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You have our friendship!
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     In General 
  • The way Professor Venomous treats Fink. Despite their boss-minion relationship, Venomous treats Fink in a way that more closely resembles a father-daughter relationship.
  • K.O's friendship with Enid and Rad. The latter two act as his older brother and sister. At one point, Rad even considers himself to be an older sibling to K.O.

     Season One 
Lets Be Heroes
  • K.O.'s mom's students cooing over K.O. . K.O. also calls them his mom's best students, demonstrating his All-Loving Hero persona.
  • Enid's introduction has her frustrated and unenthusiastic about her job with the customers she has to deal with. She initially treats K.O. with the same regard as the rest until he tells her that her job does matter. This brings a smile on Enid's face and she actually wishes him a nice day as he walks out, as opposed to her initial "Have" response a minute ago.
  • After Mr. Gar defeats Darrell, Rad points out how amazing Mr. Gar is, showing that his high respect for the boss still carried on from the pilot.
  • Rad notices K.O. determination tears near the end and and gives the little kid some jabs. Enid, however, points out how much fun he is, with Rad giving a knowing smile, and the trio's friendship began.

Lets Be Friends

  • Enid and Rad helping K.O. and telling him they like him for who he is.
    • The fact that Enid and Rad would go so far as to rescue a kid they barely know who caused some slight trouble at the shop. This shows how much of a hero those two can be and how much they grew to care for K.O. as if he was their little brother.
    • Seeing the trio dance around singing "friendship, friendship," was an amazing sight to see. Especially considering that Rad is rather egotistical and does not want to show his real feelings while Enid acts cold and calm most of the time. K.O. really did bring them out of their shells. And he's only known them for (presumably) a few days!
    • While Mr. Gar was upset at Enid and Rad for leaving their post at the shop, he calmed down when it was revealed that the two went to save K.O. from Lord Boxman.
    • Enid and Rad standing up to Mr. Gar and asking him to let K.O. join the workforce. While it didn't work at first, it was the thought that counted.
    • K.O.'s mom convincing Mr. Gar to let K.O. work.
    • The sheer pure joy K.O. shows when he was hired by Mr. Gar with his mother's help. Just seeing the Kid Hero gaining another step to become a true hero will melt your heart.

You're Everyone's Sidekick

  • K.O. helping everyone in the Plaza with their problems, whether he knows them or not, showing how much of a hero K.O. can be.
    • He helps Joff and Nick Army with their pickle jar problem.
    • K.O. helps Mr. Logic with his hair cutting, making one of his mother students happy with her new haircut in the process.
    • K.O. helps A.R.M.S. deal with Brandon's annoying drumming.
    • While the cool kids act cruel towards K.O., it didn't stop him from making them feel good about themselves. He proves this by fixing Red Action's bad haircut, Drupe's sense of self-worth in her fashion blog, and Gregg's confidence in their intelligence. And while the three don't fully thank him, Gregg later came in by themself and said thank you to K.O. by whisper.
    • Enid admitting that helping others isn't so bad, which made K.O. very happy.

We Messed Up!

  • During the whole episode, the trio try very hard to make sure Mr. Gar doesn't find out that they destroyed a picture of young Carol. Their goal was not to avoid being fired, killed, or yelled at. If anything, they did not want to disappoint him, showing how much they value his opinion of them.

Jethro's All Yours

  • During the whole episode, Rad is quite a jerk towards K.O., calling him simple and insulting him. In the end, when K.O. reveals how much it hurt his feelings, Rad drops the act and tells him that there is more to K.O. than Jethro would ever be. Of course, Rad ends up burping on him in the end, but it's the thought that counts.

You're Level 100

  • While everyone was disappointed that K.O. was not a real Level 100 and it was a glitch, they still in the end worked together to form a giant arm and have K.O. deliver the final attack on Giant Darrell. It really shows how much faith they still had in K.O. and how they wanted to make him feel special again.
  • Despite K.O. gaining a major ego and arrogant boost, he still stuck around with Rad and Enid, and the two praise K.O. for being Level 100. Normally Rad would be crazy jealous, but instead he was proud. They didn't even tell him that Power Levels are pointless and change very little, just so they could let him be happy with his progress.

