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Season One

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    "Let's Be Heroes" 
  • K.O.'s going to the dojo with his mom because his babysitter, Punching Judy, is fighting the flu. Literally.
  • After finding out that K.O.'s fight with Darrell is revealed to have been All Just a Dream, A Real Magic Skeleton explains how the fight really went: K.O. was hit with his own flame gauntlets, then tripped on his cape and fell on his electric nachos, which shocked him and knocked him into a wall. For extra humiliation, Skeleton shows him a video of the whole thing on his phone.
  • After Gar dispatches Darrell in the most spectacular way possible, all he has to say afterward is "Mondays, am I right?"

    "Let's Be Friends" 
  • The sheer hamminess that is Lord Boxman.
    Boxman: Ernesto, can you not see that I am busy getting upset about some kids across the street having FUN?!
  • While Lord Boxman is talking about friendship being the bane of their organization, two Ernestos in the background are acting friendly with each other.
  • Shannon's Paper-Thin Disguise when talking to K.O., consisting of an ill-fitting purple wig, a green headband with two bows on top, and lipstick haphazardly scribbled around her mouth.
    • Before we get to this point, we at first think that Shannon is putting on lipstick for no reason.
  • K.O. sneaking into Boxman's lair by wearing a cardboard box and beeping like a robot.
    Ernesto: Should we be offended by that?
  • Boxman thinks that Enid and Rad are only coming after K.O. to beat him up for getting kidnapped, not because they care about him. He retreats to a shadowy corner to watch, then hides behind blinds from nowhere.
    Boxman: And now to watch from the shadows, like a total creep.
  • The way Mr. Gar is persuaded into hiring K.O. He turns pink when Carol touches him and then blows away like a leaf in the wind.

    "You're Everybody's Sidekick" 
  • Joff and Nick Army having the classic violence vs. nonviolence debate over... opening a jar of pickles.
  • "You'll never melt my icy heart."
  • Enid turning into a Ninja Log whenever a customer approaches her desk.
  • The Faces KO makes throughout the episode.
  • Joff and Nick later enter a building by blasting a hole in the wall and doing a Silly Walk while showing off their new clothes.

    "We Messed Up" 
  • Rad playing with his biceps, followed by Mr. Gar popping out from a floor tile and yelling at him for slacking off.
  • The whole "Operation: Little Old Lady" sequence; apparently, Mr. Gar keeps his employees in form by drilling them on dealing with diffcult customers.
  • The labels on Rad's fingers. Of note is that the "Freeze" function, which is what Rad intended to use, is on his middle finger.
  • The Imagine Spots of what Gar will do when he finds out K.O, Enid and Rad went into his office and broke the picture of Carol.
    • Enid's is Gar screaming out "You DISAPPOINTED ME!" so hard that it blows them to the moon, where gravestones appear from where they land. A passing satellite then places a flower on their graves.
    • Rad's is a giant Gar blasting them to the "Unemployment Zone" with a "Disappointment Cannon", where they are eaten by a Sand Worm.
    • K.O.'s is just Gar telling him that he's forever disappointed in him before walking away down a row of cherry trees in full bloom, like something out of a romantic visual novel. And then the Earth explodes, which prompts two passing aliens to say "Daaaang!" in an alien language.
  • How does K.O. ask his mother to pose for a replacement picture? "Mom! I need you to be young and hot again!"
  • Since Carol's old costume doesn't fit her anymore, she decides they should take a picture of K.O. wearing it instead. He doesn't think it'll work, but she insists that he's just as cute as she was back then.
  • K.O. successfully getting past Gar before he entered his office... and then giving himself away by doing a "YEAH!" Shot.
  • Enid and Rad dancing for Mr. Gar to keep him distracted. Mr. Gar rated their dance a 7.5, much to Rad's dislike.
  • After getting busted, Enid and Rad try to slow Mr. Gar down to give K.O. more time, but he simply walks through them as if opening a door.

    "Jethro's All Yours" 
  • The episode kicks off with Rad in very intense psychic concentration - to kick off an impromptu hoedown.
    • K.O.'s contribution. He just claps his hands for a solid ten seconds. Adding to it are Enid and Rad's "oh god, what is he doing" expressions.
  • Jethro's introduction. He at first appears tall and menacing, but he turns out to be no bigger than a toy car.
  • K.O. is about to give the larger Jethro a flying kick when he pauses in mid-air and refuses to fight him because he believes that they both are so much alike. Jethro just keeps going forward until he bumps into K.O.'s foot and instantly falls apart.
  • The reveal of what's inside Mega Jethro. It's just a lever that makes him go forward or reverse.
  • Lord Boxman's reaction when he sees Mega Jethro about to back into his base.
    Lord Boxman: Poop.

    "You're Level 100!" 
  • Lord Boxman panicking and claiming that his losses to K.O. so far have all been a prank on him when K.O. points out that he's been beating Boxman all week.
  • Big Darrell's beatdown of K.O.? Kinda painful to watch. Him picking up K.O. and using him to write "Get Wreckt" in the ground? Hilarious.
  • Part of Enid and Rad's attempt to defeat Big Darrell involve trying to eat his face.
  • Lord Boxman's Not So Great Escape after Big Darrell's defeat.
  • At the end of the episode, K.O.'s learned his lesson about how working together makes everybody better, and that just because he's Level 0 doesn't mean he's useless. Then his card updates itself to Level 0.1. He's instantly over the moon about it.

    "Sibling Rivalry" 
  • In general, Raymond and his grandiose behavior all throughout the episode.
  • Once Boxman and Raymond leave the room, we see Darrell and Shannon in graves and they bust out of the graves with dirt and flowers on their heads.
  • Raymond's POV shows that he sees KO as a baby.
  • The calm, tranquil, zen-like faces that Enid, Rad, and KO all take on when they finally share a moment of peace at the end of the episode.
  • Boxman doing a complete 180 on which of his robots he likes best near the end of the episode, holding and praising Darrell and Shannon as if they were babies while telling Raymond that he always hated him.

    "I am Dendy" 
  • The close-up shots of K.O. and Dendy's faces after getting haircuts from Mr. Logic (as well as the fact that their hair is exactly the same as before.)
  • Mr. Logic tells K.O. and Dendy all about how his hair cutter is part of his family history. About mid-way, Dendy cheerfully destroys it to get one of the parts for her pack.
    • When K.O. calls her out on it, she just as quickly rebuilds it better than new. It all happens so fast.
  • K.O.'s moth collection.
  • K.O. and Dendy's anime-esque faces after getting their haircuts.

    "Do You Have Any More in the Back?" 
  • While lost in the back room, the gang encounters a mysterious robed stranger who warns them to go no further... he turns out to be a fellow employee named Gary who was hamming it up for the heck of it.
  • Enid going to a previous room, only to find it replaced with a completely new one they haven't seen before. Is it the backroom being an Eldritch Location? Nope.
    Enid: The rooms are randomly generated!?!
  • Every time a mimic shows up. Especially the one that impersonates Rad; first he's spotted because he's way too nice to be the real Rad, then tries to treat the fight like a Tabletop RPG, and is insulted that K.O., Enid, and Rad won't play along.
    Mimic: Filthy casuals...

    "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad" 

    "You Get Me" 
  • "Time to do what I do best around here." Cue Enid lying on the counter with her sunglasses on.
  • The fact that neither Gar nor Rad realizes that Enid has turned to stone, and just think she's being her lazy, inattentive self.
    • This even happens when Wally is flying away with a stone Enid in tow, and right after Dendy has told Rad that Enid's been petrified.
  • K.O. briefly getting sidetracked by Dendy's soapstone factoid.
  • After examining Enid, Dendy sadly admits that there's nothing she can do to un-petrify her. She then cheerily says that she'll see K.O. at school the next day as she leaves.
  • As K.O. is closing in on Wally the White, the wizard decides to take shelter... in the Fitness Dojo, even asking Carol to stop K.O., not knowing she's his mom.
    Carol: Um... Alright, sir, who are we talking about again? And why do you have a statue of my son's coworker?
  • Wally the White's failed attempt at a Smoke Out.

    "You Are Rad" 
  • K.O. winning at air hockey by hitting the puck so that it moves so slowly his opponent (Bell Beefer) falls asleep waiting for it to reach the goal.
  • K.O. writes "sensitive" on a list of Rad's attributes, but misspells it as "sensative". A red squiggly line forms underneath like a spell check on Microsoft Word, even though it's a physical notepad.
  • When Rad was looking for his nametag, he finds a tiny man who says "Yes, I'm Gerald Nametag."
  • K.O. winning the Rad-Off despite seemingly failing each time.
    • First event is a burp race. Rad's burp causes a shockwave that sets cars on fire. K.O. lets a weak little burp, but wins because his was faster.
    • Next, crate stacking. K.O. wins because Rad was impressed that he did it without powers.
    • Finally, a rapping contest. K.O.'s rap, which is set to a kid song about washing your hands, mentions a lot of the things K.O. found out about Rad that Rad himself is too embarrassed to admit. Realizing that Rad wasn't ready to talk about those things, K.O. pretends that he lied about them and concedes defeat.
  • Enid flipping the counter over to reveal her DJ equipment.
    • When Rad does a Mic Drop at the end of his rap, Enid angrily tells him off for damaging her equipment.
  • The fact that proving who the real Rad is was announced as the "Ninth Annual Rad-Off" implies that Rad's gone through identity confusion eight times beforehand in some way.

    "Just Be a Pebble" 
  • All the "huge things" Giant K.O. does to show off his size:
    • Go around the world in minutes, bringing souvenirs to Rad and Enid.
    • Taking a tree and twisting it on a cloud to make cotton candy.
    • Fill his vest pocket with cats.
  • Gar looking at Giant K.O. and assuming that he got a haircut.
  • Rad and Enid take the candy wrapper to Beardo to see if he can translate it. He tells them it says "It's rude to assume that all foreigners can read other languages!"
  • After making himself very tiny by eating shrinking burritos, K.O. asks for one more to make himself small enough to fit through the sewer grate. Enid tells him that he doesn't need to be smaller and should just accept the way he is. Then Rad gives K.O. another burrito, clearly not listening to Enid.
  • Enid's remark about what the internet is even good for if it doesn't have search results for rescuing tiny children from the sewer.
  • Rad gives K.O. candy that he says should return him to normal. He grows a large tentacle on his head instead.

    "Presenting Joe Cuppa" 
  • Joe Cuppa's constant barrage of coffee-related puns manages to enter So Unfunny, It's Funny territory.
  • Joe mistaking "intimidate" with "intimate".
  • Joe Cuppa's mouth. Literally inside his coffee head, which is as hilarious as it is horrifying.
  • The Humiliation Conga Rad goes through in the end, which finally gets Enid, who had refused to laugh all episode, to laugh out loud.
  • The movie director's entire appearance.

    "We've Got Pests" 
  • Rad's failed attempt at being cool, which includes wearing loud '80s clothes and saying "Whassup!"
  • When the microwave catches on fire, Rad’s two solutions were to blow on it and have K.O. cry on it.
  • Rad and K.O. trying to eat a frozen pizza, since they can't heat it due to Rad having fried the microwave.
  • As he and K.O. fill in for Enid at the counter, Rad comments on how quiet it is at the bodega. A tumbleweed rolls by... which turns out to be a customer. Rad immediately freaks out when he tries to ask for information.
  • Rad trying to get mentioned as well when Enid gave the pests a lecture on what it means to be cool and refers to KO as her friend.

