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Fridge Brilliance

  • Red Action's hair was probably messed up in "You're Everyone's Sidekick" because she visited Mr Logic on the day he was "20% off," before KO helped him.
  • How come K.O. was the only one who saved everyone in "Face Your Fear"? Because, excluding Enid, his fear resistance is 15 while Mr. Gar is 8 and Rad is 11.
  • The ending theme includes the lyric "Every second that you see is / 24 connected pieces". This might not make much sense, but it's a way to say that every second is composed of 24 drawings used as frames.
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  • Professor Venomous has a minion who is some sort of rat creature, and her name is Fink. A "rat fink" is a rather derogatory way of calling someone a snitch or informant of some sort, a fitting title for Venomous' head minion.
  • Why does Boxman only send one robot at a time to attack the plaza instead of sending an army? While his factory does make a ton of robots and they could possibly destroy the plaza with their large numbers, those robots are for his clients only. Episodes like "We're Captured" and "Stop Attacking the Plaza" has shown that Boxman's constant attack on the plaza has been hindering his robot-selling business, so he has to keep his attacks to a minimal to focus on his actual job so he can satisfy his clients and his investors. Not to mention that his robot minions have a Hero Level of -4 and Mr. Gar is level 11, so he could easily take them out and it would be a waste of resources for Boxman.
    • In "Villains' Night Out", it's revealed that Boxman builds every robots with glorbs that he creates with his glorb processing plant. And since glorbs are hard to come by, he has to make sure that each glorb is used to its utmost efficiency.
  • In Enid's mom's debut episode, she helps to defeat two ghosts. She does this by sucking them out of their hosts...which is something she, as a vampire, would have a natural talent for.
  • When the trio were turned into wereanimals, it did not turn them into animals based on their traits, but on their Hidden Depths and personality. Enid as a rabbit symbolic her past as shy and lonely person, just like a rabbit. Rad as a cat symbolic his ego and pride, but at the same time, his softer side. K.O. as a dog symbolic his loyalty and determination. Dog are also related to wolves, something T.K.O. is like.
    • Alternatively, their wereanimal forms are based on all their traits, Hidden Depths and personality. Rad works at the Bodega, is a stockboy, and takes yoga (cats love stretching themselves, and yoga is all about stretching). He also finds the time to babysit Gertie's children and is a Kindhearted Cat Lover who volunteers at the local pet store, so he's pretty flexible. Enid on the other hand, is indeed quick on her feet as she is a ninja. She's also a Deadpan Snarker, something Bugs Bunny is like, and is a Kick Chick. So a bunny form is perfect for her!
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  • Why isn't the Ernesto line interested in Boxman's attention and favor like the rest of the robots? Because they're built as responsible adults while the fighters are based on teenagers which makes them more immature and wild.
  • It seems odd that P.O.I.N.T. doesn't do anything to stop Boxman since he's creating robot henchmen for several villains, so why doesn't P.O.I.N.T. make an effort to stop him completely? First, Boxman is only limiting his villainy at the Lakewood Plaza so he really hasn't done anything outside the plaza to attract P.O.I.N.T.'s attention. Second, Carol and Gar were former members of P.O.I.N.T. and they have greatly improved since their early days, so P.O.I.N.T. doesn't have to worry about Boxman going too far since they know Carol and Gar can handle things there. And third, the other villains consider Boxman as a joke villain, and since they don't take him seriously why should P.O.I.N.T. consider Boxman a threat?
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  • As shown in "Point to the Plaza," it appears that Mr. Gar had a sour falling-out with P.O.I.N.T. after Laserblast's death/disappearance, and that Gar's old teammates (or Foxtail, at least) do indeed blame him for what happened. This is probably why Mr. Gar assumed Carol hated him for all those years: Carol is also pretending to be a former member of the organization, not to mention she and Laserblast were dating at the time. Everyone else in P.O.I.N.T. seems to blame Gar for what happened, so why wouldn't she?
