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The show is going to be Adored by the Network
It's getting an insane amount of promotion on Cartoon Network's Facebook page, almost as much as the likes of Teen Titans Go! and The Amazing World of Gumball. With both of those series now getting long in the tooth (TTG is on its fifth season, Gumball on its sixth, neither get as good ratings as they used to), it's likely that Cartoon Network is looking for a new standby.
  • Pretty much confirmed. The show made its debut along with a massive Teen Titans Go marathon, which suggests that Cartoon Network at least wants to advertise it (in recent years, the network has often used TTG marathons to build up hype for new episodes of other shows). It continues to get reruns as well, showing that this is at least true in the short term.
  • Jossed in the long run as it was canceled after its 3rd season.

There will be a reference to Steven Universe down the road.
There was already a SU Easter egg in the mobile game, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a shout out or two in the show proper.
  • Confirmed in "No More Power Cards", where the star iris ending is used for the fake ending.

There could a potential crossover with Steven Universe.
Hear me out on this. It could be non-canon just like the crossover with Uncle Grandpa!
  • Well, Rebecca did say she wanted to do a crossover in the podcast, and that there was originally a fusion crossover idea back during the Lakewood Plaza Turbo days.
  • The ending of Crossover Nexus hints at this, with Garnet's pow card being the sole reminder of the adventure K.O. had, and when he asks if he'll ever see her again, she gives a vague answer that leaves things open for if the Network approves.

It takes place in the same world of Villainous
And there will be a crossover if the series is made.
  • The Ernesto robot models that wear top hats do somewhat resemble Black Hat. Maybe Boxman met him once.
    • There is a crossover in one of Villainous videos, which shows that Boxmore has ties with Black Hat Organization through Cosma, but makes it clear that Black Hat sees Boxman as a pathetic villain.
    • The Crossover Nexus episode features Black Hat among the Cartoon Network heroes turned into statues (despite Black Hat being a villain). The Q&A episode of Villanous, however, hinted that this Black Hat is actually the clone made in one of the shorts.

The show takes place in the same universe as Dragon Ball
  • Well, Rad is based on Piccolo.

The show takes place in the same universe as The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, but in the future.

The show could also be a take or a Spiritual Successor on another certain series out there.
  • Unlikely. It might be a shout out, but My Hero Academia isn't old enough to have a Spiritual Succesor yet. It could be full of shout outs to it, though.

There would be a crossover with The Tick.
With Captain Planet and RPG Wolrd making crossover, why not The Tick himself.
  • Bonus points if either Townsend Coleman or Patrick Warburton voices The Tick.

Cartoon Network will eventually make real Pow Cards.
Otherwise, I would be greatly disappointed in them.

There will be a Rick and Morty reference/parody with Professor Venomous and Fink

None of the characters are one-offs
Even Captain Planet and Hero will reappear at least once before the series is over.
  • Confirmed with the aforementioned two.
  • Possibly Jossed considering the truck that came to life in "Action News" died within the same episode.

If Captain Planet and Hero made an appearance in the series, other heroes, like Superman and Samurai Jack, will appear as guest characters.

There will be at least one episode centered around Jethro that has references to NCIS.
Because of the whole “Jethro” thing in NCIS.

Adult K.O. will be voiced by Sean Schemmel.
Given that Stephanie Nadolney voiced K.O. in the first few episodes, fans were reminded of Kid Goku from Dragon Ball. It’s only fair to have the voice of Adult Goku.

When this show ends, there will eventually be an Abridged Series.
And it will have the following features:

Unlike Steven Universe, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes will be Lighter and Softer and more episodic
Come on! This Show is obviously going to be wackier and densier show than Steven Universe. I doubt OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is going to a story-driven show like Steven Universe.
  • Semi-Jossed, semi-Confirmed: Ian confirmed on twitter that there will be an overarching plot, but it will be a "goofy parody"

There will be Knight of Cerebus villain at some point
Even though the show will be a "goofy parody", We will still get a Knight of Cerebus villain who is more ruthless and eviler than Lord Boxman. Lord Boxman is too much like Dr. Eggman to be taken seriously as a Knight of Cerebus villain. Both Adventure Time and Steven Universe does feature Knight of Cerebus villains and it's likely we will get those kind of villains.
  • Unlikely. It's more likely we'll get a Comically Serious villain at all if we're getting ANY sort of serious villain.
  • Perhaps, but Professor Venomous is a likely candidate. He appears quite serious about this whole "villain-ing" thing and is implied to be far more competent than Lord Boxman (discounting his Let's Get Dangerous! moment in We're Captured). Plus his whole design is a lot cleaner than the rest of the cast, adding to his intimidation factor. Something tells me that thousand-robot army he commissioned is going to come into play at some point...
  • If anything, Professor Venomous was a Comically Serious foil to Lord Boxman's Laughably Evil personality, not a Knight of Cerebus, since the show was just as silly with him in it as it was without him.
  • TKO is probably the closest thing to a Knight of Cerebus this show will get. Despite his emo-ish appearance and personality, he's presented as a genuine threat and willing to hurt his friends and family. Later episodes also prove he's only a stone's throw away from coming back as well.
  • Lord Boxman saying "I'm a villain, not a monster" in "We're Captured" could possibly be foreshadowing how the show will eventually introduce a Knight of Cerebus that's horrible enough to qualify as a "monster".

There's a reason of why everyone call K.O. by his first and middle name initial instead of his name
I think K.O. might be very embarrassed of his full name. That's why he insisted everyone calling him "K.O."
  • One episode suggested his name was "Kidd O", though he doesn't seem particularly embarrassed by it.
  • According to the CN web game, his full name is Kaio Kincaid. Maybe he doesn't want people to think that he's related to some old dude in the sky?

There will be more villains in future episodes
We know Lord Boxman is the main villain of the show, but is he the only villain in this universe? Probably not. We might see more villains at some point. Who knows!
  • Confirmed, as of the episode "We're Captured" with the introduction of Professor Venomous and Fink.

K.O. will get a Kamehame Hadouken - esque attack
It's only a matter of time considered who he's voiced by.

There won't be a romantic subplot
It's likely we won't get any romantic subplot for many reasons.
  • K.O. is too busy of wanting becoming the world's greatest hero and his relationship with Dendy are less-romantic and more of best friend-type
  • Enid & Rad would absolutely KILL each other if one of them fell in love with each other and I doubt Enid or Rad will get a love interest since Enid doesn't care about customers and Rad always think of himself. (Get it? Because he have an ego)
  • Carol is already married to K.O.'s Father and I doubt she has feelings about Mr. Gar.
    • Jossed, at least for Carol. K.O. outright says he doesn't have a dad in "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad". Also, is it just me, or was there a lot of Foe Yay between Enid and Elodie?
    • Did you actually pay attention? Carol told K.O. that he had a father, K.O. just doesn't know about his father because his father disappeared after the Sandwich Incident.
      • Where was that implied?

There will be a Greater-Scope Villain who is worse than Lord Boxman
Lord Boxman only target at Lakewood Plaza and he doesn't has an intention to take over the world. Considered there's a lot of heroes around the world. I think there's a villain who is way worse than Lord Boxman & other villains. His plan would be take over the world! After all, Lord Boxman is too funny to be taken seriously for our heroes. Considered K.O. & others whoop his & his robots' asses a lot.
  • Somewhat confirmed but also somewhat jossed. The way things are looking right now, Lord Boxman will be the main villain but other more competent at their job villains DO exist in this world.
    • Shadowy Figure, anyone? He's just been in 4-5 episodes, but has already come off as more of a threat than Boxman ever was, especially after the latest episode hints that he may be related to K.O and T.K.O, and knows more about them than he lets on.

We will eventually learn of why Lord Boxman HATED Friendship so much
There's a reason of why he despises the idea of friendship, I think he could has a bad childhood that causes him to hate friendship. He may be a villain but that doesn't mean we won't learn of why he acts this way.

The Arch-Nemesis of P.O.I.N.T. will appear
Lord Boxman's only target at Lakewood Plaza is because it is interfering with his business with Friendship & he doesn't know about KO at first. We know Mr. Gar & Carol are members of P.O.I.N.T. but what causes them to retire and what happens to KO's father? That's because the Sandwich Incident was caused by their arch-enemy who is responsible for KO's father's disappearance. We don't know the whereabouts of P.O.I.N.T.'s Arch-enemy but he may return someday.

Dendy has three other friends who are girls.
And they are voiced by Erin Fitzgerald, Wendee Lee, and Tara Platt. Bonus points if she has a sister voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos.

There will be a very important character that will impact the show
It seem OK KO is very similar to Steven Universe as both Steven & KO have a missing mother/father that they don't know. I think KO's father will be Rose Quartz of the show as he disappeared after the Sandwich Incident which causes both Mr. Gar & Carol to quit P.O.I.N.T. and never talk about it. Unlike Steven Universe which Greg & Crystal Gems always talk about Rose, Carol or Mr. Gar never reveal anything about KO's father or his name. Hmmm...

KO's ability to think on his feet comes from Carol
So far, KO show his ability to come up with clever tactics and ideas that most higher up heroes like Enid and Rad could never come up with despite being a lower level and Book Dumb. This sort of reflect Carol major ability which is to copy other people powers. Copying other people powers wouldn't make the person strong if they don't know how to use them. So, Carol had to be clever and quick on her feet to use them during her Power Battle against her enemies.

Dendy's hair is at least partially a wig.
It could simply be a case of Our Monsters Are Different but according to her profile Dendy is a kappa. One thing that tends to be a trademark for kappas are their headbowl which she clearly doesn't have unless it's somehow hiding under her hair.