    "Legends of Mr. Gar" 
  • After dispatching Darrell, Mr. Gar tells his team to "Give me twenty!"
    K.O.: Twenty what, sir?
    Mr. Gar: Twenty... EVERYTHING!
  • Mr. Gar encourages a weak and scrawny Rad to use his levitation beams on Shannon just to give him confidence. Just as Rad is impressed that he's pulling off the feat, Mr. Gar explodes Shannon and leaves Rad and the surrounding area burnt with a flying elbow. It just happens so quickly.
  • During Enid's flashback, Dogmun has his purchase in his mouth, covered in slobber. Then he gives Enid the money the same way.
  • Mr. Gar peering over a shelf with items that match his physique: Hams for his pecs, six-packs for his abs, and frozen feet at the bottom. He then steps out from behind the shelf, and his pecs are shaped like the hams.
  • After being tossed out by Gar and Enid, the Skateboard Nerd flies into the sky. Then he just stops in mid-air, moves around a bit while screaming "NO!" three times, and then explodes for no reason.
  • The way Crinkly-Wrinkly begins his story.
    Crinkly-Winkly: Once upon a time...*coughs and clears throat, now talking in Keith David's voice* Once upon a time...
  • During Crinkly-Wrinkly's story about Mr. Gar, a heavenly chorus periodically goes "MISTER GAAAAAAAAAAAR!"
  • Lad Boxman, who looks like he came straight from an old-fashioned black and white animation. It gets hilarious when one of the storyboard artists for the episode, Dave Alegre, revealed that Lad Boxman is based on the Berries and Cream lad from the Starburst commercial.
    Dave Alegre: I did the original designs for the Lad Boxman in Crinkly Wrinkly’s flashback, and I decided to base him off of a character I have nothing but real, genuine, seething contempt for: the berries and cream lad. Lad Boxman was described in the outline as insufferable little wretch (memory hazy, this COULD have just been in my own head), so I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to base his vibe off of. I hate the berries and cream lad.
  • When K.O. is amazed by Crinkly-Wrinkly's story, Enid tells him that maybe Crinkly-Wrinkly isn't the most reliable narrator. We cut to the old fox in front of a mirror, speaking to his reflection.
    Whozat? You gotta cane just like MIIIINE!

    "Know Your Mom" 
  • K.O. putting his new sweatband on top of his old one.
  • Brandon is so hungry he cons K.O. out of his Mothers Day card just to eat the macaroni glued to it. Thing is, it was only fifteen minutes until lunch.
  • "Six to eleven (years ago)? That's exactly how old I am!"
  • K.O. going into a phone booth to call Carol's old enemies, then asking what the booth is for and calling from his cell phone.
    • Also, that phone booth is labeled "Changing Booth."
    • K.O. has a smartphone that makes classic cartoony gunshot sounds whenever he taps.
  • K.O. trying to call members of the Catcus Crew is some hilarious Black Comedy. One of them is so old he can't reach the phone before K.O. hangs up, and when he calls the next one in line, it cuts to a nurse sadly making the bed while the phone rings, impyling he JUST died.
  • As K.O. hides inside a trash can, a rat pops up and says "Hey, how's it goin'?"
  • Pretty much everything about Succulentus.
    Carol: Why'd you come to the plaza to fight me?
    Succulentus: You wanted to!
    Carol: Why'd you go and drag up the past?
    Succulentus: You wanted to!
    • Also Succulentus chants "Bloom, cactus! Bloom in the plaza!" to the same tune and inflection as the grunting opening of "Freak on a Leash".

    "We're Captured!" 
  • K.O. attempts some Politeness Judo on Boxman.
    Boxman: Now, where were we?
    K.O.: You were going to give us a juice box and send us home?
    Lord Boxman: Yes, the juice boxes, I knew I put them somewhere... D'oh! Nice try, K.O.!
  • Boxman's roast burns to a crisp, so he tries to dowse it in a vat of water...proof matches, which burns it even more. He then tries to dress it up with some pineapple slices. It promptly crumbles to ash after he's done.
  • Darrell and Shannon wanting to attend the dinner, acting like little kids. Darrell even sneaks in wearing a little sailor's outfit before Boxman yells at him to leave. Special mention goes to Shannon regaling Venomous with the opening lines of "The Diarrhea Song".
    Shannon: When you're climbing up a ladder, and you feel a little splatter, dia...
    Boxman: NOOOOOOOOO!! (Races off to stop her.)
  • Meta: from a voice actor standpoint, the episode is pretty much Dr. Robotnik trying to do business with Trevor Phillips.
  • Just the oddly adorable scenes of Fink sitting in a high chair and drinking from a juice box.
  • Boxman proposes a toast (with sparkling apple juice, of course) lavishing praise on Professor Venomous. A visibly annoyed Fink says nothing, but just holds up a sign with a picture of an ear of corn on it.
  • Enid's chef disguise, complete with outrageous faux-Italian accent.
    Enid (dressed as a chef): Freshy Peppy?
  • Rad "accidentally" spills hot soup in Boxman's lap, and the poor scientist is struggling to suppress a scream.
  • The Bodega Trio ruin the dinner with a pie fight and we get this bit of gold:
    Professor Venomous: You'd better have a good explanation for this!
    Fink: Yeah! Coconut cream? What were you thinking?!
  • When he decides that enough is enough, Boxman converts Darrell and Shannon into a bazooka that fires cream pies and mows down the three heroes while screaming like an '80s action movie star, complete with ripping off his shirt (revealing some surprising muscle underneath) and the obligatory Necktie Headband. Meanwhile, Venomous just stares at him, looking way too into it.

    "Face Your Fears" 
  • Dendy appearing from inside the "Face your Fear" machine. And nobody questions how she got inside of it in the first place.
  • The things Enid and K.O. imagine to make themselves cry. K.O. thinks of dropping a hot dog; Enid thinks of an obnoxious customer.
    • Even better because K.O. only starts sniffling over the hot dog, but the thought of having to deal with Pird has Enid crying an entire pool of tears.
  • K.O. cheerily telling his inner evil self "See you in my nightmares!"
  • The end credits have Mr. Gar and Carol getting crushed by a giant sandwich.

    "Everybody Loves Rad?" 
  • Rad's video is indeed pretty funny, both In-Universe and out.
  • While talking to some of his friends, Rad is leaning on a garbage can, which is gradually slipping. Instead of falling on his face, Rad instead is egged by a Pteranodon.
  • Enid talks about a guy who was filmed bungee jumping when a passing dragon breathes fire on him. When the video went viral, he was expected to be on fire all the time. When we cut to K.O., the guy is seen in the background, covered in flames.
  • Rad's fans mobbing him, which resembles a zombie horde.

    "You Have to Care" 
  • When attempting to deduce the connection between Enid and Elodie:
    K.O.: Rad, do you know what’s going on?
    Rad: Almost never.
  • Rad goes to ask Enid if she and Elodie were friends, assuring K.O. that she'll listen to him. He is seen thrown across the room, and when K.O. goes in, Rad is seen embedded to the wall.
  • Rad taking credit for K.O.'s advice to Enid, and getting her boot to his face for it.

    "Plaza Prom" 
  • Rad covering the front of the Bodega with his Plaza Prom invitations, some of which are pasted to his back.
  • K.O. pronouncing prom as "proom".
    • Later, he mispronounces hors d'oeuvre as "horse dorvers", among others.
  • When Rad talks about needing to be more popular, photos of the Cool Teens are shown, with Rad hiding in the background. Then it's revealed that the photos are being held by Rad, who complains about not being able to hold all this disappointment.
  • Rad tells K.O. to meet him at his van with Enid in ten minutes. Title card reads "Thirty Minutes Later", as Rad and K.O. wait for Enid to slowly make her way over.
  • As DJ of the prom, Enid has to play popular songs against her wishes. She rips open a record sleeve labeled "Mainstream Trash" and the record pours over the turntable like an egg yolk. Being forced to play mainstream music ends up putting the poor girl on a respirator and attended by a paramedic.
  • Mr. Gar being incredibly awkward around Carol.
    • At one point, all he can say is "Hello Carol, how are you today?" Repeatedly.
  • The Dance-Off between Rad and Raymond has some hilarious moments:

    "Second First Date" 
  • In response to Cupid's declaration of UST, Potato and Colewort briefly pop out for Potato to mention they're taking things slow. Cupid shouts "Nobody cares!" before she even gets to finish.
    • Not to mention before that, Cupid fires a heart-shaped bazooka into the wall for no reason at all.
  • Enid and Rad try everything they can to stay out of Cupid's memory beam, but to their displeasure get caught in it. Meanwhile, K.O. just happily jumps in the beam and holds on to Rad's shoulder.
  • Rad goes on his date with Bell Beefer and Mega Football Baby playing Good Angel, Bad Angel. Except they're both on the bad angel side, and when Rad asks why, Mega Football Baby tells him that if he wanted a different opinion, he should've asked someone who wasn't a teenage boy.
  • Cupid commentating on the "date" like it's a wrestling match. And Rad and Enid treat it like one, complete with a wrestling ring.

    "One Last Score" 
  • Ginger planned for the heist to be at midnight, but changed it to 6 pm because K.O. said midnight was past his bedtime.
    • Also, the fact that they set up their operation in a women restroom, which Carol was using and she just casually greets K.O. and Ginger as she leaves.
  • After getting caught, the security guard asked who was the mastermind behind the heist. Ginger just casually sells out K.O. and then acts like a helpless old lady.
  • The entire double-crossing sequence, especially Ginger and K.O. being disguised as each other.
  • When Ginger finally eats the candy that's supposed to make her young again, it starts off with a Transformation Sequence, but after the sequence, the only thing the candy did was make her hair red again. After Ginger gleefully leaves the museum to enjoy her temporary youth, everyone was left confused on what just transpired, except for K.O., who thought Ginger looked more beautiful than he imagined.


    "Stop Attacking the Plaza" 
  • The fact that Boxman is spying on Lakewood Plaza in the middle of a business meeting.
  • When Boxman offers Cosma some muffins, she teleports them into his mouth, and the basket on top of his head.
  • The Box More family dinner:
    • While the other robots are eating nuts and bolts and oils, Boxman is only having a sausage.
    • When the robots are chatting at the beginning of the dinner, Jethro pretty much can only say what he usually says. Also the fact that he's sitting in a high chair.
    • Just before Boxman can ask why his children are behaving so differently, Jethro is rolling on the ceiling for some reason. After Boxman leaves, Jethro is back on the floor and starts spazzing out for some reason.
    • Boxman telling his children he doesn't have a problem and they have a problem with being nosy. After he called them nosy, Raymond looks embarrassed while holding his nose while the other robots are looking at their non-existent noses.
  • During Boxman's musical number, Shannon shoves Darrell off a high ledge.
  • Boxman's new invention turns out to be a replica of the Bodega.
  • When K.O. mentions how quiet it's been lately, Enid and Rad are shown sleeping on bunk beds behind the counter.
    • Rad wearing pink drop-seat pajamas.
  • Boxman has a hard time saying that he will stop attacking the plaza and once he gets to the part about not attacking the plaza, he shrinks down to a tiny size complete with high pitched voice. Once he’s finished, he actually grows to normal size.
  • The taunting the Bodega staff gives Boxman to try and get him fired.
    K.O., Rad, and Enid: Robots blow!
    Enid: Boxes! Are terrible!
    K.O.: What's that? The President of the Universe says all boxes must be replaced with...
    All: Best friends! Friendship! Friendship! Friendship! WOW!
  • After his 24 hours are up, Boxman's "rampage" on the Bodega consists of...upsetting a gumball machine, knocking some jars off a shelf (which don't even break), knocking stuff off the counter and sliding on it (which makes Enid gag), and kicking the doormat at the entrance.
  • At the end of the episode Boxman decides he doesn't really need to attack the plaza... he wants to. He then proceeds to spam the Attack button with a shit-eating grin on his face.

