a good film also works as part of another series of films if you imagined it so.

Often overlaps with If I Wanted X, I Would Y.

A Sub-Trope of They Copied It, So It Sucks!, in that this trope is a common way to express that belief.

Compare Take That! (to mock the referenced work), Recycled In Space (where a work is set in a new setting), Serial Numbers Filed Off (where a work cannot use the same setting names, but is suspiciously similar), and Spiritual Successor (where audiences consider the work to be nearly the same as a sequel, despite the Serial Numbers Filed Off).

In-Universe Examples Only (sorted by source of the comment instead of the subject):

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    Comic Strips 
  • In a 1989 issue of MAD Magazine, during the spoof 21 Junkheap, the cast of The Mod Squad makes a cameo pointing out that about 15 years ago, we did "just like these shmendricks are doing".
  • In one Doctor Who Magazine "The Comic Assassins" strip by Steve Noble and Kev F. Sutherland, they watch "The Curse of Fenric" and have the following conversation.
    Steve: Hang on. An old war ... a brigadier ... We're not watching "Battlefield" by mistake, are we?
    Kev: Can't be. In "Battlefield" a stupid blue-faced monster appeared for no apparent reason and...
    Ancient Haemovore (on screen) Hello, I am a stupid blue-faced monster.
    Kev: Oh, lordy...


    Live-Action TV 

  • Mitch Benn liked Russia's 2008 entry for the Eurovision Song Contest better when it was by Cat Stevens and called Wild World.
  • Voltaire's song "U.S.S. Make Shit Up":
    I was stranded on the Voyager
    And pounding on the door
    When suddenly it dawned on me—
    I'd seen this show before!
    Perhaps I'm in a warp bubble
    And slightly out of phase
    Coz it was way back in the sixties
    When they called it Lost in Space!
  • "He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."

    Web Original 


    Western Animation 
  • An early episode of The Simpsons features Bart and Homer watching an episode of Disney's Dinosaurs, with Bart commenting: "It's like they took our lives and put them right up there on the screen!"

  • A magazine gave a breakdown of the Summer Blockbusters of 1997. They discuss how Hercules did only moderately well compared to other recent works of the Disney Animated Canon, and they surmised people thought it was done better when it was called Aladdin.
  • Roger Ebert: "All bad movies have good twins, and the good version of Goodbye Lover is The Hot Spot... a thriller that was equally lurid but less hyperkinetic."
  • A diversion in an online SFX article, giving the cases for and against Armageddon (1998).
    Case for the defence: The science in Armageddon is no more wacky than it is in something like Fantastic Voyage and — let's face it — considerably more sensible than the science presented in Source Code.
    Case for the prosecution: Hey, I liked Source Code!
    Case for the defence: I liked it better 20 years ago when it was called Quantum Leap.
    Case for the prosecution: Touché.
  • Given Aliens draws a lot from the book Starship Troopers, James Cameron said that once he knew of Paul Verhoeven's plans to adapt it into a movie he thought: "Why are they making a Starship Troopers film? I already did it!".
  • Scott Kurtz of PvP once joked that his favorite stories in Atomic Robo were the issues done by Mike Mignola.

Alternative Title(s): I Liked It Better When It Was Called X, I Liked It Better When It Was Called