There will be a Baseball Episode.
Minor character Shy Ninja is also stated to be the local high school baseball champion. A possible plot for this episode could be needing help from KO and maybe his friends due to a rival team and in the process have this kunoichi break out of her shell a bit more.

Boxman's chicken arm's origins is involved with the scientist who made Pird.
It's a known fact that Boxman has one non-human limb in the form of a chicken leg for an arm. According to Pird's bio he's a bird person who was created in a lab that left prematurely. A possibility for this connection is Boxy has ties with the scientist and before making full bird-human hybrids he offered himself as a test subject by sacrificing an arm for science. Once the chicken arm proved itself successful the scientist went on to make full hybrids, one of which was Pird, who sensed wrongness in his creator leading him to run off to the hero side of town to try and make a living.

The stranger in the Labor Day promo is Dendy's parent
It did seem a little odd that Dendy wanted to study KO in "I Am Dendy." It could be because she is socially awkward and could not talk to him properly. But, she does not seem to do the same for Rad or Enid, not even bothered to study them to become her friends. You could say she drop that after becoming KO friend or not interested in becoming friends with them, but like the saying goes "old habit dies hard." Not only that, she seem to hold tons of info on KO, some that does not seem necessary. Dendy was there when it was revealed KO shadow self in "Face Your Fear." So maybe, her parents ordered her to get close to KO and study him for whatever reasons. She might have genuinely grew to care for KO, but which side would she pick!
  • Jossed. It's Professor Venomous.
    • We don't know that for certain. Sure, Shadowy Figure has the scruff but his skin was more of a gray tone. There's also the minor difference in levels, Venomous is a -7 while Shadow is a -8 (Plus, they both have cards to their name as Dendy has the Professor's in her collection).

KO's real level is 100
In "You're Level 100" it was revealed that it was a glitch and KO isn't Level 100. But what if Shadow KO is Level 100 but no one is even aware of it. Could be a references to the ultimate power held within the main character like other anime shows l!

Level 100 is not the highest level there is
Tradition to Dragon Ball, Power Level is meaningless. On Earth, the highest possible level is 100. But, on other planets in the universe, the real highest level would be Level 999 or even higher! It was stated that their is a president of the universe, so it's possible we might explore the universe of OK KO!

As the series progresses KO will accept TKO as a part of him and be able to unlock his portion of the mind for emergencies while still keeping true control.

The other members of P.O.I.N.T.
Place your input and theories for the other members that are shown to have been of the team and wait to see what turns out to be true.
  • The alien with a fedora and scarf
  • The glasses and bowtie-wearing masked wrestler
  • The animal member

The case of the true identity of Shadowy Figure; Professor Venomous, Laserblast, or someone else entirely?
The show is all too familiar with having one voice actor voice multiple characters. For instance, the show's creator voices both Rad and Darrel, but our focus in this round of guessing is Steven Ogg, who is providing his talents for the above mentioned Shadowy Figure, but also evil scientist Professor Venomous and former(?) P.O.I.N.T. member Laserblast. This could just be one person making their voice sound different enough for three roles, or something a bit more. Further, all three of them have the beard stubble on their jaws, and are the only characters to have any at all, in addition to having the exact same jawline, implying at least a familial relationship. Here are the details at the moment that could hint that Shadowy is someone we've met before, or someone else entirely:
  • Pros to Shadowy Figure being Venomous
    • Is a villain
    • Similar skintone, scruff, and clothing choices
    • In "Villains' Night In", Fink uses a power-up collar, explicitly given to her by Professor Venomous, that makes her stronger while also turning her eyelids purple and causing spiky wristbands to appear on her wrists - these changes are the exact same as the changes that K.O. undergoes when becoming T.K.O., which is initiated by Shadowy Figure.
    • In Let's Play Heroes, Professor Venomous apparently owns a scarf that resembles Shadowy Figure's.
  • Cons to Shadowy Figure being Venomous
    • The Professor is currently known to be a -7 in Pow Card stats, while Shadowy is -8
      • Bear in mind, the card SF gave KO in "TKO" had said he was a positive 8 at first (the main reason KO (being a naive child) was led to believe that Shadowy was indeed a hero in the first place), which proves that the POW Cards CAN be tampered with to change the stats. Further, in "Face Your Fears," Mr. Gar's card put him at level 10 instead of 11—it's possible that levels can fluctuate between major heroic or villainous acts, though the likelihood of this is debatable.
    • Skin is more gray than a light purple
    • The lack of Fink (She seems like the type who would want to stick close to the Professor for several reasons)
  • Pros to Shadowy Figure being Laserblast
    • Parallel in power levels; Laserblast is an 8 while Shadowy is -8
    • Carol behaving as though she knew something when the negative symbol appeared on his Pow Card
    • The fact Laserblast's current whereabouts are unknown
    • Laserblast is never seen with his visor off, which feels like a conspicuous way of hiding a reveal about his appearance or identity.
    • His outfit is red and black.
    • Laserblast's body language and mannerisms in his 'final' scene suggest he's on the verge of laughing in Carol's face as he tells her he's not going to die.
    • SF's interest in and knowledge about K.O. would make a lot more sense if he was Carol's ex-lover (and thus potentially K.O.'s father).
  • Cons to Shadowy Figure being Laserblast
    • Laserblast is/was a hero
    • Has a Pow Card to his name
  • Pros to Shadowy Figure just being someone known as "Shadowy Figure"
    • The show is still more-or-less fresh and new at the time I originally typed this and many things could still happen
    • The creation of Pow Cards requires a retina scan in order to know the identity of who the card is being created for. If it was Venomous or Laserblast, it would've just made another of their card
  • Cons to Shadowy Figure just being someone known as "Shadowy Figure"
    • Most I can see for now is possible fan disappointment, but that all depends on how the plot goes when his next appearance comes about.

Dendy is a human/Kappa hybrid
With most of her DNA being human. Would give an explanation/be a nice nod to "OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo", which said she was a kappa.
  • Her parents were shown in No More Pow Cards and they both have a more traditional kappa appearance, including a water bowl head.
    • Maybe she was a test tube baby mixing the DNA of a human and a kappa who was adopted by Pavel and Pepelina, who worked at the laboratory. The experiment was carried out by a group of scientists desperate to get Pow Cards, so they resorted to genetic experimentation to create a hybrid who was more human than kappa.

K.O. was created through Ectobiology

Villains have their own equivalent to Pow Cards.
Similar to the series based around heroes that some villains have made cameos to they do tell the stats but it's the exact opposite in the presentation of the details. To apply an example in Pow Cards Professor Venomous is a -7 but in these villain cards he would be Level 7 or Mr. Gar would be a -11 rather than the 11 he usually is as a hero.

A Stain parody will show up.
So far, there seem to be a lot of dark heroes and how people treat them. There's Elodie who backstabbed her best friend to gain a scholarship to a prestigious hero school despite Enid being more heroic during their battle, as Enid refused to hurt her friend. Dendy couldn't get a Pow Card because she is a kappa, which seems even odder since even villains have pow cards! Maybe, a Stain parody villain will show up and attack the people in Lakewood Plaza Turbo, seeing them as not true heroes. He would not attack Carol because he sees her as a true hero. This could also further open K.O.'s eyes on what it truly means to be a hero.
  • He could attack Enid for not caring about helping other, Rad for caring about his image, and even K.O. since he gets a major ego boost whenever he shows any sign of growing more powers.
    • I don't think you two know what parodies are. Parodies are comedic exaggerations of something, not just taking that something and putting it into something else. If anything, a Stain parody would act like an Emo Teen throwing a tantrum because the heroes have hobbies/jobs/interests outside of heroism, and that heroes shouldn't ever feel any positive emotion.

"No More Pow Cards" will end with Dendy getting her own Pow Card
  • Confirmed. We also learn that Dendy is at level one for the time being.

The long lost hero K.O. helps in "A Hero's Fate" is Hero.
  • Confirmed.

Enid's bloodline and merging her magic abilities with ninja skills.
As we learned from the clips that have surfaced from the Parent's Day episode rather than the excuse she uses, Enid belongs to a supernatural family as the witchy teenage daughter to a werewolf father and vampire mother. This ancestry might actually explain some of her past skills seen in episodes. Take when Wally the White turned her to stone, the first time she just waited for the spell to wear off from its twenty-four hour limit but the second time she managed to break free easily due to K.O. being in danger. Perhaps magical individuals are aware when magic is cast on them and spells that deal with status effects are generally weaker. Her fireball kicks might have originally been made to shoot from one's hand or maybe even a wand but she found a way to instead focus the energy into her feet. It might be a stretch but this also could be a bit of a reference to the Naruto factors of her character as if I remember correctly instead of ninjas it was going to be more of a shonen sorcery story.

K.O. will tagalong with Rad and his friends to the Danger Zone.
In it, Rad will realize how much of a jerk his friends are and realize that K.O. and Enid has been his true friends from the beginning. This could occur if something bad happens and Rad friends ditch him and K.O. in fear.

Rad and Enid will get a scholar entrance to POINT Academy.
This could break down into two ways. Either Rad and Enid fully accept the offer and might not have must time for the plaza anymore, leading them to quit their job and we would get two new characters. Or, they would refuse the offer and stick by K.O. side to help/guide him.

Enid will accept her witchy side.
Instead of becoming a full witch or ninja, she would combine both traits to form a new class that their world hasn't seen before. A witch ninja! Maybe this would occur during her final battle against Elodie where they both accept each other, forgive each other, and learn the reason why Elodie betray her.

Dendy is now making a research report on Rad.
We have seen signs of her having an odd obsession with him starting from how she was just hanging out in his van and even taking KO to watch him do his morning routines which she knows the exact point of time they occur.