    "We've Got Fleas" 
  • At the beginning of the episode, we're introduced to Baby Teeth, the bodega's official mascot...who has been there the whole time according to K.O. Riiiiiiiiiight.
  • Dendy's comes out of nowhere once again to help our heroes...
    All: Dendy!
    Rad: Whatwereyoudoinginmyvan...?
    • And later disappoint them.
    K.O.: Why didn't Dendy tell us that!?
    Dendy: (in the distance) You didn't ask!
    All: Dendy!
    Rad: Seriouslystayoutofmyvan...
    Dendy: (rolls up the window in Rad's van with a smile)
  • Rad and Enid see that K.O.'s animal form is a puppy, and immediately start fawning over him.
    Enid: It's perfect because he's such a good boy!
    Rad: Yeah! Who's a good boy?
    K.O.: Me! Me, me, me!
    • Mikaela tackles Rad shortly after, reminding Enid that they were supposed to fight her.
  • After Rad, Enid, and K.O. lament that they can't change back, Potato appears and tells them that she can take them to a place where they can be humans. The place she's talking about is, for lack of a better word, a Reverse Furry convention.

    "No More Pow Cards" 
  • The star-shaped Iris Out coming out of nowhere after K.O. states that the problem is solved, only to reverse itself when K.O. realizes that they still don't know why Kappas are banned from having Pow Cards.
  • When Dendy tells the guards to hold on, they throw tantrums because they just want to cuff someone already.
  • Mr. Cardsley has a small freak out over being wrong about Kappa being heroes, ending with him sucking his thumb, curling up in a fetal position, and wearing a blue bonnet.
  • When Kappas are permanently added to the Pow card database, Mr. Cardsley tells Dendy that his grandfather would be proud... OF HOW MUCH MONEY THEY'RE MAKING!

    "A Hero's Fate" 
  • The fact that Boxman made a Cowboy version of Darrell called "Special Limited Edition Cowboy Darrell", who has a special limited edition lasso.
  • The little purple ball creature that distracted K.O. by dancing and saying ‘Jabalaba Jye!’
  • the fact that Galgarion can’t leave the spot he’s standing on.
  • Galgarion and Hero can't remember why they were fighting in the first place, and this little exchange takes place:
    Galgarion: Aren't we, like, long-lost brothers, and you're the evil one?
    Hero: Wait, I thought you were the evil one.
    Galgarion: Maybe... we're both the good one!
    Hero: Hey... Nah, that can't be right.

    "Let's Have a Stakeout" 
  • Gar uses a friction flame from his elbow to both fix the door, and roast marshmallows.
  • K.O. has trouble comprehending the purpose of a stakeout, and treats it like he's going camping. Mr. Gar is not amused.
  • Some of Shadowy Figure's behavior in this episode is downright ridiculous. It's clear that he's trying to get caught on the Plaza cameras, but some of the ways he does so are "sneaking" behind various objects and popping up from behind them like a Whack-a-Mole (getting closer to the camera each time), and rolling around in the ditch and using his feet to shimmy himself into the sewer pipe like a five-year-old. And he's grinning and chuckling about it the whole time.

    "Rad Likes Robots" 
  • Darrel's proposed solution to Shannon's love crisis is for her to reset into a new body.
    Darrel: I do it all the time for funsies!
    (Darrel presses a Reboot button on his chest and promptly explodes. A second later, a microwave ding sounds and a new Darrel walks into the room.)
    Darrel: See?
    (Apropos of nothing, Raymond explodes and walks back in too.)
    Raymond: Yeah.
  • Rad and Shannon's Star-Crossed Lovers song that features them with Singing Voice Dissonance.
    • During the song, when each of them imagines the other one's face on the moon, Rad has a goofy, smug face and Shannon has the face she had back in "Let's Be Friends" when she had lipstick haphazardly scribbled around her mouth.
    • When Shannon sings the line "kissing your face!", she has a very aggressive look on her face that doesn't match the tone of the song.
  • The next time Shannon attacks the Plaza after resetting:
    Shannon: Hey Rad, I'm back to normal and I hate you! SO WE'RE GONNA FIGHT!!!!

    "K.O.'s Video Channel" 
  • K.O.'s incredibly stereotypical AMV of Rad and Enid. Made somehow with footage from "Second First Date" to boot.
    Enid: (Awkward) Oh-kay, that's enough of that, next video!
    • The fact that it was edited with an editing software similar to Windows Movie Maker is even better.
  • Rad's morning routine involves waking up at 6:15 AM, using his levitation abilities to casually float around while he scratches his butt before he begins a workout routine in his underwear. He specifically scratches his butt every time, something that Dendy finds hilarious and has watched many times.
    K.O.: [as he and Dendy are running away after Rad almost catches them] DENDY, WHY?!
    Enid: (Laughing her butt off) Hahahahaha! Did that have enough Radicles for ya?!
    Rad: Those little mutants! That's why there's always tiny fingerprints on my window!
    • Rad is understandably furious upon watching that footage and moves on to the next video. Which is K.O. on a keyboard singing a little song about how cool Rad is.
    Rad: I'd bury myself for K.O..
    • The very next video has K.O. showing off his Top Ten POW Cards. Rad immediately begins fast-forwarding to the end.
    Enid: You'd bury yourself for him, but you won't sit through all 18 minutes of this?
    Rad: I still got boundaries.
  • Rad and Enid find that T.K.O. had also recorded a video. After T.K.O. screams at the top of his lungs which clips the mic at Carol for interrupting the video, Enid pauses it and skips to another one.
    Enid: Sorry, that was getting a little too real.
    Rad: Yeah, no, good call.
  • When K.O. tries to delete his account, he has to enter his password, which he can't remember because he's always logged in.
  • The short film that K.O., Rad, and Enid make. It opens with Enid splayed across the plaza floor with ketchup all over her body and a note next to her that says K.O. Rad swears to "revenge" her.

    "The Power is Yours!" 
  • The episode opens with Boxmore angrily berating someone. Turns out he's yelling at his own reflection.
  • Boxmore's pollutions include Jethro slipping on oil and malfunctioning, Ernesto getting a face full of toxic acid that melts him from the waist up, and Darrel leaving the faucet running while and after brushing his teeth.
  • When Blight says that the pollution will destroy the world, Boxman questions her motive by pointing out that they live on the earth as well. Blight replies to him by stating that she doesn't care.
    • The ridiculous face Blight makes as she's dumping the waste in the machine makes it even funnier.
  • Blight mentions that the best part of climate change is that nobody believes it's real.
  • Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton want to be Planeteers too, but Kwame only has one ring left, the wind ring, so he gives it to both of them to share. Naturally, the two fight over who gets to use it.
  • When KO and company first summon Captain Planet, he appears to strike a pose straight out of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Kwame's reveal of what happened to the original Planeteers is sad, but the way he puts it is pretty funny:
    Kwame: This is just what happened to the original Planeteers. They got sick of fighting each other and went to get real jobs.
  • The Planeteer Alert at the end of the episode is drawn in the traditional realistic art style of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. This includes K.O, Rad, Enid, R.M.S., Brandon and Mr. Gar depicted with Planeteer-style character designs. Brandon is also just a realistic bipedal bear wearing clothes.
    • Of particular note is K.O. himself; kid looks like he came out the 80's with how huge his hair is in the realistic art style.
  • Mr. Gar is implied to be so strong, he shows up as a transparent spirit in the background next to Gaia — the living embodiment of Planet Earth itself!

    "Glory Days" 
  • The mere fact that Mr. Gar, of all people, used to be a Nervous Wreck newbie.
    • The main thing that sets him off is Carol calling his muscles "his boys".
  • Seeing Carol adorably gleeful when she sees her new locker. And just as gleefully covers it in stickers.
  • When Carol is motivating her new teammates, she accidentally shoves her finger up Laserblast's nose. She immediately gets embarrassed and shuts her locker door to prevent him from seeing all of the stickers and posters of him inside, and tries to act cool.
  • When P.O.I.N.T. inducts new members into their group, they give them a badge and a pack of gum.
  • During the induction ceremony, the current members of P.O.I.N.T. list the qualities that lead the recruits to being scouted. Mr. Gar's is his prowess in the fighting ring, Carol's is her good grades and impressive résumé, and Rippy Roo's is her unique powers... and that she's just so darn cute.
  • When Mr. Gar is acting nervous again, Rippy Roo calms him down by spraying him with a white liquid with a super soaker. When he asked if that liquid was milk, Rippy doesn't know.

  • Last year Rad and Enid ended up on a team with Co-Bruh, with the failing point being his inability to pass a baton.
  • Whenever the crowd starts cheering, Gar would immediately tell them to be quiet, and the crowd would politely comply.
  • The "time-honored tradition" of how the teams are chosen for Plazalympics is Gar picking them based on where he sees them at random.
    • The first team chosen is Brandon, R.M.S., and Drupe, despite the fact that she's already standing near her own friends.
    • The second team chosen is Rad, Enid, and since K.O. wasn't there, Mega Football Baby. Rad and Enid just shrug and accept it without complaint or interest.
    • The third team chosen is Colewart, Potato, and K.O., because he came late from using the restroom and Gar thinks they'll be a great team since they're practically the same height. K.O.'s "dead inside" reaction to being put in a different team makes it hilarious.
  • Drupe displaying disinterest throughout the competition by spending most of her time on her phone. And even after getting crushed by a Boxmore box, resulting in her team being out of the final competition due to injuries and her having to wear a neck brace, she still takes the time to take selfies.
  • For the "Hero Toss" event, when K.O. is trying to determine who's the heaviest between Potato and Colewart, Gar judges who's heavier by using a leaf blower on the trio. Potato and Colewart get blown away, leaving K.O. as the heaviest. During the toss, Potato and Colewart try to lift K.O., but Colewart's stem nearly breaks in half, causing him to freak out. Potato struggles to lift K.O. and drops him barely past the starting mark. While Gar gives them a "1" and Vormulax gives them a "0", Carol was nice enough to give them a "2".
    K.O.: Wha- Mom!
    Carol: Sorry, honey! Just building your character!
    Potato: A "2"? That's pretty generous!
  • How blatantly the last event renders the previous ones irrelevant.
    Dynamite: The winner will be awarded five billion points, rending all previous rounds worthless!
  • Darrel, Shannon, and Raymond literally drop in the Plazalympics, and demand to compete. Mr. Gar takes a very quick look through the rulebook, and happily allows them to compete, to their surprise.
    Gar: Ain't no rule in the rulebook that said three evil robots can't be in the Plazalympics. Go right ahead.
    Shannon: You mean I got wound up for nothing? Silly me.
    • K.O. panics because the first prize is the key to the plaza, which would let them come to the plaza whenever they want. Not to mention his eyes going derpy and then going all over the place while thinking about it.
    • Gar pulls out the rulebook again at the end, this time to see that there's no rule that says a broccoli person can't use sweat propulsion to push them across the finish line.
  • Raymond stops to tie his shoelace and takes the time to tie the knot so that it looks like a rose.
  • The third and second place prizes - a fruit basket consisting of only strawberries (which freaks Drupe out and makes her nauseous when Brandon eats one of them), and a single sports jacket (which Rad and Enid quickly start fighting over, and Mega Football Baby eventually runs off with, despite Enid yelling at him that he doesn't even wear clothes).
  • Gar keeping the Key to the Plaza on a key ring with his other keys. It's about the size of the Tiny Tots.
    • And it takes him a minute to find it.

    "We Got Hacked" 
  • Enid and Rad's reactions to K.O.'s mop going into "power mode", turning all muscular.
    Enid: Ewwww!
    Rad: Dude, niiice!
  • When Dendy arrives at the Bodega to help K.O., she gets the wrong idea on what the problem is:
    K.O.: Dendy! Dendy, Dendy, Dendy, Dendy! We got... we got problems!
    Dendy: Hmm. I understand your predicament. (pointing to Gar) Mr. Gar here is overcompensating for his receding hairline with muscles.
    Gar: (angrily) Hey!
    Dendy: (pointing to Rad) Rad is pretending to be super macho, even though he's a big softy.
    Rad: (embarrassed) Th-That's not true!
    Dendy: (pointing to the broken mop) We have a cleaning apparatus with a tacky design.
    (The mop deflates)
    Dendy: (pointing to Enid who is acting indifferent while picking her nose) Or perhaps, is it how Enid acts super cool because she's internally struggling with her identity.
    Enid: (embarrassed and puffing her cheeks out) Uh, uh, uh... Absolutely not!
    Dendy: Hmm. Ah, it must be-
    (Gar picks up Dendy)
  • Dendy warns K.O. not to click on the pop-up ad, but before she finishes explaining why the computer is already infected with the virus.
    Dendy: You just pressed it, didn't you?
    K.O.: [nervously] Uh, no?
  • The CG glitch zombies are pretty funny in and of themselves. Also a bit of Nightmare Fuel to look at as well.
  • Enid's reaction to seeing the Impact Silhouette of Glitch Rad against the break room.
    Enid: I can still see his grody face!

