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In General

  • Any moment where K.O. uses clever thinking to solve a problem, with or without fighting.
  • Even though Gar and Carol retired from P.O.I.N.T., they're still capable on taking any threats that come to them, usually in an epic way.

Season One

"Let's Be Heroes"
  • Gar falling out of the sky before taking Darrell out with the most epic elbow drop ever.

"You're Everybody's Sidekick"

  • K.O. going around the plaza helping anyone with their problem. He may be a Naïve Newcomer, but he's really clever when it comes to solving their problems.

"You're Level 100!"

  • Near the end of the episode, everyone that was in the Plaza at the time combine together to form a giant arm, with K.O. manning it. They then take out Big Darrell with one punch.

"Sibling Rivalry"

  • The Bodega team taking out Darrell and Shannon together. Where they would sometimes have problems taking on just one of them, they were able to quickly beat both of them with teamwork.
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  • Raymond easily taking out Rad, Enid, and K.O. without getting a scratch. Not even Darrell and Shannon were able to do that together.

"My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad"

"You Get Me"

"You Are Rad"

  • Despite being against playing the games, K.O. was easily able to defeat both Beefer and Football Baby despite being late to one of the two games. Even manage to impress Drupes as well!

"Presenting Joe Cuppa"

  • Joe taking out Shannon with coffee puns.
    • He doesn't just "take out" Shannon. Once Joe finds out his comedy can be quite literally turned into a weapon, he utterly demolishes Shannon and causes her to have a full on Villainous Breakdown before she explodes.

"We've Got Pests"

  • Enid stopping the shelves from crushing KO with just one kick.

  • Enid giving The Cool Pest "The Reason You Suck" Speech saying how them acting like wild jerks doesn’t make them cool at all. Being cool is about being who you really are in the inside. She said all of this in a calm voice

"Face Your Fears"

  • K.O. using his knowledge on his friends' Hidden Depths to solve their worst fears without fighting them.
  • After seeing Nightmare Laserblast, K.O. realizes that to defeat him, they would need a powerful villain. Cue K.O. burping up a black blob that morphs into a shadow version of himself that makes quick work out of Nightmare Laserblast. To reiterate: K.O., a 0.1 hero, released a being that easily defeated a fear powered up level 8. Also counts as Nightmare Fuel.

"You Have to Care"

  • Enid beating Elodie by giving her a kick to the face, which was proceed by this Pre Ass Kicking One Liner:
    Elodie: I thought you said you would never hurt your best friend!
    Enid: I did. (kicks Elodie in the face, sending her to the ground)

"Plaza Prom"

"Second First Date"

  • The second date/fight of Enid and Rad, in a wrestling ring surrounded by flames.
  • Enid calling out Rad for being a jerk to her on both of their dates after "defeating" him.


  • Turbo K.O. singlehandedly destroying a giant version of Darrell that tried to destroy the Plaza.
  • T.K.O. managed to handle his own against Rad and Enid very well, sending Rad into orbit, breaking through his telekinesis ray and using against him, and keeping up with Enid when she ran away.
  • Props to Enid for avoiding T.K.O. when he's chasing her, then running to get Carol the first chance she gets.
    • To say nothing of Rad, who can barely stand after being launched into orbit, for giving her that chance by catching T.K.O. in a levitation beam.
      Rad: (to Enid) I...I got this...
  • T.K.O. unleashed a major shock wave through his body that not only damaged the Plaza, but knocked out everyone currently outside in one attack!
  • K.O. and T.K.O.'s Battle in the Center of the Mind, ending with K.O. focusing himself and throwing T.K.O. back in his cage.

"We've Got Fleas"

  • After their transformations, the trio easily get used to their new abilities and make quick work of Mikayla.

"No More Pow Cards"

  • Dendy getting her own POW Card, and helping give the ignored waves of Kappa heroes theirs as well.
    • Also a retroactive awesomeness upgrade. POW card ranks aren't just issued by terms of strength, but through acts of heroism as well. Dendy getting Kappa heroes acknowledged by the POW card company gets her a one. Which puts Carol and Gar's elevens in a whole new light.
    • Also, that Dendy's father has one... as a six. That's definitely pretty impressive.

"A Hero's Fate"

  • There is a clarification that there is a hero whose power level is 90+, and that hero is HERO from RPG World!!! To be clear, Hero was Level 50 in the Web Comic, and he has been level grinding since his canceled series!
  • A villainous example comes from Galgarion, whose powers increased from -50 to -99 while Hero was level grinding. And he did it all while being stuck in one spot in his own tower! He's also the only villain in the series so far that isn't a robot to gain that high of a level!
  • Just the fact that K.O. battled against varies monsters, trap, puzzle, and fight the final boss without rest is incredible on its own. K.O. even did all of that after fighting varies of Jethros.
    • Even though K.O. did not beat Galgarion, but he did handle him surprisingly well and keep up with Hero tactic for a short while!

