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Tear Jerker / OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

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     Season One 
"Let's Be Heroes"
  • K.O. learning the hard way on how to become a hero. When Darrell attacks the plaza, K.O. jumps in to fight him. While it looks like K.O. is winning against Darrell, it was All Just a Dream. It didn't help K.O.'s self-esteem that A Real Magic Skeleton recorded his blunder and showed it to him.

"Let's Be Friends"

  • Lord Boxman manipulating K.O. into believing that Rad and Enid hate him after K.O.'s attempts to impress them made a large mess of the Bodega.

"Jethro's All Yours"

  • K.O. being offended by Rad's comment on him being simple like Jethro. K.O. tries to convince Rad that he and Jethro both have depth but is disappointed that when Mega-Jethro is attacking the plaza he is simply defeated by just switching lever that makes him go forward or reverse. When Rad sees how hurt K.O. is by his comment, he ensures K.O. he has a lot more to offer than Jethro.

"I am Dendy"

  • K.O being trapped inside a robot's mouth while Dendy just waits outside. She doesn't do anything to help him and only uses this moment to study K.O. while he tries desperately to punch his way out of the robot. She only decides to help him when he mentions that he collects Pow Cards. She apparently feels guilty about putting him danger.

"My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad"

  • K.O. looks genuinely hurt and upset when Chameleon Jr. mentions having a powerful dad. Even Rad and Beardo have nothing to say about it.
  • When K.O. tells Carol why he dragged her into a fight, Carol looks sad and assures K.O. that his father was a great hero. This further hints that K.O.'s father is no longer alive.
    • When we learn that K.O.'s father is Professor Venomous, this episode takes on a different sad tinge.

"You Have to Care"

  • Everything about Enid's flashback about how Elodie and her were friends. It's especially heartbreaking to see how Elodie stabbed Enid in the back just to win the contest to enter the P.O.I.N.T. Academy. No wonder Enid has so many emotional issues.
    • What make this worst is the fact that despite Enid showing mercy to Elodie, who later backstabbed her in front of everyone, the audience still cheers for Elodie and she still got her entrance to P.O.I.N.T. Academy.

"Second First Date"

  • When Enid almost falls to her death during the date battle, she sounds resigned to her fate and gives a short monologue;
    Enid: Well, I guess this is it. I'm gonna go the way I live; giving chances to jerks who don't deserve it.
  • That in itself is a tearjerker, because it can mean that her death would finally give Enid peace, and that she views Rad and Elodie as people who she should have never befriended.


  • Seeing K.O. break down in tears after Shadowy Figure tells him that his friends do not respect him and see him as a weakling. Just the fact that the happy little kid we know from the first episode is breaking down so much was heart-wrenching.
    • When his initial anger doesn't work, K.O. is even more furious at himself. He comes close to quitting his dream of being a hero.
  • T.K.O attacking his friends and mother when they try to snap him out of his Emo Teen attitude, especially his reaction when he breaks free of his darker side.
  • Does Radicles get angry after being punched into orbit and crash landing into the parking lot? Does he get right back up and start throwing punches? Not immediately—he's so badly hurt, both physically and emotionally, he can only whimper pathetically for a few minutes as he lies in the impact crater. He's visibly struggling and back in the fight a few minutes later, but it's hard to see someone who's usually so tough brought so low and by someone he knows and trusts as a friend.

"No More Pow Cards"

  • When K.O and Dendy were about to drop their Pow Card collection in a volcano due to believing they were bad.
    • Doubles when you realize that they liked Pow Cards their whole lives. It's almost like having to drop something you liked your whole life in a volcano.
    • Also doubles as Heartwarming Moment with this:
      K.O.: DENDY, I CAN'T DO IT! These cards are important to me! Ah! I know they're bad, but... I still like them. I'm sorry, Dendy. [Sniffs]
      Dendy: K.O, I— [Shakily] I don't want to throw them away, either.
      K.O.: [Gasps]
      Dendy: I can't explain why, but I just don't. I don't know how I can still feel attached to something that I know is bad.
      K.O.: Maybe... Maybe, we're bad...
      Dendy: Or maybe we can appreciate what's good about Pow Cards while still recognizing their faults! K.O, we don't have to volcano our Pow Cards. We can like them for what they mean to us.
      K.O: I'm so glad this is all solved now.
  • The look on poor Dendy's face while she listens to Mr. Cardsley's speech about how Kappas could never be real heroes. It looks like her optimism gradually gives way to depression and acceptance that she can't change the way things are.