Sibling Rivalry

  • Rad and Enid put aside their differences and enjoy the sunset. K.O. joins them after getting back the R sign for the shop.

I Am Dendy

  • Dendy and K.O playing tag like two normal kids. Dendy's laughter is just adorable.
  • When Dendy reveals that she lied about her backpack being damaged because she wanted to observe, K.O.'s not the least bit upset about it, instead telling her that if she wanted to hang out, all she had to do was ask.
  • The episode ends with Dendy editing K.O's page, before adding herself to his list of allies.

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad!

  • While Carol was upset that K.O. made her fight against another kid's dad, she calmed down when K.O. revealed that he was upset about how Chameleon Jr. reveled in having a powerful dad while K.O. didn't have one at all. Carol put K.O. down and told him how his father was a great hero and would be very proud of K.O, which is also a Tearjerker moment as well.
    • While Chameleon Jr. is shocked to find out that his dad is a giant human in a lizard suit he says he does not care and still loves him.
    • Carol teasing K.O. and saying how they're both grounded for getting into a fight as the two laugh.

You Get Me

  • Enid playing around with K.O. at the beginning, bouncing him around like a ball and using him for her newest trick.
  • K.O. sobbing over how he can't turn Enid back to normal, when she suddenly turns back to normal. Granted, it was because the spell only lasted 24 hours, but it's the thought that counts.
    • Later on, Enid breaks the spell herself in order to stop Wally from giving K.O. the same fate.
  • After Enid's verbal smackdown on Wally, K.O.'s worried about how Enid's perceived.
    K.O.: Aren't you worried? Now he thinks you're still a jerky teenager.
    Enid: Some people will just never get me. Not like you do.

You Are Rad

  • After putting straws on K.O. head, the latter mention how much he looks like Rad. Enid, in a both funny and heartwarming moment, stated that "Rad is never this cute." Something about that line speaks volumes about her friendship with K.O.
  • Near the end of the contest, K.O. realizes that, despite how much of a good quality has (just as babysitting, cat calendar, and yoga), Rad isn't ready to share that quality and nearly teared up when his secret was about to be revealed. K.O. takes the fall, lies about the things Rad does and lets Rad win the contest and keep his secrets.

We've Got Pests

  • While also played for laughs, the episode ending shows how positively Enid's words of wisdom affected Peej, Chill Cat, and Gnarleo. Peej has written a bestselling novel, Chill Cat is a doctor, and Gnarleo has a loving family.

We're Captured

  • After going through a lot to save his dinner date, Lord Boxman is able to impress Professor Venomous by showing him that he still enjoys fighting heroes. As a result, Venomous decides to renew his business partnership with Boxman, to the latter's joy.

Face Your Fears

  • K.O. and Enid using their knowledge and belief on their friends to overcome their worse fear, showing how close the trio are to know each other's Hidden Depths.
    • K.O. calming the three past Enid, saying how they are great because of their own traits and characteristics. This calmed the trio and made them show happy smiles, something that they might not be used to.
  • Coming across Mr. Gar's worst fear, a younger version of Carol floating on a sandwich, K.O. solved the problem by hugging his mom. Despite not knowing who he is at the time, Fear!Carol still hugged K.O. back and showed a warm motherly smiled. Whether real or not, Carol still loves her son no matter what.
  • Mr. Gar gaining the courage to say "how are you Carol" face to face. It might not seem like much, but from Mr. Gar, it means a lot.

Everybody Likes Rad?

  • While everyone laughed at Rad's video for him saying the word "blorp," Enid still laughed at the video itself than the word, while K.O. showed concern for Rad's possible injuries from his video stunt.
    • Despite being taken in to be a Hollyzone movie star, Rad still had a picture of K.O. and Enid wishing him luck in his dressing room, showing how he still valued their friendship even after being taken for stardom.

"You Have to Care"

  • The flashback showing how close Enid and Elodie used to be is both this and a Tear Jerker due to Elodie's betrayal. However, it is mitigated by Enid's realization that Elodie couldn't have known about the contest before her, and Elodie still having her half of their friendship necklace, proving that the time they spent together before the contest was genuine.
  • Even though Enid ultimately lost the contest, she immediately congratulated Elodie for winning and said she was proud to have a friend like her.