T.K.O.'s inner beast is a wolf.
Unlike K.O., whose were animal is a cute little puppy, Turbo's were form is a wolf, due to his violent and lonely nature.

When K.O. accept Turbo and the two merge to create a new form, it will resemble Killia Overload form.
Mainly because Killia had an evil side and it will be a cool reference.

K.O. will control his Turbo side in a Time Skip
What better way to show his growth as a teenagers or adult.

K.O. will grow into a Clueless Chick Magnet as a teenager.
  • A lot of females already find him as a cute child, and what be a better Shonen parody if the main male lead attracts females but isn't aware of their feelings.

Enid's soul-sucking ability will turn out to be important
Especially since the name Enid means "soul" or "life".

At least one more new Boxmore robot will be introduced
Either an indigo one to complete the Rainbow Motif, and/or maybe a pink one. Or perhaps a black/white/gray one.
  • Confirmed in "Action News". Currently a baby, they're apparently a "super-bot" that will be equipped with all sorts of weapons imported from different places. It may just be the lighting, but they even appear to have indigo hair!

Enid, Rad, and K.O. still being were animals will be brought up next time they fight Mikayla.

The Prysma Crystal will be a Chekhov's Gun
Which will most likely make Red Action, the Hue Troop and Ren Bo Chekhov's Gunmen as well.

The villain from their past that Mr. Gar and Carol will fight in "Let's Take a Moment" is either Professor Venomous/Shadowy Figure/evil Laserblast, or someone else who knows about the Sandwich Incident
  • Jossed.

The villain that Carol and Gar will fight is Dr. Steamborg and/or one of his creations
  • Confirmed.

Rad will lose his powers at some point
Either temporarily or permanently. Like what happened to Doctor Greyman (an alien with telekinesis, just like Rad) in "Let's Take a Moment".
  • Kind of confirmed in "Let's Not Be Skeletons" where he lost his powers after turning into a skeleton. It was All Just a Dream though.
    • This may possibly be more foreshadowing for the real Rad losing his powers in the future.

Dr. Weakpoint will be at the party in "Villains' Night Out"
And they may or may not suspect Professor Venomous (who will presumably also be there, based on the description of "Villains' Night In") of being the same person as Laserblast. Or at the very least they'll mention something about P.O.I.N.T.
  • Jossed.

The chickens in "Plaza Prom" are Lord Boxman's relatives/biological family
However they're all full chickens, unlike Boxman who is part chicken and part human. And they're close with Raymond, which is why they went to the prom with him as backup dancers.

Carol is still working for P.O.I.N.T.
At the end of "Let's Take a Moment", we see Carol calling someone in secret. Perhaps she's talking to another member of P.O.I.N.T., which was never disbanded in the first place, instead becoming more of a secret team/organization. After all Carol was never confirmed to have left P.O.I.N.T., so she could still be part of the team. And their goal? To find Laserblast, who has gone missing after the Sandwich Incident.

  • Actually, it was outright stated in "Know Your Mom" that Carol retired.
    • If P.O.I.N.T. is now a secret team, Carol's "retirement" could be a lie/cover-up. Either that, or she originally left the team but then rejoined them at some point.
    • This would appear to be the case, as she is shown to be working with P.O.I.N.T. to protect the glorb tree and its glorbs in “Carol Quest

Carol is working for a now evil Laserblast
Maybe Carol and Laserblast (who may or may not currently be Professor Venomous/Shadowy Figure) somehow managed to find each other at some point after the Sandwich Incident. And Carol, still in love with Laserblast, decided to help him with whatever he's up to despite him now being a villain.

Shannon and Raymond being the only robots (so far) with red eyes is meant to be significant in some way
Not counting any other red-eyed robots from Lakewood Plaza Turbo (the game) since they haven't appeared in the show, although they could appear in later episodes.
  • I'm not sure if this adds or takes anything away from this theory, but Darrell was shown with a red eye during "Villains' Night In".

There will be an episode where Mr. Logic becomes (temporarily) evil
His weakness is that he "tries to be good, but his internal circuits sometimes make this difficult", likely because he used to be a Boxmore robot that went against his programming (at least according to Lakewood Plaza Turbo [the game]). So there could be an episode where his circuits cause him to become evil, either because of some accident, or Boxman somehow meddling with his programming. And it will be up to KO and the others (likely including Dendy thanks to her hacking skills) to turn him back to normal.

The reason why P.O.I.N.T. is targeting Professor Venomous
Either they believe Venomous is Laserblast, or they believe those two are related and that Venomous has something to do with Laserblast's disappearance.
  • I think it's more likely that they target him because he has a Doomsday device set to destroy congress whenever he chooses.

Dr. Weakpoint was the original founder of P.O.I.N.T.
Not only is "P.O.I.N.T." an acronym, it's also the latter half of Weakpoint's last name. A conflict within the team caused them to either leave or get kicked out of P.O.I.N.T., leading to Weakpoint becoming one of their main enemies.
  • This would explain why he sent a robot to attack P.O.I.N.T.!

Crinkly Wrinkly's story about Mr. Gar is incorrect, at least to an extent
The story was either exaggerated or completely made up, and Mr. Gar just claimed it was true in order to prevent his employees from trying to find out the real backstory behind the Plaza's creation.
  • Confirmed; "Lad & Logic" showed that Crinkly's story was indeed exaggerated.

Professor Venomous will betray Lord Boxman
And this betrayal will cause Boxman to hate friendship even more than before, considering how much he trusted Venomous and even saw him as his best friend. Alternatively...

Lord Boxman will betray Professor Venomous
It will be revealed that Boxman has only been pretending to care for Venomous just to earn his trust, so that he can manipulate him into helping with the secret project. After all, Boxman has proven to be rather good at acting in "Villains' Night Out" where he pretended to be an idiot just to wreck the party, so who says his friendliness towards Venomous can't also be a ruse?

When the betrayal happens, Boxman will (re)affirm his hatred of friendship and claim that he never actually thought of Venomous as his best friend.

There will eventually be a threat so powerful and dangerous that all the heroes and villains have to work together to stop it
Especially since teamwork seems to be one of the central themes of the show.

Dendy will hook her hackpack into the Plaza and turn it into an actual Plazamo

Laserblast (if he's still alive) will be killed by TKO
Foreshadowed by how TKO destroyed the floating Laserblast head in "Face Your Fears". Maybe it's a bit too dark for this show, but who knows?
  • This may be more likely to happen if Laserblast is Professor Venomous and/or Shadowy Figure, or at least evil in some way.
    • But then again, KO says "since he's a strong hero (Laserblast), we'll need a powerful villain (TKO)" right before he summons TKO. This could mean that either Laserblast never became evil, or he's done a Heel–Face Turn by the time he's killed by TKO (which will make his death more tragic).
      • Unless it turns out that TKO is actually the hero while Laserblast is the villain.
      • This could just be a coincidence, but if you look at this scene in "TKO", the left side of the pond near Shadowy Figure is light colored while the right side near KO is dark colored. This might be foreshadowing how Shadowy Figure will be on the "good" side (after redeeming himself at some point, of course) while (T)KO will be on the "bad" side in their (final) battle.
  • Alternatively, he can have a Disney Death instead.

Lord Boxman will make a powerful robot with the abilities of all his previous robots
And this may or may not have anything to do with the "secret project" that Boxman mentioned in "Villains' Night Out".
  • Bonus points if this robot turns out to be rather close to being a Knight of Cerebus.
  • "Action News" showed that Boxman is indeed making a powerful "super" robot with a variety of weapons, but we have yet to find out if they'll have all the abilities of their robot siblings.

The next time we see Professor Venomous' Pow Card, his Power Level will be at -8
Either as a hint that he's indeed the same person as Shadowy Figure, or as a Red Herring.
  • Alternatively, his level can be directly scanned by someone/something, like what Mr. Logic did in "You're Level 100".

Venomous' bio chip will be tested on either Boxman himself, or any of the chickens seen in "Plaza Prom"
Because they're the only organic beings associated with Boxmore that we've seen so far (though in the chickens' case, it's more of a loose connection with Raymond).
  • Bonus points if the chip has the same (or at least similar) effect as the Evil Tonic in Lakewood Plaza Turbo (the game), turning Boxman into the show's version of Lord Box-Max.

Enid will befriend Shy Ninja, or at least help her out with something
Especially since Shy Ninja would remind Enid of her own past self (as, well, a "shy ninja").

Jethro and Mikayla will get upgrades that make them look more "humanoid", or at least bipedal
Likely temporarily, though it's also possible for them to be permanent. Or maybe they'd be able to switch between their original and upgraded forms.
  • Bonus points if Jethro and Mikayla's upgrades make them look like their bipedal counterparts (minus the cylindrical head, in Mikayla's case) in Lakewood Plaza Turbo (the game).
  • Their upgrades may also include a wider range of speech, though this is a bit more unlikely since their limited vocabulary can be considered a part of their charm (especially in Jethro's case).
  • It's unclear how Jethro will react, but Mikayla will most likely be very happy about her upgrade since she'd be one step closer to becoming "human".

Foxtail is/was secretly allies with one or more villains
That could be why she was so quick to disagree with Laserblast's idea to use those orbs on their enemies: she didn't want any chances of her villain allies being potentially harmed.