"A Hero's Fate"

  • Knowing that Hero left his group from RPG World is sad enough as it is, but that he left them for a long period of times is even harder since most of the fans of KO were a fan of this group.
  • After K.O. breakdown and told Hero that he wanted to do other things besides leveling up and asked Hero if he ever wanted to do anything else with someone else. Hero gives a sad reaction, showing that he realized he left behind so many people he cared about for even more power. Luckily, he learned his lesson and went back, even ends up having a family with Chery.
    • K.O. rants is similar to Ian Jones Quartey rants about the RPG World. Despite loving his work and writing, he still want to try anything else and wants a break which was hard for him.

"Let's Have A Stakeout"

  • Seeing K.O. bother Mr. Gar with so many questions? Hillarious. This line? Not so much.
    K.O.: Sorry, Mr. Gar. It's just...I am not used to having a big guy around to ask questions.
    • This really shows how lonely K.O. is and how much he wants a father figure despite having a wonderful mother.
  • K.O. realizing that he let Shadowy Figure into the area he wanted to break in and that he failed Mr. Gar by disobeying orders. He even gets close to turning back into Turbo!
  • Mr. Gar finds K.O. and scolds him for leaving his post until he sees K.O. break down in tears and go on about how much he messed up and how sorry he is. Mr. Gar stops right away and comforts him in his own gruff way.
  • Mr. Gar reaction when K.O. asked him why he left P.O.I.N.T., it was clear that Mr. Gar made a huge mistake during the Sandwich Incident. Despite Carol seemingly forgiving him, Mr. Gar still hasn't forgiven himself.

"Rad Likes Robots"

  • When Shannon gets her circuits damaged during a thunderstorm fight with the Bodega Crew, she begins a romantic relationship with Rad, who reciprocates. Everyone's against them hooking up, but especially Shannon's brothers. When they learn that Rad and Shannon were running away together, they try to kill Rad before Lord Boxman destroys her and only stop once Shannon breaks up with him and reboots to her original factory settings. Rad is so crestfallen, he swears that Shannon meant nothing to him Shannon actually faked her rebooting to be with Rad and to get her brothers off her back, but overhearing Rad's rejection of her, reboots for real and goes back to her usual self.
    • It's visually heartbreaking too, quite literally. Shannon falling in love is shown by the gem in her chest and her inner circuitry going from a green glow to a pink one. When she overhears Rad's rejection, she clutches her chest in pain, and we see the light go DEAD rather than change color, and her chest panel seemingly opening on its own before she presses the reboot button without any hesitation.
    • Even worse is the logistics of it, Shannon's family (as opposed to Rad's best friends) relentlessly try an make her reboot in order to erase an unintentionally made, but ultimately good side of herself, or else she'll be destroyed by Boxman. If she decides to go with Rad, Boxman would probably destroy her for good, which considering how he punishes his robots, is a very real possibility. No matter which way one looks at it, her family doesn't respect her decision to be happy and she ultimately gives in to making herself "normal" while Rad is still not entirely over her.

"The Power is Yours"

  • A very depressing example of Reality Ensues occurs in this episode. Captain Planet and Kwame elaborate on how the environmentalist messages they were spreading reached few or none, how corporate greed has made pollution so much worse now, and that the rest of the Planeteers (Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti) broke off the team due to finding "real jobs", meaning no one could summon Captain Planet for years to help people.

"Glory Days"

  • During the Junior P.O.I.N.T. member's induction ceremony, the team shares a group hug and Laserblast cheerfully says that they'll always be together. While in the present, Laserblast became Professor Venomous after faking his death, Carol and Gar have left the team, and Gar has trouble even being in Carol's vicinity.
    • Made even worse after "P.O.I.N.T to the Plaza" where Foxtail and Gar outright hate each other and it's implied the rest of P.O.I.N.T hates him as well, you gotta feel for Laserblast who could never know that his disappearance would destroy the team completely.