"Plaza Prom"

  • In a moment both small and funny, Rad asks K.O. if he's seen any of the cool kids yet. K.O. looks around before turning back to Rad and poking him in the face.
  • The end of the episode shows everyone having a good time at the prom, with Rad taking a picture with Drupe, Enid dancing with K.O., Mr. Gar dancing with Carol, Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton making up after giving each other their corsages, and Colewart together with Potato.

"Second First Date"

  • Rad and Enid's platonic friendship managed to teach the literal personification of love a lesson about romance not being the be-all and end-all of relationships and sometimes simple friendships are just as valuable. It's also, whether intended as such or otherwise, a nice gesture to aromantic viewers, who often end up feeling excluded when romance is treated as all-important.


  • In a flashback, when young K.O. was getting upset over a fly bothering his training, Carol picks him up and tells him that the path of being a hero is hard, but worth the wait, cheering him up.
  • Rad and Enid trying in their own way to cheer up K.O. in not being able to defeat Darrell and ensure him that he will get strong one day.
  • K.O. revealing that while he was upset and anger at the Plaza for treating him as a weakling, it was not enough to make him trigger T.K.O., showing how he can not stay mad at them.
  • Rad and Enid trying to cheer up T.K.O., thinking he is going through a phase.
  • While Carol was surprised by K.O.'s sudden change, she remained supportive of his choices and believed he was going through a phase.
  • Rad dressing up similar to T.K.O. to not only be cool, but to be supportive of T.K.O.'s change of style.
  • Mr. Gar and Carol's refusal to harm T.K.O., no matter the damage he caused, T.K.O. is still Carol's son and Mr. Gar's employee.
  • K.O. breaking free from T.K.O. when the latter goes after Carol.
  • K.O. awakens to find everyone (minus Brandon and A.R.M.S.) over him, clearly concerned. After K.O. starts crying after seeing just how bad T.K.O. wrecked the Plaza, Carol reassures him and tells him that they're just glad he's back to normal.

"Stop Attacking the Plaza"

  • At the beginning, everyone at Gar's (and Carol) are shown cleaning T.K.O.'s mess together.
  • The fact that all of Boxmore robots were concerned over Boxman condition over not attacking the Plaza and tried to help him by having a family dinner. No matter how much he hurts them, the robots still see Boxman as their dad and wants to make him feel better and keep his job.
    • Seeing Darrell, Shannon, Raymond, and Jethro all playing a board game together without fighting or arguing. It really shows them how they can get along when not fighting the plaza or over the affection of their so called dad.

"No More Pow Cards"

  • The revelatory that there are so many Kappa heroes]] that the computer had not registered. It shows that despite being seen as monsters the Kappa race still want to help others and didn't expect any good treatment from the Pow Card Company.
    • Dendy saying at the end that while she didn't need a POW card to be a hero, she's still glad that she could have one someday. Then K.O. points out that getting Kappas recognized by the POW card company was a heroic act, and points out that among the pile of new cards, there's one for her. Nor is there even a second where he seems jealous that she's level 1, which he hasn't actually reached yet and won't for a while; he's just happy for his friend.

"A Hero's Fate"

  • After so many years, RPG World finally has an ending, making many fans of Ian's old webcomic happy.
    • Hero and Galgaron finally put aside their differences and make a truce until they figure out their lives since they forgot why they were fighting.
    • Hero returning back to his hometown and become a Official Couple with Cherry and the two have a child in one year.
    • Seeing Hero go off another adventure to level up with his wife Cherry and child Spaghetti is very heartwarming. Hero even said traveling with loved ones is far better than doing it alone.
  • After Hero sends K.O. back to the plaza, Rad and Enid welcomes K.O. back with open arms and have fun in a kiddie pool.

"Let's Have A Stakeout"

  • Mr. Gar found K.O. in the area he was supposed to protect and scolded him for disobeying his orders until he saw K.O. break down in tears on how much he messed up and he was very sorry. Mr. Gar stopped at that moment and told him he did well and helped the plaza realize Shadowy Figure is up to. The two even ends up having marshmallow together that K.O. wanted to have during the stakeout.