Mr. Gar and Lord Boxman used to be friends
They may have been close, possibly best friends when they were younger, even before Gar was El-Bow. At some point, a rift between those two caused them to become arch enemies and go on separate paths, with Mr. Gar becoming a hero and Lord Boxman becoming a villain (as well as starting to hate friendship). However, unlike Enid and Elodie (another case of best friends falling apart), Gar and Boxman were both at fault for whatever happened, and they will eventually have to learn to realize what they've done wrong and forgive each other in order to become friends again.
  • Lord Boxman might've even been involved in the creation of Plazamo, Mr. Gar's robot, back when they were still friends.
    • According to "Lad & Logic" Plazamo never actually existed, so at least that part is Jossed.
      • Actually, Plazamo is revealed to exist in “Dark Plaza”, so that part isn’t Jossed.
At least one of the robots will become suspicious of Professor Venomous and his motives
They will attempt to warn Lord Boxman about this, or even directly confront Venomous, but to no avail.

There will be an episode where Enid temporarily joins the Hue Troop, or at least works together with them

There was a bigger reason behind kappas not getting their own Pow Cards
Of course prejudice definitely played a large part in it, but it just seems so oddly suspicious that they didn't make any Cards for kappas when even villains have their own Pow Cards.

Red Action is related to Carol (and therefore KO as well)
Red Action and Carol (as Silver Spark) both have small tufts of lighter colored hair above their ears. What if it's a genetic trait?
  • Also, Silver Spark's name shares the same pattern as the names of the Hue Troopers ("[Color] [Noun]"). Maybe there's some kind of connection between them.
  • Adding to this as we see in the end she (along with Enid) end up running a dojo just like Carol

Not exactly sure what this would mean for Red Action, but it still could mean something.

Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous will work together to make a cyborg
With Boxman's skill in robotics and Venomous' skill in bio-engineering, they will be able to create a being that's part mechanical and part organic. They might even implant Venomous' bio chip into the cyborg to make them more powerful.
  • There could be a conflict about how the cyborg should be treated, with Venomous wanting to take good care of them (like Fink) and Boxman wanting to abuse them (like his robots).
    • This may lead to the cyborg taking Venomous' side if he and Boxman become enemies. Unless Boxman already brainwashed them into obeying him.
  • Fink will be very jealous of this new cyborg. The robots will be jealous at first, but eventually they'll accept the cyborg as their new sibling.

The next time Fink is babysat by Darrell and Shannon, Raymond, Jethro, and/or Ernesto will also try to help
Not that they'll be able to make the job any easier, of course.
  • Bonus points if Jethro ends up getting destroyed by Fink.

There will eventually be prejudice against all robots and cyborgs
For now people are fine with them. But as Boxmore's robot attacks on the Plaza continue, some of the heroes will start to develop a prejudice about all robots (including cyborgs, since Lord Boxman himself is a cyborg and they're all part robot anyways) being "evil" and discriminate against even non-evil robots and cyborgs such as Mr. Logic and Red Action.

TKO can be defeated by his peanut allergy
So someone can just toss a peanut into his mouth while he's on a rampage and he'd be defeated.

Professor Venomous will turn out to be a morally gray villain, which will lead to Lord Boxman distrusting him
Lord Boxman apparently "does not understand that morality can be a complicated gray area". So as soon as Venomous shows a more morally ambiguous side in front of him, Boxman will start suspecting that Venomous might be secretly planning to do a Heel–Face Turn.

Lord Boxman was created in a lab
And he wasn't exactly treated well by his creator, which is why he grew up to become abusive towards his own robot children.

Something will go wrong with the portal that sends the box of robots to the Plaza, which will cause the box to be sent to another place/dimension

Lord Boxman is a corpse
His robot parts are the only thing that's still keeping him "alive". That's why he has pale, almost greenish skin.

The next time KO turns into TKO, his human suit will tear open to reveal a were-animal TKO
Assuming KO (along with Enid and Rad) is still in his were-animal form.
  • Jossed. When TKO showed up in "Mystery Science Fair 201X", he was in his human form.

P.O.I.N.T. will turn out to be antagonistic, or at least morally ambiguous
  • [[spolier: As soon as Enid had been accepted in P.O.I.N.T. academy, she, along with K.O. and Rad, learn that glorbs had been given to a number of students by Chip Damage, using them to cheat.]]

Professor Venomous is Laserblast's Turbo form, and Shadowy Figure is Venomous' Turbo form
Now this might sound kinda confusing, but hear me out.

From what we've seen so far, there are two ways for someone to transform into their Turbo form: naturally (with anger, like TKO) and artificially (with glorbs, like Turbo Fink).

Laserblast somehow had the natural ability to go Turbo, much like KO. At some point after the Sandwich Incident (which he could've survived instead of "getting shrunk or teleported or whatever"), something happened that caused Laserblast to get so angry that he unleashed his Turbo form. After 6-11 years of staying in that form (either on purpose, or because Laserblast lost his inner battle with his Turbo counterpart), Turbo Laserblast eventually became a villain named Professor Venomous.

  • Venomous' entire skin being purple, rather than just his eyelids, could be a side effect of being stuck in his Turbo form for such a long time.
    • Alternatively, it could have something to do with Laserblast's good side losing his inner battle, and possibly even getting permanently destroyed by his evil side so that he'd no longer be able to turn back to normal.
      • If this is the case, then maybe Shadowy Figure's goal is to get KO permanently stuck in Turbo mode as well.
  • Now that we know from "Mystery Science Fair 201X" that it's specifically powerlessness that pushes KO to become TKO, it's likely that Laserblast himself was put in a situation where he was powerless and driven to go Turbo. Perhaps someone he was close to got hurt or killed...?

Some time after that, Venomous found a way to artificially turn others into their Turbo forms. Instead of just using this on Fink, he also used it on himself; with glorbs and a device similar to Fink's collar, Venomous can transform into a second Turbo form, more powerful than the first. Much like how TKO and T. Fink have duller hair and skin/fur than their normal counterparts, Shadowy Figure has duller skin than Venomous because he's really a Turbo Venomous (aka Turbo2 Laserblast) in disguise.

  • As for why he always goes Turbo whenever he disguises as Shadowy Figure: he wants to make sure he'd be able to fare against and/or overpower TKO (who is very powerful), in case they end up fighting.
  • Why he didn't run out of juice like what happened to T. Fink: he didn't use as much of his energy as Fink did (i.e. he never used any purple attacks when fighting KO). Plus he could've just been using more than one glorb.
  • If he's wearing a collar like Fink, it could be hidden underneath the scarf that he always wears.
  • His voice sounding strange compared to Venomous/Laserblast's could be either because he's using some kind of voice modifier, or it's a side effect of becoming double Turbo.

Jethro only says "I am Jethro" because he wants to, not because he was programmed that way

Dogmun is a spy
He's either a hero that spies on villains, or vice versa. Or he's spying on both heroes and villains. That's why he can be seen in both the Plaza and Billiam's party. He's always using Obfuscating Stupidity to make himself look less suspicious and hide his identity. Who knows: if he's a hero, he might even be working for P.O.I.N.T.

Someone else will try to dismantle Mr. Logic and take his glorb
Dendy wanting to do this in "I Am Dendy" could be foreshadowing this. Someone (likely a villain, possibly Shadowy Figure) who can access neither the glorb room (in "Let's Have a Stakeout") nor Boxmore's glorb processor will try to take a glorb from Mr. Logic by force.
  • If Shadowy Figure = Professor Venomous, it's unlikely for him to do this since he can always just get one from Boxmore... unless they run out of glorbs thanks to Lord Boxman constantly sending his robots to attack the Plaza, only for them to get destroyed and have their glorbs wasted.

All "evil" robots have red eyes, and all "good" robots have green eyes
If not all robots, then at least the ones made in Boxmore.

Shannon and Raymond have red eyes. Lord Boxman's robotic eye is red. Darrell's eye is usually colored black, but it's shown to be red in "Villains' Night In" when it becomes more detailed. It's possible that Ernesto, Jethro and Mikayla also have red eyes, but are drawn with black eyes for design-related reasons (not to mention Ernesto's eye is red in Lakewood Plaza Turbo [both the pilot and the game]).

Mr. Logic is the only non-evil robot we've seen so far, as well as the only robot with green eyes. Assuming him originally being a Boxmore robot is canon to the show: maybe he used to have red eyes back when he was evil, but they turned green when his circuits were fried and he became good, much like how Shannon's eyes turned pink when she got electrocuted and fell in love with Rad in "Rad Likes Robots".

  • Jossed. "Lad & Logic" showed that Mr. Logic's eyes were always green from the beginning.
    • That may be more because he was never truly “evil”.

The Evil Tonic in Lakewood Plaza Turbo (the game) will appear in the show
This time it will be Professor Venomous who makes the tonic, though Lord Boxman could still be the one who sends them to the Plaza.

Elodie will become jealous of Red Action
It's implied at the end of "You Have to Care" that Elodie wants to reconcile with Enid and become friends again. So Elodie could become jealous of Red Action when she finds about her friendship with Enid, leading to a conflict between Elodie and Red. Elodie might even challenge Red to a Power Battle, this time being more aggressive than her last battle with Enid.

Just for some extra Nightmare Fuel. Plus he's combined his robots before in episodes such as "We're Captured" and "The Power is Yours", so it's always possible for him to do it again.

Dr. Weakpoint is also considered as a "joke villain" like Boxman
Especially since they create robots with huge, glaringly obvious weak points (i.e. Steamborg). And they're the type of person that replace their robot's broken eye with a googly eye. That's why they weren't invited to Billiam's party.

There will be a new Boxmore robot (or possibly cyborg) named Pandora
Just so they can make a reference to "Pandora's Box".