"Back in Red Action"

  • When Red Action invites Enid to hang out with her, Enid wasn't sure what to make of it. When K.O. points out to Enid that Red wants to hang out with her, Enid still has her doubts and thinks Red is just messing with her. Considering her past friendship with Elodie ended badly, it's understandable why Enid would be wary and not immediately take up Red's invitation, no matter how much she admires her.
  • The fall out of Red and her previous team, the Hue Troop. After she accidentally destroyed the Prism Crystal and decided to run away, her team believed she was a traitor and started hunting her down. It seems that after deserting her team, she lost all respect for them after realizing how cheesy they are. When her team confronts her, Red has no problem hurting them and is more than happy to fight them, shocking her former friends. After replacing the Prism Crystal and her team forgives her and invites her back to the future, she chooses to stay in 201X.

"Let's Take a Moment"

  • After being kept in the dark for so long, we're finally given the full story behind the mysterious "Sandwich Incident" and why Gar to this day has a crippling fear of being around Carol. It isn't just because of his crush on her. Turns out while staying lookout during a mission they were both with Laserblast during their P.O.I.N.T. days, Gar trying to express his feelings to Carol by comparing their relationship to a sandwich ends up getting Laserblast killed, shrunk, sucked into a black hole, or some combination of at least two of those. Carol blamed Gar for losing her at-the-time boyfriend and Gar has felt immensely guilty for it ever since. Gar's hysteric crying at the sight of Silver Spark in "Face Your Fears" was almost funny, but absolutely not after this episode. Even after apologizing to Carol in the present, he's just bawling. Damn. Imagine confessing your love to your crush (who you already have a cherishable friendship with), only for her to not only see you as just a friend, but for tragedy to strike because of it and you're condemned by her for it. Gar has been holding some serious emotional weight since long before the start of the show.
  • In the beginning Doctor Greyman loses his abilities. It's treated rather seriously and the episode doesn't say if he got them back or not.

"Villains' Night In"

  • The look into the lives of the Boxmore robots when not antagonising the Plaza is really hard to see, Shannon and Darrell have mentalities of young teenagers and are treated miserably by Lord Boxman who uses very emotionally manipulative tools to maintain their loyalties.

"Let's Watch the Pilot"

  • Even though a lot of it is Played for Laughs, Rad being mocked for needing a stunt double and both Rad and Enid resenting KO for being, in their eyes, a Spoiled Brat while he genuinely admires and looks up to them is kinda sad as is the big fight the trio get into.

"Lad and Logic"

  • Mr. Logic's backstory. He was Lord Boxman's first creation and the two were best friends, with Logic helping Boxman found his factory. But when Mr. Gar began building the plaza, Boxman became utterly obsessed with it, abandoning all his ambitions in favor of trying to destroy the plaza. When Mr. Logic realized both how pointless this was and that creating things was better than destroying, he tried to get Boxman to grow up and let go of his petty hatred of the plaza. Instead, Boxman was so enraged over his creation "betraying" him that he kicked Logic out and designed the current Boxmore robots to basically act like slaves. In the present, Mr. Logic bluntly says that Boxman completely destroyed their friendship for the sake of his pointless vendetta.

"You're in control"

  • Once Darrel realizes that he was running nearly all of Boxmore on his own he says that he finally gets to be the favorite, implying that he's usually overlooked in favor of whichever robot at Boxmore has recently impressed Boxman, only to have his hopes shot down when Boxman jr. came into the picture

     Season Two 
"Lord Cowboy Darrel"
  • Despite the fact that Boxman brought losing his factory on himself, it's hard not to feel bad to see his Humiliation Conga Line
  • After Lord Cowboy Darrel sent Lord Boxman to attack the plaza, he muttered "See how you like it" implying that the only reason he ever did that was to gain Boxman's approval

"Your World Is An Illusion"

  • K.O. goes through a horrific existential crisis upon Illusion Jane introducing to him the idea that the universe is fictional. One moment that stands out in particular is that he couldn't even properly hug his own mother for comfort from his situation, because his "frames" were outside of the fourth wall of the scenery Carol was in. Even though they could still see each other, they could not actually feel each other. This confused Carol, but devastated K.O. to tears.