"Let's Have A Stakeout"

  • K.O.'s battle with Shadowy Figure. Despite Shadowy Figure being Level -8 and possibly holding back for some reason, K.O. holds his own surprisingly well and is able to keep up with him. A huge difference from the young wannabe hero who couldn't even fight Darrell in the first episode. K.O. comes close to turning back to Turbo due to Shadowy's speech, He stops himself, refusing to give in to the anger again and coming to terms with the fact that while he's made a mess of things, he can fix it on his own.
    • If it's true that Shadowy Figure is, in fact, Professor Venomous, for a mad scientist, his ability to match K.O. in speed and strength is impressive.

"The Power is Yours"

  • The simplest fact of awesomeness: IT'S CAPTAIN PLANET. The show even treats him like a legit, badass superhero and not a gimmick from the 90's.
    • Heck, his power level is planet. Fitting for an embodiment of the forces of nature.
  • Kwame proves himself to be the truest hero among the Planeteers, since he's the only one of the original five that still fights pollution to this day (even though even Ma-Ti, The Heart of the group, and the one who otherwise showed Undying Loyalty to Gaia, left the team).


  • In the baton relay race, Colewort manages to get his "second wind" by propelling himself across the finish line via gassy sweat glands, with Team Tiny Tots winning the key to the city and the Plazalympics, becoming the hero of the day and hanging out with the cool kids.

"Back in Red Action"

  • Enid and Red Action fighting the Hue Troop despite the number disadvantage and winning against them.

"Let's Take a Moment"

  • Carol and Gar using the same elbow attack together to take down the Steamborg. Back then, they had to take out the Steamborg's limb to attack its weak point, but since they're stronger than their past selves, they took it out with one hit.

"Villains' Night Out"

  • During the Explode-Off, villains would type in coordinates to where they would send missiles to blow up. While Billiam put in coordinates to send missiles to an island, Cosma uses her powers to levitate the missiles and sends them to the moon, blowing it up. And judging by how she did it, it seemed effortless for her, which rises the question how powerful can she really be.
  • P.O.I.N.T. in the present is shown to be The Dreaded to several villains, including Professor Venomous and Cosma. When Boxman launches Billiam Milliam's missiles at P.O.I.N.T. HQ, the missiles doesn't even scratch the place upon impact, and it should be noted that these missiles are strong enough to blow up an island and the moon. But despite this, P.O.I.N.T.'s automated defense system activates and blows up parts of Billiam's yacht.
  • At the end of the villains' party, the other bad guys get one last laugh at Boxman before escaping in lifeboats. The only person left is Professor Venomous, to whom Boxman reveals that he knew the whole time that he's hated by the other villains; he just doesn't care. He then proceeds to blow up the yacht and escape his way, just because he can. Even Venomous is impressed. For all his silliness, you gotta respect Boxman's resilience. He might be looked down upon, but goddamn it he's going to do whatever the hell he wants and no one's gonna stop him. It calls back to the end of "Stop Attacking the Plaza" where Boxman let loose once his twenty-four hours were up. It was because he wanted to. End of story.
    Lord Boxman: I knew it all along, you know? I knew all the villains hated me. The real reason why I came along is because I wanted to show them that I don’t care what they think of me! They’re never gonna stop me from doing what I want, whether it’s destroying the plaza or destroying this accursed yacht! [cue Evil Laugh as he triggers the yacht's destruction]

OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.!

  • One that counts for both Dendy and the villainous Ernesto: Ernesto was about to be easily defeated by Enid and Rad since he was just trying to copy what his Boxmore siblings do when they attack the plaza. Dendy decides to be herself rather than trying to just be a carbon copy of K.O., and as such, gives Ernesto a lecture on how inefficient his current methods are, telling him that he should just be himself as well. Ernesto takes her advice to heart and it's clearly very helpful, since afterwards, he actually becomes a much more competent threat and starts winning his fight against the three of them (which, naturally, also counts as a Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! moment for Dendy).
  • When Dendy sees that Rad and Enid need K.O. to win the fight against Ernesto, she realizes that, while trying to be exactly like K.O. wasn't working, just being herself isn't working either because she doesn't have the fighting skills necessary to help them win. She decides to meet in the middle and "be K.O. in [her] own way", using her technology to build herself a K.O.-shaped exoskeleton, which she then uses to pummel Ernesto and single-handedly defeat him. Rad and Enid are both highly impressed.