The balls Greyman found are processed glorbs and are related to Professor Venomous
The three balls Greyman discovered resembled different colored, solid glorbs. Since it has already been established that glorbs can be refined and hold immense powers, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to believe that they can be altered to perform specific tasks. Laserblast wanted to collect these balls and learn to recreate them so they could use them on enemies but Foxtail shoots him down right away, implying that wanting to take away people's powers is a pretty messed up thing In-Universe.

Given the time frame of learning about these weapons and then the doughnut shop explosion, it seems like Laserblast was already in cahoots with whoever made them (if not the original creator) and that his suggestion was just a hint of his true nature. Sometime after his alleged death, Laserblast began to experiment with glorbs and test them on himself slowly transforming him into the permanently purple Professor Venomous.

P.O.I.N.T will be an antagonist
Most likely of the Knights Templar and/or Well-Intentioned Extremist variety.
  • During the P.O.I.N.T. prep arc, this might be the case.

The Lad in "Lad & Logic" refers to Lad Boxman
Possibly to show that there's some truth to Crinkly Wrinkly's story about Mr. Gar.
  • Confirmed, though the episode also showed that Crinkly's story was actually rather inaccurate.

If Steamborg scans Professor Venomous or Shadowy Figure, he'll identify him as Laserblast
Regardless of whether Venomous/Shadowy actually is Laserblast or not.

Jethro crushed Rad's hand on purpose in "Jethro's All Yours"
Jethro was aware of Rad making fun of him, so he took revenge on him with the best of his limited ability.

Venomous's bio-chip contains data on TKO
Assuming that he and Shadowy Figure are the same person.

Carol has KO cooped up in their house for most of his life
That could be why he doesn't know the words, "joke" and "host". And why he's so Easily Impressed.

All the Boxmore characters that have green in their color schemes will be the "important" ones
  • Lord Boxman has green hair
  • Darrell's glass casing over his brain is green
  • Shannon has a small green triangle on her chest
  • Raymond's entire body is green
  • Mr. Logic has green eyes and wears a green jacket
  • Mikayla's limbs are greennote 
  • Ernesto and Jethro don't have any green on them, so they won't be as "significant" as the others.

There's some kind of connection between Boxmore and the Hue Troop (or at least Red Action)
  • The Hue Troopers are all cyborgs like Lord Boxman (albeit with less visible robotic parts)
  • There's the whole sea creature motif going on (Boxmore's Junkfish, Hue Troop's vehicles). Most notably, the Mega-Junkfish and Red Action's Angler Tank are both based on the anglerfish.
  • In both games, the symbol on Red Action's belt matches the one on Boxman's left eye (asterisk in Lakewood Plaza Turbo, X in Let's Play Heroesnote )
    • Their symbols are different in the show, however.
  • The Hue Troopers have arm cannons similar to that of Boxmore robots such as Darrell and Raymond
It's possible that in the far future, Boxmore has become a more heroic company/organization that has developed the technology to create advanced cyborgs (such as the Hue Troop).
  • This would mean either Lord Boxman has redeemed himself at some point, or he's been overthrown and Boxmore has been taken over by someone else in the present.
  • Bonus points if Lord Boxman's collaboration with Professor Venomous (a bio-engineer) in the present is exactly what leads to future Boxmore having the technology to make cyborgs.

Laserblast survived the Sandwich incident, and Lad Boxman saw him at some point
That's why Boxman thinks Laserblast is still part of P.O.I.N.T. (based on the drawings around Boxman when he's talking about his plans in "Lad & Logic").

If any of the Boxmore robots (and/or possibly even Lord Boxman himself) ever does a Heel–Face Turn, Mr. Logic will play a huge part in their redemption arc

Each of the Boxmore robots represents an aspect of Lord Boxman's own personality, including possible Hidden Depths that we haven't seen yet

Drupe wanted to be a villain
Let's Play Heroes reveals that she was dragged into heroworld against her will by her parents. Plus she likes to follow evil fashion blogs and admires a villain (Professor Venomous)'s scarf.

Lord Boxman's first name is Sheldon
Based on how the first name of his arch-nemesis who owns a business right across the street is Eugene.Jossed. His first name is Lad as mentioned in "Lad & Logic".

There will be an episode where we get to see Punching Judy babysit KO
Either in a flashback, or because the Bodega has been temporarily shut down and KO has nowhere else to go.

Mikayla will eventually be caught going to "reverse-furry" conventions
  • If any of her robot siblings catches her, they'll make sure Boxman doesn't find out and try to convince her to stop going there.
  • If Lord Boxman catches her, he'll give her a warning/threat (though not permanently destroy her immediately) and start suspecting that she might betray him like what Mr. Logic did in the past.

Lord Boxman will kidnap and reprogram Mr. Logic into rejoining his side
Not only will Reprogrammed!Mr. Logic be much more obedient than before, but he'll also view Boxman as his "father" like all the other robots do.

Laserblast and Silver Spark's appearances are supposed to be foreshadowing/symbolism
Laserblast's color scheme is red and black, and he has spikes on his helmet (apparently the shape of his hair) that look like demon horns. Silver Spark's color scheme is gold (blonde), white and silver, and she has light tufts of hair over her ears that look like angel wings. Maybe this is symbolizing/foreshadowing that Laserblast will become a villain (Professor Venomous and/or Shadowy Figure?) and/or was always evil, while Silver Spark/Carol was always a good person and will continue to remain a hero.

Dendy will play a crucial role in the ultimate defeat of Boxmore
With her hacking skills, Dendy will be able to defeat the robots (by altering their programmings and such) and possibly even shut down the whole factory.

"Lad & Logic" is foreshadowing what will happen between Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous
In the past, Lad Boxman trusted Mr. Logic and called him his "best friend". However, Mr. Logic betrayed Boxman by doing a Heel–Face Turn. In the present, Lord Boxman trusts Professor Venomous and calls him his "best friend". Venomous will betray Boxman by doing a Heel–Face Turn just like what Mr. Logic did.

Elodie is/will become a member of P.O.I.N.T.
  • Confirmed and turned Up to Eleven in “Dark Plaza,” where she becomes the leader of P.O.I.N.T.

The other robots know about Mr. Logic, but only partially
They do know that there was a "first robot" that has betrayed Lord Boxman in the past, but they know neither his name nor his real appearance (they likely believe this is how the first bot looks like), and they also believe Boxman destroyed the robot for good as punishment, because that's what Boxman himself told them (because if they find out the truth, they might try to follow Mr. Logic's footsteps).

Mr. Gar will finally ask Carol out, only to be rejected by her
And Mr. Gar will have to learn to move on from his crush on Carol and accept that they'll simply stay as best friends.
  • Bonus points if he eventually finds new love with another character.
  • Actually jossed since we find out they started dating in "My Fair Carol".

Neil will play a major (possibly antagonistic) role at some point
Foreshadowed by "Let's Not Be Skeletons".

Some of the heroes will start distrusting KO because of TKO
They may suspect that KO could potentially become a dangerous villain, or already is secretly a villain. This could even lead to the whole plaza turning against KO, similar to what happened in "Let's Not Be Skeletons".

KO's middle name is Oliver
It would be ironic because he hates olives.
  • Alternatively...

KO's middle name is Okoh, or something that sounds like "Ok".

Someone will compare KO's Pow Cards of Laserblast, Professor Venomous, and Shadowy Figure and notice the similarities in their appearances

"Elodie" is her middle name, and her first name starts with an M
Hence the arcade machine's name M★Elodie.
  • Adding to this, her first name is Melody. Because it rhymes.

Combo Breaker and Neil are related
Combo Breaker's hair is pretty much a reversed, bigger version of Neil's hair. Plus Combo Breaker appears to have robotic legs (which makes sense considering he's most likely based on Astro Boy), while Neil has a robotic left arm and robotic legs. Perhaps they're brothers or maybe cousins?
  • Maybe Neil is the son of whoever made Combo Breaker, and he has Artificial Limbs because of some accident?

The baby seen in the "You're in Control" animatic isn't the actual super-bot
Instead, they're a prototype made to test the powers of the bio-chip. The real super-bot is still in development.
  • Jossed.

Darrel will become overwhelmed by his new responsibilities
To the point where he doesn't want run Boxmore anymore.

The villains affiliated with Boxmore will finally notice TKO/KO's Turbo Powers
A hero, using powers that are obviously of villainous origins, doesn't seem like a thing they'd see every day. They might take an interest in TKO and try to make a villain out of KO (especially if he's the kid that keeps beating Boxman's robots, they'd now have one less hero to worry about).
  • Whether or not he's Shadowy Figure, Professor Venomous already showed interest in KO before. His interest would increase if he ever witnesses KO naturally using the same powers Fink has with her collar.

Turbonic Energy is activated by negative emotions.
  • TKO was brought out through powerlessness and hate. And the power Elodie exhibited, while remotely activated, seemed to be outright triggered through envy.

In the Steven Universe crossover, there will be a joke about Peridot and Dendy having similar-sounding voices.
They aren't voiced by the same actress (Peridot is voiced by Shelley Rabara and Dendy by Melissa Fahn), but they sound alot alike.

Crossover Nexus will make KO look more mature than Ben and Raven.
Given how obnoxious they are.
  • This could happen, but to be fair, Ben is more mature than the other cartoon characters that got rebooted sometimes, he is pretty resourceful despite his tendency to not think many things through (namely, his Idiot Hero habits that got toned down in the reboot). And while Raven isn't above acting silly with her friends or being uncaring during the most important moments, she's still more mature than the other Titans and is pretty serious compared to them thanks to having a demon father and having a book about everything. Besides, I wouldn't see Garnet being above acting a bit silly sometimes, especially since Steven's role often consists in having to bring the gems together through his naivety, KO could very well function in the crossover even if he doesn't look any more mature than usual. This crossover is supposed to bring them together, not make them compete about who's the best like another cartoon crossover.