Point to the Plaza

  • Though Mr. Gar is still on good terms with Carol, he seems to have completely lost faith in P.O.I.N.T.; for Foxtail, the feeling seems to be mutual. When Foxtail is explaining how destructive the Gloops are and that they ruin people's lives, she tells Gar "Looks like you two have something in common," obviously referring to what happened to Laserblast. Ouch.
    • Especially harsh because Foxtail is the one who recruited Gar for P.O.I.N.T. in the first place because he impressed her with his skills in the ring. It's pretty clear neither has any good feelings towards the other anymore all because of a single bad choice.

Red Action to the Future

  • While Enid is happy hanging out with Red Action, she's saddened when she's reminded that Red is from the future and she knows that eventually she has to return to the future. When K.O. tells them he has a new favorite flavored chip, Enid tells him to not get too attached, believing those chips are probably a limited edition, which is how she feels about her friendship with Red.
  • Enid having trouble trying to tell Red Action to stay in the present. She's afraid that if she tells her to stay then Red will think she's too clingy and she won't want to hang out with her anymore. Enid tells Red that it's okay for her to go to the future while pretending she doesn't care. When Enid finds out that Red has been in the future for months, she worried that Red will grow up and forget about her. Enid realizes that allowing Red to go to the future defeats the whole purpose of what she was trying to prevent since she's not hanging out with her now and she immediately regrets not being honest with Red.
  • What Red Action goes through in the future. Red goes to the future believing that they can end the "ultimate battle for the universe" as soon as possible, but the battle becomes a war and it drags on for months, then years, and then they were finally able to end the war in a decade or so. The longer she was in the future, she fully embraced her role as a Hue Trooper and became more serious, compared to her present self. She even got a scar on her left eye. By the time the war ended, Red has become an adult and she had to miss out on her youth and spending time with Enid.

Bittersweet Rivals

  • As it turns out, Dr. Greyman never got his powers back. In fact, he was crippled from the waist down by losing them and now seems like a shadow of his former self. He’s also obviously still hurting over it all, as a student making a snarky comment about his powerlessness nearly sends him into a rage. Worst of all, he might be one of the few teachers who isn’t in on Chip Damage’s honor student conspiracy, but if so he can’t do anything about it because he doesn’t even know it’s happening...

Mystery Sleepover

  • Elodie verbally lashing KO for even showing interest into becoming a future student at Point Prep.

Final Exams

  • When Greyman tells Enid and Elodie the reason why he made Chip Damage, a flashback appears where the members of POINT (sans Gar), can be seen mourning Laserblast's apparent death, it's played dead seriously and there's no humor in it (aside from a bucket of lollipops in Laserblast's memoirs), it really shows how much the team was affected by the apparent death of their friend.
  • Foxtail coldly firing Greyman when the latter refuses her Well-Intentioned Extremist actions, with her telling him that "In POINT there's no place for the powerless", Greyman was noticeably hurt by Foxtail being behind Chip Damage's actions, but this was bad enough that it caused him to storm out in anger and sorrow asking Foxtail to find another Head of Wisdom.
    • To make things worse all it took for Foxtail to outright dissmiss her old friend, was Greyman opposing her actions, and she showed no remorse whatsoever for hurting him and firing him, it's clear that Laserblast's death affected her greatly and no longer is she the great hero she once was, now she's a shadow of her former self, willing to endanger the lives of allies and rivals alike, as well as dismiss former friends should they disagree with her.

Monster Party

  • How about the fact that the Ghoul School gang have only vague memories of Shaggy and Scooby and no recollection of Scrappy at all? They've all but forgotten their beloved Coach and his companions.
  • Just Enid being terrified about what her friends will think when they find out she's a ninja and not a witch like they assume, thanks to Rad instilling doubt in her. Thankfully, their views on her don't change at all when she finally comes clean.
  • A small one: While Wilhamena is joyfully watching her daughter and her friends have fun, Bernard is sitting on their bed in a fetal position, clearly disappointed that he cannot spend time with them too because he has to stay indoors away from the full moon.

All in the Villainy

  • Fink and Darrell's respective reactions to their favorite things being destroyed, while humorous with how it actually happens, are still pretty sad.
  • When Fink saves Darrell from Enid and Rad, he tells her that nobody has ever saved him in battle before. Sure, we've seen them battle many times before and know for a fact that they've never jumped to rescue each other from harm, but it is still a sad thought when remembering they are basically siblings.