    "Parents Day" 
  • Right before K.O. and Rad leave to spy on Enid.
    K.O.: Mom! I'm going to go spy on Enid!
    Carol: 'Kay.
    Ofrang: Radicles, don't forget this. (hands Rad a ray-gun)
    Rad: (embarrassed) Aw, dad!
  • Enid's constantly getting angry throughout the episode. One notable moment is when Wilhamena invites K.O. and Rad inside their home and Enid shoots them a glare with red skulls in her eyes.
  • Enid's family's album is called "Spooky Family Album". They also have a second one titled "Spooky Family Album 2: The Spookening."
    • One of the pictures in the album is a moving picture of Enid dressed as a pizza for no reason! (Yes, they say that last part.) The next one is a picture of Enid from Right Now.
  • When a possessed Rad and K.O. start a dance party on the dining room table, Enid cries to the heavens "Why must you punish me?". The Corn God from "We've Got Pests" thinks about it for a moment, then responds with a shrug.

    "Back In Red Action" 
  • Enid failing to notice that Red Action entered the bodega. To get her attention, Red Alert posted a selfie of her with Enid in the back of her Social Media page, which Enid is currently looking at. When Enid sees it, it took her awhile to realize she's in the photo and Red is standing in front of the counter.
  • Red Action summoning her vehicle like any Sentai would, by shouting for the vehicle and doing action poses. She's so embarrassed by it that she tells Enid to turn around and cover her ears and made sure that no one's watching before summoning it.
  • Red Action, the Thrill Seeker she is, taking Enid, who's nervous about the idea of going there, to the Danger Zone for thrills. So when they get there...
    Enid: Oh, this place rules! Danger Zone. (scoffs) Danger. Ha. (Enid disengages her seatbelt)
    Red Action: Keep your seatbelt on, though, obvs.
    Enid: Oh. Right, right.
  • When Red Action drives Enid to the Thunderous Road and they get out of the tank to see the storm.
    Enid: Wow. This is incredible. It's like a permanent thunderstorm!
    Red Action: That's exactly what it is. I love coming here! The air, it's-
    (Red gets struck by lightning and falls down. Red gets back up, coughing.)
    Enid: Electric?
    Red Action: You said it!
    (Enid and Red laugh)
    Enid: I think I saw your skeleton, dude!
  • When the Hue Troop arrives in front and Enid and Red Action and they do their "Super Sentai" Stance introduction.
    Enid: What the heck is this?
    Red Action: Uh, rogue per- performance artists. (nervous chuckles) They're everywhere in the Danger Zone. You just got to ram past them.
    (Red drives through them and crashes through their vehicles)
    Green Guts: We weren't finished!
    Blue Power: Unfortunate.
    Green Guts: You crumb-bum! (angrily yells at them while failing her arms)
    Yellow Technique: Are we even sure that was her?
    Black Strategy: Extensive mods have been made to the angler tank, but there's no mistaking that energy signature.
    Green Guts: She's getting away, you hosers!
  • Red Action getting Enid to use the rail cannon on her tank.
    Red Action: Ever fired a rail cannon?
    Enid: What? No!
    Red Action: Come on! You'll love it!
    Enid: You're lucky I don't get performance art.
  • Red Action managing to lose the Hue Troop by hiding behind a billboard that reads, "DO NOT PARK BEHIND BILLBOARD".
  • The meteor from Red's story comes crashing out of the sky. She brushes it off since that story happened a long time ago. As Enid helpfully notes...
    Enid: Red, I'm really sorry that I have to say this, but you're from the future. This is a long time ago!
    Red Action: Oh, nertz!
  • Red's sheepish reaction when the Hue Troop conclude that Red only abandoned the team after accidentally breaking the Prism Crystal because she was trying to replace it, when in reality she was just running away from her problems. Apparently, it never occurred to her, a time traveler, that she could have done that in the first place.
  • When Red decides to stay in 201X, she gives the Hue Troop the Prism Crystal, but instead of handing it to them she just tosses it to Yellow Technique without any warning, causing her to fumble with it.

    "Let's Take A Moment" 
  • The opening of the episode inexplicably includes the sounds of a Studio Audience reacting to the antics of the cast. They cheer so loudly when Carol shows up she has to wait for them to finish to say her line.
  • During lunch, Rippy Roo joins Gar to see what's wrong with him while pulling out a roast chicken, along with silverware and a placemat, from her magic pouch. When Gar tells Rippy he's thinking of confessing his feelings to Carol, Rippy, who has a fork in her mouth, has an Oh, Crap! reaction and accidentally bites through the fork. When Gar notices Rippy's reaction, she tells him that Carol is already dating Laserblast while shoving the whole chicken in her mouth. While Gar's reaction to this discovery was sad, it's also kind of funny, especially when Rippy tries to comfort Gar by patting his shoulder with a cutout of a hand on a stick.
    Gar: Ugh, stupid! How could I even think she would ever like me? (slams his head on the table) With my bowtie! (slams his head on the table two more time) And my huge muscles! (flexing his arm) Am I too big? Stupid! Stupid!
    • When Gar sees Carol and Laserblast together, they're sharing a large lollipop that's the size of their heads, with candles and rose petals on the table. They were first licking it, then sucking it, and then chomping on it.

     "Villains' Night Out" 
  • Boxman's outfit changes. First, he starts off in a purple Tacky Tuxedo, and when Venomous tells him he can't come, he rips off the tux to reveal a '90s rapper-style outfit. Venomous tells him no again, and Boxman once again rips off his outfit, this time to reveal a tank top, Box More necklace, and parachute pants. Venomous then yells at him to stop.
  • Boxman's embarrassing behavior throughout the entire party where he drove everybody crazy and made them all uncomfortable. It's even more hilarious when we discover that Boxman was intentionally acting that way to show that he doesn't care what they think of him.
    Billy Milly: You brought Boxman as your plus one?! You know he's just a joke villain. He builds little toy robots!
    Venomous: He forced himself along, but surely no one will notice him.
    • Venomous' embarrassed reaction towards Boxman's behavior as he truly regrets bringing him along to the party.
    • Boxman's dancing. Venomous tries to dance alongside him to try to tell him to stop, but he felt it wasn't worth it.
    • Boxman conversing with Cosma and Vormulax by showing them a footage of his accomplishment, in a Shout-Out to Looney Tunes. His accomplishment is him basically failing to destroy K.O. and embarrassing himself.
      Vormulax: Why would you show us this?
      Boxman: Aren't I just terrible?
    • During karaoke, he interrupts Big Bull Demon's singing by farting and pinning it on and then pushing him away to sing. He dedicates a song to his "evil best friend", Venomous, who clearly wants no involvement, and drags him in while he sings and then pushes him away. Boxman sings so badly that everyone is forced to cover their ears and Cosma became nauseous.
  • During the Explode-Off, where villains get to choose what to blow up, Billy Milly chose to blow up an island. Cosma chose to blow up the moon, which freaks out Cool Sun. And what did Boxman choose to blow up? P.O.I.N.T. HQ, which freaks out all the villains. The missiles didn't do any damage to the place, but the automated defense system activates and blows up parts of Billy's yacht (which was what Boxman wanted anyway).

     "Villains' Night In" 
  • Despite Darrell and Shannon being built like teenagers, they act like children throughout the episode, making Fink look like the mature one.
  • The Running Gag of everyone being surprised to learn that rats can, in fact, swim up through a toilet after watching Fink do it.
  • The video of Lord Boxman using a sock puppet to teach robots that they shouldn't disobey his orders as well as Darrel and Shannon being engrossed in the video.

    "Let's Watch the Pilot" 
  • Dynamite's Hostile Show Takeover. She just runs in and decks Crinkly Wrinkly with a chair.
  • The Running Gag of Rad's insistence that he did his own stunts.
  • Why were Boxman and the Boxmore Bots (minus Darrell) suspiciously absent during the pilot? Turns out their footage got sent to the wrong studio. Cue Tiny Toons Homage.
  • Actor Darrell has a surprisingly deeper voice compared to show Darrell. Turns out Rad dubs his dialog.
  • After K.O., Rad, and Enid's heartwarming reconciliation, they head back to the stage. Dynamite quickly has to tell the camera to cut away to hide the fact that she was broadcasting said reconciliation.
  • K.O.’s acting coach.
  • They had to keep retaking the scene where the gang meets up with Mr. Gar at the front of the plaza because Enid kept tripping over her clothes.
  • The return of Gerald Nametag, who asks the trio about what happened to their noses.

     "Mystery Science Fair 201 X" 
  • K.O.'s Big "NO!" when Dendy tells him her project idea.
  • During the tube trip to Dendy's lab, they fall feet-down through the chute, and yet somehow arrive head-first through the floor. K.O. questions the physics behind this, but Dendy just handwaves it.
  • When T.K.O. emerges and starts trashing Dendy's lab, Dendy randomly starts speaking in Dexter's vaguely European-Ish accent while reacting with horror to T.K.O's rampage.
  • In the end, Dendy still didn't impress the teacher. Not because her experiment was disappointing, but because another group did it better.

     "RMS & Brandon's First Episode" 
  • The opening dialogue of the episode:
    (As the Boxmore robots start to attack) Darrell: You're gonna wish you were never born!
    (As the Bodega heroes jump in as well) K.O.: No way! I love being born!
  • The pure hilarity that is Sir eFram iFrame.

     "Lad and Logic" 
  • Immediately after Boxman first creates Darrel, Shannon, and the rest of his robot goons and starts cuddling them, he gloats that he'll never regret creating them

     "OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O." 
  • For the Opening Shoutout, Dendy takes off her shoes to more accurately portray K.O. And the minute it's done puts them back on because she declares it uncomfortable.
  • Ernesto is sent to attack the plaza, but awkwardly stumbles his way through it until Dendy gives him some pointers.
    Rad: Dendy! Why'd you give him constructive criticism?!
  • Ernesto reading off his lines from index cards.
  • K.O. states that he can't leave his post to visit grandma because he'd be leaving his co-workers in their hour of need. Cut to Enid and Rad slacking off as usual.

     "Action News" 
  • Dynamite Watkins tries interviewing Darrell about Boxman's latest evil scheme. All she gets out of him is that Darrell likes to wear his cowboy boots in bed and that Shannon secretly has human feet under her boots. Cut to Shannon painting her toenails while watching the news, and getting mad at Darrell for blabbing one of her deepest secrets.
  • How does Dynamite get the scoop on the Big Cheese's involvement in Boxman's evil scheme? By interviewing his truck with her truth-inducing "interview powers".

     "The Perfect Meal" 
  • K.O. thought that his dinner always came from a superhero called “The Dinner Man.”
  • Beardo's reaction to the prospect of being eaten.
  • Even after the Galaxy Truffle Queen lets them go with the promise that her children would never eat humans, K.O. still asks if he can use one of her kids to make pasta. The Queen's reaction is what sells it.

     "Hope This Flies" 
  • Rad's dad has some weird ideas for snacks, like ants on a log with actual ants crawling on them, or soft-pretzels so soft they don't even appear to be fully baked.
  • Dendy once again demonstrates a talent for appearing out of nowhere from Behind the Black.