"Rad Likes Robots"

  • Rad and Shannon's time together when they fell in love with each other, even though it ended tragically.
  • Seeing Darrel and Raymond worried about their sister. Despite them competing for Boxman's approval, they don't want to lose each other.

"K.O.'s Video Channel

  • While watching K.O.'s video channel, Rad and Enid come to see jut how highly he thinks of them.
    Enid: K.O. is pure.
    Rad: I'd bury myself for K.O.
    • When they find out he plans to delete his entire channel as recompense, they immediately drive off to his house to stop him.

"The Power is Yours"

  • In the episode's Planeteer Alert segment, Wheeler, Gi, Linka, and Ma-Ti can be seen alongside Captain Planet, Kwame, K.O., Rad, Enid, and the others in spite of Kwame earlier stating that the Planeteers broke up after constantly fighting each other, which can be taken as indicating that the Planeteers eventually reunited and reconciled their differences.

"Glory Days"

  • Carol encouraging Gar throughout the episode when he starts having doubts being in P.O.I.N.T.
  • During the Junior P.O.I.N.T. member's induction ceremony, after Laserblast calls Rippy Roo cute, Rippy jump towards him for a hug and the team joins in for a Group Hug.


  • When put on a team with Potato and Colewort, K.O. was reluctant because he wanted to be on Rad and Enid's team because they're his friends and he never considered Potato and Colewort as friends or reliable teammates. But as the episode progress, he starts to warm up to them and starts motivating them. After K.O.'s team wins, he ask Colewort if he can hang out with him, while Colewort ditches him to hang out with cooler people, Potato offers to hang out with him, which he accepts. It's nice to see K.O. hanging out with people who are outside his circle and taking the time to make new friends.
  • Colewort, who manages to get his "second wind", when his newly discovered power of sweat propulsion pushes him across the finish line, winning the relay race for their team.
  • Potato maintaining a positive attitude throughout the episode and looking so adorable.
    • When K.O. is put on the Tiny Tots team, Potato happily accepts K.O. by hugging him and believing they'll win with him on their team.
    • For the Plaza Relay event, she admits that she's not a very good runner, but she believes in K.O.
    • After Colewort goes riding off with a bunch of cool kids instead of celebrating with K.O. and Potato after they win and declines K.O.'s invitation to hang out, Potato offers to hang out with K.O. and he accepts, which makes her very happy.
    • Ship Tease: While hanging out, K.O. and Potato run through a field holding hands, lay on the grass while watching the clouds, ride on a roller coaster (which is shaped like the letters BFF), and their photos are featured in a gold heart locket with "GOTTA LOVE" on K.O.'s photo and "MY BUD" on Potato's photo.
  • The fact that Gar is allowing villains to participate in the Plazalympics, such as allowing Vormulax to be one of the judges and allowing the Boxmore robots to participate in the competition.
  • When giving out scores, Vormulax would always give a score that's usually one point below Gar and Carol's score, but after witnessing K.O. skills in the second event, she finally gives a score that doesn't go below the other judges score, and in this case it's a "10".
  • Despite K.O.'s team poor performance during the "Hero Toss" event, Carol was nice enough to give them a "2" with the others scores being "1" and "0". She ensures K.O. that his low score was to help build his character.
  • When Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond crash the Plazalympics and demand to participate in the final event, Gar happily allows them to compete after looking through the rulebook, despite them being enemies to the plaza. While competing, they actually follow the rules (what rules there are) and didn't try to sabotage their competitors. And after they lose, Gar gives them each a participation trophy, which they happily accept and leaves the plaza without any complaint while holding hands.

"Parents Day"

  • Enid asks her parents if they can attend "Parents' Day" at the Bodega, and they accept.

"Back In Red Action"

  • Enid and Red Action becoming friends. It seems that after her friendship with Elodie ended badly, Enid wouldn't attempt to make new friends again other than K.O. and Rad. But since both of them admired each other, they're able to get along quickly and trust each other.
  • When Red Action invites Enid to hang out with her, Enid was doubtful and thinks she's unworthy to hang around with Red, but once they start hanging out, Red was truly sincere with her, especially when we learn that while Enid admires her, Red also admires Enid for being the type of person she wants to be and always wanted to hang out with her.