Sidekick Scouts

  • Combo Breaker running out of the store crying after K.O. becomes fed up with him and calls him a nuisance. It's especially painful since Combo is more or less K.O. at the beginning of the series pre- Character Development and that Combo's overzealousness in trying to help is supposed to mirror his. What's worse is that K.O. in the beginning started thinking Enid and Rad thought of him as a nuisance even though they were always patient and never lost their temper with him, yet he's doing exactly that to Combo.

Ok A.U.!

  • After having gotten to know Rad, Enid and K.O., seeing their robot counterparts attack one another and be abused by Boxman can be pretty hard to watch.

     Season Three 

TKO Rules!

  • The episode ends with K.O. officially giving up on rehabilitating T.K.O. after the latter proves just how unhinged he is. Having enough of his counterpart's destructive actions, K.O. proceeds to lock him in the deepest parts of his subconscious, giving him a blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he's done nothing but make K.O.'s life miserable since day one and how he was an idiot for ever thinking he could change. The final shot of the episode is T.K.O. breaking down in tears and screaming his head off.
    • It gets even sadder when you remember that one of the drawings we see of him implies that he does feel guilt over his destructive nature but he can't control himself.

K.O. vs. Fink

  • The whole episode revolves around Fink essentially bullying K.O. for being a momma's boy, bringing K.O. to levels of anger that would usually bring out T.K.O. With Fink pretty much being used as the episode's bully archetype, you'd think it would end with everything being hunky-dory after K.O. beats Fink with the power of friendship... but then things get sadder when we find out that all along, Fink just wanted attention from Venomous, who has been too busy to do anything besides work and give her gifts. It shows a great contrast to how gentle he treated her in Villains Night In, coddling her as she fell asleep in his arms. Not to mention that the episode just ends with Fink sulking into her room and flopping down on the floor.
  • This also gets worse in hindsight after "Let's Get Shadowy", where we learn that the real reason for Venomous being tired and grumpy so often (which is what makes him more irritable with Fink) isn't just being overworked; it's because he has a Split Personality, Shadowy Figure, frequently taking over and exerting his body, leaving him exhausted when he returns to being himself again. What's more, Fink knows this, but is unable to tell Venomous because Shadowy threatened to steal his body for good if she does. She has to just deal with his crankiness and lack of attention whenever it may happen and is powerless to help, because the alternative is losing him forever. No wonder she's so crestfallen and unhappy.

The K.O. Trap

  • K.O.'s reaction to watching his friends "die" is nothing short of heart-breaking. He's led to believe that it's his fault, and his scream after Rad dies is simply awful.
  • Then later, after he reunites Rad and Enid and they confront Venomous together, K.O. discovers that these versions of his friends are also clones, so he has to watch them die in front of him a second time, reducing him to more screaming and panicking.

Big Reveal

  • Put yourself in Laserblast's shoes for a second. You're a powerful hero, a vital member of your team, and you have a loving and supportive girlfriend, but all you can see yourself as is a useless weakling who can't keep up with the more powerful heroes around you. Then you lose your powers, all your hard work towards potentially improving them goes down the drain in the process, and to top it off, you hear your girlfriend say something that makes it sound like she, too, considered you useless, and that all her encouragement otherwise was just her lying through your teeth (even though this isn't actually even true, and she just worded it poorly and you misunderstood her).
  • K.O. and Carol's reactions to The Reveal are heartbreaking; the former is upset at the idea that he has villain blood in him, while the latter finally gets to reunite with her former lover, only to find out that he's changed for the worse.

Let's Get Shadowy

  • Professor Venomous is legitimately shaken by this season's other big reveal: he's Shadowy Figure, but even he didn't know that, since the latter is a Split Personality created when he was trying to get his powers back. Fink knew the truth, but Shadowy threatened to take over for good if she told anyone.
  • This episode also gives another reveal: where did Foxtail get all those Glorbs she was using to power her students? Shadowy Figure. Not only had she been reduced to cooperating with a villain, but said villain was the same teammate whose supposed death caused her Start of Darkness in the first place...and she had no idea.


