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  • Colbert Bump: Though they were never really obscure to begin with, but since the premier of the episode "Monster Party," there's been a significant increase of fanart for the Grimwood girls.
  • Crossdressing Voices:
    • Both of K.O.'s voice actors are women.
    • Mega Football Baby is voiced by Melissa Villaseñor.
  • The Danza:
  • Descended Creator:
    • Ian Jones-Quartey voices Radicles, Darrell, Gregg, and Crinkly Wrinkly. He also voiced A Real Magic Skeleton and Mr. Logic in the mobile game.
    • Storyboard artist Parker Simmons plays a variety of minor roles, notably including Gerald Nametag, Fishdude, and Gil Ferris. This mainly happens in episodes he himself boarded, but there have been a few exceptions (such as "Legends of Mr. Gar" and "No More Pow Cards").
  • Fan Nickname: Fans have taken to calling K.O. and T.K.O.'s synchronized Super Mode "S.K.O." or "R.K.O." before the canon name was revealed to be "Perfect K.O.", or "P.K.O." for short.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Lord Boxman is sometimes scripted with "Jim sputters" that are filled in by Jim Cummings' improvised vocalizations.
  • He Also Did: Ian was an executive producer and storyboarder on Steven Universe until he left to work on OK K.O..
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  • Name's the Same: Dendy has nothing to do with the Russian Famiclone of the same name.
  • Out of Order:
    • Because of the show's unusual development and release schedule (many episodes were complete before the series premiere, then shown in a rapid succession), episodes often air out of the order of their creation. Sometimes they are deliberately written that way, as was the case for the first few made before the actual series premiere (as a writing exercise to get a better idea for the characters). However, "Plazalympics" was written to air almost sixteen episodes earlier than it did, hence why K.O. and Potato seem much less familiar with each other than they were in "We've Got Fleas".
    • "Final Exams", the episode completing the POINT Prep arc, was released on the Cartoon Network app/on-demand service in September 2018, following on from the rest of the arc. It didn't on the linear CN channel until May of the following, with "Crossover Nexus" and the Halloween and Christmas episodes having already made their cablecast premieres (coming after the previous POINT Prep episodes). This creates the rather blatant continuity error of Enid suddenly being back to the Plaza when she was in the middle of attending POINT Prep.
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    • "Soda Genie", "CarolQuest" and "Boxman Crashes" were also released onto the app at the same time as "Final Exams", as was "Plaza Alone" in December 2018 before all mentioned episodes made their cable premieres in May 2019. On cable, the order for "Soda Genie" & "CarolQuest" is reversed and "Plaza Alone" comes before "Boxman Crashes".
  • The Other Darrin:
    • K.O. was voiced by Stephanie Nadolny in the pilot, most of the pre-series shorts, and the mobile game, but was replaced by Courtenay Taylor early on in the series. Due to the difference between the order of voice recording and airing order, K.O.'s voice changed erratically between the two during the shorts and the first thirteen episodes.
    • Mena Suvari voiced Enid in the original pilot and the mobile game. Come the minisodes and the full series, Enid is now voiced by Ashly Burch.
    • The standard robot enemies in the mobile game were voiced by the game's developers, while the final show uses different VAs.
    • Tessa Auberjonois voices Dr. Blight instead of Meg Ryan or the late Mary Kay Bergman.
    • Aaron Eves plays Mr. Cardsley in the video game for the series, Let's Play Heroes, rather than his voice actor in "No More Pow Cards", Clancy Brown.
    • Johnny Wu replaces James Urbaniak as Joff in Season 2.
    • Natalie Palamides voices Winnie instead of the late Marilyn Schreffler, and Kristin Li voices Tanis instead of the retired Patty Maloney.
  • The Other Marty: As mentioned in The Other Darrin above, K.O.'s voice actor was recast early on in the series. Most of the episodes that Stephanie Nadolny, K.O.'s first voice actor recorded were re-recorded with Courtenay Taylor, K.O.'s second voice actor. The re-dub was mostly unnoticeable, but a couple mistakes slipped through the cracks:
    • In "Legends of Mr. Gar", all of K.O.'s sound effects and one full line ("Haha, yeah!") were voiced by Stephanie Nadolny, and the rest of K.O.'s lines were voiced by Courtenay Taylor.
    • In the ending credits of "You Are Rad", Stephanie Nadolny is credited as the voice of K.O., even though K.O. was voiced by Courtenay Taylor in that episode.
  • Playing Against Type: Steven Ogg, a man normally known for playing villainous roles (including this show's Professor Venomous and Shadowy Figure) or Ax-Crazy psychopaths (like Trevor Philips), voices Laserblast, a hero.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
    • Ian Jones-Quartey (Rad, Darrell) and Michael-Leon Wooley (Cool Sun) also lent their voices in Bravest Warriors with Ian as Wallow and Michael-Leon as Impossibear.
    • Erica Mendez and Carrie Keranen, who respectively voiced Black Strategy and Yellow Technique, both respectively voiced Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin in the English dub of Kill la Kill.
  • Saved from Development Hell: The pilot was made in 2012. It went so long (around three years) without further development that the creator called it "the short that you never thought anything would happen with" when the mobile game and shorts were announced in early 2016. It eventually became a full series by Summer 2017.
  • Spoiled by the Cast List: The Credits Pushback version of the show's ending listed T.K.O. many episodes before his introduction. The similar name and same voice actor as K.O. made it pretty obvious he was K.O.'s Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Talking to Himself: Fairly common. Aside from the aforementioned characters voiced by Ian and Parker:
    • Courtenay Taylor (K.O.'s current VA) also voices Blue Power and Hon Dew.