"Let's Take a Moment"

  • K.O.'s interactions with Carol at the beginning are absolutely adorable.
  • Mr. Gar apologizing to Carol about the "Sandwich Incident" that resulted in Laser Blast's death/disappearance, as well as their strained friendship. Carol apologizes as well, admitting that it was wrong of her to blame Gar for what happened.

"Villains' Night In"

  • Venomous carrying a tuckered out Fink home. The whole thing plays like a cranky toddler and her dad, and is adorable cause of it.
  • After Venomous takes Fink home, Boxman gives Darrell and Shannon T-shirts from Billiam Milliam's party and tells them to keep up the good work. They're both delighted with the gift that they literally fell apart.

"Let's Watch the Pilot"

  • There's something genuinely sweet about The Reveal that KO's admiration of Enid and Rad isn't just in the script; that's actually how he feels. And it's that fact that has the trio make up and end up making complimentary comments about the pilot instead of passive aggressively snipping at each other.

"Mystery Science Fair 201X"

"Lad and Logic"

  • In Mr. Logic's backstory, it's revealed that Mr. Gar was the one who encouraged Logic to dedicate his life to creating instead of destroying, resulting in Logic's Heel–Face Turn. Gar also doesn't treat Logic (a robot) differently in any way, instead referring to him as "friend."
  • Near the end of the episode, we get to see Darrell, Shannon, Ernesto, and Jethro as babies. The way they cling to Lord Boxman while calling him "Daddy" is adorable.

"You're in Control"

  • When Darrell discovers that he basically runs Boxmore on his own, Raymond compliments him saying that is a great honor, it's a nice reminder taht the Boxmore siblings care about one another in spite of their rivalry
  • T.K.O.'s reaction to K.O. telling him that he needs him to fight off Boxman Jr. It's the first time we see T.K.O. make a genuine smile and *somewhat* calmly accept KO's request for help.
    • Later he is beyond happy that K.O. destroys the cage that kept him in and makes a punching bag for him to take the role of controlling him, while he does appears to have sinister intentions it was cute and another Pet the Dog moment from TKO.
  • In an odd sense, Cosma calms the Boxmore robots when they get upset after Darrel betrays Boxman and launches him into the sun on Cosma's behalf, she is quick to tell that they will get a new boss, Darrell , and gives a genuine compliment towards him while saying that she expects him to make things right for Boxmore.

     Season Two 
"Seasons Change"
  • After a full season of Cannot Spit It Out on his part, Mr. Gar and Carol are officially dating!
  • Rad's story on how he got orange skin shows him on a cruise with his parents and the three are clearly having a pleasant time. It's good to know that Rad loves his parents even when they tend to embarrass him.

"Lord Cowboy Darrell"

  • It takes a whole episode of being the Butt-Monkey, but Boxman finally tells Darrell that he's proud of him, and praising how he's been running the company. Darrell's so startled by actual validation that he bursts into tears on the spot.
  • Darrell turns out to be a pretty good boss, actually treating the other bots with respect and giving them the sort of basic amenities Boxman always denied them. They return the favor and stay loyal to him even after Boxman’s return, with Shannon saying straight up that she likes working for Darrell.

"My Fair Carol"

  • KO deciding that he's okay with Carol and Mr. Gar dating, after spending a whole episode mulling over his feelings about it.
  • Practically all of Carol's and Gar's interactions throughout the ep count, but especially their Big Damn Kiss at the end.

"T.K.O.'s House"

  • K.O. and T.K.O. agree to work together to solve the mystery of Shadowy Figure.
    • Shadowy Figure also states that T.K.O. always existed, and all he did was give T.K.O. form. Rather than be upset about this information, K.O. points out to T.K.O. that that means that T.K.O. always existed, meaning he does belong in K.O.'s psyche.
    • Finally, the episode ends with K.O. and T.K.O. playing video games, with real world K.O. smiling peacefully while they do so.