  • K.O. crosses the Despair Event Horizon when he comes to the conclusion that all Professor Venomous wanted was to bring T.K.O. back out. Unfortunately, this gives T.K.O. the opening to banish K.O. and take over completely.
  • The last shot of the episode: as T.K.O and Shadowy Venomous team up and begin laughing evilly, Lord Boxman sits alone in his office with a very uncomfortable look on his face, clearly struggling to make the right decision.
  • For just a split second, while opening the door for K.O. at the beginning of the episode, you can see Venomous flashing his son a Psychotic Smirk; complete with the Creepy Shadowed Undereyes that characterizes Shadowy Figure. This heavily implies that Venomous was already long gone at this point and that Shadowy Figure was pulling a Hyde Plays Jekyll throughout the whole episode to get back at him and K.O. for the events of "Let's Get Shadowy". Doubles as Nightmare Fuel.

Dendy's Video Channel

  • Lord Boxman attempts to put his foot down and kick Shadowy Venomous out of his house; unfortunately, since Venomous now co-owns Boxmore, Shadowy immediately turns it around and kicks Boxman and the robots out instead. As a dejected Boxman leaves, the last thing he says is to Fink: "Take care of yourself, kid."
  • Carol sobbing as she watches her son destroy the Plaza. It may be T.K.O., but it's still her child. She can't do anything to stop him, and she has to live with the knowledge that if she hadn't let him go to stay with Professor Venomous, he wouldn't be like this now.
  • Jethro is gone. All the models of him have been destroyed. At least until the credits sequence has Boxman finding a colony of them that survived, led by Jethro 2.0.
  • Boxman essentially abandons his robot children and disappears again, much to their distress.
  • Dendy's attempts to cheer up Enid, Rad, Carol, and Mr. Gar only make them even more upset, since they miss K.O. too much. It gets to the point where Carol and Mr. Gar just straight-up leave because they can't take it anymore.

Let's Fight To The End

  • Professor Venomous watching Fink sacrifice herself for him. Not only that, but it's only a few seconds after he becomes himself again and has just accepted that he's going to be blasted by T.K.O's draining beam and (though it's not directly phrased this way in the show) killed. Instead, Professor Venomous—someone who hurt himself in his attempts to regain his powers (which involved draining the energy of others, to boot) after he lost them—has to watch the girl he raised as his own daughter get drained and killed and know it's his fault. He only has the chance to give a Big "NO!" before he's then killed as well.
  • None of K.O.'s friends' and family's efforts to restore him to normal from T.K.O. work. Rad and Enid go Turbo to battle with him, but lose anyway once he taps into the Lakewood Tree. Rad's and Enid's, Carol's and Gar's, and Dendy's efforts to invoke The Power of Love don't make any difference, and T.K.O. just blasts them away from him.
    • As Dendy is sent flying into Cool Sun by T.K.O., her last thoughts have her lamenting that she can no longer assist K.O., but nonetheless, he'll always be her friend and she'll always believe in him.
    • Once T.K.O. starts draining (killing) everyone, he becomes more and more unhinged as K.O. plays Carol's recording from their childhood in his brain. Soon, only Carol, Gar, Enid, and Rad are left, and as they realize that T.K.O. isn't gonna spare them either, they can only huddle together in a Group Hug before he kills them too. Carol is crying, the others have tears in their eyes too, and T.K.O. himself is crying by the time he's finished blasting them. Although K.O. is successful in regaining control and escaping from his subconscious, by the time he returns, the Plaza is destroyed and EVERYONE he knows, both friend and foe, has already been defeated by his alter-ego, leaving just him.

Thank You for Watching the Show

  • K.O. struggling to understand what's happening as time seems to be sped up, before realizing that he's been growing up fast and life has been flying by before he feels ready for it.
  • A Leaning on the Fourth Wall example: when K.O. is upset by how fast things seem to be changing, he thinks "This isn't fair! We were supposed to have more adventures!", right as he's walking past promotional flyers for all the previous episodes. It's a rather sad meta-commentary on how the show was cancelled earlier than the creators had planned, so even though they did get to give the series the ending they originally envisioned, they had to cut short some of the story they planned to tell and didn't get to show all the adventures they wanted to.


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