  • After Boxman attacks the plaza in "You're Level 100", K.O. gets angry; his eyelids darken and lightning appears around his fists. Seem familiar?
  • Elodie and Enid's rivalry makes extra sense on a meta level given that Enid is a ninja and Elodie is a magical girl. They represent competing genres of anime! Enid is a Shōnen character while Elodie is a Shoujo heroine.
  • Why would Mr. Gar send Rad and Enid on a delivery that would allow them to work out their underlying issues? Because Gar himself finally started working on the issues between him and Carol. It makes sense that he'd want to help someone else with the same problem.
  • The Ghoul School girls don’t appear to have aged a day while Enid grew up into a young woman since they last met. One explanation is that the other girls are monsters that do not age or age very slowly in fiction.
    • They are Scooby Doo characters: the gang have been floating around between 'teenager' and 'young adult' for decades.
  • The use of the 'Go' and 'Reboot' versions of Raven and Ben in Crossover Nexus may be a slight nod to the fact that their original versions were residents of 'CN City', and their reboot nature explains why they hopped in from another reality, and why Ben turned into the original, not reboot, Buttercup.
  • Similarly, Strike likely had multiple targets running around at once (first Ben and Garnet, then Ben, Garnet, and K.O, plus Raven who was already all but defeated) because he likely had found that several of the heroes he defeated, like Chowder, Sheep, and Rodney, were entirely comedic characters and not physical threats. He likely had several running around so he wouldn't be entirely bored if he didn't grab someone who could put up a fight like Rex or Juniper.
  • In “Monster Party”, Rad makes Enid nervous to reveal her true nature to her friends by saying “Give the people what they’re expecting” and mentioning that Enid is completely different from before she transferred from Ghoul School. Now let’s examine what Rad has been through:
    • 1. He keeps his unmanly secrets from most people because it’s not what they expect from a macho-looking guy like Rad.
    • 2. The reason he and Enid ended up being broken apart was because he acted like a pushy jerk; completely different from what Rad displayed before.
    • In other words, Rad isn’t simply trying to be a jerk. He’s speaking from experience.
  • So why did Fink conveniently run out of energy in "Villain's Night Out"? Sure, it could have been because of Plot Armor, or creating the flame ball used up all of the energy, but the glowing orb inside of the flame she produced suspiciously looked like a... well, Glorb. She most likely used the Glorb in her collar in order to create the flaming ball.
  • In "Big Reveal", Venomous/Laserblast says that the reason he went behind the backs of everyone at P.O.I.N.T. was because he felt he wasn’t as good as the rest of his teammates. In "We Are Heroes", K.O. gets depressed because he feels like he doesn’t have enough in him to measure up to Rad and Enid. In other words, Like Father, Like Son. The only difference being that K.O. was able to get out of his funk because of how he displayed maturity in the next mission, while Laserblast kept his personal talents away from the team and suffered from it.
  • Rad seems a bit more introspective and mature than usual in "Radical Rescue" especially when K.O starts imitating his normal overly macho behavior. Bear in mind that this takes place after Rad had visited the home planet of his species and saw how out of hand the machismo driven outlook he's adopted for his life could get. He's probably been rethinking some of his life choices and also got an outside perspective on how he likely comes across to others and the path that led him there because of how drastic a departure it is from K.O's normal personality.
  • In "K.O. vs. Fink", Fink lasts for only a few seconds with 6 Glorbs powering her Turbo form, even though as seen in "Villain's Night In", a single Glorb lasted her 5 minutes. Why? Probably because the Glorbs she used were being used to power her Glorb bag, so her Turbo form was running on depleted Glorbs, or the Glorbs she used were powering both her Turbo form and her Glorb bag at the same time.
  • In "T.K.O. Rules", while waiting for the update K.O. is reading The Children’s Illustrated Carl Jung Treasury. T.K.O. is basically K.O.’s Shadow (the parts of himself he dislikes) and purity incarnate K.O. is a Persona (the identity he shows to everyone). In true Jungian fashion, the conflict between them is only resolved once K.O. accepts that T.K.O. is not a monster someone created and forced upon him but is indeed part of him, followed by a Split-Personality Merge.