"Point to the Plaza"

  • In a surprising quiet moment, Mr. Gar and Enid bond over their shared experiences of being disappointed by P.O.I.N.T. (the former having been a member until a nasty falling out after Laserblast’s apparent death, the latter having been screwed out of joining them by her former friend). It’s a unexpectedly sincere and heartfelt moment between the two, given their usual interactions involve Gar yelling at Enid for slacking off.
  • Despite not being one to pass up signing autographs, Chip Damage does prove himself to be a Humble Hero when he apologizes to Enid for not listening to her earlier. He also tells her that she exhibits the true qualities of a hero, and gives her a pamphlet for P.O.I.N.T Prep which he basically calls an acceptance letter, no questions asked. Considering that Enid spent most of the episode having a Broken Pedestal view of P.O.I.N.T., and why why she didn't initially get accepted to P.O.I.N.T Prep in the first place, seeing her hard work pay off is extremely satisfying. Of course, a few episodes later, we find out what kind of person Chip really is...

Red Action to the Future

  • Despite not working at the Bodega, Red Action is willing to help Enid and K.O. stock the chips when Rad has a day off.
  • Red Action being way more nicer to K.O. compared to how she treated him back when they first met. When K.O. asks Red if his favorite potato chips are still around in the future, Red is willing to bring back the chips from the future after she helps the Hue Troops.
  • After Blue Power reminds Red Action to come back to the future, she sees Enid again and cordially greets her and Enid asks how the Hue Troops are doing.
  • Despite her major accomplishments in the future, an older Red Action gives it all up so she can spend more time with Enid by telling her younger self to wait to go to the future which changes her timeline.

Dendy's Power

  • When K.O. and Dendy ask Carla for her help in fixing the glitch in K.O.'s POW card, she immediately agrees as thanks for the two saving the Cloud from Shannon.
  • Dendy not hesitating for a moment to upgrade Shannon's card too. Although Shannon would immediately abuse that kindness, the fact that Dendy cares more about sharing the boons of information than their enmity is nice.
  • K.O.'s overjoyed reaction when he finds out that his POW card has increased not one, but two levels. After hugging Dendy and thanking her for her help, he runs off to tell Enid and Rad. Then, Dendy takes out her POW card and sees she went up a level too.

Special Delivery

Wisdom Strength and Charisma

  • K.O.'s gift to Enid: a framed picture of them and Radicles hanging out. After Enid receives it, she's able to use it to remind her of her friends back home and get her confidence up.

Bittersweet Rivals

Are You Ready for some Megafootball?!

  • Enid and Rad goofing around and having a good time on the Megafootball field. Later, Enid decides that winning the game for her team isn't worth hurting Rad.

Sleepover Mystery

Final Exams

  • When Enid decides to confront Chip Damage about his pumping the honor students full of power orbs, Elodie initially refuses to go with her. However, when Enid is nearly overpowered after the guards capture K.O. and Rad, Elodie swoops in to save the day.
  • Dr. Greymann tells Enid and Elodie why he created Chip Damage, who's really an android: after Laser Blast's death/disappearance, Greymann wanted to create a symbol of heroism that would provide inspiration to younger heroes. Unfortunately, Foxtail got her hands on Damage's controls...
  • While Enid ultimately decides that P.O.I.N.T. Prep isn't for her, Elodie chooses to stay at the school, declaring that despite everything that's happened, she still believes in the core values that P.O.I.N.T. Prep was built upon.
  • Sparko also decides that P.O.I.N.T. Prep isn't for him, choosing to return to Lakewood Plaza with Enid, K.O., and Rad. He tells Enid that they first got on the bus together, so it only makes sense that they should leave together on it too.

Crossover Nexus

  • The bond K.O. and Garnet develop is particularly sweet, at times resembling the latter's relationship with Steven in her home series.

Monster Party

  • When Enid confesses to her Ghoul School friends that she is not a witch but a ninja, the girls approve of it having known all along, and they all share a Group Hug (which K.O. also joins in).
    Phantasma: We love you, Enid!
    Sibella: No matter what!
    Winnie: (from inside the tree Enid brought to life) We love you, girl!
  • For fans who loved them back in Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, just seeing the Grimwood Girls again after all these years.

Carol Quest

  • When Carol secretly motions to Foxtail that she wants to keep her mission secret from K.O. (who is currently in her arms), Foxtail plays along immediately. Same with the other two operatives.