     "You're In Control" 

Season Two

     "Seasons Change" 
  • As Rad walks through the Plaza, we see everybody sporting new duds - notably, A Real Magic Skeleton getting Grim Reaper-esque robes, Brandon has a t-shirt that says "Season 2" on it, Red Action being a farm-girl, and Potato going full samurai. Everyone reacts with shock at Rad's new look, with Gregg letting out a "Howie Long" scream and spontaneously combusting.
  • The explanations for why Enid is a mime and Rad is orange: Enid was trying to take a ninja-themed elective at school but walked into the wrong class and apparently didn’t realize it, while Rad tried to get an orange tan while on vacation but accidentally used some kind of orange food coloring that stained his skin instead of tanning lotion.
    • Due to being a mime, Enid has to mime unzipping her mouth whenever she wants to talk. At one point, the "zipper" gets stuck and she's reduced to awkwardly tugging at it. Even better, this happens when Rad claims that the Time Skip has made Enid and him "Bigger and stronger than before!" while scratching at his flaking skin.
  • K.O. describing his summer with his mom, at every point saying it was same as usual, while completely overlooking the fact that Mr. Gar. was there with them. Enid and Rad try to point out the implications of this, but K.O. doesn't get it until he actually sees Carol and Mr. Gar kiss.

     "Lord Cowboy Darrel" 
  • K.O. asks Rad what a newspaper is. Rad expresses his disbelief, saying K.O.'s watched cartoons, he should know. K.O. admits he does, but he just likes making old people feel weird.
  • After Boxman is subjected to Shameful Shrinking, Darrel literally chews him up and spits him out, into a spittoon no less.
  • The montage of Boxman working while wearing an ill-fitting Darrel costume.

     "Plaza Film Festival" 
  • Shannon's overly long maniacal laughter as she explains the bots' evil plan.
  • As it turns out, the trophy for the film-fest is made of plutonium:
    Enid: Wait, the trophy's explosive?
    Mr. Gar: 'Fraid so. Plutonium's cheaper than gold nowadays. (K.O., Enid, and Rad facefault) Oh well, live and learn.
  • One of Rad's criticisms is bad voice work. On a silent film.
  • Joff and Nick Army’s Film is a loud, explosion-filled action movie in which all of Joff’s lines are inexplicably dubbed over. Said lines are dubbed by Nick, even in scenes where the two are speaking to each other, leading to an insanely literal example of Talking to Himself.
  • The entirety of Box-More’s film, which is a blatant Oscar Bait Cliché Storm that panders to every audience possible. Special mention goes to the opening, which is a 1:1 recreation of The Sound of Music, but with Raymond in place of Julie Andrews.
  • Just before the plutonium trophy goes off, Mr. Gar says, "This is whatcha get for talkin' during the movies."

     "Be A Team" 
  • Mr. Gar tries to compare Nick Army and Joff to Yin and Yang... only to be caught off-guard when K.O. asks what Yin/Yang is. It quickly becomes clear Gar doesn’t actually know.
  • When K.O. sees Joff and Nick fighting, he gets a Floating Advice Reminder of Mr. Gar's rambling attempt to explain yin and yang. Then the head floats away, and Mr. Gar starts to protests "Hey, wait!"

     "My Fair Carol" 
  • Rad and Enid sitting on the floor of the Bodega for two hours, waiting for K.O. to come in to work so they can interrogate him on how he feels about Carol dating Mr. Gar. They find it anticlimactic to find K.O. isn't sure how to feel about it.
  • When K.O. rushes off to check on his mom, Rad quips "Typical K.O., exploding away from his feelings." Then it turns out Carol's screaming was screams of joy at another of Gar's romantic gestures, getting Crinkly Wrinkly to make a topiary of her likeness.
  • Rad as the "Fashion Expert", wearing a pink beret and beauty magazine samples like a bandolier.
  • Rad's makeover of Carol includes painting her face like a tiger, "the most powerful animal in the jungle".
  • K.O.'s honey and olive sandwiches for Carol and Mr. Gar's dinner.
  • Enid's DJ console having a button for background music.
  • Carol tries to talk to Mr. Gar, but Enid's music is too loud. She ends up having to shout so loud it not only knocks Gar over, but it knocks over Enid, her equipment, and Rad and K.O. as well.
    Enid: Your mom's got pipes, K.O.
  • Carol and Mr. Gar being totally oblivious to the Bodega crew fighting off a giant Sand Worm. The battle ends up making the evening more romantic in various ways:
    • The worm crashing into the mountain moving Carol and Mr. Gar closer together.
    • K.O. feeds the worm his honey-olive sandwiches. The worm spits them out into Carol and Mr. Gar's glasses as sparkling honey drinks with olive garnishes.
    • Enid throws her records at the worm. The worm eats one and soft romantic music comes out of its mouth. Carol and Mr. Gar dance to the music, while the crew fights the worm behind them.
    • When the worm eats Rad, he blows it up with a soap bomb, creating a spectacular fireworks display to cap off the date.

     "Let’s Watch The Box-More Show!" 
  • The whole episode is absolutely insane and hilarious. It starts simple enough; the Box-More bots attack the Plaza and the team goes out to fight them... at which point the bots immediately start attacking each other over who’ll get to fight the heroes. Turns out Lord Cowboy Darrell is holding a contest where the bots have to do various crazy tasks, with the winner getting to be his “Senior Deputy”. This quickly escalated into a Big Brother-style reality show, which K.O., Rad, and Enid get addicted to watching.
  • Mr. Gar has installed security cameras with speakers all over the Plaza. The speakers are evidently used mainly for screaming at people to stay off the grass.
  • During the interview segments, all the bots repeat the cliche line of “I’m not here to make friends”... except Ernesto, who apparently is here to make friends and keeps crying because he’s failing to do so.
  • Ernesto’s on-camera meltdown, which starts with him running into the living room and just screaming incoherently at the top of his lungs, and somehow manages to escalate from there.
    • Shannon’s reaction to the above event; she seems legitimately taken aback for the first time in the entire series:
    Shannon: (long awkward pause) Okay, what the heck was that?
  • The heroes using the speakers in Mr. Gar’s cameras to screw with the bots, starting by saying that the next challenge is located in Box-More’s incinerator. Rather than question it, Ernesto immediately dashes off and locks himself inside said incinerator, laughing hysterically about his “victory” as he burns.
  • The Running Gag of Jethro getting destroyed by the other bots only to appear again, sometimes within seconds. At one point he’s not even destroyed on purpose, just randomly crushed by falling debris.
  • Mr. Gar letting slip at the end that he’s gotten addicted to watching the Box-More drama too. Though he insists the “show” isn’t as good since Boxman left.

     "Your World Is an Illusion" 
  • The episode as a whole is especially funny to those familiar with the animation process, as a lot of the gags have to do with typical animation techniques (K.O. freaking out about the Motion Blur on his arm, or holding a Hit Flash on his hand, for example).
  • Raymond's reaction to not being able to hit K.O.
    Raymond: Does not compute!... Sports! (head explodes)

     "The So-bad-ical" 
  • Dendy assures K.O. that she made sure Ernesto never finds out they are gone from class... she put name plates on their desks
  • K.O. and Dendy are so busy making up with Miss Quantum that they forget to foil her evil plan.

     "Point to the Plaza" 
  • K.O. playing with his Chip Damage action figure. Then Enid grabs it and makes it say sarcastic things.
  • When the Gloop starts growing, K.O. tries to stop it by talking through the action figure.
  • Throughout its rampage, the Gloop maintains the same goofy expression.
  • Foxtail actually puts Mr. Gar on time out, complete with Dunce Cap.
  • Rad arrives on his van to see Chip Damage fighting the giant Gloop, then drives away without a comment.
  • While crawling through the ventilation ducts, Enid and K.O. come to a crossroads. Down one path is... Crinkly Wrinkly lounging around, eating tubs of mayo. A horrified Enid and K.O. promptly decide to go the other way.
  • K.O. taking the time to get an impromptu horsey ride from Enid.
  • When Mr. Gar sees Chip Damage attacking the Gloop monster (and the bodega) with flamethrowers, he decides he's had enough and leaves via ripping up the pavement to reveal a hidden staircase.

     "T.K.O.'s House" 
  • K.O. leaves a cute (and badly-spelled) note for T.K.O. Of special note is K.O.'s failed attempt to spell "refrigerator".
  • K.O. is shooting video of Rad and Enid Riverdancing, which they continue to do throughout the episode.
  • T.K.O. hijacks K.O.'s body to attack what he thinks is Shadowy Figure... but is just Pird, inexplicably dressed in the same outfit. And Enid and Rad are oddly okay with this.
    Enid: (mildly impressed) You almost wiped out Pird.
  • The spastic way K.O. moves while under his and T.K.O.'s control, since neither one is working together.
    • It's especially humorous when T.K.O. first reaches the console, he looks at it calmly for a few seconds, and then immediately starts mashing buttons with a manic expression like a chimpanzee.
    • This exchange:
      K.O.: (To Shadowy Figure) I'm have questions!...For you!...Answer please!
      (Cut to inside K.O.'s head)
      T.K.O.: What?!
      K.O.: I got nervous.
      T.K.O.: *Face Palm*
    • Heck, you have to wonder if KO’s VA had to stop recording because she was laughing too hard.
  • Shadowy Figure, despite normally being such a Knight of Cerebus, has several moments in this episode of being The Comically Serious and/or Laughably Evil:
    • When K.O. and T.K.O. are going through their photos of "memories" of Shadowy Figure from "Let's Have a Stakeout", three of them are, indeed, actual memories (still images from that episode). The other three, meanwhile, are comical exaggerations of Shadowy's desire to obtain glorbs, including one where he's clutching a bag saying "Glorbs I Stole" with a cheesy grin while looking like a sneaky thief, a second where he's cuddling a bunch of them to his face with a cat smile, and a third where he's holding one between his teeth while wearing a T-shirt that says "I <3 Glorbs". Then followed with this:
      T.K.O.: (Seriously) Dude likes glorbs.
    • He's pretty bemused by K.O.'s spasming that's caused by K.O. and T.K.O. failing to work together to control the body, and at one point says this:
      Shadowy Figure: *Sigh* If you gotta potty, you should just say so.
    • As he continues to watch K.O. struggle to stand, he just yawns, casually pulls out a banana that he has for some reason, and calmly eats it while watching. He then shows he's not above using the peel from it to pull the old Banana Peel gag on K.O.
    • After Shadowy temporarily knocks out P.K.O., the latter wakes him to see him chasing glorbs around with a big old butterfly net and giggling happily while he does so.
  • T.K.O. briefly losing control because his mocap suit got unplugged.

     "Red Action to the Future" 
  • In contrast to the drama between Red Action and Enid, K.O. is mostly concerned with finding out if the Double Dip Lazer Chips he likes will be discontinued. In the end, they are... but are replaced with Triple Dip Lazer Chips.

     "Dendy's Power" 
  • This episode has some of K.O.'s most hilarious Off-Model expressions on the show so far.
  • Dendy using coding to change K.O.'s nose to the one from the pilot.
  • Rad's upgraded POW card has him look buffer. Then cats appear in the background, to Rad's displeasure.
  • Vormulax's POW card update is an Animesque portrait, looking like the boyfriend in a Shōjo manga.
  • Shannon's disguises still consist of her putting on random stuff, and her POW card has a photo taped on top. Dendy identifies her immediately, but K.O. doesn't realize it until the photo on the card is blown off.
  • The POW Card cloud servers literally being on a cloud.
  • Carla wearing a moustache for some reason.