  • In the first episode, Ernesto was trying to inquire Boxman of a client who had called him. That client must've been none other than Professor Venomous.

Fridge Horror

  • The aspect of being a hero seems to be getting darker and darker as the series goes on. With Elodie getting a scholarship for P.O.I.N.T. Academy despite backstabbing someone who showed her mercy, and Dendy not getting a Pow Card (despite the villains having one) due to being a Kappa. Has the meaning of being a hero has lost in their world and been replaced by being how powerful one person can be?
    • The secondary reason of this theory given has been altered in the episode it first appeared in. In "No More Pow Cards", the Pow card system is altered to accept kappas, but it is rather strange that it was kept in for so long.
  • Where exactly does Lord Boxman get his supplies to make his robots from? Darrel has a Brain in a Jar, Shannon appears to have skin on her face and has human feet, and Raymond and Ernesto both have real hair (and it isn't Robot Hair).
    • At best, he gets these parts from cadavers. At worst, from living victims.
      • Or they're simply cloned tissue.
    • In "We're Captured", when K.O. asks Lord Boxman if he intends to cook and eat him and the others, Boxman simply says "I'm a villain, not a monster." This may be a possibility that Boxman doesn't mutilate people for his robots, but it still makes you wonder if he actually would do that under certain circumstances.
  • If the Captain Planet and the Planeteers crossover is canon, it means Verminous Skumm exists in this universe and has been out there ruining people's lives.
    • Every crossover is indeed canon... Uh oh.
  • Just the thought of how powerful Shadowy Figure may be is bad enough. For starters, he's been able to handle himself well against K.O., who's surpassed his mother and Mr. Gar (both Level 11 heroes who are among the strongest of all the world) and without going all out nor even truly hurting him. Just imagine what he'd be able to do if he didn’t hold back!
  • In "RMS & Brandon's First Episode", a Real Magic Skeleton plans on applying for a new job. When he's explaining it to Brandon, he remarks, "And with the extra 25 pennies a week, it'll only take me, like...two-thousand years to become a millionaire!" Was this line exaggerated for comedy, or can an enchanted skeleton like RMS actually live for that long? Is that a real possibility? If it is, then RMS is going to end up outliving Brandon.
  • Has anyone thought about the repercussions of suddenly having that massive a power boost and then having it activated without their permission or self-control? Keep in mind that glorbs are the things used in ROBOTS and that the only organic creature to use a glorb’s power before the Gifted and Talented students was Fink, and not only was this with her consent, but her method of absorption is through a specially made collar. Imagine what having a really powerful object like that coursing through your body without ANY restraining factor must feel like! Even worse when you consider that Chip's supposed to be a hero, as is Foxtail, the one who was actually behind the plan and who is still pulling Karma Houdini, while Venomous is a villain.
  • Carol turns out to still be working with Foxtail, meaning she's working with someone who very deliberately threatened KO's Cool Big Sis, Enid, and someone very important to said Cool Big Sis. KO seems to have worked out some of what his mom's up to but the fall out when he realizes the whole picture probably won't be pretty...
  • Despite the hilarity of the situation, there is a frightening undertone to the fact that all our favorite CN heroes have been turned to stone for who-knows-how-long; they were either left as literal statues, meaning they were essentially dead until they were saved by K.O. and his new friends, or they were in a "I Can’t Move My Mouth But I Must Scream" situation where they were aware of what was going on around them but unable to do anything about it. It's hard to decide whether it's more horrifying to see the ones who got rendered as statues before they could realize what was about to happen (like Jeff) or the ones who tried to fight back to no avail (like Kelsey).