Boxman Crashes

  • There is something adorable about Venous and Fink's father-daughter relationship.
  • Lord Boxman finally wins Fink over by making her a souped-up tricyle...and then promising to make her another after it gets wrecked.
    • After spending the episode calling Boxman by a range of derogatory nicknames, Fink finishes by calling him "Boxboss" - the heartwarming comes in when you remember that "Boss" is her name for Venomous, who's relationship to her is rather more father/daughter than villain/henchman, so Fink basically just called Boxman "Box Dad". Dawwwww.
  • Professor Venomous is so grateful to Lord Boxman for reminding him how fun being a villain is, he uses his own (stolen) money to buy back Boxmore from the Board of Villains, putting Boxman back in charge of the company.
  • When Lord Boxman returns to being head of Boxmore, Cowboy Darrell happily greets him, and the two hug.

I Am Jethro

  • The rest of the Jethros coming to 2.0's aid when Darrell and Shannon are threatening him. Doubly so when they save him from Boxman by refitting him to blend in with the crowd.

Gar Quest

  • Despite his plucky nature, K.O. appears to have developed a lot, as he's able to defend Mr. Gar from a surprise attack by the Melon Creature, and Mr. Gar's tone-of-voice seems to reflect a genuine admiration.

Dark Plaza

  • Carol and Mr. Gar reconciling as they team up to take out the shields on Foxtail's ship.
  • After Foxtail's Villainous Breakdown, Carol and Gar give her a reassuring You Are Not Alone speech.
    Carol: You can't keep the world safe by yourself. What you need isn't power, it's support!
    Mr. Gar: Carol's right. She and I learned to depend on those who depend on us. None of us have to carry the weight of the world alone.

     Season Three 
Chip's Damage
  • The whole episode serves as a bonding experience for K.O. and Elodie. Elodie seeks out him specifically to help her reprogram Chip, and they bond over how much they both used to admire Chip before they found out he was a robot. When you remember how needlessly mean Elodie was to K.O. in "Mystery Sleepover", it shows how far she's come since then.
  • Dr. Greyman is pleased when he learns why K.O. and Elodie were trying to reactivate Chip (to be a truly good hero that would serve as a great inspiration to future generations of heroes), noting that he had the same dream and is happy to see that Chip did successfully inspire them. Elodie then decides to turn Chip's "Free Will" meter to 100% so he can decide for himself what he wants to do.
  • When Chip is given full free will, he confesses to audience at the press conference that he's not a real person, but then adds that, under Elodie's leadership, they will have the hero they needed in him. He then says "I love you all" before deactivating himself.
  • This is immediately followed up by K.O.'s speech. Ever since K.O. found out Chip Damage wasn't real, he's been shown to be sad and disappointed whenever Chip comes up in conversation. However, he now shows that he's learned how to move past this, stating that while it can be difficult to come to terms with someone you look up to letting you down, he's learned from this that not even the biggest heroes are perfect.
    • Elodie adds to this by saying that they shouldn't put all their trust in one person to be their hero, because everyone messes up sometimes (and Enid, watching in the crowd, smiles and blushes at this part). Instead, they should look up to the heroes in their own lives like friends and loved ones, and love themselves too, as they can always help each other.
    • During Elodie's speech, Foxtail and Greyman smile at each other, and she gives him a friendly, affectionate kiss on the forehead and puts her arm around him. After how horribly things ended between them last season, it's nice to see that, with Foxtail changing her ways, these two old friends were able to reconcile.

Planet X

  • Rad’s speech at the end about how the world is now different and Nerds and Jocks have found ways to bond.

Big Reveal

  • An In-Universe example. Although Carol's story about how she lost her lover Laserblast ends on a solemn note, it goes from a sad ending to a pretty happy one when she perks up at mentioning how she learned not long after that she was expectant with her son K.O.
  • The ending of the episode: Although K.O. is a bit sad to learn his father Laserblast is Professor Venomous and he has villain's blood in his veins, he sees a silver lining in all of this. Despite being the son of a hero-turned-villain, K.O. optimistically recognizes that his choice to be a hero makes him all the more heroic. Carol then tells him that he's her hero, expressing admiration for how her son turned out.

Let's Meet Sonic!