"You're In Control"

  • Think Darrell is just an ineffective mook? Think again. When Lord Boxman creates a robot called "Boxman Jr." and declares him to be his favorite son, Darrell gets incredibly jealous and decides to prove to Boxman that he can be far more evil. It's played as a joke and shows Darrell pulling several childish tantrums about it... right until the end when he reveals that he ratted Boxman out to his investors, fires his dear old dad from a cannon into the sun and is then instated by Cosma as the new head of Boxmore. Hot. Damn.
  • Even before taking over fully, he was effectively running the place single-handedly due to Boxman pushing things onto him so he could build Boxman Jr.
  • Let's also give credit to K.O. for finally learning how to harness his Turbo side to defeat Boxman Jr., who was strong enough to actually have everyone (including Mr. Gar and Carol, who are both high level heroes) on the ropes the entire time he attacked Lakewood Plaza.

Season Two

"T.K.O's House"

  • Props to Shadowy Figure for being able to dominate and toy with K.O for most of their fight, considering how K.O was powerful enough to destroy Boxman Jr. (Who pretty much curb-stomped every hero that fought him even Gar and Carol), especially since K.O has only grown stronger, even when P.K.O successfully pins him to the ground, he still doesn't loses his cool and merely compliments P.K.O .
  • The fight between P.K.O (the "synchronized" form of T.K.O and K.O) and Shadowy Figure even if it was brief is nothing short of awesome, especially when P.K.O makes a comeback after being manhandled for most of the fight and knocks SF into the ground.
  • T.K.O calling Shadowy Figure's bluff about glorbs being the sole reason why Shadowy Figure unleashed him and asking him how he knows so much about his personal life, powers and goals, this actually makes SF stay silent and leave without a word rather than laugh as he retreats like last time.
    • Also unlike most cartoon protagonists T.K.O actually demands answers to important questions even if K.O is reluctant to do so, rather than allow them to remain unanswered, sadly, SF doesn't says a word after the question, but it's the thought that counts.

"Dendy's Power"

  • K.O. and Dendy stop Shannon from taking over the POW card Cloud all by themselves. Not bad for a couple of kids.
  • When K.O.'s POW card is fixed, it reveals that the boy has leveled up to Hero Level 3! The same level as Rad's current level and Enid's past level!
  • At the same time, everyone else are completely amused by the POW card upgrade, courtesy of Dendy.

“Wisdom, Strength, and Charisma”

  • Is no one going to mention the fact that Enid did the unprecedented feat of defeating ALL THREE DISCIPLINE HEADS at once? Not only did she do this feat with ONE ATTACK, but no other student had done this. Not even Elodie herself had done that when she enrolled!

Crossover Nexus

  • Ben Tennyson using the Omnitrix to transform into the main characters of almost every major Cartoon Network series, going all the way back to even the oft-forgotten The Moxy Show, to punch out Strike. All done to a remix of the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays theme!
  • The entirety of this episode was awesome for anyone who's been a longtime fan of Cartoon Network, from the classic and modern characters returning to the little nods and easter eggs in the background and soundtrack.

"Monster Party"

"Final Exams"

  • Enid and Elodie team up to take down the malfunctioning Chip Damage. They end up saving the school and passing final exams]] in one fell swoop!

“Gar Quest”

  • K.O. reducing the partially-injured, glorb-enhanced Cantalop to a head in one hit. Notable because, even without using T.K.O.’s power, he still did more damage in one hit than Mr. Gar did across the whole battle between him and Cantalop.

"Dark Plaza"

  • Elodie lowering the cockpit of Foxtail's ship in order for Foxtail and herself to take the full blow of Foxtail's depower ray reflected back at them. Downplayed in that Elodie reveals shortly thereafter that she dialed back the ray's power to only last a few short days. But still.
    Elodie: It's like you said. "Nothing wrong with a couple of sacrifices if it's for the greater good".

Season Three

"We Are Heroes"

  • The fight with the Rainbow Dragon at the beginning of the episode has awesome moments for each of the main cast. Examples:
    • Rad performing some excellent evasive maneuvers using his now-flying Rad Van and firing missiles at the beast.
    • Enid combining her ninjutsu with her mime skills to unleash a blast of cold air to extinguish the flames caused by the dragon.
    • K.O. then gets jettisoned from the wing of the van to deliver a punch capable of effortlessly finishing off the dragon while accessing an as-of-now unknown transformation(pictured above).

"T.K.O. Rules!"

  • After betraying his trust and breaking all of his mother's rules, K.O. realizes that T.K.O hasn't learned anything from being let be in his mind, and banishes T.K.O. to his subconscious.

"Let's Meet Sonic"

  • The fact that this episode is chock-full of references from various Sonic games and media. The Master Emerald is even included.
  • Sonic's battle against Metal K-0.
  • Sonic putting his fear of water aside to save K.O. from drowning, and Tails rescuing them both.



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