     "Special Delivery" 
  • Mr. Gar has to remind Rad that the bodega's delivery service isn't new. "This is... just the first time anyone has used it."
  • Rad becoming a clown when he's humiliated by Enid bringing up the failure of his Radwing.
  • When Rad and Enid see a mushroom cloud in the distance.
    Rad: Enid, you know what this means?
    Enid: Uh, imminent danger?
    Rad: Shh! Fool... behold, the Atomic Chili Dog stand!
  • Enid reminds Rad of some of his past encounters with spicy food, like a battery acid sundae and molten lava right from the local volcano.
  • After Rad and Enid enjoy some road trip music, Rad comments that K.O. is missing out. Cut back to the bodega, where K.O. is sitting at the counter blowing raspberries.
    K.O. (register opens) Have a... (throws a handful of cash into the air for no apparent reason) day! (laughs)
    Brandon: Uh, what?
  • The "creepy bridge entrance" into Neo Riot City, where Mad Sam and his biker buddies torment Pird by stealing (and eating) his bicycle.
  • After Enid saves Rad from the bikers, he's still mad at her for teasing him the whole road trip. He petulantly remains sitting on the hood of his van (though he conveniently has a seat belt installed on it, to appease the censors).

     "Wisdom, Strength, and Charisma" 
  • Rad and K.O.'s over-the-top displays of separation anxiety.
  • Enid expressing concern that she's not cut out for bigger things than Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Zoom out to show Pird lying on the ground sobbing, Crinkly Wrinkly bonking himself on the head with his cane, and Brandon fleeing from Baby Teeth ("Aaah! A helpless tiny dinosaur!")
  • K.O. humiliating Enid in front of the P.O.I.N.T. Prep students on the bus by loudly informing her that he has her laxatives with him.
  • During the test of battling the holographic heads of Foxtail, Dr. Greyman, and Sunshine, the Dr. Greyman head babbles a bunch of riddles, which causes Enid to wonder if answering them is part of the test.

     "Bittersweet Rivals" 
  • The koala Pastel is petting turns out to be Princess Koala, who is rather miffed that Pastel introduced her as "my koala".
  • Koala Princess cheerfully points out that koalas need 22 hours of sleep, and promptly nods off standing-up.
  • Enid, jealous of how Elodie seems to be as composed and flawless as ever, notes how the sun seems to be shining brightly on her rival... then notes that it's actually her teacher, Sunshine, making her big entrance through a panel opening in the roof.
  • Professor Sunshine interacting with her introductory subtitle.

     "Are You Ready For Some Megafootball?" 
  • Enid's crazy dream where she's back at the Bogeda with Rad and K.O., with all of them acting very woodenly and wearing ridiculous fake-looking smiles on their faces.
  • Biki's showboating at the pep rally.
  • Rad ends up on Lakewood's megafootball team because Bell Beefer couldn't play due to injury. Then we see how he got said injury: Rad dared him to eat a firework.
  • K.O.'s present, of course. As the Turbos' cheerleader, referee, water boy, team doctor, equipment manager, assistant coach, and coach. When Enid snarks she's surprised he's not also the announcer, K.O. thanks her for reminding him and hastily dons an announcer's suit he had under his "coach" outfit.

     "Mystery Sleepover" 
  • When Enid sees Rad is delivering the pizza she and Elodie ordered, she just knows that K.O. tagged along too. She's disappointed that he's not hiding in the pizza box... then K.O. pops out of a drinking fountain just behind her.
  • The secret entrance to the cafetorium is guarded by a drone that performs three security scans to make sure only honor students can enter. When it scans K.O. it throws a pie at him, when it scans Rad it drops a dirty sock on his head, and when it scans Enid it blows her away with a leaf blower.
    • Rad later tricks the drone into attacking a group of guards, and it holds up another pie and sock.

     "Final Exams" 
  • Enid desperately attempts to cover up Rad's antennae by using K.O. as "a hat made of boy".
  • Enid's unconvincing act while disguised as a POINT trooper.
    Enid: Hey, dudes! How's it going with the dark conspiracy? Anyway, not rescuing my friends or anything.
  • Enid discovers Chip Damage is a robot when his head falls off. Then she discovers his butt is some kind of charging station, and she wakes up a fainted Elodie by poking her with it.
  • The tension of Chip threatening to "expel" Enid and Elodie is ruined by Prof. Greyman showing up for Chip's tuba lessons.
  • There's something hilarious in the fact that the MacGuffin the heroes have to destroy is the robotic Chip Damage's butt.

     "Carol Quest" 
  • There's something hilarious about the way Foxtail, Miss Mummy, and Gertie all awkwardly play along with Carol's cover story that she's taking K.O. on a scavenger hunt.

     "Soda Genie" 
  • The climax of the episode is a spot-on parody of an Ace Attorney trial, with Enid as the defense, Citrus Twisty as the prosecution, and Wally the White as the easily-swayed judge.
  • Wally the White's strained "rash, oh man" pun is hilarious mostly for the akward silence that follows.

     "Plaza Alone" 

    "Boxman Crashes" 

     "Monster Party" 
  • Rad putting on his "normal" mask over his cat head.
  • The art style switching to the original Scooby-Doo look during flashback, complete with a Hanna-Barbera-esque design for Enid.
    • Shortly after said flashback, the girls casually wonder whatever happened to “that weird guy with the Great Dane”.
  • Enid tries to stop the family ghosts from blabbing that she's become a ninja, throwing Spanky into the air where he explodes for no real reason and sucking Crudde into a hand vacuum before he can get a word in.
  • K.O. points out to Enid that she already had this character arc.
  • The Grimwood Girls showcasing their powers, including Winnie using her claws to carve a werewolf version of Michelangelo's David (complete with a jack-o-lantern as a Gag Censor) and Phantasma possessing K.O. and making him dance.
  • While Enid tries to get the living tree to stop (making a series of crazy faces in the process), the camera switches to a nonplussed Elsa, Phantasma, and Sibella, who are drawn like Ed, Edd, and Eddy respectively, and even kind of sound like them. The fact that it comes right out of nowhere just makes it more hilarious.
  • When the Grimwood Girls reveal they knew Enid was a ninja the entire time, they show a flashback of Enid accidentally dropping one of her books. Phantasma just says it makes sense and the girls have no problem with it.
  • When Enid and the Grimwood Girls are having a Group Hug, K.O. creeps in to join in. Doubles as Heartwarming.
  • Early on Wilhamena tells Enid that she and Bernard are staying inside because it’s a full moon and “you know how your father gets during those”. We find out what she means at the end; getting caught in a full moon causes him to turn into a normal human. Even better, he immediately starts screaming about being “hideous” in that form (he isn’t), and Wilhamena just casually responds with “I love you anyways” as she puts a Brown Bag Mask over his head.

    "Crossover Nexus" 
  • When K.O. first arrives, and says that he's a hero in training, Strike just says "yeah, I don't care."
  • K.O., a 6-11 year old kid, calls Ben a 'little boy' and then feels embarrassed when he's informed that he's actually 10.
  • Garnet remarks with a blush after revealing that her shades help her make sense of her future vision that "they're also prescription." It makes it seem like she's somewhat embarrassed that she had to get them prescribed to her when she's such a powerhouse.
  • None of the other characters besides Raven have flight powers, so she has to carry all of them- the fact that she's not even struggling while carrying characters who must weigh multiple times her weight is amazing.
  • The fact that BLACK HAT is one of the petrified heroes! There's no doubt calling him that would be considered slander.
    • Not to mention that, in his own series, Black Hat is established as an Invincible Villain who can destroy any opposition with minimal effort, so to see him under the proverbial bridge at the hands of a one-off villain is funnier than it should be.
    • It gets arguably a bit funnier when it's recently revealed in the official Villainous Q&A video that it wasn't the real Black Hat, but the first Black Hat clone spawned from the Evil Ray.
  • Strike in general is pretty damned funny despite being a Knight of Cerebus: not only does he look like something out of a ‘90s comic book (Black-and-red costume, Cool Mask that covers one eye, ridiculously overmuscled torso, and the requisite robot arm note ), but he’s voiced by Michael Dorn still clearly channeling Maero. Even his status as a Generic Doomsday Villain is hilariously lampshaded by Raven. Killing heroes is “just his thing”, apparently.
  • Raven changing her portal from Teen Titans to Teen Titans Go! before going through it.

    ”Super Black Friday” 

     "All in the Villainy" 
  • Pretty much the whole episode qualifies, as it's basically done in a sitcom-y style (which the episode title even references). Throughout it, Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous are acting like a newly-married couple trying to get their children and stepchildren to get along. It's especially funny to see Venomous, who in the past has been more of a Straight Man to Boxman with occasional Not So Above It All moments, openly acting just as goofy and silly as him for most of it.
  • The Bodega heroes are trying to fight the Boxmore robots and Fink...but while K.O., Enid, and Rad are fighting Jethro, Shannon, and Raymond respectively, Ernesto, Darrell, and Fink have taken a time-out while the former tries to play counselor to the latter two. The Bodega trio exasperatedly leaves, telling the robots to come back when they're done arguing with each other.
  • The "slice of life" montage at the beginning has some great moments. Some highlights include:
    • The introduction to it, which makes a 3x3 square where the outer eight squares show pictures of Boxman, Venomous, Fink, and the robots, and the inner square gives a mock-title of "The Voxy Bunch" (referencing The Brady Bunch). It then shows K.O., Rad, and Enid in the middle square, looking around confused.
    • An exhausted-looking Venomous trying to order fast food while Fink (riding shotgun) and the robots (in the backseat) are fighting. Of note is Steven Ogg's bemused delivery of "schnitzel twists."
    • Fink and the bots are performing "Old Macdonald Had a Farm" in some kind of talent contest. None of them are very good at it, but Boxman and Venomous are still proudly clapping for them — and Boxman is crying his eyes out all the while.
    • When the group goes shopping together, Boxman opens his wallet to pay, only to get a sad face when he sees it's totally empty (complete with a fly flying out of it). Then Venomous flashes a whole wad of money to cover it with a cheesy triumphant grin while Boxman looks at him all starry-eyed and blushing.
    • At one point, there's a bit where Raymond is sitting in the back of the car in sports gear while Venomous holds out his phone so Boxman call yell at him.
    Boxman: Raymond, get out of the car and go to practice!
    Raymond: ...No.
  • In the meeting between the leaders of Boxmore and their minions, Professor Venomous tries to sound polite and professional while saying that most of the minions in the room have adjusted well to the change, but some have been having more difficulty...only for Shannon to bluntly ask, "You're talking about Darrell and Fink, right?" and Boxman to equally-bluntly answer "Yes", causing PV to give him an irritated "Boxman!"
    • Darrell's and Fink's reactions when told they have to share a bedroom until they get along, and how quickly things escalate into a major fight between them from there.
    • K.O. actually calls Shannon to ask when the robots are going to be coming back to finish their fight, with Enid and Rad in the background telling him additional stuff to say.
    • Shannon's and Raymond's Pass the Popcorn reactions to the fighting.
      Shannon: (starts filming them) I live for the drama.
      Raymond: Oh, you're terrible. (Beat) Send that to me, will you?
  • The "punishment" scene, when Fink's and Darrell's fighting causes them to fall through the ceiling right onto the meeting room table.
    • When the two of them both start talking at once to Boxman and PV, blaming each other, the former gets a Demon Head and yells "SILENCE!!!!", which immediately shuts them both up.
    • Venomous sternly tells them both that he and Boxman will have to discuss their punishment, and the "kids" both get Ocular Gushers and cower in fear...cut to the adults turning their chairs around to talk, and him frantically asking Boxman if he has any ideas.
    • Boxman immediately suggests incineration, prompting PV to exasperatedly remind him that that's not something they can do with Fink.
    • When Boxman asks Venomous for ideas, he peaks around the chair to look at Fink, who shoots him sad puppy-dog eyes. PV pretty much immediately caves, and this conversation happens:
      Venomous: (Deep breath, puts his hands together) We'll get them presents!
      Boxman: (Beat) W-what?
  • When Fink and Darrell attack the Bodega, Darrell boasts about his new tentacle arms. Enid and Rad are...not at all pleased.
    Rad: That's disgusting!
    Enid: Don't look at those, K.O. (She and Rad each cover one of his eyes)
  • The battle itself is offscreened, and we cut to Fink and Darrell (having finally made up earlier) arriving back at Boxmore all beaten up. Their "daddies" apprehensively ask how it went, and they both respond, with big grins and in absolutely delighted tones of voice:
    Darrell: We FAILED!
    Fink: MISERABLY!
  • Boxman and PV getting matching Ocular Gushers of delight at seeing their "kids" finally getting along at the end.

