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Radar / OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

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The Show

“Sibling Rivalry”

  • Raymond, upon seeing Rad’s finger beams before the impending fight starts, responds with “Oh, finger blasters! Nice try, brah, but you’re gonna have to do a little better than that to roll with me!

"Presenting Joe Cuppa"

"Plaza Prom"

  • As Brandon is texting his "date" in the beginning, his phone case appears to have an anthromorphic marijuana leaf on it.
    • Due to the existence of this artwork, this was 100% intentional.
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  • Some of the moves in the "Dance Battle" are a little suggestive, such as Raymond's hip swivel after he changes to his Elvis jumpsuit and Rad grabbing his crotch during his finishing move. Raymond's reaction to that doesn't help either.

"The Power is Yours!"

"Rad Likes Robots"

  • One of the scenes in this episode shows Shannon fantasizing about Rad after she falls in love with him. It immediately starts with Shannon saying this:
    Shannon: Oh, Rad...How I LONG for your warm, fleshy arms wrapped around my cold, artificial exterior!


"RMS & Brandon's First Episode"

  • RMS and Brandon go to meet Drupe in an alley to try some really sour candy. However, considering that they're taking turns trying the candy, their reactions to said candy, the green coloring of the candy, along with Drupe's dialogue, behavior, and the fact that she summoned them to an alley makes it seem that the scene was made to be like they're passing a joint around (or something of the sort). The pack even says "MEGA MAGIC fake candy dip" on the front.

"Action News"

  • On one of the broadcast cards it says "Serious Truckery."

"TKO's House"

  • Throughout this episode T.K.O. is wearing a T-shirt with a pentagram on it. Unfortunately the censors caught on and in his next appearance his T-shirt is blank.

"Dendy's Power"

  • One of the items that appear in the background of Brandon's POW card look like the apparent marijuana leaf on his phone case, except spikier. When Potato congratulates him on his "cool broccoli theme", Brandon makes a face that looks amused and/or nervous.

"All In The Villainy"

TKO Rules!

  • One of the things that TKO writes on the wall (atop the TV) is HE#CK. If you Freeze Frame you can actually make out an L in that scribble.

The Game

  • In OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes, we hear this from Mr. Gar when he explains to K.O. what T.K.O. did:
    Mr. Gar: That little whippersnapper that looks like you started trashing the plaza! Then... vamoosed! I asked him to please stop, and he told me to "get bent!"


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