    • Ashly Burch (Enid's VA) also voices Gladys (who was voiced by K.O.'s VA in the pilot), Ms. Mummy, Foxy (Ted Viking's talking fox scarf), Rippy Roo, and Cherry
    • David Herman (Mr. Gar's VA) also voices Brandon, Jethro, Beardo, the menu announcer in the mobile game, and the Action News 52 announcer.
    • Melissa Fahn (Dendy's VA) also voices Mikayla.
    • Chris Niosi voices Nick Army, Pird, Ernesto, and Neil.
    • Melissa Villaseñor voices Punching Judy, Mega Football Baby, Drupe, Potato, Gertie (who had the same VA as Carol in the pilot), and Ginger (who had the same VA as Enid in the pilot).
    • While he only voices Boxman in the final show, Jim Cummings also voiced Beardo and Viking Ted in the mobile game.
    • Kari Wahlgren (Shannon's VA) also voices Vormulax and Chill Cat.
    • Robbie Daymond (Raymond's VA) also voices Co-Bruh.
    • James Urbaniak voices Mr. Logic and Joff the Shaolin Monk.
    • Michael-Leon Wooley voices Cool Sun, Bell Beefer, Ted Viking, Big Bull Demon, and Galgarion.
    • Steven Ogg voices Professor Venomous, Laserblast, and Shadowy Figure.
    • Lara Jill Miller voices Fink and Cantalop.
    • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn voices Dynamite Watkins and Miss Quantum.
    • Clancy Brown voices Mr. Cardsley and Pavel (Dendy's father)
    • Nichole Bloom voices Carla, Pepelina (Dendy's mother), Nanini, and Bobo
    • Dave Fennoy voices Ofrang (Rad's father) and Bernard (Enid's father)
    • Melique Berger voices Theodosia (Rad's mother) and Wilhamena (Enid's mother)
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Ian Jones Quartey originally had Eric Bauza in mind to play Rad, but the budget for the pilot unexpectedly ran out, so he decided to play Rad himself.
    • In the outline of "Know Your Mom", the Kactus Krew were themed after The Mafia instead of Rotten Rock & Roll. Then someone pitched a sketch of Succulentus as a Nu Metal rocker, which the whole crew found too hilarious to pass up.
    • "Everybody Likes Rad?" started as two different episodes pitches (one about Rad becoming an internet celebrity, the other about him becoming a Hollywood movie actor) that were combined because they didn't feel either could sustain a whole episode on its own.
    • Elodie wasn't originally going to have history with Enid, and her character is apparently more complex then it was originally.
    • Concept art shows that Cosma was going to have an appearance more fitting of her cosmic-sounding name, with stars in her hair and antennae with ringed planet designs on the tips.
    • Enid's twin brothers was originally going to be just one slime boy, but Stevie Borbolla wanted him to be more like a classic Halloween creature, and when she couldn't decide between a little frankenkid or a pumpkin head, he used both and made them twins.
    • Wilhamena, Enid's mother, was originally going to have a buzz-cut hairstyle.
    • "Crossover Nexus":
      • It was initially envisioned as a 22-minute special where hypnotized Cartoon Network characters would fight each other before joining together to defeat the evil Red Pen. While the pitch was well-received, the network decided that they would prefer it to be a standard 11-minute episode. As a result, this original story was scrapped in favor of one with Strike and CN City.
      • Scenes with cameos of Class of 3000 and The Secret Saturdays characters, the only two CN original series which failed to make an appearance in the final episode, were cut for time.
      • Kelsey from Craig of the Creek was considered as one of the characters K.O. teamed up with, but the episode's production began before her show premiered, so she instead just had a cameo.
      • A scene in which Garnet splits into Ruby and Sapphire was storyboarded, but ultimately cut, most likely because Charlene Yi and Erica Luttrell were unavailable or busy with Steven Universe itself.
  • The Wiki Rule: OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Wiki.
  • Word of Gay: Ian Jones-Quartey confirms on a Reddit AMA that Enid is bisexual and Red Action is gay. On Twitter, he indicated that Joff and Nick are indeed a couple.
  • Word of God: Stevie Borbolla, one of the storyboard artists, revealed that Enid and Puck Reverie (the wolf angel) are cousins.
  • Working Title:
    • Boy, did this show have a ton! The original pitch was titled "Super Lakewood Plaza Turbo" before being shortened to "Lakewood Plaza Turbo" for the pilot. When the mobile game and the shorts were greenlit, creator Ian Jones-Quartey considered re-naming the show "Guys, Gals, and Pals" (brought over into Steven Universe as the G.U.Y.S. and G.A.L.S. toylines) before choosing "OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo", which was shortly changed to the current name "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes".
      • There were other scrapped working titles that never got pitched and some got canned for legal reasons. Some of them include: "Lakewood Rumble", "Super Lakewood Action Plaza" (SLAP for short), "Knockout Friends", "Radical Knockouts", "PlayFighters", "Turbo Friends Punch", "Friend Fighters", "Punch Buddies", "Super Chuckle Sandwich", "Action Sandwich", "Knockout Club", "Punch Buffet", "Mighty Mall", "Punchtown Heroes", "Mini Maulers", "Streets of Friendship", "Rumble Pack", "Dynamite Shop", and "Knockout Pals".
    • "T.K.O." (the episode, not the character) was originally just "Turbo", as shown by the model sheets.
    • "You're In Control" was first pitched with the Spoiler Title "Bye Bye, Boxman I & II".


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