     "Sidekick Scouts" 
  • The fact that K.O. goes from doing a chipper vlog explaining his Pow Cards to being ready to set all his Chip Damage merch aflame, while being emotional, is still funny in its suddenness.
  • In a meta-sense, Combo Breaker's super hyperactive, somewhat naive and adoring personality is entertaining when keeping in mind that the fanbase collectively head-cannoned him to be cocky, smug and show-stealing. Imagine the look on people's faces when his debut episode has him calling who everyone thought he would treat as a rival his "mastew."
  • When Enid and Rad comment on Combo Breaker basically being like a second K.O., he refutes the claim, and briefly Combo Breaker is replaced with another K.O.. Shocked, K.O. turns back and sees Combo Breaker again.
  • Much like the character he's based on, Combo Breaker has guns in his butt. Which accidentally go off when he sneezes.
  • When Ernesto and Jethro attack the plaza, Jethro shows off his new lips, to which K.O. cheerfully replies that he hates it.

     "Whacky Jaxxyz" 
  • The episode's Big Bad, Jack Whacky, is a pitch-perfect parody of Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.
  • As they grow more obsessed with Whacky Jaxxyz, K.O. and Nanini turn into buff, angular-faced Animesque caricatures like the other players in the Shade O'Realm.

     "Project Ray Way" 
  • The Parody Commercials for Raymond and Drupe's competing fashion lines are funny in how spot-on they are.
  • There's a Running Gag of Enid behind a little behind on the plot because she's in the bathroom while Drupe, Rad, and K.O. are taking action.
  • Rad strikes a pose for the Freeze-Frame Ending... cut to Enid and K.O., who are baffled by his behavior.

     "I Am Jethro" 
  • How does Darrell clear a glorb jam on the Jethro construction line? He takes his giant pencil, peels it like a banana to reveal an enormous wrench... and whacks the glorb dispenser with it. And Darrell fails to notice anything weird about the oddly-talkative "Jethro 2.0" that results.
  • The other Jethros make a hilariously-bad attempt at imitating Jethro 2.0's dancing.
  • K.O. and Jethro 2.0 discover they have a lot in common... like being bad at trash-talk.
  • The montage of K.O. and Jethro helping people around the Plaza has some funny moments, like K.O. and Jethro acting as a foot-stool to help Crinkly Wrinkly (who's inexplicably dressed like Finn) onto the bus.
  • Darrel and Shannon gripe about the new Jethro being no help during the battle... while their front halves are awkwardly squeezed into a small play-tent that's too small to fit the both of them in.
    Darrell: He never made me a latte!
    Shannon: Me either!
  • When Boxman rages about the Jethros organizing, there's a Record Needle Scratch... followed by Boxman yelling at Ernesto to "Go practice your awful DJ-ing somewhere else!"

     "Gar Quest" 
  • Gar's "hero flashback" opens with a Spinning Paper sequence in the aftermath of Laserblast's disappearance It ends with Gar (as El-Bow) yelling at a newsboy to stop throwing papers at him.
  • What inspired Gar to get back into heroism? Helping a fellow hero open a can of soda whose pull-tab had been broken off.

     "Gar Trains Punching Judy" 
  • Everyone else in Judy's family is a Top-Heavy Guy, even her baby brother Archibald.
  • Gar tries to put off giving Judy a pep talk with "more training", making her repeat her earlier training montage a second time, and then a third, each time the action and music getting faster.
  • K.O. and Judy give Gar some "emotional training", which includes having him sit back and talk on a Freudian Couch, giving him a trust fall, and art therapy.

     "Beach Episode" 
  • Rad, who's just finished an elaborate sand sculpture of himself, is envious of K.O.'s crude kiddie sand-castle, solely because it's bigger than Rad's sculpture.
  • When the Box Bots arrive, Darrell and Shannon are wearing beach wear over their bodies. When Rad points out that Raymond isn't dressed, the green bot tears off his body to reveal an identical body wearing a pink thong. Rad's reaction is priceless.
  • A little miscommunication ensues between Darrell and Rad after the bots announce their plan to convert the beach into a landfill.
    Darrell: Yeah, so say aloha to your precious beach!
    Rad: [confused] Say hello to our precious beach?
    [Darrell starts kicking sand in Rad's face]
  • Carol and Mr. Gar are introduced doing a Baywatch-esque slow-motion Power Walk. Then Darrell spoils Gar's big entrance by kicking sand in his face after Gar takes off his shades.
  • After losing the first round, a volleyball game, because they crashed into each other trying to return K.O.'s spike, the Boxmore robots get into a Big Ball of Violence.
  • The Bodega team loses the second round, a limbo contest, because Rad is too muscular to fit under the bar, Enid sneezes at an inopportune time and turns into a Ninja Log, and K.O. knocks the bar over because of his spiky hair. Meanwhile, Shannon scores the win for team Boxmore by having her brothers detach her head and roll it under the bar.

     "OK AU" 
  • Gar's Long List of tasks for the Bodega crew includes such entries as "BATTLE BOX BOTS", "FILE MY TAXES", and "CALL MY MOM".
  • The robot versions of K.O., Enid, and Radicles suffer a number of seemingly arbitrary "reboots", from K0 randomly getting rebooted while taking out the trash to R.A.D.I.C.L.E.S. getting rebooted while in the bathroom.
  • Judging by the reactions of everyone else, it turns out the Warlock didn't actually transport anyone but himself to an alternate universe where the Boxmore bots were humans and the Bodega crew were robots. When they all turn against him, the Warlock hastily leaves... and ends up in "Let's Watch the Pilot", which is apparently yet another alternate universe. Then he travels through a few more AUs, including an underwater one, a Spinoff Babies AU, and ending up in a Close-Enough Timeline where "Lord Gar-Man" is big and buff and "Mr. Box-gar" is the fat guy with the cybernetic enhancements and inexplicable chicken arm.
    • This also makes the Running Gag of various characters referring to themselves out loud as having always been a Robot or a Human doubly funny, since it means instead of being an effect of the Warlock's magic it's something that the AU versions of the Bodega employees and the Box More bots just say that apropos of nothing.
  • The end credits for the episode feature an upside-down image of Rad, Enid, and K.O. while the closing theme song plays in reverse.

     "K.O.'s Health Week" 
  • Mr. Gar decided to let K.O. handle this year's Health Week at the Bodega after an embarrassing incident "last year", when Gar let one rip while doing yoga.
  • K.O. gives a lesson in hygiene... by climbing into Rad's filthy, halitosis-ridden mouth.
  • Brandon literally talks to himself after getting a lesson in Self-Esteem from K.O.
  • During the Nutrition lesson, K.O. prepares Colewort a bowl of steamed veggies... which includes his long-lost "mee-maw".
  • K.O.'s angry outburst when the Boxmore bots attack the plaza leads to Darrel, Shannon, and Raymond getting roped into going on a hike with the Bodega crew.

     "Rad's Alien Sickness" 
  • K.O. intially thinks the cloud produced by Venomous's bio-weapon was some kind of "epic toot".
  • Pird bugs Enid by asking her to show him how to wash his hands. Then she rushes into the back room to check on a screaming K.O., and when she sees the sorry state Rad is in she starts screaming too.
  • The "Nurse KO" scene:
    • The Running Gag of Rad sneezing all over K.O.'s home remedies, and his corrosive snot causing them to catch fire.
    • The fact that two of the remedies are essential oils and healing crystals.
  • Rad literally falls apart when Enid tries to get him out of the stock-room. She and K.O. end up quarantining him behind a wall of boxes. To add to that, Enid defines quarantine as "jail for sick people".
  • After Rad defeats Ernesto, one of his Combat Tentacles lands in front of Fink and Venomous and explodes, just as the latter has finished buffing a scratch out of his car. The two of them are covered in ash, while the car completely disintegrates.
    Venomous: Please tell me the car's okay.
  • It turns out Rad's species can heal themselves from disease by forming a cocoon. Enid claims that he spent a month cocooned after getting mono in middle school.

     "Dark Plaza" 
  • The episode opens with a sappy, sitcom-ish scene (complete with Laugh Track) of Carol and K.O. making a pancake breakfast at the bodega.
  • After announcing that P.O.I.N.T. is commandeering Lakewood Plaza Turbo, Foxtail tosses her megaphone aside, where it explodes for no good reason.
  • Brandon complains that he's tired of working for P.O.I.N.T. because his jump-suit keeps riding up.
  • When Dendy tries to open the blueprints to the plaza, all it conjures up at first is a holographic image of a dancing banana. Red Action is not impressed.
    Red Action: Oh, we're doomed.
  • Colewort's Key to the Plaza, which he got all the way back in "Plazalympics", turns out to be quite literally the key to the Plaza's defense systems. It's even important enough to get its own Boss Subtitles.
    The Key to the Plaza
    Important After All
  • After being defeated, Foxtail leaps at the heroes of the Plaza... but in her fury, forgets that she was hit by her own de-powering ray and promptly face-plants into the ground.

Season Three

     "We Are Heroes!" 

     "K.O., Rad, and Enid!" 
  • The skateboard and ramp K.O., Rad, and Enid use to deal the finishing blow to Vormulax apparently just happened to be there.
  • The byline on Dynamite Watkin's interview with K.O., Rad, and Enid produces some amusing messages, including a string of ellipses and "Uh..." when K.O. isn't sure what to call their team.
  • When K.O., Rad, and Enid see Drupe about getting new themed costumes, she's fitting Dogmun in a suit of ridiculous-looking armor with huge, spiked pauldrons.
  • The Bodega heroes can't agree on a gimmick, but when they get in a battle with Raymond they all discover an unfortunate downside to their costumes: K.O. trips and gets tangled in his cape, Rad has trouble controlling his powered armor's gadgets and proceeds to plow through the parking lot with his jet-pack, and Enid has an allergic reaction to the fur lining of her barbarian costume.
  • After trouncing K.O. and his friends and mocking their new gimmicks, Raymond announces that he loves judging people, and goes to pester A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon, who run off screaming.

     "T.K.O. Rules!" 

     "Chip's Damage" 

     "K.O. vs. Fink" 
  • After making K.O. drop his cupcake, Fink takes the time to escape, though she briefly trips and face-plants on her way back to Boxmore.
  • K.O. makes an incredibly awkward face when trying to reassure Rad and Enid that he took care of Fink, no problem. It comes with a Twitchy Eye and K.O.'s mouth falling off.
  • When Shadowy Figure speaks to K.O. from the shadows, K.O. somehow fails to realize it's him and assumes it's just his own internal voice talking to him. Shadowy decides to just roll with it:
    K.O.: Is this...still my inner monologue?
    Shadowy Figure: Uhhh, y-yes, your ol' inner monologue, hehehehehe....
  • Carol is touched by K.O. promising to always be a Momma's Boy, but then wonders why Rad and Enid are tightly hugging her as well. They just cheerfully reply, with big, happy smiles:
    Enid: Oh, we just shot a love beam and are filled with residual emotions.
    Rad: Yeah, uh, we love you, Ms. Carol, ma'am!

