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Awesome / The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

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Even a softer, funnier, occasionally memey sort of show can provide plenty of cool scenes.

  • Bubbles actually makes a very competent villain; not only is she able to have several animals obey her and destroy a lot of property, but she beats her sisters with relative ease.
  • "Once Upon a Townsville" gets one for sledgehammering the Real Women Don't Wear Dresses trope, and doing a much better job at giving a believable Be Yourself message than "Horn Sweet Horn" did (in fact, the latter was never meant to be one in the first place).
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  • The hard-light powers the girls get in "Power-Up Puff". They got one heck of a great debut outing.
  • The climax of "Electric Buttercup" where Buttercup beats Him in a musical duel by riding on an asteroid!
    • Not to mention the layer of how extensive they can manipulate it.
  • The crossover with Teen Titans Go! has the Powerpuff Girls prove themselves to be more capable crime fighters than the Teen Titans, with the icing on the cake is that the girls and their narrator give the Titans a well-deserved calling out for being incompetent and assholish Nominal Heroes.
    Narrator: And so once again, the day is saved, no thanks to the Teen Titans. Seriously, what's wrong with these guys?
  • The leader of the Amoeba Boys (surprisingly) in "Viral Spiral". Unlike his two companions, he manages to both avoid and hitch a ride on the carrot, and figures out how to steer it to avoid Bubbles' attacks. If it wasn't for Mommy Bunny, he would've made it.
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  • The final battle in "Power of Four".
  • The "Buttercup Job", where the girls outwit Jemima, going as far to fake the death of a mermaid king.
  • In "Blundercup" Buttercup has her powers stolen and replaced by Butterfingers' seemingly useless powers. But Buttercup turns it around, using the Butter powers to their fullest, proving that its not what you got, but how you use it.
  • For a villainous example, Pug-faced Paulie's metal dentures in the episode "In The Doghouse" can cut cars in half!
  • The Professor managing to get one over on Ace in Hustlecup.

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