  • Though Tails expressed jealousy of K.O. throughout the episode he still helps him when K.O. is struggling learning the Spin Dash, by sharing that it came to him by following and catching up to what he cared about most, that being Sonic. K.O. takes this advice to heart by thinking about his friends and manages to dash through the loop, thanking Tails.
  • After Tails rescues Sonic and K.O. and expresses his jealousy, Sonic points out that while K.O. is his "little buddy" it is like with their other friends such as Cream the Rabbit, and that Tails will always be his best friend.
  • The fact that Sonic has only known K.O. for less than a day, but jumps into water anyway to save him.
  • For any Sonic fan, this episode is a love letter to the series. Especially if you grew up watching Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Let's Get Shadowy!

  • Despite being on opposite sides, when K.O. stays for the weekend Venomous tries his best to bond with his son. It's sweet that despite his early actions against his son, Venomous is now trying to get along with him.

You're a Good Friend, K.O.

  • Throughout the episode, K.O. is Dendy's biggest supporter, and makes it clear how much he believes in her. Even when his classmates are praising his badassery, he tells them off for their poor treatment of Dendy, and does everything he can think of to help her earn their respect. Even as he's being kidnapped, leaving poor Dendy panicking as she doubts she has the skills necessary to save him, he assures her that he knows she can do it.
  • At the end of the episode, Dendy hugs K.O. and tells him she's lucky to have a friend like him, and he tells her "You are loved and appreciated", a Meaningful Echo of her words to him in "You're in Control".

Red Action 3: Begrudgement Day

  • Rad's beef with Red Action stems from when she embarrassed K.O. in "You're Everyone's Sidekick" and posted it on social media, and everyone seemed to forget that it happened. Even though K.O. didn't mind that much, it really goes to show how much Rad cares about him despite all the macho posturing.
  • Enid and Red Action share their first onscreen kiss at the end of the episode, to Rad's approval.

Thank You For Watching the Show!

  • The epilogue. Even though Rad and Enid eventually leave the Bodega to embark on new phases of their lives, they still remain K.O.'s best friends. A montage of K.O.'s future birthdays is shown, and Enid, Rad, Dendy, Carol and Mr. Gar are all in attendance through the years.
  • The fates of many of the supporting and ancillary characters:
    • Enid eventually returns from witch college and takes over Carol's old dojo with her lover Red Action, where they now train the next generation of budding heroes. Enid even gives Red a kiss.
    • After leaving to join Planet X's space force, Rad eventually returns to Earth as an interstellar war hero, and opens his own cat cafe in the plaza.
    • Carol and Mr. Gar get married. Mr. Gar also returns to his hometown to pay his respects to his deceased grandmother, who ran her own bodega for many years.
    • Dendy graduates at the top of her class, and eventually becomes the new head of Pow Card Industries. Also, at the graduation ceremony, Nanini and Genesis are crying and holding hands as Dendy tells her classmates (in a nod to the theme song) that they are her best friends.
    • Lord Boxman retires and leaves his business to Ernesto, Jethro and Mikayla. He and Professor Venomous also patch things up, and are later shown wearing wedding bands, hinting that they got married. He also reconciles with Mr. Logic, and is shown getting a haircut from him.
    • Fink becomes a videos game star (after years of playing videos games because Professor Venomous was too busy to care for her) and is shown winning a huge tournament and having adoring fans—not the least of which includes Professor Venomous, who claps for her victory with tears in his eyes.
    • Darrell purchases a farm, where he's now free to live out his cowboy fantasies. Shannon also gets her own Spin-Off talk show, with Raymond acting as her house band.
    • The members of P.O.I.N.T. eventually retire, leaving the school in the hands of Elodie and several of her former classmates.
    • Nick Army and Joff the Shaolin Monk end up getting married (and even share a kiss), as do Potato and Colewort.
    • Baby Teeth grows up into a massive t-rex, but is still just as friendly and good-natured as ever.
    • Even Chameleon Jr. has now become a better person, and is shown recruiting members into a youth program (and not letting someone rejecting his invitation let him down).
    • Kwame and Captain Planet were able to reunite the other Planeteers.




  • The entire short showcases the wonderful relationship K.O. has with his mom, with K.O. making a documentary on her, and Carol happily playing along. Even when the documentary ends up being rather subpar, Carol is just overjoyed and thankful at the thought alone, hugging K.O. It's hard to not go "D'aaaaaaw" while watching it.



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