     "The K.O. Trap" 
  • Enid mocks Darrel for his "evil plot" of stealing the doors from the Bodega.
  • Trapped in a room with no apparent exits, Rad and Enid try to smash their way out, with their hands and feet respectively swelling grotesquely from injury. Meanwhile, K.O. tries to ask the wall nicely if it will let them out. It doesn't seem to have any effect, even when K.O. uses Puppy-Dog Eyes.
  • "Who knew Boxman would defeat us with a stinkin'... box?"
  • What makes K.O. and Rad nearly crack from being trapped in an empty room? Rad brings up the question of where they're supposed to go to the bathroom.
  • In desperation, Enid tries some sort of magic ritual that involves offering "sacrifices" (a sliver of K.O.'s fingernail, one of Enid's boogers, and a lock of Rad's hair) in some kind of summoning circle made from Enid's dandruff. Then as they start dancing around the circle going "woogity woogity", Enid accidentally steps on the switch that opens a hidden panel. Enid triumphantly leaps for freedom... and then is melted into goo by some sort of death ray.
  • K.O., Rad, and Enid realize that trapping them in boxes with goo-clones of their friends just to make them think they were killed is way too messed up for one of Boxman's plots, and realize the real mastermind must be... Professor Venomous! Who's in his office, playing solitaire on his computer.
    Venomous: You'll have to forgive me. I shifted my attention not long ago to installing, um... (Akwardly reading sticky note) "". Which I asked Fink to help me with ten minutes ago!
    Fink: (Offscreen) I'm on the toilet!
  • When K.O. and his friends have Venomous on the ropes, how does he deal with them? He launches them back to the Bodega with a spring-loaded platform hidden in the floor.
  • At the end, K.O. starts trying to throw rocks at Enid and Rad to make sure they're not more goo-clones.

     "Whatever Happened to... Rippy Roo?" 
  • K.O. accidentally ends up with a face full of laser when he activates the "security precautions" Dendy installed to protect her POW Card collection.
  • Carol thinks she spots Rippy Roo waiting at the bus stop... but it's just Crinkly Wrinkly, inexplicably wearing a Rippy Roo costume. Carol remarks it would have been too much of a coincidence to run into Rippy Roo like that... but then she passes the real Rippy Roo moments later.
  • K.O. freaks out when the Mecha-Maw starts licking his POW Card collection. When he tries to get it back, the Maw eventually starts playing "keep-away" with K.O.'s binder.
  • Rippy Roo and the Mecha-Maw have a long heart-to-heart talk, but the audience can't understand a word of it until Carol translates at the very end.

     "Planet X" 
  • Rad is comically disappointed that the rest of his relatives are even bigger nerds than his parents.
  • Rad and Coach making shaking hands look downright epic.
  • K.O. tries to help Rad in his fight against Coach, but since he's just a hologram all K.O. accomplishes is accidentally wrecking the Bodega.
  • Who breaks up the big fight between Rad and Coach? Rad's mom Theodosia! It turns out Coach is actually Rad's maternal grandfather.
  • Rad argues that nerds and jocks on Earth long ago found common ground in things like fantasy football, arguing on the Internet, and playing "videos game", which gives him an idea as to how to stop the feuding.

     "Deep Space Vacation" 
  • Enid is rather adorkable when she gushes over the souped-up Cool Bike Mr. Gar gives her so she and K.O. can travel to Planet X and visit Rad.
  • After bragging that she ate Planet X whole, Cosma lays down for a nap in a conveniently bed-shaped asteroid, complete with a striped night-cap and pink blanket.
  • When K.O. and Enid attack Cosma, she literally swats them out of the sky with a giant flyswatter.
  • It turns out the Planet X-ians were so caught up in their feast they didn't even notice Cosma had eaten their planet.
  • Cosma ends up defeated when Rad and his kin celebrate with a "Planetary Belch", where the entire planet burps at once. This disgusts Cosma to the point she coughs up Planet X.
  • Rad gets pouty and envious when he learns Mr. Gar is the one who gave Enid her space bike.

     "Let's Meet Sonic!" 
  • Tails' reaction at Sonic bonding with K.O
  • Sonic pushing Tails off-frame somehow causes Tails to die offscreen and then respawn as if nothing happened.
  • Darrell and Jethro (clearly not stand-ins for Scratch and Grounder at all, no siree) managing to lure Sonic and Tails to Gar's Bodega by... disguising themselves as a two-dimensional flyer advertising the best chili dogs in the multiverse. Darrell even gets to do Scratch's Signature Laugh.
  • K.O completely failing to catch up to Sonic and Tails, which they almost completely ignore.
  • Learning about Boxman, Sonic and Tails are quick to make the comparison, even working in a slight nod to another voice of Sonic's while they're at it.
    Sonic: Sounds like a certain egghead we know, eh Tails?
    Tails: Heheh, eggsactly!
  • The sheer fact that Boxman, for no explicable reason besides capturing Sonic, happens to own a loop-de-loop ripped straight from Green Hill Zone. Which also happens to block the one exit out of that specific room.
  • K.O attempts the Spin Dash to get past the loop-de-loop. "Attempts" being the keyword.
  • The look on Sonic and Tails' faces once Boxman reveals he conned Knuckles into giving him the Master Emerald.
  • Boxman appears to be pretty proud with his new Master Emerald's powered contraption, which lead to this exchange:
    Boxman: It works wonders powering my latest evil contraption: the Roboty Makey Machine! You'll never guess what it does.
  • Tails finishes off Boxman by referencing a certain ending gag.
    • Also the look on Tails' face while he does so.
  • How else to end an episode featuring Sonic the Hedgehog? Why, by learning a valuable life lesson, in the form of a Sonic Sez, of course!
    Sonic: Life's an adventure! Don't sleep through it, or you might miss the chance to meet me! And that's no good!

    "Big Reveal" 
  • The episode opens with K.O. and Carol having breakfast. After an awkward silence, K.O. works up the nerve to ask "So... who's my dad?" When Carol casually answers "Laserblast", K.O. spits out a big mouthful of the cereal he was eating.
  • Mr. Gar gives K.O. a solo mission because Rad and Enid got food poisoning and were throwing up all over the place.
  • Lord Boxman tells Professor Venomous that the reveal of Venomous being Laserblast and therefore, K.O.’s dad should have been drawn out more for at least one more season.
  • Carol has a hilarious Oh, Crap! moment when she repeatedly puts Laserblast's helmet on Venomous and takes it off, as it finally dawns on her that Venomous really is Laserblast.
  • How Dr. Greyman discovered Laserblast's secret lab inside the donut shop; he simply entered the shop wanting to get some donuts. Apparently, Laserblast neglected to install basic security measures on the lab... like locking the door after he leaves.

     "Radical Rescue" 
  • Rad gets swarmed by kittens the moment he slips into the animal shelter.
  • Rad's struggle to wrangle Mikayla as if she were just another pet. "No lasering the other cats!"
  • Rad enlists the kittens in helping defeat Mikayla, including cute little Teacup slashing her with a massive claw.
  • After Rad and K.O. tell them off for making fun of people because they think their interests are "lame", Bell Beefer and Mega Football Baby get defensive to the point that they explode, then stomp off throwing a childish tantrum.

     "Let's Get Shadowy" 

    "You're A Good Friend, K.O." 
  • K.O. is doing a reading on the history of laser-bread in class, putting everyone to sleep. Suddenly, the lights go out, which the other kids use as an excuse to jump around screaming and cause chaos.
    K.O.: Is it screaming hour already? Who knew we hated light so much?
  • K.O. brags about bringing a change of underwear along on the mission, holding up a pair of red briefs.
  • Dendy makes an awkward attempt to follow K.O.'s lead during their first confrontation with Small Calf Demon, including making neck-cracking noises.
  • As Dendy flees the mocking images of her classmates, the imaginary classmates start playing with their POW Cards to pass the time.
  • While Dendy tries to navigate the maze of tunnels dug by Small Calf Demon, her head randomly popping out of each tunnel entrance, Crinkly Wrinkly randomly appears at one point.
  • The "power hub" for the Neutral Zone's electrical system is basically a giant power strip.

    "Red Action 3: Grudgement Day" 
  • When Rad angrily throws Red Action's surfboard, Crinkly Wrinkly hops on and rides it... right into the wall.
  • Enid and K.O.'s attempts to patch up Rad and Red Action's relationship just causes their Power Battle to get more intense. They go from a Big Ball of Violence to blasting each other with their powers to dog-fighting in their respective vehicles (Red Action's tank and Rad's van).
  • During their trip back to the events of "Plaza Prom", Enid briefly worries about causing some kind of time paradox. K.O. tells her not to worry... and then it's revealed she was talking to past K.O. (still in his tuxedo) all along, and he's sitting next to the K.O. from Enid's timeline.
  • Rad is understandably indignant that Red Action describes him as "an unimportant person" to her past self.

  • When brainstorming non-villainous things to do, K.O. remarks that he likes watching "sports-game" with Mr. Gar. Venomous decides to organize a game of Mega-Football between the robots (with Sailor-Suit Darrel, Cop Darrel, and Cowboy Darrel vs. Shannon, Jethro, and Raymond), which quickly descends into chaos.
  • How does Enid free Venomous and K.O. from Carl's super-sticky slime? With some non-stick cooking spray she borrowed from her dad.

     "Dendy's Video Channel" 
  • When Boxman tries to kick out Shadowy Venomous, the latter points out that, as the majority shareholder, he is the one in charge at Boxmore. He then hands Boxman a cardboard box labelled "DIAPERS" and tells him to pack his things. Boxman somehow manages to fit Ernesto, Darrel, Shannon, Raymond, and Mikayla in the box at once as he walks out on Venomous.
  • As Boxman leaves the Bots at the Bodega and solemnly walks away, the robots all start bickering over who's going to miss their daddy the most and get into a Big Ball of Violence. Meanwhile, Boxman literally walks off into the sunset, much to the confusion of Cool Sun.
  • After Dendy's failed attempt to cheer up Rad and Enid, the latter two literally collapse into weeping blobs as they head off on yet another mission to clean up the chaos T.K.O. is causing.
  • The Boxmore Bots use The Power of Love to combine into one powerful form... which is introduced as "Special Edition Ersharreyland", before the Boss Subtitles are crossed out and replaced with "Boxbot Prime - Together At Last! Why Didn't They Think of This Sooner?"
    • Ernesto forms Boxbot Prime's buttocks.
  • When Boxbot Prome beats T.K.O. They say this:
    Boxbot Prime: That was for Jethro!
    Shannon: And Boxmore Jr.!
    Darrel: No. Just Jethro.

    "Let's Fight To The End!" 
  • Dogmun vs. Invisible God Aquarius. They just stand there staring at each other until Aquarius explodes for no apparent reason.
  • When K.O. wakes up after his Split-Personality Merge, he's horrified at what he did as T.K.O., as all his friends and family have seemingly vanished after he drained their powers. Then the President of the Universe shows up to congratulate him on winning the tournament.
    President: How does it feel?
    K.O.: (tearful) Terrible...
    President: Hmm, that's not groovy.

     "Thank You For Watching the Show" 
  • One of the time skips features the return of K.O., Rad, and Enid's animal forms... along with Shannon as a Cat Girl, Raymond as a lizard-man, and Darrel as a hamster in a plastic ball.
  • After Enid leaves to go to study at Witch College, Rad assures K.O. that he'll never leave him... then after the next time skip, he leaves to join the Planet X Space Force.
  • In reference to K.O.'s deliberately Vague Age of "6-11 years old", the Time Passes Montage features shots of Gar, Carol, Enid, Rad, and Dendy getting together to celebrate K.O.'s 13-17th, 18-24th, and 35th+ birthday.
  • Gertie and Gladys mourn at the grave of Ginger. After they leave, however, Ginger emerges from behind her tombstone.
    Ginger: Double cross!
  • K.O. runs to see his mother and Mr. Gar in a hospital room with Carol holding something wrapped in a blanket. Turns out it was a plate of pancakes!
  • Pird manages to raise his own family... of bird-people visually identical to him.
    (Pird's family screams in unison, followed by Pird screaming back.)



  • Corrosive Acid: Why do we even sell this?

"Enid's Bad Day"

  • Enid stopping her destruction of the bodega, simply because it's break time.

"Boxmore Infomercial"

  • The entire short really, due to the quality of the infomercial itself.