The Hue Troops real names
Assuming the Hue Troops names are codenames, their real names are as follows:
  • Red Action's real name is Rayne Ackerman.
  • Blue Power's real name is Beth Powell.
  • Green Guts' real name is Gretel Gutierrez.
  • Black Strategy's real is Becky Stark.
  • Yellow Technique's real name Yin Tan.

Lord Boxman will change his parenting style.
"Lord Cowboy Darrell" ended with Boxman realizing how horrible a parent he was to Darrell and being Put on a Bus. So, if he ever starts making other robots, he'll try to be a Good Parent. Of course, this would likely result in the original Boxmore bots (especially Darrell) greatly resenting any younger siblings that Boxman would make.
  • Entirely plausible, now that Boxman is back in charge of Boxmore, greeted his son with a loving hug, and has Professor Venomous working alongside him full-time, giving potential for him to give him some tips.

Chip Damage will replace Lord Cowboy Darrell as the Big Bad.
In a sort of echo of how Darrell replaced Lord Boxman as the Big Bad in "You're in Control".

P.O.I.N.T. will eventually try to take over the Plaza themselves in order to protect the Glorb tree under Gar's Bodega
.And poor Carol will get hit with a serious case of Conflicting Loyalty, torn between a hero organization that's growing increasingly unheroic and her family and friends at Lakewood Plaza Turbo.
  • Confirmed in "Dark Plaza", but Carol almost immediately sides with the Plaza-goers, arguing that Foxtail has gone too far.

Foxtail will eventually go full villain.
  • She's behind the conspiracy at P.O.I.N.T. Prep to boost the best students' powers in hopes of preserving P.O.I.N.T.'s rep. Of course, chances are K.O., Enid, and Rad won't be content to just let it slide. At some point, they'll expose the conspiracy at P.O.I.N.T. Prep. When they do, Foxtail will be arrested, and what she's been doing to the honor students will be FAR more damaging to P.O.I.N.T.'s reputation than Laserblast's disappearance was.

This will ultimately be the catalyst that changes her into a straight-up villain. When she's in jail, stewing in her bitterness and anger, Shadowy Figure will approach her with an offer to give her the power that will allow her to get revenge on everyone she feels wronged her. Basically, K.O., Enid, and Rad for exposing her conspiracy, and maybe even Carol and Mr. Gar, since it was their actions that lead to Laserblast's disappearance, which might not have shined well on P.O.I.N.T.

  • Semi-Confirmed. Foxtail does become an Antagonist in “Dark Plaza,” but it’s more that she is acting for a perceived greater good than actual villainy. She gets better by the end, however.

KO's turbonic energy was a result of Carol empowering herself with Glorbs while she was pregnant.
Another big secret that Carol is hiding from her son.

Elodie will become a villain.
Related to the WMG above about Foxtail, if the conspiracy at P.O.I.N.T. Prep is exposed, of course it will affect the students who took part in it as well, which will include Elodie. Elodie has made it no secret that being famous is what she's wanted more than anything, and if people find out that she's been cheating at P.O.I.N.T. Prep, all her fans will turn on her in disappointment.

At first, she may side with Foxtail to keep that from getting out and damaging P.O.I.N.T.'s rep, and by extension, hers. However, upon the truth getting out, Elodie will be crushed as the fame she's enjoyed for so long leaves her, and she quickly becomes a nobody only remembered for cheating.

What's more, being ruined in such a manner will also cause her to pretty much HATE the ones who did that to her (K.O., Rad, and especially Enid). Maybe Shadowy Figure might use that to sway her to villainy, and promise her he can help her to get revenge on them.

  • Doesn’t happen before she becomes leader, but she may still put the whole cheating incident under the rug in a discreet manner, only for someone to blackmail her.

Carol and Mr. Gar will marry
Seeing that they are no steady since "My Fair Carol", it would would beautifully heartwarming if the two eventually marry. Knowing the chemistry, it would also make it wonderfully to see Mr. Gar as a Good Stepfather to K.O.

Holojane lost her real body, as punishment from the Warlock.
That, or he just forgot to undo it. Also...

Holojane losing her body to A.U. magic was the main reason for why it was banned in the first place.

P.O.I.N.T. hired Gil Ferris to invent the disempowering ray.
  • After looking through the law to find a way to take over the plaza, they find a law outlawing the use and sale of something called a “skeleton remote”. They look into this mysterious device to discover that it takes away the powers of people on the receiving end while turning them into skeletons. Interested in this discovery, Foxtail tracks him down to either find out how he figured out how to remove a person’s powers or commission him to invent a ray with only the power removal feature and something to toggle how long the effect will last. Gil Ferris agrees, while also commenting on how he didn’t expect for someone to pay to have the power-removal effect be able to go away. Because P.O.I.N.T. are the ones getting the ray, the government cannot do jack against Gil, and Foxtail found a way to fight against the villains, just like how Gil would have advertised the skeleton remote.

The reason for bans being effective is because of what happened in the past
  • The world of OK K.O. has been through two apocalypses and three doomsdays, all because of people not following weapon bans and using weapons that cause significant damage. The aftermath of all the apocalypses and doomsdays taught everyone a lesson: if they don’t follow bans designed to protect them, the cataclysms may happen again, and they won’t be able to recover. That’s why certain weapons are publicly sold and others are not sold at all. The congresspeople likely have more power than normal so as to quickly put the kibosh on anything that would change the status quo for the worse and spend less time bickering on whether to pay ransoms or not.

K.O.'s Pow Card glitch is because of T.K.O.
Simply put, when K.O.'s card tried to scan him, it also scanned T.K.O's power level and thus, the Pow Card gets confused and restarts. This might count as a Porting Disaster.
  • This does raise the question of exactly how a Pow Card Level is determined in OK K.O., as there is nothing about K.O. to suggest he would have T.K.O. in the first place.
    • IIRC, Pow Card Levels aren't an indicator for how strong you are (but they do measure your other stats such as strength and will at the back of the card), they measure your good and bad deeds. They increase, and presumably decrease in .1 increments. T.K.O would probably have a different power level than K.O (possibly in the negative areas, or maybe he really is level 100). Also, we've seen a glimpse of T.K.O before...
      • If that was true, then T.K.O. would have a power of zero like K.O., simply because he hadn’t done crap at that time. Pow Cards must have some way of determining the power of the subject or else certain people wouldn’t even have their current power levels(Red Action only arrived recently, so her deeds in the future wouldn’t be worth anything). Also, we’ve never seen how experience points are determined in OK K.O., so we have no reliable way to determine power level.
      • If the video game is any indication, Pow Cards determine the Power Level of a subject by counting the amount of good deeds that they accomplish. They presumably count their negative achievements in-universe as well, which would explain why it takes a long time just to level up, and how Mr. Gar is super powerful, despite the fact that in most video games, level 11 is pretty weak. Pow Cards already show stats such as strength, dexterity, charisma etc. on the back of the cards, so Power Levels aren't an actual measurement of... well, power. Presumably. If Power Levels really are determined by heroic accomplishments as well as villainous ones, then it would explain why Dendy was revealed to be a level higher than K.O.- it's easy to see why abolishing an aspect of racism for an entire race is seen as being more heroic than beating up robots and saving the same plaza everyday, despite the fact that K.O. is physically stronger than her and gets into more fights.

Crinkly Wrinkly is secretly OK K.O's version of Satan.
And his real name is Old Scratch. This would explain how he's seemingly immortal.
  • Wrong species, bucko. Also, I’m pretty sure that Satan wouldn’t be the nonsense-spouting machine that Crinkly Wrinkly is. If OK K.O. does include The Devil, he’ll either be a cartoonish demon(maybe even Nanini’s father) or a devilishly handsome dealer of Faustian bargains.
    • Eh, we don't know much about OK K.O's version of the devil (if it even has one), so we can't tell for sure if they're a straight up demon. For example, OK K.O's version of god seems to be more of a goofy parody, as in their god is a straight up corn on the cob. So for all we know the devil could be a sausage or something. Although, the name Nanini does sound a lot like Panini... Maybe it's a Meaningful Name?
      • When creating a Satan-like figure, what is the very first thing you think of? A silly figure impossible to take seriously, or an imposing figure offering power for a price? Considering what I just said, maybe Shadowy Figure is the OK K.O. version of the Devil.
      • Then... would that mean K.O agreeing to let Shadowy Figure help control his powers was secretly a ploy by SF to get K.O to make an unwitting Deal with the Devil!?
      • Maybe its more like he’s helping K.O. unlock a dark wisdom in order to eventually make him become a villain. Or to permanently taint K.O.. Or to see if he could do it. There are a lot of reasons for the Devil to perform certain actions, just like there are many reasons for God to do whatever he does.
      • If SF is the devil then he may be trying to find out a way to spread Turbonic energy (make everyone go and stay Turbo) to a large population, but first he had to test it out on K.O to see if it could work. He might be doing this to become Top God, or to simply make villains more common than heroes (or as you said, because he's just the devil). Also, another somewhat related theory, but if Fink really is going Turbo when she uses her Glorb collar thingy, then SF might've shown Venomous how to make others go Turbo using Glorbs. It doesn't seem to be a "permanent" transformation (unlike K.O/T.K.O, who can really stay Turbo if both of them wanted to), but it might count as a step-forward for SF. And when everyone is Turbo...
      • If that is Shadowy Figure’s plan, then K.O. will either try to stop his plans or help people control their Turbo sides like he did with T.K.O.. Either way, shuck’s going down.
      • The devil being a comical or pathetic figure in fiction is hardly unprecedented.
  • Well, Shadowy Figure being satan was jossed at least. Although Crinkly Wrinkly is canonically older than time itself, so it's actually more likely at this point.