  • Since Holojane has been seeing the layers of her world and the spaces in between, that means she probably spent most of her life in a paused world that only becomes active whenever she's on screen... this also doubles as fridge brilliance, as most, if not all of those moments would include K.O. or the other main characters being on screen with Holojane present in some way.
  • A.U. magic being banned makes a hell of a lot of sense once you consider how many parallel universes would be an absolute nightmare to live in, such as the hit live-action series: "Real Life", which would theoretically cause so many problems. Also, A.U. magic might allow for the transportation of things from other universes into your own, which would again, cause so many problems but on a massive scale. This type of magic would border on pretty much every single class of Apocalypse How, which probably explains how it was banned only 10 years ago.
  • Venomous's trap for Rad, Enid and K.O. was pretty much one of the darkest things a villain has done in this show without it being played up for comedy: he was basically going to convince all of them that they had each died in gruesome ways in order to break them mentally, with his end goal most likely being to get them to lose hope and slowly die alone.
    • Not to mention that the goo clones have all the memories of the originals. That basically means that he made versions of K.O., Rad and Enid die and suffer in horrible ways just to antagonize the heroes. Not to mention that we only saw what happened in front of K.O.. What happened in front of the real Rad and Enid, or even the goo clones of the trio?
    • Those goo clones— are they still conscious even after being destroyed?? Professor Venomous mentioned that they all had souls, and since their bodies are goo their souls would probably remain in their bodies after death. Also, Venomous doesn't seem above it all to keep goo clones of K.O., Rad and Enid just to torture them or use them for other plans. Wait a second... Where did he even get those souls!?
      • If he can create artificial souls with a certain set of memories and a body of his choosing, then what’s stopping him from unleashing an army of T.K.O.s on the plaza? Or creating something even worse? Let’s hope that the main cast gets strong enough before then.
      • Hopefully by "souls" he was talking philosophically and meant that the goo clones are just as sapient as the "real" flesh and blood trio. Still rather horrific, but at least it removes the implication PV's been going around killing people to use in his twisted experiments.
    • Even worse considering that K.O is his son, meaning that for all purposes, he showed that he would absolutely kill him if given the chance or for fun.
      • Well, it’s quite possible that he just didn’t know that K.O. was his son, as Carol not only was undercover, but didn’t even interact with Venomous in any way. In fact, it’s quite possible that he didn’t know she was pregnant, as Carol mentions finding out after Laserblast’s “death”, and he did seem a little curious when K.O. showed up with his old helmet, and agreed to reschedule for weekends with K.O., instead of trying to kill him.
      • Keep in mind that Professor Venomous recognised K.O after his moustache fell off in "We Got Captured". Even if he had a hunch he showed no remorse after torturing his own son.
      • He probably only knew K.O. because of how Boxman described him instead of any prior interaction. Also, he could have simply known K.O. from people recounting who helped them with certain problems. Or from that brief bit of fame K.O. had with his glitched power level of 100.
  • Given how Venomous shows a lot of sadistic glee in torturing and hurting K.O, his biological son, it brings into question how really "positive" his relationship with Fink may actually be, what would happen if one day she were to become good?
    • It probably wouldn’t be that bad, considering that he bears no ill will towards K.O. for trying to reschedule, and even suggests weekends for time with K.O., so it’s possible that Fink could still have a positive relationship with Venomous, possibly even having some good time with K.O., as well.
  • K.O. and Carol's reactions to the titular "Big Reveal" are bad enough...and then you start to remember how Mr. Gar lived with the guilt for supposedly causing "The Sandwich Incident" for years, and how Foxtail became a Well-Intentioned Extremist who was willing to harm her students and use dangerous technology she initially decried in a misguided attempt to not lose anyone else. How exactly are the other members of P.O.I.N.T going to react when they find out what Laserblast has become?

Fridge Meta

  • Geneva said in a Twitter post that every OC is canon. While Ian JQ said it was only a joke, this still makes sense in the OK K.O. universe. Since there are infinite alternate realities within the OK K.O. universe, your OCs literally are canon! Including you.

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