The previous title of the show itself was foreshadowing.
Sort of ditto to the WMG above. Lakewood Plaza Turbo, anyone?

Dynamite Watkins is a Semi-Divine.
Her profile states that she is a humanoid. Her powers involve a Shock and Awe factor that forces people to tell the truth. So she may be related to Veritas, who is a daughter of Zeus (sometimes) and the Goddess of Truth.
  • She could also just be someone with a Stand power. The origins of the power of most people in this world is unclear.
    • If that's the case, then Dynamite's stand might be Somebody's Watching Me. Also, the idea of Dio being in the world of OK K.O. is way funnier than it should be. Actually, this gives me an idea...
      • I feel like a better Stand name would be Electric Eye. Also, what idea do you have?
      • The idea was the WMG below. Sorry, should've been more specific.

One of the apocalypses or doomsdays was a Mass Super-Empowering Event.
The only problem with this theory is that Crinkly Wrinkly was alive for all of those events, unless he was a normal fox at the time of the Mass Super-Empowering Event, and the event was what turned him into a werebeast.
  • Or a normal human turned immortal fox by said event. Also, that would explain why some people are “magical girls” and why aura manipulation is a practice, among other things. Now the only problem is determining what exactly the event was.
    • Maybe one of the events gave superpowers and the other gave magic? I suspect that maybe Cob had something to do with it. He could be an ascended god who helped stop the doomsdays through the power of prayers. Or he could be the one who caused the doomsdays, or one of them. Also, perhaps one of the apocalypses loosened the Earth's gravity, which would explain how people can jump so high and do crazy tricks midair.
      • That last one would require a significant amount of mass loss, and I don’t think the doomsday were that bad. Also, a change in gravity would also affect fall speed, and fall speed doesn’t appear all that affected compared to what we have.
  • Hmm, alright then. I think it's safe to say that one of the apocalypses was almost definitely a nuclear apocalypse, though. Considering all the references to nuclear waste being around and how the sewers are radioactive, plus it would make sense considering how this show uses Rule of Cool.
Shadowy Figure arranged for Punching Judy to fight The Flu on the first episode
This was done so that K.O. would get a job at the bodega and eventually realize how weak he is at that point in time, allowing Shadowy Figure to manipulate K.O. into unleashing T.K.O. and fulfilling his hidden agenda(eventually). If Shadowy Figure is Laserblast, then it could have also been to put K.O. in a position where he would help Enid get accepted into P.O.I.N.T. Prep, where she would then discover the Gifted and Talented Conspiracy and end up in a confrontation with Chip Damage, forcing Foxtail to hasten the plan to convert the Plaza into a glorb harvester, which would force K.O. to attain his perfect form a second time and restore P.O.I.N.T. to how it was before Laserblast “died”. Manipulative Bastard, The Chessmaster, and Xanatos Speed Chess rolled into one. This would also be a perfect parody of Sosuke Aizen, so fingers crossed.
Dendy has a Precocious Crush on Radicles.
Between spying on him when he's doing chin-ups in the morning, hanging out in his van, and branding his shirt, I think it's safe to say Dendy may have a crush on him.

Fink's Turbo form will eventually split from her personality.
  • And K.O. will help her control it.

Professor Venomous not installing anti-virus software onto his computer will be a Chekhov's Gun.
  • And Dendy will hack into Boxmore.

Foxtail wanted to depower Mr. Gar.
She resented Mr. Gar for years because of his involvement in Laserblast's fate, and what it did to P.O.I.N.T.'s reputation. She probably thought it would be a fitting long-overdue punishment.

Dendy is balled
Her "hair" is actually an aquatic plant growing out of her head-bowl, which is why we cant see it

Rad and Enid are an Anchored Ship, not a sunken one.
Their blossoming potential romance was ruined because Rad was following the toxic advice of his so-called "friends" in high school. And while it doesn't look like either are completely overcoming the baggage of what went wrong between them yet, Rad is at least making progress in shedding the effects of toxic masculinity for the sake of being a better role model to K.O. A rekindling is entirely possible in the future; they're just not ready for that quite yet.

K.O.'s "inherently villainous" blood is actually something much simpler.
Since Professor Venomous is his father and is a Snake Person, his hunger for power and acts of villainy is because Snakes Are Sinister. K.O. just has snake blood in him! Also, in "Let's Meet Sonic!", K.O. has been shown to have a forked tongue. This might be just a sight gag because he just he got burnt up, but remember how Enid's forked tongue appeared to be comical until it was revealed that she was a vampire.
  • Enid is a witch, not a vampire. She may have a werewolf dad and a vampire mom, but all she inherited was a "cartoon monster" gene. Though it's not impossible for a witch to have a snake tongue, I guess.

If T.K.O. ever become a wereanimal, he'll be a snake instead of a wolf.
Since Venomous is a Snake Person and K.O. apparently has "villainous blood", it would make sense if T.K.O. turned out to be a snake instead of a wolf. Sure, T.K.O. has wolf-like tendencies and there is evidence to support the theory as K.O.'s wereanimal is a dog, but the thing is: Wolves can be loyal too. T.K.O. hasn't been shown to be loyal to anyone at all so far.
  • Wolves can be loyal, but only if you tame them. T.K.O. hasn’t been tamed by anyone at the moment, not even by K.O.. I also noticed that K.O. has a domestic breed for a werebeast transformation, so T.K.O. could have a breed that isn’t domesticated.

Rad and Shannon will become a thing again.
Enid claims Rad still has feelings for her in "Let's Watch The Boxmore Show". And with the Boxmore bots' Heel–Face Turn in "Dendy's Video Channel", the two have a much better chance of getting back together.

Red Action is K.O.’s descendant from the distant future.
This troper saw this theory on Tumblr, but had to post it here because holy cow what a theory. It'd be quite a stretch, but could be played out as Red Action knowing what will happen in KO's life and playing out the events as the go. Or, on the alternative, is not aware that KO is actually her ancestor but feels a connection to him.

Lord Boxman ordered the loop-de-loop from Dr. Eggman.
It's one of the reasons I could think of for him having one. Dr. Eggman and Lord Boxman were implied to be roommates and maybe pals during college, so they could still be keeping in touch with each other. Or they could be pen pals who help out each other. The sudden twisting roads from the old Sonic games appearing in Boxmore could've been work Boxman commissioned from Eggman.

Red Action forms a stable time loop
in the end she is seen training children in her fighting style, these students will eventually go on to become the first Hue Troop, whos titles and skills will be passed down threw generations till eventaully being taught to red action and her team

    K.O.'s father and the Sandwich Incident 
The identity of KO's father would be part of overarching storyline of the show
  • Despite Ian states on twitter that Carol is a single mom, The identity of KO's father would be very important for the overarching storyline. How come KO doesn't has Blonde hair like his mom?
    • Dark hair is a dominant phenotype, while blonde hair is a recessive trait. She had a kid with someone with dark hair.
      • Unless her hair is dyed.

The absence of KO's Father will be explained for future events
Carol tells KO that he does have a Dad but she doesn't reveal of what happens to KO's father. I mean why his father abandoned them? He's got a loving wife and a good son! I mean he got a reason of why he abandoned them but still!

KO's Dad became a villain!
Carol did say that KO's father was a great hero. It either means he died like a hero or he joins the dark side! However, since this is a goofy parody of anime and old video game, he might be a silly villain who is doing it for the fun and as a hobby. Maybe he would be a combination characteristic of Cartoon Garmadon and The Lego Ninjago Movie Garmadon. A dangerous comically serious villain, but who is very proud of his son for becoming a hero!
  • Almost close, his father, Laserblast, did became a villain, Venomous, but he neither cares about his son or his wellbeing nor is proud of him becoming a hero.

The Sandwich Incident was the cause of KO's Father's disappearance.
Maybe KO's father was out getting a donut, but one thing leads to another that costs him his life which made Mr. Gar and Carol feel guilty and retire from P.O.I.N.T.

Carol's Husband was never her husband or a hero!
Instead of being married, Carol and KO's dad were just dating and KO was born out of wedlock. It would not be the first Cartoon Network show with a child whose parents had them before getting married (Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe did this as well). Not only that, but KO's dad isn't a hero, in the sense that he doesn't have any powers at all. all his life he wanted to be a hero, but he ultimately could not achieve his goals. Carol remembers him as a great hero because he performed an act with great courage despite being out of his league that costed him his life, and wants KO to be proud of him. It would explain why KO doesn't seem to know him through his Pow Card; he never had one.

The Sandwich Incident caused Mr. Gar to hate Sandwiches
This incident traumatized Mr. Gar so much that he refused to eat any sandwich because if he hasn't brought a sandwich to this fateful event, his teammates wouldn't get killed or disappeared. I'm not 100% sure if his store sells Sandwich because of this incident.
  • Jossed; Mr. Gar is seen eating a sandwich in the flashback in "Lad & Logic" which takes place after the Sandwich Incident.

KO's Dad is Mr. Gar.
Because it wouldn't surprise me. Alternatively...

KO's dad is Lord Boxman.
It would be a predictable twist, but that'd be the joke.

KO is a clone based on his father.
Because sometimes a clone theory is necessary.

KO's dad is Black Hat.
That would explain his powerful dark side.

KO is his father.
In the sense that an event in the past regressed a possibly well-known hero back into a baby or at least a young child and wiped his memories of his former identity. This would explain the vague yet specific 6-11 age range as it's a bit hard to tell just how old KO is compared to how old he once was. Perhaps the way it happened is something along the lines of KO's former self either decided to stop a villain solo or was fighting them at least with his wife by his side, this villain had a weapon that de-ages the individual it's targeted on and depending on how the fight went down Carol found her husband in his baby/child state or she was about to be hit and he took the bullet in her place. Either way after this happened Carol then decided she had to raise him as her son, try to train and eventually try to tell him about who he once was.
  • Well, there is proof Time Travel is possible in this universe, considering Red Action's backstory.

Mr. Gar is responsible for K.O.'s dad's disappearance.
During the series, mainly Let's Have A Stakeout, Mr. Gar seems rather distance towards K.O. and seems awkward around him. It could be because he is Carol son, but what if during the sandwich incidence, Mr. Gar is the reason K.O. dad is missing/dead and feels guilty whenever near him.

KO's father's identity isn't going to be revealed, and isn't going to be a plot point.
Let's face it, the time KO mentioned he didn't have a dad was probably a last minute explanation as to why he didn't seem to have a male parent to take care of him. OK KO's not the type of show to do a super serious plotline like this, if anything they'll do a parody of these stories. I'd imagine something like this:
Enid "Wait, so KO's dad is a...sandwich?"
Rad "Then how did you...?"
Carol "Leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered."
  • The Sandwich part was specifically jossed but I still highly doubt the "KO's dad" plot point will be treated at all seriously, if it's even a plot point at all. At this point, it's honestly irrelevant information.
    • Season 3 will like to have a word with you. Venomous, too.

KO's dad is Laserblast, who died due to Mr. Gar's negligence
From what we saw of Mr. Gar's fears, he blames himself for something bad happening to Laserblast in the sandwich incident. What likely happened is that the two were on a stake-out, when Mr. Gar decided to get some food. Things started to go down, so Laserblast went in alone, only to die in the ensuing explosion. And it looks like Carol arrived on the scene in between LB dying and Gar returning, explaining her anger from Mr. Gar's fears. Since then Carol's learned to forgive Mr. Gar, realizing what happened was a tragic mistake. Neither one wants to tell KO for fear of tarnishing his opinion of his father, since dying in an explosion is a pretty chump way for a hero to go out.
  • Semi-Confirmed in regards to Gar's relationship to Laserblast's "death", still unconfirmed about everything else

KO's dad is Laserblast, and Professor Venomous/Shadowy Figure is his "Turbo" form
That's why KO has the power to turn into TKO: he inherited it from his father.
  • It's also worth noting that Prof. Venomous has dark pointy hair like KO's, shiny purple eyelids like TKO's and white heeled boots similar to Carol's.
    • Another thing: TKO, Venomous, and Shadowy Figure all have sharp teeth and an overall purple/dark theme.
    • And then there's the fact that Carol and Shadowy Figure chose the same forest to train KO at. Maybe the forest is an important/special place where both Carol and Shadowy/Laserblast have fond memories of, likely a place where they dated often (before Laserblast went Turbo, of course). They might've even promised to take their child there once he was born.
  • Turbo Fink could've been Venomous' attempt to replicate his own powers. However, since they're artificial, Fink's powers (activated with glorbs) work differently from TKO's (activated with anger).

Laserblast and Professor Venomous are brothers.
The theory that Laserblast is KO's dad is most likely true, as well as the theory of him being the Shadowy Figure. However, it is unlikely that he and Professor Venomous are the same person just because they have the same voice actor and similar facial features. If you look at the POW Card for Laserblast, his level is 8, and the level for the Shadowy Figure is -8. However, the level on Venomous's POW Card is -7 (one level lower than Laserblast). It's quite possible that Venomous is Laserblast's younger brother and by extension KO's uncle (which is why he recognized him in "We're Captured!").
  • Jossed. They're actually one and the same.

KO's peanut allergy is inherited from his dad

The donut shop lab belongs to Laserblast, and the orbs are his creations
When his idea of using the orbs against their foes was rejected by Foxtail, Laserblast faked his "death" (the explosion) and escaped through the sewers in order to continue his work.

Laserblast, Professor Venomous, and/or Shadowy Figure is allergic to peanuts
This can either serve as a hint that points towards any (or "all" if they're the same person) of them being KO's dad (since KO has peanut allergy, and allergies can be inherited), or it can just be a Red Herring that's meant to throw us off.

There will be an episode called "Know Your Dad" that will reveal something about KO's father
The plot will start with K.O asking Carol if she has truly told him everything about his father, recalling how suspicious Shadowy Figure was in their last confrontation ("T.K.O's House), Carol will at first make sheepish excuses to avoid telling the truth before T.K.O takes over tells her that he won't allow her to hide secrets from K.O anymore, which will lead to The Reveal of Laserblast being K.O's dad. And then the episode concludes with Shadowy Figure being revealed to be working with Carol or simply observing her and K.O
  • Also the episode will add more tragedy to the Sandwich Incident by revealing that Carol and Laserblast were both planning to retire from POINT when they discovered that they will become parents, sadly the orbs incident happened taking away not only her at-the-time boyfriend but also the would-be dad of her son, only Gar was kept in the dark about this incident before LB's death which also better explains why POINT and Carol resented him

KO's dad will beat up Chameleon Sr. at some point (possibly to avenge KO and Carol)
Foreshadowed by the title "My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad".

Laserblast, Professor Venomous, and/or Shadowy Figure hates olives
Pretty much the same idea as the "LB, PV, and/or SF is allergic to peanuts" theory above (KO hates olives, as seen in "Mystery Science Fair 201X" and "The Perfect Meal"), except this is more of a Like Father, Like Son thing since someone's likes/dislikes aren't really hereditary.

KO's dad and Carol will get back together as a couple
They might even get married, if they haven't already.
  • If KO's dad is Professor Venomous and/or Shadowy Figure, or even Lord Boxman (or any other villain), then this will happen after he does a Heel–Face Turn.
    • If Professor Venomous is KO's dad, then this could lead to KO and Fink becoming technically siblings (since Venomous and Fink have a father/daughter-like relationship).
    • Confirmed.
    • Likewise, if Lord Boxman is KO's dad then KO and the Boxmore bots would become siblings.

At least one season 2 episode will have KO try to uncover the identity of his father
Which may result in him suspecting that Carol is keeping big secrets from him.

TKO secretly has a slight against Darrel
Darrel, like the other Boxmore robots, always talks about his "daddy" and making him proud all the time. The fact that Darrel has a father and KO does not (as well as Darrel being one of the most active and annoying robots) might have caused KO to feel jealous in some way, and TKO, being the personification of KO's dark side, naturally lashes out more at Darrel than the other robots (beside the fact that he hardly interacts with them).

Professor Venomous is Laserblast/Shadowy Figure's brother and is manipulating things behind the scenes
It seems odd that he will give away his powerful bio-chip to the short-sighted Boxman if it was an important project, and it seems too suspicious that Shadowy Figure saw progress in K.O's fight and defeat of Boxman Jr. So the following is what I think is LB's/SF's plan
  • Laserblast is a Well-Intentioned Extremist who wanted the world to grow into a peaceful heroic utopia, he grew disillusioned with the classic Bad Guy vs. Good Guys dynamic that never averted Cardboard Prison and decided that an extreme action was necessary to ensure world peace, he ordered his twin brother Venomous to create de-powering orbs for POINT to discover, however he never meant for POINT to find out their effects the bad way ( like how Greyman found out the red orb took away your powers seemingly forever). Once his team refused to use them he opted for a plan B where he set up his "death" allowing him to go incognito, he also foregoed the orbs plans due to the potential for his tracks being followed, instead he created a new plan with glorbs and turbonic energy, he had a Turbo mode ala TKO, and planned to use this energy to create an army of "super soldiers" that preserved peace and tranquility through any means possible (Which explains why he collects Glorbs and why Venomous has a special turbonic collar for Fink powered by glorbs) , even killing, he also plans to have KO, Carol, Gar and his friends join his cause.
    • Venomous' part of the plan involved getting a challenge for KO to strengthen him and so he went for Boxman a childhish, reckless inventor with no true competence or maturity but a lot of potential in power, Boxman Jr was the culmination of this trial runs with Boxmore and also the one meant to get Boxman out of the way by virtue of wrecking Boxmore.

Lord Garmadon is KO's father and from whom he gets his "dark" side and powers from
  • Season 8 of Ninjago revealed that Garmadon is a Half-Human Hybrid with powers of both "destruction" and "creation" in his arsenal. With the former manifesting as a purple aura (sounds familiar?) and the latter not being unlocked until he reached his "true potential" by defeating Lloyd, he got those powers from his "grandparents" (An Oni and a Dragon with each holding the power of destruction and creation respectively) .
    • He never met KO prior to his banishment to the Underworld due to Carol leaving him and KO came out at first as a seemingly normal kid, but TKO manifested as a result of Carol suppressing his Oni Genes since childhood, she told him that he was a great hero as a half-truth.
    • Also adding to the whole creation and destruction powers in the latest episode he makes a synchronizing-device to fight Shadowy Figure alongside TKO which fits well with Garmadon's duality.
      • This theory is most likely wrong but it's a fun thought.
K.O. was created using AU magic.
K.O. seems shockingly similar to his mother at times, as noted under Generation Xerox on K.O.’s character folder, so what if he is an alternate version of Carol, from a universe where she was born male and had different features? In addition, K.O. was born before AU magic was outlawed(he’s 6-11 and AU magic was banned 10 years ago), so Carol probably wouldn’t have any qualms about doing it, especially if she was looking for something to care about after Laserblast died and El Bow left.

There will be a Myth Arc in season 3 about the identity of KO's father.
  • And it will start at either KO vs. Fink, or TKO Rules.

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